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The Gucci SYNC XXL: One of the Best Watches under 500

Watch lovers of the current generation spend a lot of time on online stores in search of best watches under 1000 and best watches under 500. This article will inform you about a common member of any list of best mens watches under 500, the Gucci SYNC XXL. Its current price is only $495. However, before purchasing this best watch under 500, you should gather some information about the features embedded in it by the manufacturer. This article has come up with all the facts you need to know about this wonderful Gucci creation. The Gucci SYNC XXL possesses a rubber strap. This fact might force many to think that they would not have to buy a watch with rubber strap if they would have gone for the best watch under 1000. However, the truth is that Gucci’s rubber straps are not like the rubber straps we find in cheap watches or toy watches meant for kids. The high quality of the strap would be evident even from a photo of the product. What’s more, the rubber strap complements the design of the watch perfectly. Why Gucci has decided to add a rubber strap to the SYNC XXL? They have done so to make the watch a perfect accessory for individuals who need to stay active all through the day. The case of the watch, on the other hand, is made from stainless steel of highest quality and carries a cover of transparent nylon. What will catch your attention first is the unique bezel-shaped dial of the watch. Many also refer to this special shape as “stadium shape”. If you assess all the features of this Gucci product carefully, you will understand that it is created keeping in mind the needs and preferences of the present-day teenagers. The watch comes with a truly streamlined and modern exterior. One of the most fascinating facts about the Gucci SYNC XXL is that it is available in a range of colors, for instance, white, black, blue and red. Last, but definitely not the least, like all other Gucci products this watch also comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty is valid right from the date of purchase. However, for reaping the benefits of this offer, the user must make the dealer complete the warranty certificate. The rule remains the same also for best mens watches under 1000 from Gucci. Author bio: The author of this write-up is an expert watch reviewer. He is particularly known for writing impartial and informative reviews of best watches under 500 and best watches under 1000.

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