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Francisco González Aragón Spanish nationality Spanish passport 34790267 F Spanish Social Security 30.10012450.18 Born on 09.17.1969 (44 y.o.) Married. 1 son (12 y.o.) Buenos Aires, 21 C 30150 La Alberca. MURCIA. SPAIN +34 699 062966 | M +34 618 882996 (wife) Spanish driving license Own vehicle in Spain Available to work with complete and continuous dedication Willing to travel Willing to relocate Non-smoker Linkedin, Xing Twitter Facebook

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Letters of recommendation from reliable and highly reputed professionals available Portfolio of writing, design and layout works available • sales | • export sales • online marketing • social networks • design • content creation • mass market • insecticides, home cleaning products, toiletries, perfumes and cosmetics • food and beverage • real estate • products and services for businesses

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SALES 20+ YEARS' EXPERIENCE Domestic and export sales | B2B and B2C | From the high responsibilities of the commercial, sales and key account management to door-to-door cold sales or leafleting Insecticides, home cleaning products, toiletries, perfumes and cosmetics for the mass market | real estate assets of all types, both for families and for investors | IT products and services | Process improvement consulting services | Fresh fruit and vegetables and other food and beverage products | Etc. SALES TEAMS AND NETWORKS Creation of sales teams and networks | Management, improvement and optimization of existing sales teams and resources | Definition and monitoring of sales territories, compensation policy, targets and incentives | Recruitment, training, support, control and monitoring of internal sales people, agents, distributors, collaborators, etc.

MARKETING CONTENT CREATION, COMMUNICATION AND ONLINE MARKETING Expertise in online marketing tools Copywriting, copy editing and publishing in English and Spanish Customized business proposals | Websites | Blogs | Newsletters | Social networks | Email marketing Expert blogger. Blogs with more than 90 posts and 170 generated comments 4,800 direct professional contacts on Linkedin and Xing Creation and management of a 5,500-member professional group on Linkedin and Xing E-commerce with Prestashop | Positioning: SEO, SMO, etc. | Analytics GRAPHIC DESIGN, MULTIMEDIA CREATION AND WEB DESIGN Logos | Corporate stationery | Corporate identity manual | Signage and customization of business spaces | Product labeling and packaging | Brochures | Slide presentations | Prezi dynamic presentations | Video presentations, demos and tutorials | Product manuals | Website and blog templates customization | Newsletters | Banners | Etc.

MAIN ACHIEVEMENTS Rescue of a company in a critical situation, followed by 10 years of improvement and optimization of all the company's areas. Sales per employee doubled. The company was successfully sold to investors Setting up of a real estate agency from scratch, from the conception of the corporate identity to the start up and consolidation of the sales team. In just one year it became the leading company in its specialty and sales territory Creation and management of the largest, most dynamic and productive group on the social networks about the Spanish real estate market, with 5,500 members on Linkedin and Xing

AWARDS Award to the Innovation in Management and Organization. 2012 We were granted this award for an innovative control and continuous improvement system consisting in an IT component -software- integrated with a methodological component -process improvement methodology-. I was personally involved in the development of all the marketing materials for the product and in the copy editing of the document to put our company forward as a candidate

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I. EDUCATIONAL RECORD ACADEMIC STUDIES 10/87 - 06/91 Associate's Degree in Business Administration Faculty of Economics and Management Studies of the University of Murcia 12 subjects First-class in Introduction to Business Economics, Mathematical Analysis II and Economic Structure and Politics Cum laude honors in Introduction to Economic Theory TRAINING COURSES 09/94 Commercial Management 30 hours Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Murcia 06/93 Sales Psychology and Techniques 30 hours Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Murcia 04/93-05/93 International Trade Basics 42 hours Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Murcia 10/91-05/92 Business English (Fluency level) 120 hours Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Murcia OTHER BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE Management: reengineering (BPR), downsizing, outsourcing (BPO), benchmarking, etc. Online marketing: community management, SEO and SEM, Google Analytics, e-mail marketing, blog marketing, social networks marketing, YouTube marketing, online corporate reputation, business portals, ecommerce, etc. Marketing: strategic positioning, 22 immutable laws of marketing, marketing warfare, etc. Applied Psychology of human relationships: transactional analysis, negotiation, motivation, etc. Analysis of ratios, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, etc. COMPUTING AND DESIGN Autodidact and in continuous learning Operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS Office and business applications: Microsoft Office and OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Corel WordPerfect, Adobe Acrobat Professional, document management, ERPs, CRMs, etc. Internet: browsers, search engines, blogs, forums, social networks, e-mail, newsletters, instant messaging, videoconference, Google Earth and Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth, cloud storage, etc. Graphic design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Freehand, Gimp, Inkscape, CorelDraw, Corel Photopaint. Basics of AutoCAD Multimedia creation: Prezi dynamic presentations, video with Adobe Premiere y Adobe AfterEffects. Basics of 3D modeling and animation with Blender Web design: HTML, CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver. Basics of JavaScript, Adobe Flash, PHP, MySQL. Content Management Systems (CMSs) such as WordPress and Blogger LANGUAGES Native Spanish Fluent English: spoken, written and translations, both general and specialized EF International Language School (Cambridge, UK). 4 months in summers of 90 and 91 Concord College (Shrewsbury, UK). 4 months in summers 88 and 89 Business English I and Business English II as subjects of Management Studies at the University of Murcia 120-hour course, fluency level, in the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Murcia. Firstclass Basic German Russian: smattering for their use on the social networks

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II. WORK EXPERIENCE 01/13-present GAIA EXPORT Import-export agency dealing with Spanish fresh fruit and vegetables and other food and beverage products Self-employed, with a partner for the Russian-speaking markets MARKETING AND COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT Design and development of all the corporate identity Content creation for the website both in Spanish and English Design, layout and development of the company website in Spanish, English and Russian Webmastering and SEO: submission to web directories and search engines, natural positioning, Google Analytics, etc. Design, layout and delivery of a weekly newsletter Creation and management of the company profiles in the social networks Management of the advertising in general and specialized business portals Implementation of Sugar CRM Customer Relationship Management software Entry and management of the clients' data in Sugar CRM client database Commercial management: All communications and deals with the clients both in English and in Spanish: client attraction, business offers, negotiation, follow up, etc. Supply relationship management Transportation logistics management with carriers, freight forwarders, quality control agencies, etc. Installation and configuration of an online store using Prestashop

09/11-01/13 AQUILINE GROUP Group of companies with a wide range of business activities: software development, systems engineering, ICT infrastructures and networks, process improvement consultancy, design and construction of civil works (construction and equipment of hospitals, schools and educational facilities, infrastructures, etc.) Up to 140 employees MARKETING RESPONSIBILITIES Marketing plan Development of all the corporate identity for all the business areas and companies in the group Design, writing and layout of all the marketing materials for all the business areas, both in their versions for the domestic market and those targeted at different international markets Design, writing and layout of all the marketing materials targeted at specific business sectors or tailor-made for particular clients Copywriting and copy editing of documents such as business proposals, programs and invitations for events, etc. Copy editing of the document submitted to put our company forward as a candidate for the achievement of the award Innovation in Management and Organization granted by the Development Institute of the Region of Murcia Collaboration in presentations and lectures: preparation of the materials, agenda, invitations, promotion of the event, etc. Design and content creation for the new website Creation of the company profiles on the main professional and social networks for their future start up Creation and management of an internal forum for the continuous improvement Writing of the first version of the guide of internal procedures/welcome manual Translations from Spanish to English and vice versa of a large number of marketing and formal documents which were necessary for the expansion into international markets

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01/03-09/11 GAIA INVERSORES INMOBILIARIOS, S.LU. Real estate and financial brokerage services, specialized in real estate assets for investors: shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, bulks of homes, etc. Up to 15 workers and up to 4 offices in 2 provinces CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (CEO) AND COMMERCIAL MANAGER Business plan and search for partners for the set up stage Design and continuous improvement of the organization and the processes HR policy: posts description, wages and salaries policy, selection, training, dispute settlement, etc. Financial policy, funds raising and management of the administration department Collaboration agreements with foremost banks and insurance companies to operate as their agent Collaboration agreements with foremost real estate developers to market their developments Commercial management: strategy, policy, targets, tools, sales team, etc. Design and improvement of the product dossier (product file) for each real estate typology Drafting and customization of contracts for the formalization of real estate transactions Corporate identity, advertising and media Design and implementation of a tailor-made software solution and creation of a database of more than 1,300 real estate developers Design, launch, maintenance and improvement of a newsletter that eventually became our main sales tool Active professional networking for real estate assets for investors Creation and management of the largest, most dynamic and fast-growing group on the Internet about the Spanish real estate market "España inmobiliaria - RE Spain" on Linkedin, Xing, Viadeo, Real Estate Global Network, Facebook and Twitter

08/92-12/02 FRANCISCO ARAGÓN, S.L. Production and marketing of insecticides, household products and toiletries for the mass market Up to 60 workers and up to 5 local offices, plus the factory, main warehouse and HQ facilities CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (CEO) AND COMMERCIAL MANAGER Company rescue and restructuring Financial policy, relationships with banks and funds raising Resizing and restructuring of the production, logistics, commercial and administration areas Coordination of the different functional areas of the company Commercial management: rationalization of our product portfolio (from more than 1,000 products to about 40); brand policy; marketing plan; planning, execution and monitoring of launches and offers; definition and monitoring of sales territories, compensation policy, targets and incentives; recruitment, training, support, control and monitoring of sales people and distributors; key account management Internationalization: setting up of an export department; adaptation of the products and the marketing materials; attendance to international fairs; search, attraction, sales and service to distributors for other countries, etc. Strategic repositioning and becoming a reliable supplier to the large distributors Redesign of the products: formulas, labeling, packaging, etc. Redesign of the marketing materials: company profile, brochures, catalogs, sales pitch book, website, etc. Personnel professionalization and HR policy: organization, wages and salaries policy, selection, dispute settlement, etc. Construction and equipment of a laboratory for quality control and R&D Quality improvement and certification Acquisition of a brand from the foremost multinational corporation Henkel Management of the company sale

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