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Record breaking year Wrapping up a historic campaign Gonzaga University Athletic Department Annual Report 2012–13

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Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


As we look towards welcoming another group of incoming student-athletes for the 2013–14 academic and athletic year, it’s often challenging to take the time to look back on the successes of the previous year, as we are constantly striving to make next year even better. However, the chronicle of excellence contained within this document provides the opportunity for all of us to pause and reflect on the extraordinary accomplishments that were put before us by our student-athletes, coaches and staff over the past year. As our staff often hears me say, ‘if we are not getting better, we are getting worse,” and by so many measures detailed here, our programs continue to get better. The year 2012–13 saw a continuation of many of the successes to which we have become accustomed. Academic and athletic excellence manifested itself once again in President’s Lists and Dean’s Lists, conference academic awards, individual and team championships, and player of the year awards. These successes continue to mark our program and are an important part of our identity. But this year, there was more. The 2012–13 year provided a number of firsts for our programs. Women’s rowing made its inaugural appearance in the NCAA Championship through automatic qualification. Women’s golf made its first-ever NCAA Tournament appearance as an at-large team. Men’s basketball achieved its first-ever No. 1 national ranking and NCAA Tournament No. 1 seed. We also broke ground on a state of the art indoor tennis and golf facility that will provide the opportunity for four of our programs to set a new standard of training excellence and achieve like never before. And the list goes on . . . While our programs experienced many ‘first-time’ successes, these achievements are not the result of only a single year. The success enjoyed by our student-athletes, coaches, staff and fans this year are the culmination of years of hard work, commitment, sweat and dedication. But our work is not done. As we conclude the University’s 125th Anniversary celebration, we continue to invest in success. This entire academic year has not only been a celebration of the past and present of Gonzaga, but a look ahead to the future. Gonzaga Athletics is positioned well. In these pages, you will find individuals who are making an impact right now for the future of Gonzaga. You will learn about Marco Gonzales, Kelly Olynyk, Lindsey Drake, Pat Tyson, Dave and Chris Lynch, and the benefactors who have provided for the construction of our new tennis and golf facility. These are people who, in the best traditions of Gonzaga, are leaving this place better than they found it, and laying the foundation for our programs to continue to grow and improve. Thank you for investing with us over the past year. We are humbled and excited to have you with us going into the future and are hopeful you have found us to be worthy stewards of the resources you have shared with us. As we share a common vision with our benefactors, the idea that we have the opportunity to make Gonzaga Athletics as great as we dare to dream has never been more visible in so many ways. We have work yet to do and we need your continued support. Without you, and others like you who share this vision, none of this is possible! Thank you for all you do for the Zags!

Michael L. Roth, Director of Athletics

Mike Roth congratulates volleyball player Kylie Edinger for being named Female Scholar Athlete of the year.

invest in success

Academic progress Rate In 2004, the NCAA initiated

and support of student-athletes; schools falling under

(men’s rowing is not a NCAA championship sport while

the Academic Progress Rate

that standard may be subject to NCAA penalties ranging

indoor track and outdoor track each count as separate

(APR) program, a scale which

from scholarship limits and/or reductions to potential

sports) registered an APR of 994, well above the

represents an institution’s

elimination of postseason play opportunities. Gonzaga

NCAA multi-year average of 974. Gonzaga’s multi-year

ability to retain and maintain

is proud to have six programs receive recognition from

average of 994 includes all 17 sports, but in making

their scholarship student-

the NCAA as a result of our strong APR scores. Our

comparisons with the 13 WCC-sponsored championship

athletes’ academic eligibility

men’s soccer, men’s outdoor track, women’s cross

sports Gonzaga’s APR of 992 was the highest among

and citizenship. The rate ranges from 0-1,000 (with

country, women’s outdoor track, women’s golf, and

the nine West Coast Conference schools, and 16 of our

1,000 representing all student-athletes for a given

women’s volleyball teams were publicly recognized by

17 APR eligible teams scored perfect 1,000’s for the

year being both retained and academically eligible for

the NCAA for being in the top 10 percent of national

most recent year’s submission. Our APR success is a

competition). APR rates are calculated every semester

APR scores in their respective sports. Women’s golf has

testament not only to the outstanding education and

and are attached not only to institutions, but also to

been recognized all eight years of the public recognition

support provided to each and every one of our student-

individual head coaches. The NCAA currently uses an

program, while men’s soccer earned its fifth straight

athletes, but also the commitment our coaches and staff

APR score of 930 as its cut-off for acceptable retention

honor. All 17 of Gonzaga’s sports included in the report

make to every Zag.

Gonzaga University continued our

proud tradition as a national leader in the

NCAA’s Academic Performance Program.

West Coast Conference Academic Progress Rates (APR) Gonzaga














WCC multi-year average






























Loyola Marymount













































Saint Mary’s















San Diego















San Francisco















Santa Clara















WCC Average















NCAA Average















*Institution does not participate in this sport

2012–13 Annual report |


Dave and Chris Lynch

Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


A seed is a small, but


thing. To summarize the popular literary phrase, “the mightiest oaks, from tiny acorns grow.” The meaning is simple . . . great things often come from small beginnings. If the acorn is the seed that grows into the mighty oak, then along the way there have been many seeds that have fueled the experiences that have brought Dave and Chris Lynch to support Gonzaga University Athletics, and specifically the cross country program led by head coach Pat Tyson. The roots of Catholic education run deep with the Lynch’s. Both attended Catholic grade schools, and Chris spent her career as a Catholic high school teacher at St. Thomas More in Spokane. “Catholic institutions have been ingrained in our life since we were kids, and we also have a child that went to Catholic school, so looking to support Gonzaga University for everything they do comes naturally for us,” says Dave. For Chris, that tradition extended to her working life as she specifically sought to apply her teaching career within a Catholic school setting. “I chose to work at a Catholic school because I was able to include all aspects of life in my daily teaching, and not only what’s in the textbook. It’s the same here at

Gonzaga. When you come here and experience Gonzaga, you don’t come here and only see an athletics team. You see an educational experience that’s rooted in a common foundation and a common faith, and that’s something this institution’s always been really strong on.” The seeds of Catholic education sprouted within Dave and Chris, leading them to become long-time supporters of Gonzaga University Athletics. “There’s a philosophy behind the athletic teams, and you can see that in the way the administration, coaches and student-athletes work together,” says Chris. “You see that common base in Christianity. It’s not just to win a game, even though we want to do that. We want to do well athletically, but there’s a larger purpose. What we’re creating in our studentathletes is the opportunity to groom them to be better people when they’re finished with their college athletic career.” That sense of purpose, along with a chance encounter with Tyson in 2009 would eventually trigger Dave and Chris to focus their support to Tyson’s program. But as is often the case, a personal seed had been planted long before, and was just waiting to sprout. Dave and Chris’ nephew, Kelly Lynch, had been a runner for Tyson at Mead High School, eventually earning the opportunity to run cross country at the University of Notre Dame. It was the positive experience Kelly had that provided the foundation for Dave and Chris to truly understand the impact a coach can have on not only a student-athletes’ athletic career, but their life beyond sports. “Pat Tyson gave (Kelly) memories that will last a lifetime. The experiences he gained at Mead and now at Notre Dame, he will take with him forever,” says Dave. “When we met Pat at a GU function, and sat and visited with him and saw how enthusiastic he is and how engaged he is in the lives of his student-athletes, we knew that you couldn’t ask for a better representative of what Gonzaga is supposed to be about. That’s what really sold us on him.” And it sold the Lynch’s on the opportunity to provide support for the Zag cross country program, one that often gets overshadowed in the public realm by its more highprofile counterparts in Gonzaga Athletics. Despite not yet having a full-complement of NCAAallowable scholarships or the budget of some of its powerhouse counterparts in the Northwest, Tyson is turning Gonzaga into a winner. Gonzaga runners consistently achieve at a higher level year after year, and the program is

quickly developing a reputation as one to be reckoned with in the world of cross country. “We knew the impact that Pat Tyson was having as a coach and a mentor for student-athletes both in athletic competition and in their lives. He’s helping them become better people, and we just wanted to help make that opportunity possible for more kids,” agree Dave and Chris. “Cross country doesn’t enjoy some of the financial advantages shared by other sports. Pat is the right person to develop this program and we want to support that. When we heard what his kids were saying about him and the impact he has on their life, it convinced us to start supporting the program. We like to think we’re helping Pat and Gonzaga to provide a wonderful experience that will plant seeds they’ll carry for the rest of their lives.” So it all comes back to seeds. Seeds planted through a commitment to Catholic education, harvested as positive results that impact student-athletes throughout their entire lives. Years down the road, when the full impact of a welldeveloped cross country program is a known reality, the Lynch’s hope the seeds of financial support they planted will yield the same kinds of results. “We really just hope Gonzaga can continue to grow as it is with a strong foundation in our faith, and continue to be available for students who want to come here and experience this, especially in this case for cross country. You can get an education anywhere, but in addition to the education, at Gonzaga you get the opportunity to plant the seeds that support a strong faith.” “The gift the Lynch’s have provided to our program means a great deal as it affirms everything we are trying to do to advance this cross country program,” says Tyson. “To have committed supporters like the Lynch’s and others, with a commitment to cross country is what will catapult this program and enable us to make this program everything we know it can be.” A seed is a powerful thing. There’s no doubt the seeds planted by Dave and Chris Lynch in support of Tyson and his cross country program will also one day bear fruit well beyond their size. Whether it’s the acorn that grows into a mighty oak, or financial support of a program that is doing special things in the lives of its student-athletes, the rewards are exponential. That’s exactly what Dave and Chris Lynch, and Pat Tyson are counting on.

Academic All-America

Gonzaga All-Americans

BASEBALL 2012 Marco Gonzales 2011 Cody Martin 2011 Marco Gonzales 2009 Matt Fields 2007 Clayton Mortensen 2004 Kiel Thibault 2002 Nate Gold

Olynyk, who redshirted the 2011-12 season, was named the West Coast Conference Player of the Year this past season. He averaged 17.8 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 1.7 assists/game

3rd team (Collegiate Baseball) 1st team (Baseball America) 3rd team (Collegiate Baseball) 3rd team (Collegiate Baseball) 3rd team (Collegiate Baseball) Honorable Mention ( 1st team (Collegiate Baseball), 3rd team (Baseball Coaches Association) 2001 Barry Matthews 2nd team (Baseball America), 3rd team (Baseball Writers Association) 1995 Darin Blood 3rd team (Baseball Coaches Association) 1977 Larry Patterson 1st team (Baseball Coaches Association) 1974 Lenn Sakata 1st team (Baseball Coaches Association) COLLEGIATE BASEBALL FRESHMAN ALL-AMERICAN 2011 Marco Gonzales 1st team 2008 Cody Martin 2nd team 2007 Ryan Wiegand 1st team 2002 Jeff Culpepper 1st team 2002 Eric Dworkis Honorable Mention 2001 Eric Everson Honorable Mention 2001 Errol Simonitsch Honorable Mention 2000 Eric Rodland Honorable Mention BASEBALL AMERICA FRESHMAN ALL-AMERICAN 2011 Marco Gonzales 1st team MEN’S BASKETBALL 2013 Kelly Olynyk 1st team (Associated Press, John R. Wooden) 2010 Matt Bouldin Honorable Mention (Basketball Coaches Association) 2008 Jeremy Pargo Honorable Mention (Associated Press) 2007 Derek Raivio Honorable Mention (Associated Press) 2006 Adam Morrison 1st team (Associated Press, John R. Wooden) 2006 J.P. Batista Honorable Mention (Associated Press) 2005 Adam Morrison Honorable Mention (Associated Press) 2005 Ronny Turiaf Honorable Mention (Associated Press)

2012–13 Annual report |

An accounting major from Kamloops, British Columbia, Olynyk finished his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in December (2012) with a 3.53 undergraduate grade-point-average and has also completed work towards a Master of Business Administration degree. Since 2000, Gonzaga is the only NCAA Division I school with two men’s basketball players who have earned both first-team All-America and first-team Academic All-America honors in the same year. The others who have accomplished the feat since 2000 are: > Shane Battier, Duke, 2001 > Emeka Okefor, Connecticut, 2004 > DJ Augustine, Texas, 2008

and 1.1 blocks/game in helping Gonzaga to a 32-3 overall record, a 16-0 WCC mark, the WCC Tournament title and a 15th straight trip to the NCAA Tournament. His stellar output on the court garnered him many accolades. The junior was named Associated Press AllAmerica, U.S. Basketball Writers Association All-America, Sporting News All-America, National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) Division I All-America and was tabbed as the third Zag to be named a John R. Wooden Award Top Five honoree in the program’s history and the first since 2006. He was a second-team Basketball Times All-America selection. The 7-0 forward from Kamloops, B.C., was also named the Division I-AAA Athletics Directors Association ScholarAthlete of the Year for men’s basketball as well as being named to the Scholar-Athlete Team.

MEN’S BASKETBALL continued 2004 Blake Stepp 2nd team (John R. Wooden, Associated Press, Basketball Coaches Association) 2004 Ronny Turiaf Honorable Mention (Associated Press) 2003 Blake Stepp Honorable Mention (Associated Press) 2002 Dan Dickau 1st team (John R. Wooden, Associated Press), 2nd team (Basketball Coaches Association) 2001 Casey Calvary 2nd team (John R. Wooden), Honorable Mention (Associated Press) 1999 Matt Santangelo Honorable Mention (Associated Press) 1984 John Stockton Honorable Mention (Associated Press, United Press) 1982 Bill Dunlap Honorable Mention (Associated Press) 1967 Gary Lechman 2nd team (Helms Foundation) 1966 Bill Suter Small All-America team (United Press) 1961 Frank Burgess 2nd team (Associated Press, United Press, Helms Foundation) 1960 Frank Burgess 2nd team (Helms Foundation) 1950 Rich Evans 1st team (Catholic Digest) WOMEN’S BASKETBALL 2012 Kayla Standish Honorable Mention (Associated Press and WBCA) 2011 Courtney 1st team (John R. Wooden, Basketball Writers Association, Vandersloot WBCA), 2nd team (Associated Press) 2007 Stephanie Hawk Honorable Mention (Associated Press) 2005 Shannon Mathews Honorable Mention (Associated Press) MEN’S SOCCER 2007 George Josten 3rd team (NSCAA/adidas) 1997 Jeff McAllister Honorable Mention (Soccer America) WOMEN’S SOCCER 2005 Ashley Haugen Honorable Mention (NSCAA/adidas) WOMEN’S CREW 2008 Hanna McClintock 2nd team (College Rowing Coaches) 2004 Maria Bokulich 2nd team (College Rowing Coaches) 2003 Maria Bokulich 2nd team (College Rowing Coaches) VOLLEYBALL 1992 Kelley Cunningham Honorable Mention (Volleyball Magazine) 1990 Lisa Petticord Honorable Mention (Volleyball Magazine)

Gonzaga Academic All-Americans

Gonzaga has a long tradition of student-athletes achieving All-America status across a number of sports. Equally important is the tradition of excellent scholar-athletes at Gonzaga being named to Academic All-American lists. So when Kelly Olynyk was separately named to each list for his performance in the classroom and on the court this year, he was simply continuing those Gonzaga traditions. The fact that he was named both a first-team AllAmerican, and a Capital One Academic All-America firstteam selection put him in rarified air only accomplished by 15 individuals over the past 40 years. It also provided Gonzaga with its second student-athlete to make both lists along with Dan Dickau in 2002, a feat not duplicated by any Division I institution in America since UCLA had two studentathletes in the 1970’s named to both lists (Marques Johnson ’77, Jamaal Wilkes ’74).


BASEBALL 2011 Cameron Edman 2006 Jackson Brennan 2002 Eric Rodland 2001 Jared Hertz 2001 Eric Rodland 2000 Jared Hertz 1990 Gary Van Tol MEN’S BASKETBALL 2013 Kelly Olynyk 2004 Blake Stepp 2003 Blake Stepp 2002 Dan Dickau 1994 Jeff Brown 1993 Jeff Brown 1992 Jarrod Davis 1992 Jeff Brown 1991 Jarrod Davis 1990 Jim McPhee 1985 Bryce McPhee 1984 Bryce McPhee 1984 John Stockton 1983 Bryce McPhee 1978 Scott Finnie MEN’S SOCCER 2007 George Josten 2006 George Josten 2005 George Josten

3rd team 3rd team 3rd team 1st team 3rd team 3rd team 3rd team 1st team 2nd team 3rd team 1st team 1st team * 1st team 1st team 3rd team 2nd team 2nd team 1st team 2nd team 2nd team 3rd team 3rd team 1st team 1st team 3rd team

Celebrating 125 years

Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


This past year has been unlike any other during Gonzaga’s rich 125-year history. Under

In October, nearly 2,000 alumni and more than 3,500

the theme “Tradition and Transformation,” we paid tribute to all the people who make

family members of Gonzaga students converged on

Gonzaga so extraordinary. We celebrated the impact of intellect, faith and courage, as

campus to celebrate Zagapalooza, the all-class reunion,

well as the intrinsic value of service. We rekindled old friendships and made new ones.

and Fall Family Weekend, an annual rite of the season. The

We were gifted some truly remarkable opportunities to pause, reflect and learn. Most

weekend gave Zags a chance to live (or re-live) the Gonzaga

importantly, we embraced the chance to honor the University’s essential Jesuit and

Experience with family and friends, new and old.

Catholic identity. The successes of this past year, of which there were many, exceeded every

In January, the year’s celebrations reached a new high, with Zags everywhere uniting in spirit and gathering in person

expectation. This milestone turned into a rich abundance of opportunities to celebrate

to celebrate all that makes Gonzaga so special. More than

the power of great people and transformational ideas. Thank you, Zag Nation, for being

2,300 Zags from Spokane to New York — even Tokyo — came together for National

a part of the celebration.

Gonzaga Day. It was the start of a new tradition and a glimpse into the University’s

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu kicked off Gonzaga’s 125th Anniversary with a stirring keynote address at undergraduate commencement in May 2012. The Nobel

future. Even with all the inspiring details of Gonzaga’s 125th Anniversary still fresh in our

Laureate urged graduates to not only dream, but also collaborate with God to make

memories, we remain steadfastly focused on the future. We must eagerly jump into

the world better. It was a fitting start to a year filled with inspirational messages from

the work of imagining and creating an educational experience that, while remaining

many world-renowned speakers, like Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Thomas Friedman,

faithful to Gonzaga’s fundamental mission, is both relevant and rigorous in today’s

primatologist Jane Goodall and artist Dale Chihuly.

global environment. The heart of Gonzaga today, as it has been since the beginning, is the mission of the Jesuits: to work, teach and serve others in an effort to build up the Kingdom of God. The University recently refined its Mission Statement, thus better positioning itself to begin creating more mission-driven goals in the years ahead. Gonzaga is, and always will strive to be, an exemplary learning community that educates students for lives of leadership and service for the common good.

Left: National Gonzaga Day, Left center: Gonzaga celebrated its first Zagapalooza Reunion, welcoming thousands of alumni to campus to celebrate Gonzaga’s 125th Anniversary, Right center: Dr. Jane Goodall, Presidential Speaker on April 9, 2013, in the McCarthey Athletic Center, Right: Students and staff celebrate Historic First Day at Gonzaga

Global engagement is a significant part of what it means to be Jesuit. We must venture out to those places where we are needed most, to learn about new cultures, to discover and explore spirituality, and to expand faith. It is the reason Gonzaga has long been a forerunner in the area of study abroad. The University’s flagship studyabroad program is, of course, the ever-popular Gonzaga-in-Florence. For 50 years, this program has provided transformative experiential learning opportunities for more than 6,000 students. Florentines from the last five decades will celebrate G-I-F’s golden anniversary during the upcoming academic year with all-class reunions in Spokane and Italy.

University Center; Top: Exterior NE, Bottom left: Interior Common, Bottom center: NW Exterior, Bottom right: Interior Street (Design work in progress. Visual representations are subject to change)

Reaching such milestones certainly would not be possible without the vision, perseverance and generosity of the entire Gonzaga family. That commitment is also why we are able to begin construction on the University Center. More than a beautiful new building, the University Center will animate the center of Gonzaga’s campus, bringing together students, faculty, staff and the community to foster collaboration and activities that support social, academic and spiritual growth.

and filled with design elements that can create a learning laboratory. Put simply, the University Center will transform the delivery of a contemporary Jesuit education. It is truly an exciting and rewarding time to be a Zag. Our past successes and

Tomorrow’s technology will stream life and learning from across the globe. This

current ventures demonstrate not only what is possible, but what is essential in our

visionary facility will be sustainable, able to respond to changing needs and resources


Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


2013 MLB Draft 

first-round selection

St. Louis Cardinals

Gonzaga University baseball pitcher and first baseman Marco Gonzales completed one of the finest seasons for a two-way player. As the staff ace and a middle-of-the lineup hitter, Gonzales was recognized nationally and named the John Olerud Two-Way Player of the Year by the College Baseball Hall of Fame. The West Coast Conference Co-Player of the Year has since been drafted in the first round of the MLB Draft to the St. Louis Cardinals but had no problems taking time to reflect on his time as a Zag.

Why number 7? There is a story behind it. I had a teammate that passed away of cancer when I was 13. We played together for three years growing up and our families were pretty close. When the number seven was open, I could not think of a better way to honor him and the game we both love. Every time I go out and wear number seven I am unbelievably honored.

Why did you choose Gonzaga? I picked Gonzaga for the opportunity to impact the baseball program right away and for the great academics. The university always stood out to me and the challenge of playing for a great baseball team was too good to pass up. I fell in love with the school. I fell

In his own words - Marco Gonzales how to pace yourself and prepare makes the process

coaches were very upfront and honest and engaging,

easier and less stressful.

and I wanted to be part of that. I had a great support system, and I know that I found one here. It was an easy decision.

What is your first memory of your freshman year?

What do you want your legacy at Gonzaga to be? I want fans and the Gonzaga community to remember the way I competed and handled myself as a person. Not just on the field but off the field where I worked to be

The freshman boat cruise. That was first time I got

a leader. I put in my work in the classroom and tried to

to meet a lot of my best friends and experience the

represent the program the best I could.

Gonzaga community. It was nice to see some of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Did you have any older teammates that were mentors to you? If so, who were they and what did they teach you?

2012–13 Annual report |

in love with everything that Gonzaga believes in. The


Of all that you and the team accomplished during your career with Gonzaga, what are you most proud of? TEAM ACCOMPLISHMENT: As a team winning the West Coast Conference regular-season title was

Was your experience at Gonzaga everything you thought it was going to be? Absolutely. Gonzaga has given me everything I thought it would and much more. I really underestimated the sense of family that I would acquire when I was in Spokane.

Cody Martin. Above anything else, he taught to me to

special. We had such a great year with a good group of

have confidence in myself. Regardless of what you are

guys. Everyone contributed and we found ways to win

doing, trust your skills and give it your all. Each day he

important games. It was cool to see our growth as the

would go out and compete and I try to mimic him the

season went along, and I am proud of how everyone

way I approach the game.

stepped up all year.

What is the biggest lesson you learned during your Gonzaga career?


What is your ultimate hope for the Gonzaga baseball program in the future?

was able to stay healthy this year and for the better part

I would love to see the club continue to make the climb.

of my career. Every time I went out on the hill I wanted

I was fortunate to see some of the uprising and I know

to give my team a chance to win. I think I was able to

things will only get better for the team. I am praying for

accomplish that. I was able to get better and better each

the best for the program because the team and school

year in hopes to help this program reach new heights.

deserve it.

I have really learned to pace myself on and off the field. It is a long season and specifically for baseball it is a long training regimen. With school and playing baseball, it takes up a lot of time and it is a lot of work. Learning

I could not be more thankful for all the support from my teammates, coaches, fans and the entire Gonzaga community.

In recognition of Marco Gonzales’ national award candidacy, “Two-Way” trading cards and website were created for nationwide exposure.

Women’s Basketball Rebuilding year. That was the description that many outsiders wanted to use when

At year’s end, the Bulldogs had their seventh-straight, and eighth in nine years,

describing the Gonzaga University women’s basketball team as it headed into the

20-plus win season, closing the year at 27-6. They lost only one league game for the

2012–13 campaign.

third time in nine seasons, finishing 15-1. Gonzaga also had the 13th highest home

You could see where they were coming from. The Bulldogs, coming off their third-

attendance average in the nation at 5,678 and had seven sellouts—both school records.

straight trip to the NCAA Sweet Sixteen, had lost five seniors to graduation, including

The Bulldog attendance ranking was ahead of the likes of Duke, Penn State, Texas

a trio of starters that went on to play professionally; two drafted into the WNBA. Of

A&M and Stanford.

the 11 players they returned in 2012–13, four were sophomores and two redshirt freshmen. Only three averaged more than 20 minutes per game. Gonzaga quickly shut the door on an inclination of a rebuilding year. The Zags won an unprecedented ninth-straight West Coast Conference regular season title, the WCC Tournament Championship for the fourth time in five years and earned a spot in the NCAA Tournament for the fifth consecutive season and sixth in seven years.

2012–13 Highlights

Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


> Gonzaga ended the season with a 27-6 overall record and 15-1 in West Coast Conference play. > The Bulldogs secured its seventhstraight 20-plus win season and eighth in ninth years. > Gonzaga made its sixth trip to the NCAA Tournament; fifth-straight. > Gonzaga won its unprecedented ninth-straight West Coast Conference regular season championship. > Gonzaga ended the year ranked No. 13 in home attendance; its highest ranking in school history. The Zags averaged 5,678 per home game this season and had a record-breaking seven sellouts.

> Senior Taelor Karr was named the West Coast Conference Player of the year. She became the fifth player in Gonzaga’s history—and the first since Courtney Vandersloot in 2010–11—to be named WCC Player of the Year. > Junior Jazmine Redmon was tabbed the West Coast Conference Defensive Player of the Year. She is only the second Zag player to garner the honor, joining Jami Schaefer, who claimed the award during the 2007–08 campaign. >S  enior Taelor Karr and junior Haiden Palmer were named AllWest Coast Conference. Sophomore Sunny Greinacher was tabbed All-WCC Honorable Mention and freshman Shelby Cheslek earned

The Zags also closed out the year in the Top 20 in six NCAA Division I categories; turnover margin (7th; 6.15), steals per game (12th; 11.9), 3-point field goal percentage (15th; 35.6), win-lost percentage (16th; 81.8), scoring margin (19th; 14.3) and assist-toturnover ratio (20; 1.11). All 14 GU players—which consisted of nine underclassmen—played crucial minutes and vital parts in its success.

a spot on the WCC All-Freshman team. > Junior Haiden Palmer was the West Coast Conference Tournament Most Valuable Player. Senior Taelor Karr and freshman Shelby Cheslek earned a spot on the All-Tournament squad. > Gonzaga head coach Kelly Graves was named West Coast Conference Coach of the Year for the third time in the last four seasons and seventh time overall. > Senior Taelor Karr finished the year fifth in NCAA Division I in 3-point percentage, hitting 43.7 percent of her long-range shots. Junior Haiden Palmer ended the year 14th in the nation in steals per game, averaging 3.18 per contest.

Gonzaga is

one of seven institutions in NCAA Division I history to ever

win 9+

conference regular season championships in a row and one of four with an

active streak Wisconsin-Green Bay (15), Stanford (13), Gonzaga (9), Marist (9).

Taelor Karr finished the year


in NCAA Division I in

3-point percentage

Senior Taelor Karr was awarded the league’s top honor as Player of the Year, junior Jazmine Redmon was named WCC Defensive Player of the Year, just the second Zag ever to garner the award, while classmate Haiden Palmer earned a spot on the All-Conference squad and was tabbed the WCC Championship Most Valuable Player. Redshirt freshman Shelby Cheslek found her way on both the WCC AllFreshman team and All-Tournament squad and sophomore Sunny Greinacher was All-WCC honorable mention. Topping it all off, 13th-year head coach Kelly Graves was named the WCC Coach of the Year for the seventh time in his career.

2012–13 Annual report |


men’s Basketball Gonzaga reached new heights in 2012–13 , ascending to the top of the basketball world when the Bulldogs earned their inaugural No. 1 national ranking as well as their first No. 1 NCAA Tournament seed. The Bulldogs took over the top spot in the Associated Press Top 25 March 4 and remained there for the final three polls of the season, culminating March 18 when the Bulldogs remained No. 1 in the final AP balloting of the season. Gonzaga also rose to No. 1 in the USA Today Top 25 final three regular-season polls and finished 12th in the final poll following the NCAA Tournament. The AP does not release a final poll following the completion of the NCAA Tournament. Gonzaga also reached the 30-win plateau for the first time in school history, compiling a 32-3 record to surpass the 29 wins achieved in 2002 and 2006. After losing both the West Coast Conference regular-season and WCC Tournament titles the previous season, the Bulldogs reclaimed both. The Zags went an improbable

2012–13 Highlights

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> Posted a 32-3 record, the 32 wins a school record and marking the 13th time in 14 seasons head coach Mark Few has had single-digit losses in a season. > Won 20 or more games for the 16th straight season and for the 21st time in GU’s NCAA Division I history. > Advanced to a 16th straight West Coast Conference Tournament championship game and won the title for the 12th time. > Advanced to a 15th straight NCAA Tournament which ties for fourth on the current Consecutive NCAA Tournament Appearances list. > Went 15-1 in the McCarthey Athletic Center for a 9-year record of 119-8 since the facility opened.

> Head Coach Mark Few moved into second place for most wins by a 14th-year head coach with 374.

> Kelly Olynyk was named the WCC Player of the Year, the 12th time the honor has gone to a Bulldog.

> Head Coach Mark Few is the winningest active coach in NCAA Division I with a record of 374-93 for a winning percentage of .801. The legendary Roy Williams of the University of North Carolina is second with an 800-180 record for a .795 winning percentage.

> Mike Hart was named the WCC Defender of the Year, the fifth Bulldog to receive the award.

> Elias Harris finished his career fourth on the all-time scoring list with 1,857 points and second on the all-time rebounding list with 979. > Mark Few was named the WCC Coach of the Year for the ninth time and was named the U.S. Basketball Writers Association District IX Coach of the Year.

> Kelly Olynyk, Elias Harris and Kevin Pangos were named to the AllWCC First Team, Gary Bell Jr. was accorded second-team honors and Przemek Karnowski was named to the All-Freshman team. > Elias Harris was named to the National Association of Basketball Coaches All-District 9 First Team. > Michael Hart and Kelly Olynyk were named to the WCC All-Academic Team.

> Kelly Olynyk has been named the Division I-AAA Athletics Directors Association Scholar-Athlete of the Year for men’s basketball as well as being named to the Scholar-Athlete Team. > Kelly Olynyk was named to the National Association of Basketball Coaches All-America First Team, to The Sporting News All-America Team and was selected the U.S. Basketball Writers Association District IX Player of the Year. > Kevin Pangos was a finalist for the Bob Cousy Award. > Kelly Olynyk was a finalist for the Oscar Robertson Trophy as Player of the Year as selected by the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame.

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16-0 in the WCC and then won both games in the WCC Tournament to earn a 16th overall trip to the NCAA Tournament and a 15th straight trip dating back to 1999. Kelly Olynyk, who redshirted the previous season, became one of the most highly acclaimed players in the NCAA Division I ranks. He became the third Zag to earn AP First Team All-America honors and John R. Wooden Award Top 5 All-American status. Olynyk was also the only player in America to be named both AP First-Team All-America and Academic All-American First Team in 2012–13. Elias Harris gave the Zags a tough 1-2 punch underneath as he earned WCC First-Team recognition and was named the MVP of both the Old Spice Classic and the WCC Basketball Championship. Head coach Mark Few completed his 14th year as head coach and 24th year overall in the program with a slew of honors. He was named the national Coach of the Year by Basketball Times, was accorded U.S. Basketball Writers Association District IX Coach of the Year recognition and voted by his peers as the WCC Coach of the Year for an unprecedented ninth time. The Bulldogs once again played the best of the best, posting wins over Clemson, Oklahoma and Davidson to win their second Old Spice Classic title in as many tries, the first coming in 2008. The Zags also downed West Virginia and Baylor at home, defeated Washington State and Oklahoma State on the road and toppled Kansas State in the Battle in Seattle. Gonzaga also made its third appearance on ESPN’s College GameDay, but this time as the road team when the Bulldogs traveled to Butler and historic Hinkle Fieldhouse. In one of the most entertaining games ever on College GameDay, the visiting Bulldogs fell to the homestanding Bulldogs on a buzzer beater. Seven NCAA Tournament teams dotted the Gonzaga schedule—Oklahoma State, fellow WCC foe Saint Mary’s, Butler, Oklahoma, Davidson, Illinois and the University of the Pacific which is set to join the WCC July 1, 2013.

Bulldogs earned their inaugural

No. 1

national ranking

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Men’s cross country/track Senior Tate Kelly just missed All-WCC

The team finished 14th at the NCAA

5000 meters but was forced to skip the

first-team honors by one second with

Regional Cross Country Championship at

meet due to an injury that sidelined him

his 11th place finish in 24:12 over the

Jefferson Park in Seattle. The familiar duo

the last half of the outdoor season.

8K Fernhill Park layout to give him WCC

of Boyle and Kelly led the charge. Boyle

honorable mention honors. He helped the

was 66th in 30:51 for the 10K while Kelly

during the indoor track season. Robert

Bulldogs to third place.

was 71st 30:59.

Walgren set a school record in the 5000

The Bulldogs scored 103 points to

The Bulldogs also performed well

meters in 14:37.26 and Andy Phillips

The track season produced the

edge the University of San Francisco by

first Gonzaga men’s qualifier into the

lowered the school standard in the 800

two points for third place. Junior Brent

NCAA West Preliminary in Austin,

meters to 1:53.68.

Felnagle led the next wave of Bulldogs

Texas. Felnagle, who lowered the 1500

as four Zags crossed the line from 21st

meter mark twice this season, qualified

through 27th. Felnagle was 21st in 24:39,

in the event with his school record

sophomore Colin O’Neil was 23rd in

3:46.61 at the West Coast Invitational in

24:44, sophomore Nick Roche finished

Salem, Ore., in the final regular-season

24th in 24:44 and senior Chris Boyle was

competition of the spring. He placed 12th

27th in 24:48 to round out Gonzaga’s top

in his heat and 42nd overall in 3:58.33.


Conor McCandless also qualified in the

track produced the

first Gonzaga men’s qualifier into the NCAA West Preliminary

2012–13 School Records Set Name



Robert Walgren

5000M (i)

14:37.26 *

Andy Phillips

800M (i)

1:53.68 *

Brent Felnagle




3:46.61 *

Conor McCandless


14:08.77 *

Nick Roche

3000M Steeplechase


3000M Steeplechase

9:06.14 *

(i) Indoor Record

* Current Record

Women’s cross country/track The track season showed the

finishing the season with a 10:46.73 at

Drake’s time broke the Gonzaga 6K

Bulldogs are getting stronger. Last year

the West Coast Invitational in Salem, Ore.

school mark of 21:15 for the WCC

Emily Thomas was the lone Bulldog to

Jordan McCann broke the 800 meter

Championship set in 2011 by Thomas.

qualify for the NCAA West Preliminary in

record with a 2:13.34 but 72 hours Drake

Austin, Texas. But this year the 10,000

claimed the mark with a 2:11.27 at the

junior Lauren Bergam placing 15th in

meter runner took Drake in the 5,000

Whitworth Final Qualifying Meet.

21:10 to earn WCC honorable mention

meters with her.

The women tallied 105 points with

recognition, Thomas taking 19th in

Drake, the school record holder in

The women also re-wrote the record book during the indoor season. Thomas ran

21:16, sophomore Maggie Jones 29th in

the 5K in 16:22.53 at the Oregon Relays

a school record 9:43.03 for 3000 meters

21:36 and freshman Amelia Evans taking

this season, finished 10th in her heat

only to see Drake come along and break

Seniors Emily Thomas and Lindsey Drake

35th in 21:59 to round out Gonzaga’s

and 22nd overall 16:40.19.Thomas, who

that mark twice with times of 9:39.82

closed out their careers in style.

top five.

bested her school mark in the 10K with a

and 9:36.11. Thomas also broke the 5000

34:41.97 at the Stanford Invitational, was

meter record with a 17:15.33. Alexa Foley

The squad finished 14th at the NCAA

Drake finished ninth at the West Coast Conference Cross Country

Regional Cross Country Championship at

19th in 36:01.23 after finishing 24th in her

set a 400 meter record of 1:04.89 but

Championship in a school-record 20:50

Jefferson Park in Seattle. Thomas placed

inaugural trip in 2011.

Kelsey Tracy lowered it to 1:02.91 at the

at Fernhill Park in Portland, Ore., to earn

40th in 20:45 for the 6K course and Drake

All-WCC honors in helping Gonzaga

was 49th in 20:54.

2012–13 School Records Set Name



Kelsey Tracy


1:02.91 *

Emily Thomas

3000M (i)

9:43.03 *


34:41.97 *

3000M (i)



9:36.11 *


2:11.27 *




4:24.53 *


16:22.53 *

3000M Steeplechase


3000M Steeplechase


3000M Steeplechase

10:46.73 *



Lindsey Drake

Lauren Bergam

Jordan McCann (i) Indoor Record

* Current Record

Lauren Bergam lowered the 3000 meter steeplechase mark three times,

end of the indoor season. McCann set the 800 meters mark of 2:17.90.

2012–13 Annual report |

University’s women to fourth place.


Women’s Golf

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Gonzaga’s women’s golf put together a mind-numbing

Along the way the Zags won four golf tournaments—

season in 2012–13 in earning the program’s inaugural

the Lady Mustang Invitational, Folino Invitational, UC

berth into the NCAA Regional.

Irvine Invitational and the Challenge at Onion Creek.

The Zags, who finished second for the second time in

Santos, who won The Gold Rush and the Folino

three years at the West Coast Conference Championship,

Invitational, finished second in the WCC Championship,

were the 16th seed in the Central Regional hosted by the

two strokes off the lead. Fallgren, who was the medalist

University of Oklahoma. The tournament was played on

in 2011, finished tied for sixth. Kim, who won the UC

the Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club.

Irvine Invitational, also became the first Bulldog to play in

The 46th-ranked Bulldogs finished 19th overall in the

a LPGA event when she received a sponsor exemption

24-team field that sent the top eight teams to the NCAA

into the KIA Classic. Wu, who tied for first at the


Challenge at Onion Creek with a school-record 54-hole

Senior Victoria Fallgren, freshman Raychelle Santos, and sophomores Alice Kim and Han Wu each finished

score of 210, was ninth in the WCC chase. Gonzaga also continued its climb up the national

in the Top 10 at the WCC Championship and earned

rankings. The Bulldogs finished 51st in the Golfweek

All-WCC accolades. Head coach Brad Rickel was named

rankings, cracking the Top 100 for the third straight

WCC Coach of the Year.

season after being 85th in 2012. Gonzaga finished 58th

Gonzaga earned its inaugural berth into the

NCAA Regional

2012–13 Annual report |


in the Golfstat rankings after being in the Top 100 for the first time last season. In 200708, the first year for Rickel, the Bulldogs were ranked 161st in Golfweek rankings. The Bulldogs had a 74.643 strength of schedule in 2013. Three times this season the Bulldogs broke the school 54-hole record of 896, shooting an 891 at the Oregon State Invitational, an 882 at the Cougar Cup and an 862 at the Challenge at Onion Creek. Off the course, Fallgren, Genavive Dodge and Kim were named to the WCC AllAcademic team. Following her graduation, Fallgren joined the program as an assistant coach, the first such hire in program history.

Women’s rowing The Gonzaga University women’s rowing squad put together a history-making and program-changing season in 2012–13. Not only did the Bulldogs win their 13th West Coast Conference Championship crown and first since 2009, they earned the school’s and conference’s inaugural automatic qualifier for the NCAA Championship. Gonzaga headed into the league championship looking to dethrone the University of San Diego, who held a 3-year reign. The championship came down to the marquee Varsity 8+ race in which the Zags crossed the finish line 1.3 seconds ahead of the Toreros and claimed the NCAA Championship automatic berth with a fourpoint victory. The Bulldogs, who totaled 41 points, also won the Second Varsity 8+ race and placed second in the Varsity 4+.

2012–13 Highlights

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Varsity 4+ finished

16th in the country; the Varsity

8+ and Second Varsity 8+ each finished

19th in the country

> Won the West Coast Conference Championship for the 13th time in school history and the first time since 2009.

>C  hristine Powers, Madison Keaty, Malori McGill and Naomi Medley were named All-West Coast Conference.

> Earned Gonzaga’s and the West Coast Conference’s first automatic bid to the NCAA Championship.

>K  ara Soucek was tabbed CRCA All-West Region first-team; the seventh player in school history to earn the honor and first since 2009.

> Finished 19th in the country at the NCAA Championship.

>S  arah Atkins, Naseeb Bhangal, Laura Brasch, Casey Burt, Madison Keaty, Malori McGill and Jordan Schroeder were each named to the CRCA Scholar-Athlete Team.

> Won four gold medals at the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association (WIRA) Championships for the second year in a row and third time in five years. > Head coach Glenn Putyrae was named West Coast Conference Coach of the Year and WIRA Coach of the Year. > Madison Keaty was named West Coast Conference Rower of the Year.

>S  arah Atkins, Naseeb Bhangal, Madison Keaty and Malori McGill were named West Coast Conference All-Academic first-team. Casey Burt earned honorable mention accolades. >M  adison Keaty and Malori McGill each were named All-WIRA first-team, while Renee Wyman and Jordan Schroeder made All-WIRA secondteam.

2012–13 Annual report |


Zag head coach Glenn Putyrae, in his second year back at the helm after a fouryear stint at Georgetown University, garnered WCC Coach of the Year accolades, while sophomore Madison Keaty was tabbed the WCC Rower of the Year. The Bulldogs Varsity 8+, Second Varsity 8+ and Varsity 4+ boats – consisting of 13 underclassmen, of which seven were freshmen and only two seniors – then headed to Indianapolis, Ind., for the NCAA Championship. Gonzaga, seeded 20th heading into the event, finished its first foray 19th in the country. Its Varsity 4+ bettered its seed by five spots, earning 16th in the nation after taking second place in its semifinal and fourth in the C Final. The Bulldog Varsity 8+ bested their seed by a spot and claimed 19th overall by winning the D Final and the Second Varsity 8+ also won its D Final for 19th overall. GU’s successful season also saw it win four gold medals at the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association (WIRA) Championships, win the Team Points Trophy and tie with Western Washington for the Efficiency Award. Putyrae picked up his second honor of the spring, being named WIRA Coach of the Year. Freshman Kara Soucek capped off the year for the Zags, earning Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association (CRCA) All-West Region first-team accolades. Soucek became the seventh player in school history to garner CRCA and the first to earn first team honors since 2009.

Bulldogs earned the school’s and conference’s inaugural automatic qualifier for the

NCAA Championship

sport wrap-ups

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Pitcher of the Year honors. In addition, the Zags had six

The Gonzaga baseball program continued to surge with

players listed on the All-WCC team, one on the All-WCC

its sixth 30-win season in the past seven years under

Freshman team and five on the All-Academic team.

head coach Mark Machtolf. The Bulldogs stormed

Gonzaga found its success started on the mound.

through the season and clinched the West Coast

Both Gonzales and Olson were sensational for the

Conference regular-season title a full two weeks

Bulldogs pitching staff. The two finished first and

before the rest of the league finished playing. By

second , respectively, in the WCC in strikeouts and

dropping only one of its eight series against WCC

they combined for a 16 victories. Olson led the WCC in

foes, the Zags entered the inaugural WCC Baseball

victories with nine and in games started by the left-

Championship Tournament as the top seed at Banner

handed pitchers the Zags were 21-9.

Island Ballpark in Stockton, Calif., with the opportunity

Recognized for his skills as a pitcher and hitter,

to earn a berth into the NCAA Baseball Championship

Gonzales was named the John Olerud Two-Way Player


of the Year. The award is given to the best combo-player

The Bulldogs highlighted the WCC end of the year

in the nation. He was also a semifinalist for the Golden

awards by claiming three of the five major awards.

Spikes Award which recognizes the best player in the

Machtolf earned his second Coach of the Year honor,

nation. Gonzales became the highest picked Bulldog

NCAA tournament, the national prominence of the

two-way player Marco Gonzales claimed his second

in the MLB draft when he was selected with the 19th

program continued to rise with the Bulldogs earning a

Player of the Year Award and Tyler Olson took home

overall pick by the Saint Louis Cardinals.

national ranking as high as No. 21.

Although the team did not earn a berth into the

Men’s Golf An exciting two weeks capped off an impressive season for the Gonzaga University men’s golf team in 2012–13. The Bulldogs won the Wyoming Cowboy Classic, their final tune-up prior to the West Coast Conference Championship and used that momentum to tie for third overall at the league championship; their highest finish at the championship in school history. The tournament title at the Cowboy Classic was Gonzaga’s first since 2005 and the third in program history. The Bulldogs shot a final-round 275 for a 36hole winning score of 574. Not only did the Zags final round of 275 help secure the six-shot victory over the University of Colorado, it was their lowest 18 round output in school history. At the WCC Championship, Gonzaga posted an even-par 288 on the final day—three strokes better than the next closest squad—and ended the tournament with

The finish of both Fahy and Walsh allowed both to earn All-West Coast Conference honors. It is the second time in school history two or more Zags made Alland Kyle Huus making the squad.

first place at the Western Intercollegiate Rowing took silver in the Novice 8+, placed fifth in the Junior

to claim the accolade.

Varsity 8+ and retained the West Coast Conference

its excellence on the water, earning a bid to the 2013 Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) National Championships. It was the fifth time in six years the

Sean Walsh was crucial to the success of the Zags. Fahy ended the tournament in second—the highest-ever finish of a Zag at a WCC Championship—with a 3-day, 54-hole score of 214 (76-70-68). He was four strokes off the win. Walsh, playing in his first conference tournament, claimed third place with a final score of 215 (72-73-70).

Association (WIRA) Championships. The Bulldogs also

Year; joining just Brandon Crick (2007) as the only Zags

The Gonzaga University men’s rowing team continued

The play of sophomore James Fahy and freshman

Gonzaga earned the automatic berth to the IRA National Championships by having its Varsity 8+ take

Men’s Rowing

finish of fourth place.

placing sixth in the Third Final.

Tourney, the other coming in 2009 with Derek Cheney Walsh was also tabbed the WCC Freshman of the

a 54-hole 880. The Bulldogs finish broke last year’s best

the Second Varsity 8+ finished 18th in the nation after

Zags made the national championship. It was a record breaking championship for the

Men’s Championship Trophy, awarded to the top finishing Varsity 8+. Varsity 8+ boat members Bennett Shultz and Stephen McEvoy each were named to the All-WIRA squad.

Men’s Soccer Gonzaga University junior midfielder Nick Hamer was

Bulldogs Open 4+ as it finished 11th at the regatta; the

named to the All-West Coast Conference men’s soccer

highest finish in school history. The Zag Open 4+ placed

first team in 2012.

fifth in the Petite Final on the final day to capture 11th

Bulldog sophomore midfielder Lars Ludwigs was

place and best the 2000 Gonzaga Open 4+ boat that

selected to the second team; junior defender Greg Carter,

took 12th.

junior midfielder James Matern and sophomore forward

The Bulldog Varsity 8+ claimed fourth place in the Fourth Final to finish 22nd overall in the nation, while

Clark Phillips were named honorable mention, and Conner Bevans was named to the All-Freshman team.

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sport wrap-ups

sport wrap-ups

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Hamer, from Spokane’s Mead High, was a second-team selection in 2011. He started all 16 of

Women’s Soccer Gonzaga University sophomore defender/forward

his appearances in ’12 and provided experience and

Cricket Harber, senior defender Morgan Manchester and

leadership in the midfield for the Zags. He had one

freshman forward Lauren Luke were each named to the


All-West Coast Conference women’s soccer honorable

Gonzaga went 4-14-1 overall and 0-11-1 in the WCC. Gonzaga men’s soccer was honored for the 10th straight year by the National Soccer Coaches Association of

mention squad in 2012. Luke was also tabbed to the AllFreshman Team. Harber closed out the year with one goal and one

America for academic excellence. The Bulldogs posted

assist, while helping the Bulldogs secure four shutouts.

a 3.24 grade point average to receive a NSCAA Team

Manchester ended her career starting 65-straight

Academic Award.

matches dating back to her freshman campaign,

James Matern was named to the West Coast

including all 20 in 2012. The backbone of the Zag

Conference Men’s Soccer All-Academic team , while

defense, Manchester also helped the team lock-up four

Casey Ames, Ryan Caballero, Zach Hamer, Erik Nielsen,

shutouts, and finished tied for second on the squad with

Andrew Owenson, Nate Pacheco and Clark Philips

three assists and scored her first collegiate goal.

earned honorable mention. Gonzaga also hired Paul Meehan as an assistant

Luke became the eighth player in the past eight years, and first since 2009, to earn All-Freshman honors

Gonzaga ended the year 8-11-1 and 1-6-1 in the WCC.

coach in April, 2013. Meehan was most recently the

after she scored a team-tying high four goals, including

head coach at Corban College in Salem, Ore., after

two in league play. Her first league goal was the

Association of America Academic Team Award after

serving as an assistant coach at Oregon State

tying goal in the Bulldogs 1-1 overtime tie against the

posting a 3.54 grade point average. The Zags GPA


University of Portland; the tie being the first non-loss

finished in the top 25 in the country overall and tied for

against the nationally-recognized Pilots in 21 matches.

16th among NCAA Division I institutions.

The Bulldogs earned the National Soccer Coaches

and Olivier Jamin. Both Guillermo and Smith were permanent fixtures in the Zags lineup to produce strong

freshman Jordan Gasser who was second on the team


in kills. With Blinn and Gasser on the outside, Gonzaga

In doubles it was Nazal and Pablo Mosquera Pérez

middle blockers. Edinger was recognized by the WCC

best 12 matches.

for her performances with All-WCC honorable mention

In record breaking fashion, the Gonzaga women’s tennis team saw its single-season wins mark passed by Samantha Polayes. The freshman took the West Coast Conference by storm by finishing the year with 20 victories including 13 in the spring season. Polayes was not the lone freshman playing significant matches for head coach D.J. Gurule, a quartet of rookies battled Coast Conference All-Academic Team. Senior Emma Dolcetti was named first-team, while Manchester, junior Emily Eckmann, and sophomores Tori Lee and Katey Pennington all earned honorable mention accolades.

on the court this year. Isabell Klingert, Franziska Koehler, Melanie Yates and Polayes racked up 37 wins in the spring dual season giving the program great optimism for the future. Two sophomores earned All-West Coast Conference honorable mentions for the Bulldogs as well. Katie

Men’s Tennis

Edwards and Kylie Peek played as the top two singles

Sophomore Alvaro Nazal had a season to remember

competitors for the Zags and were recognized for their

for the 2012–13 Gonzaga men’s tennis team. Nazal

performances. The two also teamed up in doubles to

shattered a program single-season wins mark with 27

lead the squad with seven victories in the spring season.

during his second season in the program. The previous best was 23, held by Scott Sullivan and Marco Antonio Pineda in 2012 and 2007 respectively. His triumphs were recognized by the West Coast Conference as Nazal was named to the All-WCC first team singles team, the first Bulldog to be listed since Eduardo Kohlberg in 2001. The young Bulldogs saw three freshman play quality matches for them. Hayden Smith, Vicente Varas and Joey Brandt combined for 27 victories for head coach Peter MacDonald. Varas impressed with seven wins coming in the spring dual season. However the squad was paced from the senior leadership of Levin Guillermo

relied on Kylie Edinger and Meredith Crenshaw as

who set the tone for the Zags. The tandem won a team

Women’s Tennis

Five Gonzaga players were named to the 2012 West

Head coach Dave Gantt also found a gem in

Volleyball Gonzaga volleyball found its attack bolstered the moment redshirt freshman Savannah Blinn stepped on the court. In her debut season in a Bulldogs uniform, the outside hitter punished opponents with kills down the line. Dangerous both offensively and defensively, Blinn led an upstart Zags club in kills (287), service aces (42) and blocks (21). For her contributions on the court, Blinn was named to the All-West Coast Conference Freshman team. She was also named to the all-tournament teams for all four the team participated in.

accolades. The libero, Kristina Lavrisha, played admirably and led the squad with 375 digs. The team opened the season 8-5 in non-conference matches, but a rash of injuries depleted the Zags as they finished WCC play with a 1-15 record.

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Sport wrap-ups

Academic Excellence

Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


The Office of Student-Athlete Support

and prepare our athletes for life after

educational programs, leadership

Services (SASS) is a multifaceted

sport and the world awaiting them.

opportunities, as well as community

support team guided by a mission to

In order to help our student-athletes

service events and projects. Through

continuously improve the student-

make the most of their experiences

constant collaboration with other

athlete experience at Gonzaga

here at Gonzaga, SASS is committed

campus offices, we are committed

through a broad range of support

to providing individualized academic

to ensuring that student-athletes are

programs and initiatives. SASS exists

support to assist every Gonzaga

connected members of the Gonzaga

to support the Athletic Department’s

student-athlete reach the goals he/

community at large and feel the

long-standing commitment to

she has established. We strive to

same sense of community, shared

excellence in the classroom, on the

cultivate an environment where

experiences, and values as their

playing field, and in the community.

personal growth can be found

fellow students.

It is part of our mission to support

through Athletic Department

we are

committed to ensuring that student-athletes are

connected members of the Gonzaga community


GPA’S Team




Men’s Basketball


Women’s Basketball


Men’s XC/Track


Women’s XC/Track


Men’s Golf


Women’s Golf


Men’s Rowing


Women’s Rowing


Men’s Soccer


Women’s Soccer


Men’s Tennis


Women’s Tennis






Header 1

2012–13 Annual report |


The 2012–13 academic year continued

3.0 at the close of the academic year.

expertly demonstrated the balance

impressive 83% (a 3% increase from

our tradition of academic excellence

May also saw the Athletic Department

between academics and athletics

the prior year’s report). Likewise,

with 143 student-athletes earning

celebrate alongside 60 graduating

throughout their careers here at

Gonzaga’s performance on the NCAA’s

Dean’s or President’s List honors

Zags, 12 of whom graduated with


Graduation Success Rate (GSR), which

in the Fall or Spring semesters. In

University honors, and 23 being

addition to these individual accolades,

inducted into Chi Alpha Sigma, the

the department’s Federal Graduation

students who departed Gonzaga while

the department as a whole continued

National College Athlete Honor

Rate continues to rise. The most

still eligible for competition, remains

to excel across the board with all

Society. We are incredibly proud of

recent report saw Gonzaga’s four

among the nation’s best at 95%!

sports posting cumulative GPAs over

the graduating seniors who have so

year class average increase to an

Finally, and perhaps most notably,

factors in transfer students and those

Athletic Achievements

Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |

26 Name


Records and Awards

Assist. Coach Allen Allen


Inducted into University of Hawai’i Sports Circle of Honor

Sarah Atkins

W Rowing

Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association Scholar-Athlete Team WCC All-Academic Team

Becca Barad

W XC/Track

WCC Cross Country All-Academic Team

Baseball Team


GU P.R.I.D.E. Competition Award

Naseeb Bhangal

W Rowing

Gary Bell Jr. Lauren Bergam



Records and Awards

Brent Felnagle

M XC/Track

GU – School record of 3:46.61 for 1500 meters WCC Cross Country All-Academic Honorable Mention First GU male to qualify for NCAA West Preliminary Track and Field Meet, finished 42nd in 1500 meters in 3:58.33

Coach Mark Few

M Basketball

Basketball Times National Coach of the Year U.S. Basketball Writers Association District IX Coach of the Year WCC Coach of the Year

Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association Scholar-Athlete Team WCC All-Academic Team

Travis Forbes


GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society WCC All-Academic Team

M Basketball

All-WCC Honorable Mention

Anthony Galvan

M XC/Track

GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

W XC/Track

GU – School record of 10:46.73 for 3000 meter steeplechase All-WCC Cross Country Honorable Mention

Marco Gonzales


Conner Bevans

M Soccer

WCC All-Freshman Team

Krista Beyer

W XC/Track

WCC Cross Country All-Academic Honorable Mention

Savannah Blinn


WCC All-Freshman Team ASU Sheraton Invitational All-Tournament Team Northwest Challenge All-Tournament Team GU Invitational All-Tournament Team

Alex Bonczyk


WCC All-Academic Team All-WCC Honorable Mention

John Olerud Two-Way Player of the Year First Round MLB Draft Selection Co-WCC Player of the Year WCC All-Academic Team All-WCC First Team 2013 Perfect Game’s Pre-season All-America First Team USA Baseball’s Golden Spikes Award Mid-season Watch List Baseball America Pre-season All-America First Team National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association Pre-season All-America First Team

Mitchell Gunsolus


WCC All-Academic Team

Chris Boyle

M XC/Track

WCC Cross Country All-Academic Honorable Mention

Coach Kelly Graves

W Basketball

Laura Brasch

W Rowing

Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association Scholar-Athlete Team

WCC Coach of the Year USA Basketball U19 Assistant Coach

Casey Burt

W Rowing

Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association Scholar-Athlete Team WCC All-Academic Team Honorable Mention

Sunny Greinacher

W Basketball

All-WCC Honorable Mention WCC All-Academic Team

Greg Carter

M Soccer

All-WCC Honorable Mention

Levin Guillermo

M Tennis

Shelby Cheslek

W Basketball

WCC All-Tournament First Team WCC All-Freshman Team

GU Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year WCC All-Academic Team GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

Emma Dolcetti

W Soccer

WCC All-Academic First Team GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

Steven Halcomb


GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society WCC All-Academic Team

Lindsey Drake

W XC/Track

GU – School record of 9:36.11 for indoor 3000 meters GU – School record of 2:11.27 for 800 meters GU – School record of 4:24.33 for 1500 meters GU – School record of 16:22.53 for 5000 meters Qualified for NCAA West Preliminary Track and Field Meet in 5000 meters Finished 22nd in NCAA West Preliminary Track and Field Meet in 5000 meters in 16:40.19 All-WCC Cross Country First Team WCC Cross Country All-Academic Honorable Mention

Nick Hamer

M Soccer

All-WCC First Team

Cricket Harber

W Soccer

All-WCC Honorable Mention

Elias Harris

M Basketball

John R. Wooden Award Mid-season Top 25 Watch List Naismith Men’s College Player of the Year Award Early-Season Watch List WCC Tournament MVP All-WCC First Team Old Spice Classic MVP GU Co-Male Senior Athlete of the Year

Michael Hart

M Basketball

WCC Defender of the Year WCC All-Academic Team GU Co-Male Senior Athlete of the Year GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

Olivier Jamin

M Tennis

GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society WCC All-Academic Honorable Mention

Taelor Karr

W Basketball

WCC Player of the Year; All-WCC First Team WCC All-Tournament First Team

Przemek Karnowski

M Basketball

WCC All-Freshman Team

Madison Keaty

W Rowing

All-Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association First Team Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association Scholar-Athlete Team WCC All-Academic Team WCC Rower of the Year All-WCC First Team

Tate Kelly

M XC/Track

GU – School record of 30:34.02 for 10,000 meters All-WCC Cross Country Honorable Mention

Kylie Edinger


All-WCC Honorable Mention GU Invitational All-Tournament Team UNLV Classic All-Tournament Team GU Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year Capital One Academic All-America® Division I District 8 Second Team WCC All-Academic First Team GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

Emily Eckmann

W Soccer

WCC All-Academic Honorable Mention

Genna (Dodge) Edman

W Golf

WCC All-Academic Team GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

Katie Edwards

W Tennis

All-WCC Singles Honorable Mention All-WCC Doubles Honorable Mention with Kylie Peek

James Fahy

M Golf

All-WCC First Team WCC All-Academic Team

Victoria Fallgren

W Golf

All-WCC First Team GU Female Athlete of the Year WCC All-Academic Team GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society



Alice Kim

W Golf

Records and Awards All-WCC First Team Medalist at UC Invitational with 54-hole score of 215 GU – Tied single-round record with 67 in first round of UC Invitational GU – Set 36-hole record of 139 at UC Invitational First player in GU W Golf history to play in LPGA event at KIA Classic WCC All-Academic Team



Records and Awards

Kevin Pangos

M Basketball

All-WCC First Team Bob Cousy Point Guard Award Finalist Naismith Men’s College Player of the Year Award Early-Season Watch List

Dane Pavlik

M Rowing

GU Leadership Award

Kylie Peek

W Tennis

All-WCC Doubles Honorable Mention with Katie Edwards WCC All-Academic Team

Katey Pennington

W Soccer

WCC All-Academic Honorable Mention

Andy Phillips

M XC/Track

GU – School record of 1:52.07 in 800 meters

Clark Phillips

M Soccer

All-WCC Honorable Mention

W Rowing

All-WCC First Team

Ben Lance

M XC/Track

GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

Tori Lee

W Soccer

WCC All-Academic Honorable Mention

Cory LeBrun


All-WCC First Team All-WCC Tournament Team

Nikolai Littleton

M Soccer

Oregon State Hensor/Zaher All-Tournament Team

Christine Powers

Lars Ludwigs

M Soccer

All-WCC Second Team

Coach Glenn Putyrae W Rowing

Lauren Luke

W Soccer

All-WCC Honorable Mention WCC All-Freshman Team

Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Coach of the Year WCC Coach of the Year

Jazmine Redmon

W Basketball

Coach Mark Machtolf


WCC Coach of the Year

WCC Defender of the Year Hardwood Tournament of Hope All-Tournament Team

Arturo Reyes


Morgan Manchester

W Soccer

All-WCC Honorable Mention WCC All-Academic Honorable Mention GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

40th Round MLB Draft Selection All-WCC Honorable Mention

Coach Brad Rickel

W Golf

WCC Coach of the Year

Nick Roche

M XC/Track

GU – School record of 9:06.14 for 3000 meters steeplechase

James Matern

M Soccer

All-WCC Honorable Mention

Rick Ruddell

M Rowing

GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

Taylor Mattheisen

W Rowing

GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

Raychelle Santos

W Golf

Connor McCandless

M XC/Track

GU – School record of 14:08.77 for 5000 meters

Jordan McCann

W XC/Track

GU – School record of 2:17.90 for indoor 800 meters

WCC Freshman of the Year Medalist at Folino Invitational with 54-hole score of 218 Medalist at The Gold Rush with 54-hole score of 224

Stephen McEvoy

M Rowing

All-Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association First Team

Jordan Schroeder

W Rowing

Malori McGill

W Rowing

All-Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association First Team Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association Scholar-Athlete Team WCC All-Academic Team All-WCC First Team

All-Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Second Team Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association Scholar-Athlete Team

Bennett Shultz

M Rowing

All-Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association First Team

Britta Stime

W Tennis

GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

Erik Strand

M Rowing

GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

Naomi Medley

W Rowing

All-WCC First Team

Kara Soucek

W Rowing

Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association All-West Region First Team

Willie Milam

M XC/Track

WCC Cross Country All-Academic

Alexandra Tallas

W Tennis

WCC All-Academic Honorable Mention

Billy Moon


GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

Emily Thomas

W XC/Track

Alvaro Nazal

M Tennis

All-WCC First Team WCC All-Academic Team Boise State Appleton Classic Orange Draw Champion EWU Fall Classic Champion

Tyler Olson


Seventh Round MLB Draft Selection WCC Pitcher of the Year All-WCC First Team

GU – School record of 34:41.97 for 10,000 meters GU – School record of 17:15.33 for indoor 5000 meters Finished 19th in NCAA West Preliminary Track and Field Meet in 10,000 meters in 36:01.23 GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society WCC Cross Country All-Academic Honorable Mention

Kelsey Tracy

W XC/Track

GU – School record of 1:02.91 for indoor 400 meters

Lara Tuthill

W XC/Track

WCC Cross Country All-Academic Honorable Mention

Jaime Van Lith

W XC/Track

GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

Robert Walgren

M XC/Track

WCC Cross Country All-Academic Honorable Mention

Andrew Walker

M XC/Track

GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society WCC Cross Country All-Academic Honorable Mention

Sean Walsh

M Golf

All-WCC First Team WCC Freshman of the Year

Mengya Wang


WCC All-Academic Honorable Mention GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

Kelsey Werre

W Soccer

GU chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma National College Athlete Honor Society

Caleb Wood


All-WCC Honorable Mention All-WCC Freshman Team

Han Wu

W Golf

All-WCC First Team Tied for medalist honors at Challenge at Onion Creek with 54-hole School Record 210

Renee Wyman

W Rowing

All-Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Second Team

Kelly Olynyk

M Basketball

Associated Press All-America First Team U.S. Basketball Writers Association All-America First Team U.S. Basketball Writers Association District IX Player of the Year; District IX First Team John R. Wooden Award Top Five All-American Sporting News All-America First Team Oscar Robertson National Player of the Year Trophy Finalist Naismith Men’s College Player of the Year Award Top 30 WCC Player of the Year; All-WCC First Team Capital One Academic All-America® Division I First Team Capital One Academic All-America® Division I District 8 First Team WCC All-Academic Team Division I-AAA Athletics Directors Association Men’s Basketball Scholar-Athlete of the Year Old Spice Classic All-Tournament Team

Andrew Owenson

M Soccer

Oregon State Hensor/Zaher All-Tournament Team

Nate Pacheco

M Soccer

Oregon State Hensor/Zaher All-Tournament Team

Haiden Palmer

W Basketball

WCC Tournament MVP All-WCC First Team

27 2012–13 Annual report |

Athletic Achievements

Life skills

Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


Life Skills Program

the NCAA’s Student-Athlete Affairs Department: athletic

In upholding the mission of Gonzaga University, the Life

excellence, academic excellence, personal development,

Skills Program strives to enhance the overall experience

career development, and service. To support student-

of Gonzaga’s student-athletes by developing each

athletes on and off the playing field and to prepare them

individual within the Jesuit philosophy of cura personalis,

for life after college, the Program works collaboratively

care of the whole person. The Program provides

with campus and community organizations to further its

Center for Community Action and Service-Learning (CCASL)

educational opportunities, services, and resources that

efforts in providing services that develop transferable

Counseling Center

enrich the total development of Gonzaga student-athletes

skills—athletically, academically, personally, and

Foley Library

by focusing on five commitment areas in alignment with


Gonzaga Activities Board (GAB)

Campus Collaborations Career Center

Gonzaga Alumni Mentor Program (GAMP) Local Schools

Gonzaga Peers Listening and Understanding Students (G+)

Page Ahead

Adams Elementary

Green Dot

Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital

Finch Elementary

Kennel Club

Grant Elementary

Leadership Resource Center

Community Outreach

Community Organizations Served

Hours volunteered by all

American Childhood Cancer Organization of the Inland Northwest

16 teams and tracked by the Student-Athlete Affairs Coordinator. >F  all 2012: 1,508

Spring 2013: 779 Total 2012–13: 2,287 (2011-2012: 1,923.5 )

The Boys & Girls Club of Spokane County Campus Kitchens Catholic Charities of Spokane Clothes4Souls Habitat for Humanity


2287 total

volunteer Hours

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Jog For Jill

Shriner’s Hospital Spokane AAU Spokane Starz St. Margaret’s Women’s and Children’s Shelter Toys for Tots Union Gospel Mission Valley YMCA

Garfield Elementary Jefferson Elementary Mullan Trail Elementary

Programming Board Residence Life Sodexo Student Activities

Ness Elementary

Student Wellness Resource Center

Prairie View Elementary

University Ministry

Sheridan Elementary

Unity Multicultural Education Center (UMEC)

Life skills

exhibits effort and excellence in academics,


leadership, integrity, campus involvement, community service, dedication to team, and the ability to serve as a role model for current and future GU students and student-athletes. Each month S.A.A.C. nominates and

Ryan Caballero Men’s Soccer

October Malori McGill Women’s Rowing

ZAG of the Month


Meredith Crenshaw Volleyball

Dane Pavlik Men’s Rowing



Emily Thomas Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field

in March. Athletics was a partner

The Life Skills Program strives

meeting in September. Barnes

for this event. This year’s theme

to educate student-athletes on

presented on how important

was “Transformation” and it

areas essential for their athletic,

social media can be to a student-

was connected to Gonzaga’s

academic, and personal success.

athlete’s personal brand. She

125th Celebration. The purpose

Student-athlete well-being was

asked the student-athletes to

of the event is to inform and

addressed during the 2012–13

consider what they want their

highlight the value of human

year through the following

personal brand to be and whether

difference through the stories of


or not their activity on social

our students, to exercise critical

media is enhancing that brand or

thinking and reflection in order to

tarnishing it.

stimulate personal growth, and

Behaviors Specialist, presented

Violence Prevention/

to build community and individual

“Beer, Beliefs and the Bar Lab:

Bystander Education

Does Drinking Really Make Us

Green Dot is a nationally

human difference.

More Social?” to all student-

recognized program that educates


athletes in October. He discussed

students, faculty, and staff on

The WCC continued its

his research, which showed that

how to prevent power based

REPRESENT sportsmanship

perception has a strong impact

personal violence. The program

campaign during the 2012–13

on whether or not people believe

provides bystander training and

year. REPRESENT, launched

they are intoxicated. In addition,

offers techniques for students

during the 2010–11 year, includes

he highlighted the negative impact

to intervene and minimize

the promotion of sportsmanship

that alcohol consumption can

violence. At their request, the

at each WCC campus and

have on sleep cycles. Follow-

training was facilitated to the

recognizes worthy teams and

up messages were reinforced

men’s rowing team and was also

individuals for their display of good

in the New Athlete Orientation

introduced during the New Athlete

sportsmanship. Two Gonzaga

course by upper-class S.A.A.C.

Orientation course for this year’s

programs were recognized during

team representatives. Kilmer

freshmen class. This year, the

the 2011–12 year by their peer

was brought to GU via campus

men’s rowing team organized a

WCC teams for practicing good

partnerships with the Student

Green Dot Awareness race in the

sportsmanship, men’s soccer

Wellness Resource Center.

fall to educate people about power

and women’s soccer. Teams

based personal violence.

nominate other WCC teams based


on their players, coaching, and

Jason Kilmer, Ph.D., Addictive

Emma Dolcetti Women’s Soccer



Rachel Wright Women’s Rowing

made time to present at a S.A.A.C.

Alcohol Awareness



selects one of their peers for the award.

Personal Development

Social Media and Personal Branding Leslie Barnes, Director of Student-

The University Multicultural

Athlete Development at Duke,

Education Center (UMEC) hosted

visited GU’s campus to work with

the Diversity Monologues and

the Leadership Institute, but also

special guest Kelly Zen Yie Tsai

acceptance and appreciation of

fan behavior, game environment, and positive media and marketing initiatives.

2012–13 Annual report |

A student-athlete selected as Zag of the Month

Life skills

Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


Career Development

alumni, supporters, and constituents as

build their careers. It was a great success

The Life Skills Program prepares student-

they pursue their future careers. Multiple

and we look forward to including it in our

athletes for their futures following

résumé workshops were offered

career development programming for the


graduation and life after sport through a

throughout the spring to assist seniors in

years to come.

PRIDE is a friendly competition

variety of career development programs

developing and refining their résumés.

Another service available to GU’s

meant to promote mutual

student-athletes is Career Athletes.

support and fellowship amongst

relationships and collaboration with GU’s

Athlete Networking Event. The purpose

This organization provides an online

the many athletic teams that

Career Center and Gonzaga Alumni

of this event was to help prepare our

forum for former and current Zags to

make up our Zag family. PRIDE

Mentoring Program (GAMP) further

senior student-athletes for life after

network and connect with one another.

also recognizes our commitment

support student-athletes with their career

graduation. They had the opportunity

The online Career Athletes community

to Gonzaga University’s mission


to practice networking and self-

offers alumni the opportunity to serve as

of “global engagement, solidarity

promotion skills with athletic department

mentors to current student-athletes. Job

with the poor and vulnerable,

constituents and invited guests.

listings from companies who value the

and care for the planet” through

this year. The book features portfolios

They were exposed to a real world,

qualities and traits that student-athletes

community outreach and service.

of the graduating class of 2013. Each

professional networking environment.

possess are also available on the website

of their résumés displays the unique

Different from a career fair, this event

( The Gonzaga

to earn points by supporting

achievements and accolades they earned

was about developing relationships with

Former and Current Student-Athletes

student-athletes at designated

as a Zag. The goal of the book is to assist

professionals and gaining confidence and

LinkedIn group is another way for Zags

home athletic events,

student-athletes in networking with GU

perspective as they leave Gonzaga and

to stay connected.

participating in Life Skills

and individual career counseling. Close

The second annual Senior StudentAthlete Résumé Book was published

A new event this year was the Senior

Teams have the opportunity

programming, community

Student-Athlete Leadership Institute

The 2012–13 Leadership Institute met regularly throughout

outreach, and

The Student-Athlete Institute, in its third year, is designed to

the year and participated in team building exercises, behavior

team academic

further develop student-athletes’ leadership skills as students,

and leadership style assessments, and group discussion


athletes, and leaders on campus and in the community.

sessions. Guest speakers from across campus also facilitated

Members were selected to participate in the developmental

sessions and conversations surrounding the meaning of

program to further improve themselves as mentors and leaders

leadership and various styles and techniques for the student-

on their respective teams and on the Student-Athlete Advisory

athletes to apply in their day-to-day lives. Current S.A.A.C.


officers visited the group and discussed how they approach leadership and how they lead their peers. Leslie Barnes from Duke University also came in and facilitated the DiSC with the group. DiSC is the leading personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. DiSC profiles help teams and organizations establish a common language to improve communication and reduce conflict.


Top 5


1. Baseball 2. Women’s Rowing 3. Volleyball 4. Women’s Cross Country 5. Women’s Tennis

Life skills S.A.A.C. Collections > 4th Annual Campus Kitchens Food Drive, women’s basketball game (December)

S.A.A.C. is comprised of representatives from each

> 1,990 pounds of food and nearly $525 collected

Gonzaga athletic team whose main purpose is to serve

> Served approximately 2,500 meals in the Spokane

as a student-athlete voice regarding student-athlete welfare within Gonzaga’s Athletic Department, the WCC, and the NCAA. S.A.A.C. hosts annual events to

community > Winter Formal, benefiting Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital (December)

build camaraderie across all of Gonzaga’s intercollegiate

> Over 150 Christmas gifts were donated and

teams. A Welcome Back Bowling Night, Student-Athlete Winter Formal, and a Baseball Tailgater and Baggo Tournament were improved and continued during

delivered to several patients > 5th Annual WCC Drive (December-February)

2012–13. S.A.A.C. is also integral to providing volunteer

> Conference-wide t-shirt collection and competition

opportunities to student-athletes. The organization

> Benefited Clothes4Souls

hosted annual collections at home basketball games,

> 11,021 t-shirts collected and distributed world-wide

benefiting GU’s Campus Kitchens, Page Ahead, and

> Won $1,000 prize to use towards a community

Clothes4Souls. In addition, S.A.A.C. representatives served as leaders and facilitators during the Fall 2012 New Athlete Orientation course for the freshmen

service event > 8th Annual Page Ahead Book Drive, women’s basketball game (February)


> 1,600 books and over $500 collected

$1,000 prize won to use for a community service event 2012–13 S.A.A.C. officers

President Dane Pavlik Men’s Rowing

Vice President Taurie Bjerken Women’s Tennis

Secretary Meredith Crenshaw Volleyball

Treasurer Erik Fagan Men’s XC/Track

Volunteer Chair Ryan Caballero Men’s Soccer

Media Chair Tate Kelly Men’s XC/Track

Promotions Chair Meghan Winters Women’s Basketball

Officer Emerita Emma Dolcetti Women’s Soccer

2012–13 Annual report |

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (S.A.A.C.)


Men’s Soccer

single game attendance record

1,327 fans

vs. UCSB on 09.02.12


Women’s Basketball

2nd overall attendance in the WCC

4,393 season tickets sold (highest in program history)

single game attendance record

Average attendance 5,678 (highest in program history)

1,266 fans vs. BYU on 10.25.12

Women’s Soccer Highest average attendance in program history

583 per match

21.7% increase from last season

Ranked 13th nationally in attendance (one spot higher than last year)

7 sellouts, most in a single season in the history of the program

Baseball Second largest single game attendance

1,549 fans vs. BYU on 04.26.13

33 2012–13 Annual report |

Marketing & Tickets


Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


One annual goal of the Athletic Department is

excess net revenue dollars to fund enhancements,

with enhancements coming through self-generated

to develop and effectively manage a balanced

while still making both scheduled and additional

funds in the form of excess net revenues. This has

operational budget, while at the same time grow

payments towards its debt obligations, is a prime

allowed Gonzaga Athletics to become increasingly

current revenue streams and identify new revenue

example of the Department’s commitment to

less reliant on institutional support, thus diminishing

sources for Gonzaga Athletics. Although operating

operating in a fiscally responsible and disciplined

the impact on the University’s budget. In 2012–13,

costs continue to rise, the Athletic Department has


Gonzaga’s athletic budget represented 5.3% of

once again operated within a balanced budget and

consistent with growth of the overall University,

continued to reduce debt. The ability to generate


Athletic Department growth has been

the University’s overall operating budget (net of scholarships).



Athletic Revenue

0.78% 1.37% 4.17%


22.17% Institutional Scholarship Support


8.79% 12.54%

Institutional Scholarship Support


Annual Fundraising and Contributions

Annual Fundraising and Contributions


Direct Institutional Support

Direct Institutional Support


Ticket Sales

Ticket Sales


Sponsorship and Media Royalties

Sponsorship and Media Royalties


Merchandise Sales, Concessions & Catering



Endowment Distributions

$149,123 $42,150

Endowment Distributions

Facility Rental

Facility Rental

Athletic Guarantees


Athletic Guarantees

NCAA/WCC Distributions


NCAA/WCC Distributions

The included numbers are based on current estimates. Final fiscal year records may vary.

Merchandise Sales, Concessions & Catering





Funded by Institutional Support


Funded by Athletic Revenues



Generated Funds Institutional Support

Why is benefactor support so critical? Gifts are instrumental in providing critical funding to our talented student-athletes



Athletic Revenues

for the opportunity of a world class experience—academically, *Excluding Scholarships

athletically and socially.


Athletic Expenses





Team Travel


Uniforms & Equipment


Game Guarantees



Physical Plant & Utilities Debt Service

Physical Plant & Utilities

Debt Reduction

Debt Reduction


General & Administrative

General & Administrative Debt Service

2.11% 2.17%



Game Guarantees 12.66%



Uniforms & Equipment







Personnel Team Travel



$ 261,524 $1,629,550 TOTAL


2012–13 Annual report |

Institutional Support* vs.


Finances SCU











fully-funded program.



scholarships short of being a


3,500,000 3,000,000

Aid per Participant

competes, which leaves it 48.35



offered 100.85 scholarships

for sports in which Gonzaga



in aid per participant. Gonzaga

of 149.2 scholarships allowed



granted to student-athletes and

towards the NCAA maximum


of athletically-related student aid



behind its peers in the amount


Nonetheless, Gonzaga still lags



fund out of its annual budget.


that Gonzaga Athletics must

7,000,000 6,500,000


an annual budgetary expense


of over $4.2 million. This is



to a total scholarship expense


2012–13 school year, leading



was valued at $43,825 for the

Athletically-Related Student AiD*

A full scholarship at Gonzaga










30,000 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000








at Gonzaga was valued at


full scholarship





Scholarship Equivalents*

Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |











300 250 200 150 100 50

*Based on West Coast Conference scholarship survey for fiscal year 2011–12

Gonzaga University continued to gain media exposure

televised and 12 of the 17 broadcasts originated from

opportunities in 2012–13, with men’s and women’s

the McCarthey Athletic Center. Five times the Zags were

basketball and baseball generating the bulk of the

broadcast nationally through the ESPN family of stations,

exposure through print, website, radio and television.

NBC Sports Network, or BYUtv. Gonzaga’s First Round

Men’s basketball had every regular-season and post-season game televised in 2012–13, with 19 of their

Athletic Center against Iowa State was televised on

36 games broadcast on the ESPN family of stations,

ESPN2. For the fourth consecutive season all games—

highlighted by their appearance on ESPN College Game

home and away—were broadcast on radio in Spokane by

Day. With the last 17 games of the 2003–04 season

KEYF 1050.

televised, the Bulldogs now have a streak of 320

Baseball also was featured on television with seven


consecutive regular-season and postseason games being

games shown locally on SWX. Fourteen Bulldog baseball

36 of 36 games appeared on television (including exhibition)

televised. Gonzaga games were also televised locally

home games were broadcast on the radio on 1510 KGA.

on KHQ-TV and regionally on ROOT SPORTS. All games

The two playoff games of the WCC Baseball Tournament

ESPN (West Virginia for ESPN 24-Hour Tip-Off Marathon; at Butler for ESPN College GameDay, vs. Saint Mary’s/ WCC Tournament)

were aired on 1510 KGA radio in Spokane, 1410 KTEL

were streamed online through the WCC Digital Network.

in Walla Walla, 960 AM KALE in the Tri-Cities, and new

The 2013 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field

radio affiliate 1030 KMAS in Shelton, WA. New affiliates

West Preliminary Round competition for Brent Felnagle

ESPN2 (Clemson, Oklahoma and Davidson in the Old Spice Classic; Illinois, Kansas State/Battle in Seattle, Baylor, at Oklahoma State, Saint Mary’s, BYU, at Loyola Marymount, at Saint Mary’s, at BYU, Loyola Marymount/WCC Tournament)

1020 KWIQ in Moses Lake and 900 KKRT in Wenatchee

(1500 meters), Emily Thomas (10,000 meters) and

aired the final six games in 2012–13, and will be joined

Lindsey Drake (5000 meters) held in Austin, Texas, was

by new affiliates in Seattle and St. Maries, Idaho as full

streamed live on the University of Texas website.

television appearances locally, regionally and nationally.

The Zags were featured in national print publications,


ESPNU (at Washington State, at San Diego, Santa Clara)

Ten West Coast Conference games were among the 17

including Kelly Olynyk’s appearance on the cover of


ESPN Pacific Rim (Saint Mary’s, at Saint Mary’s – Tied into ESPN2 feed)


KHQ, KAYU, ROOT SPORTS and/or Time Warner Cable Sports Network



TBS (Southern/NCAA Tournament)


TNT (Wichita State /NCAA Tournament)

radio 36

Spokane (1510 KGA & KEYF—101.1 FM)


Walla Walla (1490 KTEL)


Tri-Cities (1340 ESPN)


Sirius/Sirius XM


Moses Lake (1020 KWIQ)


Wenatchee (900 KKRT)


Dial Global Radio Network (NCAA Tournament Games)

broadcast partners next season. Women’s basketball was featured through 17

On the print side, GU garnered attention coast-tocoast from the Spokesman-Review to the USA Today.

Sports Illustrated and Basketball Times. Gonzaga was also featured on the major sports websites such as television 17 of 33 games appeared on television 1

ESPN2 (Iowa State/NCAA Tournament)


ESPNU (San Diego/WCC Tournament)


NBC Sports Network (Santa Clara)


BYUtv (at BYU, BYU/WCC Tournament)


SWX (Wisconsin, Stanford, Eastern Washington, Ohio State, Washington State, Santa Clara, BYU, Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine, Saint Mary’s)


GU TV (San Francisco, Portland),,,, and



women’s Basketball

Men’s Basketball

NCAA Tournament game played in the McCarthey

television 9 of 54 games appeared on television 6

SWX (Saint Mary’s, Washington State, University of Washington, BYU x2, Appalachian State)


WCC Digital Network (San Francisco, BYU)


GU tv (Saint Mary’s)





KEYF—1050 AM

Spokane (1510 KGA)

37 2012–13 Annual report |

Media Exposure

Bulldog Club

Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


Purpose The Bulldog Club is the official annual fundraising organization dedicated to supporting Gonzaga Athletics. Gifts to the Bulldog Club are instrumental in providing funding to bridge the gap between institutional support and departmental priorities. Specifically, donations to the Bulldog Club help to fund Scholarships, Academic Support Services, Athletic Training and Strength & Conditioning, Team Budgets (including recruiting, travel and equipment), and Facilities. With your support, Gonzaga can continue to recruit, educate and train the best and brightest studentathletes. In giving to the Bulldog Club, you are supporting the Zags in our mission of excellence.

Zags Golf Classic The support of this event is one of the many things that make being a Zag so special. Played annually at Manito Country Club, the Zags Golf Classic is a great opportunity for our coaches, staff, and student-athletes to meet the supporters that allow us to continue to operate as a premier athletics department. This year as golfers made their way through the course, Gonzaga student-athletes

and coaches were on hand to interact with golfers and thank them for their support.

Anthony’s Scholarship Dinner Left: Men’s Basketball student-athletes (Kyle Dranginis, Kelly Olynyk, and Rem Bakamus) with attendees; Right: Guests enjoy the Anthony’s at Spokane Falls view.

The evening was capped off with a fantastic banquet and silent auction. All the funds raised from the Zags Golf Classic go directly to supporting the mission of the

basketball season by head men’s basketball coach Mark

Bulldog Club. This year the Zags Golf Classic raised over

Few and head women’s basketball coach Kelly Graves.

$67,000 dollars for the Bulldog Club.

This year the Anthony’s scholarship dinner raised over

Anthony’s Scholarship Dinner

$29,000 for the Anthony’s scholarship.

The Anthony’s Scholarship dinner was moved to October

Sports Agency Fundraising

and retooled to become the premier kickoff event for

On top of the fundraising work done by the Bulldog Club,

the men’s and women’s basketball seasons. Both men’s

each sport is encouraged to fundraise for their specific

and women’s basketball student-athletes along with

sports agency account which is used to help further

their coaches mingled with donors while enjoying the

their programs. Donations help offset budget expenses,

fantastic view and food from Anthony’s at Spokane Falls.

pay for extra team travel and program enhancements.

The event featured a question and answer session with

Through the fundraising efforts of our coaches and

student-athletes from both teams and a live auction

student-athletes, this year we saw a 38% increase

with a number of great items for bid. The evening

in donations specifically designated to sports agency

was capped off by an in-depth look at the upcoming


Zags Golf Classic, Manito Country Club

compliance It is the shared responsibility of all those associated with Gonzaga Athletics—employees, studentathletes, individuals (“boosters”) and organizations promoting Bulldog athletics interests—to be in full compliance with NCAA, West Coast Conference and institutional rules. According to NCAA rules, once an individual has been identified as an institutional “representative of athletics interest,” the individual retains that title for life. Gonzaga University is ultimately responsible for the behavior of all athletics representatives in relation to NCAA rules and regulations. Violations of NCAA regulations by an athletics representative could result in the loss of eligibility


are a representative of Gonzaga’s athletics interest if you have ever:

1. Been a member of any organization promoting Gonzaga’s athletic program (ie. the Bulldog Club). 2. Made financial contributions to the Gonzaga University Athletic Department. 3. Been a season ticket holder in any sport. 4. Helped to arrange employment of or provided any benefits to prospective or enrolled student-athletes. 5. Promoted the athletic programs at Gonzaga University.

for involved student-athletes (e.g., no participation


in competitions) and/or severe sanctions against the University (e.g., loss of scholarships, television bans and post-season bans) and/or disassociation

> As an athletics representative, you may not be

a prospective student-athlete.


before you act

involved in recruiting a prospective student-athlete.

This includes leaving written

A prospective student-athlete is a student who has

messages for recruits on

are rules to remember when it comes to assisting

started classes for the ninth grade or is enrolled

Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter

Gonzaga’s student-athletes.

at a two-year college. The only individuals that are

web pages. If you are caught

permitted to recruit are Gonzaga’s coaching staff for

having impermissible contact with recruits, penalties

each respective sport. Please forward the prospective

could be as severe as complete disassociation,

student-athlete to Gonzaga Athletics for information

meaning your relationship with Gonzaga Athletics

regarding the athletic programs.

could be terminated.

with that individual. As a representative of athletics interest, there

> An athletic representative may not provide any type of extra benefit to a prospective or enrolled student-athlete or their family or friends. Examples of extra benefits include, but are not limited to: cash, gifts, loans or the co-signing of loans, a vehicle or use of a vehicle, payment for or arrangement of transportation, free or reduced cost goods or services, free or reduced cost housing, concert or sporting tickets. An individual can become an athletics representative, if not previously identified as an athletics representative, if he or she provides such benefits.

> An athletics representative may not employ or arrange

> Always ask before you act. If you are unsure of

for the employment of a prospective student-athlete

any of the regulations between prospective or current

until after he or she has signed a National Letter of

student-athletes and athletics representatives, please

Intent and has graduated from high school. You may

do not hesitate to contact the Athletic Department

employ a current student-athlete provided he or she

compliance office.

has registered the job with the athletic department compliance office and received approval to begin working. > An athletics representative may not have in-person or telephone contact or written correspondence with

Follow the NCAA rules and we can together ensure the success of Gonzaga Athletics. If you have any questions regarding NCAA rules or regulations, please contact the compliance office at

2012–13 Annual report |


Home, Sweet Home

Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


That’s how Gonzaga University’s men’s and women’s

space isn’t available. It’s also great that the space we

golf and tennis teams might be feeling with the May,

currently use will be freed up for other programs to use.

2013, announcement that construction has begun on a

A lot of programs will benefit from this facility,” Gray said.

$6.8 million indoor tennis and golf center, funded entirely through the generosity of donors. The facility is being built on a vacant 3-acre parcel at 1220 N. Superior St., a few blocks east of campus,

Tennis, which has been without on-campus courts since Gonzaga’s soccer facility was built in 2008, was especially ecstatic with the news. “It’s maybe cliché, but it’s life-changing. It’s going to

south of Mission Park, and near the Spokane River. The

change the way we do almost everything. We’ve always

approximately 72,000-square-foot structure will offer six

had unbelievable support from Gonzaga and the athletic

regulation tennis courts and a golf practice area.

department, but this new facility shows everybody

“It’s going to be great to finally have a home for our

outside of Gonzaga how important tennis is to our

team, a place where we can gather and a place where

athletic department and our university. It’s huge,” said

we can practice when the weather is bad. It’s kind of the

women’s head tennis coach D.J. Gurule.

icing on the cake for us,” head women’s golf coach Brad Rickel said. Head men’s golf coach Robert Gray said many

Head men’s tennis coach Peter MacDonald said it “It’s going to show recruits we are serious about tennis and they will take us seriously. The level of player

and tennis facility.

we will be able to attract will be substantially higher,”

“Having a space the team can call home and use at

life changing.

It’s going to change the way

we do almost everything.

will be a positive recruiting tool.

athletic programs benefit in some way from the new golf

any time gives us every opportunity to be successful.


MacDonald stated. The modern facility will provide both tennis and golf

repair area and locker rooms; all of those amenities will be a part of the facility,” Rickel said. While golf has had an on-campus outdoor chipand-putt area available, the lack of courts has been a hardship to tennis. Gurule and MacDonald commended

We’ve shared spaces in the past and that can be tough

with added teaching and practice technology to help

the players of the past few years for persevering. The

when you have something you want to work on but the

improve their game.

Spokane Racquet Club, five miles southeast of campus,

“There’s a lot of game improvement technology on the market that can be very beneficial to players. We’ll

has been home to the Bulldogs the past five years. “It’s a testament to our student-athletes who have

be using a number of those, including swing/putting

been here the last few years. You can say the same with

analyzers, which give a lot of feedback to the players,”

baseball when they didn’t have a facility and maybe say

Gray said. “Using that information in the correct way will

the same thing about basketball in the transition before

help find more consistency, which is so important in golf.

they got over to the McCarthey Athletic Center; they put

Seeing the flight of the ball will allow them to know how

in the work,” Gurule said. “Our student-athletes never

any adjustments are working.”

complained we were practicing at six in the morning or

Rickel said the facility will primarily be beneficial for golfers to work on their short game. But that’s not all. “It will have a huge putting and chipping area. It will primarily be a short game facility and then we’ll have golf simulators with all the teaching and training devices so

at eleven at night because that’s what we had to do. Having the ability to go and hit when they want to is going to be phenomenal. We will take full advantage of the new facility for sure.” Gurule also thanked the Spokane Racquet Club.

not only can we get in there and hit balls and be taught,

“They were great to us as far as allowing us to

but we’ll be able to play golf while we’re inside. A club

use the courts when we could. We aren’t their primary

Home, Sweet Home the dues year around and I don’t think they could have

MacDonald said the prospect of such a facility is

getting about 10 hours on the court a week and that’s not

what got him through some tough times. “It was a carrot at the end of the stick. The thought

done any more for us then they did,” he said.

squeeze it out. On average players were probably only enough to develop. You might maintain your skills with

of having our own facility and believing it was going to

that amount of time but you can’t develop as a player

October, and in some ways the coaches and student-

happen got us through some of those tough times. All

unless you are getting your twenty,” MacDonald said.

athletes are like kids waiting for Christmas morning.

the traveling back and forth (between campus and the

The new building is scheduled to be finished by

“We’re excited to get in there and find the best way

Spokane Racquet Club) takes its toll,” MacDonald said.

The facility will be constructed of steel and insulated concrete with a brick facade and will include on its main

to use the facility. With all the space, we’ll be able to do

He also noted that student-athletes will now

floor men’s and women’s locker rooms, an athletes’

team practices and have the ability to work on areas of

consistently be able to get their full allotment of the

lounge, training room, and coaches’ offices, said Ken

each player’s game without interfering with one another.

NCAA-allowable 20 hours of practice per week.

Sammons, Gonzaga’s director of plant services. A small, second-floor area will provide for a viewing space and

We can have some players on the simulators working

“I don’t think either (tennis) program was able to get a

on their long game, while 20 feet away others will be

true 20-hour week in unless we had the team do a ton of

restrooms. Gonzaga bought the property for the project

working on their short game,” Gray said.

weights or some conditioning and then we could probably

in 2007.

For the first time in school history, on

Deluxe Version

limited to 1,000, were provided with a standard framed photo.

March 4, 2013, Gonzaga University

The Celebrating History campaign

Men’s Basketball was ranked #1 in

proved to be a very popular way for

both major media and coaches’ polls.

fans to demonstrate their support for

To commemorate this historic occasion, and to provide funds to

the program, and to provide funds

sustain this mark of excellence into the

that will work to sustain and enhance

future, Gonzaga Athletics introduced

the Men’s Basketball program in

the “Celebrating History” campaign.

As a thank you, each donor was

Donors at the $5,000 level, limited

perpetuity. There’s a limited opportunity

Through this exclusive, limited

provided with a commemorative,

to 125, were provided with a deluxe

offer, fans and supporters had the

limited edition framed panoramic

framed photo signed by members

remaining to take advantage of this

opportunity to show their support

photograph of the McCarthey Athletic

of the 2012–13 Gonzaga Men’s

special offer to support Gonzaga

through a contribution of $5,000,

Center taken on March 2, 2013 during

Basketball team and coaching staff.

Basketball and receive your own

$1,000 or $250 to the Endowment

Senior Day for Elias Harris, Mike Hart

for Men’s Basketball, the purpose

and Guy Landry Edi. This was the final

to 250, were provided with a deluxe

inquire about the Celebrating History

of which is to provide funds for the

game before the polls were released

framed photo signed by the coaching

campaign, please contact Gonzaga

enhancement of the Men’s Basketball

making Gonzaga the #1 team in the

staff, while donors at the $250 level,

Athletics at 509.313.5721, or visit



Donors at the $1,000 level, limited

commemorative panoramic photo. To

Celebrating history

Li m i E dit te d ion

2012–13 Annual report |

customers. They have members that pay the majority of


Donor Honor Roll

Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


Joel and Karen Pearl John and Nancy Rudolf* Nick Salisbury* John and Rita Santillanes* Sysco Spokane, Inc.*

Fred and Leslie Brown* Alan Dernbach and Rose Higgins* Donald H. Herak* H.F. Magnuson Family Foundation, Inc.* Bill and Carol Quigg* David and Cathleen Reisenauer John M. Stone* Toillion Pediatric Dentistry* James and Debbie Topliff*

Jim and Michelle Hereford* Scott Isaak* Daniel L. Jones* King Beverage, Inc.* KXLY* Thomas Lavagetto* Matthew and Ann Lowe Charlie and Doris O’Connor* Pearson Packaging Systems* Ed and Yvonne (RIP) Ralph* Jeff and Margaret Reed Norma and Wendell Reed Foundation Ed and Bunny (Suva) Renouard* Michael and Tanya Rice* Doug and Kathleen Rivard* Richard and Deborah (Gaebe) Roccanova* Root Sports Paul Roth Runners Soul* Darrell and Elizabeth (Matulka) Scott* Penn and Nancy Siegel* Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Skinner* Max and Ellen Spalding Steve and Genene Staats Stevens, Clay, and Manix P.S.* Dan Stubbs* Ken and Lola Tai Tom and Camilla Tilford* U.S. Bancorp Foundation* Dick and Laurel Vester* Steven and Dawn Watts*




Benefactors to Gonzaga Athletics provide the necessary funds to the Athletic Department through


made to specific needs or sports programs (reflective of

giving for the fiscal year 2013; June 1, 2012–May 31, 2013). These funds are used to enhance our mission of excellence for more than 300 student-athletes. All gifts

made to Gonzaga Athletics are used solely to support the many needs of Gonzaga student-athletes.

$40,000 and Above John and Kristianne Blake* Jonathan Ferraiuolo Clark H. Gemmill* John Hemmingson* David and Christina Lynch* Mike and Stephanie Lyons* Phil and Sandy McCarthey Tom and Mary McCarthey, Jr. Gene and Marti Monaco* Scott and Lizbeth (Tomich) Morris* Jim and Gwen Powers Washington Trust Bank* Irv and Angela Zakheim

$20,000–$39,999 Josh Burrows* Bob Cross* DAA Northwest* Nancy C. Driscoll Budd and Kathy Gould Jared and Kara Hertz Randy Hurst Klaue Family Foundation* John and Donna Luger

Kevin and Christine Malone* Bob and Barb Materne* Bob and Sandy McConkey* Moloney + O’Neill* Mary Jo Moore* Michael A. Patterson* Dave and Sandy Sabey* Lance and Melissa Sadler* Michael and Carol Schimmels* Tommy and Jenny Servine Doug and Karen Sonneborn* Spokane Produce* Jonathan and Michele Staben* Suzi Stone* Telect, Inc.* Terry and T.J. Tombari* Nicholas and Karen (Lindsay) Warrick* Charlie & Kathy Watson Miss Myrtle Woldson Jim Workland*

John and Ann Beutler* Tony and Mary Lou Bonanzino* Ron and Terri Caferro* Cerium Networks - Roger Junkermier* David and Jill (Legel) Christiansen* Comcast Spotlight* Dr. W. Dale and Terri Crum* Dr. and Mrs. (RIP) Michael H. Cunningham* Larry and Kathy Dilley* Ray and Eleanor Grannis Robert and Denise Greco* Jeffrey and Catherine Gullickson Daniel P. Harbaugh* Dr. and Mrs. Kenji Higuchi* Don and Marilyn Jans* Jerome Vern Krause James and Geraldine (Flaim) Lewis


Aaron Alteneder* Stephen Anthony* Michael and Lynette Arhutick* Matthew and Michelle Blasdel Sean C. Boyd Bobby and Cathleen Brett* Greg and Michelle Bui Kris and Bruce Bushman* George Cain Robert J. and Linda Connor* Consumer Auto Liquidators* Cliff and Bonnie Cullings* Brad and Pam (McNally) DeCounter* John and Dianne Egger* Walter and Kathy Egger* Global Credit Union* Greg and Julie Green* Michael T. Hayes* Allan and Stephanie Heller

Jay and Amanda Affleck* A.M. Landshaper, Inc.* The Apartment Broker* Bank of America* Tom and Eileen Barbieri* Kathryn K. Barbieri (RIP)* Nancy Bettesworth Laurie A. Bigej* Tom Black* Kevin Blanchat* Frank and Sharon Bouten* Tim and Margaret Bruya* Rodney and Doris Butler* Waseem and Maureen Butte* Matthew J. Byrd* Byrd Real Estate Group, LLC* Jim Cameron* Chris and Janet Camp*

Brian Carney* Wade Carpenter* Mark and Kathy (Evoy) Casey* David and Denise Christy* Craig and Georganna Clifford* David and Melody Coombs* Jim and Harvelyn (Cornwell) Cooney* CPM Development Corporation* Jacqueline S. Dallum D’Amato Conversano Inc.* Paul and Kelley Damon* Joseph and Mary (Kinzer) Doohan* Alan and Karen Douglas* Harlan and Maxine Douglass* Roger A. Felice* Fifth & Browne Pharmacy* Paul and Janet Fruci* Garco Construction* Garland Vision Source, Inc.* Gary and Nancy Gossett* Dale and Joan (Forsberg) Grant Michael and Samantha Guthrie* Riley Hale Dave and Kelly Hamad* George and Debbie Hansen* Ron Hawkins*

Donor Honor Roll Scott O’Brien* James F. and Sharon O’Connell* Frank and Barb O’Neill* John Orr* Jerry and Becky Oswald* Pacwest Home Corp* Pape Material Handling, Inc.* Dave and Theresa (Craven) Parks* Marty Parola* Performance Contracting Inc* Arnold and Sarah Peterson* Jay Phillips Mike and Betty (Onley) Pontarolo* Jim and Klaire (Fulton) Powers* John Preston* Jim and Marilyn Prince* Clay Randall* James and Maggie Randall* Mike and Judy (Yeend) Reilly* Paul and Mary Rieckers* Thomas L. Riordan Leonard Rison* Mary Lou Robinson* Mike and Linda Roth* Steve and Tresa Schmautz* Daniel and Jennifer Schroeder

Dale Sebo* Bill and Hilda Shanks* Bill Simer and Renee Rolando* Sodexo Services* Spokane Hardware Supply, Inc.* Christopher and Amy Spring* Patrick and Diane Sullivan* Suntoya Corporation* Rick and Diane Thomas* Thrifty Car Rental* Mike and Mary Jo (McKinnon) Tucci* Russ and Carole VanderWilde* Nicolas V. Vieth* Chris Olson and Denise Vill-Olson* Lawrence and Anne Bridget (Marting) Viola Weiand & Weiand DDS, PS* Pat and Carol West* Fritz and Jeanie Wolff* Bill and Liz (Curry) Wrigglesworth*

$1,500–$2,499 Alliance Title & Escrow Corporation* American Pacific Construction, Inc.* Ken and Sue Anderson Anderson Bros CPA’s, PA* Arby’s Roast Beef* Kara Arvin* Raymond Banasik* Banner Bank* Bill and Carol (Shea) Barber* David and Leah Barbieri* Don Barbieri* Ms. Heather M. Barbieri* Stephen Barbieri* Tom and Sandra Bassett* Richard Bechtolt and Stephanie Farrell Bechtolt* Ernie Becker* David and Ann (Barbieri) Bell* Eddy and TerryKay Birrer* Dan Brajcich, Jr.* Dr. and Mrs. James Brasch* Jim and Pauline Bresnahan* Shan and Kim Brus* Tim and Kathy Burns* Joe and Mary Ann (Schultheis) Busch* Bruce and Judy Butler* Stewart and Molly Butler* Paul and Michelle Capeloto Kay C. Carnes* Dr. Mike Casey*

Ryan and Beth Clements* Jeffry and Susan Colliton* Jeffrey D. Condill* John Condon* John and Roselie Cooney* Rita M. Cooney* Robert Cooper* Jack Couch* Michael and Vicki Craigen* Roger Cramer* Rick and Janna Cresswell* Joseph Crimmins* Jack and Rebecca Curry* William and Sharon Davis* Vickie Davis* Ed Dawson and Marcia Meade* Dominic and Denise DeCaro* Armand and Joy DeFelice* Wade and Stacie DeGeest* Wayne and Sheri Deist* Mike and Alison Delay* Doug Dietrich* Angel and Kathleen (Bonck) Diez* Michael J. Dinnen* William and Melissa Dixon* Gary and Claire Dmoch* Timothy and Katherine Donaldson* Terry and Denise Doyle* Steve and Sandi Druffel* Benjamin Estes* Jim and Billie Etter* Ewing Anderson, P.S.* Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.* Zeke and Angela Fogal* Bob Frank* Ernest and Carol Fullmer, Jr.* Joe and Joan Gagliardi* Willy and Michelle Geary* Jim and Dodie Gerding* John and Sherry Gilbert* Peter and Cheryl Grabicki* Josef and Stephany Gray* Don and Sherie Hackney* Dave and Susan Hamer* Richard W. Hardan* Dennis and Stacy Harrington* Richard and Linda Harrison* Jack and Lisa Heath Jud and Beverly Heathcote* Dick and Anita Herdener* John and Judith Heusner* Rob and Barbara Higgins* Gary and Lin Higley*

Tony and Cindy (RIP) Higley* Aaron D. Hill* Kirk and Sallie Hill* Alan and Eileen Hogan* Mike and Annemarie Hogan* Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Hueber* Thomas and Leila (Broz) Hufty* Paul Hughes* James and Sandy Ivers* Darrell and Ruth Jackson* Rick and Micki (Grady) Jacobs* Mike and Linda Jensen* Frank and Maureen Johnson* William and Jennifer Johnson* Robert M. Johnston* JP Morgan Chase Bank* Robert Kaatz* Carol Durkin Kearns* Charles and Linda Keturakat* Kermit and Patty Kilcup* James and Mary Anne (Metcalfe) King* Kevin and Mary Jo King* Patrick and Maureen Kirby* David and Doreen Kishel* James and Vicki Knapp* Lawry and Wendy (Brown) Knopp* Richard and Stacy Kuhling* Milton J. Langlois* Daniel Leifer* Dan and Theresa Lennon* Michael and Debra Leslie* The Honorable Jerome and Mary Jo Leveque* Michael and Dana (Sells) Love* Scott McCoy Kevin and Susanne McEvoy David and Barbara McGann* Daniel and Nancy (Wells) McGee* Jim McGee* Kenneth McInelly and Haunnah McInellyHoyle* John and Maureen McKinnon* Pamela S. McKinzie-Lewis* Stephen and Pamela Meyer* Ed Miller* Todd and Lauri Moriarty Dennis Morissey* Morris & Morris, P.S.* George and Bonnie Murphy Roger Fruci and Sharon (Vinson) Murphy* Lt. Col. and Mrs. Pat Naughton* Tom and Teresa Newbury*

2012–13 Annual report |

Julie Hurst* Lon and Becky Jasper* Dr. Spencer and Jane (Holm) Jilek* Tom and Ruth Ann Johnson* Dennis and Katharine Jorgensen* K-L Manufacturing Company, Inc.* Patrick and Maureen Keaty Dan Keefe* Gary Kirchner* David P. Kopp* Shelly Kuney* William A. Lampe* Maureen A. Lyden* Mackin & Little, Inc.* Michael Mainer* Richard and Cheri Mast* Jack and Mary McCann* Ray and Staci McGriff* Tom and Chere’ (Byrd) McKeirnan* Dr. and Mrs. Jacob W. Meighan* John Moffitt* Dr. Jason Moffitt* Dan and Joyce Murphy* Mike Myers and Carole Rolando* Dan Nagy* Cajer and Jamie Neely*


Donor Honor Roll

Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


Northwest Industrial Services* Charles F. O’Brien* Daniel and Sharon Olson* Jack and Kathy Ossello* James and Anne Pearson* Cathy and Clarence Perry Douglas and Peg Phelps* Molly Philopant* Plese Printing and Marketing* James Psomas* Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear* Tim and Wanda Quinn* Gary and Sharon Randall* Michael Reilly* James Reiter* George and Lisa Renner* Jim and Gloria (RIP) Ringwood, Sr.* Mark and Diane Roff* R.C. and Connie Roland* Lowell and Kathleen Ruen* Ned and Nancy Rumpeltes* Ryan Saccomanno* Eric and Jennifer Sachtjen* Safeco Insurance Company of Spokane* Antoine and Heather Sarkis* Rick and Lori Sayman* John and Diane Scelfo* Mark and Molly Schemmel* George and Joyce Schroeder* Otto and Diana Schumacher* Rick Seefried* Bob and Liz (Davis) Sestero, Sr.* Robert Sestero* David and Linda Shea* Garry and Mary Shea* Mike and Mary Shields* Dick and Connie Silk* Steve and Reesie Smith* Scott and Scoti Snider* Jim Snow* Ed and Ginger Sonneborn, III* Karl and Carol (Brolin) Speltz* Spokane Ditch & Cable, Inc.* Al and Lois Stadtmueller* Charles and Diane Steilen* Shannon Stiltner* Eric and Deborah Stucky* Jonas and Cheryl Stutzman* Summit Electric* Jon Sunderland* Frank and Tessa Swoboda* Jeff and Margaret (Weinand) Thomas* Jill and Thatcher Thompson*

Michael and Shari Thompson* Jerry and Cathy Tombari* John Tonani* Lance and Barbara Tower* Travis Pattern & Foundry, Inc.* Bill and Barbara Trudeau* Rich and Barb Umbdenstock* Dr. James Valentine, Jr.* Jerry and Georgi Valley* Edward R. Van Vliet* Jerry and Donna Vermillion* Paul and Deanna (Doree) Verret* Darren and Timannie J. (Ames) Volland* Joseph Ward* Scott Warnica* Washington Outpatient Rehab* Jeffrey and Christine Welch* Rich and Diane Wells* Wendle Motors* Kevin and Jennifer (Prince) West* Wheatland Bank* Dennis and Jackie Wheeler* Russell White and Judith Qualy-White* Widmer Brothers Brewing* Cary M. Williams* David and Linda Wilson* Bruce and Jacqueline Worobec*

$750–$1,499 Jeffrey and Leanne Ager* Tom and Raelene Albinson* Paul M. Albright* Les and Dianne Allert* Dan and Anne Alsaker* Dave and Deanna Anderson* Gene and Carol Annis* Timothy and Leslie Ansett* Chris and Christine Ashenbrener* John and Joann Avila* Sean and Barb (Ward) Bailey* Jacob-Lee and Tena (Merkel) Baker* Robert J. Bankard* Rod (RIP) and Trish Barnett* Gary Barrier James and Barbara Barry* Jerrald Barsten* Carole Baumgartner* Michael and Kimberly (Dickson) Bayley* Jim and Pam Becker* Abra L. Belke* Ken Bell-Garrison and Eileen BellGarrison*

Jim and Yvette Bendickson* Steven and Abby Bennett Paul and Joyce Benoit Anthony Benyola* Maureen (Greenan) Bergquist* Rick and Diane Betts* Robbi Bielec* Stacy A. Bjordahl* Mike and Sherry Blair* Bret and LeAnne Bonham* Kelli Borden* John and Rebecca (Hughes) Bowles* MaryAnn Bowman Blanchard Robert and Dixie Bradshaw* Chase W. Breckner* Jeffrey and Loriann (Zent) Brown* David G. and Bridget Bulger* Gerald Burchard Ed and Lynn Burke* John and Rosemary (Walsh) Bury* Mike and Marguerite Busch* Joe and Sharon Cade Jay and Jackie Caferro* Randy Cameron* Travis Campbell* James and Cynthia Cappello* Dr. and Mrs. John S. Caputo* Dr. and Mrs. Victor Carnell* Benson and Deanna Carpenter* Christopher and Melissa Carpenter* Carr Sales Company* Cassel Promotions* CBC Lighting Charles and Jane Chaffee* George Chalich* Lee and Carole Chambers* Roger and Kathleen Chase* Craig and Scotta Christlieb* Gary Clarkson* Tom Clemens* Rich and Mary Clemson* Michael Cochrane and Carol Gabel Tom and Susan Colgrove* Mike Comerford and Jennifer Kerley* Yvonne Cook* Mrs. Sadie C. Cooney* Jeff and Mary (Coil) Cooper* Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Corbett* Brad and Wendy Cossette* Robert and Stacy Cossey* Mark and Elizabeth Counsell* Crary, Clark & Domanico, P.S.* James and Carolyn Craven*

Loretta Crouch* Reagan and Catherine (Hannity) Cunningham* Clay Damon* P.J. De Benedetti and Camille Buckley* Deeney’s Ice Cream* Johan Delport* Dr. and Mrs. John Demakas* Craig A. Dickson* Theophilus M. Dolle* Michael and Melinda Dolmage* Michael Donohue* Steve and Jennifer Doolittle* Ronald and Barbara Douglas* Jack and Julie Driscoll* Kevin and Jackie Driscoll* Tom and Karen Driscoll* Jason C. Druffel* Thomas and Heidi (Wohlschlegel) Drynan* Ron Duggan* Robert Dutton* Dennis and Gayle Earling* Edward Jones Investments* Tim Mackin and The Hon. Tari Eitzen* Tammy A. Erickson* Jeffrey D. Evans* Evco Sound & Electronics, Inc.* Stuart and Mary Evey* James Felice* Mark Fenter* Harindra and Ravini Fernando Nancy L. Fike* Todd Finkle and Patti Livingstone* James Fischer* Darrell and Lisa Fisher* Keith and Terri Fisher* Jamie and Jocelyn Fitzgerald* Daniel Fix* Shaun and Sascha (Elloy) Flanigan* Jamie and Tamra Floyd* Tim Floyd* Freedom Financial LLC* Blaine G. and Pamela French* Chris and Nicole (Kavon) Frye* Ken and Connie Fuher* Howard and Deborah Gasser Debra Gehret* Dale and Mary (O’Neill) Goodwin* Harry and Jann Green* Michael R. Green* Tad Gropp* David and Barbara Haid*

Stephen and Marie Hall* Duane Halliday* Marc Hammond* Kirk and Rhonda Hansen* Kathy Hara* H. Wayne Harala* Jim Hargrove* Michael and Karen Harwood* Stephen Haskell* Jim Stone and Patricia Hastings-Stone* Marc and Stefanie Hattenburg* John Healy* Mark Heckel* Mike and Rachel Hellman* William and Connie Hemmings* Brad Herr and M. Lisa Bradley* Steve and Victoria (Swain) Hertz* Hewes Marine Co.* Kevin and Meg Hickey John and Debbie Hieber* Denny and Joann Higgins* Michael F. Higgins Charles and Barbara Hinzman* Mike and Joni Hirst* Gail K. Holden* James and Patricia (Graham) Hollingsworth* Christopher and Camisha (Pauli) Hughbanks* Daniel and Mary Hughes* Mike and Margaret Hughes* Michael and Jill Hurst* Gary and Susan Hustad* Inland Construction Company* Inland Northwest Bank* Inland Northwest Dairies* Megan L. Isenhower* Doyle W. Jacklin* Duane and Susan Jacklin* Charlie and Rhoda Jackson* John and Elizabeth Jenkins* Gordon Jewett* Travis Johnsen Brian K. Johnson* Bruce and Maxine Johnson* Doug and Ann (Arthur) Johnston* Evan and Susanne Jones K & N Electric Motors, Inc.* Dr. and Mrs. Kennard J. Kapstafer* Kassa Insurance Services, Inc.* Guy E. Katz* John and Pat Kelly* Mike and Patti Kelly*

KHQ-TV* Ken Kiehn* Jeffrey Kiely Kiemle & Hagood Company* Mike and Cathy Kilgore* Jim and Lynn Kimmel* Gary and Evelyn Kitchen* Dale Kleist* Nicholas and Lori Knapton* Miro Kondryszyn* Jane Korn* Joe Krizanic* Harry Krug* L&M Truck Sales, Inc.* Donald L. Labrecque Ron and Deborah Lahue* William N. Lampson and Family* Jim LaPointe* Bill and Carol Lawson* Richard and Roberta (Scott) League* Brian and Cynthia (Popiel) Leaver* Fred and Julie LeFriec* Jack and Kerry Lensing* Ron and Linda Leonard* Richard and Susan Lightfoot* Marc and Kathleen (Moran) Lipsker* Karl Lohmann* Mark Machtolf and Sheila Crandall John Magnuson and Holly Houston Makena C apital Management John and Victoria (Rangan) Mantello* Joseph and Yvonne (Koreis) Mark Gregory and Maisie Marshall* William and Debra Marshall*

Earl F. Martin* Larry and Joanne Mather* Shane and Melanee McClary* Shane and Sarah McGinn* Ryan and Liz McIntyre* Kathryn Rae McKinley* Travis and Heather McNamee* Casey and Sara (Larson) McNellis* Bryce McPhee* James and Dana (Reding) McPhee* Meridian Construction* Metals Fabrication Co.* Michael and Kaite Metcalf* Ronald and Debby Miciak* Karen Migliuri* Milford’s Fish House* Robert and Rose Milhem* Gregory S. Miller* Bob Cowdery and Darlene MitchellCowdery* Jon Mitchell* Mike and Mary Moloney* Don and Deanna Monson* Lyle and Linda Morehouse* Moss Adams LLP* Robert and Bonnie Mulvey* Chuck and Linda Murphy* Chuck and Jacqui Naccarato* Donald Nadvornick* Melvin and Karen Neil* Roger and Sharon Nelson* Bryan and Ellen (Morin) Nessen* Michael and Susan Nienstedt* Laraine Nortell*

North Spokane Physical & Sports Therapy* Northern Quest Casino* Peter O’Brien* Jim and Kieran (Murphy) Ohman* Neil and Heather O’Keefe* John and Kathleen Olney* Donald and Joan Olson* Vaughn B. Overlie* John and Janis Parente Patricia Parker* Craig and Kathy Parks* Lawrence and Gladys (Cerenzia) Peretti* Mark K. Perko* Thomas Perko* Garry M. Perno* Shawn and Catherine Peroff* Jesse Peterson* James and Janelle Pinsoneault* Pizza Pipeline* Rob Pluid* Mark Poe* Dr. Timothy H. Pohlman* Bill and Debbie Poppy* Tom and Marybeth Porter* Purcell Systems* Thomas R. Quigley* Ramey Construction* Duane and Wendy Ramsey* Hubie Randall (RIP)* Neale C. Rasmussen* Paul Reamer* Jacob Reidt* Jacob and Gina Reidt* Gerald and Geraldine Rein* Larry M. Renteria* Ross and Judy Rettenmier* Ronald and Kathleen Riel* Jeffrey Rigby Lisa A. Ringwood* RJ Rentals LLC* Kevin and Mary (Wilkins) Roberts* Steven and Lori Robinson* Michael Roden, II Michael and Marnie Rorholm* Peter M. Rosman* Brian Roth* Howie and Amy Ruddell Mike and Jessica Russo* Michael Semerad and LeeAnn Saccomanno* Rich and Jeanne Saccomanno* John and Cathy Sage*

Craig and Barbara Savage* Ernest and Colleen Schillinger* Jeff and LuRae Schlect* Robert and Anne Schrempp* Mark and Sarah Schultz* John Seefried* Jeff and Patricia Corr Seidensticker* Kevin Selland* Seven-Up Bottling Co* Rick and Holly Shamberger* Jay and Jan Shaw* Michael A. Shill* Sean and Sandy Sieveke* Specialty Home Products* Jeri L. Simmons* Ron and Carol (RIP) Sims* Daniel and Elizabeth (King) Sjolund* Joseph and Joanne Smatlan* Jeff and Esther Smith* James (RIP) and Linda (Apple) Solan* Ron and Pam Soliday* Sonderen Packaging Co.* David and Dori Sonntag* Tim and Molly Spilker* Scott and Kelley (Cunningham) Spink* Tony R. Splater* Spokane Packaging* Spokane River Rowing Association (SRRA) Steve Sponseller Joe and Jay Staebell* Chris and Julie (Haigh) Standiford* Alan and Jane Stanford* State Bank Northwest* Shane and Sonja Steele* Tom and Gail Stevenson* Dean Stuart* Lawrence and Mary Anne (Brown) Stuckart* Paul and Julianne Sullivan* Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Sweeny* Sweet Pea, Inc. Jarod Tait* Jack Tawney* Jeff and Regina Thomas* The Hon. and Mrs. Phil Thompson* Robert J. Thorson* Paul M. Tiesse* Donald and Nancy Timm* John Tombari* Dominic and Cindy Tortorelli* Jon Huizinga and Anne Tracy Greg I. Tracy*

Timothy and Tracy Trageser* Thomas and Kathleen Trotta* Mike and Kim Tuccio* Eric and Julie Tucker* Diane Tunnell* Turner, Stoeve & Gagliardi, P.S.* Larry and Marcia Vance* Lynne Vassar-Shipley* Cyrus Vaughn, III* Veba Service Group, LLC* Dr. George J. Velis* Jon Visintainer* Wagstaff Engineering, Inc.* Lewis and Dianna Walde* Bryan Walker* Louis and Kay (Jans) Walker* Dr. Thomas and Bonnie Walsh* Colleen Wasson* Curtis G. Wasson* Everette and Terry (Nathaniel) Webb* Lyle Webber Martin and Jane Weber* Patrick and Diana (Scherer) Webster* Gloria Weidner* Richard D. Weigand, D.D.S., P.S.* Robert and Michele Wendel* Weyerhaeuser Company* Wheat and Associates, Inc.* Jason and Jennifer Wheaton* Bryan Whitaker* Steve and Tina Wilkins* Windermere Real Estate/Valley* Stephen and Shellie Witter* Todd Wood* Linda (Lane) Wrenn* Chris and Lisa Wrolstad* Terry and Jean Wynia* Kathie A. Yerion* Gregory and Viola Yochum* Darren and Susie Young* John and Cynthia Zapotocky* Jeff and Stacie Zenier Chuck Zigmund* Stu Zimmerman* Jack and Margaret Zinkgraf*

*Bulldog Club Donor

45 2012–13 Annual report |

Donor Honor Roll

Staff & Coach Directory

Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


Senior Administrative Staff Mike Roth Athletic Director 313.3519

Chris Standiford Senior Associate AD 313.4210

Shannon Strahl Associate AD/Compliance 313.5700

Heather Gores Associate AD/Senior Woman Administrator 313.3599 Steve Hertz Associate AD/Major Gifts 313.4226

Kris Kassel Associate AD/External Operations 313.4211 Jared Hertz Assistant AD/Athletic Advancement 313.4203

Rian Oliver Assistant AD/Compliance 313.4281

Markeisha Everett Marketing Specialist 313.6818

Thomas Knowlton Senior Account Executive 313.5738

Tracey Holman Assistant Director 313.4252

Alex Evans Compliance Officer 313.4043

Clement Lye Athletic Video Services Specialist 313.3871

Jen Rider Partner Service Coordinator 313.5728

Seth Woodason Assistant Director 313.3980

Katie Rasmussen Student-Athlete Affairs Coordinator 313.4282

Jennifer Smelko Senior Graphic Designer 313.3966

Tom Hudson Voice of the Zags 313.5729

Steffany Galbraith Basketball Academic Coordinator 313.3942

Oliver Pierce Assistant AD/Sports Information Director 313.6373

Courtney Hoffmann Graduate Intern/StudentAthlete Support Services 313.3674

Liz Smith Assistant Sports Information Director 313.4288

Shannon Reader Graduate Intern/Basketball Academic Support 313.4229

Justin Trujillo Graduate Intern/Sports Information 313.4227

External Operations Kris Kassel Associate AD 313.4211

Gayle Clayton Administrative Secretary/ Office Manager 313.4204 Melony Lloyd Administrative Secretary 313.3981

Academics & Compliance Shannon Strahl Associate AD/Compliance 313.5700

Mike Roden Assistant AD/Academic Support 313.5527

Chris Johnson Assistant AD 313.4046

Josh Cox Ticket Manager 313.3938

Brian Wilhelm Assistant Ticket Manager 313.4024

Tracy Garcia Program Assistant II 313.3964

Whitney Hughes Marketing Specialist 313.4073

Vicki Craigen Computer Information Specialist 313.3841

Corporate Sponsorships & Broadcast - IMG Mark Livingston General Manager 313.5729

Steve Hertz Associate AD 313.4226

Athletic Facilities Joel Morgan Assistant AD 313.3963

Jared Hertz Assistant AD 313.4203

Rob Kavon Director 313.4213

David Pendergraft Director of Athletic Giving 313.4084

Dan Gilbert Assistant Director 313.4256

Abby Bennett Administrative Secretary 313.5530

Tommy Brown Athletic Turf Manager 313.5528

Clint Rhodes Graduate Intern/Facilities 313.3932

Computer Services Scott Boyd Director of Annual Giving 313.5721

Major Gifts

Sports Medicine Steve DeLong Director of Athletic Medicine 313.4205

Peter Clark Assistant Athletic Trainer 313.5591

Kermit R. Rudolf Fitness Center Jose Hernandez Director 313.3976

Eric Gunning Assistant Athletic Trainer 313.5785

Shelly Radtke Associate Director 313.3977

Jennifer Nyland Assistant Athletic Trainer 313.5786

Kerri Conger Assistant Director 313.3978

Leanne Stockton Assistant Athletic Trainer 313.4075

Staff & Coach Directory Mike Nilson Strength and Conditioning Coach 313.4099 Travis Knight Strength and Conditioning Coach 313.4099 Sarah Michaelson Strength and Conditioning Coach 313.4099

Business Office Kim Vore Director of Business Operations 313.4260 Sheri Fitzthum Staff Accountant 313.3675

John Nelson Travel Coordinator 313.5734

Tommy Lloyd Assistant Coach 313.4215

Donny Daniels Assistant Coach 313.6377

Brian Michaelson Assistant Coach 313.3994

Jerry Krause Director of Basketball Operations 313.5531

Alex Hernandez Administrative Assistant 313.3994

Sonja Steele Men’s/Women’s Basketball Administrative Assistant 313.4201

Women’s Basketball Kelly Graves Head Coach 313.4217

Baseball Mark Machtolf Head Coach 313.4209

Danny Evans Associate Head Coach 313.4078

Steve Bennett Assistant Coach 313.3597

Men’s Basketball Mark Few Head Coach 313.4201

Jodie Kaczor Berry Assistant Coach 313.4240

Lisa Mispley Fortier Assistant Coach 313.3496

Julie Shaw Assistant Coach 313.3995

Michelle Clark Director of Basketball Operations 313.4219

Cross Country/Track & Field Pat Tyson Head Coach 313.5782

Patty Ley Assistant Coach 313.4257

Men’s Golf Robert Gray Head Coach 313.4081

Women’s Golf Brad Rickel Head Coach 313.3672

Victoria Fallgren Assistant Coach 313.3672

Men’s Rowing Dan Gehn Director of Rowing/Head Coach 313.4228 Mark Voorhees Assistant Coach 313.4045

Women’s Rowing Glenn Putyrae Head Coach 313.4032

Marci Robles Assistant Coach 313.4044


Kari Durgan Assistant Coach 313.4221

Dave Gantt Head Coach 313.6376

Men’s Soccer

2012–13 Annual report |

Strength & Conditioning


Allen Allen Assistant Coach 313.4041

Einar Thorarinsson Head Coach 313.4076

Diana Pascua Nelson Assistant Coach 313.5837

Paul Meehan Assistant Coach 313.4080


Vito Higgins Assistant Coach 313.4297

Vicki Tiffany Head Coach 944.0862

Women’s Soccer Band

Amy Edwards Head Coach 313.4222

David Fague Director 313.6735

Derek Pittman Associate Head Coach 313.4042

Billy Barmes Assistant Coach 313.4283

Contact Us

Men’s Tennis Peter MacDonald Head Coach 321.4206

Women’s Tennis D.J. Gurule Head Coach 313.4074

Zag Area Code 509

Main Office 313.4202

Main Office Fax 313.5787

Sports Information 313.5730 Fax

GU Ticket Office 313.6000

Athletics Website

Email Address <last name> (unless noted) Mailing Address Gonzaga University Athletics 502 E. Boone Ave. Spokane, WA 99258-0066

Vision Statement

Gonzaga University - Department of Intercollegiate Athletics |


Diversified greatness. Passion for success. Student-centered philosophy.

These are the driving forces behind the pursuit to distinguish ourselves at the highest level of intercollegiate competition.

Diversified greatness

programs that define our success. It is the contribution

As a department, we have a responsibility to be

of many individuals to create a deep and varied

equitable in the opportunities we provide our student-

culture combined for a common goal—a broad-based,

athletes and coaches because we expect greatness on

nationally-renowned athletic program.

multiple layers—individually, throughout each team, and

Student-centered philosophy

throughout the department entirely. Isolated successes are not enough. In the absence of greatness at one or more of these layers, we fail in our pursuit. Society embraces a winner, and we believe achievement breeds inspiration—of the self, of peers, and of the community. Our student-athletes—our leaders—must inspire. And so they all must achieve. Without achievement, our student-athletes have less of an opportunity to impact our institution’s mission and have less of an opportunity to extend greatness beyond their sport. Finally, without greatness throughout our department, there is no distinction between “us” and “them.”

The student-athlete is central to our department. Through athletic scholarship, we are affording the opportunity to a uniquely-talented student to be part of a caring, supportive, disciplined environment where they will be formed into a better individual, a better leader, who in turn impacts his or her team, our institution, and the greater community during and after their educational careers. We are educators of young people, and the teachable moments often happen in ways unrelated to the outcome of the game. It is in the process of winning or losing that our student-athletes learn discipline, work ethic, social responsibility, character, and what it

Passion for success

means to be a teammate, a citizen, and a role model. It

Success must not be defined simply by winning or

is through these educational experiences that we work

losing games, matches, races, or contests. Instead,

to develop the mind, body, and spirit of each student-

we believe there are many components that must

athlete so they can learn from failures and capitalize

coexist for success to truly be achieved. Strong

on successes. As coaches, as staff, and as a university

academics, social consciousness, accountability,

community, we encourage and expect our student-

leadership, commitment to community, and diversified

athletes to reach beyond what seems possible. It is our

greatness for all eighteen (18) of our sports comprise

responsibility to ensure that each student-athlete has

the foundation. It is the courage to take risks, to refuse

the resources and support to rise to that challenge.

to see limitations, and to sustainably prevail across all

NO. 1

NCAA tournament seed

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics 502 E. Boone Ave. Spokane, WA 99258-0066

Gonzaga University Athletics Annual Report 2012-13  
Gonzaga University Athletics Annual Report 2012-13  

Record Breaking Year - Wrapping up a historic campaign.