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unity multicultural education center UMEC is a welcoming space for all students, providing educational opportunities that cultivate mindfulness, intercultural development and support the benefits of a pluralistic and inclusive environment. LOCATION: Hemmingson Center, Suite 317


PHONE: (509) 313-5836


Throughout the year, we provide innovative programs and activities that honor and affirm the value of human difference. Some of the initiatives we hope you will participate in are:

leadership, education, academic development, success skills BEGINNING SEPT. 5, 2016

Leadership, Education, Academic Development, Success Skills (LEADS) is a mentoring program designed to support students who are in their first year at Gonzaga and come from multicultural backgrounds and/or first-generation by connecting students with peer mentor as well as a faculty or staff member for their entire first year. These relationships are transformational in enhancing academic and campus engagement.

intergroup dialogue BEGINNING SEPT. 19, 2016

IGD is intentional, 10-week, small group interactions that bring together people from diverse backgrounds to create caring communities by developing abilities to engage in difficult dialogue.


courageous conversations

BEGINNING SEPT. 29, 2016 In collaboration with GSBA, Courageous Conversations offers an environment to ask, learn, and reimagine our campus culture while addressing a different topic each month. Creating an inclusive community through dialogue!

diversity monologues MAR. 30, 2017

The Diversity Monologues provides a forum for students to share their experiences with diversity through their personal cultural lenses. This two-hour program consists of eight students sharing their stories, followed by a performance by a recognized and acclaimed poet.


New Student Orientation 2016  
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