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disability access

study abroad LOCATION: Hemmingson Center, Main Level, Suite 102

LOCATION: Foley Library, Room 209 PHONE: (509) 313-4134 E-MAIL: WEB:

Disability Access provides additional support to Gonzaga University’s programs, services, activities and facilities for qualified students with disabilities, in compliance with federal and state laws. Disability Access may arrange or provide academic adjustments, accommodations, auxiliary aids, assistive technology, facilitation and other types of assistance for students with disabilities. Please contact Disability Access, if you have, or suspect you have, a disability that requires accommodation. For Orientation, students or parents with a disability who require auxiliary aid services or other accommodations are encouraged to call by Aug. 1 regarding that weekend.


PHONE: (509) 313-3549 E-MAIL: WEB:

If you choose to study abroad, start planning as early as possible. Hold on to your Core classes; philosophy and religion are offered in most locations. Explore your options before narrowing your focus to a single country or school. It’s for all majors (not just the humanities). It’s a great resume builder and academic experience. It’s not as expensive as you think; plus your scholarships and financial aid will go with you for a semester. Class can be offered in English in non-English speaking countries.

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