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Philadelphia RowHome Magazine promotes all of the reasons why our neighborhoods are the place to be. From food and entertainment to fashion and fun, now is the time to remind your customers what you do and why they should be part of it! As a member of the PRH Business Network, your advertising dollars are well invested. Not only are you promoting your business, you are personally connecting with your clients on a multitude of levels. First, there are our editorial benefits. If you sign up for four issues, Members of the PRH Business Network receive enhanced promotional opportunities via our editorial spotlights. Ranging from ‘business profiles’ to ‘Tips from the Pros,’ our team of writers will introduce the faces behind the places featured in PRH.

We also invite you to take advantage of our viral marketing services through business blasts and news our clients can use. Let us help you enhance your marketing efforts through Facebook, Twitter and the PRH Blog. And let’s not forget about the opportunities to mingle with other members of the PRH Business Network at events like our annual black tie gala – An Affair to Remember –and Blue Sapphire Awards ceremony. Enjoy our magazine features including The Menu, Green Space, RowHome Spotlight, School Yard and On the Block as well as our readers’ favorites like Neighborhood Noir, Hangin’ Out and The Brides Guide. Contact us for special advertising rates, full service advertising campaign plans and ongoing promotional opportunities in upcoming issues. We will help you cut back so you can cash in on your share of the best season this city and our region have to offer.

Go Home Philly! Stop & Shop at our Local Spots!

PO Box 54786 Philadelphia, PA 19148 P: 215.462.9777 F: 215.462.9770

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to join the Philadelphia RowHome Magazine

Business Network

reasons 1. The PRH Business Network is comprised of more than 1,500 regional businesses representing decision-makers in a variety of industries including: • Automotive Sales • Childcare and Service Providers

• Hair/Nail Salons

• Pet Services

• Health/Fitness

• Photography

• Home Décor

• Physicians

• Home Improvement

• Printers Promotions

• Hotels/ Hospitality

• Public Adjusters

• Fashion • Film

• Insurance

• Bars & Nightclubs

• Financial Services

• Jewelers • Landscaping

• Casinos

• Florists

• Legal Services

• Contractors

• Funeral Services

• Medical Facilities • Storage

• Appliance Sales and Service

• Community Service

• Bridal

• Education

• Builders & Developers

• Entertainment

• Building Suppliers

• Realty • Restaurants • Specialty Foods • Specialty Boutiques

2. PRH has brand recognition throughout the region with more than 40,000 readers and quarterly issues that are distributed to the exact demographics of your client base. 3. PRH provides its members of the PRH Business Network with marketing and promotional opportunities via editorial promotion (i.e. product spotlights; business profiles; tips from the pros; contractor spotlights; real estate previews; event sponsorships) – at no additional cost. 4. PRH is direct-mailed to subscribers throughout the region, the country and abroad. It is also distributed via its broad regional network of clients and associates. (i.e. it is available in all 2,400 suites of Atlantic City’s Casinos: Caesars, Bally’s, Harrah’s and Showboat—all members of the PRH Business Network). 5. PRH enjoys a strong network of media partners - providing clients & associates with value-added promotional and networking opportunities. 6. PRH has been recognized by numerous civic, business and private organizations (including Philadelphia City Council) for having a direct impact on the bottom line of participating businesses – increasing awareness for the city and its neighborhoods via its quality editorial content and highly visible networking events.

NATIONAL DEMOGRAPHICS PRINTED 15,000 MAILED 5,000 READERS* 40,000+ TARGETED DISTRIBUTION: (3,000) Including PRH Advertising Network; Automotive Services/Dealerships; Appliances/ Repairs; Bakeries; Bars/Nightclubs; Building/Development; Hotels; Building Suppliers; Home Furnishings/Décor; Contractors; Casinos; Caterers; Childcare Services; Civic Organizations/Community Services; Entertainment/Leisure; Eldercare/Senior Services; Event Coordinators; Fashion; Financial Services; Florists; Funeral Services; Hair/ Nail Salons; Health/Beauty; Health/Fitness; Home Improvement Specialists; Home Furnishings; Insurance; Landscaping; Legal Services; Medical Facilities; Music & the Arts; Photographers; Physicians; Printing/Promotional Services; Realty Services; Restaurants; Schools; Specialty Foods; Storage; Pet Services. HOME DELIVERY (SUBSCRIBERS): (5,000) International (12%); National (15%); Regional (73%) IN ROOM HOTEL/CONCIERGES: (3,500) Concierges & Guest Service Outlets/Tourism Agencies throughout Philadelphia and NJ Shore; 2,400 (in room) suites at the Atlantic City Bally’s, Caesars, Show Boat and Harrah’s SELECT PARTNERS: (500) Major Advertising Campaigns/Media Partners HOT SPOTS: (500) Select sites throughout Philadelphia and Southern NJ; NJ Shore HIGH PROFILE EVENTS: (1,500) PRH Annual Affair to Remember (Black Tie/Business Networking/Awards Reception) Taste of Philly; Philadelphia Mummers; Variety Club; Fraternal Order of Police; South Philadelphia Business Association; Trade Unions; City of Wildwood NJ: Atlantic City PBA; South Philadelphia Coalition of Parishes; Building/Trade Shows; Tourist Events; Media Events; Charitable Events; Networking Events; Entertainment Venues, Contractors Expos and many other local conventions. PO Box 54786 Philadelphia, PA 19148 P: 215.462.9777 F: 215.462.9770 REGIONAL DISTRIBUTION PA – Philadelphia (48%) (7,200 issues) NJ – Southern NJ/Shore Points (28%) (4,200 issues) PA – Delaware County (12%) (1,800 issues) PA – Montgomery/Chester Counties (4%) (600 issues) NJ – All Other Counties (4%) (600 issues) OTHER STATES: (4%) (600 issues) *Philadelphia RowHome Magazine Readers share their copy of PRH with at least three relatives or friends. Each issue of PRH has a minimum shelf life of 90 days and has become part of a collection of issues in readers’ homes since its Spring 2004 debut edition.


2013 Advertising Rates* 4

AD PRICING: Full Page: 2/3 Page: 1/2 Page: 1/3 Page: 1/4 Page: 1/6 Page:

$2576 $1718 $1288 $859 $644 $450

PO Box 54786 Philadelphia, PA 19148 P: 215.462.9777 F: 215.462.9770

*Custom Design & Photography Services additional

SPECIFICATIONS FOLLOW: All electronic files should be accompanied by color (if necessary) proofs. Fax proofs are acceptable and can be faxed to (215) 462-9770 to the attention of Theresa Palestino. We are not liable for reproduction errors on ads that are not accompanied by SWOP-standard proofs. PRH is perfect-bounded and heatset offset-printed on coated stock. FORMAT ACCEPTED: For more information, please contact Theresa Palestino at (215) 462-9777 or Advertisersupplied files submitted to the Production Department for insertion into the magazine must conform to the following specifications to avoid incurring handling charges: 1. Adobe Acrobat PDF files PDF/X in conformance with all ANSI/CGATS current standards are acceptable. 2. Macintosh QuarkXPress files All fonts must be embedded. All colors must be CMYK. Images must be the equivalent of 300dpi without pixelation. 3. Adobe InDesign files Files must include all associated fonts and art. Included art for color ads must be in CMYK. 4. Adobe Illustrator EPS files Files must include all associated fonts and art. Included art for color ads must be in CMYK. FONTS: Supply Screen Fonts and Printer Fonts for all fonts used. Do not use system fonts (supplied with your computer operating system). Fonts from a reliable source are recommended. Those from undocumented sources should be tested and made workable before being used in live jobs. All fonts should be turned into outlines if possible. All fonts, including embedded fonts, must be in Adobe Type 1 or OpenType format.

IMAGES: Supplied in CMYK format, or scheduled for conversion, proofed and approved before output. Resolution of 300 dpi preferred. B&W Bitmap - 1200 dpi (min/max) Ink density: 300% maximum density for 4-color. Images should be scanned at or scaled in Photoshop to the size they will be used, and placed in Quark or Indesign at 100% (when sized in Quark or Indesign below 50% or above 125% image quality is affected). Picture boxes should be colored 0% of C,M,Y, or K (a background fill of None can cause problems with some image file formats). LOGOS & GRAPHICS: Should be supplied in their native application – Adobe Illustrator (preferred). Save type as outlines if possible or supply screen and printer fonts used. PRODUCTION CHARGES: In the event an advertiser prefers that PRH compose and produce their ad, an estimate will be given followed by a contract for any design work performed. All production costs to be paid prior to publication of the Magazine. Any changes to files deemed to be Author’s Alterations may be charged at the prevailing hourly rate. Submitted files that do not conform to the above standards may be subject to additional charges for file conversion/manipulation. The deadline for all files not conforming to the above is two days before the standard deadline. The Production Department is not responsible for any reproduction issues, including color correction and text shifting, for any submitted files that require special handling. E-mail to theresa@ All electronic files should be accompanied by color (if necessary) proofs. Fax proofs are acceptable, and can be faxed to (215) 462-9770 to the attention of Theresa Palestino. PRINTING: Web offset, 4-color process, SWOP standards.



AD SIZES: Full Page Spread 2 / 3 Page Vertical 1 / 2 Page Vertical 1 / 2 Page Horizontal 1 / 3 Page Vertical 1 / 3 Page Horizontal 1 / 3 Page Square 1 / 4 Page

(Safety)7.625” x 10.125” (Safety)16” x 10.125” 4.5” x 9.75” 3.5” x 9.75” 7.375” x 4.75” 2.25” x 9.75” 7.375” x 2.75” 4.85” x 4.75” 3.5” x 4.75”

Ad Submissions: All ads submitted digitally must include the following: A digital file of the final version of the ad. Please submit the ad in the form of a CD ROM. All art files used in the ad including photos or scans (if we are to make the ad). All font files and suitcases used in the ad, including fonts used in .eps files. A hard copy printout of the final version of the ad (emailed ads require a faxed printout of the final ad). For ads in color, an acceptable digital proof is required. If no acceptable color proof is supplied, color will be run to industry-standard density. Keep the following in mind when you are preparing to send your electronic files: Our production department uses both Macs and PCs. Any windows-compatible application files must be saved in .eps or .tiff formats with all fonts included or outlined. Bit-mapped fonts in TIF files must be at 800 dpi. Lower resolution bit-mapped fonts must be reset and may incur an additional charge. It is preferred that all type within an .eps file be converted to outline. Please work with all elements in the CMYK color mode for printed material. We will accept RGB images but must convert them to CMYK for reproduction. Because of the differing color spaces, we cannot guarantee absolute color match in the conversion. If you are using a Pantone (PMS) color it must be converted to CMYK. Be sure your images are high resolution, minimum 300 dpi. We cannot guarantee the quality of images from a website or low-resolution digital camera. We encourage you to hire a professional photographer to get the best image quality and response to your ad. Maximum density in any one area, all colors, should not exceed 280%. Please do not use menu-styled fonts for bold, italic or bold italic type. AD PREPARATION TIPS: • Bleed ads: Keep “live” elements (text, logos, etc.) at least 1/4” from trim edge of each page. Be sure bleeds are included in final ad file • Two-page spreads: Keep “live” elements 1/4” from each side of center gutter, i.e., crossover headlines • Use a 2-color black (C40, K100) for large, flat black

(Trim)8.375” x 10.875” (Trim)16.75” x 10.875”

(Bleed)8.625” x 11.125” (Bleed)17” x 11.125”

areas (backgrounds, large type, etc.). For a rich black (4-color), use C60, M40, Y30, K100 • Screen-build colors - do not exceed 300% maximum ink density (total of all CMYK percentages) • All ads (except full page) must have border or background color that extends to full ad size area. No coupons, hyphens or broken borders MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS: If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Production Department at 215.462.9777 (Fax) 215.462.9770 or e-mail Philadelphia Row Home Magazine P.O. Box 54786 Philadelphia, PA 19148 215.462.9777 Photos, Artwork, and Scanning: We accept hardcopy images for inclusion in the ads that we prepare for you. They will be scanned to convert them to digital form and may incur an additional production charge. We can scan transparencies and flat art providing the original has high enough quality for reproduction. In general, that means an original 35mm slide or better. Duplicate slides tend to build up contrast and lose detail. We cannot accept photographs printed with inkjet printers because they do not reproduce well. In general, submit photographs at least twice the size they are to appear in print. We will attempt to correct off-color images but will reject out-of-focus images and those for which we cannot correct to acceptable color. If in doubt, submit all materials to be scanned at least two weeks before the ad deadline for the issue in which it is to appear. We cannot scan text to appear in an ad. If text for an ad is submitted for scanning, the text must be reset using outline fonts and an additional charge may be incurred. The general rule is if your artwork looks bad in your hand, it will look worse in print. Do not send photocopies, faxes of artwork, pencil sketches, or other such images except as guidance for image placement.


PO Box 54786 Philadelphia, PA 19148 P: 215.462.9777 F: 215.462.9770

MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR SMALL DISPLAY ADS 7 AD PRICING: 1/6 page : 1/8 page : 1/12 page : 1/24 page :

$450 $350 $250 $150

AD SIZES: 1/6 page : 1/8 page : 1/12 page : 1/24 page :

2.25”w X 4.8”h 2.25”w X 3.125”h 2.25”w X 2.35”h 2.25”w X 1.25”h

Design charges are $75 flat fee or man work.


Philadelphia RowHome magazine is a Mac based digital workflow publication. The entire magazine is produced in house. We do not rely on pre-press facilities. The magazine uses Computer to Plate, web offset printing with a perfect bind. Advertisers are responsible for the quality of their materials. PRH will not be held responsible for printing problems due to advertisers materials. Any disk changes or corrections by Philadelphia RowHome magazine will result in a $75 hourly charge to the advertiser.

Please make sure your materials are exactly as requested. Non-conforming materials will not be accepted, with late fees charged for submissions or re-submissions after materials deadline. Materials are not returned unless requested in writing. Please include contact information for the person who creates the file.


A proof must be provided with all ads. A color proof of the digital files will be made if requested at a cost to the advertiser. PRH reserves the right to print a digital press proof for any ad when a proof is not provided with ad submission. This service is subject to a charge.


2.25”w X 1.25”h

1/6 Page 2.25”w X 4.8”h

We are not PC compatible. We prefer Hi-ResPDF / X1 and TIFF-IT / P1files, we also accept Quark, Indesign, Illustrator and PhotoShop files.


Adobe InDesign CS Quark (v. 3.3 - v. 5.01 accepted) PhotoShop (v. 5.2 - v. CS5, saved as a TIFF or EPS file) Adobe Illustrator (with type converted to paths and saved as an EPS file)


All colors must be process colors (CMYK). Ads with two- and three-colors should be created from CMYK. If the ad is not created from CMYK, PRH will convert to CMYK and print a press proof. This service is also subject to a charge.



The ad file Working files (Native file, all fonts and images) Laser printout Contact information

1/8 Page 2.25”w X 3.125”h

1/12 Page 2.25”w X 2.35”h

PRH Media Kit  

Philadelphia Row Home magazine Media Kit

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