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The pure oil of flowers (...) one drop in a liter of alcohol to bring it into a new life and revive a whole field of flowers Patrick SĎ‹skind, in Perfume: The story of a murderer

A perfumery A001 A002 A003 A004 A005 A006 A008 A009 A010 A011 A012 A016 A017 A018 A019

romantic summer day sensuality new sophitication fresh summer night aquatic dream alice wonderland taj mahal luxurious feeling mediterranean spirit sophistication sweet dream cosmopolitan NYC black wood florest sunrise

B aromath A007 A013 A014 A015

river sailing elegance sense fashion brown fantasy

talc powder baby sweet dream tender chamomile baby flower go happy

C001 citrus maxim

a day to remember douro valley sweet red tea

E001 E002 E003 E004 E007 E008

mediterranean south oriental santal rouge basil instinct garden of peace spicy red tea black tea

G fruit G010 G012 G014 G015 G016

orange juice citrus cocktail refreshing orange delicious red fruits caribe mix

B001 B003 B007 B009 B011 B012 B013

bamboo floral infinite ocean stimulating rosemary ice lagoon calming chamomile eucaliptus sweet verbena

D002 clean nature D006 under a fig tree D011 fresh fig

D001 D003 D004 D005 D007 D008 D009 D010

a walk in the forest fresh cut grass white cedar and orange mother earth cypress hill iris root pine tree provence lavender fields

F002 F003 F004 F006 F007 F012 F015 F016 F022 F023 F025

french brioche cappucino coffee caramel delicious chocolate early grey tea spicy cinnamon sweet moments green chocolate spicy vanilla tea cinnamon orange oregano aromatic

H001 H002 H003 H004 H005 H009 H010 H011 H012 H014 H015

cherry bossom floral bouquet rose petals white jasmine wild flowers peony flower magnolia flower lilly of the valley orange flower sweet cassis flower rose and red fruits

F groumet

E special E005 E006 E009

blue lagoon clean spa fresh verbena refreshing mint relaxing lavender dream of linden blossom red linden

D nature

C innocence C001 C002 C003 C004 C006

B002 B004 B005 B006 B008 B010 B014

F001 F005 F008 F009 F010 F011 F013 F014 F017 F018 F019 F020 F021 F024

chocolate chips mediterranean groumet cinnamon biscuits fresh cola lemon pie popcorn cold chocolate orange chocolate vanilla citrus fresh green tea ice cola sweet vanilla brown sugar and chocolate marshmallow

H floral G001 G002 G003 G004 G005 G006 G007 G008 G009 G011 G013 G017

fresh strawberry miami beach watermelon splash sweet fruits sweet strawberry mango fruit peach fruit grapefruit fressh tropical mango fresh clementine sweet orange big red apple

H006 H007 H008 H013 H016

white flowers green blossom sweet jasmine violet flower sweet cherry blossom

A | perfumery

A001 | romantic

A004 | new sophistication

A006 | aquatic dream

A010 | luxurious feeling

A002 | summer day

A003 | sensuality

B | aromath

B008 | relaxing lavender

B010 | dream of linden blossom

B002 | blue lagoon

B006 | refreshing mint

B004 | clean spa

B005 | fresh verbena

C | innocence

C001| talc powder

C002 | baby sweet deam

C004 | baby flower

C003 | tender chamomile

C006 | go happy

C001 | citrus maxim

D | nature

D002 | clean nature

D006 | under a fig tree

D011 | fresh fig

E | special

E009 | sweet red tea

E006 | douro valley

E005 | day to remember

F | groumet

F001 | chocolate chips

F014 | orange chocolate

F013 | cold chocolate

F009 | fresh cola

F012 | brown sugar&chocolate

F020 | sweet vanilla

F024 | marshmallow

F010 | lemon pie

F018 | fresh green tea

G | fruit

G010 | refreshing orange

G016 | caribe mix

G012| citrus cocktail

G015 | delicious red fruits

G014 | orange juice

G001 | fresh strawberry

H | floral

H006 | white flowers

H013 | violet flower

H008 | sweet jasmine

H016 | sweet cherry blossom

H007 | green blossom

H015 | rose and red fruits


Catalogo de fragrâncias

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