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This is a gift from:

Who wants you to: A. Have Fun

B. Be invited for free green dinner C. Stop eating fast food D.

Growing your own is nothing new, in the end it’s just a reminder on how we were healthy, before we watched commercials telling us it was cool to eat fast and get fat (they didn’t told us that, but now that we know we keep doing it. You are expected to receive this gift from a friend, who in his turn, expects you to follow what he believes you got to try. And you have to give it a try. He’ll call in two weeks asking if you have been able to grow your own. Then he will want to eat what you have been growing. So he is kind of an interested gift giver. Nah, just kidding. But it is not going to be only fun. Growing something is not like going to a fast food restaurant and eat it, or to a torrent website and download an artist’s full discography - and you sure know about that. You’ll have to be patient and expect mistakes. Just remember to try.

Inside you will find pepper seeds patience calendar

Official cup list LIDL Ice Cream Starbucks Big Costa Café Sundae (McDonald’s) Plastic Eggs Pipocas Continete

0,7 g Contains 50 plants Best before 12/2015 Auburn Embers Heights 14 CN-5740 Manchester

Radishes sow in place in the spring in rows spaced at 15-25 cm. Thin out in a row leaving a plant every 12-15 cm once they have grown to be as thick as a pencil. Water everyday, normal germination time ten to fifteen days. Moist and fertile soil recommended. Seeds are inside the book.

Book ordenado tamanho ajustado radishes  
Book ordenado tamanho ajustado radishes