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Gonçalo Lima Santos Charrua Diniz 12|03|1989 Portuguese Flat 6 16 Burlington Street Brighton BN2 1AU UK +447563542574 I have recently finished my Master in Architecture, along with four months internship at Júlio Carneiro Rodrigues Associates in Estoril, Portugal. I would therefore welcome the opportunity to put into practice all my knowledge and experience in your studio. Accustomed to working in a team, the process of architectural creation allows us to achieve better outcomes for people, for places and consequently, for the cities where we live. After five years developing projects as an exercise in architectural design, the sixth year (dissertation) proved to be as important as the previous ones. I finished my Master’s thesis on “Rem Koolhaas: S, M, L, XL” which lead me to believe that theoretical concepts are equally important as the building design itself. My extensive experience using software such as AutoCad 2D/3D, Photoshop, Indesign, Corel, SketchUp with V-ray, 3D Studio Max, as well as hand sketch as a form of conceptual expression and spatial design grounded in passion and desire to work in this area, which I believe fulfills the requirements for an ideal candidate for the position of Architectural Assistant. During my internship, I worked mostly on private residences, designing their plans, sections and elevations, building models and 3D models to complement and further enhance the process of architectural achievement. In brief, my strengths are creative imagination and its effective adaptation so as to solve real life problems through architecture.

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2010 - 2013 Master in Architecture Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa Lisbon, Portugal

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2007 - 2010 Bachelor in Architecture Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa Lisbon, Portugal

Professional Experience Dates| Qualification| Organization| Location|

9.2011- 12.2011 Internship Júlio Carneiro Rodrigues Associates Estoril, Portugal

Skills and Competences Software| AutoCad 2D|3D Photoshop Indesign 3D Studio Max Sketchup Corel Microsoft Office Package

Publication 2009| Publication: Collaboration for “Senhores Projectos” Location| Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa Coordination| Architect Fernando Hipólito

Professional Courses Dates| Qualification| Organization| Location|

Dates| 03.2013 Qualification| Cambridge Advanced English Exam (CAE) Location| Lisbon, Portugal

Competition VIII Bienal Ibero-American of Architecture and Urbanism: Student’s Contest “Oficina da Água” Location| Aldeia da Luz, Alqueva, Portugal 2012|

Spain| France| Netherlands| England| Languages| Portuguese | Native Czech Rep.| English | Fluent, written and spoken United States| Spanish | Good, written and spoken French | Elementary, written and spoken Cuba| technical| Physical model making 3D Modeling and Rendering Freehand Sketching

9.2010 - 12.2010 Photoshop Advanced Course Odd School Lisbon, Portugal

Travelling Madrid, Barcelona, Santiago de Compostela Paris, Poissy Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Hague, Utrecht London, Brighton Prague New York, Orlando, Miami Habana, Varadero

Interests Music, freehand drawing, cinema and football.

Art Gallery

L i s b o n | P o r t u g a l

Implantation Plan

The Concept The current condition of the building is a consequence of an aged deserted factory in the industrial city core of Alc창ntara, Lisbon. Covered by a triangular canopy, where its openings are north-facing along the lenth of the plot, allows to a continuous and homogeneous light throughout the day, perfect for an art gallery. To fulfill its purpose as a gallery, a footbridge meanders throughout the space, as an introduction to the visitor who wanders around the building before reaching the exhibition space. the walkway was designed as an element that flows into the space which consequently enhances the amplitude and spatial quality of the building. By creating the footbridge, it no only separates the space vertically but also links horizontal space. Therefore, the space offers two different journeys. The first one is a continuous experience walking along the footbridge while contemplating the exhibition from above, whereas the second journey is a sequence of two separated scpaces on the lower floor.



Plan -1m

East Elevation


Plan 1.5m


Section AA’

Section BB’


50 students’ Bienal Ibero-American Contest Elaborated with Carlota Neves and Inês Belmarço

Implantation model

Section AA’

Urban Model

The Concept The urban proposal is designed as an extension of the village, which extends to the water line of the river. The fifty dwellings for students are marked by the strong presence of the traditional Alentejo’s chimney, which not only designs the public space but also the dwelling itself. The house consists of two essential elements, the inhabitable chimney and the courtyard to which all spaces converge. As a result, it is possible to combine the intimacy desired and abundant natural light throughout the house.

Public Square

Urban Proposal

Studio Proposal

Plan 1m




Section AA’


House Details

Detail 1

Detail 1

Section BB’

Detail 2

Implantation Plan

The Concept Taking advantage of the sloping terrain to the implementation of an auditorium and a hangar for exhibitions, the auditorium works as a pillar of the exhibition space that extends the public street. By consolidating part of the program in this particular zone allows to create an extensive area for public space. This not only offers to residents and visitors a qualified public space, but also provides several facilities and stimulates the culture by hosting several exhibitions and events. The public square has the particularity of acting as an audience for the auditorium, which can be opened to the exterior. Therefore the program establishes a series of pathways and public spaces in order to revitalize the urban life in the city thread. By doing so, it further enhances the relation with its urban context and the pedestrians that cross it.

Exploded view



Ground Plan

foyer exhibition hangar

conference rooms auditorium ateliers technical rooms services




Section AA’


First Plan

Section CC’

Inside Performance

Detail 1

Outside Performance Detail 2

Section BB’

Facade’s Detail


Public Square


Gonçalo Diniz  


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