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How to get pregnant over 40 naturally? Tips and Recommendation Original Article: How to naturally get pregnant over 40?

Can I get pregnant at 40 naturally? Yes, you can get pregnant over 40 naturally. I won’t lie, it is going to be a bit harder and you will need to put in effort to get pregnant. But don’t let that freak you out. All you need to know is that you will have to make a few lifestyle changes. It is all natural so no need for IVF or infertility drugs. We will go through a few things you can change or implement in your life today that will make a difference and then I’ll recommend a guide that will show you step-by-step what to do.

Chances of getting pregnant over 40 naturally? The chances of getting pregnant at 40 naturally are less than a few years ago. That being said I don’t like talking about probabilities and chances of getting pregnant that much because it really is different for every single person. Some may have a stressful job, live in a polluted area or some may eat different foods than others, be overweight or underweight. I hope you get my point.

So don’t worry about what people or society tells you. Get rid of those negative influences and bad attitude. It is very possible if just make a few lifestyle changes, follow a few guidelines and steps.

Natural Ways to get Pregnant over 40: There are quite a few things you can do to increase your chances and just get the basic foundation right before you go to the extremes.

Here is small summary of our 8 essential tips to get pregnant naturally: 1.

Stop using Birth Control


Make use of the “Fertility Window”


Chose Lubricants wisely


Stop smoking


Moderate caffeine consumption


Minimal alcohol consumption (No Alcohol when pregnant)


Don’t “save up” when it comes to frequency of intercourse


Keep male parts away from extensive heat sources and constriction


Bonus Tip Control weight and get in shape

10. Bonus Tip Take natural Folic Acid and B12 Vitamins (Very Important) Getting pregnant naturally after 40 will require a bit more work but it is definitely possible.

Another alternative method to increase fertility at 40 You could look at acupuncture to increase fertility as acupuncture and acupressure can help regulate hormone function, increase the blood flow to the reproductive organs and can also help create the correct environment for an egg follicle to develop.

Getting pregnant after 40 The most important thing though is to just make a change. When I’m confronted with difficult choices or face the evil words “Procrastination” and “Laziness” I always think to myself: “If I don’t change the direction I’m headed for, I will end up there and not where I want…” I know this concept is super simple and so obvious but it help me to work harder, do more and do it earlier… Without this methodology if I can call it that I probably wouldn’t have written this article today. And then the second thing is to not lose hope… This and the above statement go hand in hand. Please don’t ever lose hope. This world we live in often want to drag us down and a lot of people want to drown us with them in their negativity. You may or may not have seen this but every time I watch this. I don’t know. I feel like it helps me up.

Recommendation to get pregnant naturally at 40 My personal recommendation is that you consider buying Pregnancy Miracle. It is an instant downloadable ebook that will guide you every step of the way to get pregnant over 40. The cost of 47$ is peanuts compared to the value you receive. We have reviews about Pregnany Miracle and a few other getting pregnant books and this one stands out by miles.

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How to get pregnant over 40 naturally  
How to get pregnant over 40 naturally  

Can women in their 40s get pregnant? Yes definitely. It is going to take a bit more work for a woman in her 40s to get pregnant but it is to...