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Time for Change? by Dr. Paula Koger, RN, MA, DOM to hear it, because the brain or unmet needs override it.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”—Albert Einstein


s a small girl, I fell though a vent on the second floor and landed in the living room. My neck was wickedly traumatized. My mother did a most unconventional thing that shaped me toward having an open mind: She took me to a chiropractor and refused to give me drugs to mask the problem. I recovered easily with the adjustments and the doctor’s kindness and attention to the details of my needs. When we are sick or injured, we are most sensitive to what is done to us, and every word that is said can be damaging or beneficial. That is also true when we are well. We are living in a time when we are bombarded with information. We have to take responsibility for our choices in every area of our lives, including our beliefs. We can change attitudes, beliefs, traumas, foods, habits, and treatments when they block our body’s natural healing intelligence. Our life depends on it. Example: A man was suffering greatly from the “blows of a failing economy.” His healing involved releasing the disbelief in himself. Now he can feed himself a more favorable economic forecast. Negative beliefs/programs, just like sugar and drugs, shut down our energy flow. We can also support the body’s healing mechanisms with a focus on what enhances it. We cannot take what is told us at “face value”—we must listen to symptoms, as they are signals telling us our needs. We must learn to follow the voice within us. It is often difficult


Qualities of Safe Treatments/Choices 1. Treatments and choices that work without causing other problems. Many treatments kill infection but destroy something else such as an organ or our energy. There are natural anti-infective herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture points, and foods that have worked for millennia while enhancing all body systems. Patients can learn to assess whether what they are doing adds or subtracts from their energy flow. Recently a patient came in so medicated he could hardly speak, and his pain was still present. The problem is toxins cause pain. Many natural remedies work with the energy system and reestablish the balance that allows the body to heal itself and be pain-free. They can also address viruses, fungus, spirochetes and other pathogens that are less commonly treatable. 2. Not adding more toxins, and removing existing toxins. Avoid loading the body with more toxins such as processed foods. Our diseases are being caused by toxins we ingest daily, think daily, believe daily, and have stored from numerous sources of contaminations (heavy metals, chemicals, environmental stress). Toxin removal as part of the treatment protocol is essential for full recovery; so, the less you put in, the less you have to remove. 3. Energetically compatible, and focused on the needs and sensitivities of the patient. We need to assess carefully whether the treatment or choices we are making are compatible with our body. Over-treatment, like overeating, can do more harm than good. I have found people who are taking a bag full of supplements or drugs which were too much for them to tolerate energetically. The body can be overwhelmed and shut down. Each person has a different constitutional makeup; individual needs vary greatly. Many people are walking around in a zombie state with greatly reduced health because of treatments and choices that were harmful for them and their energetic system. If the treatment

kills even the spirit of the patient, then it is time to change. There are now many organically grown herbs and homeopathy to achieve powerful healing impacts on otherwise unresponsive conditions. Computer programs and kinesiology can be useful in assessing what choices are best for each person. 4. Should involve the patient’s compliance and understanding. You need to be empowered to care for yourself with awareness of your needs and the impact of your choices. You can do this. If you don’t know how, ask for help. 5. Treatment that addresses unconscious blocks to healing. Often the unconscious needs that are not addressed show up as another disease or a deeper disease. Attitude is everything. The underlying factors cause our illness, keep us ill, and cause us to make the choices that allow our dis-ease to flourish. Example: A woman called to ask if I could relieve her neck pain. She said, “My friends say I need surgery.” I said, “Well, since you think your friends know best, maybe that is what you should do.” She chose to come for a session, and she dealt with burdens causing her to become exhausted and have pain in the neck and shoulders. She left with 60% less pain after one treatment. The unconscious block was her need for approval of her friends and partner. Does it seem possible that such a burden pattern could contribute to deterioration of the cervical vertebrae of the neck and cause great pain? The proof is in the results. Deal with the issue, the pain goes away. You have the power to choose what you believe and think. It is the road to self empowerment and brilliant living. Disease does not just happen; it is the product of toxic choices and beliefs. Dr. Paula Koger has been enhancing health and guiding people towards natural health solutions for more than 25 years. She was chosen by patient survey as one of the top five Doctors in the Tampa Bay area in 2007. Based in Dunnellon, she can be reached at 941-539-4232, www.

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“Natural Awakenings” Magazine, March 2012 issue  

“Natural Awakenings” Magazine, March 2012 issue. The full-color monthly magazine about green, local, organic, wholistic, natural, fun, healt...

“Natural Awakenings” Magazine, March 2012 issue  

“Natural Awakenings” Magazine, March 2012 issue. The full-color monthly magazine about green, local, organic, wholistic, natural, fun, healt...