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your heart.” Likewise, visitors to Peru’s many historic sites, such as Machu Picchu and the Inca ruins surrounding Lake Titicaca, speak of remarkable vistas and extraordinary memories.

Natural Awakenings Sponsoring Trips to Peru and China Awakening Journeys debuts travel adventures of self-discovery


raveling to new destinations and learning about different cultures ignites the imagination and engages the senses in exotic ways. And, besides bringing a fresh understanding of our place in the world and our connection with others, new experiences literally build new brain pathways, thus creating new connections with our own spirit. With the recent creation of Awakening Journeys, friends and readers of Natural Awakenings can enjoy several opportunities for selfdiscovery and adventure, beginning in fall 2012. Ten-day excursions to Peru and China will be the first destinations available. The tour of Peru is tentatively scheduled to include visits to Machu Picchu/Sacred Valley, “The Lost City of the Incas,” one of the world’s archaeological treasures; Nazca, the


site of the spectacular Nazca lines— gigantic drawings, lines, and figures engraved in the desert; Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America; Arequipa, the second-deepest canyon in the world; and other locations. The tour will start and end in Lima, Peru’s capital city. The China trip is tentatively scheduled to include visits to the Forbidden City, The Great Wall of China, the Beijing Opera, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Reed Flute Cave, Shanghai Museum, the giant panda zoo, and a cruise on the Shanghai River. Travelers with Awakening Journeys will find themselves immersed in the varied cultures and traditions of each destination country. These one-of-akind trips are intended to inspire and enrich participants through purposeful travel, camaraderie and diverse activities. Sheryl Miller, a traveler from St. Petersburg, Florida, who recently toured China, says, “This is a fabulous journey— an unforgettable, oncein-a-lifetime experience. China will fill up your senses and expand

Local group rates are available, and local nonprofit organizations can participate and use the trip as a fundraiser. For groups and local fundraisers contact Carolyn for details at, 352-629-4000. For more information and trip itineraries, or to register for an Awakening Journey, visit (“net,” not “com”). See ad, inside front cover.

Silva UltraMind ESP Workshop

Tap into the subconscious mind


ilva Ultra Mind was the last course Jose Silva Sr. created. His great gift was teaching people to use more and more of their brain’s capacity. The Silva Method has helped millions of people access their native intuition and psychic ability by using their minds in an entirely new way at the alpha brainwave level. The Ultramind ESP System teaches a series of specific self-management techniques that help eliminate impediments to success. Participants learn to tap into intuitive functioning at any time to rapidly solve problems and answer questions, and discover new ways to achieve alpha and theta brainwave frequencies during waking consciousness. Russell Monsurate, a Silva Master of Ultramind ESP techniques from Vancouver, B.C. will lead this profound workshop. For more information or to register, email, call 352-685-3001 or visit www.amrityoga. org.

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“Natural Awakenings” Magazine, July 2012 issue  
“Natural Awakenings” Magazine, July 2012 issue  

“Natural Awakenings” Magazine, July 2012 issue. The full-color monthly magazine about green, local, organic, wholistic, natural, fun, health...