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Veterinary Care

Carol L. Short / Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Craniosacral Therapist, Gainesville and North Central FL / 352-318-0509 Rolfing® is a system of body restructuring through systematic manipulation of muscle and fascial tissues. It promotes the release and realignment of long standing patterns of tension and dysfunction, bringing the body to greater balance, mobility, vitality, and ease. A holistic approach to mobility, vitality and balance. MA16337/MM18921.

Medicine Wheel Veterinary Services Shauna Cantwell DVM, Ocala, FL / 352-538-3021 Holistic veterinary medicine for small animals and horses. Arthritis, neurologic and hormonal dysfunction, skin, allergies, cancer, pain, immune and chronic disease. Certified Veterinary Acupuncture, certified cAVCA animal chiropractic, herbal therapy, tui na medical massage, functional neurology, postural rehabilitation, ozone therapy, homotoxicology, nutrition. Available for workshops.

Metaphysical Lesson & Meditation

11AM Sunday

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Youth Education Classes

11AM Sunday

8801 NW 39th Avenue Gainesville, Florida 32606 Phone 352-373-1030

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High Springs Emporium

660 N.W. Santa Fe Blvd. High Springs, FL


The Only Rock Shop in N. Central Florida

Come cool off in the springs! Find your crystal companion at the Emporium

July 14-15 - Gem and Crystal Market - Wholesale to public with Greg Turner of Sacred Earth Gems ... Featuring exquisite and rare high-end minerals.

FAST and EASY. No artificial ingredients. SCRUB removes pore blockages and pulls toxins from skin. INVISIBLE MASK seals skin 24/7 from external pollutants and dirt, AND continues to pull out toxins! Remarkably effective against acne. Great for all skin types. Just $25+$5 S/H. To order, call 352-286-1779 or visit Resale inquiries invited from natural practitioners and dermatologists.

Citrine Sphere, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Our stone of the month is Citrine All citrine 20% off in July! Mon, Thur, Fri & Sat - 11-6 • Sun Noon-5

July 2012


“Natural Awakenings” Magazine, July 2012 issue  
“Natural Awakenings” Magazine, July 2012 issue  

“Natural Awakenings” Magazine, July 2012 issue. The full-color monthly magazine about green, local, organic, wholistic, natural, fun, health...