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culture is the management of a delicately interrelated ecological system, comprised of the plant and its various environments (biological, chemical and physical), rather than the selection of “silver bullets.” Adding 2,4-D tolerance introduces another foreign and potentially toxic protein in the plant and an additional toxic chemical applied directly to our food and to animal feed. Food safety, nutritional quality, and potential yield will all be compromised in the process.

Do you see any benefits from this technology?

The GMO technology could be a powerful tool when we gain enough understanding to use it properly and effectively. However, we are a long way from gaining that essential understanding. The current rush to commercialize it, and widespread implementation of the associated hazardous and ineffective products currently on the market, may well be a major deterrent to future use of the technology when it is properly understood.

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What can people do to avoid GMOs and protect their health? Buy organic foods, preferably from known local growers, and stay alert to the issue to take needed grassroots actions. Future historians may well remark not about how many pounds of pesticide we did or didn’t apply, but how willing we were to sacrifice our children and jeopardize future generations for the massive flawed experiment of genetic engineering only to benefit the bottom line of a commercial enterprise. Petition the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today to require labeling of GMO foods at JustLabelIt. org. Melinda Hemmelgarn, aka the “Food Sleuth,” is a registered dietitian and award-winning writer and radio host at, in Columbia, MO ( Hear her interview with Don Huber at Tinyurl. com/foodsleuth.

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July 2012


“Natural Awakenings” Magazine, July 2012 issue  
“Natural Awakenings” Magazine, July 2012 issue  

“Natural Awakenings” Magazine, July 2012 issue. The full-color monthly magazine about green, local, organic, wholistic, natural, fun, health...