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Exclusive Interview about his bare-all tour.


Michael Staley makes things shine, twinkle and glisten.

Married. Nudist. Artist. One man’s journey from traditional marriage, to coming out.

Northern CA Beaches & Fabulous FL Work on the All-Over Tan in sunny California or tropical Florida

September 2013

September 2013 Issue #2

Publisher & Creative Editor Nick Golic Photo Director Dan Scott Advertising Alexsander

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From the editor Living a naked life means more than not wearing clothing As I write this, I'm 30,000 feet in the air flying somewhere between Charlotte and Cleveland - and I'm flying naked. When I get home tonight, I will spend time with one of my best friends - the straight roommate you've heard me talk about - and the two of us will be naked. Yesterday, I taught a class to 18 men and women. Yep, I was naked. I know what you're thinking, "How does he get away with being nude wherever he is?" I'm not unclothed in any of these situations, I'm naked.

For me, being naked is a metaphor for living my life openly, honestly, and without fear. I bravely make decisions, meet people with an open heart and give freely. I am not ashamed to admit who I am, (e.g. gay, a nudist, nearly 50-years-old, etc), nor do I make excuses for what happens in my life, because I take responsibility for who I am and what I do. Living the mantra of "GoNaked" means that I am living life on my own terms, doing the things that I want to do, coupled with the things I have to do. Someone living naked doesn't hide behind coverings. When you approach this level of freedom, you have learned how to live a "GoNaked Life." This is not as easy as it sounds; there are many hurdles in life that keep one from living this philosophy. 

Examples? That doctor's appointment you keep putting off because you're afraid he might find something wrong. Not living naked.

terms and take responsibility for their own actions. I admire them not only for their physicality, but for the important thoughts between their ears and the actions that make them modern renaissance men.

Not being proactive in finishing projects because they will have to be judged, evaluated or scrutinized. Not living naked.

So what's keeping you from being a GoNaked man? What can you start today that has kept you hiding? What dream or task have you been putting off because you were afraid, or because it was uncomfortable.

Not taking care of your body with proper food or exercise (that's my Achille's heel.) Putting off your dreams/goals because you're scared or don't know where to start.

Go on. Take a deep breath. Attack that thing. Live naked. GoNaked. 

So many of my friends are waiting and dreaming for a better job, starting a business, or patching a relationship. Instead, they're frittering away precious time online, finding busy work or helping others do things that bring them no closer to their own goals. If you don't go out and build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs. Live naked and just do it.

Oh, the roomie and I will be unclothed tonight. It's summer and he's as much of a nudist as I am. Take care, Stay Bare! Nick

This does not mean that everyone in your life has to be subjected to every detail of your life. Discretion is still the better part of judgement. I can let my family members know that I am publishing an online magazine; I do not need to show them the magazine. I can live without clothes at my home; I do not need to live without clothes when I visit friend's homes. The guys I interview for this magazine (Trevor, Jinx, Ernie) are all examples of guys living the GoNaked philosophy. These gentlemen live life on their own




Birth of a Nudist 10

Northern CA Nude Beaches 16

Interview with Jinx Titanic 24

Focus on Ft. Lauderdale 30 GoNaked Magazine GoNaked Magazine is a monthly publication published solely by Nick Golic in Cleveland, OH. Photographers and authors always retain the right to their own material and is used here by permission of the submitter. Photographers and authors also agree that all work is their own and all model’s agreements are on file by the artist. GoNaked Magazine does not recommend, approve or endorse the products and/or services offered by companies advertising in the magazine or website. Nor does GoNaked evaluate products and services carefully before deciding to purchase. Nothing in this publication may be reproduced in any manner, in whole or in part, without specific written permission of the author. Any material sent is at the owner’s risk and, although every care is taken, neither GoNaked Magazine nor its agents shall be liable for loss or damage. We take great care to make sure all elements of GoNaked Magazine are accurate, however, we accept no liability for any misprints or mistakes that appear in this magazine.



14. Nude Experience on the S/V Mandalay Take a journey with Sam as he tells us about his nude sailing vacation. 23. Would You Get Naked for Charity? 33. Starting a Naked Club for One When there is no one else to be naked with, start your nudist club by yourself. In the second part of this series, you’ll learn how to be comfortable at home and why that’s important. 36. NOLA Nude Workout

37. Phallusies. Art by Ron Kearse 39. How Nudism Brought Me to Freedom 42. Art by Taylor Using a new technique, Taylor sprays canvases with paint to create lifelike paintings from photographs

43. Bejeweled Creations Artist Michael Staley puts bling in everything. And the results are spectacular. 46. Photography by JayBee

49. Meet ClairBear, Christopher Michael, HairySucker and German Frank Four handsome men, all with different looks, share their bodies and thoughts with us.

60. Real Nudist Gallery The most popular part of our magazine! Our readers, laid bare, with their email addresses. Find a guy you like, tap their email link and say “hello� to a fellow nudist!

65. Naked Motivation 66. Personals & Classifieds 68. Products we Love 69. Nude Beaches Listings



Birth of a Nudist

An aspiring actor learns to be comfortable with nudity from a straight ally. BY: NOAH Editor’s Note: In Issue 1, Noah told us about landing a role in a show where he learns he will have to appear nude before the audience. The final week before the reading was spent between work, working out and reading/performance practice. As simple as it seems, the coordination of my movements (performance) around the room, in conjunction with speaking was rather difficult. As many times as I went over and over

my lines, I always felt awkward and, as expected, more nervous each passing day. Besides, when you’re having fun, time does fly even when you’re dreading something too! Well, there was no more avoiding it and honestly, I was glad by the time the day arrived. Now I could get it over with and stop making myself sick over it. We were to arrive a few hours early to assist the host in getting things set up and complete

some last minute practice. While the host readied the room, some of the other readers, not at the initial reading last week, had a chance to practice and offer advice to each other. Although I would love to say all my practice over the last week helped, it was obvious, I needed some assistance. One of the other readers kindly offered to work with me. We headed into the basement and I was asked to read and act out the



In order to convince him not to be worried about being naked in front of the group, I mentioned that his balls were amazing and had a nice large dick. He opened his robe and grabbed his balls and responded in thanks.

performance over and over...naked.  While in the basement belting out my lines and getting some expert advice, my confidence started to improve and I was getting oddly comfortable being nude, at least in front of one stranger. A call from the host, up in the kitchen, indicated it was time. Most of the guests had arrived and were eagerly awaiting the show. We made our way upstairs. Up in the kitchen all 10 readers were now assembled and the excitement was beginning to build. In the living room “stage area” our host was giving the introduction and background inspiration for the show. Knowing my place in the order was towards the end, I was able to get a few “confidence building” beers into my system. I saw the hot straight guy stepping out on the back deck to grab a smoke. He had already finished his first reading (clothed) and was now in his next costume of just a robe. Of course I felt the need to follow him out for a chat, but my motives were far more selfish.  We were chatting about our methods of nerve calming, and the subject of our lack of confidence in how our penises would “look” during the performance came up. To convince him not to be worried about being naked in front of the group, I mentioned that his balls were amazing and had a nice large dick. He opened his robe and grabbed his balls and responded “thanks”. To my surprise, he returned the comment by indicating I had a great body and a nice looking penis too. Of course, I opened my towel to show off...and I was now starting to “get a rise”. Even though it is not something you hear from a straight guy, you could just tell that he had such confidence in his sexuality that it wasn't an issue. It was just being honest... and I found it hot. The conversation continued on how we wanted to go out in front of everyone not sporting a shriveled up "scared turtle". We both decided it would be wise to use some self-help, before we headed to the stage. During this whole time his robe was draped open and he would reach down and “adjust” his penis every now then giving it a tug in order

Taking a cue from me, the straight guy opened his robe and began playing himself too (while watching straight porn on his phone). All the other speakers glanced at us, smiled and went back to memorizing their lines.

keep it "chunky but not hard". He finished his cigarette and I needed a new beer so we went back into the kitchen. It was surreal to be waiting “backstage” in the kitchen, half naked, with the other readers. The next presenter went out which signaled I was about 2 readings away. My nerves were now getting the better of me, and I could feel my penis wanting to run and hide. Underneath my towel, I began to play with my penis. Taking a cue from me, the straight guy opened his robe and began playing himself too (while watching straight porn on his phone). All the other speakers glanced at us, smiled and went back to memorizing their lines. One reader professed that we were making him hard and that was not what he wanted just before he was to be up in front of the group. As the next speaker returned, my performance was becoming a reality…I was up next. I walked into the "behind the curtain" area now experiencing shear fear. While getting some last minute encouragement from the host, I felt a hand reach around and grab my cock through the towel. It gave one or two squeezes then withdrew. A little stunned, I turned to see the culprit, and to my surprise, it was the straight guy. He laughed and said that “a little last minute inspiration never hurt anyone”. Now not only were my nerves and thoughts gone from my head, but so were my lines. It was hot, just the thought gave me a nice chunked up penis….perfect timing too. I was next. I took a deep breath and stepped on stage and into the light. In normal theaters, most of the performers can’t really see their audience due to the lighting. Unfortunately for me, I did not have such luck. It was a living room filled with about 30 chairs which were occupied by men of all types and ages…..and all of them were looking right at me. “Put it out of your head”, I thought to myself. “Turn around and start talking”. I stepped in front the chair that was placed for my performance and faced the audience, and my fears, and began. My reading was supposed to seem as if I was talking to the audience, as if they were friends in a sauna, and I was telling



them about my recent filming with another porn star. As I started telling these “friends” of my experience making this porn, everything I learned from my mentor in the basement and the memorized lines was easily recalled and presented. I wasn’t failing at this, and the audience seems very interested! I got a few laughs in the expected places, and everyone had smiles on their faces. Then a funny thing happened….I was comfortable…..NO! I was enjoying performing for these people. “I can do this”, I thought to myself.  About halfway through my performance, I was to “illustrate” a position I did in the porn filming. I had to stand up, drop my towel and assume these positions. Thinking to myself, “You can do this….you’re doing great”, I paused, took a deep breath and yanked my towel to the ground. I stood there, looked out at the crowd and all eyes were on me. My penis was not shriveled nor was it erect….it was just normal. (Okay, maybe slightly larger than normal). Continuing with my performance, I got in all the rather revealing positions which, of course,

exhibited far more of my private parts in rather “intimate” ways. Again to my surprise, I was having FUN! More than that…I was proud of myself. After all this worry, work and stress... it was a disappointment to be finished. As I took my bow, the crowd applauded and I exited the stage still without my clothes, and the towel in my hand. I didn’t want to put it back on. The show concluded and everyone gathered for the socializing 'after party' with the audience. I kept the towel on, for the most part, sometimes making points of dropping it or letting it “slip” off (on accident of course….NOT).  As the evening came to a close, I was actually wishing I could do it all over again. I held a special bond with the other stars, but in particular with the straight guy. We both shared and conquered our own fear together. Now, for me…..I was already thinking of how or what other situations I could get myself naked. I was hooked!

Nude Experience on the S/V Mandalay By: Sam In March of this year I took my first windjammer trip and my first adventure with a GNI sponsored group. Wow, what an experience! As I have told all my North Carolina friends, it is the best thing I have ever done for me. We sailed from St. Georges, Grenada and were nude within a few minutes of leaving the port. That

was the beginning of many hours of nude time, both on the Mandalay and on three nude beaches visited during the seven day, six-night adventure. We had 55 great guys on the cruise and it was the first full ship for this newly created windjammer company. The Mandalay has a long history including being “lost” to sailing when its owners went out of business in 2007. In late

2011 new owners bought it back to the Caribbean, restored and upgraded it and put it back in service in February 2012. While not the luxury cruise ship that some may be used to, it was a wonderful adventure with great guys and a great crew. Their chef did a wonderful job and our Captain entertained us each morning with “Captains Story Time” which was a description of



our daily plans along with his jokes of the day. Bloody Mary’s for breakfast, rum punch each afternoon, and wines with dinner! What more could one ask [mustn’t forget the wonderful bar service both on the ship and on each beach we visited.] Picture naked sailing with run punch in hand! Or, being naked on a beautiful beach with our own bartender. Wow!

We were allowed to help raise the sails and some guys were quite good at that. I have to admit that I was lazy and enjoyed watching naked men at work while sipping my run punch. Next year there will be two sixnight cruises, back-to-back, and some of us booked both of them. March 9 departing St. Lucia and returning to St. Lucia and March

16 departing St. Lucia and ending in St. Georges Grenada. Can’t wait! Check it out on the “Calendar” tab of our GoNaked Magazine site.

Northern California Nude Beaches 2013 Northern California is home to some of the most amazing nude beaches in the United States. This guide to those beaches will become the starting point for a regularly published list of world wild nude beaches. This guide was compiled by the San Francisco Bay Guardian.


North Baker's revival is continuing for a third straight season, with more art work springing up on the USA's largest urban nude beach. Baker's own "beach language" is also evolving. Last year, "duney," which describes the site's tent-like, shade-providing structures without walls, and "Baker Day" (when the sun's out and it's not too windy) came into usage. Directions: Take the 29 Sunset bus or go north on 25th Avenue to Lincoln Boulevard. Turn right and take the second left onto Bowley Street. Follow Bowley to Gibson Road, turn right, and follow Gibson to the east parking lot. At the beach, head right to the nude area, which starts at the brown and yellow "Hazardous surf, undertow, swim at your own risk" sign. Parking at Lincoln's 100 or more nearby parking spaces was limited to two hours recently. But through June, there had been no reports of cops writing tickets for parking too long. LAND'S END BEACH, SAN FRANCISCO WELL ESTABLISHED CROWD, PRIMARILY NUDE

One of the better locales in the Bay Area. ProTip: on hot days, arrive before noon or there may be no unoccupied beach left on the little, semi-rocky shoreline. If possible, try to use one of the rock-lined windbreaks left by previous sunbathers. Pack a warm covering in case the weather changes. Directions: Follow Geary Boulevard to the end, then park in the dirt lot up the road from the Cliff House. Take the trail at the far end of the lot. About 100 yards past a



bench and some trash cans, the path narrows and bends, then rises and falls, eventually becoming the width of a road. Don't take the road to the right, which leads to a golf course. Just past another bench, as the trail turns right, go left toward a group of dead trees where you will see a stairway and a "Dogs must be leashed" sign. Descend and head left to another stairway, which leads to a 100-foot walk to the cove. Or, instead, take the service road below the El Camino del Mar parking lot 1/4 mile until you reach a bench, then follow the trail there. It's eroded in a few places. At the end, you'll have to scramble over some rocks. Turn left (west) and walk until you find a good place to put down your towel. GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE BEACH, SAN FRANCISCO WELL ESTABLISHED CROWD, PRIMARILY NUDE

Mostly a gay male cruising scene, "Nasty Boy Beach" is also visited by some straight men and women. Though fairly rocky and packed with people on hot days, everyone seems to enjoy the trio of coves you can find by walking along the shore. Oh, and did I mention the view? If you want to feel immersed in a picture postcard of the famous bridge, then this is the place to plop down. Directions: from the toll booth area of Highway 101/1, take Lincoln Boulevard west about a half mile to Langdon Court. Turn right (west) on Langdon and look for space in the parking lots, across Lincoln from Fort Winfield Scott. Park and then take the beach trail, starting just west of the end of Langdon, down its more than 200 steps to Golden Gate Bridge Beach, also known as Marshall's Beach. FORT FUNSTON BEACH, SAN FRANCISCO SMALL/EMERGING NUDE AREA

Known as Fort Fun by its fans, this Golden Gate National Recreation Area sun spot, located south of Ocean Beach, attracts hang gliders, dogs and their walkers, and even from time to time a few naturists, the latter of which sometimes tuck themselves between the dunes on the shore. If anyone seems upset or gripes about you being au naturel, be sure to suit up fast since the authorities will bust naturists if they see them or they receive complaints. The good news: usually, only a few citations a year are issued at Fort Funston. Directions: From San Francisco, go west to Ocean Beach, then south on the Great Highway. After Sloat Boulevard, the road heads uphill. From there, curve right onto Skyline Boulevard, go past one stoplight,

and look for signs for Funston on the right. Turn into the public lot and find a space near the west side. At the southwest end, take the sandy steps to the beach, turn right, and walk to the dunes. Find a spot as far as possible from the parking lot. CONTRA COSTA COUNTY LAS TRAMPAS REGIONAL WILDERNESS, CASTRO VALLEY SMALL/EMERGING NUDE AREA

Imagine tromping in the East Bay Hills naked at night, guided only by your flashlight and a representative of the Bay Area Naturists group, plus a few fellow travelers. And yes, mooning during America's only Full Moon Hikes is permitted. . "Whether you are clothed or not, participating in the Full Moon Hike is a big treat," says past hiker Jurek Zarzycki, who suggests walkers bring good hiking shoes, a flashlight ("Most of the time you won't need it, because of the moonlight"), and bug spray. "And don't forget to have some baby carrots with you to give to the horses that sometimes come out at night, so close that you may even feel their breath. Don't worry, though, they're very friendly." Directions: Contact the Sequoians ( [4]) or the Bay Area Naturists ( [5]) for details on how to join a walk. Meet at the Sequoians. To get there, take

Highway 580 east to the Crow Canyon Road exit. Or follow 580 west to the first Castro Valley off-ramp. Take Crow Canyon Road toward San Ramon .75 mile to Cull Canyon Road. Then follow Cull Canyon Road around 6.5 miles to the end of the paved road. Take the dirt road on the right until the "Y" in the road and keep left. Shortly after, you'll see The Sequoians sign. Proceed ahead for about another .75 mile to The Sequoians front gate. SAN MATEO COUNTY DEVIL'S SLIDE, MONTARA WELL ESTABLISHED CROWD, PRIMARILY NUDE

Despite the opening of the Tom Lantos Tunnels on March 25, 2013, nearby Gray Whale Cove, also known as Devil's Slide, continues to function — and may, state officials think, soon attract even more visitors than in previous years. The reason: crowds soon will be coming not only to the beach, but also to a mile-long stretch of the old Highway 1 that was circumvented by the tunnels and is being turned into a walking and biking trail; it's expected to open soon. Directions: Driving from San Francisco, take Highway 1 south through Pacifica. Three miles south of the Denny's restaurant in Linda Mar, at 500 Linda Mar Blvd., Pacifica, and just past and south of the Tom Lantos Tunnels, turn left (inland or east) on an unmarked road, which takes you to the beach's parking lot on the east side of the highway and to a 146-step staircase that leads to the sand. SAN GREGORIO NUDE BEACH, SAN GREGORIO WELL ESTABLISHED CROWD, PRIMARILY NUDE

Now in its 47th year of operation, America's oldest nude beach even has its own website and live webcam at [6]. The privately-run site is located next to San Gregorio State Beach. The beach often draws a large gay crowd, along with some nude and suited straight couples, singles, and families. Directions: From San Francisco, drive south on Highway 1, past Half Moon Bay, and, between mileposts 18 and 19, look on the right side of the road for telephone call box number SM 001 0195, at the intersection of Highway 1 and Stage Road, and near an iron gate with trees on either side. From there, expect a drive of 1.1 miles to the entrance. At the Junction 84 highway sign, the beach's driveway is just .1 mile away. Turn into a gravel driveway, passing through the iron gate mentioned above, which says

119429 on the gatepost. Drive past a grassy field to the parking lot, where you'll be asked to pay an entrance fee. Take the long path from the lot to the sand; everything north of the trail's end is clothingoptional (families and swimsuit using visitors tend to stay on the south end of the beach). The beach is also accessible from the San Gregorio State Beach parking area to the south; from there, hike about a half-mile north. Take the dirt road past the big white gate with the Toll Road sign to the parking lot. SANTA CRUZ COUNTY GARDEN OF EDEN, FELTON SMALL/EMERGING NUDE AREA

If you're in the Bay Area, you won't have to travel far to find the Golden State's version of the Garden of Eden, a creekside skinny-dipping spot located in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, between Santa Cruz and Felton. Used even more by suited swimmers and sunbathers, many hikers are surprised when they come across naturists at the stream. To find Eden and two other clothing-optional swim holes on San Lorenzo River, check for vehicles pulled over on Highway 9, alongside the state park, which forbids nudity but only occasionally patrols the creek with rangers. Directions: From Santa Cruz, drive north on Highway 9 and look for turnouts on the right side of the road, where cars are pulled over. The first, a wide turnout with a tree in the middle, is just north of Santa Cruz. Rincon Fire Trail starts about where the tree is, according to reader Robert Carlsen, of Sacramento. The many forks in the trail all lead to the river, down toward Big Rock Hole and Frisbee Beach; Carlsen says the best area off this turnout can be reached by bearing left until the end of the trail. Farther up the highway, 1.3 miles south of the park entrance, is the second and bigger pullout, called the Ox Trail Turnout, leading to Garden of Eden. Park in the turnout and follow the dirt fire road downhill and across some railroad tracks. Head south, following the tracks, for around .5 miles. Look for a "Pack Your Trash" sign with park rules and hours and then proceed down the Eden Trail. Ox Trail, which can be slippery, and Eden Trail both wind down steeply to the creek. "The path continues to the left, where there are several spots for wading and sunbathing," Carlsen says. The main beach is only 75 feet long and 30 feet wide, but fairly sandy. Carlsen's favorite hole is accessible from a trail that



starts at the third turnout, a small one on the right side of the road, about 4.5 miles from Highway 1 and just before Felton. A gate marks the start of the path. The trail bends left. When you come to the road again, go right. At the railroad tracks, go right. From here, look for the river down the hill on your left; many paths lead to it. Says Mike: "Within 10 yards, you can be in the water." BONNY DOON NUDE BEACH, BONNY DOON WELL ESTABLISHED CROWD, PRIMARILY NUDE

Were anti-nudity signs really recently posted at Bonny Doon Beach, whose north end has been used for clothing optional sunbathing for decades? Yes, but officials took the warnings, which were placed at two trailheads leading to the sand, down just two months later. "We're not planning to change anything," says Chet Bardo, superintendent of state beaches in the Santa Cruz district. "The truth is that we get complaints on all sides of this issue. It's not uncommon to get calls from people. This is California, after all, so what to local people might seem not that unusual sometimes turns out to shock people who are visiting from Iowa, who find it (nudity) a bit disconcerting." "The way I see it, unless there's a problem (happening at the beach), it's not a problem to us," he adds. In fact, the only problem at Bonny Doon this year is that it has less sand than usual. A 15-foot long rock on the sand, along with a sloping cliff with rocks that jut out, separate the two sides of the cove — one clothed for clothed visitors and the other for nudes — known as Bonny Doon. "In the short term, things at Bonny Doon are destined to continue the way they are," says Kirk Lingenfelter, sector superintendent for Bonny Doon and nearby state beaches. "Ultimately it would be nice to see some level of improvement, maybe trail work or stair work," adds Lingenfelter. "But before we'd even do that, there would need to be a General Plan or an Interim Use Plan, which we don't have. And we also don't have any funding for it." As for nudity, Lingenfelter says his rangers, who periodically patrol the beach, haven't issued a single warning or citation for nudity since the state approved the acquisition of the beach in 2006. "We'll respond to complaints we receive," he explains, "but I can't recall (receiving) a single complaint." Directions: From San Francisco, go south on Highway 1 to the Bonny Doon parking lot at milepost 27.6 on the west side of the road, 2.4 miles north of Red,

White, and Blue Beach, and some 11 miles north of Santa Cruz. From Santa Cruz, head north on Highway 1 until you see Bonny Doon Road, which veers off sharply to the right just south of Davenport. The beach is just off the intersection. Park in the paved lot to the west of Highway 1; don't park on Bonny Doon Road or the shoulder of Highway 1. If the lot is full, drive north on Highway 1, park at the next beach lot, and walk back to the first lot. Or take Santa Cruz Metro Transit District bus route 40 to the lot; it leaves the Metro Center three times a day on Saturdays and takes about 20 minutes. To get to the beach, climb the berm next to the railroad tracks adjacent to the Bonny Doon lot, cross the tracks, descend, and take a recently improved, sign-marked trail to the sand. Walk north past most of the beach to the nude cove on the north end. Alternately, Dusty suggests parking as far north as possible, taking the northern entrance, and, with good shoes, following a "rocky and steep" walk down to the sand. 2222 BEACH, SANTA CRUZ WELL ESTABLISHED CROWD, PRIMARILY NUDE

Aptly named 2222, a mini-nude beach that takes its title from the house across the street, is still beautiful, still hidden from most passersby, and still attracts a small crowd of regular visitors who are in good enough shape to handle its sketchy, foreboding-looking path. One of America's smallest nude beaches, 2222 is so tiny it could probably fit in your yard. And that's what makes it such a special place. You won't see many people on the sand, which takes scrambling to reach and isn't recommended for children or anyone who isn't a good hiker. However, those who are able to make it down a sharp-angled cliff and past several concrete blocks on the way down may like the quiet and solitude that the beach offers. The most dependable trail begins on the southeast corner of the hillside overlooking the site. Even though there's a walking path just above it, the beach can't be seen from there. College students like to hangout here and, if they're lucky, get a glimpse of a local juggler who sometimes practices his routines on the sand. Tip: for great accommodations, check out the West Cliff Inn, 174 West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, a bed and breakfast inn located a few blocks to the south; it's somewhat pricey, but truly enjoyable. Directions: The beach is a few blocks west of Natural Bridges State Beach and about 2.5 miles north of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. From either north or south of Santa Cruz, take Highway 1 to Swift Street. Drive .8 miles to the sea, then turn right on West Cliff Drive. 2222 is five blocks away. Past Auburn Avenue, look for

2222 West Cliff on the inland side of the street. Park in the pullout with eight parking spaces next to the cliff, on the west side of the road. If it's full, continue straight and park along Chico Avenue. An overlook with two benches facing an interesting obelisk-style sculpture — where my girlfriend and I sat last year — is located between the parking area and the edge of the cliff. Bay Area Naturists leader Rich Pasco suggests visitors use care and then follow the path on the side of the beach closest to downtown Santa Cruz and the Municipal Wharf. PRIVATES BEACH, SANTA CRUZ WELL ESTABLISHED CROWD, PRIMARILY NUDE

Want to visit a beach with great sand and surf, plus a mix of suited and naked users? This year, the charge remains $100 — or $50 if you live nearby — for all the visits you want to make to Privates, which is one of the county's best beaches, until May 31. If you go daily for a year, that's about 27 cents a day. But there are also several ways people have used to circumvent the fee, which we explain below. Visitors include nudists, surfers, families, and local residents. "Everyone gets along," says Brittney Barrios, manager/buyer of Freeline Design Surf Shop, which sells up to 600 beach passes to Privates a year. "It's always very peaceful." "There's a great swell happening here," says a surfer we interviewed this summer. Security guards plus a locked gate keep most troublemakers out. With almost no litter or loud noise, and less wind than most local beaches, the site almost always provides a pleasant atmosphere for users. Do you want to bring your dog? It's OK too. To catch a game of Nude Frisbee or to start one, when you reach the bottom of the beach stairs, walk to the left until you see some people who aren't wearing part or all of their swimsuits. Directions: 1) Some visitors walk north from Capitola Pier in low tide (not a good idea since at least four people have needed to be rescued). 2) Others reach it in low tide via the stairs at the end of 41st Avenue, which lead to a surf spot called the Hook at the south end of a rocky shore known as Pleasure Point. 3) Surfers paddle on boards for a few minutes to Privates from Capitola or the Hook. 4) Most visitors buy a key to the beach gate for $100 a year at Freeline (821 41st Ave., Santa Cruz, 831-476-2950) 1.5 blocks west of the beach. Others go with someone with a key or wait outside the gate until a person with a key goes in,

provided a security guard is not present (they often are there). "Most people will gladly hold the gate open for someone behind them whose hands are full," says Bay Area Naturists leader Rich Pasco. The nude area starts to the left of the bottom of the stairs. MARIN COUNTY BASS LAKE, BOLINAS FEWER THAN HALF VISITORS ARE NUDE

"The lake was great," says regular user Dave Smith, of San Leandro, about his visit to Bass Lake, near Bolinas, this year. "It was during spring break, so there were a lot of people on the trail that day. But we weren't the only ones who were naked in the water. Several people were skinny dipping besides us." Others, who don't necessarily go nude, love Bass too, which, by the way, does not have any bass. San Rafael resident Marie described her November visit as "awe-inspiring" on a message board. She said the walk to get there "was worth every minute ... the water while cool was exhilarating. I can't wait to go back." And Cindi, of San Anselmo, found the setting to be "rejuvenating, awesome, stunning, orgasmic ... I would do it again and again." Bass doesn't attract as many nudists as it did 10 years ago. "When I first went, everybody was nude," says Smith. "Today, though, you have to feel pretty comfortable with your own nudity to swim that way at the lake." Directions: Allow about an hour for the drive from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. From Stinson Beach, go north on Highway 1. Just north of Bolinas Lagoon, turn left on the often-unmarked exit to Bolinas. Follow the road as it curves along the lagoon and eventually ends at Olema-Bolinas Road. Continue along OlemaBolinas Road to the stop sign at Mesa Road. Turn right on Mesa and drive four miles until it becomes a gravel road and ends at the Palomarin parking lot. On hot days the lot fills quickly, so come early. Says Smith: "We once saw hundreds of cars." A sign at the trailhead next to the lot will guide you down scenic Palomarin Trail to the lake. For directions to incredibly beautiful Alamere Falls, 1.5 miles past Bass Lake, which empties onto a beach at the sea, please see "Elsewhere In Marin" in our online listings. RED ROCK BEACH, STINSTON BEACH WELL ESTABLISHED CROWD, PRIMARILY NUDE

The beach is in good shape this year. Warmer than usual weather in spring brought more people — 80 on one day — onto the sand earlier than usual, but, due to higher gas prices and a rough economy, crowd



sizes remain down from a decade ago. "We've had fewer gawkers too," says veteran visitor Fred Jaggi. "The beach is the mellowest it's ever been." If gawking remains down, then it would bring welcome relief. A 2012 visitor estimated the site had "25 percent nasty creeper grossness." In another improvement, the trail is getting rave reviews. Foliage along the path has been pruned back since last year. "It's clean of poison oak," says Jaggi. "It's a really easy walk now," adds another visitor, Michael Velkoff. "You can't beat it. I wear my sandals down there (instead of hiking shoes) while carrying a chair and backpack. If I can walk back up the trail at the end of the day, anyone can do it." Rock climbing continues to be popular. Ultimate Frisbee, Double Disc Court (you throw two Frisbees at once), Befuddle (players toss the first disc softer and the second one harder), Nude Hearts, and Naked Scrabble are some of the other favorite pursuits on the sand. Tips: visit when the tide is low or early in the day; come before noon for the best parking. For the most sand space, drop by on a Monday, known as "Club Day" to the repeat visitors who like to gather then. And, if possible, bring a folding beach chair. Directions: Go north on Highway 1 from Mill Valley, following the signs to Stinson Beach. At the long line of mailboxes next to the Muir Beach cutoff point, start checking your odometer. Look for a dirt lot full of cars to the left (west) of the highway 5.6 miles north of Muir and a smaller one on east side of the road. The lots are at milepost 11.3, one mile south of Stinson Beach. Limited parking is also available 150 yards to the south on the west side of Highway 1. Or from Mill Valley, take the West Marin/Bolinas Stage toward Stinson Beach

and Bolinas. Get off at the intersection of Panoramic Highway and Highway 1. Then walk south .6 mile to the Red Rock lots. Follow the long, steep path to the beach that starts near the Dumpster next to the main parking lot. MUIR NUDE BEACH, MUIR BEACH WELL ESTABLISHED CROWD, PRIMARILY NUDE

Although the public part of Muir Beach has been closed since July 8, the small, quarter-moon shaped, clothing-optional beach just to the north of it is still technically open. This summer, the site was attracting 30-40 people a day, although it may get 100 on hot days. It's one of the only Bay Area nude beaches that receives nearly as many female visitors as males. A variety of people share the cove, which has a more serene and less social atmosphere than nearby Red Rock. Finding it is usually easy: you park at the main Muir lot, walk north on the sand, cross over some rocks, and you're there. Now, though, during improvement work lasting until November, visitors can't park near Muir or enter it by foot. To reach the naked beach, you'll need to hike up to several hours and not be able to use restrooms or garbage cans, which are ringed with fences. Once there, you must continue to the nude beach without stopping on the main beach, even to admire the view or swim in the water, or you will be cited. Directions until 11/10: 1) Take the Coastal Trail to Muir Beach from the Tennessee Valley trailhead, then walk north until you come to a line of rocks marking the start of the nude area. Walk over the rocks. The roundtrip loop is just under 8 miles. See our web

listings for details. 2) A hike of up to 30 minutes on the Coastal Trail begins at the Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, at 1601 Shoreline Highway, off Highway 1 just south of Muir Beach. But the Center's parking lot is tiny, costs single-occupant drivers $5 to use on Sundays (when participation in the Center's program is requested) and isn't open to the public on weekdays or Saturdays, so staff are strongly discouraging its use for Muir access during the beach's closure. Our online report has more info. 3) If you live on Cove Lane, near Pacific Way, you can still access the beach from Cove. Nonresidents can't park on Cove Lane, Pacific Way, or other nearby streets during the closure period. Starting 11/10: From San Francisco, take Highway 1 north to Muir Beach, to milepost 5.7. Turn left on Pacific Way and park in the Muir lot (to avoid tickets, don't park on Pacific). Or park on the street off Highway 1 across from Pacific and about 100 yards north. From the Muir lot, follow a path and boardwalk to the sand. Then walk north to a pile of rocks between the cliffs and the sea. You'll need good hiking or walking shoes to cross; in very low tide, try to cross closer to the water. The nude area starts north of it. RCA BEACH, BOLINAS


In a 1998 movie, visiting Jamaica was How Stella Got Her Groove Back. But if you'd like to revitalize your life, all you may need to do is spend an afternoon at aweinspiring RCA Beach. Even though the site is isolated, don't try to have sex on the sand; rangers ticketed at least one person for engaging in public sex here last fall. A single stopover at this relaxing oasis of tranquility will probably inspire you to keep coming back. "It hasn't changed in decades," says regular visitor Michael Velkoff. One problem: the cove is exposed to the wind. The good news is that there are lots of nooks that are sheltered from the wind. Some nooks, though, provide good shelter from the periodic breezes. Plus there's so much driftwood on the sand that many people build windbreaks or even whole forts. Suited and unsuited men and women and families visit the shoreline. The beach seems far bigger than its one mile length because everyone is usually spread out on the sand. Adds Velkoff: "We'll see six people on a Sunday. Everybody's 30 yards apart. It's amazing." Directions: From Stinson Beach, take Highway 1 (Shoreline Highway) north toward Calle Del Mar for 4.5 miles. Turn left onto Olema Bolinas Road and follow it 1.8 miles to Mesa Road in Bolinas. Turn right and stay on Mesa until you see cars parked past some old transmission towers. Park and walk .25 miles to the end of the pavement. Go left through the gap in the fence. The trail leads to a gravel road. Follow it until you see a path on your right, leading through a gate. Take it along

the cliff top until it veers down to the beach. Or continue along Mesa until you come to a grove of eucalyptus trees. Enter through the gate here, then hike .5 miles through a cow pasture on a path that will also bring you through thick brush. The second route is slippery and eroding, but less steep. "It's shorter, but toward the end there's a rope for you to hold onto going down the cliff," tells Velkoff.  LIMANTOUR BEACH, OLEMA FEWER THAN HALF VISITORS ARE NUDE

Would you like to walk a mile wearing nothing but your smile? At lovely Limantour, in Point Reyes National Seashore, you can do just that. Bring a pair of binoculars for watching birds, seals, and other wildlife. "I've been going there this year since the spring," says Lucas Valley's Michael Velkoff. "There are always whales and dolphins off shore, but recently we've been seeing porpoises too. It's so beautiful at Limantour. I just head away from any people and put my towel down in the dunes or against a wall. A friend went a few days ago. Even though it was windy, she was very comfortable in the dunes. The best thing is that nobody bothers you. Of course, I carry a pair of shorts, just in case I need to put them on. I love it at Limantour. Plus it has tons of nice sand." The long shoreline is one of America's most beautiful beaches, yet few visitors realize the narrow spit of sand, between Drakes Bay and an estuary, is clothingoptional. The site is so big — about 2.5 miles in length — you can wander for hours, checking out ducks and other waterfowl, shorebirds such as snowy plovers (if you are lucky enough to see these endangered birds on the north end of the beach), gray whales (including mothers and their calves during spring), and playful harbor seals (offshore and at the north edge of the sand). Dogs are allowed on six-foot leashes on the south end of the beach. Directions: From San Francisco, take Highway 101 north to the Sir Francis Drake Boulevard exit, then follow Sir Francis through San Anselmo and Lagunitas to Olema. At the intersection with Highway 1, turn right onto 1. Just north of Olema, go left on Bear Valley Road. A mile after the turnoff for the Bear Valley Visitor Center, turn left (at the Limantour Beach sign) on Limantour Road and follow it 11 miles to the parking lot at the end. Walk north a half-mile until you see some dunes about 50 yards east of the shore. Nudists usually prefer the valleys between the dunes for sunbathing. "One Sunday we had 200 yards to ourselves," Velkoff says. But lately, the dunes have been more crowded.



Would You Get Naked for Charity? Editor’s Note: My assistant, Alex, is raising funds to send his family to Disney. For everyone who donates $5 or more, he’s sending his own nude photos that were taken in a special shoot done for this event.  Want your own photo of Alex? You can donate to his cause by clicking here. My sister Giselle is turning 16 this year (SWEET 16!), and her younger sister, Kimberly is turning 15 the day before that. In the Latino culture, young

girls come of age at 15, but since Kimberly was born we always talked about throwing them a bi-cultural shin-dig. It has been my mother's dream to have all of us go celebrate their special days in Disney or Universal Studios. However, I am in grad school. My mother's health doesn't allow her to work. She had to leave the work field to focus on herself, and my father is the sole bread winner. We are a family of 6 and I would really love the opportunity to give them a proper celebration.

They are very simple girls who are into soccer and doing their homework. They never ask for much, always understanding that certain things we cannot afford. But this time it's different. They deserve to be spoiled, and I would appreciate any and all help to make this possible. To help achieve Alex’s goal, reach the kid via his GoFund Me Project - $5, $10 or more and he’ll email his photo to you.

Jinx Titanic What turns you on, Papa? I sat down with Jinx in West Hollywood for a chat about life, nudity, fate, destiny and The Ladykillers.



Interview by: Nick Golic 26


I met Jinx several years ago when he played at CLAW, a leather event, in Cleveland. After being introduced by a mutual acquaintance, Jinx and I crossed paths whenever I flew to Chicago to see him and his band play. For those who are not familiar with his music, Jinx Titanic and his original band, Super 8 Cum Shot, his an incredibly unique sound; homo-surfgarage-core-basement-party is about the closest I can get to describing it. His music had the urgency of bottle rockets, and Jinx’s Daddyrough vocals commanded the listener to have fun, or get the hell out. Jinx’s new band, Jinx Titanic and the Ladykillers, shifts the sound, folding in elements of rockabilly, bossa nova and Mexican folk tunes. Punctuated by some hot brass, heavy strings, and the sultry voice of Catherine Smitko, Jinx’s new sound is more mature but still as playful and perverted as before. His new album, “Mr. Casanova” is available online through his website, I sat down with Jinx at the Sunset Tower Hotel. My suite was prepped to interview Jinx and take photos. Among the props were a giant deck of tarot cards, to which Jinx picked them up and used the images as a springboard, giving insight to all sorts of topics. The following is an excerpt from the 90 minute psuedo-interview.

“Let me look at this big tarot deck right now and see.”

TEMPERANCE You know what? I think about temperance sometimes because I run in extremes. I think it would be nicer to be middle-of-the-road. I don’t know if that’s the right way to say it. I like clear statements, clear messages. I don’t like a lot of ambiguity. I think my real strength is an observer of human beings. I think everything kind of can be condensed to that: that I am an observer of human beings and a recorder of my reaction to that, whether it’s music or other writing or instrumental work or even paintings or things like that. DEATH CARD It’s interesting because I feel that despite having transformed into this new band with Jinx Titanic and The Lady Killers, I feel like the early Jinx is on the verge of a resurgence. It’s strange. I’ve gotten calls for a lot of bookings where they’re requesting songs from like the early records; one call was from a big Daddy/Boy event in Orlando in February. The band has had its incarnations since 2002. Really 2001, really the people who are involved in it going back to 1998 and ’99 but we really didn’t release the Super Eight Cum Shot record until April of 2002. So you figure that’s what, 11 years? I think the greatest transgression maybe a human being can have is to not be conscious of their

own mortality ‘cause I think everything kind of falls from there. I think if you’re aware of that for yourself, it makes you respond and treat other people differently. JUSTICE CARD There is no justice. [laughter] Well, I could speak on the justice system, which would bore you to tears. DEVIL CARD I have to say the devil kind of bores me lately. [laughter] I get it, all its earthiness and expression of sexuality and things like that. The card kind of bores me. I was just at this event last weekend. Somebody was talking about this new fragrance and how it was developed; someone was almost expelled from a class for trying to create a fragrance that smelled like sperm or some crazy thing like that. It amazes me that people still gasp at things that have to do with any kind of prescribed Victorian values. This is not to say that you shouldn’t have some kind of consciousness about what you do in relation to everything else. That’s not what I’m saying. And I don’t believe in recklessness without the ability to understand restraint also. But, I find it so dull. THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE You have no idea what’s happening as much as you try to plan. I think that’s the wonderful thing. It is the one thing that should keep anyone suicidal going. I really think if you’re just open to the world around you and are willing to process what is put in front of you, rather than just go through life with blinders, then I think that things change on a dime. The most wonderful medicine for anything is to know that something can just change in a second. Somebody I was working with on a project said you’re such a positive person, which cracks me up because I don’t think I am. But I don’t think I’m a negative person. Everything makes me laugh. I have this kind of disposition that might be considered ‘sunny’, but it’s just ‘cause everything cracks me up. I can’t believe the incongruities in the world; it just makes me laugh all the time. HERMIT CARD I am very hermit-like. I like to work. I think I’m slower at things than people think because I produce a lot but I only produce a lot because I kind of like to sequester

Jinx Titani click albums for more info

lkjlkjlkjalkjlkj lkjlkjlkjlkjlkjl kjlkjlkjlkjlkjlk jlkjlkjlkjlkjlkjl lasjdflkjasdlfkjasldkfjlaksjdflasjflkajs flkjasdlfjasldkfjalsdjf lasjdflkjasdlfkjasldkfjlaksjdflasjflkajs flkjasdlfjasldkfjalsdjf lasjdflkjasdlfkjasldkfjlaksjdflasjflkajs flkjasdlfjasldkfjalsdjf lasjdflkjasdlfkjasldkfjlaksjdflasjflkajs flkjasdlfjasldkfjalsdjf lasjdflkjasdlfkjasldkfjlaksjdflasjflkajs flkjasdlfjasldkfjalsdjf lasjdflkjasdlfkjasldkfjlaksjdflasjflkajs flkjasdlfjasldkfjalsdjf lasjdflkjasdlfkjasldkfjlaksjdflasjflkajs flkjasdlfjasldkfjalsdjf



myself. I’m very solitary. Of course, yes, I love being social. I have to sometimes stop myself. I’m the person that if you invite me to a party, I’ll be the last person to leave. I was talking about extremes earlier. I’m a disciplined worker, but so many times, I could have gone way over the edge, and just been that person in the gutter. That’s my big fear sometimes. I’ll just wind up stinking in a gutter, penniless, smelling like urine. Which in the right case, smelling like urine’s not horrible. Right? It all depends. A lot of the things with the early Jinx Titanic stuff, the band was really all about freedom, complete freedom, sexual freedom. Freedom to exhibit your body in the way you want. We worked with like the Lickity Split Radical Cheerleaders for a long time and they were kind of this big gender fuck kind of, you know, is that a boy, is that a girl? Is that person thin instead of fat? None of that kind of stuff mattered, you know? I think, once again, that repression is a strange factor. I will say that unless I’m in a social situation, I’m usually pretty much naked in my house all the time. I think you should be naked anywhere you want to be. That said, I realize that the clothing industry is huge. And so we’re talking millions and millions of jobs. [laughter] Of course, I live in a climate where it’s not actually conducive, even in the heat, to be running around naked all the time! There are very few days in Chicago where I think you could really feel comfortable running around naked ‘cause the summer would be torturous and burning you. And the winter, you would not last very long, you know? FIVE OF WANDS What would you call that? It’s not very peaceful. It doesn’t look very peaceful. Just a bunch of guys fighting. There’s some sexuality to it though. Let’s face it, there’s five guys fighting with big staffs. Makes me think of an orgy.

Like a circle jerk, which is one of my favorite group expressions of masculinity and sexuality among men. I think there is nothing better than the well-orchestrated circle jerk. Yes, seriously. I’m not kidding. And I think that the circle jerk is kind of just a really fun thing. I’m not talking about an orgy, like a big blowjob fuck-and-suck thing. I’m thinking about the circle jerk ‘cause you kind of transcend. You go beyond whatever anybody might be defining themselves as, right? Are you gay? Are you straight? Are you bisexual? Are you this, are you that? It’s stimulus. It’s visual. It’s completely male. I do organize them sometimes, but they’re really hard. You’ve got to be a good project manager because people ask a lot of questions and you have to get the right kind of people, with the right kind of mindset, and the right people that realize these are the parameters. It’s like anything; you have to set the parameters. It’s hard to do. You need the right people. So anyway, that’s what I think when I see those men running around with those wands. Jinx Titanic and the Ladykillers can be found on iTunes and on Amazon. His website can be found at


This month’s travel feature will focus on one of the easiest and cheapest location to get to from just about anywhere in the U.S. – Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In addition to one of the most popular clothing optional beaches in the United States, Fort Lauderdale is also home to several clothing optional bed and breakfasts and resorts. Below is a sampling of what you will find in Fort Lauderdale. Bear in mind, this is a brief informative

guide. If you’re thinking of planning a trip and would like some more information, drop me a line at Haulover Beach Park contains one of south Florida’s most beautiful clothing optional beaches–a 0.4 mile stretch of beach on the northern portion that draws people from all walks of life, from all over the world. Nestled between the Intercoastal

Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, Haulover Beach is described as one of the best clothing-optional beaches in the world, as ranked by many online and print publications. As many as 7,000 people visit the beach in a single day. Because clothing is optional, some visitors remained clothed. Although Haulover Nude Beach is only a small portion of the larger Haulover Beach Park, approximately 66% to 85% of



visitors use the nude beach area. Therefore, it is quite friendly to people who want to go nude.

meet fellow guests and make new friends from an interesting mix of U.S. and international travelers.

The Worthington Guesthouse and Resort is an allmale clothing optional Gay Resort Located in Fort Lauderdale. Well known as one of Fort Lauderdale's most popular gay resorts, the Worthington Guesthouse along with The Alcazar Resort next door have a total of 38 rooms combined making their complex one of the largest gay resorts in Fort Lauderdale. Both resorts are side by side and are connected through garden walkway allowing guests the pleasure of both resorts. The gated resort is only 500 feet from the sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean and just a brief 5-minute walk to the popular local gay beach at Sebastian Street (not clothing optional). Enjoy the large sun-drenched and clothing optional courtyards, the perfect setting in which to

The Alcazar Resort is also a clothing optional gay resort in Ft. Lauderdale catering to an all-male clientele. The Alcazar Resort is on the Barrier Islands, just 2 blocks from the beach - and Sebastian Street Gay Beach which is also just a couple minutes away along the seawall. They’re also close to Fort Lauderdale's gay nightlife - as well as to great shopping and wonderful places to eat. The Elysium Resort is Fort Lauderdale's largest gay men’s resort. Choose from 36 studios and suites, with amenities including 2 pools, 18 ft. Jacuzzi and sundeck (all clothing optional) in a spacious yet intimate atmosphere. The Liberty Apartment & Garden Suites is Greater Fort Lauderdale's first and only extended stay

apartment hotel designed for the discerning tastes of the Gay Community. They offer beautifully furnished & fully equipped studio, one & two bedroom apartments with full kitchens, a perfect affordable alternative for seasonal vacations, relocation interim housing or extended business trips. Guests love the Dania Beach location as they are the closest gay accommodation to the famous nude beach at Haulover, near the Gay Beach at John U. Lloyd State Park at Dania Beach, and convenient to all of Gay Fort Lauderdale bars, clubs, restaurants. At the Eleven Unit Apartment Suites guests enjoy their beautifully furnished patio/sun-deck surrounding the immaculate heated pool, all clothing optional. The Seven Unit Garden Suites are located directly across from the Apartment Suites, on a Key West style property, with lush flowering landscaping, gardens and private patios. Both offer a perfect setting for relaxing, socializing with new friends or peacefully lounging in the South Florida sunshine.

drenched clothing optional courtyard, tropical gardens, daily happy hour and a heated pool which is 24/7. Villa Venice Men's Resort is a gayowned resort located just two short blocks from the beach, and convenient to all points of interest. It is often described as one of Fort Lauderdale's premiere affordable clothing-optional Gay Men's travel destination. Featuring 20 rooms and suites on 3 levels, you'll discover a relaxing, tropical atmosphere in which to immerse yourself. Editor’s Note: Michael is a talented travel agent While he’s waiting for his website to be completed, you can email him at to get on his mailing list or inquire about vacations.

The Windamar Beach Resort is described as Ft Lauderdale's friendliest all male guesthouse. Located just steps from Sebastian beach it is clothing optional throughout. It offers remodeled guestrooms with pool & garden views, sparkling pool & bubbling 8 man hot tub. Day passes are also available. The Cheston House has become one of gay Ft. Lauderdale's friendliest places to stay. They offer sparkling clean, renovated rooms, a sun



Starting a Naked Club For One Part Two from “Let’s Get Naked - How to Start a Nudist Club.” This article, I discuss how to start practicing being a nudist when no one else is around to join you.

Like the Rollings Stones wisely said, “You can’t always get what you want.” Some people will have a more challenging time finding other nudists. If you live in the middle of nowhere you might have the perfect place to be naked but

finding nude friends might be difficult. Perhaps you’re not ready to be bare-assed with buddies yet. You still have some doubts about stripping off in front of other people but you think that with a little

practice you’ll have no problem being exposed. What is the shy nudist or remote nudist to do? Why not start a Naked Club for One? A Naked Club for One? Why not? If you have had any issues with being naked in front of others, learning to be comfortable with your body can be a great reason to form a Naked Club for One. Lounging around your home in the nude is a fine way to start your solo-club, so why not have scheduled naked time? A Naked Club for One is also a good idea for those who live remotely and can’t seem to find other nudists in their area. I always tell the solo nudists I meet, “Start your own club. Nothing attracts nudists like an established group.” (More on that in a bit.) So, how do you start creating your Naked Club for One? Carve out a couple of dedicated hours a week to watch TV naked, or exercise naked or garden nude. Make a conscious choice to stay undressed after your shower and remain unclothed for a full hour. Slather your body with moisturizers and give your skin the opportunity to drink it up without being soaked up by your clothing. Pick up a book and read naked (hopefully you’re doing that right now.) Clean your house in the nude. Pick up the mop and broom and get the house in order. You don’t need clothes to iron them. While you’re at it, the dishes need to be done. If the neighbors won’t complain, isn’t it time to wash your windows? Wash the car in the nude. Concerned that the neighbors will see? Wash it in the



garage! Get the vacuum out and clean the interior while you’re at it. Cooking naked is something we’ve done in our home for as long as I can remember. Wearing an apron is the smart thing to do around sputtering oil, but when it comes to basic baking, even the apron can be dropped! Pick up a paintbrush. Paint that room you’ve been meaning to get to or take your paint brushes to a canvas and explore the artist buried within you. Either way, you won’t have to worry about clean up; put the brushes in some water and put yourself in the shower! Find some regularly scheduled time to be naked. Make it a ritual. Enjoy your unclothed time and allow it to be a part of who you are. If you’re one of those folks who would love to have other nudists to share your space but you aren’t in a town of other like-minded people, consider offering your home to travelers. There’s a website/service called Couch Surfing that would be perfect for the nudist looking for a little out-of-town company. Once registered on Couch Surfing, you set up a profile and let people know that you have a couch or guest room for travelers to use for a night or two. Specify that you are a nudist and guests are expected to follow the house rules. You can even post in the Nudist Couch Surfing forums. People who are looking for travel accommodations on the cheap can contact you through the Couch Surfing site to arrange a stay at your home. You play the role of the good Samaritan and hopefully make a good friend in the process. When I was on the site, I offered my home to male nudists and had a few stop by. I greeted them at the door naked and they all quickly followed the house rules and spent all of their indoor time naked as well. I now have a few more nudist friends. You shouldn’t wait for others to start your nudist club. Come up with a

name for your group. Create a logo. Then a website. Perhaps a flag. Do all the things that you would do as if you had 50 people who wanted to become members today. Why? Because when you establish yourself as a nudist group and your website is up and your materials are available, you will attract other fellow nudists. I travel for work so I am always looking for other nudists and places I can hang out naked. Inevitably when I put a post on Craigslist that I’m looking for fellow nudists, I will get a half dozen replies that tell me, “I’ve tried organizing a group in this area, but nothing seems to come of it.” Yet, when I organize a hotel party of nudists in that city, I end up with 5-15 guys in my room without a problem. The difference is that I’m an established nudist who has a history of knowing how to run an event. People are naturally drawn to people who are leaders. If you establish yourself as a leader, even if you have no one to lead at this point, the people will come. Become a Nudist Club of One and before you know it, you’ll be a nudist club for two, then three, then four... A Note On Visibility Just because you are in your own home does not mean that you are safe from laws that govern nudity outside of your home. Your neighbors may not appreciate seeing you nude in your home through their windows. There was a case in Virginia where a man was arrested for going to his kitchen to make coffee while nude. His neighbor saw him and had him arrested. He was acquitted, but the ordeal has made him think twice about the freedom of being nude in his own home. You will have a better chance of attracting fellow nudists if you understand their apprehensions and can answer their questions. In the next chapter, you will learn what is going on in the new nudist’s head and how you can make them feel welcome and comfortable.

NOLA NUDE WORKOUT There are hundreds of exercise videos on YouTube. Find a topic that you’re interested in, click, and start your exercise routine. So, what did I find when I went searching for “Nude Workout”? I found the NOLA ("New Orleans, Louisana") Nude Workout! His teaser video on YouTube shows our anonymous host stripping, exercising and showering himself -- all naked -- all in his backyard. I followed a link on the YouTube site, and for $3.99, I was given access to his exercise video for a limited amount of time. (I admit I never actually did the workouts - I just liked to watch him bark the commands). I tried to locate the mystery gym-rat to no avail. If anyone knows him, please drop me a line. Here’s a bit from his website: -"I created this website to celebrate the art of the human body and have some fun doing it. I also wanted to do something different from what you can normally find on the internet. Hopefully, I have succeeded in doing so. It's not meant to be taken too seriously, as you will be able to see in the shows. It's meant to be fun, maybe funny, and some of you may find it sexy.  All the videos were made in my backyard in New Orleans. I'm an advocate of the nudist lifestyle as well as a natural/holistic one. I am also most passionate about my hometown! I encourage everyone to come and soak up its uniqueness at some time in their life.” Since his workout videos are from a couple years ago, he has branched into new areas of nude backyard recreation, including washing his car and light construction work. Most of these videos seem to include plenty of showering, rubbing himself suggestively and soap bubbles. Judge if you will, the man has figured out how to make some passive income and be nude at home. I say, “Good for him!”



Phallusies By: Ron Kearse

Call it shallow; as some have, call it artistic, which I consider it to be, but I have always loved the male form. Since I was a boy I’ve been fascinated by how the nude male looks and how perfect it appears in my eyes. Another passion that I developed along the way has been photography. My passion for the male body has led me to photographing the male nude. So, it came as no surprise that while vacationing in Europe in 2007 that I had a flash in inspiration. I bought a book of male nudes in Germany and one photo particularly caught my eye, a black and white picture of tall, thin, bearded, nude male laying on a trail in a field, his leg hiding his genitals as he looked admiringly at his cock. I kept thinking how beautiful it was and how I could easily take photos like that. Thus began my three year journey putting together a desk calendar called Phallusies, which was a fund raising project for a local AIDS organization here in Vancouver Canada. Ken, one of the men I asked to model for me best summed up the idea of the calendar through one of the blogs he wrote after the release of the first calendar: “The premise of the calendar is a play on the notion of the “phallus” and the “fallacy,” or a deceptive, misleading, or false notion, belief, etc. By posing with an object (of the model’s choice) in place of their own phalluses, the models play up the fallacy of the phallic object.”

That first calendar led to two more, and by the time the third was ready to be put together; I had guys asking me if they could pose. Several men have asked me if I will be doing a fourth calendar, and I’ve had to say probably not. Doing the photography, raising the funds to have it printed then marketing it later was a lot of work, especially with a day job. These days I’ve been concentrating on developing my writing, but, the beauty of the male body is calling me again and I’m presently developing another photo project featuring male nudes. I’ll keep you posted. About Ron: I'm a writer and photographer who is passionate about the beauty of male nudity. Just getting started at melding my prose and photographs and seeing where this journey will take me, so no actual business yet - just exploring. Presently I have my first fiction novel printed, (Road Without End, ISBN: 978-1-77097-563-7), with a second one in the editing process. I live in Vancouver Canada with Steve, my wonderful partner of almost 30 years.

Tell Ron You Saw Him In GoNaked! Letting our contributors know you saw their work is a great way to thank them. Drop Ron a note by clicking here.




How Nudism Brought Me Freedom

By: Taylor Morgan

Spoiler Alert: All images in this article are pieces of art created by Taylor

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself. My name is Taylor and I’ve been a nudist for the last 18 years. I’m 55 so let me explain what started me on my path to freedom. I was raised in a religious “cult”. I call it that because it fits all the definitions of a cult, so that’s how I feel about it. Because of my beliefs, I was raised to be prudish. I was very selfconscience about my body and how I looked. I felt no one would want to look at me naked. I realized I was attracted to guys around the time I went through puberty. When I started junior high we had to take showers after gym class. I was embarrassed to have to get naked in front of other naked boys – boys I really wanted to get a good look at but was afraid to. I always hated gym class for this reason, all the way through high school – torn between the thrill of one thing and the anguish of the other. I was relieved when I graduated. Because I was raised in a very close-knit family, I wanted to marry as soon as possible. About a year and a half after high school I married the only girl I ever dated. We settled into married life and had two wonderful children. After seven years, I started a job as a mailman. A gay man who worked there felt it was a challenge to “seduce” every married guy he found attractive. After several months of fending off his advances, I finally succumbed to his wiles and had an affair with him. That was the beginning of the end for my marriage. It took eight more years before this happened. At thirty-five I suffered a nervous breakdown because I couldn’t deal with being married to my wife and trying to suppress my

feelings for men. At that point I decided to make drastic changes in my life. Up to this point, because of the religious restrictions, I could only associate with family and friends that were part of the religion. So I left everyone close to me and my religion and struck out on my own. The only people I knew were my workmates. After three months on my own I met the person who became my soul mate. It was love at first sight (really, that does happen). We met on a Monday and he moved in with me two days later and we have been together for over 18 years now. The story around our meeting is very interesting. I won’t go into it here but it is on my Facebook page along with our wedding day if you want to read about it. Harley, my new hubby, has been a nudist all his adult life. This was new to me. He actually felt comfortable being naked around other guys? Being the sensitive guy that he is, he slowly started getting me used to the idea. He belonged to the local gay men’s nudist group, the Sunrunners, ever since it had been formed. He slowly started getting me thinking about attending group functions. I attended a few pool parties during our first summer together. I was too self-conscience about my body, but also excited to see other guys naked. It took me ten years of attending events before I got over my apprehension and just enjoyed socializing with other naked guys. Now we even host

Like the images in this article? Continue reading to learn more about Taylor’s business.




All images in this article are pieces of art created by Taylor

“movie nights” at our house during the cooler months of the year. I now have several fellow nudists that I call close friends. We are attending our third CMEN west coast event over Labor Day weekend.

I enjoy looking at naked men so much that I am starting a business that I think you all will appreciate. I have been artistic all my life. I appreciate good art. I have found a way to provide beautiful paintings to the gay community at a very affordable cost. Please go check out my Kickstarter and my website. It is all explained there. The Kickstarter campaign ends Sept 15th. Go to Kickstarter to view my “The Beauty of Man Taylor Morgan” project. My website is: I don’t mention in my Kickstarter presentation that my art will include naked men in all their glory as I do not want to offend any possible “straight” supporters, but believe me, my website will include an “Erotic” section. Thanks for listening to my story.


Too Realistic to Be a Painting? Taylor uses an amazing technique to paint photos from a special printer. These paintings were created from photographs, and he can do the same for you

About The Beauty of Man Paintings I want to provide every man (and woman) the opportunity to own beautiful works of art. The value, and hence, the cost, of good art is very subjective. Good art is usually priced out of the reach of the common man. I have developed a technique where I can create beautiful paintings in a computer using a photograph as a starting point. I then print this painting out onto canvas, acrylic, aluminum, etc using a special, very expensive large format printer. This printing technique includes printing three-dimensional "brush strokes" so that the finished artwork, to the naked eye, looks and feels just like a real painting. My art will outlast a "traditional" painting. If you would like more information on what I am doing with my new website and my artwork, you may contact me in several different ways. You can drop me an email by clicking this link. You may go to my Facebook page and send me a message there. While you are there, send me a friend invite, I will accept all new friends. Any way you choose, I would love to hear from you - whether you are someone who would like to model for me; you are a photographer who is intrigued by this new way of expressing your talent; you are someone who is interested in purchasing beautiful works of art from me when they become available; if you would like to be notified when my Kickstarter goes live; or you would just like to drop me a note and say hi. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.



Bejeweled Creations I’m a San Francisco artist/nudist that bejewels objects with beads and Swarovski crystals. I also enjoy doing mosaics. By Michael Staley, Michael Staley Designs Most of my work can take many hours to complete. I find it very therapeutic and meditative. I bejeweled several phallic pieces. I can customize one for you if you like. I can bejewel just about anything! Contact me if you would like to commission me for anything or purchase a piece. My email address is, and my website is

“I adhere beads and Swarovski crystals to just about anything!”

ABOUT MICHAEL STALEY I was born in Fremont California in 1967.  After spending time in southern California as an adult I moved to San Francisco in 1987.  Shortly thereafter I was inspired by a jewelry box in a boutique.  It was so beautiful I thought that I could create something similar.  I did!  My first piece is called "Inspiration".  It is in the Bejeweled Boxes section of this site.  From there I would create boxes for friends and family as gifts.  I discovered that my work required focused concentration.  I am very passionate about my work.  I usually work on several bodies of work concurrently.  At times I can have up to four works in process at once.  It’s exciting to have variety in what I do.  I’m never without something to work on.  I discovered the art of doing mosaics a few years ago.  I was challenged by a

mosiaisist by the name of Sharon Von Senden.   She is famous for doing a large mosaic on the first floor of the St Louis Missouri City Museum.  She encouraged me to step out of my symmetric comfort zone and reach as an artist.  After a few attempts I was inspired to create “Hand In The Flame”. Life inspires my work.  Art is all around us if we just open our eyes. My works have grown in complexity throughout the years.  I was also inspired by a British artist, Damien Hirst.  He created a diamond encrusted human skull worth one hundred million dollars.  I created something similar and using Swarovski crystals instead of diamonds.  I call it "Adamas".  This led to the development of the Swarovski crystal covered bull skull.



Photography by JayBee I am JayBee, a Seattle based photographer, specializing in male nudes. To showcase my photography, I created Frisky Frolic, with the central theme, playful living at every naked moment possible. The underlying tone of my photography is simplicity and color. Others describe my photography as clean, fresh, or the

Redwing, MN

familiar with the twist. I work with a range of everyday men that possess an overall appeal of healthy living, positive mind, and body confidence. If that’s YOU, I am always delighted to photograph a new body. Please email me at Thanks for engaging with my photography.

Ashland, OR



Redwing, MN

Ashland, OR

Redwing, MN

Ashland, OR



I knew I was an exhibitionist at an early age when, as a teenager, I looked for any chance to get naked and run around. Being raised in a conservative, religious environment, it seemed to add a bit of tantalizing taboo to my exhibitionism. Once I got a good digital camera and access to the Internet, I was able to expand and explore my exhibitionism. I was born and raised in the mid-west but have loved in the Pacific Northwest for the last 13 years. The attitude toward nudity and naturism is a lot more laid back Email Claire at 25





Meet Christopher Marshall “I'm just a down to earth nudist that loves hanging out with friends (naked or otherwise). I tend to be very social, so I love to work hard and play hard, pun intended.� 52


I've been in television production for six years and a barber for twenty two years. Ive done a few naked haircuts, no lie. I get naked every opportunity I get, which I make sure is very often.

If I can't be naked at a beach or a private party, then I'm always naked at home, which I think my roommates appreciate. At least there aren't any complaints.



Meet HairySucker




“I love getting naked. And I love photography. I love to combine these two passions whenever I can.”

See HairySucker’s work at:

Drop HairySucker a line at: 57

meet German Frank

I live in the very Southern part of Germany, close to Austria. For more than 26yrs I've been working as a flight attendant (Purser) for a major German airline. I started enjoying nudism at the very early age of 15 or 16 - which is probably not very usual in the US.  Fortunately we have ample opportunities in Germany to practice nudism. Clothing optional beaches / lakes are widely spread. I like to hang out naked whenever possible. This includes indoor and outdoor activities. I live happily together with my partner and we have a large garden (as you can see on some pictures) where being naked is so enjoyable. Of couse I'm always eager to find and explore nude places all over the world. In the US I have been to Haulover Beach in Miami several times and also I love to stay at gay resorts in Palm Springs where you can mostly hang out naked throughout the whole property. Especially during the hot summer months (and I mean the temperatures) it feels so great  to hang out naked poolside or at the jaccuzzi after midnight.



Make your next overseas holiday one to remember at

GUYSERS GAYSTAY Clothing optional accommodation for men

Rotorua New Zealand Rotorua is New Zealand’s most diverse holiday destination, offering beautiful scenery, natural geothermal wonders, Maori cultural experiences, world renowned spas, thermal hot pools and adventure activities.

GUYSERS GAYSTAY is right in the heart of Rotorua City, close to the restaurants, bars, shops, the lake front, thermal hot pools, and many tourist activities. Our B&B is private and relaxed with a homely atmosphere and provides a clothesoptional environment for your comfort.

We are here


www.guys For more information

Real Nudists Gallery Our readers. Our subscribers. Living, working, playing naked. Each one of these magnificent men have sent in their photos to be connected with all of you. Each photo includes their email address; why not click on it and send them a friendly “hello”?

Want to submit your photos? Every male over the age of 18 is welcome to participate. You can upload your photos forms/r7p1w7/

Include your email address so that readers can get in touch with you. Your photo should be more than a torso shot. Full face/body preferred. If you are not going to share your face, your photo needs to be compelling on its own. No “pieces/parts”, please. We have LOTS of men who submit their photos. There might be a couple month wait before your photo appears. Please be patient. We post the photos in the order they arrive.


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Print this page out and get inspired daily. GO LEAD a balls-out life!

Personals & Classifieds nakedMCO LTR or good FWB. GWSM and live Dwntn Orlando. Very few requirements except personality, intelligence, spontaneity and maturity. Mr. Right or a good friendship will be obvious to both of us. Enjoy dinners at home and out, concerts, theater, films, Playalinda Beach, traveling, gardening, walking and dogs. Turn offs are not telling the truth, smoking, negative energy, heavy weight, bad breath and a man who cannot make decisions. I have a positive attitude and am very realistic and sensible in my approach to life. *

Looking for other nudists nearby - Red Wing, MN Ashland, OR Looking for other nudists in the Red Wing Minnesota area. Need nudist friends in my local area that I can hang out with and relate to. In the future would maybe consider travels buddies to warmer climates. I am a male, enjoy the freedom of no clothes and am comfortable doing so. Am hoping to connect on that same level. Mark -



Personals & Classifieds Redwing, MN Stop over in Ashland, Oregon! Want a place to stop over between Palm Springs and the Pacific Northwest? I can host in Ashland, Oregon, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Maybe we can see a play and then see what comes up! - Jerry -

Gävleborg, Sweden

Exhibitionist Christofer Döss aka nakencrille Ashland, OR This is me the Swedish exhibitionist Christofer Döss aka the life enjoying bisexual nude model nakencrille on my self exposing nude website I nude model for arts classes and working naked also gets me jobs for photographers, artists and stag and hen parties as well. As a male exhibitionist, with an own website, I get a lot of fans from all around the world and if you like you are also free to join my fanclub, at You can also find me all across the Internet - just google nakencrille or Christofer Döss. -

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Redwing, MN

RUNNUR Personal Cargo Pack Tweedz Red Braided Headphones Tired of tangled headphone cords? The nylon cord is not only handsome, they almost never tangle. Shut out the world with these fabulous headphones. $25

Where does a nudist put his wallet, keys, cash, pens, glasses and water bottle? Take a look at the hot Runnur - the stylish solution for the nudist who has, and carries, everything.

O'Keefes Creme Creates the perfect microenvironment for skin to repair itself, O'Keefes is the best foot cream that we found for dry, rough, cracked feet. Guaranteed Effective. $7.

Albolene You can use Abolene to clean your face, moisturize rough skin, but it’s known to be the best jack-off lube ever. Never dries out, no odor and leaves you ultra moisturized. A little goes a long, long way. $12.79 68


Nude Beaches Worldwide Our First List of Nude Beaches A big thanks to Mark for taking on this giant project at the last minute! Below is the beginning of what we hope will become a very complete list of nude beaches worldwide. Eventually, they will be hyperlinked to more information, but for now, it’s a great starting point. If you know of other beaches that permit nudity, please drop a line to

Anguilla, Quartier D'orléans, Orient Beach Australia, Perth-Cottesloe, Swanbourne Beach Austria, Klosterneuburg, Donauinsel, North Austria, Klosterneuburg, Greifenstein Austria, Vienna-Donaustad, Dechantlacke, Lobau Austria, Vienna-Meidling,Wienerberg Austria, Vienna-Zwischenbrücken, Gansehäufel Brazil, Florianopolis, Praia de Galheta Canada, Toronto-Centre Island, Hanlan's Point Beach Croatia Medulin, Kazela Croatia, Baška, Bunculuka Croatia, Drvenik, Mlaska Croatia, Funtana, H Istra Naturist Croatia, Krk, Tomazevo Naturist Beach Croatia, Mali Lošinj (10 km),Baldarin Croatia, Marinkovac, Jerolim beach Croatia, Novalja, Strasko Croatia, Polari, Polari Croatia, Pomena, çıplaklar kampı Croatia, Punat (3 km),Konobe Croatia, Vrboska,Vrboska Croatia, Vrsar, H Koversada Croatia, Vrsar, H Valalta Denmark, Klampenborg,Klampenborg France , Cap d'Agde, Naturist F-Cap d Agde plage de naturistes France , St. Tropez, Naturist F-Ramatuelle plage de naturistes France, Hyères, Naturist F-Carqueiranne plage naturiste du Bau Rouge france, Arzon,Plage de Kerjouanno France, Bayonne, Naturist F-Tarnos plage naturiste France, Berck (3 km), Berck Plage France, Boyardville, Naturist F-Saint Georges d'Oleron plage naturiste

Nude Beaches Worldwide France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France, France,

Bravonne/Corsica, Naturist F-Baghera plage naturiste Brest, Naturist F-Crozon plage naturiste de Lost-Marc h Cap d'Agde, Cap Agn Cap d'Agde, Cap d'Agde Cap d'Agde, Cap El Pueblo Cap d'Agde, Cap Natureva Cap d'Agde, Cap Port Ambonne Cap d'Agde, Cap Port Venus Cap d'Agde, France Cap d'Agde, Naturist F-Cap d' Agde plage des naturistes Cap Ferret (9 km), Naturist F-La Teste de Buch plage naturiste de La Lagune Capbreton, Naturist F-Ondres plage naturiste Fos sur Mer, Naturist F-Martigues Anse de Bonnieu Fouesnant, Naturist F-Fouesnant plage naturiste Kerler Frontignan, Naturist F-Frontignan plage naturiste des Aresquier Gruissan (4 km), Plage des Ayguades Hauteville, Naturist F-Wissant Dunes du Chatelet Hyères (8 km),Plage des Salins Hyères, Naturist F-Hyeres plage naturiste des Salins Kerboulic, Naturist F-Lannion plage naturiste Mez And Aod La Barre-De-Monts, Naturist F-Notre Dame de Monts plage naturiste des Lays La Barre-De-Monts,Plage des Lays La Flotte, Naturist F-L Aiguillon sur Mer Pointe d'Arcay La Tranche-sur-Mer, Naturist F-La Tranche sur Mer plage naturiste La Tranche-sur-Mer, Plage de la Terriere Lacanau Océan, Grande Plage - Lalexandre Le Croisic, Naturist F-La Turballe plage naturiste de Pen-Bron Le Havre (4 km),Plage de St Adresse Le Lavandou, Naturist F-Le Lavandou plage naturiste du Layet Le Penon, Naturist F-Soorts-Hossegor plage naturiste Le Porge, Naturist F-Le Porge plage de naturistes Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, Stella Plage Le Verdon Sur Mer, Naturist F-Le Verdon sur Mer plage naturiste St Nicolas Lège-Cap-Ferret, Naturist F-Le Porge plage naturiste de la Jenny Les Sables-D'olonne, Naturist F-Olonne sur Mer plage naturiste Sauveterre Loctudy, Plage de Mousterlin Mesnil-Val-Plage, Naturist F-Criel Plage plage de naturistes Montalivet les Bains, Naturist F-Montalivet les Bains plageMixte et Naturistes Noirmoutier-En-L'Île, Naturist F-Noirmoutier plage naturiste Noirmoutier-En-L'Île, Naturist F-Noirmoutier plage naturiste de la Liniere Ouistreham, Naturist F-Merville-Franceville plage naturiste Piccovagia/Corsica, Naturist F-Porto-Vecchio pointe de la Chiappa Pléneuf-Val-André, Naturist F-Erquy plage naturiste du Lourtuais



Nude Beaches Worldwide France, Pléneuf-Val-André, Plage de Nantois France, Plouhinec, Naturist F-Erdeven plage Kerminihy (Mixte et Naturistes) France, Plouhinec, Naturist F-Erdeven plage naturiste Kerminihy France, Pornichet, Naturist F-Pornichet crique de Chemoulin France, Port Camargue (6 km), Plage de Lespiguette France, Port Camargue, Naturist F-Le Grau du Roi plage naturiste des Barronnets France, Port Leucate, Naturist F-Leucate plage naturiste de Port-Leucate France, Port-Saint-Louis-Du-Rhône, Naturist F-Arles plage naturiste de Piemanson France, Préfailles, Naturist F-Prefailles lage naturiste Pasquin et Choiseau France, Préfailles, Naturist F-Prefailles plage de La Raitrie France, Propriano/Corsica, Naturist F-Propriano plage naturiste de Propriano France, Royan, Naturist F-Saint Georges de Didonne plage naturiste France, Saint Brieuc, Naturist F-Plerin plage naturiste des Rosaires France, Saint Martin D'ardèche, La Plage des Templiers France, Saint Pierre la Mer, Naturist F-Fleury plage naturiste de la Grande Cosse France, Saint Pierre la Mer, Naturist F-Fleury plage naturiste de Saint re la Mer France, Saint-Augustin, Naturist F-La Tremblade plage naturiste de la Bouverie France, Saint-Augustin, Naturist F-Saint Palais sur Mer plage naturiste France, Saint-Augustin, Naturist F-Saint Palais sur Mer plage naturiste France, Saint-Germain-sur-Ay (4 km), Plage de la Pointe du Banc France, Saint-Germain-sur-Ay, Naturist F-Saint Germain sur Ay pointe du Banc France, Saint-Gilles-Croix-De-Vie, Naturist F-Bretignolles sur Mer plage du Petit-Pont France, Saint-Jean-De-Monts, Naturist F-Saint Hilaire de Riez plage Le Grand Bec France, Saint-Jean-De-Monts, Naturist F-Saint Hilaire de Riez plage naturiste France, Saint-Trojan-les-Bains, Naturist F-Dolus d'Oleron plage naturiste Vert Bois France, Saint-Trojan-les-Bains, Naturist F-Le Grand Plage plage naturiste France, Serignan, Naturist F-Serignan plage naturiste France, Serignan, Naturist F-Serignan plage naturiste France, Sigean, Naturist F-Port la Nouvelle lage naturiste des Moutilles France, St. Aygulf, Naturist F-Saint Aygulf plage Mixte et Naturistes France, St. Tropez (4 km), Plage de Tahiti France, St. Tropez, Naturist F-Saint Tropez Plage du Fort de la Moutte France, St. Valery-En-Caux, Naturist F-Manneville es Plains plage de l'Escamet France, Torreilles, Naturist F-Torreilles plage naturiste Sud France, Toulon, Naturist F-La Seyne sur Mer Anse de Fabregas France, Toulon, Naturist F-La Seyne sur Mer plage naturiste du Malpasset France, Toulon, Naturist F-La Seyne sur Mer plage naturiste St Selon France, Treffort, Plage des Vignes Frnce, Port Leucate, Naturist F-Leucate plage de naturistes Germany, Dahme, Rosenfelder Strand Germany, Travemunde (5 km), Timmendorfer Strand Greece, Katerini, Nei Pori Hungary, Balatonakali, Levendula Naturista Kemping és Strand

Nude Beaches Worldwide Hungary, Balatonvilágos, Piroska kemping és strand Hungary, Makó, Strand Hungary, Szeged, Along the Tisza Ireland, Mullaghmore, Trawalua beach Italy, Ansedonia Toscana Beach Italy, Garda (no name) Italy, Garda, Strand Luxembourg, Insenborn, Burfelt Mexico, Tulum, Tulum/Cabanas Mongolia, West Mongolia, (no name) Netherlands, Doornspijk, Ellerstrand Netherlands, Muiderberg, Zilverstrand Netherlands, Spakenburg, Laakse Strand Portugal, Armação de Pêra (4 km), Playa da Galé Portugal, Estela,Praia da Estela Portugal, Nazaré (4 km),Praia do Salgado - Nazaré Sul Portugal, Setubal (4 km), Praia Bico das Lulas Beach-Pt Russia, St Petersburg, The Dunes Spain, Agaete/Las Palmas, Farenoque Spain, Agaete/Las Palmas, Playa de Risco Spain, Agua Amarga (4 km), Los Muertos Beach Spain, Almenara (5 km), Platja Nudista de Sagunt Spain, Almuñécar (7 km), Cantarrijan Playa Spain, Arinaga/Las Palmas, Playa de Vargas Spain, Arucas/Las Palmas, Playa Las Salinas del Bufadero Spain, Benidorm (5 km), Torre Conil Beach Spain, Ca Na Costa/Formentera (8 km), Playa Es Calo Spain, Ca Na Costa/Formentera (8 km), Playa Es Calo Spain, Ca Na Costa/Formentera,Playa Es Pujols Spain, Castillo del Romenral/Las Palmas, Coral de Espino Spain, Castillo del Romenral/Las Palmas, Playa del Cardon Spain, Corralejo/Fuerteventura, Corralejo Dunes Spain, Corralejo/Fuerteventura, Infiniti Spain, Elche (7 km), Saladar Beach Spain, Gáldar/Las Palmas, Caleton de los Cangrejos Spain, Gáldar/Las Palmas, Punta del Angosta Spain, Haria/Lanzarote, Charco del Palo Naturist Spain, Haria/Lanzarote, Famara Spain, La Aldea de San Nicolás/Las Palmas, Punta Gongora Spain, La Corujera/Tenerife, Playa de los Patos Nude Spain, La Manga del Mar Menor (6 km), Calblanque - Playa Larga Beach Spain, La Manga del Mar Menor (7 km),Playa Negrete Spain, La Oliva/Fuerteventura, Cala de Cotillo



Nude Beaches Worldwide Spain, Las Coloradas (Lanzarote)/Lanzarote, Playa Papagayo Spain, Las Palmas de Grancanaria/Las Palmas ,Las Salinas Spain, Las Palmas de Grancanaria/Las Palmas, La Fuente Spain, Lomo Quiebre/Las Palmas, Playa los Secos - Tasarte Spain, Maspalomas/Las Palmas, Sandy (Playa del Inglés) Spain, Maspalomas/Las Palmas,Playa del Ingles Spain, Morro del Jable (Fuerteventura)/Fuerteventura, Playa de Butihondo Spain, Morro del Jable (Fuerteventura)/Fuerteventura, Playa de Sotavento Spain, Pájara/Fuerteventura, Playa de Sotavento Spain, Pájara/Fuerteventura,Playa de Barca Spain, Pinomar, Los Tusales Beach (Guardamar del Segura - Alicante) Spain, Playa de Mogán/Las Palmas,Mogan Spain, Playa de Santiago/Gomera, Playa del Medio Spain, Puerto de la Cruz/Tenerife, Parque Vacacional Eden Spain, Puerto Naos/La Palma,Puerto Naos, Las Monjas Spain, San Bartolomé/Lanzarote, Playa de Guasimeta Spain, San Sebastián de la Gomera/Gomera, Playa del Cabrito Spain, Santa Ponca/Mallorca (5 km), El Mago - Textile Beach Spain, Santander (8 km), Playa de Covachos Spain, Ses Salines/Ibiza, Playa d'Es Cavallet Spain, Taurito/Las Palmas, Medio Almud Spain, Taurito/Las Palmas, Playa Taurito Spain, Taurito/Las Palmas, Playa Tauro Spain,Maspalomas/Las Palmas, Aparthotel Playa del Ingles Spin, Santa Pola (6 km),Carabassi Beach Sweden, Saltsjöbaden, Källtorp Nude Beach Sweden, Stockholm, PGs Udde Nude Beach Sweden, Stockholm-Huddinge, Ågesta Nude Beach Sweden, Stockholm-Kungsholmen, Långholmen Turkey, Cökertme (26 km), Adaburnu Gölmar Hotel Strand Turkey, Uzunyurt, Butterfly Valley (Kekebek Vadisi) Ukraine, Simeiz, Boy's Rock Simeiz Ukraine, Vyshhorod, Obolon naturist beach United Kingdom, Dyffryn Ardudwy,Morfa Dyffryn United Kingdom, Newquay (7 km),Perranporth Beach United States , Hilo/Hawaii, Kehena black beach United States, Hauula/Oahu, Kaena point, nude hiking and beach United States, Honolulu/Oahu, Diamond Head near the light house United States, New Jersey, Middletown, Sandy Hook United States,Wisconsin, Mazomanie, Mazo Beach


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