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December 2013

December 2013 Issue #5

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From the editor

Making Time Between Time. We are all busy, especially at this time of year. Many of you don’t know that I work a regular 40-hour a week job that I fly to and from 75minutes each way, twice a week. I publish GoNaked Magazine monthly from my hotel room. I also publish the Cleveland nudist club’s newsletter and website, and I am the Assistant Editor of a newsletter for antique glass collectors. And I just published a 100 page lifestyle magazine for a jeweler that will be released six times a year. Every weekend, I make a point to see a handful of friends at dinners or brunches, help clients build websites, clean my home and try to run a normal life. That’s a pretty busy schedule.

I make a point of getting my Christmas shopping done and wrapped by Thanksgiving, allowing time for baking holiday cookies, creating homemade crafts and gifts my friends have come to expect, and writing holiday cards. My friends think I’m a powerhouse, but I have the same amount of time in the day that you have, and the same amount of hours a day that Thomas Edison had. How do I do so many things? Here’s my secret: I make time between time.

What is “making time between time?” There are holes of time in everything that we do - time when we are not actively doing anything. Time spent waiting, holding, queuing...time that slips by when we think of a dozen tasks that we need to do: “I should call Michael and ask him when I can take his photograph,” or “I need to send Chris an email about bartending.” These are not tasks that I have to sit down to complete; they are spur of the moment ideas that are waiting for me to take action. If I can do something at that moment (e.g. send a text or an email,) I whip out my phone and I get it done. If it is a task that requires additional time or resources, it goes on a 3x5 card. I am the King of 3x5 cards. I write down the task and it stays with me until I complete it. A new card is used for each task. Doing this forces me to act when a thought comes to me rather than waste time writing it down and carrying the card with me. The important thing about these tasks is that they don’t become my task list - they become my action list.

Action. Act. Move. Get it done. Don’t think about out . Trust your gut. Make a move. You have to act, or else that thought, that task, becomes a weight around your neck.

I created GoNaked Magazine so that you could interact with it immediately. Most articles, photos and ads are linked back to their authors or to their websites. When you see something you like, tap on the author’s name, send him an email and send it off. See a product you like? Click on the ad and find out more about it. The holidays are just a few weeks away. We are all at the point where we are busy with family, friends, deadlines, parties, gift buying, paying bills, etc. You can handle all of it, but you have to find time and make time. Get out those 3x5 cards. Shoot that email or text you’ve been meaning to send. Make the time. Find the time. Do it now. Take care, Stay Bare, and Happiest of Holidays to all of you! Nick



Letters to The Editor Readers Sound off Enjoying GoNaked on Vacation Nick,

events.  All of it was very fun and lively.  The pictures and information about nudist events and places is just a benefit.

Let me just say, I LOVE the magazine.  Been following since the beginning and each issue get's better than the last.  The last issue was outstanding and packed full of great entertaining material!  I was on vacation when it came out and I was able to read every word from cover to cover. 

Thanks for reaching out to all of us Nudists.  We certainly welcome the positive outlook.  I can't wait for the next issue!

Really enjoyed the Str8 Cam interview and the questions from straight guys who go to nudist

"I’m having a hard time understanding the relationship between this tumblr page and the

Chris H in Cleveland Tumblr vs. GoNaked Magazine


magazine. I respected the magazine for publishing articles and pictures of people who enjoy being naked and exhibitionism. I enjoy the fact that your magazine is based on reader submitted pictures. But after following the Tumblr page and being inundated with a deluge of obviously reposted images (more than any other page I follow), the legitimacy of the magazine is in question. The magazine promotes non-sexual naked fun while the tumbler page is full of images of guys jerking off or posing with erections. While this doesn’t offend me, it seems counter to the premise of the magazine. Today I saw images of two friends, obviously stolen from their private pictures sections of their online profiles…just another example of questioning your intent. Anybody can repost images online, but since you are promoting your publication, a higher order should be maintained. Sometimes, less IS more. Disappointed - Just sayin. " HS

Dear HS, I know that at times there seems to be a disconnect between the Magazine's message and the Tumblr account. GoNaked Magazine is what you said it is: a celebration of nudist men without the trappings of sexuality. There will be times when it crosses a line, but for the most part, it is a periodical for and by men who are nudists. The Tumblr account is what most Tumblr accounts are: reposts of photos. In our case, I do still try to find photos that embrace male


nudity without honing in on just a close-up shot (although sometimes, a beautiful butt or back might catch my eye.) The Tumblr account leads men to the magazine - that is its only purpose. Many, and I mean MANY, of our readers still associate sexuality with nudity. That's fine that's their interpretation. Tumblr acts as a way for them to appreciate the male nude the way they want to enjoy it. While I try to stay away from JO photos and full erections, they do sneak by, sometimes intentionally. (I may be approaching 50 years old, but I'm not dead.) I draw the line at penetration which can be found other places. I can assure you that I didn’t go into anyone’s private files and steal their photos. I don’t have enough time to keep up with most social media, let alone find ways to hack into someone’s account, casually peruse their photos and plot their demise. I do use social media tools to upload and queue Tumblr posts throughout the day up to Tumblr’s maximum. Instead of thinking of Tumblr and GoNaked as one product, think of them as Lady Gaga: Her product is music, but to market that music, she puts on a show when she's not on stage by wearing meat dresses. The Magazine is the show, Tumblr is the meat dress. One leads the audience member to the other. You can like Gaga's music and not like her antics, just like you can appreciate the magazine and not like the Tumblr. That's OK. Find the one that speaks to you and enjoy it. Take care, Stay Bare, Nick

Nude is Not Lewd Nick, I am a Minnesota resident. Society deserves no apology regarding your acceptance/promotion of nudity!! The human body is a gift which provides chances for its occupants to pursue good lives. We all pretty much have the same bodies. We are born naked, we dress naked, we shower naked.....and under our clothes we maintain bare forms! As such, nudity alone IS NOT about intercourse! And while enthusiasm towards sexual penetration can be a kind emotion, everyone simply can/should avoid such behavior if/when negative results are possible. No harm is done by feeling comfort in our own skin, either. Clothes are often necessary due to bad weather and dirty conditions. Yet, humanity can exude

kf o o L Ran



Although we should utilize clothes when needed, we should not buy the notion that clothes are always essential in front of one another. We should not hold a belief that every person is making unwise decisions without covers. In short, society needs more gratitude for human anatomy and fewer accusations about absences of clothing. Chris K



ho oug


civility...our first duty...both when clothed and when bare. Clothing is no promise of maturity, and nudity issues no guarantee of foolishness. Censorship of nudity...including blurry images over breasts/genitals and orders for participants to hide their breasts/genitals while in front of cameras....can give a message that our bodies are shameful, that nudity automatically equals abusive conduct. This is an unhealthy circumstance!




e! Patrick 9

Let’s Go Down Under Revelwood Retreat 22


Robert Ferguson The Naked Painter 36

Rocky & Christian’s Naked Wedding 50

All the Santas Come To Visit 84 GoNaked Magazine GoNaked Magazine is a monthly publication published solely by Nick Golic in Cleveland, OH. Photographers and authors always retain the right to their own material and is used here by permission of the submitter. Photographers and authors also agree that all work is their own and all model’s agreements are on file by the artist. GoNaked Magazine does not recommend, approve or endorse the products and/or services offered by companies advertising in the magazine or website. Nor does GoNaked evaluate products and services carefully before deciding to purchase. Nothing in this publication may be reproduced in any manner, in whole or in part, without specific written permission of the author. Any material sent is at the owner’s risk and, although every care is taken, neither GoNaked Magazine nor its agents shall be liable for loss or damage. We take great care to make sure all elements of GoNaked Magazine are accurate, however, we accept no liability for any misprints or mistakes that appear in this magazine.


14. Write for Us! Want to contribute to GoNaked Magazine? We lay out the next 12 months of issues in our Editorial Calendar! 02. Caribbean Nude Beach Experience 24. Abbey House Gardens A lovely English Garden that offers clothing optional tours. 30. Nude Beaches in Asia and Oceania

41. Naked Power. 43. Running Naked in the Streets of San Francisco 07. My Trip to Paradise Noah takes a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to the Maldives Islands and shares his naked retreat from the world with us.


58. Naked Opinions Micropenises and social nudity. Everyone has an opinion on something. 64. Straight Man in the Kitchen - Pancakes

68. Starting a Nudist Club - Identify Yourself

70. 2014 Fitness Challenge We are challenging all of our readers to get fit in 2014! And to get you on your way, we are offering a 36 day fitness challenge. Read about the exciting challenge coming in January.

74. Featured Bloggers and Photographers A handsome naked artisan and an assortment of stunning black and white photographer - sure to please your eye!

98. Featured Readers 114. Real Nudist Gallery 124. Brother, Can Ya Spare a Buck? 134 Nudist Clubs by State 134. Personals and Classifieds


WRITE FOR US! 2014 GoNaked Editorial Calendar 2014 is around the corner and I am already making big plans for GoNaked Magazine. Many of you are eager to write for us. Some of you want to tell the readers about your work, projects, products, nudist clubs and vacation spots you’ve visited. I want to publish as many of you as I can! When writing for GoNaked Magazine, keep in mind our philosophy:  connecting you to the people, places and things that matter to male nudists. Every article MUST tie in to nudity. I wanted to share my "Issue Outline" for the coming 12 months. This list of topics might trigger ideas for articles that you want to submit If you have an idea for an article, drop me a line at Let me know what you're interested in presenting. If approved, you'll need to supply me with a 150-750 word article and several photos that will entice the readers to look at your article. I will supply a link where you can upload your article when it's complete.

Here’s The List: Issue 6 - Jan 2014 - New You Transformation Topics include fitness, wellness, focus on change, job changes, bravery, adventure, new outlooks, new beginnings. Issue 7 - Feb 2014 - Lucky in Love Focus on couples (or triads), things that we love, people we admire or remember (anyone want to write about "The Naked Guy" from Berekley?), romantic foods, ways to say "I Love You" 14

Issue 8 - Mar 2014 - Vacation Plans Nudist destinations, 1-suitcase vacations for nudists, focus on B&B's, resorts or lodges that allow nudity. This would be a great issue to be in if you're a travel agent, B&B or other destination resort. Issue 9 - Apr 2014 - Jocks Athletes - traditional and non-traditional. A look at the 2014 Gay Games.  Group fitness (Crossfit, others), jockstrap reader gallery Issue 10 - May 2014 - Nudist Clubs Tell us about your club - represent!  What tips, tricks, advice do you have to boost membership? How do you get new members?  Issue 11 - June 2014 - MidYear Checkup It's skinny dipping weather! Checking in with guys who have committed to the 6-month workout plan Issue 12 - July 2014 - Big Bang (The Sex Issue) Fireworks fly in this issue as we focus on the sexier side of nudity. Exhibitionism. Public nudity. Sex advice. Reader sex survey. Issue 13 - Aug 2014 - Back to School Learning. Education. Online schools. Changing careers. Starting over.  Issue 14 - Sept 2014 - Comfort What brings you a sense of peace? Food? Home? Friends? Activity? Travel? Meditation? What can you teach that to others? Issue 15 - Oct 2014 - Halloween What's the scariest place you've been naked? Nudist Halloween costumes. Stories of tricks and treats. Issue 16 - Nov 2014 - Food & Friends Gratitude. Reflection of the past year. Thriving during the holidays. Loneliness and depression. Finding nudist friends. Celebrations. Issue 17 - Dec 2014 - Gifts Simple gifts. Homemade gifts. Elaborate gifts. The joy of giving, the art of receiving. Massages and home spa treatments

J.D. Salinger (Catcher in the Rye) wrote in the nude using a typewriter in the back of his car.

Many of you are eager to write for us. Some of you want to tell the readers about your work, projects, products, nudist clubs and vacation spots you’ve visited. I want to publish as many of you as I can! 15

CARIBBEAN Nude Beach Experience by Josh LaForce I've always been a nudist. At a very young age, when my brothers and I would engage in various activities, it was inevitable that I would lose all of my clothes. Whether playing horse-races (we were the horses running around our toy-boxes lined up in the middle of the living room, where I would be Naked-Horse) or playing in the gigantic-to-an-8-year-old mud puddles in the front yard of our rural home in Northern California's Wine Country, I'd be the one without clothes. (I wish I could find the pictures! I'm sure they're somewhere in my mother's attic).


As I grew up and moved out of the house and into my own place my practice of wearing as little clothing as possible continued. My housemates learned to deal with it. Most of the time I'd be around the house wearing nothing save an old t-shirt. When I did strenuous house-work, or even non-strenuous, like assembling Ikea-style furniture or cleaning the bathroom, I'd be in the nude; The Naked Carpenter was my sobriquet.


In my 20's I made a friend that was also a nudist and it was he that introduced me to my first nudist vacation; Laguna del Sol in the Sacramento Valley of California. From that weekend on I was hooked. I began to join various organizations and with those memberships came advertisements. I first heard about Club Orient on the Caribbean isle of St. Martin in this manner and was determined to go

there one day. That day, and more, came it was well worth it.

several recently and

Orient Bay is a large bay on the north-eastern edge of a Caribbean island shared by two countries. The south side of the island is part of the Netherland Antilles (a Dutch territory) and the north side is under the French flag. Orient Bay is firmly on the French side of the island and you can clearly sense it from the laid back atmosphere of the beaches and establishments as well as the cuisine and culture. The beach on the south end of the bay is considered by many to be one of the top 10 most beautiful nude beaches in the world. With its white powder sand and crystal clear blue water it certainly a place on such a list. As the entire bay is useable beach there is plenty of traffic all year round in the temperate water and the majority of bathers on the sun-kissed sands go topless be they male or female. The full nudity is confined to the southern 3rd of the beach.

Conversations with other nudists from all over the world were easy to strike up and stories shared were enjoyable and meaningful.

The shallow water of the bay is mostly calm as there are some natural features, islands and sand bars, that keep the waters protected, providing an anchorage for small sailboats and skiffs from other areas of the island or even other nearby islands. The beach on the south end, though public, is the beachfront for the popular nudist resort of Club Orient. They maintain the beach and have a

clothing optional bar at the north end and a restaurant and bar at the far south end. Chairs and umbrellas maintained by Club Orient are available for rental at reasonable costs to visitors and free to guests of the resort. I was a little nervous about the language and monetary barrier; St. Martin is a French Territory and as such the official language is French and they use Euro as the local currency. This fear was short-lived however when I found that nearly

everyone spoke excellent English and many of the beach bars and shops, all in the clothed section, accepted US currency at a simple 1to-1 ratio, USD to EU. During my visit to the island this meant about a 15% discount as long as I paid in cash. The visitors and vendors on the nude side of the beach were equally as friendly. Conversations with other nudists from all over the world were easy to strike up and stories shared


were enjoyable and meaningful. There was one individual that all the nudists tended to eye suspiciously; a local man who was leading a school of Palometa, sometimes called Angelfish, back and forth in the water near the shore. Feeding them bread from a plastic bag and calling to them with a series of chirps and whistles to encourage them to follow him on his amusing trek. These fish have become used to human presence. So comfortable are they that they expect to be fed. This causes them to be a bit aggressive and they have been known to take nips at human appendages that look


like they might have or be food. For a nudist this can present a few issues and this was the main cause of consternation among those of us with our bits dangling in the water near the school of feeding fish, be they his friends or no. This piscine Pied Piper was wearing shorts! No fair! As an avid skin-diver and snorkeler I took advantage of the clear warm waters to explore what was under the water as well as on the beach. Along with the Palometa there were an abundance of conch shells, both occupied and abandoned, and

various other fish, though not as colorful as other tropical fish on other islands in the area. A wooden platform floating about 15 yards offshore made for a great destination to rest and soak up some rays to perfect that all-over tan in between dives in the azure sea-water. I've spent several happy days in the water and on the sands of Orient Bay and hope to return someday. I still have tan-lines to erase!

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If You Want To Tan Your Bum...

It's Time To Plan A Trip Down Under! A review of Revelwood Rainforest Retreat in Bangalow, NSW Australia

by Michael It's Spring time in Australia, with summer just around the corner, so take a look at a couple of elegant, clothing-optional B&B's that Australia has to offer: Byron Gay  B&B, located in Revelwood Rainforest,  is a beautiful


20-acre property set in the rolling hills of Byron Bay hinterland, just 5 miles from the Northern NSW town of Bangalow. Nestled in subtropical rainforest, and perched on the banks of Byron Creek, Revelwood Retreat is an ideal secluded, peaceful and private country getaway

“Clothing is almost always optional at Revelwood.” Accommodations include Poolside suites, Riverview rooms, Creekview Cabanas and full-service to primitive camping. Clothing is almost always optional at Revelwood. Highlights include a saltwater pool, 8man jacuzzi, sun deck and sun bed, outdoor BBQ, hot outdoor shower, massage table and wifi. The almost a mile of river front frontage, offer a great opportunity to observe local wildlife, including platypus, turtles, water dragons, and some shy, reclusive mermen. Plus, the resort is an easy 15 minute drive to two nude beaches – King and Belongil Beaches. Balin Garu invites you to share their slice of paradise on 500 acres along the upper Clarence River in the

foothills of the Great Dividing Range in Northern NSW.

single, bunk, double and queen beds for up to 24 people.

The main house provides elegant contry home stay facilities for gay men, welcoming individuals, couples and small groups. Gay owned and operated, this fully catered, clothingoptional B&B type accommodation is a great way to experience the beauty of the Australian bush and its wildlife. A great place for nudists who also want to explore the east coast and country by car.

The bunkhouse can be used along with all the facilities of the main house and studio for fully catered personal growth retreats and other workshops or used separately for smaller selfcatered gatherings with or without more limited use of the main house facilities such as studio, steam room and spa.

The bunkhouse contains three sleeping rooms and a large recreation area with kitchen and dining areas. It opens via roller doors onto the vegetable garden, river paddock and orchard lawn and with its funky amenities block provides comfortable living accommodation and a mix of

If maintaining your all-over tan  is one of your goals, drop me a line at or visit my website: to see more information about Revelwood and Balin Garu, as well as two other gay luxury resorts that are located very close to some of the best clothingoptional beaches in Queensland, Australia. 




15 years experience - customizing travel to your needs. From traditional family reunions to river cruises, to quick weekend getaways to all-male nudist adventures, let me help you create your perfect get away. Contact Michael at: 301-375-0905


Abbey House Gardens Clothing Optional Days Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England Several Sundays between May and September by Hugh Firstly let me give you bit of information about the history of the town of Malmesbury, the town, the Abbey and the house. Malmesbury's hill-top has been inhabited for centuries. Evidence of an Iron Age fort was uncovered in 1999. Material from the excavation of a coffin found in the grounds of The Abbey House in 1997 is the first recorded evidence that the Romans were in Malmesbury. A religious site was established around 642 and Aldhelm became the first abbot of the Benedictine Monastery in 675. By the 12th century the current Abbey was completed and enjoyed the status as the third most important religious centre in England after Canterbury and Winchester. The Lady Chapel was severely damaged when the Abbey’s


spire fell during a storm in 1500. William of Worcester recorded the spire as 431feet high; 28ft. taller than Salisbury Cathedral's spire (which is the tallest in England in modern times) and six times taller than the remaining ruined arch today. Remember there were no cranes and modern machinery back in the 12th Century, Malmesbury Abbey was one of the last Monasteries to close during the Dissolution in 1539. William Stumpe, a wealthy clothier, bought numerous properties from Henry VIII including Abbey House and was instrumental in the acquisition of the Abbey building itself for the people of the town to use as their parish church. William built the central part of the house you see today in 1542 using the 13th century former Abbot's House as its foundations. During the English Civil War, strategically important, Malmesbury changed hands six times. A painting called the 'Bird's Eye View' of 1648, lists The Abbey House as Mr. Ivey's

house but it was used as a Governor's residence during the war. During part of the 18th Century the property was owned by butcher Thomas Hill. By the beginning of the 19th Century it had been divided up for multiple occupancy by at least four tenant families returning to single ownership later that century, first under surgeon Thomas Jones, and then Dr. Spicer Jennings who bought the adjacent Cloister Gardens in 1896. Captain Elliot Scott McKirdy bought and enlarged the house after buying it in 1902. He added a nursery wing and servants' quarters to the east of the central building, keeping the same exterior style of the original, and using the services of architect Sir Harold Brakespear who was also working on the Abbey at about this time.

The McKirdy family remained in possession of the property until 1968 when it was bought by The Deaconess Community of St. Andrew, who used the property as a Convent and as a retreat until their return to London in 1990. The Abbey House was then essentially unoccupied until the Pollard family acquired it in 1994, although a local interest group –the Malmesbury Preservation Trust - kept a watching brief on the property in the interim. Now to bring us up to the present day. Ian and Barbara Pollard bought Abbey House in 1994 to make it their home for their family of three children and in the autumn of 1996 decided to create a garden that might attract visitors from around the world to the historic town of Malmesbury.

"We like to be occupied and feel that whatever the reason is that we have found ourselves where we are we should do our best to make the best of our situation and our environment."



Ian formerly enjoyed a career in property development. Barbara is a self confessed “Jack of all Trades.” Both enjoy the decorative arts in all its forms and whilst Barbara grew up in a garden with a small holding, Ian made his first forays into horticulture as an adult once he owned a property with land in the east of England. The purchase of 16th Century Abbey House with an unusually large 5 acre town centre garden, fed an interest in history the couple shares. Empty for 3 years after its previous owners had vacated, it needed a good deal of work and TLC to bring it back to the comfortable family home the Pollards knew it could be.


Ian and Barbara now spend their every moment tending family and garden, rarely going further than the garden gates. “We can visit other gardens in our library of books and from our collection of DVDs,” says Barbara, “although I’m not sure our children will forgive us the lack of holidays away!” They both are committed naturists (nudists) and tend their garden naked where the weather permits, but do wear minimal covering when the gardens are open to the public. However seven Sundays a year they hold ‘Clothing Optional Days’ "We are happy to share our environment with others – what would be the point of creating something lovely if no-one saw it– and to work to the best of our ability to create a visitor experience is as good as it can be".


Visitors can change out of their clothes in the Belvedere, a large conservatory. Bags are provided and can be handed in for safe-keeping of belongings in exchange for a £1 donation to Charity. Abbey House Gardens supports the Marine Conservation Society. Admission to the gardens on a Clothes Optional Day does not require a visitor to be without their clothes. The opportunity is offered to anyone who so wishes to spend their time within the garden boundaries naked. They are not a club, but offer simply the opportunity to visit the gardens without clothes and without comment. There is no pressure to dress or undress whilst on the property; it is a matter entirely for personal preference. Purchasing a ticket for admission buys you into an agreement to respect everyone else’s freedom of choice to be with or without clothes, and to respect: the environment into which you enter and its boundaries, the wishes of the garden owners, the needs of other visitors and the needs of the wider local community. Photographs taken in the garden must not include other visitors, and Abbey House Gardens retains the copyright to all photographs taken within the grounds. Visitors may bring their own food to eat in the garden on the understanding that they also take their rubbish home with them. The Abbey House Gardens tea rooms are open with a variety of lunch alternatives. It is a beautiful place to have a picnic on the lawn on a sunny summer day. Alternatively there are several places to eat in town -- once you have dressed to leave the premises! The Clothing Optional Days are always well attended and even when the weather is not that hot and sunny a majority of the visitors strip off. A large majority of these visitors are men. It is wonderful to be able to walk around these beautiful gardens in your natural state. The gardens are divided into two main distinct areas. The formal gardens are around the house, which include the Rose Garden the Knot Garden and the Herb Garden and the spectacular laburnum tunnel. In the rose garden there is a large chess set and giant Jenga for those who wish to play a game. There is then a steep wooded area with winding paths down to the River Avon flowing through the gardens dividing them in two. You can either walk across over the bridge or if you are feeling more adventurous over stepping stones to the other side which is altogether less formal and more wild and natural, but still with some beautiful plantings. As well as the fabulous flowers, plants and shrubs, there are various statues and quirky design features dotted around the gardens for you to find. I have been many times and there is always something new to see. I hope that the photos give you some idea of what to expect. I have listed below what is flowering.

What To See & When Each month the gardens look splendid with plenty to see. The gardens are known for some particularly fantastic displays, most notably tulips. During the middle to the end of April for their peak period, the tulips flower for an 8 week period. Roses, with the first flush in June, and second flush in September, will flower until Christmas, or the first frosts, as they are then vigorously dead-headed Here is a guideline of what you may expect to see although the great British weather will have the final impact on flowering periods March: camellia, crocus, daffodil, early tulips, heathers, hellebore, hyacinth, primulas April: aubretia, apple & cherry blossom, Japanese maples, tulips, fritillary imperials, May: alliums, iris, laburnum tunnel, oriental poppy, peony, rhododendron, wisteria June: catmint, foxgloves, foxtail lilies, geraniums, knifophia, roses, clematis, thalictrum July: astilbes, begonia, hydrangea, lavender, lilies, roses, sidalcea, santolina, scabious, August: agapanthus, alstroemeria, campanula, fuchsia, gladioli, penstemon, roses, tulbaghia September: anemones, chrysanthemum, phlox, dahlia, perovlskia, michaelmas daisies, vitex October: Japanese maples, specimen trees and shrubs, michaelmas daisies, physalis, salvias ADVANCE NOTICE OF PROVISIONAL DATES FOR CLOTHING OPTIONAL DAYS AT ABBEY HOUSE GARDENS IN 2014 at Abbey House Gardens in 2014: Sundays: 18th May, 15th June, 6th July, 27th July, 17th August, 31st August and 21st September. Abbey House Gardens, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN16 9AS Other places of interest in the area include the ancient Stonehenge, Salisbury and the beautiful Cotswolds, or Malmesbury is about a 3 hour drive from Central London.


Abbey House Gardens Gardening ideas, beautiful plants from daffodils, crocus, tulips (24,000 new tulip bulbs planted this year alone) and iris in spring through the country’s largest private collection of roses, double herbaceous borders that rival Monets, to fabulous autumn colour from specimen trees and shrubs; all to be enjoyed in a special atmosphere - you have to visit to believe.

28 29

NUDE BEACHES IN ASIA AND OCEANIA by Michael - As we wrap up our tour of the world's clothing optional rules, regulations and beaches, let's finish up with the most exotic locales on the planet – Asia and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands). This is also the perfect time of the year to be talking about most of these locations because most of them are located either on the equator or south of the equator, making it Spring, leading into Summer there now – the perfect time to plan a vacation for those of us located in the northern climates. If something here is of interest to you, give me a call (301 375 0905) or drop me an email at to plan your next nudist vacation.   China – Supposedly, China's only naturist site is located on Hainan Island. This is the north end of Dadonghai Beach. It is a free beach, and it is described as “quite


public and touristy”. Every day some 500 Chinese and a few European nudists congregate here.   Japan - Some public hot spring baths in Japan allow mixed gender nudity, particularly those in rural locations and where permitted by regional law. It is important to be aware of some related Japanese terms: ·onsen- hot spring – not necessarily clothing-optional ·konyoku- mixed gender bath ·sento - a type of public bath, but gender separated Japan doesn't officially allow nudity in any public areas other than baths, although there are nudist groups that gather in designated places in Japan. Most groups only allow couples and single women, due to the overpopulation of single men.

Thailand has the fastest growing Naturist/Nudist Organization,  offering information on resorts, beaches, cruises, monthly meetings and much more. Naturist Association Thailand is the organization which was founded in 2007 and has grown ever since. Hong Kong – Hong Kong does not officially allow nude or topless bathing, and most local bathers are quite conservative in their beach dress (e.g. many women wear T-shirts over swimsuits). Nevertheless, remoter parts of Hong Kong's extensive coastline do offer opportunities for nudity: -At least one naturist organization in the territory arranges weekend boat trips to the remoter parts of Sai Kung Country Park in the New Territories. -Unofficial nudist beaches reportedly exist on Lantau Island and Tai Long Wan Beach on the Chi Ma Wan Peninsula is sometimes used by naturists. -Power Station Beach on Lamma Island is reported to be used for nude night swimming at times.   Indonesia – Bali is a province in Indonesia where topless beaches are found. Although it is not legal at all, these beaches are found along the entire coastline of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak. Completely naked people are forbidden, although they can be found in private beaches behind rented villas. To

that end, there are three exclusive gay and clothing optional luxurious accommodations in Bali – Laki Uma Villa, Bali Au Naturel and Glasshouse.   Thailand - Thailand has the fastest growing Naturist/Nudist Organization,  offering information on resorts, beaches, cruises, monthly meetings and much more. Naturist Association Thailand is the organization which was founded in 2007 and has grown ever since. It is free to join. Membership is open to families and single persons. Naturist Association Thailand Co., Ltd. (NAT) promotes a lifestyle for health and wellness  for people who enjoy clothing-optional, naturist or nudist recreation in Thailand. Their concept is based on the wellknown positive effect of naturism on stress and tensions and its boosting effect on self-respect and positive body image. They organize naturist health and wellness holidays and fitness weekends for members of all ages with or without children. They are always looking for new resorts to be member resorts who would enjoy the benefits of naturist tourism. Chan Resort


is one such resort and Oriental Village in Chiang Mai is another, with beaches that local nudists frequent. Recently, more resorts are being designated as clothing-optional or nudist resorts. The resorts are in Chiang Mai and South of Hua Hin. Those who love to hike in the nude, this may be possible at Khao Yai National Park. Nudists are able to stay overnight at a naturist-friendly resort near the Park or camp out in the jungle.      Public Nudism/naturism  is pretty well closeted in the rest of Asia as it's illegal in the main tourist areas of Singapore, Malaysia and Korea. An exception to this are the public baths in Korea where communal nude bathing is normal, although nudity is not permitted in unisex areas.   Australia – Public clothing-optional beaches can be found in all of the Australia State, including Tasmania, with the greatest number  of beaches found in New South Wales.   New Zealand also boasts of several clothing-optional beaches with several located in Auckland and Christchurch.   Fiji – Public nudity is illegal in Fiji, but nude sunbathing is legal on private resorts.   French Polynesia - Unlike most parts of the South Pacific, toplessness is allowed here even though there are no official nudist beaches. Bottomlessness is usually seen in private or hard-to-find beaches, but it can still happen in public beaches.


About GetOut Excursions:  I’ve been working and traveling around the world for over 15 years and that doesn’t include my years of studying and teaching about the various corners of this great world of ours, with all its rich history and culture. As a matter of fact, my love of travel began with my desire to teach young people about this wonderful world of ours, which I did for over ten years before I finally took the leap and began to explore. So, whether you want to relax and unwind while sailing one of our planet’s great oceans or seas, or you want to just unwind and relax on a beach, this is the place to start. But if you also want to see a little bit of  ”off-the-beaten-path”, this is a great place to start too, because, I’ve been there or I can find it for you. So give me a call (301-375-0905) or drop me a line at …. and let the adventure begin.


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Use Envy as Your Motivation by Thomas I was a thin, gangly kid and I grew up to be a tall, thin, gangly teenager. As an adult, I continued to be skinny and underweight. There was nothing I wanted more than to put on weight. Gradually, after years of eating unhealthy junk food, my share of fast food and daily doses of soft drinks, I managed to put on a lot of weight.   When I turned 48, my long-term relationship disintegrated. I found myself single for the first time in 24 years. I was 6-foot tall and weighed 190 pounds. All my friends told me I looked great but I didn’t feel great. I felt fat and bloated. I hadn’t done any exercising in years. I was unfit and unhealthy.  


One of the first things I did was to change my diet. I cleared out the refrigerator and stocked it with healthier foods. I cut back on the three bad-Bs: beef, bread and beer.   To ease me into physical activity, I started going to a nude yoga class. Growing up as a skinny kid, I always had body issues. I found nude yoga made me face my insecurities and accept my body and it improved my selfimage.   I quickly started to see results. My pants were feeling baggy and my shirts were more roomy. I decided to step it up so I joined a gym. Six months later, I was down to 160 pounds with a 32inch waist and wearing medium shirts. I felt great. But, I still didn’t feel good about my body.

 During this time I read an article where the author said “Don’t worry if your neighbor’s grass is greener, fix your own damn yard.”   I had an epiphany one day when I was working out at the gym and understood what that statement meant. I noticed all these hot young guys working out around me. I realized I was envious of them. Then I thought, “Why shouldn’t they be fit and muscular? They’re dedicated and they work hard.” That’s when I exchanged my envy of their young hard bodies to motivation to work on my own damn body.   With renewed motivation, I developed a new exercise routine:  

To ease me into physical activity, I started going to a nude yoga class. Growing up as a skinny kid, I always had body issues. I found nude yoga made me face my insecurities and accept my body and it improved my self-image.

I attended a highintensity fitness class twice-a-week to improve my cardio, strengthen my core and increase my endurance. It was a full body workout which really burned the calories.

• • •

Added weight lifting to increase my strength and lean muscle mass. Continued with yoga to improve my flexibility and work my core. Implemented a new diet of healthier foods and increased protein for muscle growth.

 After a couple years of hard work, I have lost 30 pounds of fat and gained 15 pounds of muscle. I’m now a nice lean 175 pounds and I feel great. I’m healthier and more physically fit at 51 than I was at 21. 9


Working Naked 36

Naked Man Painter, Robert Ferguson  Painting the male nude so that it is as socially acceptable as the female nude has been an unexpected and intense uphill battle for Robert Ferguson.

Recently a San Diego Art Festival where Robert shows his work sent out a press release to all of the local gay publications saying that they had a gay artist at their show. The festival coordinators assumed this after seeing male nude paintings on Robert’s website. But Robert is not gay. Another Laguna art show took down his entire display of male nudes before the public even had a chance to see them. On

Robert's philosophy is that whatever created us and the world we live in is the ultimate artist, so he studies the work of that artist. another occasion. a gallery showing one of Ferguson’s male nudes in the window, started receiving phone calls threatening violence and rape, while demanding the painting be removed from the window. Every major newspaper, Fox News, and PBS covered the story and interviewed Robert. The mayor of the city, interviewed on Fox, had to assure the public that Ferguson’s art was not pornography.

Shocked and dumbfounded, Robert did some research to try to understand the public’s response to his paintings. He concluded that this fear-based negative reaction to his work had been caused by the sexually repressed followers of the Catholic Church and the Protestant movement. Historically, these groups were responsible for burning gay men at the stake in the plazas of Florence, and repainting over penises found in art. Leonardo daVinci and Michelangelo had to flee Florence.

and Botticelli burned his paintings in the Bonfire of the Vanities. Robert's conclusion is that it has been the unnatural male sexual repression of religious orders that has caused this unhealthy and unnatural perversion. Robert's philosophy is that whatever created us and the world we live in is the ultimate artist, so he studies the work of that artist, nature, and the human form. When people come into his studio and gallery with fear in their eyes and uncontrollable emotion asking him to remove the



paintings from his windows, he understands why they are doing it and the feeling that he is being violated has subsided to understanding and empathy. He can simply ask them why. Says Robert, "The male form is magnificent and exquisite and I will continue to paint it. I will also continue to show them in my windows. Call it penal therapy if you like, an anecdote for the puritanical repression and oppression of society today."

When Manet painted Olympia it was considered an aberration by society at the time because she was looking at the viewer nude. Robert's painting Michael reclining had exactly the same public reaction but it was a man reclining instead of a woman. Robert also enjoys painting in the nude. Visit his blog at http:// Robert Ferguson Fine Art 1291 Simpson Way Suite C


American Impressionist

Robert Ferguson Creating Art for the Art of Living My ebay store (858) 705- 0814

Naked Power The men were nervous, edgy. Some were unsettled because they were new to yoga; some at the prospect of practicing naked; some because it was only the first morning of the inaugural Tantra4GayMen festival; most for a combination of reasons.

Naked Experiences

by Nickles Clad only in sarongs or towels loosely draped around their waists, they stood in a circle facing inwards. The outer edges of their feet touched those of the men either side while their right hand rested at the base of the spine of the man to their right and their left hand covered the hand resting on the spine of the man to their left. This arrangement of limbs created rings of connection: a continuous circle of touch at ground level; and two interwoven chains of hands and arms. Every man was linked in two ways to every other man and these physical connections, though apparently fairly superficial, were the foundations of an important process of bonding. These men had arrived at a remote valley in Wales, UK, only a few hours earlier and in most cases had met none of the other festival-goers before. Whether consciously or not, they were searching for a sense of kinship. We need to feel that we belong. It’s a powerful, visceral force and a strong motivator. Our yearning to be included in groups can be an almost irresistible drive and psychologists have

revealed that it can prompt people to do astonishing things. Nakedness can have a significant potency in addressing this motivation and allowing men to begin to forge bonds. I requested the men in the circle to bring their focus to their breathing and to allow their minds to quieten, and then to move their left hands to their own hearts. I asked them to use their right hands to shake the sarongs and towels loose and, at once and in unity, every man’s nakedness was revealed. I then asked the men to return their hands to their original positions on their neighbours’ spines, again linking each man physically to his fellows. Men who are comfortable in their natural state and like to be naked know well how it feels to be regarded as “outsiders”. Much of the rest of the world sees us at best as comical and odd, at worst as perverted and dangerous. So it’s perhaps easy to see how, in an unfamiliar environment and among strangers, the men attending my festival yoga session really needed to begin to have some sense of brotherhood, especially if they were to be able


There’s a huge importance in offering others permission to see you naked and in accepting and enjoying that permission. to fully benefit from the next few days of sharing, ritual and love. I encouraged the men to look round the circle at all the feet, then at all the faces, then the knees, the bellies, the cocks… and suggested that all the glorious variety of shape, size, texture and colour nature has given man-kind is mere detail and that in essence we are physically the same, part of the same tribe, a true brotherhood of man. There’s a strength and power in being naked among other men. It’s an act of great trust and generosity. In allowing himself to be unclothed among others, each man offers those around him a gift by, in effect, saying “I give you permission to look at my body”. And in receiving that gift and allowing himself to observe and perhaps enjoy the unrestricted sight of the manhood around him, each man is presenting himself with a gift, one that says “I trust myself to conquer the years of conditioning that have taught me that to look a naked man is wrong and shameful”. There’s a huge importance in offering others permission to see you naked and in accepting and enjoying that permission. These gifts of trust and vulnerability break down psychological barriers, allow us to realise our fundamental commonality and sow the seeds of feelings of belonging. We moved further into our tantric yoga session with a series of paired poses and sequences that allowed us to work with our energies, each shared with a different partner and each employing new bonding tools such as the fizz of another’s touch and the communion of verbal communication. Five days later, as we performed a ritual of parting and closed the festival, some of these same tantric yogis sobbed openly. Their sense of belonging had grown, through sharing, connection, care and love, often enacted in nothing but their own skins, to such an extent that the prospect of being separated from their tantric tribe cut deep. If that’s not naked power, what is? ______________________________ Nickles teaches naked yoga classes for men in London and Brighton, UK. Visit for details. For info on the second Tantra4GayMen Festival, and to book, visit


Running Naked In the Streets of San Francisco by Paul F. Hernandez If you’re truly comfortable being naked, then you have no problem being naked in any circumstances.  However, many times your discomfort doesn’t come from being naked in front of clothed people; it comes from worrying about how those

clothed people will react to your lack of clothing.  You don’t want to get in trouble being in the altogether in public, but at the same time, you fantasize about challenging yourself to be exposed out on the streets where you can be completely free as the day you were born.  Being a runner, I faced that challenge in

the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco this past May.   Until recently, nudity was legal in any part of San Francisco as long as there was no lewd conduct involved.  It was considered a free speech statement to be nude.  However, abusers of this freedom caused the Board of Supervisors


to rescind this law.  Luckily, a clause was included that allows nudity to be legal on certain occasions, the Bay to Breakers race being one of those times.  The Bay to Breakers is a 12 kilometer, or 7.46 mile, officially sanctioned course run across the city that started in 1912 to lift the city’s spirits after the 1906 earthquake.  The race is primarily a party where many of the participants wear costumes and others, like myself, run nude.   In the past, I have run races at a nudist camp about an hour from my home.  Since everyone there is unclothed, it really isn’t a big deal to run naked.  You know that it’s OK because all the


attendees are in their birthday suits just like you.  However, running naked where almost everyone else is dressed does cause one to pause.    Being a serious runner, I managed to get a starting position for the Bay to Breakers in a sub-seeded corral, meaning I was in front of all but about 100 runners out of the 45,000 or so who ran.  I had asked several police officers if it was still legal to run the race naked, and, amazingly, the majority didn’t know.  I was finally directed to an officer who had been with the force for over 20 years, and he said it would be all right.  However, to be absolutely sure, I asked some race officials, and

again, many didn’t know.  Eventually, I was directed to the woman-who-knows-all, and she said it was fine.   Still, I fretted and fussed nervously at the start line debating whether or not it would be wise to run sans clothes.  No other runners were naked, and I turned around to glance at the crowd behind me, where all I saw was a field of clothed runners.  About three minutes before start time, an older man entered the corral and happened to come over and stand by me.  In about a minute, his clothes were off, and I thought, “If he can do it, so can I.”  The clothes came off, and I stuck them in a small bag I had brought to store

them in.  And then I was off.   As I dashed down the streets of San Francisco, I listened for snickering or commenting about my attire.  However, the words I heard were overwhelmingly positive:  “Go naked guy.”   I ran my heart out, and made it to the finish line in 55 minutes, where I can say I was the first man to cross the finish line nude this year.  Shortly thereafter, I few others arrived in their birthday suits, but they were few and far between, and overwhelmingly men.  In fact, I did not see one woman cross the finish line in the buff.   It was exhilarating to accomplish my goal, and I may do it in the future, but the uncertainty and challenge have now been conquered, and I can add this feather in my cap of race goals.   _______________________ Paul Hernandez is currently raising funds for Team in Training, which is the fundraising branch for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, a group whose mission is to fund research into curing blood cancers.  If you would like to contribute to this cause, you may go to:   http:// vtnt/wdw14/phernanwbw


My Trip to Postcard Paradise! by Noah What image comes to mind when you think of the most idyllic beach vacation? More than likely if you type it into Google pictures from the Maldives Islands will more than likely come up! Located in the Indian Ocean, south west of Sri Lanka, and only 20 miles from the equator, this island chain of about 3,000 islands is quite the distance from the mainland US, but the trip is worth it. After flying nearly 50 hours to get to our island, the beauty after stepping off the sea plane was worth the time and leg cramps. My partner and I were using all our frequent flyer points so, although our trip (in business class) was free, we


had a rather long round about way of getting there with a few long layovers. If you do decide to make the trek, choose the shortest route possible. Being located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives’ is a Muslim country and nudity is actually not permitted by law. However, we had a huge beach villa with a enormous private outdoor bathroom where you were encouraged to be naked all the time. Showering outside, if you have never done it before, is so freeing and erotic. It really feels different but incredibly natural. Several times during our stay it was pouring down rain and mixing the warm afternoon rains with an outdoor shower was invigorating and helped you not care that it was raining on our beach vacation.

In addition to our large private bathroom, there was a large private swimming pool, which was very private as well; we enjoyed coming in from the beach, stripping off our bathing suits and jumping in the pool naked. It also made for wonderful after dinner spot to drink that night cap, stripped bare and looking up at the stars. The people of the Maldives are rather diverse, made up of a combination of Indian, Asian and Persian influences, which makes the food outstanding! Our resort, although a very small island, had seven different restaurants to choose from. Each dining area was expensive, which surprised us a bit. We found ourselves eating the wonderful curries most of the time. We both travel extensively and these curries were some of the best we've ever had!

If you are thinking of spending a holiday in the Maldives, you better hurry. Experts predict that within the next 20-30 years the Maldives will no longer exist. The rising oceans will cause these islands to disappear. The mean elevation of the islands is only 5’, in other words, they are FLAT! So, get planning! The turquoise waters and lush vegetation, not to mention the wonderful outdoor bathrooms and pools, are calling your name! If you would like to find out more from our trip, feel free to email me.





Rocky and Christian get Married The Story of Rocky and Christian begins November 1st, 2005, where we met, naked, at the bathhouse knows as “Flex” in Hollywood.  It was truly love at first sight, and we have been inseparable since our meeting.  We have had 8 wonderful years’ together, incredible annual anniversary trips that took us to Paris, the Loire Valley of France to see Castles, the entire west coast of the US on a road trip, the Big Island of Hawaii, Maui, Lanai and many other amazing adventures. Some of you may recognize Christian, he also goes by his stage name “Sebastian Rio”, as he has been in the porn industry since 1998.  We even did a few movies together, Rocky’s stage name is “Scott Andrews”. Rocky has been a nudist for many years before meeting Christian, and spent many of those years at nudist gatherings at the Triangle Inn in Palm Springs at least twice annually. Since our meeting, Christian has hesitantly become part of the nudist community, joining Rocky at the nudist events in Palm Springs over the years. We have been wanting to get married for years, but with all of the prop 8 stuff that went down in California, it held us back from 51

having our day, since we missed the earlier window of opportunity.  Which bring us to our recent wedding….. We have some truly AMAZING friends in our life that wanted our special day to be nothing short of amazing, and it was!  A huge thank you to Michael and Stephen of the Triangle Inn in Palm Springs, where we had our special day. Along with them, our dear friends Greg and Henry put together an


INCREDIBLE day, a beautiful wedding cake, champagne toast, and an AMAZING sit down, served, meal for 60 of us, and best part of it all was that the entire day was naked! And many of the attendees helped out with set up and serving to make our special day even more magical! At the end of the day we went to our room to find our bed covered in rose petals……what a day!


Two weeks later found us traveling to Maui on our 8 year anniversary of meeting and our honeymoon. We had an incredible, relaxing stay in Kihei, with lots of naked time.  One of our favorite places in

the world is Little Beach, and we had 5 of our 17 days on Maui there, enjoying the sun and surf, naked as you should! I hope that all of you out there find the joy we have found in

each other, and continue to have a wonderful naked life. Naked hugs to all, Rocky and Christian




Having Cool Fun with Hot Photos By Steve Ericson As technology improves, it allows each of us to express our creativity in ways we never dreamed possible… Recently, I have discovered a great new way to decompress after a stressful day: I simply pick up my smart phone and use the apps that I downloaded to transform photos of naked men into my own works of art!  By combining the effects of totally different apps, the

results are truly unique and impressive to a novice such as myself. Here are some examples that I’ve submitted for this issue of GoNaked Magazine.  The first two photos are self-portraits, and the others I either downloaded from the GoNaked Magazine site or from other websites.  You can download some apps and photos in order to express your own creativity, or mail photos of yourself (and/or yourself with friends) to me and then I’ll select some to turn into creative art that I will submit for publication in


future issues of GoNaked Magazine.  Be sure to include a statement that you (and anyone else that are in the photos) are granting permission for artwork created from the photo(s) to be submitted by me (Steve Ericson) for possible publication in GoNaked Magazine (I’ll be keeping the permissions on file). Not every photo lends itself to become art, and there might be a lot of submissions, and so please understand that just because you submit one or more photos does not necessarily mean that I will be able to use it/them to create art or that GoNaked Magazine will


publish it.  And, rest assured that the photos you submit will not be used by me for any other publication or purpose. Please submit your photos to:  I hope you enjoy these simple creations, and let’s see what we might produce together for future issues!


Matters of Size Naked Opinion

by Phillip Ezzo


From television infomercials to Internet product claims left unfulfilled, the promise of a larger endowment pervades our senses. Pornographic images bombard us with the fantasy that while all men are created equal, we’re actually not.  My question is this, if penis size is a valid measurement of a man’s worth, where does everyone else fit into the equation? There has been some debate in what we consider to be an average-sized

manhood. Some believe it to be 5.5 inches, while others claim that 6.5 inches is the true median. No matter which measurement you believe to be true, the fact of the matter is, unless you are 7.5 inches or more, many individuals, whom we will refer to as size queens, will find anything less on a potential lover to be inadequate. The truth, however, is that little can be done to change what genetics produces, and it does little good to dwell on it. Having a smaller penis may make it more challenging to find a date in the first place, however. That may seem

harsh to say, but hear me out. Much of our inner confidence comes from a place of satisfaction with our bodies, and our lives in general. If we’re particularly gifted in one area or another, we draw strength from it. Sadly, no matter what someone may have accomplished in their lives, they may be holding themselves back because of their feelings of inadequacy with their penis size. I say catering to your strengths is the best way to make a great impression and attract men to you. The keys to success do not lie tucked away in your briefs.


In order to understand why we as a culture are so preoccupied with size, it’s important to understand where our notion of “bigger is better” originates. Although homosexuality has existed since the dawn of time, survival of the fittest was a paramount concern. The animal kingdom can be a ruthless place to exist, and propagating the species was the only way to ensure dominance. A larger phallus was often a hint to females to the measure of a man’s ability to produce offspring.   Such times are now behind us, and being that we gays can’t reproduce biologically, it begs the question as to why those instincts still remain. Females are no longer in the equation, so virility shouldn’t be a factor. If we spend the majority of our time interacting with each other while clothed, how does penis size still factor into our lives a sign of status or prominence?

Do penis size and masculinity have a positive correlation? Is it because we like a challenge? Does it just feel better? Or, would it be the same thrill we got from riding a particularly scary roller coaster? We’re nervous as hell, but we still want to give it a try?   I’m just as guilty as the next guy for finding myself infatuated with penis size. Discovering that a person is hung can be quite exhilarating, but it’s far too easy to get caught up in exteriors. I’m sure all of us have arrived at the bedroom with a gentleman caller and found ourselves, for lack of another politically correct term, disappointed with what we’ve found. I think this has more to do with our fantasy lives than anything else. We expect something unrealistic, and when it is not delivered, reality sets back in. Reality also has a cold sting when faced with a gentleman who may be blessed with inches, but has no idea how to wield his weapon of ass destruction. Maybe there is such a thing as “too big,” especially when an owner’s manual is needed.   Depending on what you’re looking for, penis preference can vary. I’d say that penis size is less significant between two individuals deeply in love than it is between two individuals in heat on the dance floor, or cruising the web. Big dicks are a novelty item. When someone becomes a penis with a person attached to it, this becomes a problem. Smaller endowed gentleman may complain that they are seen as less of a person because of what they might be lacking, but when someone has

a larger endowment, they disappear as a person.  The only thing people are interested in is their penis, not them.


Often, the hung individuals bring this on themselves. By using their penis as a means to get a date, they are reinforcing the idea that they are nothing without their penis. While that may seem disturbing, there are those out there that would take that idea to a whole new extreme. Perhaps you have heard of them. They are called the Church of Priapus and they delight in the exultation of their genitals as deities, and see a larger penis as a sign of spiritual power.  


The only true power that could possibly come from having a large penis is the boost of confidence that it can give the possessor. Notice that I used the word “can.” As fate would have it, not every “hung” man considers himself adequate. There will always be someone longer, or thicker, and the tendency to be dissatisfied with one’s own penis, no matter the size, sets in. The key in all of this is to find beauty and satisfaction in whatever your size happens to be. Figure out how it works, and how to use it best. Become the master of your

domain, and the conqueror of your insecurities.   In conclusion, we measure our lives in many ways.  We have aptitude tests, clothing sizes, ranking systems at work, and financial portfolios, and, of course, penis size. Whether you’re a size queen or indifferent, hung or not, there is room in the world for all of us. We should be able to define ourselves in other ways, ways that cannot be measured.

Lets All Join In And Have A Little Fun by Travis - I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes each of us feel happy, sad, shy, confident, embarrassed. --where do these deep feelings really come from? I wanted to start by sharing some of my favorite quotes from the 1996 American comedy film, The Birdcage.

Hank Azaria as Agador: “Why didn't you say Val was coming, you bad man? l would not have been so sassy to you.” Robin Williams as Armand Goldman: “Will you put some clothes on?” Agador: “Why don't you let me be in the show? Are you afraid of my Guatemalanness?” Dan Futterman as Val Goldman: “Agador, why aren't you wearing your shoes?”


that he cannot cook and never wears shoes. So, the visitors, the Kelley’s, finally arrive at Armand's residence in South Beach, Florida. The doorbell rings, Agador, who has been renamed “Spartacus” for the evening, heads for the door to let them in. And with perfect timing, falls face down on the tile. He tripped over his shoes. Then, what he says really is hilarious…: “It’s the shoes.” This is just a silly example of Agador being forced to wear shoes when he normally does not. Most shoes aren’t comfortable. So you know where I’m going with this, wouldn’t it be nice to take off your shoes, and everything else for that matter, and just enjoy being completely naked?


The answer is yes.

Lets all join in and have a little fun.

“What? Naked in public? I couldn’t possibly.

This is my time, and I am naked.

But, why not? Just a few minutes after you undress, the thrill for anxious onlookers is over, unless, of course, you look like a Greek god. Getting ready to get naked in public takes more time than doing it. Once you take it all off, it’s done and you just feel free.

Travis can be reached

What is there to be ashamed of? OK, so maybe we all don’t take the best care of our bodies, maybe we aren’t all perfect. It is fascinating that the “imperfect” nude people seem to care the least about being naked.

His blog, Retouch My Dick, encourages readers to send in their penis photos. Travis “retouches” them, and posts the final results on his Tumblr blog: http:// 14


Naked Lifestyle

Straight Man In the Kitchen - Pancakes


In our home, there are three gay guys and a straight guy. While our hetero-hottie roomie can install a garbage disposal or build a wall without an issue, cooking is one of those skills that has baed him. Watching him eat directly out of cans and devouring leftovers that were a week old gave me a great idea: I would give him recipes that were easy and fail-proof; so easy that even a straight man could make them.

Meet Jefferson, our beloved housemate. Like many straight guys (and a few other of us not-so-straight guys), he was never taught how to cook.


Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon white sugar 1 1/4 cup + 2 TB milk 1 egg 3 tablespoons butter, melted 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.  

1. In a large bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Make a well in the center and pour in the milk, egg and melted butter; mix until smooth.

2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve hot with butter and syrup, if desired.





T R A T S O T B U W L C HO T S I D U N R U YO ! f l e s r u o Y y f i t n e Id Grab a pencil and paper and get ready to make some decisions. You are about to give birth to your ideas. Let the process be messy and creative. Write down everything and only start editing once you have exhausted your ideas. You may not even have your first member yet, but that’s no reason why you can’t start forming your group this minute. Who Are You? Are you going to create a brand new nudist group that appeals to a wide assortment of members? Will you create a niche group that caters to a smaller but more dedicated group such as a book club or a wine tasting group? What activities will you plan? With a niche group, you can have each member introduce a new topic each month, or members can share something they've learned or experienced. Niche groups can be very focused and have members clamoring to come back for not only the social aspect, but also for the content of your meetings. With a generic nudist group, someone (or a group of people) will need to act as social directors. Your social


This is Part 5 of an on-going series detailing how to start your own nudist club. by Nick Golic

directors will need to plan where you're going to meet and more importantly, what your group will be doing. This can be a little tricky based upon your membership. Let's say that your group does monthly cocktail parties. That's fine for a while, but then the group might get restless by just doing the same thing month after month. One of the social directors then works out a deal with a local bowling alley to allow for a naked bowling night. While the idea will sound exciting and inviting to some, others will be turned off by being naked in a public place. For every good intention, someone will find a fault with it, and more than likely, the person finding fault is NOT someone who helps to organize the group. The best way to deal with this is head on. Acknowledge that the person has been heard, explain why the choices that were made happened, and most importantly, invite that person on the planning committee for the next event. Your complainer will either, 1) do a great job and become a valuable part of your team, 2) realize how much work is involved when planning events, or

3) leave your group. Name Your Group Finding the right name for your group can be challenging, but it can also be a lot of fun. Many nudist groups incorporate some kind of play on words based on an acronym. For example, "CANS" is the name of the Chicago Area Naturist Sons, "BANG" is the Boston Area Naturist Group and "WANG" is the Worchester Area Nudist Guys. Of course you don't have to use an acronym alluding to a nudity. "NEON" is the acronym used by the North East Ohio Naturists. You can get away from the acronyms all together and just let people know what your group is. "Naked Workshops" was not exactly the most elegant group name, but it let the curious know what was happening: There were workshops, and they were done naked. There is nothing wrong calling your group the Cleveland Naked Writing Group, or the Savannah Nudist Rub Club. Find a group name that is descriptive, possibly short and ideally, available for domain registry.

NakedSatyr and Bearfuz



GoNaked Magazine’s 36-Day Fitness Challenge Coming January 8, 2014!

Do you love your body? As nudists, we preach that "all bodies are beautiful," and to "love your body." But can you honestly say that you love your body? Do you love your body like you do your most cherished possession? Do you love it enough to feed it the best foods and exercise it enough to make it happy? Do you love the way your body looks when you stare at yourself in the mirror? Is your body retaliating from the way you're treating it? Do you often feel bloated from eating too much? Feel stiff from not stretching it out regularly? Look flabby from not demanding more from your muscles?


Whatever your fitness goals lose weight, gain mass, increase flexibility, eat better, let’s all work toward it in January

I want 2014 to be the year that we change our bodies for the better. I want to inspire us to dig down and find our self worth and treat our bodies like they were sacred. GoNaked will be sponsoring a "36 Day Better Body" event. Participants will track their weight, measurements, and food intake.

We will use My Fitness Pal (http:// to track our progress. My Fitness Pal is a free, online tool that has helped millions of people with their fitness goals. I will create a special group where we can all be “friends” and encourage each other. You can set your own goals, track what you eat, your weight and your exercise. No matter your current fitness

71 F status, no matter your goals, you are welcome to participate. If it takes you awhile to get used to new websites, I suggest heading there now, setting up a profile and start learning how to use it. There are also a number of videos on YouTube that can help you navigate their site. You can choose how you’re going to achieve your goals. Maybe you go back to the gym. Maybe you workout at home. Whatever path you take, we are going to be here to support you. From January 8 - February 14th , I am challenging you to dig down and do EVERYTHING that you can - eat right, exercise, stretch, and yes, even have sex. At the end of the 36 days, we will see how your body changed. If you wish to share your photos, I encourage you to do so. 72


My Fitness Pal will inspire you and get you in touch with other members. Noah will be presenting his own fitness tips as well as links to YouTube videos to help you sweat, move, stretch and relax.  Work at your own pace, whatever that pace is.  If there is enough interest, we will continue the challenge, but initially, you're only committing for 30 days. Are you ready to take that challenge? You'll be receiving more information with the January 1, 2014 issue of GoNaked Magazine. PROTIP: Start your New Year’s resolutions NOW for greater success. Here’s a great article I found online that might help: Click here.


Naked Blogger 74

Naked Artisan

My name is Albert and I’m here to share my naked body with the world! I have no shame in being naked and never really have. In fact, I love it so much that I created this blog to show off and embrace it. I’ll also be posting pictures of my friends, partner, and others exhibitors who both enjoy and don’t mind sharing! Find Albert at:






"men on the loose" photos by jLee

All images here are from my work in process project call "Men On The Loose: The Body" The images here are only a few samples from a collection of over 80 guys I have shot and I'm hoping to have about 200 guys when i'm done. If you are heading to the Bay Are and want to be part of the project drop me a line at Photos Š by jLee






Dear Santa... We asked our readers to submit their holiday photos along with a wish for Santa. All of their email addresses are attached to each photo. Toby Spread some holiday cheer and wish them the best of the season! All my male friends Thanks all ofparty! the guys who participated! round for ato naked David Honey!!!


David Well stuffed stockings and lots of holiday cheer.

BuzzFuzz Being one of Daddy Santa's Helpers, I'm privy to all that is nice and naughty around the workshop

Jim I would like a new car!


David Well stuffed stockings and lots of holiday cheer.


BuzzFuzz Being one of Daddy Santa's Helpers, I'm privy to all that is nice and naughty Frank around the

Big Al FROGGYPRINCE@HOTMAIL.COM A vacation at a mens resort

Toby All my male friends round for a naked party!


Jim I would like a new car!

Kevin I want it all, and I want it NOW!

kenn All I hope for Christmas is that if Santa DOES cum, that it ISN'T down my chimney

Toby All my male friends round for a naked party!

David Santa sliding down my chimney will be enough!


Andy A large sack of goodies!

David Well stuffed stockings and lots of holiday cheer.


Matthew Is this where I write World Peace?

Toby All my male friends round for a naked party!

Ray A Nice Man, an Honest Man one who will be by my side to love and cherish one another. I will love him and care for him. 88

Darrell Scent of Man

teddybare My Love

David Well stuffed stockings and lots of holiday cheer.

Rusty McMann my foreskin back

Littlebare My youth back [just turned 70] Toby

mike No clothes! A full body massage and all-over paint job!

Chris Home Depot or Menards gift cards for basement remodel nudist mancave project.



Roger More legal naked places!



Thomas I have everything I want, but Santa under my tree would be nice!

Tom Peace on Earth and a piece of that cute guy down the street! Bert

David Well stuffed stockings and lots of holiday cheer.

Jim I can only think of moving to South Carolina- that would be an excellent Christmas gift

Thomas love, peace and sex :-)


BJ A hot, young guy who like older men. :)

Eric An all expenses paid trip (for February) to a nude (gay) beach/ resort in a warm country, to escape the Canadian winter. 91





Cover photo and others by XRayPhoto -


Meet Noah Noah has been a long-time friend of mine who embodies what I consider “a man’s man.” He takes care of himself, travels often, and exudes a confidence without being arrogant. Welcome him as one of our new contributors in 2014. He’ll be answering your questions about working out, travel, beer, and learning to love your body. Have a question for Noah’s first article? Drop him a line at



Your chance to own a male naturist business and live a naturist life.


Located in the heart of Maine, this established men-only naturist club, lodge, and campground with extensive infrastructure and 1500+ members is a unique business and lifestyle opportunity. Gated facility on 82 acres includes two ponds (one with ramp and float). FEATURING


fields •


woods •




trails •






lodge •






pool •










sauna •


lockers •


showers •






hall •


office •








kitchen •










sites •




cabins •








garage •



Plenty of room for growth and expansion. Contact Scott at 207-462-7701 for a tour or with your questions.





Featured Nudists


I was actually born and raised in the Bay area.  I grew up in Berkeley during the 60's, 70's and 80's.  I spent most of the 80's as a punk rocker, skate boarding and roller skating everywhere I could.  In my 1st two years of high school at Albany outside of Berkeley, I was a chubby teenager until I discovered that the skating everywhere. Skating as exercise led to weight loss and better health.   I've maintained some form of exercise ever since.


After 2 years out of high school in 1983 I put myself into Fashion Design school.  That took me to study and learn in Paris, LA and eventually work on Fashion Ave in NY.  I left NY and returned to CA but chose to live in LA which is where I stayed from 1996 to 2007 when I decided to move back to the Bay Area.  Missing my family and finding myself out of work I resettled in San Jose where I currently reside.  Right now most of my time is spent managing my parents acupuncture clinics, working on my own (fashion) designs, and enjoying my loving and very supportive relationship with my partner.




Photos by twoheadedmayhem studio





Meet Steve 104

interview by Luke Steve Herring is a savvy nudist. He describes himself as a “hippy throwback” who not only enjoys the dayto-day life of a nudist, but has also been able to incorporate his lifestyle within the community of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As a model and a nude handyman, Steve shares his perspective on living and working “clothes free.” GNM: What are some challenges you have encountered living as a nudist? Occasionally I will forget that I am naked and answer the front door. “Surprise” to the new pizza delivery guy. Some friends have become distant after finding out. Other friends like to make jokes or dares. One time a friend dared me to play pool naked in a clothed bar. The picture of me playing pool naked with everyone one else being clothed was a great time.

GNM: What opportunities has nudism brought you personally and professionally? I was asked if I would model for a magazine that exhibited longhair-bearded hairy men. This was my beginning in front of the camera. Since then, I discovered I fit into a small niche within the modeling community, which has allowed me to expand into portrait and video work. I eventually moved into nude posing for art classes and erotic photography. For me, all these opportunities are nothing out of the ordinary and simply are a part of the job GNM: Working as a nude handyman — what are some unique benefits to this profession? I have to say in every case, the offer of being naked is probably what interests me most. I realize many people may fantasize about a naked handyman, and while I am not a young ripped muscle guy looking for sex on the job, I do find it fun having the client watch me work. If I notice the client watching me I will stand one step higher on a ladder or leave a leg off to the side while under a sink. On occasion, and only after completing the job have I used a client’s pool or hot tub. Also, I have been propositioned to receive a bath or massage by the client. This self-described outgoing, adventurous, passionate handyman finds himself to be just a regular guy who feels very lucky to fit in most anywhere. Here at GoNaked, we find Steve to be ruggedly handsome and refreshing. Drop him an email and say “Hi.” Steve -






My name is Frans, 42 y.o. and I'm from the Netherlands, and I live with a loving guy from NYC. I found this website and I thought it'd be nice to send in some of my nudes for you to enjoy. I love nude pics being taken and I also love photography myself. Guess what's my favorite subject... nude men of course! ;-) If you feel like contacting me, feel free to visit my Facebook and leave me a message there. Hope to hear from (and see much more of) you soon! ;-) Email me: 108


110 Special Go Naked Promo Code “GoNaked” when ordering from the web site Many more hand-crafted scents available on the website

9oz Status Jar

Apple Harvest

Mediterranean Fig

3.5oz Travel Tin w/ Lid

Himalayan Bamboo

Orange & Chili Pepper



Lemongrass Sage

HAND POURED SOY CANDLES Hand Poured Naturally in Charlotte, NC

Shipping available in the U.S. Great Christmas Gifts Teacher Gifts ~ Office Gifts Large Special Orders Available Corporate Gifts - Special Labels & Packaging

All Natural Soy Candles Made from American Grown Soy Beans Clean Burning Cotton Wick No soot while burning No Artificial Colors or Fillers


Real Nudists Gallery

Our readers. Our subscribers. Living, working, playing naked. Each one of these magnificent men have sent in their photos to be connected with all of you. Each photo includes their email address; why not click on it and send them a friendly “hello”? Want to submit your photos?


Every male over the age of 18 is welcome to participate. You can upload your photos forms/r7p1w7/ Include your email address so that readers can get in touch with you. Your photo should be more than a torso shot. Full face/body preferred. If you are not going to share your face, your photo needs to be compelling on its own. No “pieces/parts” or clothed shots will be accepted. We have LOTS of men who submit their photos. There might be a couple month’s wait before your photo appears. Please be patient. We post the photos in the order they arrive.





















Brother, Can Ya Spare a Buck? The feedback from the first four issues of GoNaked tells me that you guys have been enjoying the hell out of our publication. Many of you have asked to make monetary donations, "to subscribe", to the magazine. I don't want to ever exclude a guy who wants to read the magazine.

I was taken with this video of Amanda Palmer, and her TED Talk, "The Art of Asking." (Please watch it - it's worth the 13 minutes - watch here. )  In her talk, she essentially says that when she can, she gives her music away, and fans are welcome to donate what they feel the music is worth.  Come January, I'm going to put out my "Tip Jar." If you like the issue you read, there will be a place where you can click and donate a buck. If you don't donate, you still read the magazine.

this has been incredibly rewarding. Look at all of the great guys I've had the chance to meet. Look at everyone who has sent in articles, photos and information. And my great volunteers who update calendars, proofread, interview guys and so much more you're all priceless. 

The magazine costs me about $200/ month to run - mail list services, server space, domain fees, etc, add up quickly. The reason I pay those fees is because, like any good hobby,

So, yeah - there's a tip jar coming. I promise to make it easy, and I promise to continue to bring you more great content as long as I possibly can.






Nudist Clubs by State One of my goals at GoNaked Magazine is to connect men to local clubs. Need to find a place where you can hang out with likeminded men? Here’s a list that will help you reach out and meet, play and talk to other nude dudes in your area. Many are friendly to travelers, so do not hesitate to contact them in advance of your travel plans. Disclaimer: This is not a comprehensive list. I will be publishing the Nudist club directory quarterly with updates.


If your club’s listing needs to be updated, or if you would like your club included in the next directory update, please send your request to

ARIZONA ANDES: Arizona Nude Dudes PO Box 32776


ARKANSAS Arkansas Naturists

Phoenix, AZ 85064-2776

PO Box 185

 Web Page:

Berryville, AR 72616



"We are a group of gay and bisexual men who focus on true nudism. We enjoy being naked with other men while accepting and enjoying our bodies in their natural state. Our members range in age from 21 to 72 and come in all sizes and shapes. We currently have over sixty members. Past events include parties of various types: games nights, card parties, movie nights, pool parties, dining al nudo, brown bag lunches, massage workshops, various hikes and exchanges with our brother clubs."

Web: The_Arkansas_Naturist We are a "mixed" group; accept all races, religions, orientations, ages, etc. Club mostly for finding new skinnydipping sites in Ozarks and updating existing ones. 

CALIFORNIA LANG: Los Angeles Nude Guys 8424-A Santa Monica Blvd, #249

 Naturally Yumans

West Hollywood, CA 90069

Yuma, AZ 85364


Web: Mail:

C-MEN: California Men Enjoying Naturism


8424-A Santa Monica Blvd. #119

TNTucsonMEN: Totally Naked Tucson Men, "The Birthday Suit Boys"

West Hollywood, CA 90069

P.O. Box 12176


Web Page:

Tucson AZ 85732 Mail: Web: TNTucsonMEN/ "We are a gay men's nudist group who enjoy nature through recreation and friendship. With sunshine throughout the year and a temperature seldom below 70F, we like to be naked outdoors as well as in. Pool parties and spas, dude ranches and theme parties, winter hikes and beach visits: there's lots to keep us busy. At this time, we anticipate a cap of about 40 members." 

PSSST: Palm Springs Social Sun Tanners PO Box 767 Palm Springs, CA 92263  Web Page: index.shtml   LIAHO: Let It All Hang Out PO Box 1508 San Anselmo, CA 94979-1508



PO Box 2437


Basalt, CO 81621

BBC: Bare Buns California

SAND: Springs Area Nude Dudes

PO Box 34361

4931 Galileo Dr

San Diego, CA 92163

Colorado Springs, CO 80917-1065

Web Page:






CNW: California Nude Workout

B&G: Bare and Gay of Connecticut

San Diego, CA

PO Box 380264


East Hartford, CT 06138 Web Page:

BA-MEN:  Beach Areas Men Enjoying Naturism


Westminster, CA 92683 Web:  http://BA-MEN.Org Yahoo Group forum: Email:


DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Lambda Soleil PO Box 9635 Washington, DC 20016-9635 Web Page: Email:

COLORADO  Denver Nude Yoga Denver, CO Web: E-mail: "Denver Nude Yoga for Men is a group for men interested in the practice of yoga without the restrictions of clothing. Out goal is to provide an opportunity for real male community and holistic social interaction between supportive, centered individuals who enjoy the company of other naked men."   RMN: Rocky Mountain Nudes


"We are a male naturist organization for the metropolitan Baltimore-Washington areas, including northern Virginia, Washington DC, and suburban Maryland. In a relaxed social setting, Lambda Soleil seeks to provide recreational opportunities, to foster a positive self-image among its members, and to provide affirmation and knowledge of our males selves. We ascribe to the principles of naturism and function, in part, within the greater men's movement."   Sons du Soleil in the metropolitan Washington, DC area Email:

"Sons du Soleil is a group for young men (age 18 to 50) who enjoy social nudism in the Washington D.C. area. We are in no way related to Lambda Soleil, another fine nudist group here in D.C. Our group is comprised of men who enjoy getting together for parties, trips to the beach and other events where we can get naked."

BNSF: Bear Naked of South Florida Miami Beach, FL 33140 Web: Email:  "A private naked club for Bears and their admirers."  


Southern Exposure

WildFyre Society

PO Box 8092

PO Box 8105

Tampa, FL 33674-8092

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310-8105


Web Page:



 "A gay men's nudist group in the Tampa Bay area with over 90 members, featuring monthly pot-luck dinners and movie nights. If you ever come to the Tampa Bay area, please contact us to find out what may be going on while you are visiting in Florida. Sometimes we try to get a few people together, even if there is nothing special planned, just to welcome visitors from other groups. So, if you are in our neck of the woods, don't be shy. Give us a call."

  GCBS: Gold Coast Bare Skins PO Box 5072 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310-5072 Web: “Gold Coast Bare Skins has been sponsoring naked parties, boat trips, Key West guesthouse weekends, and other nude social events for gay men in South Florida since 1992. New members must be a member of GNI or IMEN, or referred by a current GCBS member. We also welcome members of other gay nudist groups who are visiting us in South Florida."

South Florida Free Beaches / Florida Naturist Association SFFB/FNA PO Box 530306 Miami Shores, FL 33153

GNOMES: Greater Naturist Organization of Males Evolving Socially

Web: Email:

Box 692521 Orlando, FL 32869-2521

Camp David: A Clothing-Optional Campground


2000 S. Bishop's Point Rd


Inverness, FL 34450 Email: 127

"Camp David is a private membership, RV and Tent Retreat. The entire 16 acres is clothing optional. Camp David is secluded, remote, and characteristic of the landscape of central Florida. The property is heavily wooded, and there are three small lakes, one with a sandy white beach, a perfect place to sun your buns!"  

GEORGIA GANG: Greater Atlanta Naturist Group PO Box 7546 Atlanta, GA 30357-0546 Web Page: Email:

ILLINOIS CANS: Chicago Area Naturist Sons 3023 North Clark Street #367 Chicago, IL 60657 Web Page: E-Mail:  

INDIANA BIB: Bare Indy Boys PO Box 421 Brazil, IN 47834-0421 Web: bareindyboys/

  Atlanta RNB: Atlanta Rainbow Naturist Brotherhood 931 Monroe Drive, Suite 102, #287 Atlanta, GA 30308-1778 Web Page: Email: We were organized in 1999 and serve the Atlanta, Georgia metro area primarily as a gay men's naturist social organization.

LOUISIANA GAIN: Gay Ark-La-Texans Into Nudity PO Box 291 Coushatta, Louisiana 71019-0291

MAINE MAGNUM (Maine Gay Nude Men) Portland, ME Web: MeGNuMen Email: Joe -

HAWAII ManOH: Males Au Natural of Hawaii PO Box 235426 Honolulu, HI 96823-3507 Web Page: Email: “MANOH warmly welcome male naturists from around the world. We encourage you to contact us when you are planning a visit to our Beautiful Islands."  


MASSACHUSETTS BANG: Boston Area Naturist Group PO Box 180036 Boston, MA 02118-0001 Web Page: Email: Pilgrim Naturists of New England PO Box 273

Boston, MA 02132-0003


Web Page:



Men of Missouri St Louis

This is a mixed club.




BB/B: Bare Bottoms / Boston


16 Allston Street #3

LinOma Bares

Dorchester, MA 02124

PO Box 24547

Web Page: westhollywood/village/2626/

Omaha, NE 68124

WANG/MASS: Worcester Area Naked Guys

Las Vegas SunRunners

3222 Arbor Dr., FB Shrewsbury, MA 01545

855 East Twain Ave. #123473

Web Page:

Las Vegas, NV 89109-0818


Web Page: LVSunRunners


STAND: Sierra Tahoe Area Nude Dudes Naked Yoga for Men

5919 Simons Drive

Cambridge, MA

Reno, NV 89523-2569

Web Page: naked_yoga_for_men


Email: "Twice a week we gather in Central Square, Cambridge, MA, where we get naked and practice yoga, mostly slow stretching. Our class is thoroughly gay-friendly but not exclusively gay. We don't care if you are young or old, straight or gay, sculpted or sagging. If you have no previous yoga experience, that's OK. Drop-ins are $15."  


NEW HAMPSHIRE NHN: New Hampshire Naturally PB Box 132 Elkins, NH 03233 Email:



NJB: New Jersey Bares

N-Minn: Naked Minnesota

P.O. Box 389

PO Box 8614

Sparta, NJ 07871

Minneapolis, MN 55408-0614


Web Page:



ROMANS: Rochester Male Naturists


PO Box 92293


Rochester, NY 14692

NANA: Naked And Not Ashamed 1810-B Silver S.E. Albuquerque, NM 87106


NORTH CAROLINA CB: The Carolina Buffs

Chile Peckers

(both North and South Carolina)

c/o Keith

110 Prince Dr, #WG Ridgeway, SC 29130-8487

3508 Palomas NE

Web: TheCarolinaBuffs

Albuquerque, NM 87110 Email:  

CSF: Carolina Sun Foxes


PO Box 1361 New Bern, NC 28563-1361

MAN: Males au Naturel


332 Bleeker Street #133


New York, NY 10014 Email:

"We have about 100 members and meet several times a month in central and eastern North Carolina at various peoples homes as well as having 2-3 camping trips a year." (Oct 1999)


 NCN: North Carolina Naturists

HNY: Hot Nude Yoga

PO Box 33845

New York, NY

Charlotte, NC 28233

Web Page:



This is a mixed group.

Web Page:

"We are a New York based group with sessions in the city and Retreats from NY to Hawaii. Hot Nude Yoga has taken elements from the yogic tradition and created an environment for physically fit and active men who want to take their consciousness to new realms and explore the essence and heart of Tantric Yoga. Our goal is to give people a safe haven in the city to renew and reconnect back into themselves. The style of yoga taught is a combination of Hatha, Vini Yoga, Power Yoga, and Tantra."


OHIO SONS: Southern Ohio Naturist Society PO Box 19371 Cincinnati, OH 45219 Web: NEON: North East Ohio Naturists

PO Box 770911


Lakewood, OH 44107

BATS: Bare Ass Tanning Society


1140 Woodruff Road


Suite 106 PMB 222

There is another gay nudist group in the with the name NEON. That group is the Northeast Oklahoma Nudists

Greenville, SC 29607

CONGA: Central Ohio Naturist Guy Alliance Web: Email:

Email: CB: The Carolina Buffs (both North and South Carolina) 110 Prince Dr, #WG Ridgeway, SC 29130-8487

Still serving in the Columbus, OH area.

Web: TheCarolinaBuffs



NEON: Northeast Oklahoma Nudists

AGN: Austin Gay Nudists

3110 South Boston Court

PO Box 684101

Tulsa, OK 74105-1606

Austin, TX 78768-4101


Web Page:

This is the second gay nudist group in the with the name NEON. The first one was the North East Ohio Naturists


OREGON OMEN: Oregon Men Enjoying Naturism Website: Email:


DAMN: Dallas Area Male Naturists PO Box 190869 Dallas, TX 75219 Web Page: Email: “D.A.M.N. is a social nudist group for men with monthly parties and other activities in Dallas. 2004 is our 10th Anniversary and we are growing strong!"

GRIN: Gay Rhode Island Nudists

PO Box 612813

PO Box 643

Dallas, TX 75261

Forestdale, RI 02824 Email:

LSNG: Lone Star Nudist Group PO Box 66621 Houston, TX 77266-6621


Web Page: home.html BEXAR Men PO Box 12342 San Antonio, TX 78212-1342 Web: E-mail:  

VIRGINIA SEAMEN: South East Area Men Enjoying Nature located in Norfolk, Virginia PO Box 931 106 Holland Road #3208 Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Email: RANG: Richmond Area Nude Guys PO Box 34492 Richmond, VA 23234 Web Page: richmondareanudeguys/about


Personals and Classified Nudist Father here - Ben - Tampa - I'm a 38 year old dad with two sons I'm raising as nudists. It's been an incredible bonding experience for us. I'm looking for dads or adult sons who have experience with this type of lifestyle or are considering it. If you're interested in talking, please kik me @ lovethebate. When you first contact me, please provide me with your age. Don't care how old you are. I just need to make sure I'm communicating with a man of age.

Looking for a Date/Friends - Las Vegas, NV I'm 5'10 200 daddy :-) pretty much out going. Enjoys movies, trips, outdoors, Not into the bar/ club scene. Looking to see whats's out there and available for possible LTR ope to here from you guys :-) Richard -


Ed in Charlotte. Mature fit regular guy...enjoying the freedom of being naked especially with other masculine fit regular buddies. Uninhibited, so open to just hanging out, showing off, and what ever else feels good.

Looking for other nudists nearby - Red Wing, MN Looking for other nudists in the Red Wing Minnesota area. Need nudist friends in my local area that I can hang out with and relate to. In the future would maybe consider travels buddies to warmer climates. I am a male, enjoy the freedom of no clothes and am comfortable doing so. Am hoping to connect on that same level. Mark -

Stop over in Ashland, Oregon! Want a place to stop over between Palm Springs and the Pacific Northwest? I can host in Ashland, Oregon, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Maybe we can see a play and then see what comes up! - Jerry -

Exhibitionist Christofer Dรถss aka nakencrille This is me the Swedish exhibitionist Christofer Dรถss aka the life enjoying bisexual nude model nakencrille on my self exposing nude website I nude model for arts classes and working naked also gets me jobs for photographers, artists and stag and hen parties as well. As a male exhibitionist, with an own website, I get a lot of fans from all around the world and if you like you are also free to join my fanclub, at


Nude Model/Actor/Bartender Harrisburg, PA Mature male available for nude modeling work with sketch, paint, body paint artists, photographers and videographers. Work with students, amateurs, pros, art classes & drawing groups, live exhibit/demonstration posing, solo to groups. Also available for bar tending & serving at parties, private to large venue. Modeling for artists and photographers since 1997, acting in videos since 2008, I have a professional laid back, zero drama attitude. Totally comfortable nude in any environment and open to anything required by the gig. Based in Harrisburg Pa., travel to PA, MD, NJ, NY, wWV, DC, noVA no problem, available for more distant travel. Steve -

Stop over in Ashland, Oregon! Want a place to stop over between Palm Springs and the Pacific Northwest? I can host in Ashland, Oregon, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Maybe we can see a play and then see what comes up! - Jerry -

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GoNaked Magazine - Dec 2013