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The new film that stars Elisabeth Moss and that brings back this classic Universal monster.

How to Watch The Invisible Man (2020) Movie Online It seems that The Invisible Man is something that has been done until exhaustion. There are several films about this character (even one with Kevin Bacon) and even the Predators have technology to make themselves invisible ... fuck, Harry Potter becomes invisible too. What can the Invisible Man offer us that has not been seen before? The truth is that it offers us pure entertainment in the form of suspense and female empowerment. Obviously the timing of the film is suspiciously suitable for our time, so much so that it almost seemed to be planned (possibly so it was), but the truth is that it is worth it.

The story follows Elisabeth Moss , a woman who is fleeing Oliver Jackson-Cohenm, a man obsessed with her and an expert optical scientist. One night he executes a plan to escape and achieves it, but it is so traumatized that it is difficult for him to go outside or have confidence in someone else again. In fact he takes refuge with a police friend ( Aldis Hodge ) who has a daughter ( Storm Reid ), to be safer. One day they inform him that his ex-madman has committed suicide and left him five million dollars payable month by month in comfortable gunshots of $ 100,000 USD. And that's when the story really begins, which I won't spoil.

The direction and script of Leigh Whannell are fantastic. The staging that he achieves is excellent because he really takes advantage of the empty spaces to create terror and increase the suspense within the sequences he presents. What I should point out is that the script has two key moments in which the plot borders on the unlikely. The first has to do with an obvious and stupid decision in the first encounter with the aforementioned invisible man and the second has to do with security cameras. Today any restaurant has surveillance systems and more in San Francisco. But the truth is that the film is so well taken that you can ignore those points and it is still a very strong proposal in the cinema. Elisabeth Moss looks like the paranoid woman that nobody believes in and Aldis Hodge plays her role as a policeman and a man of the house very well. The truth is that they are very good actors and perform with mastery. The visual effects are also well achieved. There are no extremely hideous things, but what is on the screen works quite well. In fact I feel that the state of this type of movies is quite refreshing ... it evolves in a certain way. This is because it creates terror from the use of technology. New advances in the hands of terrifying people make that sense of helplessness that is frightening grow. They fit very well. If you want to have an excellent time in the cinema, the Invisible Man is definitely the option. It has so much suspense that it keeps you on the edge of the abyss and situations happen that you would like not to have seen, but that you keep seeing because it catches you. Do not miss it and go to the cinema to see this movie.

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