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Business Phone Systems: VoIP vs. PSTN For years, if you wanted a telephone at your business you had one option: plug into a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) with a legacy phone line. But times have changed, and business owners can now consider routing their phone calls through the Internet with a voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution. Lately, business owners have resoundingly decided that business VoIP systems provide an effective and flexible alternative to legacy phone lines. The VoIP customer base grew 19 percent each year between 2008 and 2011, while those plugging in to switch access lines dropped nine percent a year, according to the Federal Communications Commission. While some business owners are obviously comfortable with their legacy phone service—if it’s not broke why fix it—it’s important to consider that VoIP platforms will help cut down on communications costs. The solution also offers advantages in scalability and has many special features that can be integrated into your communications system, such as unified communications tools and Internet fax services. Cost savings Does your business rely on calling people across the country or on the other side of the globe? It costs less money to route phone calls over the Internet than through a legacy phone service. Providers of business VoIP systems generally offer metered or unlimited call plans, both of which offer significant savings over legacy phone service in terms of long distance and international calling. VoIP solutions allow you to not worry about the duration and frequency of your phone calls and provide your customers, no matter where they are located, with the service and care they expect and deserve. Scalability With a premise-based service, adding new phones can be difficult. You’ve got to route phone lines and set up outlets. That work can be time consuming and expensive because you may pay for more or less than what you use. Scalability with a VoIP phone service is much simpler installation of additional extensions is just plug and play. Since with VoIP you can add and subtract phones with ease, businesses can enjoy flexible service plans and only activate and pay for the amount of lines currently needed. Features VoIP solutions offer a variety of features that legacy phones simply cannot. Here at the top five: Find Me features allow calls to be forwarded automatically and rings multiple telephones either simultaneously or sequentially, depending on what you select. Anywhere features allow you to make business calls from any phone, anytime, anywhere and move calls from one phone to another without hanging up. Voicemail to Email features enable voicemail to automatically get sent to your email, where it’s stored as an audio file. This lets you easily store, play and forward voicemails at your convenience.

Smart number features allow you to keep your personal phone numbers private, as calls made to your office or business mobile device can be forwarded to your personal cell number, and outgoing calls can be set to display your business line phone number. Internet fax allows you to send and receive faxes from your tablet, mobile device or computer without having to rely on the services of a legacy fax machine. Unified communications services allow you to integrate a variety of communications methods—video conferencing, instant messaging, softphone and more—into a single interface. Author Box Momentum is one of the best hosted VoIP solutions providers that offer a wide range of services for residential, small business, and enterprise level use. Along with other services like unified communications, hosted contact center, SIP trunking and virtual fax service.

Business Phone Systems: VoIP vs. PSTN  

Momentum is one of the best hosted VoIP solutions providers that offer a wide range of services for residential, small business, and enterpr...