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Bringing IP Telephony and Unified Communications Together Decision makers at contact center enterprises are making the shift toward embracing the freedom and possibilities IP telephony and unified communications services provide. In these challenging and unpredictable economic times, forward-thinking business owners are always looking for practical ways to save money while keeping an eye on increasing their business’ productivity and potential. By employing a cloud-based voice solution and integrating a unified communications platform into their company’s tool belt, these business owners are providing their workers with the instruments necessary to contribute to the best of their abilities. By utilizing these technologies, business owners to harness the power of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phones and unified communications tools to create a <a href="" title="Hosted Contact Center Services by Momentum®">hosted contact center</a>. In doing so, they are able to provide their clients with the best possible service while their employees have as many tools at their disposal to facilitate data transmission amongst each other. The transition from an on-premise call center to a cloud-based one can seem daunting, but a quick analysis of the data shows the obvious pros. First and foremost, a hosted call center costs less, as the third-party provider hosts the infrastructure, thereby reducing the operating expenses. Moreover, the vendor is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of equipment, as well as the space in which it’s stored. Research conducted by Morgan Stanley reveals that the transition to the cloud could save call center operations as much as 50 percent of these expenses. Because businesses that choose to transition to cloud-based phone systems can usually enter into flexible short-term contracts, providers are charged with providing phenomenal service in order to retain those companies as customers. This means business owners that do their due diligence when selecting a provider will reduce capital investments and start-up costs and will likely be rewarded with a stellar service that will make the lives of both customers and employees easier. Internet-based phone systems enable you to grant your workers the ability to work from home when they want to—or work from home permanently, if you’re looking to save even more money on utilities, rent and other costs. In addition to that advantage, UC solutions allow team members to stay in touch and assist each other with ease whether they happen to be sitting next to each other or not. Unified communications provides employees with instant messaging, web and video conferencing, desktop sharing and a presence feature, among other things, allowing them to seamlessly collaborate whenever the opportunity arises. For example, if an employee is talking on the phone with a client who has a question that could be better answered by another team member, the user can quickly message a knowledgeable colleague with an available presence status and get a prompt response, helping the client in real time.

With this in mind, employees can help solve problems in a timelier manner than if they were to get up from their desks and walk to their colleague’s office down the hall to ask the same question. And they don’t have to put the customer on hold. The marriage of <a href="" title="IP Telephony Services by Momentum®">IP telephony</a>and <a href="" title="Unified Communication Services by Momentum®">unified communications services</a> helps sculpt the concept of a hosted call center into a lucrative reality. Author Box: Momentum®’s<a href="" title="Hoteling by Momentum">hoteling</a>allows the traveler to walk into any connected office and turn any phone into their extension by simply entering a code.

Bringing IP Telephony and Unified Communications Together  

Momentum®’s hoteling allows the traveler to walk into any connected office and turn any phone into their extension by simply entering a code...

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