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Audio Conferencing Enlisting the help of a robust, easy-to-use conferencing tools these days can allow any company to interact, communicate and collaborate with its geographically separated customer base at an unparalleled level. A cloud-based VoIP network allows users to attend meetings virtually— meetings that can accommodate up to 200 participants at a time. Wholesale VoIP and retail VoIP providers worldwide are extending audio conferencing services to businesses seeking to enhance their current voice solutions. It allows firms to hold audiobased virtual meetings without any associated complexity and to drive a reduction in costs and a boost in efficiency. With these types of solutions, location is not at issue. Companies spend billions of dollars each year on travel expenses and are contributing to millions of tons of unnecessary carbon emissions with numerous flights and vehicle commuter miles. All that travel is wasting time and money, and is negatively impacting the environment. With an audio service, businesses can reduce their travel expenses and work with the best partners in the industry, whether they’re located 5 or 5,000 miles away. Clear, crisp HD voice quality brings all participants together to create conference rooms without walls. Audio conferencing allows any organization, from small business to enterprise corporation, to frequently communicate with each other. Communication can be more open between employees and partners so everyone has up-to-date information about projects. Audio conference calls allow key decision makers to attend to any issues. Conference calls give businesses the power to collaborate effectively, make decisions faster and instantly connect with colleagues, partners and clients across the globe. Audio services can use one of two communication tools that are already in the office: an ordinary telephone or a computer. With a desk phone or mobile device, users will dial in and hear one another on the line. Easy-to-use telephone commands make joining and participating in a conference quick and simple. With a web-based software component, participants can join a conference via a “softphone” through their computer. This feature can be very beneficial for companies who often make long distance calls since VoIP costs a lot less than charges from traditional telephone companies. With the browser-based web plugin, participants can add, manage and monitor the status of other attendees via the web with the moderator client. Conference moderators can use the subscriber portal to easily manage conference settings. They can define the conference type, create bridge lists and listen to conference recordings. Audio conferencing solutions offer a multitude of features, including those that make the conversation between parties more enjoyable, and add a layer of control to these communications thanks to functions such as start, stop, mute, unmute, lock and unlock—all of which can be powered directly from the user’s phone. Also, travel expenses can be reduced significantly as it no longer required for an employee to physically migrate to a separate location to participate in the decision making process.

Businesses can make steps towards improving operations in a much shorter period of time when seamlessly integrating enterprise collaboration services and conferencing solutions. Author Box: Momentum is one of the best hosted VoIP solutions providers that offer a wide range of services for residential, small business, and enterprise level use. Along with other services like unified communications, hosted contact center, SIP trunking and virtual fax service.

Audio Conferencing  
Audio Conferencing  

Momentum is one of the best hosted VoIP solutions providers that offer a wide range of services for residential, small business, and enterpr...