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- C.S PORTFOLIO 2. What is call screening? Call screening enables the receiver to manage incoming calls in the desired manner. Many call screening features are available on the phone, such as ID caller. 3. When is it appropriate to use call screening? It is appropriate to use call screening when a person is busy in a face-to-face conversation with a customer. 4. When should call screening be avoided? Call screening should be avoided when it is used as a way of projecting power. 5. What three elements can speakers vary in their voices to better hold listener attention? 


Loudness and


6. ž What is a Call Center? Page 68. Call center is a department within a company or a third-party organization that handles telephone sales and service.


Customer Service Portfolio Unit 2  
Customer Service Portfolio Unit 2  

Valerie Alexandra Argueta López 10th CCLL "C"