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- C.S PORTFOLIO Advantages and Disadvantages ADVANTAGES


 Internet has provided a new avenue for delivering customer assistance  E-services can additional benefits improved relationships.

provide such as customer

 It is simple and quick.  The cost of creating maintaining a Web continues to come down.

and site

 Web chat allows customers and service representatives to carry on two-way communication.

 E-service probably never will be a 100 percent surefire strategy for handling all customer contacts.  Software life cycles are shorter, with minor product updates appearing every few months and major updates every 19 months.  The rush to migrate customer service to the Web has produces its share of failed sites and frustrated customers.  Installing and e-service is costly and highly dependent on available technology.  Poorly managed e-services can negatively affect the business image.

Personal Opinion The Internet has become one of the most important tools for the human evolution. Actually, the Internet provides an efficient communication and an easy access to certain information; and even businesses use the Internet to communicate with customers and provide them a good customer service. Unfortunately, the human being has become dependent on it and therefore, his life is governed by it. The Internet might not allow human beings to see the reality of things around them; either establishes relationships with others. It can be concluded that the Internet is a medium that provides us many facilities, but it should be used moderately so humans will not depend on it.


Customer Service Portfolio Unit 2  
Customer Service Portfolio Unit 2  

Valerie Alexandra Argueta López 10th CCLL "C"