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Understand that almost one-third of all U.S Internet users read online forums, so the potential for communication about customer service is high. Internet now is a medium where almost everyone uses it to communicate. Companies should recur to the use of a blog for providing a better quality of customer service. This also will let companies interact easier with their customers.

Reach out to bloggers who follow our issues. If possible, have conference calls with them. Engage them. If you want to provide an efficient customer service by the use of a blog, you should establish a relationship with the bloggers in charge of shaping your company’s image. You must show the blogger that you are committed to your company.

Submit posts comments from your organization leaders on blogs. It establishes that you are willing and able to be part of the conversation. If your company posts comments from your organization leaders on blogs, customers will know that you are really involved in the situation. You should be interested in being part of the conversation.


Customer Service Portfolio Unit 2  
Customer Service Portfolio Unit 2  

Valerie Alexandra Argueta López 10th CCLL "C"