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- C.S PORTFOLIO Action Tip 17: Make Your Greeting Message Efficient Use an answering machine or voice mail to capture messages when you are not available. Try to keep your greeting message current, and avoid making it too long or too clever. Record your message to be brief. Recorded messages may also ask for specific information from callers, however, don’t ask for too much information. After hearing the message, assure the caller you will return the call. When you leave a message on an answering machine, you should give the following information:     

Name (Spoken and spelled crearly) Time and day of the call Brief explanation of why are you calling Phone Number and When you are available

Action Tip 18: Learn to Use Your Phone’s Features The telephone technology is always coming up with new features. Unfortunately, many business people have not learned yet how to use the features available in their telephone system. Customer dissatisfaction with a firm’s phone call handling stems is originated from: Inability of employees to manage the features of the telephone, and  Shortcomings in treating customers with the highest degree of courtesy. 

If you really don’t know how to use your telephone’s system features such as call transfer, hold, and the like, take some time to read the user’s guide or recur to a service provider.


Customer Service Portfolio Unit 2  
Customer Service Portfolio Unit 2  

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