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LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMER 1. What is the difference between hearing and listening? Hearing is the physical activity in which sound waves are sent to the brain for understanding it, and listening is the psychological process that allows people to give a meaning to what they hear. 2. Mention the three types of factor that complicate the listening process and pose potential barriers. i. Internal Elements ii. Environmental Elements iii. Interactional Elements 3. What two things can generate communication problems? i. Interrupting people during a conversation ii. Faking attention iii. Talking more than listening 4. What does CAA stand for and what does it mean? CCA (Accouter-Attitudinal Advocacy) is a term that refers to the action of taking other person’s position. The CCA’s objective is to reduce the degree to which someone listens through his or her own biases. CAA forces people to listen until the message is completely understand. 5. Mention, describe, and explain in your own words the three Action Tips that you consider most important. a. Bite your tongue before interrupting Some people tend to interrupt others when they are in the middle of a conversation. Interrupting people can generate communication problems, that’s why is important to wait for the appropriate time to ask for something.


Customer Service Portfolio Unit 2  
Customer Service Portfolio Unit 2  

Valerie Alexandra Argueta López 10th CCLL "C"