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Elizabe! Gom" Artist

Murals, Trompe l'oeil & Faux Finish

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March 18, 2011

ELIZABETH GOMEZ Elizabeth Gomez is an Interior Designer and Artist Painter highly qualified that offers a wide variety of sophisticated ideas and solutions through of her paintings. She can transforms interior or exterior spaces in any style of decoration with creativity, quality and professionalism.. .

Welcome to the world where:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge...� Albert Einstein

T h e A r t i s t E l i z a b e t h scale you desire. Your w o r k i n g w i t h t h i s Gomez

c r e a t e s mural can be painted method, the client can

decorative wall murals, directly on-site or on receive photos via ec e i l i n g m u r a l s a n d canvas (or muslin) in mail or fed-ex to keep trompe l'oeils in a style her studio and shipped up with the progress a n d s c a l e t h a t i s directly to you.

and to give input on the

exclusive to your unique

work. For long walls or

specifications. She is able to execute the most beautifully rendered murals


extraordinary precision and skill in any size or

This option is usually more cost effective and offers the benefit of being able to relocate the mural if it becomes n e c e s s a r y. W h e n

whole houses for paint, she has a team that offer top quality work executed in a timely and cost effective manner.

DESIGNMONTHLY March 18, 2011


Primarily self-taught, Elizabeth Gomez Elizabeth Gomez offers the services of: has been an artist nearly all her life. Murals, Trompe l'oeil, Faux Finish, Decorative Painting and Children始s GOMEZ was born with brush in hand Murals. in Cali, Colombia. Her passion to paint came at a very early age, being Visit her website for more information: influenced by famous artists. She earned an interior Design and Trompe L'Oeil, Faux Finishes and decoration of furniture degree in an others Artistic ideas has allowed to important Professional Academy in Elizabeth to have her work requested the city of Cali. There she studied Art by a much larger audience. History, Color Theory, Wall Design, Decoration etc. After working for years in the interior design industry, she moved to United States and began her own business in 2002 in Florida like Artist Painter, enhancing as residential and commercial areas.

As well as her murals she has had a variety of exhibitions where her paintings has been admired and acquired for a lot people in Miami, Palm Beach and New York. Although Elizabeth is located in Palm Beach (Florida) she is hired for customers in

The ability to work in many mediums d i f f e r e n t and techniques including Murals,

"Murals & Trompe L'oeils" have always been a great way to bring life and beauty to any environment. They can be suited in both interiors and exteriors achieving.




DESIGNMONTHLY March 18, 2011

“Enhancing your walls with a touch of Art”

Elizabeth painting the archangel Saint Gabriel in a custom mural of a private residence.

Murals & Trompe L'oeils "Murals & Trompe L'oeils" have always been a great way to bring life and beauty to any environment. They can be suited in both interiors and exteriors achieving: •

To enhance the quality, look or enrich any space.

To transform walls with a beautiful view. To add a feeling of spaciousness or light.

• •

To bring the tranquility of nature with warmth and color. To transform a room into whatever you want it to be from a garden for reflection, to a haven for daydreaming…

Today, as the founder and owner “I understand the importance of of Elizabeth Gomez Designs, layout, design, color persuasion G o m e z h a p p i l y w i e l d s h e r and how to speak visually to brushes and paints on behalf of a people. This understanding helps d i v e r s e r e s i d e n t i a l a n d me create beautiful art that also commercial clientele. She paints brightens the home or workplace, everything from nurseries and improves the mood of customers/ children’s rooms to daycares, clients and creates a sense that schools and commercial interiors. the space is complete.” “Artwork can be a very powerful tool for any setting,” says Gomez.

Faux Finishes

Faux, loosely translated from the French means a simulation of a


“I can think of no more enjoyable way to decorate a home or office than with a hand-painted finish. The Faux Finishes can be contemporary or traditional effects from dimensional plaster with embossed or embedded stenciling to holographic or metallic flourishes.”

real substance or material. Many decorator products are expensive (i.e. marble, slate, raised paneling, etc.) In order to install many of these products major structural changes may be required. Elizabeth can create these finishes at substantially reduced costs without major structural changes.

Theses are some PROS of the faux finishes:

DESIGNMONTHLY March 18, 2011

“Trompe l'oeil Carved Stone Niches with a classical image of "Moises" and “David” which Michelangelo created in Marble and me with paint”. Elizabeth Gomez

Trompe L’Oeil Mural Creating the illusion of seeing reality

Trompe l'oeil literally translates from French to mean "fools the eye." Hard to paint, the trompe l'oeil piece requires meticulous attention to detail on the part of the artist. Proper sizing and every detail, nuance of light and gradation of color must be skillfully incorporated in order to make the two-dimensional work appear to be threedimensional.

DESIGNMONTHLY March 18, 2011

Elizabeth Gomez Designs

Murals , Trompe l’ oeil & Faux Finish

PH (561) 502-5074

Elizabeth Gomez Designs 821 8th Court Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 33410

Murals by Elizabeth Gomez  

Murals Company based in Florida

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