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Pistils & Petals celebrates the holidays with the unveiling of its latest collection, the Designer Home Collection. The premiere floral and dĂŠcor company is proud to welcome the new collection into its pedigree of illustrious arrangements.

Silvia Tcherassi

esigned to appeal to diverse styles of luxury homes, the Designer Home Collection features twelve iconic arrangements capturing the sophistication and elegance synonymous with the beloved brand. So, whether you’re welcoming guests into your home, or looking for the perfect hostess gift, Pistils & Petals has glamorous holiday arrangements that are sure to top the home décor wish list. Influenced by home décor for the modern holiday, the Designer Home Collection draws inspiration from influential designers present in the South Florida community and abroad. For the inceptive designer collection, our dear friends and longstanding Pistils & Petals clients, Silvia Tcherassi, fashion designer and founder of namesake brand Silvia Tcherassi, and Sabrina MacLean, interior designer at Hinojosa Design, graciously opened their homes and shared their holiday style. With global presence in the lifestyle business encompassing fashion and hospitality, Silvia has long admired the flawless design behind Pistils & Petals

floral studio. A strong believer in the quality, refinement, and sophistication behind casual luxury, her first book, Effortless Elegance, was inspired with this idea in mind, and it is this same approach that inspires her creative process in fashion, hotel projects, and of course, her home. We’ve followed Silvia’s ethereal line since the beginning, and her love to mix things, play with textures and incorporate a surprise factor is evident in her contemporary work. It is with experimentation, going beyond the obvious and predictable without being over the top, that the designer fuels her creativity and builds her vision. “In the end, I’m a classicist who enjoys crossing the border into avant-garde. Spaces are dresses that need to be embellished in order to be enjoyable,” Silvia said.

Believing in the mantra, “A house without flowers is a face without a smile,”

Silvia surrounds herself with flowers and she is careful to select them. After more than a decade of loyalty to the Pistils & Petals brand, she felt like a natural behind the design counter. “Dreams come true. I always imagined myself behind the counter selecting the flowers and creating the arrangements. It was a fun, relaxing, and creative challenge,” Silvia said of her opportunity to inspire our new collection.“Each trip to the store is an adventure. I always find the perfect selection, the most amazing varieties and hard to find species. The arrangements always match my style and mood.” For the collection, Silvia collaborated on three styles of arrangements: The first style, Mandarina & Topaz, was monochromatic, using a dark shade of yellow, very tall and stylized featuring two kinds of flowers, same tones, different texture and shapes.“The final result reminded me of a garden full of yellow butterflies. For me, yellow is prosperity, which makes it the perfect color to begin a new year.” The second, St. Tropez, Flamingo, Garden Party, & Derby, was more playful with multiple arrangements in different sizes using a variety of flowers in purples, reds, and magentas.“These arrangements are more sophisticated, but casual at the same time. You can arrange them separately or create a grouping.” The next, La Peregrina, is minimalistic featuring a clear, tall vase with swan-like white orchids. “The orchids offer a more organic look and provide charm to any room.” Silvia chose to incorporate the same color palette of her fashion collection into her floral design, from white to red.

“The final result reminded me of a garden full of yellow butterflies. For me, yellow is prosperity, which makes it the perfect color to begin a new year.�

Hinojosa Design

For young Sabrina MacLean, design is in her blood. With a flair for the contemporary, Sabrina and her mother, Carola Hinojosa, of Hinojosa Design, had just completed a family residence when we were invited to take part in the finishing touches.

or young Sabrina MacLean, design is in her blood. With a flair for the contemporary, Sabrina and her mother, Carola Hinojosa, of Hinojosa Design, had just completed a family residence when we were invited to take part in the finishing touches. “A house without accessories and floral arrangements is not a finished product,” Sabrina said.

The project, inspired by the minimalist movement, was brought to conception with a light wood and warm white palette, doors and baseboards flushed to the walls, and hidden switches and audio to complete the clean interior. We kept the floral treatment simple using all white flowers to complement the stark white interior. “White flowers provide sophisticated and elegant detail to any interior décor.” Sabrina said. “With

white walls, it can always be a white Christmas!” Both trusted clients of Pistils & Petals for years, Sabrina began working with her mother five years ago and has since acquired her impeccable eye for design. Growing up, Sabrina was surrounded by design as her mentor and greatest source of inspiration, her mother, once ran the finest interior and architectural firm in Bolivia. With Carola’s more than thirty years of experience in the industry, Hinojosa Design now manages a list of exclusive clientele for residential estates, foreign embassies, country clubs, and hotels. “Pistils & Petals has always gone beyond my expectations. It’s all about the customer service and being on the same wavelength as far as expressing my design concept throughout floral arrangements,” Sabrina said. The quality of their product is superb.” The designer’s absolute must for holiday entertaining is a glamorous arrangement for her table centerpieces, such as Mayfair, and a great statement piece like Empress. And as for gifting at your next holiday party, “A Pistils & Petals arrangement is the

best way to welcome guests into your home, making it the perfect present for the hostess in your life,” she tells us. With a mutual admiration and respect for design, we were intrigued to learn more about what drives Sabrina’s design, how she spends the holidays, and what projects she has in the pipeline. PP: How does Miami influence where you live and work? SM: Less is always more. Miami is a city that allows for an extremely modern interior. The year-round summer yields décor in light, warm colors. PP: What elements do you use to get into the spirit of the season? SM: I bought handmade decoration made of jute for holiday décor. The Christmas tree is always in silver with white details. PP: What is your idea of the perfect holiday? SM: My ideal holiday is having the whole family together for Christmas dinner. We have been preparing my grandma’s turkey recipe for the past 26 years. We are a big family, so it’s a very fun and loving celebration.

PP: What are your tips for entertaining and décor for the winter/holiday season? SM: It’s all in the details. I love having gorgeous, handwritten place cards on the table and place settings with beautiful chargers. This is the time of the year that you can get creative and make a very elegant dinner table. Always think of a color scheme for your party, that way you know where to start and what to shop. PP: My best holiday gift ideas are… SM: For the past 36 years, my mother’s best friends have sent her a single silver ball ornament to add to the tree. Each one is a limited edition design with the year engraved. It’s the perfect gift for your house. It will stay in your family forever. PP: What was your favorite holiday gift you’ve ever received? SM: A white cashmere blanket. PP: What exciting projects are you working on at the moment? SM: We are finishing a super modern apartment with impeccable art at the St. Regis. We’ll be using monochromatic white flowers arranged in a minimal style, much like the project we just completed, but with more of an architectural twist.

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