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Magazine design, concept, and photography by Bryan G. Edwards Richmond, VA A Tee to Green Media, LLC Company Golf USA Magazine 314-243-9628 - Cell 804-674-4839 - Office If you would like a custom magazine designed for your company or business at an extremely affordable rate, please contact me above.

I have been designing custom necklaces and jewelry for over 25 years. I take special pride in every detail and facet of my work. I only utilize001 the finest materials in all my design work to ensure against breakage and loss of any of the stones, clasps, and other items in my products.

All of my work is guaranteed to be “One - of - a - kind” and will assure you that you’ll never see anything like this in any store at any price! Please allow me to build you a custom necklace that you’ll be proud to wear for many years, or create several for you to use as great gifts for any special occasion. Please call or email me below for pricing on any necklace you see in my new magazine.

Thank you, Julie


Phone: 314-772-8407

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Thank you for taking the time to view my beautiful custom designed necklaces. Please come visit again each month for another stunning selection! Julie Rowe

Julie Rowe Elegant & Affordable Custom Designed Necklaces  

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