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On The Cover August/ September 2010: TraveL THe WOrLD with our expanded Golfing the Globe section on pages 19-29. We’ve compiled stories written by our staffers covering courses in For more information, see Pages 2, 22 and 23!

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In The Club house Charley Coppola

Two Great shows, One Great Location! Walk Fast And swing slow: use Your score Card To Play Better Ben Alexander, PGA Teaching Professional

Resist the Twist

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Leith Anderson

Golf Tips From The Tour: Knowing Yardages with each Golf Club J.L. Lewis

Timber Creek GC to host Inaugural national AAu senior Championship 10 secret Rules for Winning in Golf & Beyond Bob Fagan

Morton Attains World-Wide Recognition as Golf Course Operator Golfing The Globe Golf Today Staffers

second Opinion Product Reviews: sun Mountain’s ClubGlider Bob Fagan

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The Golf explorer: Lake Charles, Louisiana


Bali hai Golf Club – Play It While You Can


Golf at 6000 Feet


scotland & Ireland: Where It All Began


Turkish Golf Feast


Hal Gevertz

Bob Fagan

Mike Hamiel, member, California Golf Writers Association

Jeremy Findlay Bob Fagan

Golf and Beach Vacation on 22 the Forbidden Isle

Bill Nestor

Golf in Cuba – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow


Golf In The Andes…


Austin Golf Trail


Revisiting an Old Friend – Teeth of the dog


Bill Nestor

Mike Hamiel, Member California Golf Writers Association Terry VanderHeiden

Bob Fagan


8  GOLF TODAY • August/September 2010


In The Club House w Charley Coppola

Mather Golf Course Is Celebrating Their 50th Anniversary Mather Golf Course, in Mather, CA., is truly one of the finest Munis in Northern California and a must play. My regular foursome makes Mather a regular stop and we enjoy every minute on the course and the après golf lunches in the very reasonably priced restaurant. You won’t find a $10.95 Burger there. Just good, down-toEarth-good-to-eat selections from their menu with free refills on the sodas. General Manager, Asa Jennings passed this on to me. It was written by local Sacramento Golf Writer, Ad Agency Owner and ESPN Correspondent, Frank LaRosa: “It was inevitable that I’d be looking back in order to look forward on a recent visit to Mather Golf Course. It was a few toomany years ago that I teed it up for the first time. I was living at Mather AFB and my father was an aircraft commander flying B-52’s all around the worked. I lived about a half mile from the course and played often that first summers. I hope I appear to have aged as well as Mather because the course has matured in much better condition than I remember. The layout is challenging, the greens top notch and the service same with a smile. General Manager, Asa Jennings, has preserved the military theme with old photos, artifacts, and other subtle tributes to “back in the day” when the Air Force base population was at its peak. Mather Field was established as an airfield and pilot training school in 1918. Over the years it supported small military units and was used for pilot and navigator training. In 1958, the Strategic Air Command assigned a B-52 squadron to Mather and pilots and crews were “on alert” 24/7 and in the event of a global crisis, could be fully operational and in the air in mere minutes. Mather operated its own housing, schools, hospital and recreational facilities in addition to being an operational air field. In 1959, and Irish designer, Jack Fleming designed a golf course to take advantage of natural wildlife and wide-open terrain. Some describe Mather as a “long course,” and while some of the par-4’s are a bit of a handful, I find much of the distance offset by fairways with a lot of roll out. Although I was on “memory-high,” I was able to remain grounded as I surveyed the golf course. My observations were backedup by the rest of my foursome. Each compliment about the course conditioning was trumped by another about the fun factor. Mather is all there in front of you. There are no hidden dangers.The result is a

course with room to miss off the tee and still score well. It’s challenging… yet playable. Our comments kept coming back to one. In a word, it was “fun! Fun is important to Jennings as he regularly schedules events that reach out to the surrounding community with special tournaments, art shows, veterans’ events, and more. Mather’s 50th anniversary was celebrated in 2009 and the term “oldie but goodie comes to mind.” For more information or to schedule a tee time, visit:, or call 916-364-4354. In a future issue, I will interview the first Mather Golf Course Pro. Lonnie. Stay tuned because Lonnie knows how the course was built from the ground up. I promise that it will be a very interesting story. Draz Gloves? What’s a Draz? At first, and as always when receiving new products, the Red Light Blinks and the Siren goes off. My first thought is… “What’s this going to do for my Buddies who read this column. Help them. Hinder them? Waste their hard earned Moolah”? It’s a rarity that something so simple and effective as the Draz Athletic Glove comes along. Ryan Winther holds the World Record for the fastest golf swing at an astounding 166 MPH. That’s faster than any swing on the PGA Tour.. His longest drive on record is 565 yards. Whew! He started with Draz in June of 2008 with a measured speed of 137 MPH, He picked up 4 MPH by July 2008. By November 2008 his swing speed was clocked at 154 MPH. Ryan and I met at the Bing Maloney practice tee in Sacramento last month and he demonstrated how the Draz Gloves will increase my swing speed by 30 MPH. He also put on a little exhibition for those who were there banging balls. His swing speed was so fast that it was a b-l-u-r. Really, we could not see it happen. Ryan was hitting balls out of the driving range. An attendant at the range came by and asked if he would not do that any longer since they discourage balls going over the fence. I said, “These are my golf balls, not range balls.” He said, “OK,” and stood there in amazement as we all did as Ryan pounded ball-after-ball out


are good to go farther of sight. His 9 iron went close than you’ve ever gone to the 200 yard marker. Whew! before. To get yours go So, what does this all mean to: www.drazathletics. to you, and me? It means this. . com. You’ll be glad you . My swing speed has increased Charley Coppola did. to the point where I am hitting balls an average of 21 yards Frequently Asked farther and straighter than Questions About ever before. Last round I played with my Bud, Pete Willover, a couple of my Titleist Golf Ball Education, drives were very close to his and he is the Selection And Fitting: 1) What Is The Titleist Golf Ball Fitlongest in our foursome by some 20-25 yards. Or, at least he was since I out drove ting Methodology? The Titleist Golf Ball Fitting methodology is more accurately him on one hole by 23 yards. Last month at Wild Horse Golf Course described as Titleist Golf Ball Education, in Davis, CA., I shot a two over 74. Selection and Fitting, and focuses on eduMy third lowest score ever. cating golfers and recommending a Titleist golf ball that will help them shoot lower I know that scores. Titleist golf ball education is rooted in the basis that all Titleist golf balls are long and that round-by-round analysis shows that more shots are taken into and around the green than off the tee. Proper golf ball fitting includes all shots, and should focus first on shots to the green. The Initial Selection Process asks the golfer about his or her playing characteristics, and recommends a Titleist golf ball and an alternative Titleist golf ball for them to try. The On-Course Evaluation Draz Gloves Process is conducted by the player and is green-to-tee in its comparison process. the Draz Gloves Golfers should compare golf balls first had a part in that low score. I hit thirte e n on partial swing iron shots hit into and fairways, long and true. But more so, the around the green, followed by full swing product was a big part of the learning les- iron shots, and finally hitting from the son in golf to aid me in hitting my irons tee with the driver. This methodology longer and truer than ever before. My P-W determines the highest performing ball for is now an average of 10-13 yards longer a golfer’s total game, not on just one shot. and other irons reflect the same distance Final selection is made by the golfer based on performance and results following the improvement. Draz Gloves are very simple to use. On-Course Evaluation. 10 minutes every-other-day and you continued on page 10 ❱

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In The Club House ❰ continued from page 9

2) How Should I Conduct My OnCourse Evaluation? The best way to compare golf balls is on the golf course, using the Titleist Evaluation Scorecard to track performance differences, and conducting the evaluation green-to-tee. Golf ball performance differences are measurable via score, greens hit in regulation, proximity to the hole, and fairways hit. “Green-totee” means the evaluation is conducted hitting partial swing shots to the green first and working back to full swing shots to the green, followed by longer shots and concluding the evaluation on the tee with the driver. This process can be conducted during a normal round of play, by tracking fairways hit, greens hit in regulation and proximity to hole on approach shots. Another option is to play one model golf ball for nine holes and do the same with the secondary recommendation on the back nine. Additionally, feel preference is a part of the on-course evaluation process as it relates to confidence in shot making ability. If both balls perform equally during your evaluation, consider taking a more in-depth on-course evaluation using the Advanced Scorecard found on-line at 3) Is A Launch Monitor Necessary For Golf Ball Fitting? No. The goal of

Titleist Golf Ball Education, Selection and Fitting is to assist golfers in finding the best ball that will help them shoot lower scores. Titleist’s green-totee methodology takes into account every type of golfer, and is based on how Titleist fits its tour players. First, all Titleist golf balls are long tee-to-green. Second, launch monitors are typically used to help maximize driver distance. Ball selection for distance is not game changing or score changing. Proper golf ball fitting takes all shots into consideration, but focuses on the score changing shots into and around the green. 4) Can Lower Swing Speed Players Benefit From PRro V1/Pro V1x? Pro V1 and Pro V1x are Titleist’s tour performance golf balls designed for all swing speed players. All Titleist golf balls are long – regardless of swing speed. Differences between models off the driver for swing speeds ranging from tour players

(near 110 mph) down to lower speed players (in the 80s mph) are less than 4 yards - and that distance is not game changing or score changing. Game changing differences are found on the scoring shots into and around the green, and the Pro V1 and Pro V1x offer the most performance control on all shots. Golfers of all skill levels and swing speeds play Pro V1 because of this real performance benefit. 5) What Will Help Me Lower My Scores Most – Longer Distance Or Hitting More Greens In Regulation? All Titleist golf balls are long at all swing speeds. Differences between models off

the driver for swing speeds ranging from tour players (near 110 mph) down to lower speed players (in the 80s mph) are less than 4 yards - and that distance is not game changing or score changing. Hitting more greens in regulation is game changing, and continuing to develop a more consistent short game will provide golfers with the best opportunity to lower their scores. Game changing distance is potentially obtainable through physical fitness, swing improvements and club fitting. 6) How Come Titliest Doesn’t Offer A “Lady” Golf Ball? Because a golf ball does not know who is hitting it, Titleist designs golf balls for all golfers. Women have varied launch conditions, just like men, so Titleist golf balls are designed for the golfers’ swing characteristics, not their gender. 7) How Important Is Compression? Ball compression should not be a factor in determining the best ball for you. In fact, no single element of design can be used by itself to predict performance or best fit a golfer. The Titleist golf ball line has a range of compressions and all are long at all swing speeds. Finding the best ball for you should be results focused - helping you shoot your lowest scores. 8) Do More Layers In A Golf Ball Mean Better Permorance? More pieces, continued on page 34 ❱

— Coming soon: The “ACCelvATe” TrAiner for leg/hip power! —

10  GOLF TODAY • August/September 2010


Two Great Shows, One Great Location!


or the first time in its six-year history, your ticket to the Bay Area Fall Golf Show will not only get you in the door to the largest fall golf consumer expo in the state of California, but will ALSO grant you admission to the first-ever Bay Area Travel & Leisure Show – right next door! That’s right – you can attend two of the years biggest consumer expos for one low price, on one day, at one great location! As it has for the last f i v e ye a r s , the 2010 Bay A r e a Fa l l Golf Show, Oct. 15-17 at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, will pack a massive exhibition hall with the leading golf club manufacturers, retailers and industry representatives to help Bay Area residents take advantage of blowout, end-of-season prices on clubs, equipment and apparel from some of the biggest names in the game. Major U.S. retailer The Golf Mart returns as a Presenting Sponsor of the show, and

will pack their 5,000-square foot on-site Superstore with more than $1 million in merchandise, including the hottest drivers, irons and more from companies like Bridgestone, Callaway, Cleveland, Nike, TaylorMade and others. Want to try before you buy? Manufacturers representatives will be on hand throughout the weekend on the Golf Mart Demo L i n e  –  a massive indoor driving range – giving attendees the chance to test drive the year’s newest products, absolutely free! Of course, once you’ve bought your new club at a discount price, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. To help you maximize your potential, leading area pros and golf experts will be on-hand all weekend in the Free Lesson Area and on the Main Stage to provide golfers with tips to better their game. Beginners and pros alike will be able to stop by for a once-ina-lifetime opportunity to receive a personal


lesson from one of the area’s top golf instructors. In addition, every attendee will receive a goody bag at the door including items like rounds of golf, golf balls, magazine subscriptions and more! Last year’s goody bag was valued at over $70 – a 7-to-1 return on the cost of a full-price ticket, just for walking in the door! Once inside, there are even more chances to win, with putting, long drive and short game contests in which attendees will win clubs, rounds of golf, dream golf vacations and other great prizes, as well as the opportunity to enter-to-win the golf trip of a lifetime to Maui, courtesy of Firestone Complete Auto Care, the Westin Maui Resort & Spa and Ka’anapali Golf Resort. But that’s not all! For the first time ever, in addition to all of the above, your ticket to the Bay Area Fall Golf Show will also grant you exclusive access to the inaugural Bay Area Travel & Leisure Show, being held right next door! The all-new show – also at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, Oct. 15-17 – will give Bay Area residents the chance to meet with representatives of

The Bay Area  Fall Golf Show is back — and this year,  it’s getting even better! dozens of exhibitors in the travel and leisure industry, participate in fun games and contests, and pocket massive, show-only savings on vacation packages, cruises, RVs, boats, pool installations and other related products and services. Additionally, all attendees will have the chance to stop by Firestone’s on-site display area to enter-to-win the same fabulous Hawaii vacation! Residents wanting to increase their chances of winning can also enter at participating Firestone Complete Auto Care locations, beginning in September. Two great shows, one great location, one unbelievably low price! Keep up-to-date on new sponsors, new exhibitors, updated prize and activity listings and the latest goody bag additions by visiting or n

GOLF TODAY • August/September 2010 


Walk Fast And Swing Slow

Use Your Score Card To Play Better w Ben Alexander, PGA Teaching Professional Many golfers struggle to play better golf but few lack the direction to get started on the road to better scores. One of the first things I do is ask my students what their handicap is. If they say it’s a 28 for example, I then ask them, well, where do they think you are losing 28 shots per round. Far to often their answer is, I don’t know. If more players knew how to use their score card to

their advantage, they would know where most of their strokes are lost. I great learning tool I tell my students is to use your scorecard during your next four rounds as a record of every shot you hit along with your score for each hole.. Mark down on your card how many fairways you hit, how many greens in regulation you hit, putts per green and how many times you

got up and down. If this is to much to deal with to start out just write down how many putts per round and then go from there…Ideally, Id like to Ben Alexander see you do this type of record keeping for at least four rounds on four different courses. That way it will give you a truer average of your

strengths and weaknesses. Once you do this you and your PGA Professional can go over the results on the lesson tee and really see where you are having the most trouble scouring. Then its simply continued on page 13 ❱

Resist the Twist w Leith Anderson


t takes a lot of self-confidence for a putter designer to think he can create a putter that actually works better. Thousands of dreamers have tested their ingenuity against that challenge for four hundred years. A lot of very successful designers spend their time (and make their fortunes) updating traditional designs. There are very few original ideas in the putter business. One of the benefits of writing for Golf Today is the opportunity to make the acquaintance of the top designers in the business and get the “inside story.” I usually

walk past the putter booths because I’ve been playing with the same Odyssey blade for six or seven years. Despite a recent detour into belly country, I keep coming back to my old favorite. But lately, I’ve been wondering if the same technology advances that have made drivers and irons easier to hit were not also occurring in the putter world. That’s what

motivated me to slow down at the recent Northern California Golf Show and spend some time discussing putter technology with Mark Morgulis. Individual Passion Mark Morgulis, known to his friends as “Goolie,” is a very self-confident putter designer. He honed his skills at Taylor


Added back weighting will provide more power and help stabilize the club at impact.


Deep center of gravity produces a higher trajectory, enabling you to lift the ball off the ground, and land it softly.


Our Slim Drag Sole reduces club head twisting – virtually eliminating shanked shots to give you greater accuracy.

Made where he was the designer of the well-received Rossa line. But Taylor Made is a company that reveres drivers and irons because that’s where the big money is made. Mark left Taylor Made to form his own company because he believed that he could not realize his vision in the corporate environment. It’s easy to agree with his belief that true creativity is rarely achieved by corporate committees. As a custom golf shop owner, I hear about products that work from our customers. I first became aware of Goolie putcontinued on page 13 ❱

Wedgewood Introductory Special

38°Original Series $



8999 value



The forward leading edge generates more backspin and stopping action, your ball will hold firmly on the green.

Order at 888.833.7371 or Innovative Iron Replacement: Hybrid Design from 2 Iron to Sand Wedge! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

12  GOLF TODAY • August/September 2010


Golf Tips From The Tour

Knowing Yardages with Each Golf Club w J.L. Lewis


o become a better golfer it is essential to consistently strike shots that travel exact distances. There are several variables involved in this process including: golf equipment, golf swing techniques, different playing conditions, adrenaline under pressure, and knowing your capabilities on each day. Be Fitted with the Proper Golf Equipment Starting with golf equipment, the most important component is the golf ball.  Having the correct launch and spin will

greatly increase your chances of consistent shot making. Go to a local club fitting center to measure launch and spin to determine the best ball for you. Next, be sure to determine the proper length clubs with the correct shaft, golf grip size, loft and lie of the club head, and club head type that matches your ability level. The higher handicap player will need a more forgiving club head than a lower handicap player. All of these components can be determined at the fitting center and perfected by trial and error on the course. If you have the correct golf equipment, only small adjustments

are needed to realize your ball striking potential. Swing Tips – Producing a Consistent Golf Swing After deciding on golf equipment, make sure that your fundamentals are correct so that you can develop a consistent golf swing that produces the same speed on every shot. Even top level golfers have problems with this and need to make adjustments. This can be corrected by

Walk Fast And Swing Slow ❰ continued from page 12

a matter of working on the areas of your game that need the most help. Every time I meet a new golf student on the lesson tee the first thing I ask them is, what are your goals with your golf game and every single one of my hundreds of students says, I want more consistency. I always have fun with them here and Ill say, so your consistently in-consistent. All players want more consistency even the PGA Tour Players

but to get there it takes a little work on the players part along with your PGA teaching professional.. For the beginners out there, start off slow by just playing nine holes at the start of your golf career because eighteen holes is a little much for most beginners. During the nine holes start off by how many putts you had during the round and the next time you play add how many fairways you hit in regulation. Regulation means when your ball lands in the fairway,


not the rough. As a PGA Teaching Professional I try to get the beginner off to a good start with their golf career because a good start here will allow them to lower their handicap faster with good fundamentals with how to score better. For those of you who have played golf for many years, had a lot of lessons or no lessons, you can learn a lot from your score card as well. Talk to a PGA Golf instructor to help lead you thru the process of scoring better. n

making adjustments to the basic fundamentals of the golf grip, ball position, stance, or posture, J.L. Lewis or a change during the golf swing. Long hitters have more of a challenge because their mistakes are amplified due to their high swing speed. A consistent golf swing can be achieved by knowing the pre-swing fundamentals and by finding a good teaching professional to clarify what adjustments and swing keys will help to produce a consistent swing. Golf Exercise – Learning Distance Control: Knowing Golf Course Conditions Once you have the correct equipment and proper swing techniques the next step to distance control and good shot making is knowing how different conditions will continued on page 14 ❱

GOLF TODAY • August/September 2010 


“ For the first time in “ For the first time in 20 years, my knees 20 years, my knees don't hurt. ”

don't hurt. ” - David Balbi - David Balbi

Golf Tips From The Tour ❰ continued from page 13

affect how far the golf ball travels. For example: at sea level with no wind my 8 iron flies 154 yards when the temperature is above 75 degrees. If the temperature is lower than 75 degrees, the ball flies proportionally shorter.  At sea level, in 40 degree temperature the ball will fly 145 yards with no wind. The only way to really learn this invaluable information is to practice in all conditions and elevations. Distance the ball travels is affected by wind, altitude, temperature, humidity, and the condition of the golf ball. Experience is the best teacher and writing down how far each shot flies in practice and during rounds will expedite this learning process. Adrenaline Another important factor in distance control is understanding how adrenaline increases under pressure will increase strength and club head speed. During my career I have been in contention to win on several occasions and I know that nerves and adrenaline increase club head speed and cause the ball to travel farther than normal. I allow for five to ten yards more carry on short to mid iron shots and 10 to 20 yards more carry on long iron and tee shots. Know this tendency, and realize this is a good thing because the farther the

ball can fly the shorter the course will play. The more you can experience this state of heightened awareness when in contention the more comfortable and effective you will be. This nervous feeling is the reason for playing in competition and should be welcomed because it means you are playing well and getting closer to reaching your potential. Performing well when you are pressured is essential for any competitive golfer to be their best. Physical Condition Finally, the factor that is different each day is how you are feeling. Some days the strength level is 100%, and other days it may be 50% depending on what you ate, if you are feeling ill, how you slept the night before, or what is going on mentally that could affect your energy level. On the range prior to the round is the time to determine all of these variables that could affect your ability to swing the club consistently. I know on full strength days there is no doubt that I will make full swings as much as possible, but on days when my energy is less than normal I will take more club and swing easier to produce the needed yardage. Again, experience will teach you all of this important on course knowledge that if used properly will improve scoring ability in all conditions. n

After decades as a PGA teaching pro, tens of thousands of golf swings, and two surgeries, After decades as a PGA teaching pro, tens of David Balbi's knees were killing him. After six After decades as a PGA teaching pro, tens thousands of golf swings, and two surgeries, David weeks on Protandim, the pain stopped. of thousands golf swings, andsix two surgeries, Balbi’s knees wereofkilling him. After weeks on Protandim, the is pain David Balbi's knees were killing him. After Protandim an stopped. anti-aging supplement. Onesix

weeks pain stopped. tablet on perProtandim, day reducesthe oxidative stress, which Protandim is an anti-aging supplement. One tablet is implicated in arthritis,stress, heart disease, per Protandim day reduces which isstroke, implicated is oxidative an anti-aging supplement. One cancer, diabetes, and 200 other chronic in arthritis, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, tablet per day reduces oxidative stress, which conditions. and 200 other chronic conditions. is implicated in arthritis, heart disease, stroke, We created Protandim to slow your rateofofaging‚ aging‚but diabetes, and 200 other chronic We cancer, created Protandim to slow your rate but we'reithappy it helped Mr. Balbi's we’re happy helped Mr. Balbi’s knees,knees, too. too. conditions. We created Protandim to slow your rate of aging‚ but we're happy it helped Mr. Balbi's knees, too. AANTI-OXIDANT N T I - O X I D A N T AASSOCIATES S SO C I AT E S For more information, visit:

For more information, visit: or email: email: or


14For   GOLF TODAY • August/September 2010 more information, visit:

or email:


Timber Creek GC to Host Inaugural National AAU Senior Championship


he AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Timber Creek GC is a magnificent will provide Seniors across the na- Billy Casper/Greg Nash designed course tion opportunity to compete for divided into two nines, each with a disa National Championship. Other tinct personality over 6,510 yards. On the events that will be front nine, water held over the four comes into play days in October on six holes. The a re : S of tb a l l , back nine, which Bocce, Bowling, provides more of at Sun City Roseville  Billiards, Cycling, a challenge, and in Roseville, CA will host the Pickleball, Tennis opportunity to Inaugural National AAU Senior and Table Tennis. score for the betChampionship October 13-17, 2010 The golf tourter player winds nament is a 36 through many of hole competition this Casper layheld on Timber Creek golf course for Se- out amongst the majestic 150-200 year-0ld niors 50+ to 70+ in both male and female heritage Oak trees. A true treat for the eye divisions. This event is presented by the of the beholder. Pacific AAU and Placer County Tourism Board and offers a chance for golfers over the age of 50 to compete for the National Title. The competitions will consist of three Bob Fagan divisions, awarding gross and net winners for men, women, and super seniors (men over the age of 70). Two days of competihe following rules apply both to my tion, Friday, October 15 and Saturday golf students as well as life-coaching October 16 are preceded by one practice clients. Stay with these and I guarround on Thursday, October 14 and are antee you will see improvements in all accompanied by tee prizes and a daily your golf and beyond. lunch. A welcome dinner will be held on 1. Believe in yourself ! What ever you Wednesday October 13 and an awards believe is right.  If you believe you can win, you will.  If you believe you can’t brunch on October 17 hosted by Sun City win or hit a certain shot, you won’t.  Roseville.

Timber Creek GC

The AAU Event at Timber Creek GC this coming October is: • A stroke play event. • Male and Female Divisions. • Two age groups: Seniors (age 50+) and super seniors (age 70+); • Net (counts handicap) and gross scoring; • Players must have current USGA GHIN numbers to compete for the net championship; • Amatuers only; and, • Fantastic Tee Prizes. Information: Dates and times: Thursday, October 14: Demos, Practice Day; Friday and Saturday, October 15 & 16: Tournament, 18 holes per Day

Location: Timber Creek Golf Course, Sun City Roseville, CA Golf Tournament Fee: $249 per player, $79 AAU registration fee. Includes: • Welcome Carb-up buffet on Oct. 13th. • Your AAU Membership and Registration Card • An AAU National Senior Championships T-Shirt • One ticket to the concert on Oct. 15th • One ticket to the awards brunch on Oct. 17th • AAU Liability Insurance Register at: or contact n

10 Secret Rules for Winning in Golf & Beyond w


careers in Golf now Available in california, na nevada, Arizo and utah

While the results may occasionally vary in the short run, they will match your beliefs in the long term. So believe you can win.  Find a golf coach or swing instructor who you trust and believes in you and stick with them. 2. Master the fundamentals. All the greats in any endeavor do many little things well.  Add one mastery after an-

other and don’t skip over them. Find a skilled set of eyes to help you build the correct fundamentals and monitor you periodically to see that you haven’t strayed.  If the skilled professionals do, the rest of us should follow their example.  And as important as swing fundamentals are, an attitude of graticontinued on page 16 ❱

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GOLF TODAY • August/September 2010 


10 Secret Rules for Winning Both East and West Courses have been completely rennovated and reconditioned and are in excellent condition!

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tude is a fundamental trait that can be acquired at any point in life. 3. Commit to action and start small, but commit to continuous improvement. Climbing a mountain can seem too monumental, but if you take a lot of little steps you eventually find yourself at the summit. Besides, it is easy to take little, easy steps.  As you add the fundamentals, you will wake up someday and realize you’ve come a long way and are probably pretty skilled, no matter the endeavor!  As Jack Nicklaus told me, it was his confidence in mastering many little things that gave him his edge over his competition – at least he thought so. 4. Build and follow a routine. In golf, this most definitely applies to a preshot before every golf shot and it most definitely refers to staying in the present moment. In golf, your psyche and body chemistry magically and automatically sense anything out of the ordinary as unusual and a danger signal.  Muscles tighten and breathing changes; the body produces acid and you begin to feel tense and bad.  When you have developed a consistent routine and do follow it, it’s a message to yourself that everything is going fine

and you are in a trusting mode. When you trust yourself and commit to your routine, you are in great position to hit intended golf shots. 5. Detach from the results. Focusing too much on results builds expectations.  Expectations create pressure.  Pressure destroys good golf.  If you do find yourself suffering from pressure, embrace it for what it is and then ask, “What is there really to be fearful of?”  Follow this with asking yourself, “What’s my target?”  This helps you focus upon the task at hand.  Take aim, trust, execute, but then detach.  Repeat. 6. Lighten up. In other words, retain your sense of humor.  If you take yourself, your game, and life too seriously, you automatically take yourself out of alignment and will miss the opportunities that may be coming your way.  Anger is guaranteed to destroy your round and your progress as a golfer, plus life and everyone someone tends to smile on someone with a sense of humor. 7. Be patient. The path to improvement in golf or life is never a straight line nor are we so important that the Universe gives us what we ask for on our own time schedule.  When you become


Morton Attains World-Wide Recognition as Golf Course Operator


en Morton, Sr., CEO of Morton Golf LLC and a leader at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex for more than 52 years, was ranked number seven in the world in Golf, Inc. magazine’s Most Admired Golf Course Operators list. Morton, Sr. is the only person ever awarded six National PGA Awards. In 2005, he was inducted into the National PGA Hall of Fame for his contributions to the PGA, the game of golf, and its members. Morton, Sr. is a native of Sacramento who caddied, worked in the golf shop, and

repaired golf clubs at Del Paso Country Club while attending El Camino High School. On March 1, 1958, he began working parttime for Tom LoPresti, head golf professional at Haggin Oaks, and remains there 52 years later. With the assistance and support of his management team, Morton, Sr. has built the Haggin Oaks Golf Com-

plex into a facility with world-wide recognition while still maintaining the same home-town influences for customer satisfaction that he learned many years ago. “I am humbled by this award,” Morton, Sr. explained. “My entire career has been devoted to bringing the people of my community the op-

portunity to learn and grow with the game of golf. Along the way, I’ve worked with a number of professionals who have helped me develop the kinds of management philosophies, staff educational opportunities, and customer appreciation models that have helped us earn our reputation at Haggin Oaks for being on the cutting edge with regard to sales, marketing, lessons, clubfitting, and more. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to serve my community.” Morton, Sr.’s background is rich with

yourself embracing fear, judgment, scarcity, anger, jealously, etc., congratulate yourself and then adopt a new more loving belief; remembering that you always have the choice to change the underlying belief that created that negativity. Take joy in who you are. Bonus Truth:  Be present so as to develop your awareness. The best in any endeavor are those who are most aware of themselves and their surroundings.  They are more sensitive and react more quickly in an effective and appropriate manner.  Some call this “genius,” but keen awareness is really the trait that separates their special

qualities. A quiet, open, appreciative mind and body can intercept many signals that busy, angry, fearful one cannot.  And ultimately the answers you seek all rest within all around you – not in some distant land or with someone else. n

Ken Morton, Sr.

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10 Secret Rules for Winning ❰ continued from page 16

impatient, you also take yourself out of alignment and you attract unwanted results. 8. Practice forgiveness, which also means to throw out your thoughts of perfection. Excellence is always preferable to perfection.  Besides, life may throw challenges our way.  While we can’t always control them, we can always control how we respond.  And should others or we trip up; we should be the first and not the last to forgive.  And all forgiveness is self-forgiveness. 9. Enjoy your journey. Golf and life

are not destinations, but rather never ending journeys. As such, you soon discover that you can never fail, but simply get back on track, in alignment so to speak.   Live in the moment by finding things to be grateful for.  Doing this has the added benefit of quieting our mind chatter, which allows the body to naturally perform better. 10. Be authentic. Ask yourself, what would your best or highest self do, or what would your role model do?  Practice love, creativity, abundance, gratitude, integrity, charity, and forgiveness in all you do.  When you sense

Golf Today Associate Editor Bob Fagan accepts coaching clients on a time available basis from the fields of business, athletics including golf, and life in general. He can be reached at  More information about his coaching and products may be found at www.golfshigherplane. com.

WANTED GolfErs: PrEfErAbly AlivE

Escape the heat and Golf in thE cool mountains of northstar at tahoe Resort: 25 miles to casinos, 10 minutes to the lake. Golf, swim, tennis, hike, restaurants, relax.

5 couplEs to REnt ouR fullY fuRnishED 5BR, 4Ba homE foR a Golf lEasE September-October and May-June 3500/month = $100+ daily (on 2-month lease) or $3,000 weekly, without lease


mmended Highly reco czor, by Bob Ko olf Today editor of G




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Golfing The Globe

The Golf Explorer: Lake Charles, Louisiana w Hal Gevertz


efore I proceed with my article I 40 beers from around the world. wish to inform you that all is well The romantic history of Lake Charles and not hazardous in this part of involves tales of pirates and buried treaLouisiana. Their beaches are in sure. It began with the arrival of the first tact and all their restaurants featuring local French settlers in the 1760s. The lumber Cajun and Creole cuisine including fresh boom fueled by vast woodlands in the fish, shrimp, mussels, and crayfish and area was responsible for the rapid growth other delectable’s are at your beck and call of the city in the early years. This was folbecause most of it is raised and farmed in lowed in the late 1800s when sulphur was their inland waters. discovered in a nearby town named for So if you in are in the mood for a fan- it. The fifty acre tract of mining land was tastic adventure you can also enjoy a few then known as the “richest fifty acres in the of the 75 year-round festivals (second only world. By the late 40s, the main focus was to New Orleans) including Mardi Gras, the petrochemical industry which is still Cajun French music and food festivities. the backbone of the city that keeps their It includes Contrabands Days, a two population from staying away from the out week celebration of their link to the pirate of work category. Jean Lafitte where that annual event beLake Charles, the fifth largest incorgins when porated Lafitte and city in the crew capUS state of ture the city Louisiana and force is located be it shopping, cultural adventures, culinary the major on the delights and enough golf to take care of your to walk banks of needs, you are sure to find it in Southwest the plank. the CalcaLouisiana/Lake Charles. There are sieu River also seven and borinexpensive, top notch golf courses to ders both Lake Charles and Prien Lake. exercise on. If that sounds right up your al- It’s situated on a plain about 30 miles from ley, pack your suitcase, take your golf clubs the Gulf of Mexico. and head for Lake Charles/Southwest The Port of Lake Louisiana. Charles is the twelfthI parked my clothes and clubs at the largest seaport in the beautiful L’Auberge Du Lac Casino 26-sto- United States, the ry Resort that’s the tallest building be- fourth largest liner tween Houston and Baton Rouge. It service seaport in the includes 1,000 spacious rooms, suites and U. S. Gulf and a major villas featuring comfy beds, great views and West Gulf container large baths. There is 26,000 square feet of load center. meeting space, 30,000 sq. ft of gaming, And along with a fabulous tropical pool with a moving fabulous fishing and a circular river and a luxury spa, salon and myriad of other sportmarina. It also include eights various din- ing options along with ing options with the award winning Snake five interesting museums to spend some River Grill coming in first place. It features time in, you will be able to set your sights innovative cuisine with a focus on steaks, upon ponds and river outlets abundant seafood, wine and attentive personalized throughout the region. You might even be service. Then there is Jack Daniel’s Grill fortunate to catch a glimpse of the king of that also features steaks, specialty sand- the marsh. wiches and other favorites with more than But since I viewed five golf courses

Whatever your interest

L’Auberge du Lac Casino Resort. At 26 stories, it is the tallest building between Houston and Baton Rouge. where many ponds hang out, I saw my share of those “look but don’t touch” scary creatures. The first course visited was the brand new (2009) National Golf Club of Louisiana. This par 72 6,946-yard expansive layout features 14 lakes, 80 bunkers, preserved wetlands and some of western Louisiana’s most formidable putting surfaces. Their MiniVerde greens will keep them deep green year-round. Its part of an expansive mature, soft pine forest and its rolling terrain of outstanding holes are set up beautifully in design and quality.

The National Golf Club of Louisiana It starts off with a strong par five of 537yds with water hanging in on parts of the right side. The fairway eventually makes its way to a green where bunkers are noted on the right with oversized fronting putter land falling away from right to left. The 391-yd 4th is another waterscape with

water on its left size as it bends around to a small elevated bunkered green with more water on the same side. The 192-yd par 3 fifth is one of most outstanding Signature holes you will ever come across. Fronting the tee is a body of water that has to be traversed where three separated hot-dog shaped bunkers (Oakmont Pew traps style) awaits wrong way direction. A slanty green is behind all the trouble with its steep back to front movement. Another solid par three of 176-yds is found at the 12th where water plays a waiting game on the right side followed by some quality bunkering by a green that makes its way up and then downward where most of the pin placements reside. As the National Golf Club winds down the top rated par four 16th of 457-yds comes with water on the right side and then shows more wet on the left as you get closer to a diagonal shaped green that is on the quiet side of movement. This is followed by the par four 494-yarder where water starts off on both sides of the fairway and ends up continued on page 31 ❱

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Bali Hai Golf Club – Play It While You Can w Bob Fagan


n this article I am tested with my use Curley managed to pack a 7,000-yard layof the tense in my sentences, because out with 4,000 transplanted trees includpretty soon an illustrious Las Vegas ing 2,500 towering palms and 100,000 golf course will be a memory. If the more tropical plants into a very tight Walters Group has its way, its Las Vegas- piece of property. (You would be advised based Bali Hai Golf Club will join an to wear a hardhat while playing Bali Hai increasing number of golf course closures. as golf balls come at you from other fairIts oasis-like lush contoured green fairways ways; and yes, one of my playing partners that have hosted “the Big Break” Golf Show AND I were both struck during the same round.) Secondly, will give way to loadBali Hai may be one ing docks and delivof the world’s noisiery trucks as soon est courses due to as final approvals the adjacent airport. are given to change an illustrious Las Vegas golf That said, the aesthe property’s use course will be a memory. thetics and challenge over to a 2 millionhave been terrific. square-foot commercial development likely incorporating While critics have maintained that the distribution and possibly shopping. You value of the experience has never quite can expect to see many more golf courses matched the price, few if any faulted the around the country follow this lead. In this imaginative work that Schmidt and Curley case, the land is simply to valuable to be did in creating an enticing, attractive golf experience. used for a money-losing venture. Of note have been the 468-yard 3rd Bali Hai occupies a precious piece of property adjacent to the McCarran In- hole with water down the entire right side ternational Airport. It is one of the most and then the little 141-yard, par-three convenient to reach courses located on the teaser,16th with its island green. When south end of The Strip. Opening just in you add the better than average service 2000, the team of Lee Schmidt and Brian and dining there, Bali Hai has made for an

Pretty soon

attractive golf junket for the affluent golfer. Bali Hai has been a fun Polynesian-style course within full view of the desert, the airport, and the Las Vegas skyline, but it seemed to work. Bright white sand bunkering punctuated the mounding and man-made water hazards with volcanic rock outcroppings seemed to somehow

work. When you add any number of fun and challenging holes, it has been a course most would want to play at least once, in spite of its hefty green fees in the $250 continued on page 29 ❱

Golf at 6000 Feet

w Mike Hamiel, member, California Golf Writers Association


tateline, Nevada – Golf Magazine’s top 500 holes in the world and Top 100 Public-Access Courses in the World; Golfweek Magazine’s Top Rated Golf Course in Nevada and America’s Best Public-Access; and Golf Digest Magazine’s 100 Greatest PublicAccess Golf Courses. Phew, did I forget anything? Oh yeah, the resort is home to Brooks Bar and Deck, one of Golf Digest’s “Best 19th holes in America. Located on Nevada’s south eastern shore, the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course and Restaurant offers a distinctive and exceptional golf and dining experience. Legendary architect, George Fazio a one-time PGA tour player noted for the unusual designs in his sand bunkers, designed the course in 1968. 18

holes. Par-72 with four sets of tees, ranging from 5567 to 7445 yards. The course features a Pro Shop, caddies and carts are available, driving range, putting green, but a short season from May to October. Edgewood Tahoe G.C. has been the home of the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, won last month for the third time by former NFL quarterback, Billy Joe Tolliver, for the last 20 years, as well as host of the U.S. Senior Open and U.S. Public Links. “We get a lot of pros from private clubs coming up here – smart people, whose job it is to know the best course in the world – and the general opinion is that Edgewood is just a lot more fun,” says Randy Fox, the Director of Golf. “You can play Pebble Beach or Spyglass

Hill or Coeur d’Alene, and we’re on that level, but here, the atmosphere is different. Here, we’re about having a good time.” Well Randy, that’s what Golf Today Magazine came up to find out; lets take a look at this ‘jewel on the lake’. Recent changes allowing carts off the cart path along with a new dash mount GPS system has made a round here even more enjoyable than ever before. Rates can vary for the rest of the season from a high of $240.00 a person w/cart to the 2:30 twilight rate of continued on page 29 ❱

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Scotland & Ireland: Where it all began w Jeremy Findlay


n 1471 King James II of Scotland banned golf. So begins the official history of our game. As a keen golfer, you are following in the footsteps of hundreds of years of history and one of the oldest games in the world. Scotland is rightly known as “The Home of Golf ” while Ireland follows closely behind in terms of its golfing heritage. Many lovers of the game regard a visit to Scotland or Ireland as an integral part of their golfing experience. The opportunity to experience golf as it was played centuries ago, as many of the older courses have changed little over time, will test your skills while letting you enjoy golf in an authentic manner. Indeed every year there is the World Hickory Championship in Scotland where you can play a traditional links course with hickory clubs and even dress in period costume. Everywhere you go in these islands you are surrounded by history and you walk in the footsteps of all the great names of golfing legends  –  from Old Tom Morris to Tiger Woods. So if you have decided to follow your dream and play courses like St Andrews, Carnoustie, Muirfield, and Ballybunion, what is the best way to go about it? The most important rule is “Plan Early.” Many of the great courses are private members clubs and therefore have limited tee times for visitors. As a general rule you should be planning at least a year ahead if you want to play all the big named courses. For example Muirfield has a 15-month rolling advance booking system while The Links Trust of St Andrews takes applications in September of the year before play. The second rule is “Commitment”. Many courses ask for up to 100% of the non-refundable green fee in advance. So gather your group together well in advance and make sure that they are all committed to the tour. DIY or Tour Operator? It is perfectly possible to arrange a tour to Scotland and Ireland on your own using the Internet and indeed many people do this. However, it is complicated, time consuming and for the first time visitor, it can be daunting. Most famous courses place restrictions on visitor tee times and may also have

how can you be sure that yo u r h o tel choice will meet expectations? This is where the tour operator gives you reassurance as their reputation is based on how we l l they have served clients in the past. The tour operator has an intimate knowledge of the country and will work with you to arrange the tour that best fits your requirements. There is some debate as to whether using a tour operator will save you money but they will definitely save you time and

hassle whilst also providing you with a point of contact should you require help whilst on holiday. If you are unsure about a particular operator then ask to speak to past clients, any reputable firm will give you this option.

How do you choose a Tour Operator? Start with those who belong to industry organizations such as ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and GTS (Golf Tourism Scotland). At least then, at a very basic level, you know that they have met certain minimum standards and you have somewhere to go to should you need assistance while on vacation. Take the time to shop for a tour operator and interview them accordingly. Once you have hired an operator that suits you, they will provide you with a single point of contact throughout the whole process of planning and execution. Do you want to use a U.S. based company or one that is based in the destination country? While the former will have overseas representatives, one could argue that the Scottish and Irish based companies are better placed and will have closer contacts in their native countries. It is worth mentioning that Scottish and Irish based tour operators have to comply with a strict set of European Union rules continued on page 28 ❱

Turkish Golf Feast w Bob Fagan


peaking of history, Turkey is ripe with it, and in the province of Antalya only minutes away in the surrounding countryside are some of the best-preserved Greek and Roman ruins in the world. You will pass ancient Roman aqueducts and theaters, but you will likely never see any ruins more spectacular than the preserved ancient city of Perge or the theater of Aspendos. No one should ever consider a trip to Turkey without a visit to Istanbul. Hop on an hour flight from the brand new airport in Antalya to Istanbul in the northwest corner of the country, one of the truly great large cities of the world. With a bustling population of 15 million, it is a city that never sleeps, and it is also the only city that spans two continents: Asia and Europe. Chief among its menu are a seemingly inexhaustible offering of museums, great mosques, palaces, statues, bazaars, gardens,

View of the Boshporus from the Marmara Hotel, Taksim Square. Photo by Bertil Videt, 2006

2,500 years of history are centered upon its waterways with the Bosphorus being one of the world’s busiest and most beautiful separating the two continents and providing spectacular water vistas. It is truly a crossroads of people, culture, commerce,

As you travel away from the areas of Istanbul and Antalya, the country is sitting on many natural resources. While the nation boasts the 4th largest economy in Europe and is 11th in the world in steel continued on page 28 ❱

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days closed off for competitions. If you are unfamiliar with hotel grading systems

shopping, quaint cafes and trendy restaurants, and a nightlife that never rests. Its

SEE OUR LARGER AD ON PAGE 40 history, art, and entertainment – an exotic, production along with many abundant complex, yet utterly captivating city! agricultural exports, it has many pockets

DOUBLE DOWN GOLF & GAMING FUN GETAWAY! 1627 US Hwy 395 N / Minden, NV 89423 • Information: 800-321-6983, 775-782-9711


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Golf and Beach Vacation on the Forbidden Isle w Bill Nestor


ction on a number of fronts offers hope that the easing of travel restrictions for Americans and even trade limitations might become reality in the not-so-distant future. And hopefully more courses will also be ready for play. Choices for golf are limited at the mo-

diplomats. Until 1998 it and Yatera Seca Golf Course, a nine-holer at the U.S. Naval Station on Guantanamo Bay, were the only golf courses in Cuba. The base, occupying 26, 600 acres as part of a 99-year lease due to expire in 2034, is off limits to Cubans, In 1998 the Cuban government built the Varadero Golf Club at the Xanadu Estate.

Cuba has an abundance of beautiful white and beaches ment, a situation perhaps traceable to a legendary golf match between Fidel Castro and Che’ Guevara at Havana’s Colinas Villareal Course, around 1960. Playing in combat boots and army fatigues likely didn’t help their games, such as they were: Che’s 127 bested Fidel’s 150. Whether the match was staged to break the ice with JFK and Ike, two of the most avid and accomplished U.S. President golfers, or to mock the capitalist leaders will probably never be known. However, shortly after the match a funny thing happened on revolution road. Most of the existing golf courses were converted – the Country Club of Havana became a music/ dance academy, while the Havana Biltmore Country Club and Colinas Villareal were designated for military uses. Only the nine-hole Havana Golf Club was left for visiting tourists and foreign

There had been a nine-hole course on the 444-acre property previously owned by

American millionaire Irenee Du Pont and the grounds had been kept up even though the original layout was abanfor a golf or beach vacation in Cuba just doned years before. The Xanyet, but keep a watchful eye – for the times adu Mansion remains atop a they are a-changing. rocky bluff with majestic and commanding views of blue water and brilliant sunsets. hotels have been added over the last 20 Its classic old world elegance pervades years. The resort offers attractive, clean and the eight guest rooms; inside and open- well-maintained lodging with excursions air terrace dining as well as the top floor and activities including golf. One of these, ocean outlook Casa Blanca Panoramic Bar. Las Américas Meliá, a 5-Star (Cuban Xanadu now serves as a comfortable place rated), 340 room, all-inclusive beachfront to stay, eat, drink and relax after a day at hotel with six restaurants and five bars is the beach, on the links or sea. adjacent to Varadero Golf Club. “Playing Varadero with the beach at The rest of the world has been free to visyour side, the warm sun shining, a fine it, vacation and enjoy the heavenly climate Cuban cigar in one hand and freshening and unique culture in Cuba for sometime, Atlantic Ocean breezes –  It doesn’t get and indeed, Canadians and Europeans much better,” said Jose Tovar Pineda, gen- accounted for the majority of travelers in eral manager of the Varadero Golf Club 2009. Many also traveled from Mexico, in Cuba. South and Central America and Asia. Varadero, a barrier beach peninsula The benefits of U.S. free travel and trade is a two-hour drive east of Havana. It with Cuba would be monumental, good incorporates a well-designed government for Cuban and U.S. economies but also for created resort with contemporary hotels improving each country’s quality of life, on dazzling white sand beaches. Key West, status and stability in the region. Florida is only 90 miles away. Cuba’s Tourism Minister, Manuel MarTravelers flock to the destination for rero, publicly announced at the May cost-effective all-inclusive vacations. Cu- 2010 Cuba Tourism International Fair continued on page 27 ❱ ban and foreign investor joint venture

Don’t pack the clubs

Golf in Cuba – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow


olf has been played in Cuba since the early 1900’s. Ben Hogan and Sam Snead enjoyed visiting the island to play. In a publicized 1940 purse game Snead competed against Cuban National Champion Rufino Gonzalez. Arnold Palmer and other greats played the PGA Havana Tournament in the 1950’s. A dozen or so golf courses existed when Castro assumed power in 1959, four in Havana, including two Donald Ross jewels, the Havana Biltmore Golf Club and the Country Club of Havana, which for eleven years was a PGA Tour stop. Varadero Golf Club, now Cuba’s only

18-hole course, opened in 1998. The well maintained 6,856-yard, par-72 is a delightful routing that meanders amid tropical vegetation with finishing holes along the shoreline. Canadian golf architect Les Furber’s design took eight years to build. It provides multiple tees and ample fairways that accommodate both novice and accomplished players. While primarily level, there’s some undulating terrain throughout, and a blend of parkland and links land styles. The near ubiquitous sea breeze can both cool and challenge. Selected holes present views over the Atlantic and up the coastline

beaches. Practice bunkers, putting and chipping greens, a multiple multiple-bay covered driving range and rental clubs are available. Overlooking the 18th green, beach and ocean is a clubhouse bar and grill, a fitting watering hole to taste a cool traditional cubata, Cuba libre, mojito or island brewed Cristal and Bucanero beer. “Most of the 36,000 rounds played at the golf club in 2009 were by international tourists, many staying at nearby hotels,” said Pedro Klein, the affable resident PGA pro known by everyone as Chopy. “There continued on page 27 ❱

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Golf In The Andes…

w Mike Hamiel, Member California Golf Writers Association


hen the Colombian Government’s Trade Bureau, PROEXPORT, invited Golf Today Magazine to come and preview golf in this lush South American country on the northern edge of the great Andean mountain chain, we couldn’t pack our bags fast enough. Nine and a half hours after leaving San Francisco with a plane change in Miami, I arrived in the Colombian capitol of Bogota. With its 8,000,000 inhabitants, that’s more then London, and living at an altitude of some 8,661 feet above sea level, it’s the 3rd highest capitol city in the world. With its many universities and libraries, Bogota has become known as “The Athens of South America”. But it’s the golf we’ve come to sample, with eight professional wins under his belt, Colombian golfer, Camilo Villegas has this to say: “It is incredible that, in the country that helped to perfect my play, I can go from the beauty of its beaches to the magic of its mountains in less than an hour, on golf courses that the European Tour has endorsed for three consecutive years.” As an international golf destination, Colombia offers its visitors over 50 challenging courses considered the best in Latin America, only Argentina has more golf courses then Colombia. This year for the first time the PGA’s Nation-

wide Tour felt that the Country Club de Bogota was ready for an American style tournament, last March, Steve Pate won the inaugural event and the first place check of $108,000. To play golf in Colombia, one has to be a guest of a member, as the majority of courses are private. Private clubs like Los Lagartos; Club Campestre

The author on the 7th hole of the Club Campestre CC with Medellin, S. America in the background El Rancho, Club Campestre Guaymaral and Carmel Club Campestre, to name but a few can be found in the area of the Capitol. Close by the presidents country home out on the Central Del Norte Highway are located the Golf Hato Grande Club and the Militar De Golf Club. Others in the

golf course in the world, is pretty open with some magnificent views of the mist covered jungle higher up. Its 18 holes, 6,000 yards from the azules (blues) with four par 3’s, twelve par 4’s and two par 5’s, the longest #17 at 480 yards. There are no carts, few courses including private, have

capitol include Pueblo Viejo, the Campestre La Sabana Club, and the afore mentioned Bogota Golf Club. Colombia’s Presidents, including the newly elected president don’t golf. There are a few public courses, La Cima, about an hours drive out of Bogota, higher up in the Andes at over 9,000 feet, making it the second highest

carts; caddies at about $20.00US are available. You’ll find a complete set of your favorite clubs for rent, a full set of brand new Callaway irons and woods including an Odyssey putter will set you back $55,000, don’t worry, that’s pesos at about six pesos to the dollar (they use the dollar sign, confusing?). Just north of Bogota in the suburb

of Funza lies the magnificent San Andres Golf Club, an all inclusive private country club including an indoor/outdoor restaurant, tennis courts, Olympic size swimming pool and a complete equestrian center including a covered show ring to complement the 18 hole championship golf course. Taking a break from walking up and down hills, it was time to do a little sight seeing with a city tour arranged by PROEXPORT COLOMBIA to the La Candelaria Neighborhood of Bogota. This ancient quarter still has houses built by Spaniards in the 17th and 18 centuries and boasts the finest museums in Latin America. This area is known for being one of the best restored and preserved neighborhoods in this huge city, which is why it has become one of the most important tourist attractions in the capitol. We were shown the house Simon Bolivar, South America’s ‘George Washington’ died in, in 1820. The Republic’s “Gold Museum” is another ‘must see’ attraction; it maintains and investigates one of the most important Pre-Hispanic collections in the world with 50,000 artifacts and gold pieces in its trust. Up early the next day to get a round in at the El Rincon G.C., sixteen miles north of Bogota in a green savannah stretched out over 7400 yards. Looking off into the distance,

one will see a lush forest and mountain landscapes. The 18-hole course, a par of 72 with multiple bunkers, lakes and other obstacles combine with the local flora. Even higher then the capitol at 8,712 feet making it one of a handful of the highest golf courses in the world. Robert Trent continued on page 25 ❱

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Austin Golf Trail w Terry VanderHeiden


olf in and around Austin, Texas is steeped in rich golf history. Some of the golf greats from the Austin area are PGA Tour major winners, Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite as well as legendary golf teaching guru, Harvey Penick. The city of Austin known as the “Live Music Capital of the World” is now trying to become a premier golf destination - but this is Texas, so it’s been a slow process. The Austin Golf Trail is the brainchild of Chip Gist, Director of golf at Grey Rock Golf Club in Austin. When Gist shouldered the responsibilities of Grey Rock Golf Club five years ago, golf courses and hotels were not in any collaboration and Gist needed to increase the rounds of golf played at his golf course. “In Texas, nobody wants to co-op anything, we all want to do our own thing.” Gist explains. So after running into roadblocks again and again, Gist enlisted the help of the Austin CVB and Bob Lander. With Lander’s help the Austin Golf Trail was born. The Austin Golf Trail ( is an alliance between select golf courses and hotels to simplify the process for the traveling golfer by securing premium tee times and making hotel reservations. The easy-to-use web site and toll-free phone number will make getting advance tee times for the traveler a simple process. The concierge like service helps the golfer nail down what kind of golf they are looking for, be it premium, resort or municipal style. They will help you book the kind of room and city location and even direct golfers to a place to dine after their round. On the Austin Golf Trail list is Chip Gist’s golf course, Grey Rock Golf Club. Grey Rock, opened in 1992 and was designed by Jay Morrish, who made it challenging as well as appealing for players of all skill levels. Stretching out to over 6800 yards from the gold tees Grey Rock has a rating of 73.4 and slope of 130. However, the white tees play to only just under 5700 yards and a 68.1/123 rating and slope.

Grey Rock has played host to the U.S. Open qualifier and the Texas Woman’s Amateur Championship. As a modern day “hybrid” golf club where memberships are sold and public play is offered, Grey Rock can make the Austin traveler feel like a country club member for the day. With live oak trees shading the edges of the golf course, Grey Rock does require

some accurate tee shots. Along with it’s five lakes and marshland there are plenty of challenges and opportunities for success at just about any golf hole. About 25 minutes away there is another splendid golf resort that is also part of the Austin Golf Trail, Barton Creek Resort and Spa. At Barton Creek ( there are four golf courses you can play, two designed by Tom Fazio, one by Arnold Palmer and one designed by Austin native, Ben Crenshaw, that spread out over 4,000 acres of resort land. Working their way up and down the Texas Hill Country of Austin, the courses at Barton Creek offer intense challenges with unrivaled Texas beauty. The Fazio Canyons golf course is a fantastic layout with lots of options off the tee and many risk/reward shots to challenge any level of player. As evident by the name, you play your round of golf on the Canyons Course down through canyons and then tee off with gorgeous Texas vistas as your backdrop. The canyons are bordered by limestone hillsides that were chiseled out to make way for the golf course. Much of the limestone was recycled in to pathways and

water features throughout the golf course. The Canyons golf course is a certified Audubon Sanctuary that is home to a multitude of wildlife creatures, so you are likely to see everything from White Tailed Deer to Red Tailed Hawks on and about the golf courses. As you make your way around the Fazio Canyons course you will be treated to Texas golf as it should be. The black tees will give you more than you bargain for at over 7100 yards. The 75.1/141 rating and slope of the black tees contrast well with the white tees that play just over 6000 yards and yield a 70.1/126 rating and slope. When you play Barton Creek make sure to go up to some of the tougher tee boxes, especially 16, 17 and 18 to catch some of the vistas from back there – truly spectacular! At the end of eighteen holes on the Fazzio Canyons course make sure to stop at the Old/New “Rock House”. This rustic, restored home is a comfortable place to relax, have a cold drink and relive the golf game at a unique 19th hole location. One of the hotels that are part of the Austin Golf Trail is the DoubleTree Suites ( on West 15th street. The DoubleTree is located just a couple of blocks from the state capital building and a couple of blocks away from famed 6th Street, the heart of the Austin live music scene. Being only 20 minutes from the airport the DoubleTree

is viable option to staying at one of the airport hotels. Each room is laid out like a miniature apartment with a small kitchenette, living room and bedroom(s). The beds are especially comfortable as are the living areas are spacious. With all DoubleTree suites you are offered their signature warm chocolate chip cookies upon check in. Make sure to take the cookies when offered they might get you by in a pinch for a small meal. Also, be wary of the room service fees at the Doubletree Austin, the cost for breakfast can be a real shock early in the morning. Luckily there are plenty of other places to grab meals all within walking distance. Since Austin is the Live Music Capitol of the World, you will not want to miss the opportunity to check out live entertainment any day of the week. Your first stop for live music should be the famed Broken Spoke and authentic Texas Dancehall and Honky Tonk. The Broken Spoke opened in 1964 and feels like you are stepping back into history as you arrive under the majestic oak tree framing this Texas treasure. The sound of the gravel popping under the tires and the small dust cloud you will create finding a parking spot at this very popular venue, is just the beginning. As you enter, you start to feel the energy of the patrons laughing and dancing as you work your way back to the live music on the stage at the center of the dance floor. Settle into a simple red and white-checkered tablecloth covered table; order a beer and just watch the danccontinued on page 25 ❱

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Revisiting an Old Friend – Teeth of the Dog w Bob Fagan


world’s famed golf courses. How would my old friend look many years later? Teeth of the Dog is one of Pete and Alice Dye’s most beloved designs, so much so that for many years they lived adjacent to the ocean-side par-three seventh hole. It has been called “the Pebble Beach of the Caribbean.” Like Pebble Beach, its inland holes are solid, but pale in comparison to the ocean ones. Teeth of the Dog surpasses Pebble Beach in one respect; it has more holes closer to the water that come into play. On the outgoing nine, two par-fours

ome golf courses I’ve played are so special with the experience and people that they take on almost the human persona of an old friend. My passion for nearly twenty years has been playing different courses, but recently I revisited one of the most special of my golf course collection, Casa de Campo’s Teeth of the Dog in the Dominican Republic. I only played the famed course once in 1993, but I left with a good round, rich memories, and the special treat of playing one of the

and both par-threes have the water tight to the left side. On the incoming nine, there are two par-fours and a par-three also embracing the Caribbean. In fact, the 374-yard 15th might be mistaken for the 17th at the Cypress Point Club. Yes, with the exception of the 8th and 18th holes at Pebble Beach, the ocean comes much more into play at Teeth of the Dog. Teeth of the Dog is essentially a tropical parkland golf course that visits the ocean. In the intervening years, the changes have continued on page 41 ❱

Golf in the Andes ❰ continued from page 23

Jones Sr. was hired to travel all the way up here for the princely sum of $156,000 Pesos ($26,000USD) room and board was also provided. El Rincon opened for business in 1963, Canada won the 1980 World Cup of Golf at this course, El Rincon de Cajica Golf Club, highly recommended and with very experienced caddies to help you read the greens, remember, at this altitude take one club shorter on every shot and your round will be talked about long after you return to the States! The next day we checked out of the beautiful five-star, Cosmos 100 hotel and headed out to the Jose Maria Cordoba Airport, for the short domestic flight some 200 miles northwest to Medellin, Colombia’s second largest city. Our small group was fortunate to be put up in the Poblado Alejandria Hotel located on the ‘golden mile’ of the El Poblado neighborhood, the most exclusive residential area of this city of two and half million people. Medellin is in an area called the department of Antioquia; there are four professional 18-hole golf courses in this area. The must play jewel of Medellin is the Club Campestre El Rodeo Sede La Macarena, where Camillo cut his teeth on. The Spectacular 6,792 yard course with a par of 71, which opened in 1952 is set in the foothills of the Andes with spectacular views and scenery, green verdant hills with lots of

Austin Golf Trail ❰ continued from page 24

ers. Couples float around the dance floor decked out in all their western finery where you will see lots of tight jeans and dusty cowboy boots as the band plays country two-step music all night long. The owner James White still greets his famous list of celebrity country stars from the semi-regular Willie Nelson to current greats such as George Strait. Along with local entertainment every night you can take a look at the memorabilia in the “Tourist Trap Room” where you will find photos of many of the past stars posing with White, such as Dolly Parton, Earnest Tubbs, Kris Kristofferson and Ray Price to name a few. The “Spoke” as the locals call it, is truly a Texas treasure and not to be missed if you find yourself in Austin. If country music is not your thing – then the rest of Austin is for you. From Singer/ songwriters, jazz bands, blues and rock and roll – you a likely to see it live in downtown Austin any night of the week.

A fun little club called the Saxon Pub features artists nightly as well as live music can be even found at the Austin airport. For eats in Austin you can dine in fine restaurants or have an eclectic meal at one of the various food trailers found throughout the city. Food Trailers are just that, Airstream trailers retrofitted as kitchens. These food trailers are found parked at designated trailer parks where all types of food can be consumed. As long as you don’t mind eating off paper plates and using plastic utensils, food like gourmet cupcakes and artisan salads are all offered at these food trailers. Each trailer will specialize in one type of food, like filled crepes or pork belly sliders, so you might find that you are spending all your time eating in a parking lot to sample all the delights. So whether you are listening to live music, eating your way around Austin or playing golf on all the courses of the Austin Golf Trail, a trip to Austin will provide n enough entertainment for everyone.

native trees guarding the narrow fairways. As with most of Colombia’s golf courses, the high elevation can be your friend or your enemy, but surprisingly, the air is not as thin as one might expect, our group had a 70+ golfer (age, not handicap), a lady golfer and a 40 something, and all of us could have been in better shape, but walk all of them we did with no complaints. With golf due to be introduced to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 the games popularity in the region is sure to grow even further in the coming years. Taking a break from golf, we visited Medellin native son, Fernando Botero’s collection of paintings and large metal sculptures in the Botero Plaza next to the Museum of Antioquia. His works are in museums and private collections all over the world, Botero favored corpulence over slenderness in his portrayal of people. That afternoon we had been invited to play Medellin’s very upper crust, Club Campestre golf course, very exclusive and very expensive. Local (now deceased) drug king pin, Pablo Escobar was famously refused membership at the height of his powers. Members enjoy an array of upper class activities, including tennis, horse back riding, swimming, polo and of course, golf. Our final round of golf would be played out on Medellin’s Club Deportivo El Rodeo, hard by the city’s continued on page 26 ❱

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Golf in the Andes ❰ continued from page 25

central airport, Aeropuerto Olaya Herrara. This course with its dramatic elevation changes was in championship condition, top-notch guest services and a professional staff made for a memorable round of golf. Mature forty-foot Eucalyptus trees would once again test our game, but with the help and encouragement of our caddies we were able, if not beat the course, at least not let it beat us to badly. The fairways are separated by those magnificent trees, but views

of the city skyscrapers could be seen in gaps through them that separate the fairways from other golfers; planes taking off and landing at the nearby airport could be a little distracting. In conclusion, our trip to South America would not be complete without mentioning the current security situation, to American’s, armed soldiers on city streets is not a sight we are accustomed to, but thanks to a partnership between our two countries vast supplies of weapons and training have made the Colombian army a

strong force for law and order and very visible in the cities. Today Colombian’s can travel out in the country, enjoy the wonderful restaurtants and nightlife in complete safety. Tourism is on the rise and these warm friendly people welcome Americans with open arms, ‘Bienvenidos Colombia!’ For a lot more information on Colombia go to, and don’t forget to bring home some of Juan Valdez’s coffee, the best in the world. Places to eat, drink and be merry in Bogota: El Salto del An-

gel/El Portico/Andres DC/Leo Cocina y cava/Casa San Isidro/Club Colombia Restaurant. In Medellin: bijou Restaurant/Jardin Botanico de Medellin/Blanco del Cielo Restaurant, and for a hamburger fix, try El Portal, a local hamburger chain or their competion, Presto’s, both better then the local McDonald’s. n Comments? Suggestions?

Golf in Cuba – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow ❰ continued from page 22

are a growing number of Cuban golfers who regularly visit and play here. Some are very good. “We began last year to replace all turf grass with Paspalum, a hearty salt tolerant variety well-suited for our local conditions. It will allow using salt-water ponds on the property for irrigation.” Britain’s Esencia Hotels and Resorts CEO Andrew Macdonald was in Cuba for the 2nd Annual Montecristo Cup at Varadero Golf Club. The three-day event presented by Palmares, attracted players from Europe, Canada, Japan, Cuba and Kazakhstan. The field competed for the Esencia Cup, a two-person best ball competition on April 23, and The Montecristo Cup, an individual stroke play tournament, on April 24. Cuban golfers won both events. “The strategy of golf development is key to tourism efforts in Cuba. It is also a principal goal of Palmares,” said Sandino Fernandez, Deputy Director at Palmares. The government-owned business group has developed more than 1,000 non-hotel projects in Cuba, including Cabaret Tropicana and restaurants Bar la Bodeguita del Medio and El Floridita- two Hemingway haunts-- as well as Varadero Golf Club. Palmares is the leading supporter and developer of golf in Cuba today. Habanos, the world’s leading premium cigar company and its Montecristo brand

was the main sponsor of the event, along with Cuervo y Sobrinos watches, Air Europa, Zodia Golf Clubs, Elie Bleu humidors and Floridita Travel. The event was co-managed by Palmares and Esencia Hotels and Resorts. The 2011 Montecristo Cup will be held April 14-17 at the Varadero Golf Club. For more information and photos visit: www. Esencia’s CEO Macdonald, with a group of investors, was at the future site of its $300 million proposed project in Varadero. The plan integrates Carbonera Country Club, a boutique hotel, commercial center, villas and residential housing development. Bob Hunt of the UK’s PGA Design Consulting Group is devising the golf course layout. Ecencia’s Varadero venture is one of eleven pending final Cuban government approval. “We have signed agreements to create a chain of boutique hotels throughout the country in cooperation with Gran Caribe Hotel Group. In partnership with Palmares, we are also working on the development of golf courses and golf resorts in Cuba,” said Macdonald. Renowned Canadian golf course architect Graham Cooke participated in both the Esencia and Montecristo Cup events. In addition to an eminent career as course designer, Cooke was a 2010 inductee into the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame, having won more national golf titles than any

other male Canadian amateur. “I’m here to play a little golf, enjoy the weather and support Esencia’s effort to build a golf course in Cuba.” Graham is working with Canadian investors to develop a golf course community

visiting Cuba. “Being open to people worldwide coming to Cuba to play golf is important to the fulfillment of the sport. It is also important that support is given to many people in Cuba to play, practice and participate in

Dupont Villa and Golf Club Varadero in Holquin Province. PGA Tour player Álvaro Quirós García was also on hand. The 27- year old Spanish sensation, then ranked 31st in the world, won the 2008 Portugal Masters and 2010 Spanish Open the week after

golf. Golf will be an Olympic event in 2016. Cuba should seriously look at and prepare for golf as they have done with other sports- baseball, boxing, track and n field,” said Alvaro.

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Golf and Beach Vacation on the Forbidden Isle ❰ continued from page 22

in Havana, that, “[The] government has approved a policy that permits real estate development associated with tourism, fundamentally golf courses, marinas and other investments.” The Minister’s new policy notice is strategic and signifies the clearing of an important hurdle. Long term leasing of land in tourist zones makes way for expected joint venture-foreign investor golf community projects to move forward. The new policy, said Marrero, “Would enable Cuba’s entrance into new segments and the realization of investments in areas with tourism potential that have yet to be exploited.” In 2007 Cuba solicited foreign companies to submit proposals for ten golf

there are currently only 27 holes to play on the entire island. That will change, but future tourism development will need to be in equilibrium with Cuba’s aspiration for an egalitarian society and foreigners’ wishes to own a bit of an island paradise. Tourism is already its most lucrative business and further developing the industry makes sense for cash poor Cuba. In 2009, 2.4 million travelers visited, contributing more than $2 billion, 20% of its foreign exchange. The U.S. International Trade Commission expects up to 1 million U.S. visitors in the first year after the travel ban is lifted. Cuba agrees and sees the number being 3 million in five years. The infrastructure for such an influx currently does not exist. This March Marrero told tourism representatives at the U.S. Cuba Travel Summit in Cancun, Mexico that Cuba is set to expand its present capacity of 50,000 rooms by adding 20,000, with construction on nine hotels scheduled to begin this year.

Historical photos of legendary golf match, just before Bay of Pigs invasion, between Fidel Castro and Ernesto Che’ Guevara in Havana courses. They are now considering eleven submitted plans for golf courses with hotels, villas, and residential developments. None have yet received final approval. The Shape of Things to Come Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, about the size of Pennsylvania – 750 miles long east to west and 60 miles wide –  with a population of 11 million. But

At present most Americans cannot legally travel to or trade with Cuba because of a 48- year old embargo. Although no exports from the island come into the U.S., American exports to Cuba in 2008 totaled $801 million, primarily agricultural and medical. According to U.S. government sources it is the fifth largest supplier, at 6.3% of the total behind Venezuela 29.8%,

China 11.8%, Spain 10%, Canada 6.4%. Officially lifting the U.S. travel ban and trade embargo may now have more impetus than ever before. The Travel Restriction Reform and Export Enhancement Act (HR 4645) presently in the U.S. House of Representatives has strong support. Passage would free restrictions on American travel to and from Cuba and liberalize trade. Sen. Byron Dorgan (D, ND) introduced the “Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act” (S 428) in the senate last year. It had 39 co-sponsors. He told the Cancun Summit, “This is a 50 year old failed policy. Punishing Americans by restricting their right to travel just makes no sense at all.” A similar bill (HR 874) is pending in the U.S. House. Sen. Richard Lugar (R, IN), a bill cosponsor and ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said it was time to reconsider the U.S. economic sanctions: “The current U.S. policy has many passionate defenders, and their criticism of the Castro regime is justified. Nevertheless, we must recognize the ineffectiveness of our current policy and deal with the Cuban regime in a way that enhances U.S. interests.” S en. Patrick Leahy (D, VT), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, a co-sponsor of S 428, has long been an outspoken proponent of ending travel restrictions on Americans who choose to travel to Cuba, said his press secretary, David Carle. Senate aide Tim Rieser added, “Senator Leahy believes that the ban on Americans traveling to Cuba is illogical and self-defeating. No legitimate purpose is served by preventing Americans from

traveling there. In fact, it is in our interest for Americans to travel to Cuba, to interact with Cubans so they can better understand us and we, them.” In 2008 President Obama ended restrictions on Cuban-Americans traveling to Cuba and transferring money to relatives there. They had been limited to one trip every three years and now can travel freely. Raúl Castro officially became president in 2008, replacing his ailing 81-year old brother Fidel, who had ruled Cuba for nearly a half-century before resigning. He has eased regulations that prevented most Cubans from buying cell-phones and other electronics, and from visiting tourist hotels. He has allowed more of the few with private cars to become taxi drivers, and has begun the process of permitting private farmers to work unused government land. While political relations have not changed appreciably under President Obama, cultural exchanges of musicians are happening more frequently and the U.S has approved many new travel service providers. “The Senate likely has the majority of votes needed to pass S.428,” said Rieser. “The House appears to have enough votes for the bill to pass, but as a gauge of support Speaker Pelosi has asked bill co-sponsor Collin Peterson (D-MN) to gather 220 pledges (the bill needs 217 to pass) before she brings it to a vote.” On the surface, it would appear there is no better time, given the changes that have occurred in both countries, to pass legislation and lift travel restrictions and trade limitations – “except that at this point the political climate makes it difficult to get anything moved through the Senate without a supermajority needed to break a filibuster,” according to Rieser. It may seem offensive that partisan politics, re-election concerns, or legislators’ inability to correct a policy that has proven ineffective for 48 years prevents Americans from freely traveling anywhere, let alone to a place so near our shore. But it’s particularly absurd when both sides of the aisle recognize it’s in our best interest that all continued on page 29 ❱

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Scotland & Ireland: Where it all began ❰ continued from page 21

that govern how they manage any money that you pay to them to ensure that your hard earned cash is secure. Regardless of how you decide to arrange your trip of a lifetime, there are other factors to consider. One question that always arises is driving. In Scotland and Ireland they do drive on the wrong side of the road. Should this be an area of concern? With a little caution for the first few hours, you will soon get used to this and if you ask for a vehicle with an automatic shift then it is much easier (driving on the left and using your right hand for a standard shift is a lot to take on after a long day of travel). If, however, the idea of driving on the left fills you with horror then arrange for a driver. With a party of eight or more this need not add a huge amount to your overall cost and leaves you to enjoy the scenery as well as

that 19th hole dram of whisky. People also often ask how much golf they should play. It is worth pointing out that links golf is very different to parkland golf and when the wind blows it can be quite tiring. Some folks do try and play 36 holes of golf everyday for a week or more, but it is not recommended. Try and plan a day of rest if you can and enjoy some of the other attractions that both countries have to offer. A visit to a whisky distillery or an ancient castle—signature landmarks in both countries—will make your trip that much more memorable. Take the weather into consideration. Some people have an image of rain and windswept fairways and of people battling the elements as well as the golf course. Yes it does rain in Scotland and Ireland during the summer, thus the green, lush countryside. But generally the weather

from May to September is great golfing weather. While high humidity is very rare, a little breeze is one of a links course’s main defences and makes you think about your shots. Bring your rain gear, but hopefully it will stay in your bag. Accommodations. The range of quality is the same as you have at home. From fivestar luxury resort hotels that compete with the best in the world to small, intimate Bed & Breakfast establishments, you will find comfortable lodging. Most accommodations are graded by local Tourist Boards (Visit Scotland & Failte Ireland); use only those that are recognized. Generally speaking, overseas visitors should only use those graded three-star and above. You may find that those with lower grading will not meet your personal expectations both in terms of comfort and service. But be adventurous and you will find many wonderful places

to stay, adding to your whole experience, though it may not be the most obvious choice. Most importantly, enjoy all aspects of your vacation. Get involved in the planning of the tour, whether you make your own arrangements or use a tour operator. Once you are in Scotland or Ireland, meet the friendly locals. Immerse your self in the culture and history of these two ancient countries. Lastly, enjoy your golf experience. You are walking where people have played for hundreds of years and will continue for hundreds of years yet. Enjoy your visit to where it all began. Jeremy Findlay is the principal of Tayleur Mayde, a golf tour company specializing in golf tours to Scotland and Ireland. He can be reached at Tayleurmayde@ or call 800-847-8064 for more information. n

Golf at 6000 Feet ❰ continued from page 20

$120.00. Phone and online reservations can be made several months in advance. The first hole is a real beauty with water down the left side of this par four, 370 yards from the white tees. My wife, playing from the red tees got a nice par on this hole. The third hole, a par five is the toughest hole on the course water on the left, bunkers on the right of this right leaning fairway from the back tees a dangerously long 600 yards to the hole, not much safer from my set of tees, white, at 558 yards. Suddenly, a snowman appeared on my scorecard, to be joined by another one the next day on this same hole! A golf course doesn’t become great like Edgewood with a couple of holes along the lake, even if the lake is one as world renown as Tahoe, no, this course’s strength is found in its number of holes running through the Pines to the tucked away greens that beg for a well placed bump-n-run shot, or snuggle one in close with a well placed wedge. Holes like #6, 442 yards downhill where part of the Tahoe strip can be seen towering overhead

but at a safe distance it’s the lake guarding the green you better be looking out for. The two par three’s on the front, #’s 5 and #7 are good opportunities for birdies, remember, clubs can fly the ball 20% further. #13, a par 4 only 387 yards from the whites, looks easy, especially when you take your eyes off the ball and gaze up at the ski lifts behind you, don’t enjoy the view to long, this is the second hardest hole on the course. #14, another par 4 takes one around a lake to a two-tiered green. Aaaaa, #15, one of those holes you find on mountain golf course’s, your hitting straight up hill, blind with a group of trees like a catchers mitt behind a green you can’t see, beautiful! My personal favorite, #16, a par 5 straightaway to the lake with a big ‘ole Pine tree somebody must have forget to cut down years ago some 230 yards from the white tee box, bunkers left, right and center to the green, it’s the eighth toughest hole on the course but opens things up to a great finishing par just feet from the cool blue waters of Lake Tahoe. The course is set up very nicely with no homes or buildings to distract you and

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plenty of foliage and Pine trees between you and any players on adjacent fairways, nice and quiet. It’s hard to believe that, like Pebble Beach, this is a public golf course, a little pricey, but if you’ve started a bucket list, Edgewood Tahoe has to be on it, after all, there’s a reason that Tiger Woods included Edgewood in his EA Sports video game, isn’t time for you to find out why all

the accolades have been piled on this great piece of property? Don’t put it off any longer, you’ll wonder why you didn’t play it a long time ago, it is a great course you’ll recall for a long time. For more information please go to: n Questions/comments:

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Golf and Beach Vacation on the Forbidden Isle ❰ continued from page 27

Americans be permitted travel to Cuba. There is no question that changing the U.S. travel and trade policies would be a boost to America’s economic recovery, Cuba’s tourism industry and Americans wanting to visit or buy a vacation and golf villa. A relaxation of policies would certainly be a green light to Cuba’s golf course development. Cuba is often described as a place where time has stood still. The media has depicted old Havana with torn up streets and sidewalks. Overall, that’s not the way it is. There is a flavor of the 1950s. The cars, the architecture and to some degree the country are lost in time, trapped in the mid-20th century. But many of the older classic architecture buildings have been

restored and look almost new. In other respects, it is modern. Most tourist facilities – hotels, marinas, and restaurants –  are at worst only a fe w years old and compare well to any in the Caribbean. It is a place Music everywhere in hotels, restaurants and on streets of beautiful, unspoiled beaches, the world’s best if most illusive cigars and music everywhere,

combining lively African and Spanish rhythms. The climate is tropical, moderated by northeasterly trade winds. The sun-drenched land with a romantic revolutionary past mixes passionate people, communist rule and magical images for U.S. travelers who dream of one day visiting the forbidden island. Cuba is a land of magic, music, mystery and romance, perhaps more so than any other in the region. It offers more to visitors than beautiful sandy beaches, palm trees and blue seas. And someday soon options will hopefully include multiple golf courses in various locations throughout the island. n Bill Nestor writes about travel, golf and lifestyle from his home in Vermont.

Turkish Golf Feast ❰ continued from page 21

that are still very poor, so don’t think that you have experienced all of the country – far from it. Either way, I felt safe and secure while visiting; and the people are friendly and most are sensitive to the importance of tourism.

Now for a few practical considerations. Visit in the spring or fall as the summers are very hot, and you are apt to encounter the rainy season from Christmas until the end of January. No golf trip to Turkey is complete without visiting the ruins or Istanbul so plan for a minimum of eight

Bali Hai Golf Club ❰ continued from page 20

-$300+ range. Mike Luce, President of the Walters Group, admits that Bali Hai is a course “bleeding money” and they hope to break ground on the commercial development in 2012. When you factor in the escalating cost of water to irrigate the facility with the declining interest in golf, it becomes apparent why the numbers don’t add up for Bali Hai and more desert courses to follow. In the meantime, the course is still taking reservations and outings into 2011 and though approval for the change has not been finalized, it’s looks eminent. Now the big question is how long will the

course continue to reinvest money into this money pit and keep it well-maintained and managed as this premier facility is priced? And one final note: the good folks at the National Golf Foundation that told us that we needed to build a course a day indefinitely back in the 90s now advise that we need to close one course every three days for at least three years in order to bring supply back in correlation with demand. If you have or are currently entertaining the purchase of a golf course property, that’s a fact to check out and consider. In the meantime, picture a loading dock and delivery trucks parked on the 16th green at Bali Hai. n

days, with at least three in Istanbul. While you can easily get around speaking English, by all means hire a local travel company to handle your transportation and arrangements as I do not recommend driving yourself. I was so very impressed by Pamfilya ( Started in 1969, it is a full-service Turkey-wide travel operator who hosted me in Antalya. You may also consider the very professional Hello Tourism (www.hellotourism. that worked with me in Istanbul. Both can accommodate special interest tours and local guided excursions, as well as complete air packages and local golf arrangements. One last piece of good news is that Turkish Airlines will begin non-stop service from Los Angeles to Istanbul before the end of 2010, which will make any visit to Turkey even more attractive. Currently Turkish Airlines offers daily non-stop service from both New York and Chicago to Istanbul on very new planes. I found both the food and the service to be excellent, and in both Business and First-Class you will encounter lie-flat beds that make the trip so much more refreshing. Check out:

( All the golf facilities I visited had ample practice facilities, with both riding and walking carts available. All had rental clubs available though I would recommend reserving them in advance, or better yet, bringing your own as the quality varied from brand new Callaways to an old mystery brand by the name of Hispo. Distances are marked in meters so add ten percent more to the number listed on the cards or markers. All in all, everything else is very similiar to what you might encounter in the States. As for the culture and history, nothing at home in America compares to it, and you will no doubt leave Turkey with many new insights. When you add in the tasty food, the exotic goods, and friendly folks, you will appreciate why this “golf nut” found far more to savor than just the great golf. If I had only one regret with my first trip to Turkey, it was only that it had to end so soon. I barely scratched the surface, and look forward to playing more golf and experiencing more of the wonderful culture and spirit that Turkey offers. You should join me! n

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pictures don’t do it justice…

Golf Shop. 209.887.9150 | Head Professional Don Winter | WWW.GOLFTODAYMAGAZINE.COM

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Second Opinion Product Reviews

Sun Mountain’s ClubGlider w Bob Fagan


eldom do I become so excited with a piece of golf equipment as with Sun Mountain’s ClubGlider fourwheeled travel golf bag carrier. Unlike other golf inventions, which may promise to shave a stroke or two off your game, the ClubGlider actually improves your life.  I often travel by air and have lugged my golf bag to all points in the US and many abroad.  While I love playing new courses, I dread struggling with transporting my golf clubs on long walks in and

around airports. No matter how lightly I pack my golf travel bag, the strain on my forearm, shoulders, and back in bending over, lifting, and dragging my bag and all begins to take its toll long before I even arrive at my destination or hit a shot.  No more, my days of drudgery are over with Sun Mountain’s ClubGlider to the rescue. My golf travel equipment has evolved from the canvas bag to the heavy, but durable plastic carry cases such as SKB makes and then gravitated to the lighter,

Foldable Visor with Removable Hairpiece

Dealers/Distributors Wanted

heavy-duty fabric wheeled ones that Club Glove makes. All have served me well, but my ClubGlider is worlds ahead of the competition! Why?  This carry bag not only has the two wheels that you can drag, but also has two sturdy pop-out ones that support 1 0 0 % of my bag and equipment’s weight.  The Company est i mates that the engineering eliminated an average of twenty-two pounds of pressure on the arms and shoulders, but with the way I travel, it may easily be twice that. Not only have I eliminated all the constant bending over and picking up motions, but as the product’s name would suggest, I can easily transport all my equipment with barely my little finger.  Now I glide through airports.  I even cheat and use the ClubGlider as a cart and put my regular luggage atop it.


the ClubGlider has no competition as its retractable sturdy legs can take a pounding and thanks to the maneuverability of its pivoting wheels, turning and walking are virtually effortless. The ClubGlider also offers all the storage space and protection of a traditional golf travel bag. The ClubGlider is simple, fast and easy to use.  The retractable legs and wheels lock securely for travel. ClubGlider includes heavy-duty two-way zippers, thick foam padding extending down the travel bag to protect clubheads and shafts, internal storage pockets, internal cinch straps, ballistic fabric, vinylreinforced wear areas, and a lift-assist handle.  It also conveniently folds up to fit in car trunks. The ClubGlider was introduced to the world via The Golf Channel’s 2008 Show, “Fore Inventors Only” and was a Final continued on page 42 ❱

We have been granted in 2009 by USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) a design patent (# D599532) for a product as shown above. This is a very unique and FUN product to make everyone laugh (and people need laughs—especially in this economic down time—to release the pressure from worries).


We are seeking distributors in different levels and in different markets/sale channels to help us distribute this product to consumers all over the world. The price of this product is solely dependant on the quantity purchased. Our suggested retail price is US $19.99/set (one visor with three hairpieces in different colors: gray, brunette and blonde; visor in black, tan, dark red, navy blue, army green, camouflage, fire flame, etc.). Consumers are welcome to buy at this price.

This product is for everyone: man or woman, people with hair or not much hair, young or old, golfer or non-golfer, and especially for people who want to have FUN and LAUGHS.



This product has many functions: wear it like a regular visor when the weather is hot or wear it to warm your head when the weather is cold. Wear it when it is time for FUN and change the hair color anytime, or fold the bill of the visor for easy storage anywhere including, your pocket. This product is suitable for sale in any place where there are people around, including novelty shops, gift shops, golf shops, sporting goods shops, specialty shops, mass merchandise stores, festivals, you name it. This opportunity is unlimited. And we also welcome custom designs for visor or hair color, with or without your own logo or brand name on the visor.

Buy one set ONLY $19.99, tax & shipping included 30  GOLF TODAY • August/September 2010


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Golf Explorer ❰ continued from page 19

with the wet on the right making its way all the way to an expansive green surrounded by a cluster of bunkers. The par four 415-yd 18th finishes the course with class and “posaz” as aqua sprinkles the entire right side and another field of wetness takes over on the left side close to a slightly raised undulating putting surface with protecting bunkers standing by. My next golfing adventure took me to Mallard Cove in Lake Charles, one of the best municipal golf courses in Southern

Southwest Louisiana. Its right next door to the former Chennault airbase named in honor of General Chennault who once led the famed Flying Tigers and the U.S. 14th air force against Mallard Cove Golf Course the Japanese in China and Burma. Developed in 1976 by Jim Wall, a former yard course in 2001 underwent a major associate of Robert Tent Jones, the 7,015continued on page 40 ❱

Resist the Twist ❰ continued from page 12

ters when a top junior tournament player brought one into the shop. He described his putter from a company that nobody knew and said, “I don’t know why it works, but it does.” Goolie Design Philosophy Mark founded Goolie Golf based on a fundamental design concept. His goal was to create a putter that delivers the face square to the ball, starting the putt on line more consistently than other putters.

one of the finest places in the entire world to play golf We all know you make very few putts that don’t get to the hole. Missing left or right is just as fatal. The Goolie was designed to “resist the twist” that causes a putt to start off line. I thought it was fair to ask how he accomplished that objective. Most designers try to stabilize the putter by adding weight to the heel and toe. That technique is aimed at increasing the “polar moment of inertia” which is the tendency of the blade to twist off line. The grandfather of all polar balanced putters was the Ping Anser, reprised and made famous by

Scotty Cameron and others. But Mark was searching for a better idea. A more recent trend in extreme weight redistribution in putters is to move the weight to the back. That’s the design concept behind the very popular Bobby Grace line now marketed by MacGregor. Moving the weight to the back has the advantage of starting the ball on a nice smooth roll, but does little to keep the face square. The unique design concept of the Goolie putter was to move the center of gravity to continued on page 32 ❱

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Resist the Twist ❰ continued from page 31

the precise center of the head. The Goolie is all about balance. Mark’s notion was that if he could promote a smooth takeaway and steady pace through impact he would increase the percentage of on-center hits and consequently produce straighter putts. Placing the center of gravity in the exact center of the head is unique in the putter business. As an engineer, Mark knew that the ultimate putter design to resist twisting is a putter with a perfectly round head. No twisting, but a very small sweet spot. The “Putter Ball” is a great training aid but not very useful on the course. What is the next “best” shape? That led Mark to a highly symmetrical mallet design. If you’re a believer in traditional putter designs, you’re going to do a double take when you first lay eyes on a Goolie. If Captain Kirk were going to play golf on Mars, he would surely have a Goolie in his bag. The putter comes in colors that you don’t usually see on the golf course. It’s a mallet, but the shape is vaguely like a bullet. It has two

raised “pillows” that give the head dimension and serve as alignment aids. Aiming is very natural. On Course Testing The ultimate test is to take the putter to the course and see how it performs. Mark sent me a couple of Goolies. I put a belly version in my bag and The Dane took the BGS-Ex with a center shaft. The Dane and I have been playing together for the last few weeks at the Palo Alto Muni starting the back nine at 7:30 AM. We make up a crazy practice game and the loser buys breakfast. The Dane frequently misses a couple of putts a round and that makes the omelet taste better because he’s paying for it. Not this time. The Dane made a four footer to save par on the tenth. He made a ticklish downhill twister on the eleventh for birdie. Lipped out a thirty footer for birdie on twelve. You get the picture. He just bought a Miura Anser derivative a couple of weeks ago and hadn’t quite amortized the $300 “investment” so his aggravation increased with every putt he made.

In the end, I bought breakfast. It wasn’t a huge e m b a r ra s s ment; the Dane posted one under. The Dane’s comments were “ very stable” and “the softest feel I’ve ever felt in a putter.” The Goolie belly wasn’t quite as magical. I was having a hard time with my setup. The belly putters that I’ve been playing are set up with a flatter lie angle and I wasn’t making solid contact. When I reported my experience to Mark in a follow-up phone call, he surprised me. “I don’t think that the Goolie is real good as a belly putter” was his candid evaluation. Mark’s theory is that since the belly putter is anchored against the body, balance doesn’t matter as much. I took that as an omen and resolved to take the BGS-Ex to the course the next day. (I repossessed it quickly after breakfast.) Day Two I had the Goolie and The Dane was back with his Miura. This was destined to be one of the days when the omelet tasted

32  GOLF TODAY • August/September 2010

good. There were no miracles but the Goolie turned in a very solid performance. I was not too sharp with my irons so I faced a lot of long first putts. The Goolie is very good with distance control. I had no three putts and on one second putt that I had to make. So far, so good. One of the reasons I’ve experimented with belly putters is that they get the ball on line more reliably for me. I know when a putt leaves the face of the putter if it has a chance to go in. Ask yourself this question: “What percentage of your putts do you know that you missed at the moment of impact?” When I ask my playing partners that question, they frequently say 50% or more. When you think about it, that’s a poor ratio. I’ve had days with a belly putter when almost all of my putts had a chance continued on page 33 ❱


Resist the Twist weighting a putter helps distance control so this might be an outstanding modification. Once I get all the details worked out, I’ ll probably s w a p t h e Gool i e Winn grip for a leather. You just can’t beat the feel of a leather grip on your putter. It takes more than a couple of days to get accustomed to a new putter, but for now, I’m going to have a Goolie in the bag and see if new technology will help improve my putting statistics.

❰ continued from page 32

to go in. Putting with the Goolie reminded me of the belly putter consistency. After the ball left the face, I found myself watching intently as it tracked to the hole, rather than turning away in disgust. That’s a pretty good indicator that Mark achieved his design objective. I felt that the feel was very soft and I particularly liked the soft “click” that the Goolie gives off on impact. To me, sound has a lot to do with feel.

Technical Specifications Goolie putters are manufactured in two styles. The BGS¬33 is a compact mallet shape available in a single bend heel shaft or a straight center shaft. The BGS-Ex is 20% larger. Both heads weigh precisely 355 grams and have the same swing weight. The only significant difference in the head designs is the size, which is simply a matter of personal preference. The belly putter head weighs 375 grams. Goolie also offers

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Plumb Bob Correctly is the only lesson booklet that teaches the plumb bob method of reading greens. It is an easy to follow 3-step lesson that will take the guesswork out of reading the break on greens. Remember all the times you said “What was I thinking?” as your putt went on its merry way toward the three-putt that followed? Now is the time to end the misery and buy the booklet that will lower your scores!


Order at or email to You can also send a letter with payment to Plumb Bob Correctly, PO Box 71420, Durham, NC 27722. Volume orders for fund raisers and tournaments call 919-768-8468.

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ters that is unique. In a pursuit for a “Tour Presence” a number of professionals have put Goolies in play. Unlike other manufacturers, there is no custom department for Tour players. The Goolie that is played on Tour is straight off the production line. That will be pretty convenient for Ray Floyd, Craig Bowden, and Keith Fergus. If they lose their Goolies, they can pick up a replacement at their local Golf Shop. If you live in the Bay Area, you can demo the complete Goolie line at the Golf Lab in Palo Alto or Haggin Oaks in Sacramento. Goolie Golf is confident that their BGS33 and BGS-Ex putters will help golfers improve their game. Morgulis maintains, “The proof is in the putting!” Please refer to page 2 for more information. For additional information, prices, or to order, please call: (858) 699-4331. n

Summer Specials

Tweaking the Goolie As you might expect, I’m not quite finished tweaking the Goolie. The BGSEx that I was using was a straight center shafted model. I found that I had a slight tendency to leave the face open. When I missed, I missed to the right. I have never really fallen in love with straight center shafted putters. I plan on trying the Goolie with the unique double bend heel shaft. I’m also going to take the belly putter and cut it down to conventional length. I would like to try a little heavier head. Playing the belly model at conventional length will accomplish that. All Goolie putters have a 71° lie angle so that modification should be straightforward. Finally, I’m going to see how the Balance-Certified counterweight system works in a Goolie. For me, counter-

a long putter. The Goolie face insert is “virgin” aluminum. M a r k p u r posely chose to avoid anodizing the aluminum insert to promote a softer feel. All Goolie putters are hand assembled at a precision factory in Vista, California. The factory was founded by Kia Ma, famous for putter manufacturing and finishing. Nothing was left to chance in a quest for perfection in putting. There is one other aspect of Goolie put-

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In The Club House ❰ continued from page 10

layers, or dimples do not necessarily mean better performance or lower scores. The performance characteristics of every golf ball are determined by the combination of all of the elements of its design – its construction, materials and aerodynamic specifications. No single element of design can independently predict performance or best fit a golfer. 9) What Is Titleist’s Longest Ball? All Titleist golf balls are long and distance differences between models off the driver for swing speeds ranging from tour players (near 110 mph) down to lower speed players (in the 80s mph) are less than 4 yards. All Titleist golf balls are bound by the USGA with respect to how long they can be. Titleist recommends you choose the golf ball that helps you score the best and not by which goes the farthest. 10) How Does The New Groove Rule Impact Me? For most golfers, the recommended and alternative Titleist golf balls found during the initial selection process will not change. The new groove rule reduces spin on shots from the rough. The spin difference between the current Spin Milled grooves and the new Condition of

Competition grooves varies based on the lie of the ball and the players swing. If and when you need to make the switch to the new grooves, 2024 for most amateur players, you can do an on-course evaluation comparison then. 11) What If Price Is a Consideration? Titleist Golf Ball Education, Selection and Fitting is a performance based process, and Titleist believes its golf balls are a great value for the performance they provide. In performance fitting, price is not a consideration, and valuing performance over cost will likely help golfers shoot lower scores and enjoy the game more. The performance of the multi-layer, urethane covered Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x will allow golfers the best short game control and best opportunity to lower their score. However, players seeking to reduce the out-of-pocket cost compared to Pro V1 should consider the Titleist NXT Tour. The NXT Tour provides the best scoring performance without a urethane cover. When price is the key consideration in your golf ball selection process, you are sacrificing some performance benefit. Titleist offers the DT SoLo to those golfers who prefer Titleist quality, yet highly prioritize price and are

willing to sacrifice some level performance compared to other Titleist golf balls. 12) How Does Titleist Golf Ball Fitting Compare To The Competion? All urethane multilayer golf balls do not perform the same. Differences in golf balls are most noticeable on shots into and around the green. Take your recommended Titleist golf balls and compare them on course to find the best Titleist ball for you. The same oncourse evaluation process can be used to compare the chosen Titleist ball with your current ball. Ultimately, select the ball that helps you shoot lower scores. Golf Ball Fitting According to Titleist Titleist’s commitment to golf ball fitting has been evident and present for over a decade and the #1 ball in golf launched its latest green-to-tee on-course, mobile, on-line and in-shop Golf Ball Fitting initiatives this Spring. Selecting the best golf ball for your game

is important, because it’s the only piece of equipment used for every shot in your round. It is individually based upon the personal performance preferences by each golfer and the most effective place to be fit for a golf ball is on a golf course. Golf ball selection should take into account the golfer’s entire game greenthrough-tee, and for most golfers, a priority should be placed on scoring performance into and around the green. Many golfers tested are surprised to see and experience how subtle differences in golf ball performance, as well as improved control with scoring shots can help them to lower their scores. Less than a decade ago, most golf balls played on the PGA Tour were a poor fit for the vast majority of amateur golfers. While continued on page 35 ❱

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With our new Advance Rate Program, you will always have your best rate options at Timber Creek Golf Course when you book a little further in advance. Here are the basics of the program: • Book 3 to 4 days in advance: Receive better rate options than our regular rates • Book 5 to 7 days in advance: Receive our best rate options

Book early and save up to *35%! Of course, we believe that all our rates provide an outstanding value for the high quality golf experience at Timber Creek Golf Course. As is typical with golf rates, our Advance Rates will vary based on the season, day-of-week, and the time-of-day. To make your tee time reservation online at or call toll free 866-371-1232

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In The Club House ❰ continued from page 34

Tour players benefited from the spin and exceptional soft feel of wound balata golf balls, these were not the best performing for most golfers due to poor durability, as well as high driver and iron spin. Since most average golfers produce unintentional hook or slice sidespin, playing with a wound balata golf ball often resulted in excessive sidespin for reduced accuracy and shorter distance. The short game advantage of the scoring spin was not enough to offset the sacrifices in durability, accuracy and distance for most amateurs. Tour players and highly skilled golfers did not suffer the durability or direction sacrifices, and were willing to trade off some driver distance for improved scoring spin. The golf balls played today on the PGA Tour are, in fact, the best fit for most amateur golfers. Golfers no longer have to trade distance and durability attributes for spin, feel and control into and around the green. Today’s solid, multi-layer urethanecovered constructions, like the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x, provide the long game performance of a two-piece distance golf ball and the short game performance of a wound balata golf ball. Pro V1 and Pro V1x are extremely durable, produce low spin on drives to provide straighter and longer shots, as well as provide high scoring spin for excellent control and short game performance. Both

Tour Players and amateur golfers can now 5,000 golfers conducted on, play the same golf ball to achieve maximum over 70% of the respondents identified performance on all types of shots without short game performance as the primary making sacrifices in the areas of distance area of their game that would help them and durability. achieve lower scores. As a result, most Designed to help golfers of all swing golfers would be best fit by choosing a golf speeds and skill levels shoot lower scores by providing optimal distance on full shots, precise distance, trajectory and spin control on partial shots, as well as soft feel, Pro V1 and Pro V1x are manufactured to be the most consistent and highest quality golf ball products available to golfers. Golf ball fitting should be conducted MJ Impulse Specialty Eyewear from green-to-tee, rather than solely rely on launch monitor data de- ball based on its performance into rived with a driver. Tee shots with a driver and around the green, with driver distance represent approximately 14 of the 70, 80 serving as a secondary consideration. or 90 or more shots of all other types hit per round. Maximizing driver distance MJ Impulse Specialty Eyewear only demonstrates what golf ball you hit Company Strobe Glasses Improves the longest off the tee. It will not by itself the Way Athletes Visually Perform assist the golfer in lowering his or her score. Most athletes want to shed their eyewear The #1 goal for almost all golfers, whether they are Tour Players, Serious Amateurs or Recreational golfers, is to shoot lower scores. Whether they are in a competitive tournament, a friendly nassau or trying to beat their personal best round, golfers want to lower their score. Based upon extensive research with over


when training, but there are those who are discovering that wearing glasses can actually make them better athletes. That’s if they are wearing a new revolutionary technology eyewear by MJ Impulse. These patented made strobe glasses are a training tool that improves the way athletes visually perform. The basic premise of the glasses is to stress or load the visual perceptual, visual motor and visual proprioceptive systems during training so that the athlete can be better prepared for competition. “Athletes have trained using strobe lights in dark rooms for many years,” said MJ Impulse CEO Ben White“. However, the athletes were confined to small training areas. Our glasses allow athletes, for the first time ever, to work out in real time and in real training scenarios.” continued on page 36 ❱

GOLF TODAY • August/September 2010 


In The Club House Cobra Golf unveils the new high-perThe glasses help athformance Cobra letes achieve better S2 Max in both visual concentration, iron and ironeye-hand coordinahybrid intetion and propriocepgrated sets. tive balance. With conWhile sistent training of at least both sets three times a week, athletes are detypically see improvement withsigned in 5 to 7 weeks. for max“ The Impulse strobe glasses Cobra S2 Max imum should be in every athlete and forgive coaches training bag,” said Ophlaunch thalmologist Dr. Tom Wilson. “No oth- ness and high handicap er single tool can have such a posi- for mid- to highM a x tive influence on athletic performance. players, the S2 features To see this unique product visit: www. Iron-Hybrid Set Baffler-style hybrids that provide proper distance gapping throughout the Introducing The Newest Cobra set for players who prefer Hybrid’s, Fairway Wood And Irons hybrids Award-winning iron and iron-hybrid hitting forgiving integrated sets promote maximum forgive- over long irons. “The new Cobra S2 Max ness, accuracy and distance ❰ continued from page 35

Irons and Iron-Hybrid Set are truly the ultimate in super game-improvement clubs,” said Brian Zender, General Manager of Cobra Golf. “The combination of the Baffler-inspired hybrids and low-profile, wide-sole irons in the S2 Max Iron-Hybrid Set provides superior forgiveness and accuracy. The iron-hybrid set is also designed to provide consistent distance gaps to promote reliable distance from each club in the set. The fact that the Cobra S2 Max line received a Gold Award in the 2010 Golf Digest Hot List is a testament to its superior performance and forgiveness. The S2 Max was also named category leader for Look, Sound and Feel, which speaks to the quality of these game-improvement clubs. Golfers will experience the highest level of forgiveness that Cobra offers and will play with more confidence from the fairway and rough.” Cobra S2 Max Iron-Hybrid Set For golfers who prefer the increased forgiveness of hybrids to hit long shots, the Cobra S2 Max Iron-Hybrid Set is offered with hybrids as long-iron replacements. The Baffler-style hybrids are ideal for mid- to high-handicap players seeking maximum forgiveness in a set. The clubface features Cobra’s exclusive 9 Point Face Technology, which helps increase

Wholesale prices as low as $6/pair!

ball speeds on shots hit across the face. The iron-hybrid set offers consistent distance gapping from one club to the next throughout the set, so the transition from iron to hybrids provides consistent, reliable distances. “The Cobra S2 Max Iron-Hybrid Integrated Set has been specifically designed and tested to achieve correct and consistent distance gaps between clubs,” said Tom Preece, Vice President of Research & Development for Cobra Golf. “The set comes pre-customized with hybrids and irons, so players don’t have to choose which irons need to be replaced by hybrids. In addition, the hybrids were designed utilizing the technology of our No. 1-selling Baffler hybrid and provide the superior forgiveness, accuracy and versatility that mid- to high-handicap golfers desire.” 9 Point Face Technology 9 Point Face Technology offers improved forgiveness and accuracy across the clubface due to a larger sweet zone. Low-Profile Irons with Baffler-Style Hybrids Wide-sole, low-profile irons increase forgiveness and provide high launch. Deep-face hybrids provide a large sweet continued on page 37 ❱

The ONLY SHADE You’ll Ever Need On The Golf Course

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In The Club House zone and high MOI for maximum forgiveness. Consistent Distance Gapping From long hybrids to short irons, the S2 Max Iron-Hybrid Set is designed to provide consistent and reliable distances from one club to the next. The Cobra S2 Max Iron-Hybrid Set is available in two sets for men, along with Women’s and Seniors’/Lite: • Men’s Graphite set includes 3/H, 4/H and 5/H hybrids, and 6-PW irons, featuring Aldila DVS-HL shafts ($776 SRP). • Men’s Steel set includes 3/H and 4/H hybrids with Aldila DVS-HL shafts, and 5-PW irons with FST steel shafts ($632 SRP). • Women’s and Seniors’/Lite sets include 4/H, 5/H and 6/H hybrids, 7-PW, and SW irons with Aldila DVS-HL graphite shafts ($776 SRP). Gap and sand wedges are also available separately for any version of the set. All clubs have Golf Pride grips. The Cobra S2 Max Iron-Hybrid sets are shipping to golf retailers now. Cobra S2 Max Irons The Cobra S2 Max Irons offer improved forgiveness, accuracy and distance for super game improvement. An expanded sweet zone – from Cobra’s exclusive 9 Point Face Technology – helps generate consistent ball speed across the entire clubface. The cavity back design complements the wide-sole, low-profile design in this set, to promote maximum forgiveness and a higher launch. 9 Point Face Technology: • 9 points face technology creates an expanded sweet zone that promotes consistent power with improved forgiveness and accuracy.

retail price of $500 for steel and $630 for graphite. For more information about the Cobra S2 Max Irons and Cobra S2 Max IronHybrid Integrated Set, visit us online at, or contact Cobra Customer Service (800-917-3300) or Todd Colburn, Director of Cobra Global Marketing (760-930-2160).

RST Technology SeeMore’s patented RST, known by a visible gun sight on the top line, allows the

SeeMore Introduces new mSeries Putters – m6, m7, and m8: new designs added to 100% milled stainless line up. Made in the USA! The SeeMore Putter Company introduces three new putter designs to the mSeries family for 2010. The new putters combine the proprietary and proven alignment benefits of SeeMore’s RifleScope Technology (RST), with the finest materials in putters that are 100% handcrafted and precision milled from pure investment grade 303 stainless steel. The m6 is a classic 2-way blade putter, a throw back design to the great putters of the past. The m7 is a beautiful, classic blade, a tour inspired design based on the best features of SeeMore’s popular m1 and m2 blades but with a back heel cut-away for great balance and sleek optics. The m8 represents a hybrid design, offering a shape that will appeal to golfers seeking a deeper blade or a small mallet. The m7 and m8 are the first mSeries putters to also come standard with a softer milled aluminum face insert. The mSeries is all about offering a wide variety of precision milled designs to the best amateur and professional players in the world, in a way that will allow them to benefit from the proven alignment features of RifleScope Technology in a shape that is uniquely comfortable to them,” - said Jim Grundberg, SeeMore Managing Partner. The new m6 will sell for $275, and the m7 and m8 will sell for $325. Available at once.

golfer to set up the putter perfectly each and every time in relation to the intended target line. This is accomplished by lining up the black bottom portion of the shaft between two white lines and covering a signature red dot on the heel of the top line. The process is like locking radar onto a target. The two parallel white sight lines frame the shaft and serve as an indicator that the golfer is in perfect position to make a consistent and reliable stroke.

Wide-Sole, Low-Profile Design: • The wide sole and low-profile design shift the Center of Gravity (CG) low and back to improve launch characteristics and maximize forgiveness, while a contoured sole improves turf interaction for more consistent shots from any lie. The Cobra S2 Max Irons are available in men’s high-launch Aldila DVS-HL graphite shaft as well as and lightweight FST steel shafts (4-PW, GW) and women’s and seniors’ Aldila DVS-HL graphite shafts (5-PW, GW, SW) – with Golf Pride grips. The Cobra S2 Max irons are shipping to golf retailers now, with a suggested WWW.GOLFTODAYMAGAZINE.COM


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Golf’s Next Frontier The SiSeries putters feature a cast 303 stainless steel body with a dark nickel plated finish and milled face. The thermoplastic insert offers a consistent and precise soft feel and controlled roll, and also allows the putter to have a higher Moment of Inertia and expanded sweet spot with more weight positioned away from the face and around the perimeter of the putter. Headweight is 330 grams on the Si1 and 340 grams on the Si2 and Si3. Standard loft is 3 degrees. Standard lie angle is 70 degrees. Standard grip is a Winn red and black AVS midsize putter grip. “SeeMore owns the most important precision game improvement technology in putting. We will optimize the power of our patents and brand name with this exciting new line of SiSeries putters,” says Jim Grundberg, Managing Partner for SeeMore. “The next frontier of game improvement in golf is taking place on

the greens, alignogy is

and SeeMore ment technolleading the way. SeeMore Statistics In 2009, five players using SeeMore putters on a regular basis on the PGA

Tour finished in the top 80 positions on the money list. All told 10 players in the final 125 on the money list used SeeMore’s patented and proven RifleScope alignment technology at key times during the season, including 3 victories and eleven top 10 finishes. SeeMore also had 2 of the top 20 on the final 2009 LPGA Tour Money list use its putters prominently, including a Victory at the J Golf Phoenix LPGA International. SeeMore originally became recognized when Payne Stewart won the 1999 U.S. Open playing a SeeMore putter. Stewart one-putted the last three holes to win the championship by one stroke. He sunk what’s considered to be the longest putt in Open history on the 18th hole to win the tournament. Stewart also won the putting title for fewest putts per round over the entire 1999 season. The brand was re-launched in 2007, and immediately regained worldwide prominence as Zach Johnson used a SeeMore FGP to win the 2007 Masters. Johnson also set the all-time putting record on the Nationwide Tour for the entire season in 2003 (1.699 putts/ GIR). continued on page 38 ❱

Diablo Creek Golf Course

PrivAte Course ConDitions At PubliC Course PriCes


at Diablo Creek

• • • • • • •

Well-ConDitioneD Course CovereD niGHt liGHteD rAnGe Fully stoCkeD GolF sHoP 1st tee youtH ProGrAm GolF lessons leGenDs sPorts bAr & Grill ConFerenCe room • PiCniC PAvillion

4050 Port Chicago Hwy., Concord, CA • (right off the Port Chicago exit off Hwy. 4)

for reservations call

(925) 686-6262

41 Summer Special $

Offer Good Monday through Thursday after 10 a.m. and all day Friday. Includes golf, cart and lunch at Legends Sports Bar & Grill. Not valid on holidays or tournaments. Offer good through September 30, 2010

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In The Club House ❰ continued from page 37

The major story in 2009 on tour for SeeMore was the continued excellence of Johnson finishing 4th on the PGA Tour Money List with earnings of $4.7 million, a new career high. He established himself as one of the greatest players in the world with 3 victories over a 12-month stretch, including the 2008 and 2009 Valero Texas Opens and the 2009 Sony Hawaiian Open, to add to his 2007 Masters victory and 6 overall tour titles. He also recorded the lowest round of the year on the PGA Tour in 2009, a 60 in the 3d round at the Texas Open, which makes him the only player in the history of the PGA tour to have 2 career rounds of 60 or better, his first 60 coming in the 3d round of the 2007 Tour Championship at East Lake. Johnson’s pair of 60’s is the last 2 rounds of 60 or better on the entire PGA tour. SeeMore’s newly redesigned website at and new www. has many new features including videos about the proprietary SeeMore putting system and its proven and patented RST alignment system as well as news about SeeMore’s remarkable legacy and Tour success. SeeMore putters are custom made in Franklin, TN.

The New Eazy Bag - From LT Is A Jewel In Cart Bags: Eazy Bag Golf Eliminates A Lost Club. Eazy Bag Eliminates, Club Tangling. Eazy Bag Eliminates Club Damage. The Eazy Bag Eliminates Carrying The Bag To The Cart. It all started when founder Dr. Tim Dylina’s wife, Lisa, questioned the  design of her new golf bag. She felt it was difficult to get her clubs  out of and into the bag and with her arm problems it was painful to her. Her husband Dr. Tim Dylina, a lifelong golfer, asked her how she would  redesign it to make it better. With her concerns in mind, he then  designed a golf bag specifically to provide advantages for women, seniors, golf cart riders and pull cart users. The Eazy Bag from LT  Golf was born. The Eazy Bag is a golf bag specially designed for the golf

cart with special fasteners to keep the bag secure without the normal strap across the front. Its unique front club access allows you to remove or replace  clubs without lifting the club up and over the top of the bag. This  greatly reduces the strain on the shoulders and back during the round of golf. Other features include a club lo ck syste m that keeps the clubs in place on the top and bottom with a soft, yet secure, hold onto graphite or  steel shafts. Recessed divots in the bag

bottom guide the clubs into place, prevent clubs from banging together and immediately identify any missing clubs. The Eazy Bag provides ample pockets for personal items, wind breakers, balls, golf tools and personal items. It features a 15” x 3” front opening for easy club access and removal, and holds up to 14 clubs  ensuring proper club count for tournament play. The Eazy Bag has wheels on its base that allow for limited lifting or carrying. This alleviates  hand, arm and shoulder problems created by lifting arms above the shoulder. Each bag comes with an easy clear, heavy vinyl rain bubble that protects your clubs from the elements, and the easy zip front allows clubs to pass through the front while your other clubs stay  protected under the cover. The Eazy Bag is designed to take the frustrations out of normal cart bag and to allow you to enjoy your golf game well into the future. For more information on The Eazy Bag, contact: LT Golf, PO Box 4957, Kerrville, Texas 78029,, Email: I Wanted To Pass This Interesting Information On To You All. It’s From Henry-Griffitts MasterClub continued on page 39 ❱


LOW IS THE NAME OF THE GAME . Whether it’s the low scores or the amazing things your ball will do at 214 feet below sea level, playing the Furnace Creek Golf Course is an experience unlike any other.

Ranch Golf Packages for two from

$169* through Oct. 7

To reserve your next great golf adventure in Death Valley, visit or call toll-free 800-236-7916. Rate for two players, based on double occupancy. Taxes and $9.00 resort fee not included. *Valid through 10-7-10. ** Valid from 10-8-10 through 11-24-10. Some black-out dates apply.

Ranch Golf Packages for two from


Oct. 8 – Nov. 24

Beautiful Places on Earth.®

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Fitter, Gaylord Rhodes Who Is Also The General Manager At Wild Horse GC In Davis, CA. “Wanted to Thank Jim for the following article. As a Master HG Fitter like Jim I have been teaching and fitting students for 20 years. Having tried the tech stuff as early as 1990 I can attest to the fact that video analysis is the least effective way to teach golf. Comparing a student to anyone(especially a pro) is a process that leads to a very frustrating learning experience as the student tries to compare their swing positions to those of professionals . Their are no positions in a motion, there is simply a best balanced motion that each student should strive to learn as they continue to work on improving their impact positon... (the moment of truth in golf ). Balance and proper impact are the two fundamentals that all great players share and should be the focus for all golfers trying to improve their swings. Feedback is fundamental to learning. Each student has a unique motion and helping them achieve their best balanced motion is the key to helping them play their best. Without the proper equipment balance is always compromised as the student attempts to make the club work at the expense of their overall motion. The big-

gest factor that most students struggle with is getting proper feed back as they learn. If the clubs they are using don’t reward their attempt to improve their swing motion they end up compensating their swing to make the club work (example: in an attempt to cure their slice they buy a driver that is designed to hook and the struggles and compensations continue.) Fitting each student with proper loft, shafts, lengths, lie angles etc. is fundamental to helping them achieve their best balanced motion, improving their understanding of impact and ultimately their enjoyment of the game.. Fairways and greens, —Gaylord. Pursuing Perfection I had the opportunity to sit and watch the Memorial Tournament a couple of Saturdays ago. Just my luck, there was a weather delay and play had been suspended. Jack Nicklaus was in the tower with Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo. There was some dead air to fill and as they talked about things other than the play on the course, two comments really hit me. Nantz was talking about all the swing analysis technology available to the modern players. Jack responded that this would have driven him and the rest of the players in his day pretty crazy. He indicated that each guy had his own method of setting up


and making a swing. He also pointed out that everyone was pretty much in the same place through impact even though they arrived there in decidedly different ways. Then Nick chimed in. He said that Tour Players are bad swing models. They have great hands and hit a lot of golf balls. Amateurs shouldn’t be trying to copy what they see them do. This seems brutally honest and it certainly does not support the use of swing technology, at least in the manner in which it is commonly used. Lines are drawn on the screen showing the positions Tiger, or Phil, or Justin, or whoever are getting into. Then there is a comparison between those positions and what the student is doing. The underlying message is: If you achieve these positions, you will achieve their results. In most cases, nothing could be farther from the truth. It seems to me that a more effective method would be building on the strengths of your students by rewarding them for their strongest swings. That would be their strongest swing, not Graeme McDowell’s! Jim Hofmeister, HG Master Golf Clubfitter. Find out more about Henry-Griffitts Golf Clubs by loging on to: Grab A Copy Of The All New Golf Today Magazine At Golf Courses Across

California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Washington and Oregon. When you pick up a copy, you will immediately notice that the new Golf Today Magazine carries more weight. Not only weight with the new heavier and brighter paper, but weight in the content. Weight in the distribution. Weight in the longevity. But Wait! Here’s more… Bob Koczor, Publisher, Editor and Owner of Golf Today Magazine is celebrating his 24 years of continuous monthly publication in September. In my 18 years with Bob, I’ve not seen a Regional Golf Magazine that even comes close. Kudos, Bob! Pretty amazing stuff and looking forward to sharing the big one, your 25th next September. n

I’m outta’ here!

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Golf Explorer ❰ continued from page 31

renovation of greens, tees and bunkers and water hazards come into play of the 18 holes. Because of destructive Rita in 2005, a spanking new clubhouse was opened in 2009 with two miles of cart path being completed in late 2010 to compliment your round of golf. Comfortably level fairways, medium height trees, and narrowing fairways is exemplified by the 574-yd opening hole of what Mallard Cove has to offer. Water comes to play on the immediate right with a touch more of wet on the same side as you get closer to a small undulating green with slight movement. As ponds seem to come out of the woods, one of the best is the 407-yd dogleg right 6th where a juicy framed pond fronts the green and where the far right side is the dry safe way for ones approach. This is followed by a 169-yd one shot opportunity of driving over water from tee to green. Then comes the 504-yd par five 8th where water intervenes 150-yds from putter land with the far right side avoiding the hazard. The most difficult Mallard Cove hole is found at the long 601-yd par five 10th. Tree trouble abounds on the right side with the main body of difficulty arriving 100-yds from green where a deep, wet creek separates an oversize putting surface

that falls away from back to front. The 94 bunkers comes with both the Calcasieu signature one shot 190-yarder comes next Waterway and 60 acres of man made lakes with water from tee to green to contend with. Another par three at the 187-yd 16th is unique as a small pond on its forward left size is frequented by large mouth bass. That’s in case you are hungrier for a fish fry than trying to make par on a green with a large, elong ated bun ker holding up the front side. The 563-yd 18th will separate the best in golfers as there is water hanging around both sides. The fairway eventually makes its Gray Plantation Golf Club way around the right side where you will find an upslope green with sand traps and on 11 holes that contribute to the courses trees hanging around to avoid. difficulty and aesthetics. Golf Magazine Of the five golf courses visited my fa- describes it as “a delicate mix of Southern vorite was the Gray Plantation Golf Club charm and Cajun fire and Golf Digest has that was built in 1999. It was designed by named it as one of the top 100 greatest Rocky Roquemore who has put his stamp public courses. on more than 100 courses around the Nature also provides plenty of natural world. This 7,191-yd course along with wildlife including wood ducks, egrets, al-

ligators, and an occasional fox roaming the edges of the marshland. Because of Hurricane Rita messing up the course in 2005, it’s just starting to get back in shape, minus a forest full of trees and the recent rebuilding of putting grounds after salt water gave them a bad time. The Gray Plantation shows off its antebellum feel along the 540-yd par five opening hole with numerous white column and red brick two story homes on its right side. The green is undulating and upward with slight breaks to contend with and a deep bunker fronting the proceedings. The next par four of 417-yds is uphill with major bunkering to avoid and a steep contoured putting surface that could spell three putts without any trouble. The 465yd par four dogleg right 4th shows off acres of wetland on the right side close to the green that rolls along uphill with left to right breaks. The signature 168-yd one shot 6th has the smallest green on the course. It’s perched on a spit of land surrounded on three sides by salt water. The right formula for success includes distance and accuracy. And then we come to the toughest “top of the best” 589-yd 7th”. The fairway is expansive with water on both sides of the teeing grounds. Then comes the approachcontinued on page 42 ❱

GOLF BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY! WE WANT YOU AS A BUSINESS PARTNER! The Professional Golf Hackers Association of America (PGHA) is looking for business partners in the Golf Apparel Industry. The National Golf Foundation ( tallies 37 million golfers in the United States. According to, there are 300,000 professional golfers in the world. This all boils down to a huge marketplace of players, membership rolls, and tournament players (charity, corporate & associate) who should be provided with the perfect gift for any golfer at any time of the year. Yes, the marketplace is huge and intense. This is your opportunity to tap into it.

we want you

The PGHA is a branded trademark company.


(209) 869-1525

or email PHA, ATTN: STeveN e. GreeN, 6107 DeleoN WAY, rIverbANk, CA 95367

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Revisiting an Old Friend – Teeth of the Dog ❰ continued from page 25

been subtle except that the course has been lengthened with back tees stretching it to a healthy 7,471 yards, and the airstrip that started by the 18th tees has been abandoned and completely overgrown by vegetation. The large tree that once guarded the tiny oceanside fifth green was lost in a hurricane and replaced by a much smaller one. Otherwise, the look of my old friend was pretty much as I remembered. Casa de Campo is a relaxed, comfortable resort with the high-end look and amenities that one would expect in such a special

place, and that wonderful theme extends to the golf course. Pete Dye gives you some intimidating looks off the tee, but then you discover that the landing areas are ample. The flattish course is more likely to test you around the greens. Another point worth mentioning is that there are two other engaging golf courses at the Casa de Campo resort. There is the hilly rolling Links Course situated inland and the riverside Dye Fore Course that sits 300 feet above the Chavon River. This is the same river that was used in the filming for the Vietnam War movie, Apocalypse

STAFF PubliSher / ediTor  � � � � � � � � Bob Koczor… ProducTion MAnAger � � � � Kerri Esten… diSTribuTion MAnAger � � � Dave Butts golF exPlorer ediTor  � � � � Hal Gevertz ASSociATe ediTorS � � � � � � � � Charley Coppola, Bob Fagan, Bob Weisgerber WebMASTer  � � � � � � � � � � � � � � � Cesar Montes… conTribuTorS  � � � � � � � � � � � � John Berkovich, Bill Nestor, Barry Salberg, Terry VanderHeiden “Ace” ediTor  � � � � � � � � � � � � � � Mike Mc Colgan…

Now, and it features not only river and also distant ocean views that are to “die for.” And just a few minutes from Casa de Campo is a P.B. Dye-design called La Estancia Golf Resort that is built on a similar grand scale with impressive views akin to the Dye Fore Golf Course. Returning to Teeth of the Dog, the ambiance is special, quiet and relaxed in the tropical sense, but also with a reverence to the golf at hand. Unless you select too challenging a set of tees, you will find the course testing, but not overwhelming – more of a rich experience. So as you

claSSified advertiSing BuSineSS opportunitieS • LEARN TO TEACH GOLF. The Profession of a Lifetime. Call for a certification course near you. United States Golf Teachers Federation. Please call toll free 1 (888) 346-3290 for more information. Or log on to golf packageS • STARTiNG AT ONLy $59, treat yourself to comfortable lodging and great golf (including cart!) at 10th Green Inn at La Contenta. Visit for more information. Or, call 1 (888) 727-8705.

regionAl ediTorS / Ad rePS Ad SAleS, ProducT SerViceS Charley Coppola…916-427-3441 .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . nor cAl gcSAA, cgcoA Emmy Moore Minister, Nor.Cal.PGA.Honorary.Member .. . . . . . . norThern cAliForniA regionAl ediTor Robert Strahan,.former.Tour.Pro…707-673-7206 cenTrAl cAliForniA  Mike Hamiel…209-499-8779 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ediTor AT lArge Dusty Hamilton…916-215-2482.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

RiP: JUles fURTH

RiP: ed AUsTiN

PMB #90, 25101 Bear Valley Road Tehachapi, CA 93561 (661) 823-7842 • FAX (661) 823-7942 Golf Today Magazine, The Best in the West for 23 Years, 12 issues per year, is published monthly. Golf Today is California’s only statewide golf magazine. Subscriptions are available at $29 per year, $39 for two years, or $49 for three years. Golf Today is protected under the copyright law. Contents of this publication cannot be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Unsolicited articles should be sent issN 1524-2854 via e-mail and photos are welcome. Correspondence should be sent to: Golf Today Magazine, at the address shown above.

start off on your round with your caddy, the anticipation of what you’ve heard or seen of the famous ocean holes awaits. Your anticipation builds until you see the ocean backdrop beyond the fourth green. From that time on, you realize that your friend, Teeth of the Dog, has character, beauty, and substance. It is no ordinary layout, and I was so lovingly reminded that Teeth of the Dog was that old friend I had remembered, and had retained all its special properties – still “the Jewel of the Caribbean!” n

looking to travel or Winter neSt? • 2005 27’ TRAiLbAy TRAvEL trailer. Barely used, and beautifully kept. Slide-out living room and bunk house floor plan. Sleeps eight comfortably. Fully equipped with awning, stabilizer tow bars, two 10 gallon propane tanks, great stereo, many other extras. Only $25,000. Call (530) 308-7482 or email neW golf productS! • DO yOU HAvE A new golf product? A new golf service? Can’t re-mortgage your home to get the money it costs for national promotion in the 18-color high gloss slicks? Give Bob a call at Golf Today Magazine. Start promoting your new golf product/service throughout four states (California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona) for pocket change. We’ve been doing this for 22 years and the results for new golf businesses are absolutely great! Get results with us and grow. For more information, call (661) 823-7842 or fax (661) 823-7942. Email: golf vacation rentalS • WAiLEA, MAUi • GRAND Champions Villas on Blue Course, 7th Fairway. 1 BR, 2-bath, Discounted golf and tennis fees to tenants. $805 per week. $3000 per month, plus tax. Call (916) 408-1049. Or, Grandc181@

You pick Your categorY! Send your classified ad to us at:

golf todaY Magazine

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THis fUll issUe is AVAilABle oNliNe! www.GolfTodAyMAGAziNe.CoM WWW.GOLFTODAYMAGAZINE.COM

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Index of AdvertIsers • August/september 2010

ing grounds where players have the option of treading the needle past a wetland or lay up for a dangerous long approach over swampland to a shallow green that’s sloped from back to front. Another scary waterdown hole is found at the 370-yd par four 11th where water holds court from start to finish. It features a split fairway with a lake in the middle. Brave souls have the option of trying your skill over water to a fast moving putting surface that breaks from left to right. As I headed over to the lovely one shot 213-yd par 3 13th that comes with water from start to finish and a bundle of bunkers circumventing the putting surface, I

Sun Mountain’s ClubGlider passed a yellow metallic sign stating that underneath the turf grass and surrounding terrain is a petroleum pipeline that Shell Oil owns. Now wouldn’t you like to have that royalty under your own private club to avoid paying dues and other charges?. The 165-yd par three 17th is another wet one where 80% of it is Island green. A ridge in the center of the putting surface could cause many balls from careering back into the water otherwise the rest of it is slightly contoured with subtle movements. n

❰ continued from page 30

Watch for the continuation of Hal’s adventures in next month’s edition of Golf Today Magazine.

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• 21 Golf Tips........................................ 39 • Bag Shag........................................... 31 • BirdieBall........................................... 39 • Carson Valley Inn (Genoa Lakes).. ..21, 44 • Diablo Creek Golf.. .............................. 37 • Do I Get A Drop.. ................................. 30 • Double Duty Divot Repair Putter........... 3 • DRAZ Athletics................................... 10 • Eagle Valley Golf Course.. .................... 16 • Eagle Vines Golf Course.. ........ 22, 47, 48 • Fantasy Golf Cards.............................. 14 • Furnace Creek.. ................................... 38 • Gamma Canvas.................................. 36 • Golf Hanger.. ...................................... 11 • Golfer’s Footprint.. .............................. 31 • Goolie Golf.....................................2, 24 • Graphic Expressions.. .......................... 32 • Gustbuster......................................... 40 • Hilton Santa Cruz Scotts Valley.. .......... 31 • L.O.F.T. Golf........................................ 38 • La Contenta Golf Club (Play & Stay).. ... 32 • Mission Hills of Hayward/SkyWest...... 33 • NorthStar at Tahoe............................. 13 • Paradise Valley/Rancho Solano........... 35 • Peace Electronics.. .............................. 30 • PGTAA.. .............................................. 34 • Plumb Bob Correctly.. ......................... 33 • Professional Golf Hackers Association of America....................... 40

• Protandim.. ........................................ 14 • Rancho de los Caballeros..............25, 45 • Red Dot.. ......................................26, 43 • Stack & Tilt Golf Swing.. ...................... 17 • Sunridge Golf Club............................. 35 • Tayleur Mayde.. ..............................3, 28 • Timber Creek GC................................. 34 • Trinitas Golf Course.. .......................6, 29 • True Golf Sunglasses.. ......................... 36 • USA Hole In One................................. 42 • USGTF................................................ 16 • Wanted for Golf Lease (Golfers Wanted)................................ 17 • Wedgewood Golf............................... 12

Five winner among a thousand entries. Sun Mountain took over the design and offers three models of the GlubGlider:  the Cascade ($269.99 – lighter weight fabric), Meridian ($319.99,) and slightly larger Pro model ($349.99) that will accommodate an oversized staff bag or two

small carry bags. And wisely for security reasons, the compartments are securely located inside the bag rather than outside the bag as featured by some competitors. For the retailer nearest you call 800-2279224 or visit The ClubGlider may be one of the best golf investments you make. n

Morton Attains Recognition elements that have helped shape him and the Morton Golf LLC management team. In 1978, he was asked to serve as a member of the PGA of America’s Education Faculty and subsequently ran several PGA Apprentice Training Schools until 1982. Since that time, he has presented hundreds of PGA Training Seminars for the Professional Golfers Association. In the early 1990s, he was a member of the National PGA Faculty working with the Stanford Research Institute to design the new PGA Apprentice Training Program. Later in that decade, he participated on the design team to create Specialized Certification Programs for Head Golf Professionals. Today, Morton, Sr. is one of less than

150 Certified PGA Master Professionals and is a faculty member, interviewing and grading those members applying for Certification and PGA Master Professional status. Golf, Inc magazine has recognized the Most Admired golf Course Operators in the World yearly since 2005. Past winners were added to this year’s ballot along with new nominees submitted by readers. More than 100 golf industry insiders, including developers, management company executives, consultants, and brokers were asked to rate all nominees for this year—the first to rank the operators in order. n Haggin Oaks Golf Complex is located at 3645 Fulton Avenue at Capital City Freeway.

SHOWS & TOURNAMENTS September 13-15 Rolling Hills/Sevillano Links.....27, 46 28 Tenacious Trinitas.............................7 October 4 Vineyards Golf Classic.......................5 13-17 AAU National Senior Championships .....................3 15-17 Bay Area Golf Show....................4, 20

Finally, a unique business opportunity that really works!! How would you like to own your own business and make $50,000 to $150,000 or more a year? USA Hole In One is looking for the right people to be part of a fast growing industry


GolfToday MaGazine .coM

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CALL (800) 931-2294 For More Information

1262 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 92021 •



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before the horse.


Take a break from casinos, beaches and snow and escape to an uncommon retreat at a historic ranch resort with the soul of a bed and breakfast. Situated on 20,000 acres of lush, Sonoran desert, The Ranch offers a variety of activities for the whole family including horseback riding, trap & skeet, tennis, nature hikes, ATV and Jeep tours, desert cookouts, and a full-service spa.


RAN.r107 GolfToday Oct/Nov Ad_E1.indd 1



8/18/10 8:22:16 AM

GOLF TODAY • August/September 2010 


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Norcal Open: September 13-15, 2010 Rolling Hills Casino and Sevillano Links is proud to host this year’s NCPGA Norcal Open... Sevillano Links is a national award winning golf course that is one of the few, true links style courses in the Western United States. Accenting the course is an all natural turf driving range, a first rate short game practice facility, full service golf shop, PGA golf instruction and club house. A�er a day on the course, you are just steps away from Rolling Hills Casino which features Gaming, Dining, Cocktails, Entertainment and Cozy Accommodations at one of two onsite hotels.

Register Now through September 8th! Visit and click the “Norcal Open” link on the home page - you’ll find tournament details, lodging inofmation as well as registration info. 90 MINUTES NORTH OF SACRAMENTO

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