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About Us Who we are and what we do.. Established in 2013- We supply lake balls and golfing goods to the Australian market. GolfSupplierAU’s purpose is simple; to distribute premium golf brands at an affordable price. We look to increase our customer’s profits with unique products that work in existing markets across the globe. GolfSupplierAU specialises in sourcing only the top selling high quality golfing goods that have proved themselves in other markets year-on-year. Our aim is to work with our customers to increase sales and to provide solutions for any unique needs within our customer's market. To speak to one of our team now, or to arrange a visit, please call us on +61 (0)405 639 740 or email sales at for more information.

Nike AAAA Lake Balls Nike golf balls have significantly improved over the years and are fast becoming a leader of product design and quality in the golfing market. The Nike Model Mix lake balls set may include a number of Nike golf balls, including; Nike Tour, Nike Spin, Nike Distance, Nike Hi Launch and Nike Ti Velocity. About our lake balls Our balls are hand picked and sorted by quality which then determines the grade. We aim for customer satisfaction when determining the ball quality and through our grading scale you can choose the ball that best suits your needs. From the finest AAAA quality golf balls which are the very best available. At the other end of the grading scale we have general practice (P) balls which have scruffs and some discolouration, great for practice and exceptional value. The balls are then hand sorted, hand packed and swiftly dispatched to you! Grade Appearance / Quality of Golf Balls AAAA Our AAAA quality golf balls are the very best available. The AAAA balls have both the appearance and feel of a brand new ball. (Please note some balls may carry a company logo). These balls could have only been used once! In short they should be in very close to perfect condition. AAA Our AAA golf balls are in lightly used condition and represent excellent value for money. They have narrowly missed out on being graded as AAAA so they are still in great condition. These balls are 100% playable and great for play or the ever tricky shot. Grade AAA balls may have minor surface discolouration and ink marks. They will have no cuts or creases. Some balls may carry logos. AA Our AA balls are still in very good playable condition but may have scuffs and more noticeable discolouration. Unlike some other companies AA grade balls, ours will contain no cuts or creases. This grade represents exceptional value for money. P Our P grade balls look worn and discoloured but are still great for practice and range. These balls are typically an older model and have been used. However, they still make for budget balls meaning you don't need to look after them. R Our refinished golf balls have been resurfaced and made back into high quality golf balls at a fraction of the original cost.

AAAA Nike Lake Balls Pricing: *Prices Include GST


Price (Total) AUD

Delivery AUD


Price per ball AUD 0.55

100 200




















15000 (Pallet)



Free of charge


Delivery & Payment Terms  All orders must be made by emailing our order form  Delivery available throughout Australia  Prices quoted include GST  30% payment requirement upfront for pallet orders  Payment can be made through PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque or Cash on Collection

A Bit More About GolfSupplierAU.. GolfSupplierAU is a family run sporting goods supplier, established in 2013. We specialise in distributing sporting goods for some of the world’s best known sports & toy brands, and collaborate with our fully licensed manufacturer on new projects on an ongoing basis. Our ranges are supplied directly to Australia’s leading sporting goods retailers and mass merchants. Few companies can truly claim to be innovators in their fields; in the golf ball recycling industry GolfSupplierAU stands apart from the rest. GolfSupplierAU has become a reputable leader in providing high quality recycled golf balls, at industry leading prices to a broad spectrum of businesses in the sports & leisure sector throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The company has now extended its portfolio to include a range of men’s gifts, sports accessories and clothing, golf accessories and training aids. For more information on these, please visit

Golf Balls & Equipment Supplier Brisbane  

GolfSupplierAU established in 2013- We supply lake balls and golfing goods to the Australian market. GolfSupplierAU’s purpose is simple; to...

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