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The debate of the occasion , "Is the Xbox One really future proof ?" This is exactly what the manufacturers atMicrosoft company are striving for this time . I think they did good enough with the 360 simply because it had a good run of over six to eight years . As being a video gamer , given that the days of Nintendo , this is an excellent run . Only time will share if the comfort will remain future proof . There are a large amount of great features in the Xbox One , in addition to 1080p gaming , increasedpictures , a must , gaming superior quality an essential . 300 ,000 servers for online gaming , check .Enhanced AI , check . The system gives you exclusivity onsome seriously popular game titles just like Call of Duty : Ghosts , Halo , and over 100 console games that are classed as outstanding from E3 . Oh and let's not lose sight of thisgaming console is going to have Bluray . These are typically great features , but future proof ? If everybody incorporates a good confirmation concerning the coming future , it will beMicrosoft company . I like that the Xbox one , does implement better with the next gen subscriber . The next gen user is set up today , with the tablet , lap top , and smartphone . They are mobile . This is where Microsoft companycontains an impressive upper hand over their competitors .In addition , let's not put aside this one , the Xbox One will also , for me personally , implement better with your own TV , as they become smarter . How would like to watch a show , andchat with people on your own Skype simultaneously ? You actually havethat option now . Xbox is actually around for awhile , and in the technology world, in my humble opinion , your gadget needs to come out with newversions to genuinely hit their stride . For this reason , I suggestthe Xbox One is gonna hit the mark in beginning to be future proof . In addition , the Xbox One gaming console is going to be acquired by individuals , who are not gamers , but are looking for a next generation experience , with regard to their gadgets . Thank you forreading .

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