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Finding the right sunglass for the right environment is not an easy task. There are so many options in the market; each one has diverse features according to our different expectation. Oakley is the most demanding sports brand for a professional player. About 30 years they provide best quality sunglasses. If you are a sports lover then you know most of the athletes have won many contest and trophy with Oakley sunglasses. The tradition continues with Oakley Radar Path, a milestone in case of their performance.

The remarkable frame is completed from a material that Oakley call O Matter. Let’s be frank, the material is a type of plastic substance.  Besides this, it is light in weight and long-lasting. Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses have an amazing bending capacity that you cannot find in any ordinary sunglass. You can bend it with a comfort zone. It is crucial because sometimes we do some stupid activity like suddenly we sit on it or often it will be fall from your hand. That is so embarrassing. And it is very easy to expect that you will break your sunglass. I told you because it happens to me several times. So, obviously, it could have happened to you.

The lens is finished of an everlasting hydrophobic material. It protects the glass from fog, rain, and sweat. It means the glass is protecting from any kind of water grownup. The Oakley Radar Path lenses are always remaining clean with its repelling technology. It keeps away skin dirt and other pollution. It even gets rid of motionless electricity, so dust and pollution particles cannot stick on the glass surface.

It includes a different color lens.  You can use it by changing lenses during different sports environment.

It recommends two types of customizable frame with nosepiece. Two sizes are available with each frame. You choose the right one from it. To get the best quality of vision you can pick this glass for its super quality lens. The Oakley frame is made with a special geometrical structure that helps to make the glass cool when it is heavy sunlight. It is able to make some air flow for cooling of the frame. It is also UV light protection technology called plutonic lens materials. The frame is kind of half rimless design. It means there is no frame in the lower portion of the less.


It provides two types of lenses. The frame is made with a special geometrical structure. The less is completed of an everlasting hydrophobic material. The lens is always remaining clean. It provides UV light protection. The lens has iridium coating protection Not slipping down even in your sweating condition. It is a prescribed sunglass for especially for the golf players.


Some of the reviewers said that the glass is not polarized as it described in its description. Some consumers talked about having troubles with a high price. The glass lenses are too much dark. It does not fit with all sizes of head.

Key Features at a glance Durability and throughout the day comfort of lightweight, stress-safe O Matter frame material. Coordinated overflow ports to channel cooling breeze current. Streamlined fringe view and side inclusion of Polaric Ellipsoid focal point geometry. Relief and completing of Three-Point Fit that holds focal points in a strict optical arrangement. Metal sign highlights. Optical precision and execution that fulfills ANSI Z87.1 procedure. Effect opposition that fulfills ANSI Z87.1 procedure for high-mass and high-speed swing. UV insurance of Plutonite focal point that sifts through 100% of UVA/UVB/UVC and negative blue light up to 400nm. Glare reduces and tuned light diffusion of Iridium focal point covering. Well-matched focal points to improve execution in any state. A variety of compatible Unobtainium nose cushion choices for a secure fit. Self-protective Oakley Soft Vault case built-in with a limit with regards to an extra focal point. Presented with Oakley Prescription Lenses (+2.00 to-5.00 with cylinder up to -2.00)

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