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“An Exclusive Green Republic”

The Pura Vida Roadmap




The first step is to make the decision to move forward.

We’ll help you select the perfect lot and location according to your tastes.

Submit the

Request-To-Purchase application form



$ Lot Payment Make the lot payment & send a copy of the transfer receipt

Submit the following:

Purchase Agreement

CC&R’s Agreement

Your application will typically be approved within 2 weeks.

$ Consulting We’ll work with you to define the broad strokes of your perfect home plan.

Assembly Final assembly on-site, usually completed in 2-4 weeks (depending on the home type).

Inspection Final checks, adjustments and inspections with your approvals, ready to move in.

Design Choose your home model and let’s customize each and every detail to your liking.


Order Make the initial home payment and place the official order for your home.


Your home is delivered to the Golfito Port, and on to Golfito Estates ready for assembly.

Your home begins to take shape and is customized offsite at the pre-fab facility.

Move In

Pura Vida

You’ll receive full ownership, title & registration whilst our team ensure you have the perfect move.

“An Exclusive Green Republic”

Living in paradise! It is with great pleasure we welcome you to the Golfito Estates Pura Vida community.

Golfito Estates Pura Vida Road map  

Golfito Estates Pura Vida Road map

Golfito Estates Pura Vida Road map  

Golfito Estates Pura Vida Road map