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Quail Run Golf Club A Hidden Jewel in the Middle of Naples INSIDE: LOCAL NEWS, MAPS, DIRECTORY and more



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Cover Story Quail Run Golf Club is a hidden jewel in the middle of Naples, and we invite you to discover it by becoming a member for a day!


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It’s a beautiful day at Quail Run Golf Club, and the conditions on the course are perfect.

Introduced on Oct. 30, SKYiGOLF is aimed at revitalizing the golfer experience. That means that golf is about to become more fun and rewarding at some of our favorite local courses

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Some of the best local golf courses in SWFL



Award Winning GOLF HOME GURU Joe Morgan shares some of his criteria for finding your perfect golf community

Tips and advice from PGA Pros Steve Anderson and Tom Patri, as well as insights from Sports Psychologist Dr. Shannon Reece







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Connecting Golfers on the West Coast of Florida. Ryan Ruppert, Publisher - Southwest Florida Office: 941.361.1536 Rose Ruppert, Partner Jean M. Couser, Publisher - Sarasota Area Bruz Fellenz, Publisher - Tampa Bay Area Tami Vaughan, Production Manager Mark Cardon, Golf News -

ever, the perfect time to be out on the golf course. As we swing into the busy season, there’s never been a time when we’ve been more excited about our local golf community. You are holding Golf Coast Magazine – the best local guide for golfers here in Southwest Florida. You’ll find more golf courses, local events, and information in this issue and online at than at any time before. We’re privileged to have Quail Run Golf Club featured as our cover story. Quail Run is a beautiful, centrally located golf club here in Naples where you can become a ‘Member for a Day’ or choose to join under one of their affordable membership options. Having met their membership team, staff, and a few of their members, we can wholeheartedly recommend the club to you – read about it on page 8. If you’re looking to tune up your game, this is the perfect issue for you. We’ve featured tips from Steve Anderson and, for the first time in Golf Coast Magazine, we’re proud to have tips from Tom Patri. If your mental game needs a little work, we’re also very happy to have Dr. Shannon Reece back in this issue! Our team is always on the lookout for the latest golf information in our community. If you’d like to stay in the know, be sure to visit our website and join our email list for news every two weeks. We hope to see you on your favorite local courses! Fairways and greens, Ryan Ruppert and Rose Ruppert

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Quail Run Golf Club Members Have Privileges

“Quail Run is a hidden jewel in the middle of Naples.” That was Phyllis Unrein’s concluding thought when we spoke about her and her husband’s experience as members at Quail Run Golf Club. That statement was later echoed by every member that we spoke to. When you get to know the club, you’ll understand why. Located in the heart of Naples, off Pine Ridge between Goodlette-Frank and Airport-Pulling Road, Quail Run is a secret worth discovering for yourself. Quail Run Golf Club epitomizes the Southwest Florida lifestyle – friendly,

fair, and fun. The club runs on a simple idea – that golf should be fun for the average player. At a time when courses are designed for the top 10% of golfers, where the rest of us are lucky to get a bogey, Quail Run is a breath of fresh air. Average golfers have birdie and par opportunities often at Quail Run. At just over 5000 yards, the 18-hole par 70 course may look easy on paper, but in reality it challenges golfers to be both accurate and strategic. You’ll have to choose your opportunities, play smart, and keep the ball in play to score well. It’s designed to level the playing field so that long hitters don’t enjoy the enormous


advantages that they might on more traditional long and wide courses. Even in season, the pace of play at Quail Run is fast – players can expect to finish 18 holes in just 3.5 hours when the course is at its busiest. The course is also built to be walkable, contributing to a healthy lifestyle for golfers. Playability was a key theme when we interviewed members. “The golf course is built to be attractive to the golfer that doesn’t necessarily hit the ball 300 yards. You can hit a good shot and be rewarded,” explained Rick Korb, “The bunkers – the course has 55, and I say that because I know each one – are


strategically placed around the course to make it challenging. The greens are just beautiful. My guests have told me that they are the nicest greens in Naples.” The course is set on 65 beautifully landscaped acres. When asked how the course was maintained, Rick summarized it simply – “The course is always kept in immaculate condition”. For those looking to experience Quail Run without a long-term commitment, the course also welcomes members of the public the opportunity to become a member for the day. The offer includes 18 holes of golf, cart fees, and a delicious lunch where you can select anything off the menu.



For those considering joining Quail Run, the fellow members are often the most important factor towards the member’s long-term enjoyment. Phyllis Unrein, a new member at Quail Run, told us that she joined the club for the golf course, but that “the best thing about Quail Run are the people and the staff. It is the most welcoming and friendly place I have ever visited.” It was the same for Susan Applegate, who was invited to be a member for a day. Prior to being invited to Quail Run, she had no experience with the club, saying, “Not only did I not know anybody at the club, I didn’t know that the club existed!” She remarked that she was thrilled with the club, saying that “the course was in pristine condition, it was comfortably

challenging, the people were terrific, and it was all very affordable”.

“It couldn’t be a nicer place truly, not just to play golf, but to be part of a group of really lovely people.” – Susan Applegate

The sense of community was always highlighted in our conversations about Quail Run. Events, like Couples’ Golf, the Men’s and Ladies’ Leagues, or even the Trivia Game Nights, bring members together at the club. Even though Pat and Phyllis Unrein do not live in the neighborhood surrounding Quail Run, Phyllis told us that she and her husband Pat are not nearly as active in their community


club as they are at Quail Run because, “We just love it – it’s perfect – we go to just about every event there.” The people are truly welcoming – and members told us how quickly they were able to make friends at group events. Nobody summed it up better than Susan Applegate, who told us that “Quail Run is the most inclusive group of people I have met, both on the golf course as well as in the clubhouse”. There are numerous ways to experience Quail Run Golf Club for yourself. Members of the public can become a member for a day, just by booking a tee time. Those who are looking to experiment with membership can purchase a Preview Golf Membership, which holds all the privileges of membership at a discounted price for one year. Of course, Quail Run also offers an annual membership for those ready to make a longer term commitment. Quail Run also offers the best value for Naples-area golf clubs, with low annual dues and initiation fees. The best way to find out if Quail Run is suited for you is to experience it yourself. Call Cindy Burnham, the Membership Director, to learn about all the options and to book your first visit to Quail Run Golf Club. Cindy Burnham Membership Director Call: (239) 261-3930 ext. 3

LOCATION AND CONTACT 1 Forest Lakes Drive Naples, FL, 34105 Call: (239) 261-3930 Use extension 3 for Cindy Burnham, Membership Director EXPERIENCE QUAIL RUN GOLF CLUB Member for a Day Experience Quail Run as a member. Enjoy Lunch & Golf Call today for current rates and to reserve your tee time. 239-261-3930 Ext. 2 Preview Golf Membership We invite you to experience the lifestyle at Quail Run. Our Preview Members enjoy: • Preferred Tee Times • Play 18 holes in under 3.5 hours • Friendly competition • Golf Leagues for Men & Ladies • Camaraderie • Casual Dining • Social Events Call for additional information 239-261-3930 Ext. 3




Public Course


MAP #205

TEE INFORMATION Yardage/Rating/Slope: Blue: 5304 / 65.7 / 112; White: 5022 / 64.8 / 109; Gold: 4713 / 63.9 / 106; Red: 4418 / 65.9 / 109

COURSE FACTS Number of Holes: 18 Architect: Walter Smith General Manager: Doug Burnham, PGA Membership Director: Cindy Burnham Superintendent: Jeff Plourde

COURSE AMENITIES • Member for a Day Option • Relaxed Club Dining • Rental Golf Clubs Available • Home ownership not required to join • Walk any time with no trail fees for members


Quail Run Golf Club Minutes from Downtown Naples, you’ll find one of the city’s best kept secrets – Quail Run Golf Club. It’s a private member-owned golf course that delivers all the amenities that people expect of private golf clubs at a realistic price. The 18-hole Par 70 course is just over 5000 yards, making it ideal for executives, walkers and players who focus on ball placement over distance. Unlike many Florida courses, water hazards are used sparingly on the property, giving golfers a better chance at keeping their ball in play throughout the round. At Quail Run ‘Members have Privileges’ – the course is available exclusively to Members in the morning and there’s a full calendar of events available. Members can take part in league play, special golf events, or come in for one of the many social events held at the restaurant. Although the beautifully landscaped course stretches through several residential communities, home ownership is not required to become a member. To join, you just need to love golf and enjoy friendly people! Quail Run Golf Club is Affordable and Enjoyable! If hitting more greens in regulation and making more Pars and Birdies interests you, then come try us on for size. 1 Forest Lakes Drive Naples, FL 34105 239-261-3930



INJECTING MORE FUN INTO GOLF IN AMERICA Introducing Introduced on Oct. 30, SKYiGOLF is aimed at revitalizing the golfer experience. That means that golf is about to become more fun and rewarding at some of our favorite local courses.

SKYiGOLF is raising the stakes. On selected holes on each participating golf course, cameras will capture these moments and reward golfers – quite handsomely! If you score a hole-in-one on a SKYiGolf selected hole, you’ll win $10,000 and receive a video of the moment, to be narrated by one of golf’s greats.

More Fun…

More Rewarding…

Imagine yourself arriving at the tee at a par-3 hole, teeing up your ball, swinging – it’s a beautiful strike, the ball starting a little right of the hole, drawing ever so slightly, every passing second your ball drifting closer to the pin.

SKYiGOLF will start rewarding you for every round you play at a SKYiGOLF member club and every dollar you spend in the pro shops at participating courses. At your home course, you’ll collect double points to reward you for your loyalty. Reward points will be redeemable for free golf or toward nearly any purchase inside your local pro shop. SKYiGOLF members also will qualify for monthly and year-end sweepstakes prizes.

SKYiGOLF is here to energize the golf industry.

It lands. You squint but can’t find the ball on the green. As you walk up, you realize that there’s only one place the ball could be... It’s in the hole! A hole-in-one is every golfer’s dream – a moment to be shared inside the clubhouse and recounted dozens of times with friends. Until now, golfers would get a hearty congratulations from the club, and maybe a drink or two at the bar.

A Global Championship

As golfers, we look up to the professionals who compete on the world stage. But few of us get the opportunity


to compete in a global tournament. SKYiGOLF is changing that with its Global Scramble Championship. Players of all levels will compete locally to have a chance to advance through regionals and compete in the SKYiGolf Global Scramble Championship, which will be staged on three world-class golf courses (Albany, Royal Blue and the Ocean Club) in Nassau, Bahamas. Teams advancing to the Global Scramble Global Championship finals will pay no entry fee; all golf rounds and nightly entertainment activities (cocktail and dinner parties) are covered. Participants will be responsible for their travel and discounted accommodations. Find Out More

The first SKYiGOLF courses are already here in our community. Players looking to be among the first to see all the benefits of SKYiGOLF can play locally at Charlotte Harbor National


Golf Club and The Golf Links of Charlotte Harbor. Additional local courses will be announced soon. To get the updated list of courses across the country, visit us at Better for Golf Course Operators

SKYiGOLF is offering PGA professionals and golf courses a chance to enhance their businesses as well as their bottom lines. Partner courses will have access to group buying discounts, enterprise level POS and accounting systems, world class web development, online tee time bookings, and other benefits that can benefit the course owner and their players. By working together, golf courses will be able to deliver a better product to golfers while reducing expenses at the same time. If you’re an interested PGA Professional or a Golf Course Operator, please email Bob Baldassari, PGA, SKYiGOLF’s Chief Operating Officer, at to find out how your course can sign up and begin working with SKYiGOLF.





Public Golf Course


MAP #201

King/Queen Yards / Rating / Slope Black: 6515 / 70.9 / 133; Blue: 6023 / 68.7 / 125; White: 5602 / 67.9 / 110; Yellow: 4960 / 65.0 / 104 Red: 4548 / 67.1 / 107 Queen/Prince Yards / Rating / Slope Black: 6562 / 71.1 / 134; Blue: 6155 / 69.3 / 127; White: 5717 / 68.0 / 113; Yellow: 5199 / 65.6 / 109 Red: 4610 / 67.1 / 108 Prince/King Yards / Rating / Slope Black: 6611 / 71.0 / 129; Blue: 6246 / 69.4 / 123; White: 5877 / 68.7 / 111; Yellow: 5215 / 65.8 / 104 Red: 4698 / 67.2 / 106


Number of Holes: 27 Director of Golf: Sean Biggs, PGA Superintendent: Greg Coyne, GCSAA

Cape Coral

Cape Royal Golf Club Magnificent Golf, Outstanding Food, Championship Service Come watch the Wood Storks, Ibis, Egrets and Herons on the fairways and preserves of the community. Considered one of the best kept secrets in the greater Fort Myers area, Cape Royal offers the feel of a protected enclave, yet is minutes away from all that Southwest Florida has to offer. Just a short drive from the beaches, Cape Royal features 27 holes of championship golf in Southwest Florida spread across a course design that is too good to miss! Their unique, Gordon Lewis-designed layout features 5 sets of tees in order to challenge players of all skill levels. Prepare yourself for an unparalleled golfing experience. Our course is a pleasure for golfers of any skill level to play. Test your accuracy with our fairways, water hazards and sand traps; we have everything you need to challenge you and improve your game. 11460 Royal Tee Circle Cape Coral, FL 33991 239-283-5522



Hibiscus Golf Club Renovates its Course and Clubhouse Laser Leveling & Re-Sodding Tee Boxes The summer brings heat, afternoon rain showers, and at Hibiscus Golf Club, reinvestment. During the summer months Hibiscus hired G.C.I.D., a local company that has worked on nearly 30 Florida golf courses, to laser-level and re-sod most of the course’s tee boxes with Celebration Bermuda Grass. “Laser leveling the tee tops is where we go in, strip off the old grass and any imperfections, and laser the level of the surface completely, then we put new grass on top of it,” explained Steve Bill of G.C.I.D., “The tees are going to be much more pronounced, consistent, and flat.” For Hibiscus, the renovation lines up with their core strategy. “Hibiscus

strives to offer a private golf club experience for a day at our public golf facility,” said Head PGA Professional Mike Smuniewski, “These investments have been well received and help us deliver a premium player experience.” Hibiscus is also improving its landscaping with an ongoing project to add 150 new trees and 400 shrubs to the course. Inside the clubhouse, Hibiscus has invested in new flooring in the Pro Shop and Erin’s Isle Restaurant and Irish Pub. These investments will help the club stay in top condition for coming seasons, and place Hibiscus Golf Club among the top public golf courses in Southwest Florida.

COLLIER | LEE Public Course

MAP #203





Hibiscus Golf Club

Yardage/Rating/Slope: Blue: 6476 / 71.1 / 131; White: 6103 / 69.0 / 125; Gold Mens: 5300 / 65.5 / 114; Gold Ladies: 5300 / 70.1 / 114; Red: 4925 / 68.2 / 113


Number of Holes: 18 Architect: Dave Wallace Director of Golf: Mike Smuniewski, PGA General Manager: Brian Diver, PGA Superintendent: Robert Trebilcock, GCSAA


• Home Course of the Dennis Meyer’s Golf School • Erin’s Isle Restaurant & Irish Pub • Exceptional Practice Facility including Driving Range, Short Game Area, and Putting Green

Hibiscus Golf Club is an 18-hole public golf course located in beautiful Naples, Florida. Built in 1969, with renovations to the course and clubhouse completed in 2007, this splendidly conditioned layout is one of the few courses in the Naples area open to the public. Hibiscus is a golfer’s dream with 18 totally different experiences for both the high and low handicap golfer. Wide fairways, bunkered greens and numerous lakes and streams make each hole a new challenge and a pleasure to play. In addition, we offer one of the few public practice facilities in Southwest Florida. 5375 Hibiscus Drive Naples, FL 34113 239-774-0088




ent sid ble e R on- vaila & N ips A t n h e sid ers Re emb M

Private Golf Club

MAP #206


Yardage/Rating/Slope: Blue 4873 / 63.6 / 116 Blue/White 4714 / 63.2 / 112 White 4410 / 62.4 / 111 White/Gold 4177 / 61.7 / 107 Gold 3973 / 60.9 / 105 Red 3707 / 60.1 / 102


Designer: Gordon Lewis General Manager: Alan Raulerson Membership Director: Nancy Farris Dagher PGA Professionals: Gary Kraft, PGA, Chuck Lange, PGA Golf Course Superintendent: Craig Nelson


• Inviting 18-hole golf course • Clubhouse Dining • Wine Tastings • Bogeys Outdoor Bar & Patio • Pro Shop • Walk the Course after Noon • Private, Group, Youth PGA Lessons • 60+ Reciprocal Golf Clubs


Quail Village Golf Club Quail Village Golf Club is the Best Private Golf Club Value in Naples. A beautifully manicured course challenges the best golfer who easily secures tee times and family members who walk after 12:00 p.m. noon when completing school and work daily. We embrace both non-resident and resident members. The Village is a place that is conducive to making friends with people with handicaps to challenge and different interests to explore. The course is demanding yet fun. Placement is critical. Members especially enjoy strategically planning their games as they traverse the par 69 golf course measuring about 5000 yards and is comprised of three par 5s, nine par 4s, and six par 3s. We are bold, fun and casual. With our diverse membership demographics, members enjoy coming off the course and mingling at Bogeys Outdoor Bar and Patio for happy hour and lunch seven days a week. Quail Village values the quality of our community and lifestyle, as much as the beauty of our golf course. Join us! 11719 Quail Village Way Naples, FL 34119 239-598-2815

COLLIER | LEE Public Course



MAP #207

TEE INFORMATION Yardage/Rating/Slope: Blue 6465 / 71.6 / 120 White 6074 / 69.5 / 116 Gold 5692 / 67.5 / 113 Red 5191 / 70.1 / 113 Green 3900 / 59.8 / 99 COURSE FACTS General Manager/ Head Pro: Mike Dopslaff, PGA Golf Course Superintendent: Jason Craft, GCSAA GOLF LESSONS Golf lessons are available from four time SW Chapter PGA Player of the Year, Mike Dopslaff, PGA. Private Lessons $50 for 30 mins or $95 for 1 hour Lesson Series: Six 30 Minute Lessons for $250 Six Hour Lessons for $475 Group Lessons & Clinics Also Available. Call for Pricing.

Junior Golfers play FREE with paid adult after 11:00 am* *1 adult, 1 free junior

For t Myers

San Carlos Golf Club Nestled in the community of San Carlos Park, San Carlos Golf Club is one of the oldest established clubs in Southwest Florida. It was developed in 1971 by the San Carlos Park Community and in 1981 was purchased by local area golfers. San Carlos Golf Club strives to have the most affordable rates in Southwest Florida throughout the year. This traditional layout has received rave reviews for its playability from professionals and amateurs alike. Practice facilities include an aqua driving range, pitching and chipping area, practice bunker and a large putting green. The teaching professionals at San Carlos Golf Club specialize in personalized instruction tailored to your skill level. From the golfer just taking up the game to the experienced player trying to take the game to the next level, golfers will receive plenty of individual instruction. San Carlos Golf Club was voted ‘Best Public Golf Course’ by the readers of the Fort Myers News Press in 2015. 7420 Constitution Circle, Fort Myers, FL 33912 239-267-3131

San Carlos Rate Card

November 1 - 30 7:00 - 10:59 a.m. 11:00 - 1:59 p.m. 2:00 - 3:59 p.m. 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. December 1 - 31 7:00 - 10:59 a.m. 11:00 - 1:59 p.m. 2:00 - 3:59 p.m. 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

$62 $52 $36 $29 $70 $60 $42 $35

7:00 11:00 2:00 4:00 -

January 1 - April 13 10:59 a.m. $92 1:59 p.m. $82 3:59 p.m. $55 6:00 p.m. $40

All posted fees include cart and taxes. All fees after 2:00 pm are 9 hole fees, players may play up to 18 depending on darkness. However, no rain checks will be issued if 9 holes are completed.



2018 Troon Cup Camaraderie | Competition | Hospitality

In October, Tiburón Golf Club at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples hosted the 2018 Troon Cup. This year marked the 17th annual Troon Cup and over 300 attendees from nearly 40 Troon facilities and the Troon corporate office traveled to Naples, Florida for the event. A highlight of the event was the Welcome Reception. The entire Tiburón clubhouse was utilized for this gala with food and beverage around every turn including a raw bar in The Rotunda. Located in the heart of the clubhouse, The Rotunda offers breathtaking views of the golf course and The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples. Upon arrival, attendees were greeted by a Troon Cup ice sculpture surrounded by fresh lobster tails, jumbo shrimp and oysters. Outside on the Back Lawn there was a band, a putting contest, a floating green and helicopter rides. No expense was spared to provide attendees with an unforgettable experience. Teams from around the country competed over 2 days and in the end, the team from Slammer & Squire at World Golf Village came out on top. They shot -27 beating the team from Entrada at Snow Canyon by 8 strokes!

When asked about his experience playing in this event, Rusty Seymour, General Manager, El Macero Country Club, commented, saying, “The 2018 Troon Cup was incredible. From a helicopter ride over the Gulf of Mexico to the golf course conditions and the F&B offering, the team at Tiburón Golf Club hit a home run with this event. It truly is The Ultimate Golf Experience.” In addition to the 2018 Troon Cup, Tiburón Golf Club is also host of the LPGA Tour CMA Group Tour Championship and the PGA TOUR QBE Shootout. The 2018 Troon Cup was a huge success and all of Troon is already getting excited for the 2019 Troon Cup headed to Indian Wells Golf Resort in Indian Wells, California.

Call 239-593-2209 to learn more about this award winning facility.


Public Golf Club

MAP #208


Yardage/Rating/Slope: Champions 7314 / 75.6 / 143 Players 6652 / 72.6 / 137 Tradition 6085 / 69.6 / 130 Legends 5515 / 67.2 / 116 Challenger 4928 / 68.8 / 114 Competitor 4555 / 67.0 / 107 Futures 3438 / 60.8 / 93


Designer: Jed Azinger, Gordon Lewis Head Golf Professional: Jeff Nixon PGA Golf Course Superintendent: John Vuknic, GCSAA


• Driving Range • Pitching/Chipping Area • Walking Allowed • Driving Range • Pro Shop




Stoneybrook Golf Club Stoneybrook Golf Course in Estero, Florida is a magnificent championship golf course with a reputation for excellent greens and superb golf course conditions. This challenging par 72 course was designed by the widely renowned architects Jed Azinger, and Gordy Lewis. With seven sets of tees, Stoneybrook offers a golf course for everyone and is one of only 200 courses nationwide to be certified “BEGINNER FRIENDLY” by the National Golf Course Owners Association. Stoneybrook Golf Club, from the Champions Tees, is one of the longest golf courses in Southwest Florida. Wide and generous fairways wind through immense preserve areas and crystal clear lakes leading to large undulating greens protected by imposing bunkers and rolling mounds. Also, Stoneybrook Golf Club has been fully renovated with new greens in 2010 and new tee’s and fairways over the past two years. Stoneybrook is a true championship test in a beautiful setting… A destination golf course for golfers of every skill level. 21251 Stoneybrook Golf Blvd. Estero, FL 33928 239-948-3933



Valencia Golf & Country Club Reopens After 6-Month Renovation After a 6 month renovation, Valencia Golf & Country Club’s golf course and driving range will be opening for play on Sunday November 4, 2018. Since 1997, Valencia has been known for its wide fairways, actively contoured greens, sparkling lakes and lush strands of palm, pine and cypress. Our 2018 renovation plays to its strengths while improving playability and providing enjoyment for all ages and skill levels. Our fairways have been converted to beautiful Celebration Bermuda grass. Celebration is one of the highest rated for drought tolerance ensuring the most colorful and tolerant conditions throughout the year. The newly resurfaced TifEagle greens provide refined contours and improved playability along with a consistency and speed that you are going to love. Throughout the J. Drew Rogers redesign, we focused heavily on the process of developing a more strategic and purposeful placement of our bunkers, creating a new vision that reduced their overall size and numeracy.


wly Ne



ed vat no n Re

Public Golf Course

MAP #209


Yardage/Rating/Slope: Mens/Green: 7145 / 74.2 / 132; Mens/Blue: 6692 / 72.95/ 128; Mens/White: 6175 / 68.09/ 120; Mens/Gold: 5334 / 65.5 / 113; Ladies/Gold: 5468 / 70.5 / 119; Ladies/Red: 4786 / 66.5 / 117


Number of Holes: 18 Architect: J. Drew Rogers PGA Golf Pro: Nick Stokke Superintendent: Dominic Wachena

COURSE AMENITIES • All Grass Driving Range • Golf Lessons • Clubhouse and Pro Shop • Large Practice Greens • Full-Service Bar & Restauran • Golf Club Rental


Valencia Golf & Country Club Four Star Rated by Golf Digest The readers of the Naples Daily News have rated Valencia Golf and Country Club the Best Public Golf course 3 years in a row! This 18-Hole golf course, driving range and practice facility is open to the public and includes a full-service Pro Shop and PGA Golf Professional available daily and 30 station public driving range and practice facility. Noted golf course architect J. Drew Rogers recreated this masterpiece, taking advantage of the pristine natural beauty and carving out a spectacular course, which has quickly become one of Naples’ premier public golf courses. Highlighting the unique features of the landscape and native plants, the course features undulating fairways, sparkling lakes and lush stands of palms, pines and cypress preserves. Work on your game at the best public practice facility and driving range in Naples, FL. Located just 9 miles east on Immokalee Rd, within minutes of Bonita Springs, Fort Myers and Immokalee. 1725 Double Eagle Trail Naples, FL 34120 239-352-0777




r de ship n u r w ne o N ow w ne

Semi-Private Course

MAP #198


Yardage/Rating/Slope: Gold: Blue: White: Green: Red:

6754/71.8/119 6344/70.0/116 6076/68.5/114 5378/67.5/110 4971/67.5/105


Number of Holes: 18 Chairman: Rich Smith Director of Golf: Mark Faulkner, PGA Director of Instruction: Charlotta Sorenstam, LPGA Director of Agronomy: Brad Wright, GCSAA

COURSE AMENITIES • Chipping Area • Club Storage • Clubhouse • Driving Range • Golf Lessons • Practice Greens • Pro Shop • Restaurant • Golf Club Rental

Por t Charlot te

The Golf Links of Charlotte Harbor Voted Best Charlotte County Golf Course Five years in a row Formerly known as Port Charlotte Golf Club, the course has earned a reputation as one of the foremost layouts in Southwest Florida. Two distinctive nines incorporate rolling fairways with plenty of open landing areas for the novice players, but from the back tees it will challenge the most experienced golfer. If you are new to the game of golf or just want to improve your game, there are world-class PGA & LPGA professionals on staff. A semi-private country club, The Golf Links is open to the public seven days a week. Memberships are available. The restaurant offers panoramic views of the golf course along with great food and entertainment. The clubhouse is available for weddings, corporate events or banquets. Other amenities include a full-service pro shop, and driving range. Plan your next tournament here, or just drop by for a round of golf to see all of the improvements we’ve made to fulfill our promise of exceptional quality, superb hospitality, charitable giving and lots of fun. 22400 Gleneagles Terrace Port Charlotte, FL 33952 941-625-4109





la ol D n io ns ill atio M v ti- o ul ren


Semi-Private Course

MAP #110


Yardage/Rating/Slope: Frantz: 6808/73.9/130

Gator: Bobcat: Bobcat: Fox:

6095/70.2/130 5495/67.4/119M 5495/73.2/131L 4806/69.7/118


Number of Holes: 18 PGA Pro Emeritus: Will Frantz Chairman: Rich Smith, PGA Director of Golf: David Hronek,PGA General Manager: Ellen Smith, CMAA Director of Instruction: Charlotta Sorenstam, LPGA Director of Agronomy: Jamie Detert, GCSAA


• World-class instruction and practice facility • Pro Shop • Restaurant and lounge • Golf Club Rental

Por t Charlot te

Charlotte Harbor National Golf Club Over $2M in renovations. Come see the difference! The renaissance of this highly-rated golf course (4 1/2 stars, Golf Digest) is not to be missed! Considered one of the more challenging layouts in the area, new bunkers and renovated greens and fairways add to the playability, enjoyment and excitement. Charlotte Harbor National will play host to a Symetra Tour event in early March, 2019. The recently renovated clubhouse features a new pro shop with top of the line equipment and Cahoots Bar and Grill, a lively place for the perfect meal or to enjoy the never ending list of top quality entertainment on Friday nights. Nestled conveniently halfway between I-75 and US-41 off exit 179 in North Port, Charlotte Harbor National is only minutes from Sarasota, Venice, Fort Myers & the gulf islands. A semi-private country club, with memberships available, Charlotte Harbor National is open to the public seven days a week. A portion of each guest round supports the Folds of Honor, which provides scholarships to military families. 1350 Bobcat Trail North Port, FL 34288 941-429-0500

Spectacular Golf is Just Deep Creek Golf Club 941-625-6911

Now in its 32nd year of operation, Deep Creek has become one of the top-rated golf clubs in the Charlotte County area. 18 holes of enjoyable golf and a welcoming and friendly staff will make your experience topnotch. Warm up on our putting green and driving range before your round.

Heron Creek


The 27-hole championship course is rated 4-1/2 stars by Golf Digest, for it’s superb, natural design that not only preserves, but enhances its natural surroundings. Now featuring all new TifEagle ultradwarf Bermuda greens. The practice facilities and learning center are without question the largest and finest in the region.

Kings Gate Golf Club


Golfers of all abilities will enjoy this 18-hole executive course. Enjoy the natural beauty of picturesque lakes, natural preserves, and a beautifully landscaped community. Walking is allowed anytime. Play in leagues, tournaments or just for fun! Whether you play for the challenge,the fun, the friends, the exercise, or to get away from it all, you’ll love living and playing here.

a Short Drive Away!! The Golf Links of Charlotte Harbor 941-625-4109

Centrally located in the heart of Charlotte County, the course has always had a reputation as one of the foremost premier layouts in Southwest Florida. Now under new ownership, Rich Smith is wasting no time, as the former Port Charlotte Golf Course begins its renewal as The Golf Links of Charlotte Harbor.

Oyster Creek Golf & Country Club


Not your typical executive golf course, Oyster Creek, designed by Ted McAnlis, is both challenging and scenic. Accuracy off the tee is important as water comes into play on 13 of the 18 holes. Distance is critical on only a few of the par 4s, but even low-handicap golfers find they play to their handicap. Oyster Creek offers meticulously-manicured greens surrounded by environmentally-protected natural wetlands.

Twin Isles Country Club 941-637-1232

Twin Isles Country Club is a Private Club, located 5 minutes south of the historical district of Punta Gorda, Florida. Since 1985, Members enjoy private amenities enhanced by superior service provided by a dedicated and professional staff. Twin Isles’ golf course, tennis complex and spacious Clubhouse create a comfortable atmosphere that makes new members feel welcome - we invite you to our special place in Punta Gorda.



Local PGA Pros are Making a Difference

Southwest Florida is better because we have so many PGA Professionals living and working in our community. We wanted to share their impact with you by highlighting some of the great work that they do through both the programs that they run and the charities that they support. Meet Talia Rodino Junior Golf isn’t just about bringing new players to the game, it builds future leaders for our community. One local Junior Golfer, Talia Rodino, is going to be competing at Augusta National Golf Club in the Girls 14-15 Division at the Drive, Chip and Putt Finals.

Talia, who started golfing by entering the Junior Golf program at Stoneybrook Golf Course in Estero when she was just 8, qualified to play by winning the DCP Regional at TPC Sawgrass. To get there, she had to win events at both the Bonita Bay Club and Stoneybrook Golf Course. At TPC Sawgrass, Talia clinched the win by sinking her 30-foot putt. She’s incredibly excited about the opportunity to play at Augusta saying that, “It’s pretty awesome getting to see all the other players and walk the grounds during Masters Week.” Back at home, Talia is paying it forward by taking a leadership role in the Junior Golf program that got her started, helping younger golfers learn the game. “Junior golf definitely made a difference for me,” commented Talia, who explained that “it made golf more fun and interactive, and I made friends who I still play with now.” Raising Money for the Folds of Honor Folds of Honor is an organization that provides educational scholarships to the children and souses of fallen and disabled military service members, and local PGA Professionals have made an enormous effort to support this great cause. One local PGA Pro, Ben DeArmond, led an event at TPC Treviso Bay on July 4th, which attracted 94 players. The event ended up raising over $25,000, with a very strong backing from TPC Treviso Bay Members, sixty of whom came out to the event even though it took place during the off-season.


Major Ed Pulido attended the event on behalf of the Folds of Honor, and he helped raise awareness by giving an inspirational speech on the importance of supporting the United States and its Veterans. The event was particularly impressive because this was the first time that TPC Treviso Bay hosted a July 4th Folds of Honor event. Based on its incredible success, they expect that the 2019 event will be even bigger! PGA South Florida Section, Southwest Chapter Awards Golf Professional of the Year: William Harley, PGA Head Golf Professional at Wildcat Run Golf and Country Club Teacher of the Year: Mark Moffatt, PGA Director of Instruction at Shadow Wood Country Club Bill Strausbaugh Award: Mike Dopslaff, PGA General Manager at San Carlos Golf Club Awarded for significant contributions through mentoring of PGA Professionals Horton Smith Award: Tara McKenna, PGA Director of Florida Gulf Coast University PGA Golf Management Program Awarded for leadership and service to the PGA education program


Player Development Award: Andy Scott, PGA Director of Instruction at Andy Scott School of Golf Junior Golf Leader Award: Thomas O’Brien, PGA Teaching Professional at Impact Zone Golf Academy at Tiburón Jeremy New Assistant of the Year Award: Sean McGinness, PGA Assistant Golf Professional at Foxfire Country Club Merchandiser of the Year – Private Facility: Chad Perkins, PGA Head Golf Professional at The Landings Yacht and Country Club Merchandiser of the Year – Public Facility: Joshua Ross, PGA Assistant Golf Professional at Stoneybrook Golf Course Henry Watkins Award: Joe Stein Awarded for promoting golf, public relations, and charitable programs within the PGA. Golf Today is a family-owned company that works closely with organizations of all sizes to assist with golf event and charity golf tournament planning. We provide products & services including:

• Raffle & Silent Auction Items • Hole in One Prizes & Insurance • Par 3, 4 and 5 Contests • Super Tickets • Portable Putting Greens • Vacation Getaways • Airline Tickets • TEE SHOT Blasters • And much more



Resort Course

TEE INFORMATION Yardage/Rating/Slope: El Campeon Course Black: 7015/70.5/142 Blue: 6601/73.0/139 Historic: 6242/71.1/135 Challenger: 6073/70.2/134 Gold: 5624/68.1/128 Red: 4811/68.6/133 Las Colinas Course Black: 7230/75.8/133 Blue: 6829/74.1/130 White: 6365/71.3/129 Challenger: 6029/69.8/127 Gold: 5608/67.9/123 Red: 4922/68.8/121


El Campeon: 18 holes, Par 72 Architect: George O’Neill Las Colinas: 18 holes, Par 72 Architect: Gary Koch (1992) Re-design by Ron Garl (2007) General Manager: Bud Beucher Director of Sales & Marketing: Drew Toth Head Golf Professional: Lou Colon, PGA Superintendent: Daniel Parks




Mission Inn Resort & Club One of Florida’s Top Resorts Featuring 36-Holes of World-Class Golf Mission Inn is a one-of-a-kind, 1,100-acre full-service resort just 90 minutes northeast of Tampa, easily accessible by I-75. There are two championship golf courses at Mission Inn that provide exceptional challenge and play. The golf experience is truly remarkable from the scenery – hills that roll and pitch, mature pine and magnolia trees that tower, and eagles and ospreys that fly overhead. The terrain of this part of Central Florida, originally orange groves, provides up to 85 feet of elevation changes and a peaceful ambiance void of fairway houses and condominiums. Spend the day challenging one of Florida’s oldest courses, El Campeon, known for its steep hills and required shotmaking skills or play among the rolling hills and sweeping fairways of the Las Colinas Course. Both are world-class, 18-hole championship courses that have earned their share of accolades from members and resort guests alike. Come and stay over as a resort guest on specially designed golf packages or drive in with your friends for a remarkable 36 holes of golf and lunch at Nicker’s, our clubhouse pub and restaurant! Book your tee time online 24/7 at 10400 County Road 48 Howey-in-the-Hills, FL 34737 (352) 324-3885



Comparing Southwest Florida Golf Communities By Joe Morgan-GOLF HOME GURU When Southwest Florida runs tourism ads in cold weather markets, the primary emphasis of the advertising always seems to be on our natural attractions… ie unlimited sunshine, the sparkling Gulf of Mexico, and pristine beaches. However, a very strong argument can be made that the allure of our 150+ golf communities brings in just as many seasonal visitors as those other attractions. Naples and Southwest Florida is a destination for avid golfers, both renters and owners. And, if you add up the year-around total revenue contribution of these amenity-driven golf communities, it’s obvious that they play an extremely vital role in the economic success of Southwest Florida.

For the past 13-years, I’ve had the good fortune to specialize in real estate sales in these incredible golf communities. My Buyers have predominantly been from the midwest and northeast United States, Florida, and Canada. After doing a lot of online due diligence, these folks all came to town with many questions, and often much confusion, regarding how to satisfy their individual needs, wants, and preferences. It has been truly gratifying for me to be able to help each of my customers find the golf home/golf community that best fit their personal budget, golfing habits and ability, and family lifestyle. Whether I’m doing the search with you, or you’re doing it on your own, it should always start with the premise that all golf communities are not created equal. The key features of each community need to be evaluated in order to find the community with which you’re most compatible and comfortable. Here are the key points that I’d suggest focusing on… • Community History—who is/was the developer; what’s its age; what is its financial condition; how progressive is it? • Community Size—how many homes does it have? • Location—is it close to beaches; close to 5th Ave. (for Naples’ homes); close to shopping and dining?


• Golf Course—who designed it; how “player friendly” is it…for both men and women; how hard is it to get on in peak season (ie January-April)? • Membership Programs—what memberships are available; what do they include; are they optional or mandatory; how much do they cost…upfront initiation fee, and annual fee; are there any new member “incentives” available? • Clubhouse—is it big enough to accommodate the size of the community; does it need updating; sizes of key areas… casual and formal dining; pro shop; etc.? • Amenities & Activities—do they have a full array of amenities; what ones don’t they have; are they big enough for the size of the community; what is their plan to add the missing amenities? • Housing Sales History—how many homes have sold in the past year; how many are currently for sale…and how long have they been on the market? Quite often, the most important consideration in evaluating golf communities is whether they have the type of home that works best for you? In order to determine which type of Southwest Florida golf home best fits your needs and budget, please review the following list (from most economical to highest price)… • Condominiums—most of these consist of 12-30 units on 2-4 floors, and have carports. These are the most economical home type within a golf community… in terms of both purchase price and annual costs. Elevators are standard with 3-or-more-floors. Building insurance and maintenance of the exterior of the building are covered by condo association fees. • Verandas—two story buildings with 4-6 units on each floor. They feature front and back lanais, detached 1-car garages, and no elevators. Building insurance and maintenance of the exterior of the building are covered by condo association fees. • Carriage Homes—two story buildings with 4-6 units on each floor. They feature attached 1-car garages, and no elevators. Building insurance and maintenance of the exterior of the building are covered by condo association fees. • Coach Homes—two story buildings with 2-units up and 2-units down. Every




unit is an end unit, and upstairs units often feature an extra bedroom and/ or bathroom over the garage. They have attached 2-car garages, and some have personal elevators. Building insurance and maintenance of the exterior of the building are covered by condo association fees. • Attached Villas—two-or-more single family homes attached to each other. A desirable feature is that no one lives above you. They feature attached 1-2 car garages, and some have their own pools. The owner is responsible for homeowner’s insurance and exterior building maintenance. • Detached Villas—smaller single family homes, typically between 1,500-2,700sf. Most have attached 2-car garages and personal pools. The owner is responsible for homeowner’s insurance and exterior building maintenance.

• Estate Homes—the largest single family homes in a community. Square footage varies greatly by community, but typically is over-3,000sf. The owner is responsible for homeowner’s insurance and exterior building maintenance. Obviously, getting answers to all of the above questions and considerations is a time-consuming process. However, in the long-run, it will save you time and money…and will ensure that you find the right golf home/golf community for you and your family!

Joe Morgan—better known as the GOLF HOME GURU—specializes in SWFL golf communities, and is an Award-Winning, “Top Producer” real estate agent for Downing-Frye Realty, Inc. For help buying or selling in a SWFL golf community, please give Joe a call at 239/438-6426 (Cell), or e-mail him at You can also visit his extremely informative and user-friendly website, GolfHomeGuru. com, which features his exclusive “Top 25 SWFL Golf Communities List”. ®

Start Playing the

Best Golf of Your Life Director of Instruction at River Hall Country Club PGA Master Professional Class-A member of PGA of America Head Teaching Professional for Ken Venturi 1992-1996 Two-Time ‘Golf Magazine’ top teacher 2000 SW Florida PGA ‘Teacher of the Year’ Author of 3 best-selling books Authored over 700 articles on the golf swing Featured in; Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, PGA Magazine, USA Today and others Spea at PGA Merchandise Show Speaker education seminars in 2016 and 2018

For Lesson Information, Contact Steve at 239-218-5349

Join for my special student price of $99.00 3125 W Black Diamond Circle, Lecanto, FL 34461



Drive Those Legs Master Swing Tips by Steve Anderson, PGA Master Professional In any sport, the legs and lower body play a vital role in the athlete’s motion. A baseball batter ‘steps into the pitch’. A bowler walks toward the line. A pitcher drives their legs toward home plate. None of these movements would have any power at all if they had only used their arms, and golf is the same. Many amateur golfers swing down into the ball only using their Photo 1 arms, and never get their lower body helping. Photo 1 shows me at impact and you can see that my legs haven’t driven forward at all and it looks like I’m falling over backwards. Photo 2 shows how my lower body, hips and legs are driving through with great power, and this is what pulls the club through with speed and accuracy. A great thought to start your downswing is to ‘turn your belt buckle’ toward the target. This will get your lower body moving and will increase your clubhead speed big time! Steve Anderson is a PGA Master Professional and is the Director of Instruction for Hampton Golf. Steve teaches at River Hall Country Club in Ft. Myers, Florida and is the author of 4 best-selling books on golf. He can be contacted through his web site; or by email Photo 2 at;



Keep Your Spine Angle Master Swing Tips by Steve Anderson, PGA Master Professional One of the biggest differences between a Tour Pro’s swing and an amateur’s is what we call, ‘keeping your spine angle’. Photo 1 shows my student at address with his upper body ‘bowed over’ the proper 30-35-degrees. A Tour pro would then keep this angle the same throughout his backswing, his downswing, and his impact, Photo 1 and even into his follow-through. This constant spine angle is important to solid ball striking. What many high-handicappers do is seen in photo 2. They tend to raise up or change their angle during their backswing or downswing. This makes it pretty tough to hit the ball solidly on a consistent basis. When I worked for the legendary Ken Venturi, he used to say; “swing around a steady spine”, and that’s a great thought I use with my students that can help your game too. Steve Anderson is a PGA Master Professional and is the Director of Instruction for Hampton Golf. Steve teaches at River Hall Country Club in Ft. Myers, Florida and is the author of 4 best-selling books on golf. He can be contacted through his web site; or by email at; Photo 2



A Glance at Your Stance By Tom Patri

I’m a huge advocate of setting up your launching pad in a fundamentally sound condition. We hear a lot about the importance of a sound grip. We hear tons about your ability to properly aline yourself to your target! We also hear how important a great athletic posture is to perform a successful motion. We often hear about the importance of ball position as it relates to quality of contact. All those things are certainly important in my coaching for each and every student that comes to my lesson tee. The thing I think is often overlooked by many of my students only because they don’t fully understand its effect is the width of there feet at address. You see, the way you position your feet in your launching pad will dramatically influence how your footwork, leg work, and core performs during the swing motion. I’m a firm believer that great athletes in all sports employ great footwork. Great running backs, great short stops, great point guards, great hockey players, great gymnasts all have wonderful footwork and understand the importance of footwork. In golf because we set up in a static start we have time to set our feet in a manner that will make our chances of being successful much more likely. Pay attention to your stance width! Seems simple right? Then how is it that is a very high percentage of my sessions with the recreational player I very often see the student handcuffed before they are put the club in motion. Let’s not let that happen to you. Here are a few of both the faults I see and a few things to understand to never fall victim again..... I see the wide golfer! He usually thinks if he widens that base her can rear back and rip that puppy! What he doesn’t understand when he gets



to wide he does two extremely harmful things. First he hampers the speed the core can unwind and next because he is so wide he can never fully get off the trail side greatly retarding a complete release of mass to the target side. A slow core and a lack of weight transfer results in short and often crooked golf shots. Not ideal.... Next I see the ultra narrow player! Their feet are positioned well inside their shoulders. As these players wind up their golf motion and try to load their trail side (get behind the ball) they generally lose their balance because their base is to narrow to support the motion. They now will have the almost impossible task of making a solid strike. So it’s not like we have never heard the old school adage that your base should be shoulder width. Please understand in general terms I agree. However if I were to take you to Golfs Graduate School I’d have to educate you that in terms of your personal width several factors may have to be tweaked. Trail and error are an acceptable learning format. Your personal width will be effected by a few factors. 1-Your individual flexibility ( hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, and gluts) will play a role in how you pivot your lower body therefore making a custom stance width a requirement for you. Remember an inch is a mile in golf. Take two aspirin not the whole bottle. 2- Your innate ability to balance yourself as you become dynamic (put the club in motion and create speed). Balance can be improved through drills. Email me at I’m happy to send you information about my TPGOLF Balance Board, a wonderful tool that trains both balance and weight shift. 3- How adventurous you are in allowing your self to coordinate an adequate turn while blending it with a shift of mass back and through ....I believe turn and shift should be a coordinated marriage. Learn how to set up your width and develop the ability to load the machine and swing to a fully released finish. Tom Patri is a Golf Tips Magazine Top 25 Teacher in America. He is also a former South Florida PGA and Met ( NY ) PGA Teacher of the Year. Tom teaches here in Naples at Esplanade. You can reach Tom via email at Tom Patri appears courtesy of Golf Tips Magazine

Improve Your Consistency By Using Your Inner Tools Do you struggle to hit consistently solid shots from round to round? Do you sometimes feel like you have a “B” or “C” version of your game to work with? Can you have a great front nine only to have things unravel after the turn? If you can identify with any of these struggles, one of the first ways to improve your consistency is by tapping into the power of your inner tools. You have three amazing inner tools that can be used to enhance your performance — your Inner Caddy, your imagination, and your gut. Here are some simple strategies you can use to get the most out of your inner tools: Your Inner Caddy Also known as your self-talk or inner voice, your Inner Caddy is always doing one of two things — building you up or tearing you down. Be on the lookout for negative chatter from your Inner Caddy, especially at the onset of your pre-shot routine, as this will lead to problems with swing tempo, tension and more.Your first thoughts should always be about the shot you want to hit, and no other option. If you discover that your initial thoughts tend to drift toward identifying the shots you DON’T want to hit, or what part of the hole you’d like to avoid, then stop and restart your routine with your thoughts under your direct control. Keep in mind that every thought has the potential to become your next golf shot.

Your Imagination This inner tool has the power to drive confidence or fear depending on what images you allow it to produce. Just like your Inner Caddy chatter, if you permit negative pictures to inundate your mind, you’ll find it impossible to swing with confidence, freedom and quality.You can’t just try to forget about a negative image, especially when it causes a stressful emotional response. In the event you picture a miss hit in your mind, take the time to replace it with a clear image of a similar shot you’ve actually made in the past to give yourself a kick of confidence. Your Gut Representing your subconscious mind, your gut is an important inner tool when it comes to consistency in golf.Your conscious mind can only process about 20% of the available data when you’re planning a shot.Your subconscious mind can process the other 80%. So when trying to make decisions about your shot plan, deciding between two club options, or locking down your read of the green, you should always listen to the instinctual direction of your gut to help you make the right call. When you commit to consistently managing and relying on your inner tools to enhance your performance you’ll begin to unlock the power of your mental game, and increase your ability to hit solid shots from tee to green throughout your rounds. For more information on how to improve your consistency from tee to green, sign up to receive my FREE guide, “How to Combat the 5 Major Causes of Inconsistency in Golf,” by visiting - Sport Psychologist, Dr. Shannon Reece teaches golfers how to play great using her proven mental formula. Her tactics help golfers of all levels reach their potential by leveraging their assets into championship form. For more information please call 239-431-6810 or visit

Dr. Shannon Reece Call Today: (239) 431-6810



The Future of Golf Alico Family Golf is Stepping Up to Support Junior Golf In the last 10 years, golf participation is down by 5 million nationwide. Much of that drop happened because millennials are far less likely to golf than other generations. The message to the golf industry is clear: We can’t lose the next generation. Getting Junior Golfers involved in the game is both critical to golf’s future and essential to keeping the many golf clubs in our area open. Kraig Feighery and the team at Alico Family Golf have put together a tremendous Junior Golf Program, and if you have children in your family you should consider taking advantage of it. The easiest way to get involved is to come out to Junior Golf Night at Alico Family Golf – it happens from Monday through Thursday every week, from 5:00 to 8:00 PM. Kids under the age of 16 can come out and either play the short course or get a bucket of balls for $1. Parents accompanying their kids can play for just $5. It’s an easy, incredibly affordable way to have a great family night out. You don’t even need to have golf clubs to play – they have sets at the facility that you can borrow. AFG also hosts a quarterly Free Junior Golf Night. It’s a fun-filled evening where kids get a free dinner provided by PDQ, learn about the game of golf, receive instruction from PGA Professionals, get their golf swing filmed and analyzed, and then they get the opportunity to play around the facility.


They also offer a Junior Golf League where kids aged 8 and up get to play matches against other teams in Lee and Collier Counties. It creates great comradery among the kids and helps to make the game exciting.


Kids looking to learn more about the game of golf can attend the Junior Golf Clinic every Saturday from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM, taught by Trey Sones, PGA. There’s also a weekly Evolution Program that encourages accountability and helps juniors improve their game with measurable results.


AFG has also taken major steps to improve its world-class facility. They’ve invested over $100K in improvements. Whether you’re a professional golfer or new to the game, you can play thousands of courses from around the world on indoor golf simulators, work on your putting in the S.A.M. Putting Lab, or visit the new Pro Shop for the latest equipment. Kraig Feighery explained it simply, “At Alico Family Golf, We are Junior Golf.” If you have a junior that should get involved in the game, you should visit them today.


16300 Lee Road Fort Myers, FL, 33912 Call: (239) 334-4653

WEEKLY JUNIOR GOLF PROGRAMS Junior Golf Night Monday to Thursday, from 5:00-8:00 PM Junior Golfers Under Age 16 Play Short Course or Range For Just $1. Parents Can Play for $5. Saturday Junior Golf Clinic Trey Sones teaches juniors every Saturday from 10:30-12:00. To reserve a spot for your junior golfer, call (239) 334-4653 Junior Golf League Open to Kids Ages 8+. Join Alico Family Golf’s team of Junior Golfers and travel around Lee and Collier Counties to compete against other local teams.

201 216

200 207

208 224


212 205

223 203 209


Alico Family Golf (238) 334-4653 P 9 27 200 16300 Lee Road, Fort Myers, FL;


Practice Fac. Food Rental Clubs Pro Shop Lessons Page


Yardage /Rating /Slope

Type: P=Public PR=Private, SP= Semi-Private, R=Resort, E=Executive



See Map on Page 50.

Type Hole

Map Number


450 Yards • • • • • 48

1 mile West of I-75, Exit 128. Cape Royal Golf Club (239) 283-5522 P 27 201 11460 Royal Tee Circle, Cape Coral, FL, 33991; I-75 to


6611 / 71.0 / 129 • • • • • 17


6476 / 71.1 / 131 • • • • • 19


5087 / 65.7 / 112 • • • • • 8


4873 / 63.3 / 113 • • • • • 20


6423 / 71.0 / 121 • • • • • 21


7314 / 75.6 / 143 • • • • • 23


7271 / 74.9 / 137 • • • • • 22

Exit 161 Jones Loop Road, Burnt Store Rd to Royal Tee Hibiscus Golf Club (239) 774-0088 P 18 203 5375 Hibiscus Dr, Naples, FL 34113; 41 South to Rattlesnake Hammock Rd. Quail Run Golf Club (239) 261-3930 PR 18 205 1 Forest Lakes Blvd, Naples, FL 34105 ; I-75 Exit 107, Follow Pine Ridge Rd to Forest Lake Blvd. Quail Village Golf Club (239) 598-2815 PR 18 206 11719 Quail Village Way, Naples, FL 34119 ; I-75 Exit 111, East on Immokalee Road, Left on Valewood to Quail Village Way San Carlos Golf Club (239) 267-3131 P 18 207 7420 Constitution Circle, Ft. Myers, FL 33912 ; Off US41, 1 mile south of Alico Road to Constitution Blvd. Stoneybrook Golf Course (239) 948-3933 P 18 208 21251 Stoneybrook Golf Blvd, Estero, FL 33928; I-75 to Corkscrew Rd, East to Stoneybrook Golf Blvd. Tiburón Golf Club (239) 593-2200 P 36 212 2620 Tiburón Drive, Naples, FL 34109 ; I-75 Exit 111, south at Airport Pulling Rd. 2 miles to Tiburón Blvd. TPC Treviso Bay (239) 302-5738 PR 18 209 9800 Treviso Bay Boulevard Naples, FL 34113; Leave down-

72 7367 / 76.2 / 155 • • • • • 32

town Naples South on 41, turn West on Treviso Bay Blvd Valencia Golf & Country Club (239) 352-0777 P 18 225 1725 Double Eagle Trail, Naples, FL 34120 ; I-75 to Exit 111 off


7145/ 74.2 / 132 • • • • • 24


7159 / 75.0 / 137 • • • • • 35


7915 / 73.8 / 136 • • • • • 36

I-75 - West to Randall Blvd., N on Approach Blvd.


Black Diamond Ranch

(352) 746-3446 R 18

2600 W. Black Diamond Cr., Lecanto, FL 34461 Mission Inn 10400 CR 48., Howey-In-The Hills, FL 33825

(800) 874-9053 R 18

Practice Fac. Food Rental Clubs Pro Shop Lessons Page

Yardage /Rating /Slope

Type: P=Public PR=Private, SP= Semi-Private, R=Resort, E=Executive


Map Number


Type Hole




Charlotte Harbor National Golf Club (941) 429-0500 SP 18 72 6748-4800/73.0 • • • • • 27 110 1350 Bobcat Trail, North Port, FL, 34288; I-75 to exit 179, 2 miles west on Toledo Blade.

Deep Creek Golf Club (941) 625-6911 SP 18 72 5836-4746/70 • • • • • 30 172 1260 San Cristobal Ave., Port Charlotte, FL ; Exit 170 off I-75, east on Kings Hwy, R on Sandhill, R on SanCristobal

The Golf Links of Charlotte Harbor (941) 625-4109 SP 18 72 6754-4971/18 • • • • • 26 198 22400 Gleneagles Terrace, Port Charlotte, FL 33945; US 41 to Conway, right into entrance

Heron Creek Golf & Country Club (941) 423-6955 SP 27 72 157 5301 Heron Creek Blvd., North Port, FL 34287; Take I-75 to Exit

6869-4820 • • • • • 30

182 Sumter Blvd continue on to Heron Creek Blvd

Kings Gate Golf Club (941) 625-0680 SP 18 60 3182-2384/60 • • • • 30 152 24000 Rampart Blvd, Port Charlotte, FL 33980 1 mile west of I-75, Exit 170 Kings Hwy

Oyster Creek Golf & Country Club (941) 475-0334 E 18 60 3976-2840/60 • • • • 31 119 6501 Oriole Blvd, Englewood, FL; I-75 to Exit 191 River Road to Pine, left on Pine to SR776, left on 776, south 2 miles

Rotonda Golf & Country Club - Long Marsh (941) 698-0918 SP 18 72 27 Holes/72 • • • • • 29 121 100 Rotonda Circle, Rotonda West, FL 33947; Exit 191 off I-75, Country Road 775 just north of Boca Grande Island

Twin Isles Country Club (941) 637-1232 PR 18 72 6722-5258/72 • • • • • 31 143 301 Madrid Blvd., Punta Gorda, FL 33950; Exit 161 off I-75, west 1.4 miles to US 41, right then quick left

157 110 172 198


119 143 121





SHOPPING Edwin Watts 5247 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231 | | (941) 922-1006 | Ad Page 63 Golf & Casual Shop 11900 South Cleveland Avenue, Ft. Myers | | (239) 936-8753 | Map #216, Ad Page 5 SERVICES /ENTERTAINMENT Amuni Financial, Inc. 720 Second Ave. S., St. Petersburg, FL 33701 | | (800) 868-6864 | Map #59, Ad Page 16

ClubCorp Travel | 866-659-3380 | Ad Page 7 Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions Tranquilo Golf Club at Four Seasons Resort, Orlando, FL | Ad Page 32 Golf Coast Magazine Email: | (941) 361-1536 | Ad Page 62 Golf Home Guru - Joe Morgan | Email: | (239) 438-6426 | Story Page 38 PGA South Florida Section, Southwest Chapter Contact: Bill Harley, PGA, President | Email: | (239) 495-3031 | Ad Page 13

SKYiGOLF Article Page 14 Trianon Hotels 955 7th Ave. S., Naples, FL 34102 | | (239) 435-9600 | Map #223, Ad Page 2

Trianon Hotels 3401 Bay Commons Dr., Bonita Springs, FL 34135 | | (239) 948-4400 | Map #224, Ad Page 2 Valspar Championship

At Innisbrook Resort | 36750 US Hwy 19 N., Palm Harbor, FL 34684 | | Ad Page 28

INSTRUCTION Steve Anderson - Mirror Image Golf | Ad Page 41 Dr. Shannon Reece Training For Optimal Performance | (239) 431-6810 | Article Page 46 Tom Patri | | Article Page 44


Alden Pines Country Club

(239) 283-2179 P 14261 Clubhouse Dr, Bokeelia

Alico Family Golf

(239) 334-4653 P 16300 Lee Road, Fort Myers

Arrowhead Golf Course Audubon Country Club

(239) 596-1000 P 2205 Heritage Greens Dr, Naples (239) 566-9800 PR 625 Audubon Blvd, Naples

Bay Colony Golf Club

(239) 592-9515 PR 9 740 Bent Grass Bend, Naples

Bear’s Paw Country Club

(239) 263-3007 PR 2500 Golden Gate Pkwy, Naples

Bentley Village Golf Club

(239) 431-2080 PR 2550 Golfside Drive, Naples

Bonita Bay Club

(239) 495-0200 PR 2 6660 Country Club Drive, Bonita Springs

Bonita Bay Club East

(239) 353-5100 PR 3 700 Wildwood Blvd, Naples

Bonita Fairways Golf Course

(239) 947-9100 P 9 751 West Terry Street, Bonita Springs

Bonita National Golf & Country Club

(239) 908-0704 PR 17481 Bonita National Blvd, Bonita Springs

Calusa Pines Golf Club

(239) 348-2220 PR 2000 Calusa Pines Dr., Naples

Cedar Hammock Golf & Country Club

(239) 793-1134 PR 8 660 Cedar Hammock Blvd., Naples

The Club at Mediterra

(239) 254-3000 PR 1 5755 Corso Mediterra Cir, Naples

The Club at Olde Cypress

(239) 596-4797 PR 7 165 Treeline Dr., Naples

The Club at Pelican Bay

(239) 597-1183 PR 7 07 Gulf Park Drive Naples

The Club at Renaissance

(239) 561-4170 PR 1 2801 Renaissance Way, Ft. Myers

The Club at the Strand

(239) 592-7710 PR 5 840 Strand Boulevard Naples

Colliers Reserve Country Club

(239) 597-7200 PR 11711 Colliers Reserve Dr, Naples

Colonial Country Club

(239) 768-9421 SP 9 181 Independence Way, Ft. Myers

Copperhead Golf Club

(239) 369-8200 P

2 0910 Copperhead Drive, Lehigh Acres

Copperleaf Golf Club

(239) 390-2027 PR 2 3101 CopperleafBlvd, Bonita Springs

Coral Oaks Golf Course

(239) 573-3100 P 1800 Northwest 28th Ave, Cape Coral

Country Club of Naples

(239) 261-1032 PR 1 85 Burning Tree Drive, Naples

Countryside Golf Club

(239) 353-1780 PR 6 00 Countryside Drive, Naples

Cross Creek Country Club

(239) 768-1922 P

Crown Colony Golf & Country Club

(239) 590-9044 PR 8 851 Crown Colony Blvd, Ft. Myers

Cypress Lake Country Club

(239) 481-3222 PR 6 767 Winkler Road, Ft. Myers

Cypress Woods Golf & Country Club

(239) 592-7860 P

3 525 Northbrooke Dr. Naples

Del Tura Golf Club

(239) 621-6209 P

18621 North Tamiami Trl, North Ft. Myers

The Dunes Golf & Tennis Club

(239) 472-3355 P

9 49 Sand Castle Road, Sanibel Island

Eagle Creek Golf & Country Club

(239) 793-0500 PR 11 Cypress View Drive, Naples

Eagle Lakes Golf Club

(239) 732-0034 P 18100 Royal Tree Parkway, Naples

Eagle Ridge Golf Club

(239) 768-1888 P 14589 Eagle Ridge Drive, Ft. Myers

Eastwood Golf Course

(239) 321-7485 P 4 600 Bruce Herd Lane, Ft. Myers

13050 Cross Creek Blvd, Ft. Myers





(239) 995-2204 P

Estero Country Club at the Vines

(239) 267-7000 PR 19501 Vintage Trace Circle, Ft. Myers

1 801 Skyline Drive North, Ft. Myers

Esplanade Golf & Country Club

(239) 494-8020 SP 8 912 Torre Vista Lane, Naples

Fiddlers Creek

(239) 732-9300 PR 8 152 Fiddlers Creek Pkwy, Naples

Fiddlesticks Country Club

(239) 768-1111 PR 15391 Cannongate Drive, Ft. Myers

Forest Glen Golf Club

(239) 354-1332 P 3855 Forest Glen Blvd, Naples

The Forest Country Club

(239) 482-8378 PR 6100 Club Blvd, Fort Myers

Fort Myers Country Club

(239) 321-7488 P

Fountain Lakes Golf Course

(239) 495-3555 PR 2 2201 Fountain Lakes Blvd. #1, Estero

Foxfire Country Club

(239) 643-3139 PR 1030 Kings Way, Naples

Gateway Golf & Country Club

(239) 561-1036 PR 12091 Gateway Greens Dr., Ft. Myers

Glades Country Club

(239) 774-1443 PR 2 10 Teryl Road, Naples

3 591 McGregor Boulevard, Ft. Myers

Glen Eagle Golf & Country Club

(239) 353-3699 PR 1403 Glen Eagle Boulevard, Naples

Golden Gate Country Club

(239) 455-9498 SP 4 100 Golden Gate Pkwy, Naples

Golf Club of the Everglades

(239) 354-4727 PR 8 835 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Naples

The Golf Lodge at the Quarry

(239) 304-0172 PR 8 950 Weathered Stone Drive, Naples

Golfview Golf & Racquet Club

(239) 489-2264 PR 1 4849 Hole in 1 Circle, Ft. Myers

Grey Oaks Golf & Country Club

(239) 262-5550 PR 2 400 Grey Oaks Drive North, Naples

Gulf Harbour Yacht & Country Club

(239) 433-5111 PR 1 4500 Vista River Drive, Ft. Myers

Hammock Bay Golf & Country Club

(239) 394-2511 PR 1370 Borghese Ln, Naples

Heritage Bay Golf and Country Club

(239) 353-7056 PR 10154 Heritage Bay Blvd, Naples

Heritage Palms Golf & CC

(239) 278-9090 SP 10420 Washingtonia Palm Way, Ft. Myers

Herons Glen Golf & Country Club

(239) 731-4520 SP 2 250 Avenida Del Vera North, Ft. Myers

Hideaway Beach Club

(239) 642-2840 PR 2 50 South Beach, Marco Island

The Hideaway Country Club

(239) 275-5581 PR 5 670 Trailwinds Drive Ft. Myers

Hideout Golf Club, LTD

(239) 352-4141 PR 3 025 Brantley Blvd., Naples

Highland Woods Golf & Country Club (239) 495-9332 PR 9100 Highland Woods Blvd, Bonita Springs High Point Country Club

(239) 261-4442 PR 1100 High Point Drive, Naples

Hole In The Wall Golf Club

(239) 659-0164 PR 3 600 Goodlette-Frank Road, Naples

Hunters Ridge Golf & Country Club

(239) 947-6467 PR 2 8400 Hunters Ridge Blvd, Bonita Springs

Hunters Run Executive Golf Course

(239) 574-4454 P

Imperial Golf Club

(239) 597-8165 PR 1 808 Imperial Golf Course Blvd, Naples

The Island Country Club

(239) 394-6661 PR 5 00 Nassau Rd, Marco Island

Kelly Greens Golf & Country Club

(239) 466-9570 PR 1 2300 Kelly Greens Blvd, Ft. Myers

1 006 SE 4th PI, Cape Coral


(239) 213-1983 PR 2 700 Pine Ridge Road, Naples

Lake Fairways Country Club

(239) 731-2900 PR 1 9371 N Tamiami Trl North Ft. Myers

Lakewood Country Club

(239) 774-2958 PR 4 235 Lakewood Blvd, Naples

Landings Yacht, Golf & Tennis Club

(239) 482-3211 PR 4 425 S. Landings Drive, Ft. Myers

LaPlaya Golf Club

(239) 254-5001 PR 333 Palm River Blvd, Naples, FL

Legends Golf & Country Club

(239) 561-8740 PR 8 600 Legends Blvd Ft. Myers

Lehigh Resort Club

(239) 368-1981 P 2 31 Joel Boulevard, Lehigh Acres

Lely Resorts

(239) 793-2600 SP 8 004 Lely Resort Blvd, Naples

Lexington Country Club

(239) 437-0404 PR 1 6257 Willowcrest Way Ft. Myers

The Links of Naples

(239) 417-1313 P

Magnolia Landings Golf & Country Club ( 239) 652-0102 P Majestic Golf Club

(239) 369-8216 P

1 6161 Tamiami Trail E, Naples 3 501 Avenida del Vera N. Ft Myers 3 50 Homestead Rd S. Lehigh Acres

Marco Shores Country Club

(239) 394-2581 PR 1450 Mainsail Dr Naples

Miromar Lakes Golf Club

(239) 482-7644 PR 1 8520 Miromar Lake Blvd, Miromar Lakes

Mirror Lake Golf Course

(239) 369-1322 P

Moorings Country Club

(239) 261-0909 PR 2500 Crayton Road Naples

6 70 Milwaukee Blvd, Lehigh Acres

Myerlee Country Club

(239) 481-1440 PR 1 380 MyerleeC. C. Blvd, Ft. Myers

Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club

(239) 435-2475 SP 8 51 Gulf Shore Blvd North, Naples

Naples Grande Golf Club

(239) 659-3700 SP 7335 Premier Drive, Naples

Naples Heritage Golf & CC

(239) 417-2555 PR 8 150 Heritage Club Way, Naples

Naples Lakes Country Club

(239) 732-6700 PR 4 784 Naples Lakes Blvd., Naples

Naples National Golf Club

(239) 775-3468 PR 9 325 Collier Blvd, Naples

Old Corkscrew Golf Club

(239) 949-4700 P

Olde Florida Golf Club

(239) 353-7667 PR 9 393 Vanderbilt Beach Rd, Naples

1 7320 Corkscrew Road, Estero

Old Collier Golf Club

(239) 597-9898 PR 7 90 Main House Drive, Naples

Olde Hickory Golf & Country Club

(239) 768-2400 PR 1 4760 Olde Hickory Blvd, Ft. Myers

Palmetto-Pine Country Club

(239) 574-2141 SP 1940 Southwest 9th Court, Cape Coral

Palmira Golf Club

(239) 949-4466 PR 2 8501 Matteotti View, Bonita Springs

Panther Run Golf Club

(239) 304-2835 P

Palmira Golf & Country Club

(239) 949-4466 PR 2 8501 Matteotti View, Bonita Springs

6 005 Anthem Pkwy, Ave Maria

Pelican Marsh Golf Club

(239) 597-3000 PR 1 810 Persimmon Drive, Naples

Pelican Preserve Golf Club

(239) 985-1707 PR 9 802 Pelican Preserve Blvd, Fort Myers

Pelican Sound Golf & River Club

(239) 948-4331 PR 4 561 Pelican Sound Blvd, Estero

Pelican’s Nest Golf Club

(239) 947-2282 PR 4 450 Pelicans Nest Drive, Bonita Springs

The Plantation Golf & Country Club

(239) 561-8650 PR 1 0500 Dartington Drive, Fort Myers

Quail Creek Country Club

(239) 597-2831 PR 1 3300 Valewood Dr, Naples

Quail Run Golf Club

(239) 261-3930 PR 1 Forest Lakes Blvd, Naples

Quail Village Golf Club

(239) 598-2815 PR 1 1719 Quail Village Way, Naples

Quail West Golf & Country Club

(239) 593-4100 PR 5 950 Burnham Road, Naples




NAPLES AREA COURSES Raptor Bay Golf Course

(239) 390-4600 P

River Hall Country Club

(239) 313-4653 SP 3 500 River Hall Pkwy, Alva

2 3001 Coconut Point Resort Dr, Bonita Springs

Riviera Golf Club

(239) 774-2011 P

4 8 Marseilles Drive, Naples

Riverbend Golf Course

(239) 543-2200 P

6 270 River Club Court North, Ft. Myers

The Rookery at Marco

(239) 642-2796 P

3 433 Club Center Blvd, Naples

Royal Palm Country Club

(239) 775-1150 PR 4 05 Forest Hills Boulevard, Naples

Royal Poinciana Golf Club

(239) 261-3968 PR 1 600 Solana Road, Naples

Royal Wood Golf & Country Club

(239) 774-5585 PR 4 300 Royal Wood Blvd, Naples

Sabal Springs Golf & Racquet Club

(239) 731-0101 P 3 410 Clubview Drive North Ft. Myers

The Sanctuary Golf Club

(239) 472-6223 PR 2 801 Wulfert Road Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island Golf Club

(239) 472-2626 P 1100 Par View Drive, Sanibel Island

Seven Lakes Golf & Tennis

(239) 481-6560 PR 1 750 Augusta Dr Ft. Myers

Shadow Wood Preserve

(239) 590-6911 PR 6 900 Shadow Creek Blvd Fort Myers

Shell Point Golf Club

(239) 433-9790 SP 17401 On Par Boulevard, Ft. Myers

Six Lakes Country Club

(239) 995-0595 PR 9 151 Littleton Road, North Ft. Myers

Spanish Wells

(239) 992-5100 PR 9 801 Treasury Cay Lane Bonita Springs

Spring Run Golf Club

(239) 949-0707 PR 9 501 Spring Run Blvd, Bonita Springs

Stonebridge Country Club

(239) 594-5252 PR 2 100 Winding Oaks Way, Naples

Talis Park Golf Club

(239) 514-1051 PR 1 6475 Talis Park Drive, Naples

Terraverde Country Club

(239) 433-7733 P

1 7000 Terraverde Ct., Ft. Myers

TPC Treviso Bay

(239) 331-2052 PR 9 800 Treviso Bay Blvd, Naples

TwinEagles Golf & Country Club

(239) 354-1700 PR 1 1725 Twin Eagles Boulevard Naples

Vanderbilt Country Club

(239) 348-2662 PR 8 250 Danbury Blvd Naples

Vasari Country Club

(239) 596-0645 PR 1 1250 Via Del Vasari Drive, Bonita Springs

Verandah Country Club

(239) 694-7229 PR 1 2201 River Village Way Fort Myers

Villages at Country Creek

(239) 947-4488 PR 21131 Country Creek Drive, Estero

Vineyards Country Club

(239) 353-1500 PR 400 Vineyards Blvd, Naples

Westminster Golf Club

(239) 368-1110 SP 2 199 Berkley Way, Lehigh Acres

Whiskey Creek Country Club

(239) 481-3021 PR 1449 Whiskey Creek Drive, Ft. Myers

Wildcat Run Golf & Country Club

(239) 495-3031 PR 2 0300 Country Club Drive, Estero

Wilderness Country Club

(239) 261-5505 PR 1 01 Clubhouse Drive, Naples

Windstar on Naples Bay

(239) 775-3400 PR 1 700 Windstar Blvd, Naples

Worthington Country Club

(239) 495-1750 PR 1 3550 Worthington Way, Bonita Springs

Wyndemere Country Club

(239) 263-1700 PR 7 00 Wyndeinere Way Naples


130 111



144 149 114

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128 107

117 179

108 112

186 166






130 Buffalo Creek Golf Course

(941) 776-2611





Type: PR=Private, P=Public, SP= Semi-Private.

8100 Erie Road, Palmetto

139 Esplanade Golf & Country Club (941) 306-3500


126 Heritage Harbour Golf Club

(941) 746-2696


114 IMG Academy Golf Club

(941) 758-1464


192 Legacy Golf Club

(941) 907-7920


8255 Legacy Boulevard, Bradenton

149 Manatee Golf Club

(941) 792-6773


6415 53rd Avenue W, Bradenton

101 Mocassin Wallow Golf Club

(941) 723-0500 SP

9680 Buffalo Road, Palmetto

151 Peridia Golf & Country Club

(941) 758-2582 SP

4950 Peridia Blvd East, Bradenton

144 Pinebrook/Ironwood Golf Club (941) 792-3288


5240 Esplanade Blvd W, Lakewood Ranch 790 Stone Harbour Loop, Bradenton 4350 El Conquistador Pkwy, Bradenton

4260 Ironwood Circle, Bradenton

141 Sara Bay Country Club

(941) 355-7658 PR

7011 Willow Street, Sarasota

105 University Park Country Club

(941) 359-9999 SP

7671 The Park Blvd, University Park


156 Bent Tree Country Club

(941) 371-8200 PR

106 Bobby Jones Golf Club

(941) 365-4653


160 Boca Royale Country Club

(941) 474-7475


107 Calusa Lakes Golf Club

(941) 484-8995 SP

108 Capri Isles Golf Club

(941) 485-3371


849 Capri Isles Boulevard, Venice

110 Charlotte Harbor National Golf Club (941) 429-0500


1350 Bobcat Trail, North Port

4700 Bent Tree Boulevard, Sarasota 1000 Circus Boulevard, Sarasota 1601 Englewood Road, Englewood 1995 Calusa Lakes Boulevard, Nokomis

157 Heron Creek Golf & CC

(941) 423-6955 SP

5301 Heron Creek Boulevard, North Port

179 Lake Venice Golf Club

(941) 488-3948

1801 South Harbor Drive, Venice

135 The Meadows

(941) 371-0982 SP

3400 Longmeadow, Sarasota

128 Mission Valley Golf & CC

(941) 488-7747

1851 Mission Valley Boulevard, Nokomis


123 Misty Creek Golf & Country Club (941) 921-5258


112 Pelican Pointe Golf & CC

(941) 496-4653


175 Rolling Green Golf Club

(941) 355-7621


136 Sarasota National Golf Club

(941) 496-8676


113 Serenoa Golf Club

(941) 925-2755 SP

116 Tatum Ridge Golf Links

(941) 378-4211


8954 Misty Creek Drive, Sarasota 625 Center Road, Venice, FL 4501 N. Tuttle Avenue, Sarasota 25510 National Blvd, Venice 6733 Serenoa Drive, Sarasota, FL 421 North Tatum Road, Sarasota

186 The Venice Golf & Country Club (941) 492-9600 PR

250 Venice Golf Club Drive, Venice

166 Venice East Golf Club

(941) 493-0005


107 Venice East Blvd, Venice

180 Village Green Golf Club

(941) 922-9500


3500 Pembrook Drive, Sarasota

117 Waterford Golf Club

(941) 484-6621 SP

1454 Gleneagles Drive, Venice


111 Cathy Schmidt, LPGA

(941) 720-9080


(941) 955-0151

116 Golf Academy at Tatum Ridge

(941) 812-0137

421 North Tatum Road, Sarasota

105 Golf Academy at University Park (941) 359-9999

7671 The Park Blvd, University Park

200 Edwin Watts Golf

5935 Factory Shops Blvd, Ellenton

(941) 722-9000

137 International Barter Exchange (941) 955-6100


1161 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota

a 39



46 20 8

9 38


33 53

49 48

18 50


56 62 57




5 38 1 44 2 3 7 47 6 8 31 9 10 49 14 18 19 20 23 27 28 50 30 42 46 33 35 36

16 51 54 62 61 2 55 56 57 56

Type: PR=Private, P=Public, SP= Semi-Private, MIL=Military



Map Number




Type: PR=Private, P=Public, SP= Semi-Private.

Bay Palm Golf Complex (813) 840-6904 MIL 1803 Golf Course Avenue, MacDill AFB Cheval Golf & Athletic Club (813) 949-4231 SP 4312 Cheval Blvd, Lutz Chi Chi Rodriquez Golf Club (727) 726-4673 P 3030 McMullen Booth Rd, Clearwater Countryside Country Club (727) 796-2153 PR 3001 Countryside Blvd, Clearwater Cove Cay Golf Club (727) 535-1406 SP 2612 Cove Cay Drive, Clearwater Crescent Oaks Golf Club (727) 937-4653 SP 4312 Cheval Blvd, Lutz East Bay Golf Club (727) 581-3333 P 702 Country Club Drive, Largo East Lake Woodlands GC (727) 784-8576 PR 1055 East Lake Woodlands Blvd, Oldsmar The Eagles Golf Club (813) 920-6681 SP 16101 Nine Eagles Drive, Odessa Fox Hollow Golf Club (727) 376-6333 SP 10050 Robert Trent Jones Pkwy, Trinity The Groves Golf & Country Club (813) 996-0161 SP 7924 Melogold Circle, Land O’Lakes Heritage Harbor Golf & CC (813) 949-4886 SP 19502 Heritage Harbor Pkway, Lutz Heritage Isles Golf & CC (813) 907-7447 SP 10630 Plantation Bay Drive, Tampa Hunter’s Green Country Club (813) 973-1000 PR 18101 Longwater Run Dr, Tampa Mainlands Golf Club (727) 577-4847 P 9445 Mainlands Golf Club, Pinellas Park Pebble Creek Golf Club (813) 973-3870 SP 10550 Regents Park Drive, Tampa Pinecrest Golf Course (727) 584-6497 P 1200 Eighth Avenue SW, Largo Plantation Palms Golf Club (813) 996-4653 SP 23253 Plantation Blvd, Land O’Lakes Seminole Lake Country Club (727) 391-6255 SP 6100 Augusta Boulevard, Seminole Silver Dollar Trap & Golf Club (813) 920-3884 SP 112711 Silver Dollar Drive, Odessa Summerfield Crossings Golf Club (813) 671-3311 SP 13050 Summerfield Boulevard, Riverview Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club (813) 972-1991 PR 5811 Tampa Palms Blvd, Tampa Tarpon Springs Golf Course (727) 934-5191 SP 1100 Tarpon Woods Boulevard, Palm Harbor Tarpon Woods GC (727) 784-7606 SP 1100 Tarpon Woods Blvd, Palm Harbor Timber Greens GC (727) 372-0789 SP 6333 Timber Greens Blvd., New Port Richey TPC Tampa Bay (813) 949-0090 P 5300 Lutz Lake Fern Road, Lutz Wentworth Golf Club (727) 942-4760 SP 2990 Wentworth Way, Tarpon Springs Westchase Golf Club (813) 854-2331 P 11602 Westchase Golf Drive, Tampa

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(727) 378-4999

12647 US Hwy 19, Hudson

(727) 542-9228

11616 Seminole Boulevard, Largo

2300 26th Street N, St. Petersburg (800) 723-7425 (813) 854-4946 11225 Race Track road, Oldsmar (727) 692-4679 2987 N. McMullen booth Road, Clearwater (727) 480-9049 2612 Cove Cay Drive, Clearwater (727) 522-1538 4647 4th Street North, St. Petersburg (813) 888-5433 4205 West Waters Avenue, Tampa (813) 855-5385 180 Race Track Road, Oldsmar (813) 888-5433 4205 West Waters Avenue, Tampa

(941) 812-0137

Golf Coast Magazine - Southwest Florida Fall/Winter 2018  

Golf Coast Magazine - Southwest Florida Fall/Winter 2018 Issue

Golf Coast Magazine - Southwest Florida Fall/Winter 2018  

Golf Coast Magazine - Southwest Florida Fall/Winter 2018 Issue