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This document outlines features, requirements and recommendations for the implementation of iMMS: an online Internet Membership Management System from the Golf Computer Systems golf management suite.

Golf Management Software Overview Golf Computer Systems Outline The key areas that are covered by GCS software are:          

Membership Management Online Membership including Accounts Golf Bookings / Reservations Online Tee Time and Facilities Bookings Golf Handicapping, Competition and Tournament Management Member / Player Kiosks Television Leader Boards Online Leader Board and Historic Results Point of Sale Web site development

iMMS : Online Membership

Golf Computer Systems (GCS) develops computer software applications to manage various facets of golf administration and operations.

This document focusses on the online Internet Membership Management System, termed iMMS, and outlines the various features available within the module. Technical requirements and support and maintenance services are also outlined within this document. Should you wish to discuss any aspect of any of the GCS modules in further detail please feel free to contact Stuart McGregor on 07 3366 6696.


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iMMS Software Overview iMMS is an online module that delivers content from the GCS database individually to members via the club’s Web site. The GCS Membership Management System (MMS) is a prerequisite of iMMS.

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Selected personal details Selected membership details Editing of selected data fields Mailing lists – opt in Marketing interests – opt in Editing of member PIN View ledger balances View ledger transactions View transaction item detail View POS purchases to account Display and print account statements Pay outstanding balances online Top up credit accounts – e.g. e-Wallet

iMMS : Online Membership

Content made available to members online includes:

Member Details Following login online by individual members, iMMS presents selected membership details to the member and, at the club’s discretion, allows selected data to be available for editing by the member. By this means members can take responsibility for the timely maintenance and upkeep of contact and personal details that may otherwise take months to filter through to the club database, if at all. Traditionally club databases become notoriously inaccurate over time. iMMS can and does change this significantly. When a member edits details such as contact or personal information and submits the changes to the club, the changes are held for approval by a staff member. Bulk changes can be easily accepted by an authorized staff member with just a couple of mouse clicks, and then saved and written to the main database immediately. Significant staff time is saved in removing the need for manual data entry and data accuracy greatly enhanced.

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Importantly, the data a member can view and edit is controlled by club administrators. A configuration module allows administrative selection of those data fields that are to be displayed, and whether each is mandatory and/or editable. By this means the ability of the member to modify data is under the direct control of the club. Similarly, members can be given access to multiple address types, mailing lists, and marketing interests. Each is individually controlled by the club, so once again the system is designed to comply with club policy. This flexibility permeates through all of the GCS software modules.

Any number of mailing lists can be established within the club based membership system (MMS) and any or all can be flagged as being available for member selection online. Members can then select those mailing lists that are applicable to them and can nominate the address to which each mailing list should be applied. This also includes email addresses to enable email broadcasting of information to members within nominated mailing lists from within MMS.

Marketing Interests MMS allows creation of any number of marketing categories, and any number of interests within each of the marketing categories. Each marketing category can be individually flagged as being available for member interaction online. Members can then select various marketing interests that are applicable to them and these in turn flow back to the main club database following staff approval. Once recorded against the member record, marketing interests can be used to group and filter members for mailing and reporting purposes.

iMMS : Online Membership

Mailing Lists

Member accounts The iMMS member account module displays account details, allowing members to satisfy many account queries themselves online, thereby reducing queries to the club. The initial view displays to the member the balances of those ledgers flagged as member-visible online. This is again under club control. Members can then view individual ledgers (subs, house, prizes, e-Wallet etc) by financial periods, displaying the opening balance at the beginning of the period, and all transactions affecting the ledger over the selected financial period. Transaction drill down allows a further level of detail, displaying item level detail on invoices and also on POS transactions where MMS is linked to point of sale. Members can see exactly what was billed to them on subscription invoices, and what was purchased on each POS transaction, almost eliminating queries regarding POS charges.

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Online payments Payment of outstanding balances or top up of credit based ledgers such as e-Wallets can occur from the iMMS pages. We use an online payment gateway provider, SecurePay, to securely process payment transactions. SecurePay is owned by Australia Post. Payments processed online immediately pass to the club’s nominated bank account and are receipted automatically to the applicable ledger on the member account. Allowing online payments and top ups reduces staff time spent processing these receipts given the automated receipting process.

Online payment capability is optional and carries additional costs of setup and transaction costs to the payment gateway provider. Please contact us for pricing details.

Your Web site or ours iMMS will operate as a functional part of your Web site regardless of whether your Web site is developed by GCS or by another Web developer or company. We provide the complete set of Web pages that comprise iMMS and deliver these ready to use. Because the iMMS member Web pages reside on a Web server at the club, all that is required of the main Web site is a button or link that takes or transfers the user to the iMMS site. This transition can be seamless, and in cases where there is already member login on your Web site we can generally share the user login credentials (username / password) so that the user is recognized in iMMS immediately without need to re-enter login details.

iMMS : Online Membership

When an online payment is made the member receives a confirmation by way of email receipt, and the club also receives an email notification of a payment transaction.

Optionally we can redesign the iMMS pages to have a look and feel that is almost identical to your main Web site theming. Members are unlikely to notice any difference as they move into the iMMS content, and can be returned back to the main Web site when required. Importantly, where members can currently view their details on your Web site, any editing of member details should be left to iMMS exclusively so that changes are then fed directly to the club membership system (MMS). We can optionally provide an interface back to an external Web provider to pass changes to member details in real time.


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Features at a glance



member login – username and PIN view selected member details edit selected member details edit PIN’s changes automatically fed to Membership System for staff acceptance o no need for staff re-entry of data join into selected mailing lists and nominate preferred address join in to selected marketing interests view account balances for each ledger type in use and activated online view transactions per month by ledger type o club defines how many months history can be viewed drill into transactions for detail o items that comprise invoices o items purchased on POS transactions o reduces queries to club admin staff print statements online make account payments online o secure online payment o payment of outstanding balances or top ups o club receives immediate email confirmation of payment o funds credited to club bank account immediately o immediate receipting of member account electronically in Membership Management software o reduces cash handling on site

iMMS : Online Membership

Online Membership

for further details please visit Online Member Application Form -

membership application form online joining members complete form and payment members can choose from club-nominated member categories pricing is calculated by category ideal for social memberships to reduce staff input

view an example at 54

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Technical Support & maintenance

GCS require “on demand” remote access to provide immediate and timely support. Preferred remote access software is RDP, TeamViewer or pcAnywhere. All GCS modules are supplied with an initial 12 month support and maintenance contract that provides software support as and when required, and periodic software updates throughout the maintenance period. Annual renewal is offered ahead of the anniversary of the support and maintenance contract. We endeavor to deliver periodic feature updates that are of real substance and value, providing tangible benefits beyond the support functions. We do not run site specific version control so all updates are provided to all clients, ensuring smooth operation of all software modules.

Database and Module Structure GCS software is developed and written in Delphi; a strong and robust database development language accompanied by a broad range of powerful development tools and components. Current software modules are developed in Delphi 5 and are being progressively redeveloped in Delphi RAD Studio XE. Online modules use ISAPI extensions.

iMMS : Online Membership

Support services are provided via telephone, email and Internet. Support matters are generally dealt with immediately to minimize disruption, so you are not issued a support “ticket” that is queued and dealt with at some later date.

The database engine behind the GCS modules is Nexus, a Client/Server database model with the engine residing on the server and client side workstations accessing executable applications via desktop shortcuts. Nexus is SQL compliant. The GCS software modules comprise a range of separate executable applications, each managing its own area within a modular application suite. All applications share common data tables within the broader database.

LAN Platform The GCS applications will operate on Windows 2000 Server and beyond. Windows 2008 Server R2 is preferred. Workstations will ideally run XP Pro or Windows 7. As with most application software, the higher the server, network and workstation performance specifications, the better.

Web Presence Online applications operate on IIS or Apache Web Server housed on the database server operating at the club and connected to the outside world via broadband internet connection.

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Payment gateways can be incorporated to process online transactions via third party HTTPS connection. Our preferred gateway provider is SecurePay, a company owned by Australia Post. Online access is via http on port 80, 81 or 82, or where SSL is invoked on port 443. Necessary ports need to be open and forwarded as required. SSL is not required where our recommended payment gateway is invoked as the payment is processed on a separate HTTPS site and the user then returned back to the iMMS modules. High speed Internet allows for optimal performance of content delivery.

Though not the usual environment on which we operate, GCS software modules can reside on a hosted server environment (cloud). This environment has proven to produce excellent results to date.

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iMMS : Online Membership

Remote Hosting

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Online Membership Overview  

An overview of features offered via Golf Computer Systems' online membership module

Online Membership Overview  

An overview of features offered via Golf Computer Systems' online membership module