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- Functional Overview -

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“Managing the business of golf… ”

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hank you for taking time to familiarise yourself with the golf management modules outlined in this brochure.

The software modules included in this brochure are designed to manage golf competitions, handicapping and tournaments. The scope of the modules include: • • • • • • • •

Creation of golf competition events Player entry into those events with optional selection of specific tee times Printing of player scorecards Entry of scores returned Presentation of results via PC or television leader boards Handicapping of players based upon results returned Allocation and redemption of prizes to players Inclusion of events into multi-round tournaments

Golf Computer Systems develop software almost exclusively for the golfing industry, and have been doing so since 1985. Our focus tends to be from an operational perspective, demonstrating a strong and clear understanding of the practical needs of golf club operations in our software applications. We have put a great deal of time and effort into the development of our various golf software packages, and believe that we have an excellent solution on offer. Our operational focus has resulted in our GOLFLink compliant handicapping and competition management software comprising a number of separate application modules, targeted at the various stakeholders in the competition and handicapping process. This includes optionally enabling access to parts of the system by the golfers themselves, thereby reducing staff input and giving the golfer a personal stake in the process. This has received a very positive response for members and guests alike. The modules also recognise the varying needs of differing styles of golf operations. While the various modules outlined in this overview are available separately, they each require a core module called Golf Manager as a prerequisite. Competition events established through Golf Manager interact directly with our electronic tee sheet applications (if installed) allowing entry of members and guests into competitions from multiple sources. Bookings for social and competition play come from a variety of sources including members and guests at the clubhouse, telephone, walk-ins to the Pro Shop, email, and online via the club’s Web site. Each booking source needs to have the ability to quickly add players to competitions while recording at least the minimum set of required information; name, handicap, home club, GOLFLink number, date and time of play. Again, via our modular approach to the process we accommodate each of these booking points with software designed to suit the varying needs and competencies of “end users”. Clubs interested in fully electronic tee sheets and Internet bookings should also download the following brochures:

The Australian GOLFLink handicapping initiative Golf Computer Systems is an accredited software provider of Tier 3 software solutions for the Golf Australia’s central handicapping initiative, GOLFLink. Our software communicates with the GOLFLink host computer system for the purposes of processing player scores and handicaps. GOLFLink has operated on what is termed its “Tier 3” model since commencing with live processing of golf rounds in 1999. Tier 3 involves golf clubs implementing a computerised golf management system at the club that records the scores returned by players in competition events, and then forwards those scores to the central GOLFLink host computer via the Internet. Once received, the host computer

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calculates the course rating for the competition, and then calculates the change in handicap for each of the players in the competition field. The CCR and handicap changes are then returned via the same Internet session to the club, and also to the home club of any visiting players whose home club is also attached to the GOLFLink computer system. Typically this takes around 30 seconds. The scope and presentation of various systems accredited to communicate with the GOLFLink host computer system vary widely, both in functionality and in cost. Golf Computer Systems software is sensibly priced to reflect its scope and functionality for the golfing environment. Importantly our pricing incorporates ongoing support of the software together with updates from our continued development of the software modules. Pricing is modular to enable progressive implementation of our management systems if required.

Golf Manager Golf Manager is the administrative core of the competition and handicapping system. It maintains contact and handicapping details of members as required by GOLFLink. It also maintains the various competition events you wish to run, records scores, reports on all of this information, and if applicable sends the information to GOLFLink for processing. It can operate entirely on its own to manage your handicapping requirements, or can operate in conjunction with our other applications to extend the processes and member services involved. While Golf Manager performs the core tasks to handicap members and guests in your competition events, it also produces printed results, produces letters advising scores to the home club of your nonGOLFLink visitors, allocates prizes to member prize ledgers, maintains eclectic scores and results, and manages multi-round events such as club championships or WGA events. Some typical screen layouts are presented for your reference. Maintain Players: The player maintenance screen is used to add members to the system or to alter details of existing members. GOLFLink-specific information such as home club, display of handicap, and GOLFLink number are also presented on this screen. Fixed handicap changes may be performed here via the Discretionary Change button and then uploaded to the central GOLFLink database via the Internet. When searching for players, a player search list displays those players with the name you have entered for quick access to their record.

GOLFLink Advanced Options: Allocation and change of a member’s home club was a process that caused some initial confusion and frustration for clubs within the GOLFLink system. To simplify the process we have grouped the various GOLFLink options into a single module to ensure that the choices and processes are easy, accurate, and hassle free.

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Maintain Events: Competition events must be established within Golf Manager in order for players to enter into them. Any number of competitions may be established, and as far in advance as you require. You can literally enter your entire fixture book in advance if you wish. Members and guests may book into competitions via the Internet or our touch screen module (shown later), and for each you can control whether and when any competition is available for player entry by date and time. Competitions may also be flagged as being part of an eclectic competition, and may be set up as a 1-tee, 2-tee, 3-tee, or shotgun start, allowing bookings on front and back tees or multiple tees. Medley or mixed events are similarly accommodated. An event fee can be attached to an event and optionally charged directly to member’s accounts by the system.

Players/Scores: Players may be simply booked into a competition, or where our electronic tee sheets are incorporated, may be allocated to specific tee times. Where tee times are allocated you can view the number of players in each competition tee time from this screen. Players are able to be booked into a tee time but not participate in the competition if required. The display on this screen is for a 2-tee start, hence the view of both the front nine and the back nine. The view can be altered to list players in a text view if preferred. Multiple courses can be operating multiple competitions simultaneously and administered across multiple computers if required.

Score Entry: As player scores are returned they can be entered into the score entry module. Alternatively you may prefer to have players enter their own scores via the touch screen module, or have pro shop staff enter scores via the Pro Shop Wizard application. Scores may be entered as a single score or result, front nine and back nine score, or may be entered hole-by-hole in which case the score is validated and points are automatically calculated. Hole by hole

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score entry activates a full countback on scores, and also allows course statistics to be produced showing average strokes per hole, ranked variances from PAR, and therefore an ordered difficulty rating of the holes. These statistics may be produced per event, over multiple events, and by selected handicap grades or ranges. The system includes scoring and result presentation for Stroke, Stableford, Par, Ambrose (2, 3, 4 and 6 person teams) Foursomes, 4-Ball Best Ball, 4-Ball Aggregate, 3-Ball Best Ball, 3-Ball Aggregate, 2 person and 4 person team events. Multi-round events show both aggregated and averaged results and detail results of each of the rounds comprising the aggregated results. Players can be accessed via their name, member number, score card number or GOLFLink number. Entry is fast and accurate. Scores are colour coded to show cards entered, not entered, disqualified, and NCR’s.

Event Report Settings: A variety of reports of competition results can be produced in the system, and the layout of each is user-definable, so can be varied to suit your individual needs. Results can be in overall order or may be grouped by grades. Results can be fed to television leader boards for public display, and are updated as soon as the next score is entered. Competitions can be grouped together via the tournament module, enabling results of multi-round competitions, eclectic competitions and medley or mixed events.

Handicap lists can be produced at any time and can be filtered by gender or handicap range. Reports for visitors who have played in your competition events without their GOLFlink number can be produced for their home club. Multiple players from the one club are aggregated onto a single page.

Publish Results to your Web Site Competition results can be fed to the club’s Web site and published automatically from within Golf Manager. The software will upload the results of the days’ competition and update an index file on the Web site. Members can click on the competition displayed on the index page to then see a full set of results. The presentation of these pages can blend to have the same look and feel of your current Web site. We develop Web site in their entirety where required, and at very realistic prices. Please feel free to discuss this with us. Recent sites include:

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Touch Screen Entry (TSE) Member and guest interaction with the golf management systems can be provided via one or more touch screen terminals located in publicly accessible areas of the clubhouse or environs. We’ve called the application TSE… an acronym for touch screen entry. TSE allows members to: • look up their own handicap • view their rounds history • join in to competitions • book into specific tee times • book their partners into specific tee times • create “buddy lists” of their frequent partners • enter their scores after play • view their position on the competition leader board • look up other players handicaps • receive messages from the club’s administration or handicappers • view current bookings • email current bookings to themselves • view their unredeemed prizes We recognise however that not all of these features are applicable at all courses and importantly have provided the ability to selectively enable or disable options on a per-computer basis to suit your methods of operation. Some clubs have no interest in allowing members to enter their own scores for example, while others embrace it wholeheartedly. While touch-screen technology is not mandatory, (the application can be accessed via mouse) presenting only a touch screen ensures that no one can maliciously tamper with your computer system from a public terminal (without access to a mouse and keyboard) and that the usability of the system is maximised. Acceptance of the touch screen interface by members has been excellent. Access to TSE is via membership card swipe, GOLFLink card swipe, or by entry of member number or GOLFLink number on a numeric touch pad on screen.

When the member or guest is logged in to the terminal there are a variety of functions available on the touch screen. The options presented to the member or guest may be adjusted to suit your course, so you are in control of how the system is used relative to your golf operations. Some clubs will allow members and guests to enter competitions, book specific tee times, enter scores after their rounds, and

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so on. If any of these functions are inappropriate to your operations, they need not be presented as options on the touch screen itself and we give you a means of controlling this.

Live handicap lookup If a guest logs in using his or her GOLFLink number or card then the system can be programmed to automatically retrieve their current handicap from GOLFLink, together with their name, home club and golf union ID. This is the case even if they have never been to your course before, and only requires a broadband Internet connection to activate. It has long been thought that GOLFLink would provide this type of facility for live lookup of handicaps at courses, and TSE now make this feature available. Once logged in to the system the player is welcomed by name and his handicap details are presented, as is his GOLFLink number. If a visitor logs in then their name and handicap are retrieved live and in real time from GOLFLink. Each of the options then available to the player is accessed by simply touching the appropriate button on the screen. You’ll note that this player also has a message awaiting collection via the “Messages” button.

Competition selection presents men’s and women’s competitions in different colours for ease of selection. Medley or mixed competitions are similarly differentiated with a split graphic as shown. Players simply touch the competition they wish to enter and then select the JOIN button, or you may optionally allow selection of tee times within the selected competition. Players can also “Add” further players into tee times with themselves if you allow. The number of days in advance that a player can book and the number of players they can add into any given day are restrictions that you can control.

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If electronic tee sheets are in use at the club then individual tee times can be selected and players can enter themselves and others in to these times, again with the ability for you to place restrictions on numbers, days in advance and/or day of the week. Entries made into tee times via TSE are immediately reflected on the various tee management applications available from GCS including FACTS and our Internet booking module, i-FACTS. If electronic tee sheets are not in use then players can join into the competition and not be required to select specific tee times.

Members can view their forward bookings on the touch screen terminals, thereby reducing the inquiry to the Pro Shop staff or administrative staff. All current and future bookings are displayed to the member. Bookings can also be deleted by the member via entry of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in confirmation of the booking deletion. Deletions are recorded to an audit log, as are booking creations and modifications, and are all time and date stamped to provide a definitive booking history.

The history of rounds played by your members is also available for viewing on the touch screen. You can control the number of rounds to be displayed so that history need not span back further than you choose. This allows your members to see how their handicap has altered over time and the consequence of individual rounds on their handicap position. The history also shows rounds awaiting score entry and rounds awaiting handicap processing.

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If a member is allocated prizes from a competition then he can view the prize, together with all other unredeemed prizes, on the touch screen terminal. This same detail is also available to be passed to the club’s Web site for display if required. Prizes can be redeemed by match committee members from within Golf Manager, or at the Pro Shop via Pro Shop Wizard.

To help improve club communication to members we have added a messages section to allow the club to send messages to members. These can be individual messages to a single member, to all members in selected membership categories, or to all members generally. Messages can be given a “life” which allows them to be automatically disables after a selected number of days. Multiple messages can be sent to any or all members and the member is advised of the existence of messages upon log in to the terminal.

As soon as scores are entered the player is able to view his/her position in the competition field on the integrated touch screen leader board. Ranking of each round displays gross and net ranked position in the field, and the results may be ordered by gross, net, handicap or alphabetically by player name. Score entry can also be via the touch screen, and can also incorporate hole-byhole entry if required.

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Pro Shop Wizard Pro Shop Wizard is designed for use by Pro Shop staff at the shop counter, particularly where our electronic tee sheet software, FACTS, is not in use. It enables quick entry of players and visitors into competitions, printing of card labels or scorecards and entry of scores returned. Entry into the system can be via keyboard input or via swipe card, with swipe entry requiring no operator intervention whatsoever for members or returning guests. A “Fast Join & Print” option allows swipe entry and automatic printing of a scorecard or card label with the appropriate player name(s), date, competition name and scoring systems details entered, again without operator intervention on keyboard or mouse. Simply swipe a card, the scorecard prints and the work is done!!

Visitor entry can also be via GOLFLink card swipe, and in the case of a new visitor the system will record their GOLFLink number and home club, and subsequently verify their handicap and retrieve their name from the GOLFLink database. Non-GOLFLink visitors may also be entered into competitions and reports of their round(s) generated from Golf Manager for forwarding to their home club. Rounds details for visitors whose home club is GOLFLink-enabled are transferred to their home club electronically via the GOLFLink host computer system.

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Pro Shop Wizard can also be used at smaller properties for green fee collection for social players. This provides a fast and accurate method of recording guests from varying player categories, and produces a reconciliation of fees and charges and player numbers. Drill down to player details is available as required. A further feature offered by PSW is the ability to redeem prizes to members through the system. As this is often a Pro Shop task the system displays player prize history and allows easy entry of prizes as they are handed to members.

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Television Leader Board

A television leader board module outputs progressive scores to one or more television screens or data projectors, in net or gross score order, by grade if required, or alphabetically by player name. Results scroll through the competition field and through multiple competitions if there are multiple to display. Display of competitions can be set to show events from previous dates if required. The leaderboard is ideally suited to clubs that allow members to enter their own scores into the system via touch screens to enable immediate leader board updates. Players then see their name ranked within the field when in the clubhouse. You can display any combination of player names, handicaps, gross score, nett score, result and ranking, with the ability to select text colour of each of these items. You can also limit the display to just the top players in each grade, and can incorporate advertising or messages throughout the display, including graphics such as sponsor logos. Multi-round events can be displayed on the leader board. Progressive results of Club Championships is an ideal example of this, displaying each of the 4 rounds together with aggregate gross, handicap and nett scores. Results formatting can be “nested” so that each pass through the field can display a different format of results. In a stroke event you may wish to display results in gross order, followed by results in net order, flowed by results in gross order by grade, followed by net order by grade. You may then wish to display the entire field in alphabetical order, and then display the current top 5 place getters in each grade, then repeat the process. This is fully available within the software. Advertising The leader board display can display advertising, whether for commercial purposes, for sponsors, or for club based promotions. The display is fully graphical, so material can be produced via any of the popular graphic programs including Publisher. Additionally the display can use HTML, so can incorporate animation using Adobe Flash.

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Tee Booking Systems Golf Computer Systems specialise in software for booking of tee times, supplying golf booking software to such Australian golf properties as Royal Pines Resort, Hope Island Resort, Lakelands, Hyatt Regency Coolum, Castle Hill Country Club, The National, Royal Canberra and Noosa Springs among many others. While the applications presented in this document can book players into specific tee times, we have a Facility & Activity Scheduling System (FACTS) that is designed specifically as a tee reservation system, and that fully integrates with Golf Manager, TSE and Pro Shop Wizard. An Internet interface into our booking software is available through a product called I-FACTS, allowing for member and non-member Internet booking of tee times. Please feel free to contact us for further information on these packages, or visit our Web site at for further details. Alternatively a brochure outlining the features of FACTS is available for download at

Membership Golf Computer Systems has an excellent Membership Management System that fully integrates with the applications outlined in this document. Please contact us for a brochure on the extensive capabilities of our membership software, or download from:

Point of Sale Feel free to discuss your point of sale requirements with us. We can provide a full featured POS system, and interfacing from all of our applications should this be required.

Hardware and Networking Requirements All software supplied by Golf Computer Systems can be run in single-user mode on a single PC, or in multi-user mode across a network. Applications are 32-bit Windows applications, and run under a client/server database engine. Hardware should be based on Pentium IV processors, and preferably 1GB RAM per workstation. Video resolution should be a minimum of 1024 x 768 in 16-bit high colour. Networking can be Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows 2003 or Windows XP. Network protocol is TCP/IP. Please note that our applications are not supported on Windows ’95 or Windows ’98.

Support Golf Computer Systems software is supported via business hours telephone support, fax, email and Internet (remote access). We view support as an integral part of our software and appreciate the importance of providing timely and accurate answers and advice. We have 4 staff that provide software support. All software updates are available for download from our Internet ftp site. Annual support and maintenance charges apply.

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Golf Manager Brochure  

Golf Manager overview - handicapping, competition management, leaderboards, touch kiosks

Golf Manager Brochure  

Golf Manager overview - handicapping, competition management, leaderboards, touch kiosks