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- FACTS Facility & Activity Scheduling System (including Internet bookings) - Functional Overview -

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“Managing the business of golf…”

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ACTS is a Facility & Activity Scheduling system, purpose designed to manage and control the booking(s) of players onto golf courses. FACTS also lends itself to booking of other time-based facilities often available at golf properties such as golf lessons, tennis courts, tennis lessons, and

so on.

A fully multi-user software application, FACTS enables bookings to be taken from multiple locations simultaneously, and presents them in a neat and orderly manner both on the computer screen and on printed reports. The graphical presentation of booking sheets makes the status of course bookings for any given date apparent at a glance. Recognition of available tee times is instant, and FACTS allows players to be processed through the booking procedure quickly and efficiently and with a consistent standard of service. A textual view of the booking sheets provides name recognition, and allows management of players within tee times via drag and drop functionality. The system offers simple professional procedures for golfer registration and payment, providing a high level of customer service potential. A key to the ease of use of the system is the combination of graphical presentation together with textual views of booking sheets. Incorporating icons, buttons and a mouse driven environment the system has the ease of use and familiarity expected from the Windows environment.

The FACTS system has been developed, refined and updated via input from experienced golf operators and has been designed to offer the greatest possible flexibility. Originating in 1993, FACTS has a decade and a half of development and input. The system has the flexibility to adapt to the requirements of the golf operation and its customers, rather than the operation having to adapt to the computer system as can so often be the case.

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While FACTS is a golf booking system first and foremost, its design also enables it to be used to book players/members/guests on to non-golfing facilities such as tennis courts, squash courts, golf lessons, tennis lessons, function rooms etc. Any number of bookable facilities may be established within the system without additional licensing fees. The FACTS system provides excellent security of booking and player information. Management can control who has access to the various modules and functions within the system, and a comprehensive audit trail is created for each transaction and for each booking creation, modification, cancellation or deletion within the system. Full booking history can be viewed on a per-booking basis. Member and player files are comprehensive and are updated automatically via each booking. They contain all relevant personal information, player history and photographic information if required. Email booking confirmations can be automatically generated by the system when bookings are made. Confirmations are in .html format meaning that they can readily incorporate graphics as well as text. They can incorporate no show and cancellation policy, logos, hot spots to offers on your Web site. As a minimum they include date, tee and time of booking, booking reference, and optionally the names of other players in the tee time. Email broadcasts can also be easily sent to past, present or future booked players for promotional purposes or booking reminders. Analysis of the booking data is available instantly and is presented in a wide variety of statistical and operational reports. Statistics can be compiled for a single day or any date range specified. The reports are comprehensive, apply historically or in forecast and can be viewed in many formats, via Windows applications. Reports are accurate to the last booking taken and are produced almost instantly, saving significant staff time in collating statistical booking data. The combination of ease of operation, accuracy and accessibility of bookings from any location, and the operational and managerial reporting and controls provided by the software makes it an essential tool in the management and control of the course booking function.

FACTS - OPERATIONAL BENEFITS Operational benefits provided by the FACTS system are numerous, ranging from greatly enhanced customer service procedures to immediate statistical analysis of operations. • Client convenience - customers are better serviced by being able to book (and register if required) at multiple locations at each course • Fewer delays for telephone bookings - customers are less likely to have to wait on hold until a booking operator is free. Instead their inquiry can be handled by any staff member with access to the system through a computer • Consistent service - player booking and registration procedures become standardised offering consistent levels of service to patrons. This has benefits to not only individual courses but also multi site management programs. • Customer service is able to be personalised - via the player detail files a profile of each customer is created enabling personalised individual service to be offered rather than a generic service plan only. • The player history files create a valuable and accurate data base to be used for promotional activities. • Member or VIP player verification - photographs may be stored on file to verify members, VIP's etc as required. • Competition integration means that all bookings on tee times that coincide with golf competitions can automatically manage entry rules and requirements, through to competition registration and score card printing.

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• Group servicing - group reports provide alphabetical player lists, chronological lists of tee times, cart cards for windscreens, summaries of groups booked over selected date ranges, monthly groups booked (forecast or historical), comments and details relevant to each group and many other functions. Collectively these serve to ensure that groups are well serviced and preparations are in place and information shared well in advance of the group arrival. • Greater control and security on revenue - all booking creations, modifications, cancellations and deletions are automatically logged to the responsible staff member, creating a detailed audit trail and making it difficult for bookings to be fraudulently altered and revenue removed. • Cart tracking – carts can be individually allocated to bookings, thereby enabling reporting on the number of hires and duration of hire over specified time periods. • Ease of access to information - reports are printed in seconds for distribution and all areas of operations are aware of the golf course activity for the day. Via multi-terminal viewing the F&B department can be aware of the days activities and bookings through viewing their computer (enabling better preparation of staffing for example) without being able to access the booking sheet. • Consistent application of your booking rules is assured through the use of the system. Rules may include the number of days in advance that a category of player can book, the number of bookings they may make over a period, the number of guests they can host or the number of times a guest can be hosted, days of the week selected categories of player may be booked, number of rounds allowed to be played per year, and so on. Rules are established and then automatically applied by the software. • Administrative time and cost savings - reports and operations statistics are available at the press of a button, resulting in wage cost savings. Ease of use of the system allows for greater productivity of staff and multi skilling. • Corporate rounds tracking – detailed recording and reporting on corporate rounds packages. Monthly account statement production detailing rounds movement. • Reliability – the technical model adopted in the system does not suffer as booking numbers increase, and does not replicate or synchronise data to and from the Internet so does not lose bookings during synchronisation.

MAIN BOOKING SHEET The Main Booking Sheet provides a snapshot of bookings made on a facility on any given date. A Main Booking Sheet is available for each booking facility established in the system, whether it be a golf facility, tennis facility, golf lessons etc. Because FACTS is a multi-user system, the same booking sheet can be displayed on any number of computers simultaneously, and for the same booking date if required. This assists in client servicing as bookings can be taken wherever a computer with access to the system is located. Presentation of bookings on the main booking sheets is graphical, using coloured bars to represent the number and type of players booked into tee times. Both the length and the colour of the bars denote the number of players booked into a booking time. This method of presentation enables immediate recognition of available tee times, and provides a wealth of additional information about how the course is being utilized on a given day. Group bookings, reserved tee times, competition times, no shows, paid bookings, commented bookings, shotgun starts, 2-tee starts, 3-tee starts, squeezed bookings and booking crossovers can all be seen immediately and at a glance when a booking sheet is presented. Golf facilities are established as 9-hole facilities to allow for bookings off 2 tees, so each “9” is its own booking sheet. When a player is booked on to the Front Nine or 1st Tee, the system automatically generates a crossover booking on the Second Nine or 10th Tee at the appropriate crossover time. Multiple courses can be established on the system for 36 hole or 54 hole facilities and beyond.

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The booking sheet, as presented on the computer screen, is completely user definable - tee time intervals can be changed and adjusted, date formats can be altered, intervals can vary through a single day or a portion of the day, opening and closing times can be adjusted, colours of the booking bars can be altered etc. - and flexible to suit all operational needs.

The system allow the user to view limited player details within a selected booking from the Main Booking Sheet by “peeking� into booking times when passing the mouse cursor over the booking. Alternatively times can be fully opened up by clicking on them with the mouse to reveal all aspects of a particular booking, including player names, categories, stock hire requirements, comments, handicaps, contact details, email addresses, credit card confirmation and more. This detailed presentation of the booking information is presented in the Single Booking Sheet on the following pages. From the Main Booking Sheet view, bookings may be cut, copied, moved, merged and pasted to other tee times, either on the current date or any selected date to make booking procedures faster and easier.

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Booking dates may be selected by scrolling forwards or back a day at a time or a week at a time using the arrow buttons either side of the date on the Main Booking Sheet, or you may pop up a calendar from the date selection region of the Main Booking Sheet and select any date, past or future without limitation, making date selection quick and accurate and minimising delay for clients while sheets are being accessed. All bookings are retained in the system until deliberately purged, so the historic view can provide useful information on prior visits. In addition, the reporting mechanisms within the system allow for reports to be generated on historic data as easily as on current or future data, allowing for statistical comparisons of player numbers, revenue, average yields and course utilization over selected date ranges.

TEXT VIEW The booking sheet can also be displayed in a text view, displaying names of each of the players booked. Text sheets can be extended in length to display a larger range of times. In the text view players can be dragged and dropped between tee times, making management of players and times very easy indeed. The system prevents a player being dropped in an “illegal” time such as a time with a booking restriction that would prevent the player occupying the time. Times can be highlighted when players arrive and when they are called to the tee, making it an ideal tool for calling the field. Players with medical certificates are highlighted on the display, as are players with golf clubs held in storage at the club. Players can be booked by clicking on a time to display a Single Booking Sheet (see later in this brochure) or by double clicking on a cell to display an input box. If an Australian GOLFLink number is entered into the input box and the system is set to communicate with the national GOLFLink database, player details including name, home club, gender and handicap are retrieved and displayed in approx 2.5 seconds. A “stock” view of the booking sheet display all hire stock allocated against each player. The “team” view shows player pairings or teaming in team based competition events such as 4Balls, Ambrose, Foursomes and so on. Players can be teamed together via a drag and drop function, including the ability to team swingers in 4-Ball events. By the same drag and drop process, players can also be un-teamed.

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Booking sheets for multiple facilities can co-exist on the main booking screen. Both text and graphic views can be displayed simultaneously. The higher the screen resolution, the more booking data that can be displayed. FACTS puts the control and booking of your facilities at your fingertips.


The Composite Booking view allows you to quickly see a graphic representation of bookings in place and booking times available on all facilities of a selected facility type. This is very useful for multicourse properties, or properties using FACTS for a number of tennis courts for example, as it gives an immediate overview of where guests can be accommodated on the facilities. Rather than scroll through a number of individual booking sheets to find available times, the times can be identified in this view and the appropriate booking sheet presented immediately. Once again this ensures that any time spent waiting by customers is minimised, and of course provides a much speedier solution than a manual system in any event.

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VERTICAL BOOKING SHEETS Vertical Booking Sheets are an alternate view of the day’s bookings on a facility. Instead of presenting multiple columns as per the Main Booking Sheet, the vertical sheets are displayed in a single column that can be scrolled. Vertical Booking Sheets are ideally suited to facilities booked in broader time increments than golf, such as golf lessons, tennis courts, tennis lessons etc. By this means an entire booking day can often be displayed on the one sheet without need for scrolling at all.

Unlike the Main Booking Sheet, vertical sheets offer the ability to display the name of the player in single player bookings, rather than a booking bar. As with the Main Booking Sheet, times can be reserved for purposes defined in the reservation module, and booking rules applied accordingly. Where multiple facilities use vertical sheets, the sheets can be “stuck” together, in which case the slider bar on any of the sheets will scroll the times on them all simultaneously. The number of sheet you can display at once on your screen is limited by your screen resolution and the size you make your vertical sheets.

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The Single Booking Sheet is displayed when a single tee time is selected from the Main Booking Sheet or from the Text Booking Sheet. When a booking is made, player names, contact telephone numbers, post/zip code, email address, credit card details, booking categories, number of holes, comments, handicap and hire details are all able to be entered into the booking screen. All players are assigned a booking category. Booking categories are user definable and may include various individual, group and wholesale category groupings as required. There is no limit to the number of categories able to be defined. Each category is allocated its own fees for hire items, green fees etc. and this then forms the structure by which players are charged for their round. As soon as a player category is assigned or altered on the booking sheet, the fees and charges for the round are instantly recalculated. Players may be entered in to a booking by name, or if they are members of the club they may be entered by member number. In the example above, all players are members, hence the display of their member numbers in red above their name and to the right of the Last Name field description. As each booking is entered the computer calculates the charges to apply to each player and can produce an invoice / receipt for each player, or for any combination of players. Automatic booking confirmations can also be generated via e-mail. The format of the receipt, invoice or booking confirmation is also fully user definable and tailored to suit the individual operation. Receipts may be produced in duplicate for example, with one copy being handed to the starter in order to gain access to the course as a further means of control. Stock availability is also displayed on the Single Booking Sheet; in this instance 38 of a pool of 40 carts remain available for hire.

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The Group Booking Sheet is displayed when more than one tee time is ranged on the Main Booking Sheet. Group bookings are entered as easily and quickly as individual bookings. Groups may be booked into single tee, two tee or shotgun start formats. All details pertaining to the group are entered into the booking form and are then available on various group reports to assist in managing those groups, both prior to the date of play and on the day of play. Cart cards may be produced for the players in each group to display on cart windscreens, as may bag tag labels and many other group related reports. Groups display in different colour formats on the main booking sheet to ensure they are immediately identifiable. Shotgun starts are differentiated visually also for ease of recognition. As with single bookings, the main booking sheet notes whether there are comments attached to the booking, and whether the booking has been paid. Group pricing may be negotiated and held against individual groups. Deposits can be recorded and the transactional history of the group displayed. Credit card confirmation can be taken for group bookings and recorded in the system against the booking.

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CASHIERING FACTS incorporates a cashiering module to enable full transactional processing of member and guest payments. Transaction reports, tender analysis, “X” and “Z” reads are all available from the system. Tender types are user definable and can have sub-grouping, so the Credit Card button then displays various credit card types for example.

POS INTERFACES Golf Computer Systems’ products may be interfaced to point of sale and accounting systems, either in real time, or via batch processing. FACTS can pass the detail of players, tee times and items hired (including green fees) across to selected point of sale systems so that they form the opening transactions on the guest check. Further merchandise can then be added if required, and the sale closed out to the appropriate tender type. Where a POS interface exists, the FACTS cashiering module is deactivated so that all cashiering occurs through the central POS system.

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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Booking of individual players o Player names recorded o Contact phone numbers o Handicaps o Comments recorded against individual players o Comments recorded against bookings o Email addresses recorded o Booking confirmation emails automatically sent o Recording of marketing sources o Player photographs to assist in identification Booking of groups of players o Group contact details recorded o Memo/comments recorded per booking such as F&B requirements or course setup requirements – NTP’s, longest drives etc o Single tee, dual tee or shotgun starts o Import of player names from system generated Excel spreadsheet o Group pricing facility Booking sheets can be viewed for any date, past, present or future Booking sheets for different facilities can be displayed simultaneously Access booking sheet for any date in a second or two A detailed audit log of all booking creations, modifications and deletions is held Allocation of hire items to bookings – carts, clubs, shoes, green fees, comp fees Tracking of hire item availability – when out, when in, when available Player contact management Group contact management Force mandatory entry of selected data by staff when making bookings Prevention of duplicate bookings for the same player Booking, no show and cancellation counts per player Restrictions by day of the week (5 day members for example) Limit number of times guests can be hosted by members Limit number of guests a member can host over time Reserve times for males only or females only Restrict times for selected booking categories only Quickly copy, move or merge bookings Ability to reserve times for particular purposes – member’s only, shotgun buffers, course maintenance, starter’s times, etc User definable time reservation colours and descriptions Apply restriction and reservation rules to selected or all future dates in seconds Import of player names for trade/corporate groups allows production of bag tag labels, alphabetical player lists, cart cards etc Modify tee time intervals within a day Modify tee sheet setup for selected dates or days of the week Automatic sunrise and sunset times displayed Any number of courses can be established and booked – 9, 18, 27, 36, 54 holes etc Lesson booking diaries included Booking sheets can be configured for non-golf facilities – tennis, lessons, function rooms Attach diary notes to any date for staff alerts or attention Attach Internet diary notes for alerts to members and guests making Internet bookings Tee times interact with golf competitions, and vice versa Add or remove selected times to/from competitions Manage member and visitor entry into competitions Print competition score cards Print blank scorecards Quickly find player bookings using partial searches – “sm” finds Smith or Mossman Receipt payments for bookings

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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Credit card validation on credit card payments Online credit card processing Voucher validation and management Corporate rounds package management Medical certificate alerts Clubs held in storage alerts Statistical analysis of bookings by category Statistical analysis of revenue by player category Analysis of bookings by category by day of the week Analysis of bookings by source – Internet, touch screen, Pro Shop Wizard etc Analysis of bookings by Postcode User defined no-show and cancellation reasons No-show and cancellation reports Player numbers by day over specified date ranges Summary of groups booked over specified date range Marshalling reports Email broadcast – email to players in any or all past or future booking Email booking reminders to minimize no-shows Fully multi-user – no more chasing booking sheets and diaries Staff login security and logging Staff PIN optionally required for all booking interaction Graphic presentation gives a clear view of days bookings at a glance Fast toggle between graphic and text view of booking sheets Text view of booking sheet presents more traditional view of names and handicaps Team view shows pairings or teams in 2Ball, 3Ball and 4Ball events Stock view of text booking sheet shows players with hired stock items (carts, clubs etc) Search facility highlights players matching search criteria for fast identification Internet URL access – view weather conditions or user-defined web addresses Floating (movable) toolbars

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I-FACTS – LIVE, REAL-TIME INTERNET BOOKINGS Online bookings are a huge convenience for members and are quickly becoming the prevalent member booking solution. Coupled with an automated management system that gives the club full control over who can book where and when, i-FACTS is an extremely comprehensive solution for both member and paid non-member bookings alike.

i-FACTS is an optional Internet interface into Golf Computer Systems’ golf booking software, FACTS (Facility & Activity Scheduling System). i-FACTS operates on your own Web server, and interacts in real time with your live database, thereby keeping bookings up-to-date to the second. The technology to operate i-FACTS is readily available, quite inexpensive, and easily maintained either remotely by us or by your own IT people. i-FACTS does not incur charges to the club every time a booking is made. It is controlled and operated by you, and the booking data remains yours, and under your control. The data resides on your computer system, not ours. With data residing locally your golf operations are not affected by Internet “outages”….. it’s business as usual. i-FACTS provides greatly increased member service, while virtually eliminating duplication of players on your booking sheets, and members “parking” tee times. Members can easily see availability of tee times, names of booked players on the tee sheet, and the handicaps of those players. They can then book themselves and other members in to tee times quickly and easily. And i-FACTS has huge potential to increase paying green-fee visitors to your club, particularly if you combine its introduction with a targeted marketing campaign. i-FACTS tracks bookings. It can track who has made a booking… very useful when you are following up members who no-show for example, as they may claim not to have instigated their booking. Or if you are paying a commission to the management of your local motels or to hotel concierges for ensuring their guests are booked at your course, i-FACTS can track this detail also. External

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commission agents can have their own login, and can have applicable parameters applied such as number of guests they can book in a single session, days of the week into which they can book, gender restrictions over selected tee times and so on. Commission reports can then be generated by the system to make administration of these initiatives easy. i-FACTS can be made available to wholesalers to view availability at your course should you wish them to do so, and optionally request bookings of larger groups of players. Access can be restricted to prevent them seeing player names, but to allow them to view more information than a non-member would see…. it’s up to you, and it’s controlled by you. i-FACTS has two separate interfaces – a member interface and a guest interface. The member interface allows members to log in using their member number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) as their password. (requires GCS Membership Management System)

After validating the member login, the system then displays the member’s current handicap, and provides options to enable the member to book tee times, view messages sent to the member from the course/club, and view details of current bookings already in place. Members can look up their current and future bookings rather than phoning the club to check on their booked tee times. The system can also provide competition fixtures, competition results, and a leader board for the current day of play.

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When members wish to book a tee time, they are presented with the entire booking sheet for the date selected. They are able to see the names of other booked players in each tee time, and their current handicaps. If the tee time is for a competition event the member can then view details of the competition, such as the type of event, scoring system, and restrictions such as whether the event is an open, invitation, or member only event. Members may then select and secure a tee time if they wish. In Competition view, members are given a choice of future competition events into which to book. When a competition is selected, only the tee times within the selected competition are displayed for booking, rather than displaying the entire day of play.

Members may also book other members into their tee time, or book guests if the tee time and event allows. You can place restrictions on whether or not additional players can be booked by a member, and if so, the number of players that the member can book. You may elect that a member can book only themselves, or themselves and only one other player for example. Restrictions can also be set to prevent bookings being made into selected tee times based on gender or by category, and restrictions can also be varied by member category. By this means men cannot be booked into women’s competition times, and 5 day members can not be booked into weekend competitions for example. When a member books another member or guest into a tee time, the system records who has booked whom, so an administrative trail can be followed in the case of disputed bookings or no-shows. A member may remove himself from a tee time, or may modify or remove any player that he has booked. For example, if player A books himself into a tee time and adds players B and C into that tee time, then A can modify or remove B and C’s bookings since A instigated the bookings, but B & C can only modify or remove themselves.

Non-member Bookings The guest interface does not present the detailed booking sheet. Instead it requests the guest’s preferred booking date and time, and then offers the nearest available tee times to the time requested. The number of available tee times offered to the guest is userdefinable. The guest can then select their preferred time from those presented, and confirm their booking after entering the required details.

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Online payment can be processed via an Internet Payment Gateway, processing and depositing payment in full to the club’s nominated bank account. An invoice is generated for the guest through the payment process and payment is immediate when the booking is completed. A payment reference is passed back and retained in the booking system. A further option is to require credit card details in confirmation of the booking rather than physically processing payment with the booking. At the conclusion of the booking a booking confirmation number is passed back to the guest, and an email confirmation is then automatically generated. The email confirmation advises booking date, time, number of players, hire requirements, cost, booking reference, and optionally items such as cancellation policy, no-show policy, location map and dress regulations. The e-mail content can be altered to suit your individual requirements. Members and guests are required to provide e-mail addresses when making bookings, and these are stored for later marketing use. A range of benefits that can be derived from online bookings at your course. These include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

client convenience – members and guests can book from the comfort of their home or office, during business hours or beyond 24/7 booking service – no longer do you need to miss bookings because the office is not manned immediate payment from non-member bookings increased member services in the form of a Web site, bookings, messaging, handicap lookup, leaderboard, historic results, member services, member accounts and more fewer calls from members checking on their booked tee times… they can do it online increased member communication fewer problems with duplication and parking of tee times since the system will not allow the same player to be booked twice greater control of bookings greater control of facility use based on member category time saving from fewer calls for bookings and handicaps automated application of booking rules and restrictions automated competition open and close for online bookings a distinct marketing edge for early adopters ongoing marketing opportunities from reports generated from the booking software (particularly with corporate groups and social club follow up) timely and accurate player, category and revenue statistics from bookings a means to attract a greatly increased volume of paying green fee visitors to the club increased exposure of the club/course increased membership opportunities high degree of control over bookings and booking restrictions your data, your server, your marketing opportunities. no booking fee charged per booking

i-FACTS Technical requirements: • Web server – Windows 2003 Server / Windows 2008 Server with IIS or Apache • ADSL broadband Internet connection available at your site • A registered domain name • A static IP address – available when ordering the ADSL line • Golf Computer Systems’ Facility & Activity Scheduling System, FACTS, is a prerequisite of i-FACTS Golf Computer Systems can assist with any or all of these technical requirements. Please contact us for details – +61 7 3366 6696 or email

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Hardware and Networking Requirements All software supplied by Golf Computer Systems can be run in single-user mode on a single PC, or in multi-user mode across a network. Applications are 32-bit Windows applications, and run under a client/server database engine. Hardware should be based on Pentium processors or beyond, and at least 2GB RAM. Video resolution should be 1024 x 768 or greater, in 16-bit high colour. Networking can be Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server. Network protocol is TCP/IP. Windows ’95 and Windows ’98 clients are not supported. Windows 7 compatible.

Support Golf Computer Systems software is supported via business hours telephone support, direct computer support using RDP, pc-Anywhere over TCP/IP, terminal service client, VPN client, Citrix Client, VNC, TeamViewer, WebEx, email and Internet. All software updates are made available for download from our Internet ftp site. Annual support and maintenance charges apply.

Golf Computer Systems PO Box 177, ASHGROVE, QLD 4060, Australia Tel: +61 (0)7 33666696 Fax +61 (0)7 33667110

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FACTS Brochure  

FACTS electronic tee sheet management features and functionality overview

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