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Where were you born? Did you grow up there? I’m a Georgia boy at heart, but love the Florida lifestyle. I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA through High School. I did my undergraduate degree in Tampa, and my graduate degree in Orlando, FL. What is your heritage?

My dad was born in Jordan and my mom was born in Italy

Is “acting your age” over rated? Yes! Age encompasses two

parts. Age is chronological (time since you were born) and biological (how you feel). I have patients in their 50’s and 60’s that feel better than they did in their 20’s and 30’s. It all depends on how you feel!

What do you do for a living? The general consensus is that I poke people with acupuncture instruments and brew crazy herbs, that I’m a “weeds, beads and seeds doctor.” On the contrary acupuncture is just a portion of what I do. I own my own practice called Acupuncture Fit, Inc. I am a primary care provider and have two locations here in Orlando, FL. Check my company out at www.acupuncturefit.com What would you like to do for a living? Have Anthony

Bourdain’s job, and try foreign cuisine by traveling all over the world.

Aside from golf; what do you prefer for fun and relaxation?

Working out, playing tennis, fishing and going to the young adult group at St. James Catholic Church in downtown Orlando.

Whom do you most admire for their inner and outer beauty?

What do you find to be the most annoying habit people demonstrate on the golf course? When they try to play through

an injury, however they usually become my patients

Name the three most important things to you in this world. My faith in God, my family and friends

Given the choice; would you select love, success, or money to keep yourself happy? Let me answer your question with a

question, and then I will give you my answer. Imagine that you are driving your car in the pouring rain and you pass by three people. One is your best friend from middle school, the next an injured elderly woman and then the love of your life. What would you do? Who would you pick up? Well, I would give my best friend the keys to my car to take the elderly woman to the hospital, and then I would go over and be with the love of my life. I would choose love.

Name three prominent people you would like to have dinner with.

Mother Theresa, Mel Gibson, my grandmother (especially if she’s cooking)

Last time you spewed something through your nose from laughing so hard? One of my best friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner

this past July. We had some of the best dinner conversation ever…ya’ll riiiiight!

Last book you read? Wild at Heart Favorite charity to support? Food for the Poor

My sister. She’s beautiful, an amazing mom and my brotherin-law is a lucky man to have married her. He’s pretty awesome too.

Tell us something about yourself that only your closest friends know. I’m afraid of rollercoaster’s

Photography: Justin Lance Hair: Carly Milleson

Steak, chicken, or seafood? Crab legs dipped in drawn butter

Dr. Anis Khalaf


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