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Volume 3, Issue 2

March Madness may be the big news in sports, but for golf fans across the country, it’s all about April—and the Masters. For most, it’s the official kickoff for the golf season. The Masters is like Christmas morning for a golfer. This year it gave us golf fans gifts many might not want to have opened Like John Paramour, the rules official choosing this venue to draw a line in the sand about slow play. Slow-play penalties are not at all commonplace, especially in major championships. There have been only three; the last one handed out in a major was at the 2010 PGA Championship. The Masters has no record of handing out a slow-play penalty that I can think of. So why now? Why give one to a 14-year-old kid, Tianlang Guan, the youngest player ever to tee it up at the Masters, let alone make the cut. He took 50 seconds to hit his second shot? I know rules are rules but they need to be enforcing them for everyone not just when you deem fit. The other gift from the Masters this year was Tiger’s bad break—or bad drop. But he lived to play the weekend. I wonder what the founder, Bobby Jones, would say? Speaking of founders, when the ladies of the LPGA rolled into town this past March, I got to spend some time with those ladies that founded the LPGA. What a privilege it was. I also got to watch Stacy Lewis, the determined Texan who wore a back brace for six years, jump from third to first in the world rankings with her win at the RR Donnelley Founders Cup. To accurately describe who the LPGA founders are you must know there are 13 women that formed this league and are honored at the tournament each year: Alice Bauer, Patty Berg, Bettye Danoff, Helen Dettweiler, Marlene Bauer Hagge, Helen Hicks, Opal Hill, Betty Jameson, Sally Sessions, Marilynn Smith, Shirley Spork, Louise Suggs, Babe Zaharias. With the summer lurking around the corner, be sure to sign your junior up for a golf program. There are many programs throughout the state. Golf is a great sport for kids to learn about themselves, to learn etiquette, and to learn discipline. A great resource is I remember when we came into the Arizona golf market over three years ago and people asked why Arizona needs another golf magazine? Good question, I replied. Because we’re passionate about the same things you are. Namely, golf and how we want to tell the stories about the people that make this game so great. I then quoted one of my favorite sayings by Henry Ford- a market is never saturated with a good product, but it is very quickly saturated with a bad one. After putting all of the publications side by side, a large smile came over me. I like what I see and I hope you do to. Remember to introduce a junior to the game of golf. You will thank yourself for it.

Get out there and play some golf today! 4

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and it has been a labor of love to paint each of his landmark major championship victories,” said Spitzmiller. “I am delighted to offer the 18 paintings as a tribute to the world’s greatest golfer and his unique and enduring achievements. I am especially grateful that Jack is so pleased with the art and that he agreed to sign each of the 100 limited edition Portfolios.” For more information about the limited edition Jack’s Majors Portfolio signed by Jack Nicklaus and Walt Spitzmiller, as well as the 18 paintings in the collection, visit

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ee t

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All proceeds benefit Camp Soaring Eagle and help fund camping programs for children with serious illnesses.

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We Find The Balance, You Stay On Course We all know that golf pros play with top of the line equipment because their success depends on it. But what’s the one piece of equipment their sponsors make available to them that you can’t buy? Balanced golf balls. Ideally, a ball’s weight center should be at the center of the physical center of the ball, but perfectly balanced golf balls are impossible to mass produce, so you won’t get them. And not having a balanced golf ball can mean your game is off course. Intuitively, golfers understand the rules of physics mean a non-uniform ball will not fly perfectly straight, even when hit correctly. The destabilizing sidespin effect of an unbalanced ball is intensified by the high speed at which most golf balls travel, reducing a golfer’s control of the ball’s flight direction. For a right-handed golfer, the more the ball is weighted to the left, the more it will hook. The more the ball is weighted to the right, the more it will slice. If the ball changes the direction at the peak of the trajectory, the landing point could be completely off--a slice might be a


hook or the reverse. The bottom line is that your ball doesn’t react to your swing honestly. Enter Realline Sports, a division of CBOL Corporation, a US-based company that has operated in the defense and aerospace industries since 1987. In March of 2012, their Korean brother company, RealSpin Inc, perfected its mass production process to pre-align golf balls. From that point it has been full speed ahead for Realline Golf. So how does a young company reflect all the tradition and character of such a prestigious game? Their starting point was with storied golfers Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson. These two golf legends are the perfect example of humble beginnings, hard work, and superior performance. They are also the first professional golfers known to salt water test their golf balls. Byron

and Ben knew that balance was critical to a well-rounded golf game. Back when they played, it was obvious that golf balls were not perfectly balanced. Since then, seasoned golfers and pros alike have solved the golf ball balance problem with at-home salt water testing or spin balancing methods. Both will help the ball fly and roll truer, but there are some significant disadvantages to using an at-home spin balancing device. First of all, spin balancing doesn’t represent the sweet spot. Eight to nine balls out of 10 are from 5-30 degrees off due to mechanical imperfection and because the spinning is made at the bottom of the ball. Spin balancing creates a black line all the way around the ball, and can also leave ugly black dots that are not cleaned easily. Further, all of this must be done prior to the actual golf game, requires a flat surface, and takes a fair amount of time to perform—this adds up to time away from actual golf play. While today the tolerances of manufacturing have improved, there is still no such thing as a perfectly balanced golf ball on the market, as Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

proven by the popularity of the spin balancer and the speedy rise and fall of the Wilson Staff True golf ball. While other brands might shrug off this unbalanced flaw as insignificant, Realline wanted to find an answer. After much review, research and extensive robotic testing, Realline found salt water testing to significantly affect shot accuracy. When lined up with the heaviest part in the side position, the balls flew approximately 7-8 feet off the center line. When in the aligned position, the balls flew about one foot off the center line. It was at this point the company founder understood that he could actually take a few strokes off just by using aligned golf balls. Unlike other brands that print the putting line in a random location on the ball, Realline uses patented Advanced Alignment Technology to locate the best balance orientation on every one of their AM-3 balls, and mark that ‘sweetspot’ for you. Simply aim Realline’s calibrated aero-mark toward the pin or your target to improve ball trajectory. With their exclusive technology, your drives will be more controlled and stay on course with minimized energy loss and sidespin. Furthermore, your putts will stay on

Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

line with straighter balanced rolls. The Realline AM-3 brings more enjoyment to your game by increasing consistency and confidence in every stroke. Using the Realline AM-3 golf ball means better physics and better performance. Realline—your honest partner. The US division is planning for a

May 6 release, but golfers can preorder by emailing info@reallinesports. com or filling out the contact form on the website, Why not take the chance out of your game with the AM-3 balanced line and use a golf ball with the best balance calibrated for you?


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Billy Barton Where were you born?

Is acting your age over rated?

What’s your take on cuddling? Cuddling is a good thing. What three people would you most like to play with in your fantasy foursome? My Brother, Rory McIlroy, and my grand-

What do you do for a living (or when you aren’t playing golf)?

Boxers or briefs?

Did you grow up there? Scottsdale and I did grow up here. It’s a hard place to leave when the sun is always shinning. I think it depends on the situation and on the person’s personality. I work at Eagle Mountain Golf Course in outside services.

What three things would you need to survive on a desert island? A hammock, sunscreen, and a sand wedge. Who would you like to have with you on the same desert island and why? A girl that I can talk to and who is clever enough so we can survive on the island together.

Aside from golf, what do you prefer for fun and relaxation? I like to snowboard if the snow is good, going to concerts, and cooking. 12


Boxers .

What is the last book you read? To Kill a Mockingbird. Name the three most important things to you in the world? My family, my dogs, and having good people around.

What do you fear most?

Getting bit by a rattlesnake.

What is your favorite course to play?

The Rim Country Club

in Payson.

What is your favorite charity to support?

Breast cancer.

Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

Photos by Greg Dunivant

cart header girl

Where did you grow up? I grew up in East Hartford, Connecticut.

I moved to Arizona shortly after I graduated High School in 2006. So glad I grew up on the east coast with the beautiful seasons, but can’t say I’d leave the west coast now!

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why? Any animal, oh boy what a treat! I would go with a giraffe. That way I’d see the world from a totally different spectrum… you know, the TALL one. Not to mention, their flexibility is mighty impressive, that’d be sweet!

What is your favorite sport to play and to watch?

My favorite sport to play is Softball! I played as a youth and all through high school. Not to brag, but if the few championship jackets didn’t have poor taste in colors/didn’t make my shoulders look so broad, I’d still be wearing them till this day! Favorite sports to watch would be hockey and basketball because both always have something going on which keeps my attention!

Do you enjoy playing golf and are there any golfers in your family?

I enjoy going out on the course and giving it a whirl every so often, but never too serious with golf. Yes, many of my family members play golf as well my friends. And NO, I am not related to Jack even though my awesomeness may lead you to believe otherwise.

What do you feel makes this club special? What makes Kokopelli

special is the positive energy and personalities among the entire staff. No matter how serious you are or how silly you may be, you’ll find yourself very comfortable and relaxed when you’re at Kokopelli.

a h t n Sa m a ol s on Ni c h

What is your favorite and least favorite part of being a cart girl?

My favorite part about being a cart girl is the wonderful opportunity I get on a daily basis to engage with all different kinds of people from all over...the conversations alone are rewarding to me! My least favorite part is the “Man” voice we develop after a long shift/ weekend, I assure you the rasp in our voice is not the most attractive one!

What is your most memorable moment working as a cart girl?

Most memorable would definitely have to be one of my first cart shifts/ tournaments when I “had” to ride the mechanical bull that was on one of the holes. It really took me out of my comfort zone, but if it wasn’t for that hype and everyone so outgoing, I probably wouldn’t be as fun and spontaneous as I am now! #Teamdontbetooshy! Hash tags allowed, whoops?!

Do you have a favorite comedian? I would have to go with George Lopez and Will Ferrell. Good humor can do wonders for a person!

What is your idea of a perfect date? People still do that? I

thought face timing was the extent of such now?! Perfect date would be some sort of a game with a cocktail/appetizer setting afterwards. Casual screams YES… minimizing the stress and pressure is KEY!

What else would you like us to know about you?

I would like you to know that I am a very happy and loving individual who truly admires life! I’ve got enough wittiness and happiness to go around and meeting new people is awesome, so come to Kokopelli soon! 14

Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2


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Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

Stay & Play • Golf at the beautiful StoneRidge Golf Course • Golf cart rental • One night stay at the Hassayampa Inn • Breakfast in the Peacock Room • Rates from $225 for two people

928.778.9434 122 E. Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona 86301

golfheader travel

By Jason Keesling


Costa Rica is a country located in

Pura Vida! Costa Rica!

churches and other historic buildings. The indigenous influence is less visible, Central America that has unlimited but can be found in everything from tourist potential and is ranked as the tortillas that make part of a typical one of the most visited international Costa Rican meal, to the handmade destinations. The Costa Rican culceramics sold at roadside stands. ture is in many ways a reflection of An important aspect of Costa Rica’s its racial diversity. The predominant cultural legacy is their love for peace influence has long been European, and democracy. The Ticos like to stand which is reflected in everything from out that their nation is the exception in the official language -- Spanish -- to Latin America, where military dictatorthe architecture of the country’s ships have long dominated politics. They take pride in having more than one hundred years of democratic tradition, and almost half a century without an army. The army was abolished in 1948, and the money the country saves by not expending in military issues is invested in improving the Costa Ricans’ standard of living, which has fostered a culture of social peace that makes it such a pleasant place to visit. The Ticos, as Costa Ricans Marriott Los Sueños are commonly known, are 18

famous for their hospitality, and are quite happy to live up to their reputation. They are well-educated and hard-working people, who are quick with a handshake and a smile. They are well aware of the special land they have, and most likely they will help foreigners when they get lost, even explaining things that might seem bizarre to foreigners, and making their stay as enjoyable as possible. In addition to the people of Costa Rica, the territory itself offers much for the visitor. Costa Rica is so small that it encompasses only 0,03% of the planet´s surface but is still within the top 20 richest countries in biodiversity on Earth in terms of species density. The country is also one of the few ones in the world where two great oceans are within a 6-hour drive of each other. But Costa Rica has so much more to offer than natural beauty. The exuberance of wildlife is enhanced by the mesmerizing volcanoes, the mysterious stone spheres from 400AD, the perfect diving arena, the best spot to watch humpback whales, the best place to surf Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

and the most exhilarating white water rafting excursions. If that isn’t enough, a canopy tour (aka ziplining) is the closest experience you can find to feel like a monkey travelling in the tree tops. And after all that, it is time to settle in for some golf. Courses surrounded by lush rainforests, a passing macaw or monkeys watching you swing away is what makes golf in Costa Rica special. Explore the spectacular mountain views of the course in the San Jose area or enjoy the ocean views of Guanacaste and mid Pacific courses. Courses are separated into three distinct areas: Guanacaste, Mid Pacific and San Jose

Reserva Concha– This Robert Trent Jones course is located in Brasilito/Playa Conchal area. The Reserva Conchal golf course was the first Audubon-certified course in Costa Rica and its layout will test your golf skills. You need to be a Paradisus Conchal guest or Conchal condo rental. For more information, please visit

Hacienda Pinilla– Inside the Hacienda Pinilla resort near the town of Tamarindo, this course has beautiful ocean views and was designed to conform to the slopes and contours of the natural landscape of Hacienda Pinilla. This 7,300-yard, par 72 masterpiece golf course is the creation of Mike Young, who is responsible for some of the finest courses in the southern United States. For more information, please visit

Four Seasons–

have an unbelievable setting, Costa Rica’s tropical scenery. For more information, please visit

Valle del Sol– Located in the Santa Ana area, this 7,011 yard championship course offers ample and waved fairways surrounded by majestic trees and 15 large lakes which attract diversified and lively wild life, where more than 20 different bird species can be observed. Each hole offers an average of 4 to 5 tees for different levels of the game, which makes the course a great challenge for professionals, without leaving pleasure and friendliness behind for those with less experience. For more information, please visit

Cariari– Located in Cuidad Cariari community between the airport and San Jose, this 6.590 yard George Fazio championship course hosts many international tournaments and is a local favorite due it’s challenging tight fairways, wooded rough and guarded greens, as well as beautiful mountain views. For more information, please visit

Los Reyes– Located in La Guacima, this 5,834 yard Robertson Ward course has well maintained and attractive fairways, as well as well tended greens. For more information, please visit

Monteran– Located in the east side of San Jose, this 2,243 yard Douglas Beach par 3 course offers city views and

Four Seasons a course that will test your mid to short game. For more information, please visit

Costa Rica Country Club– Located in the Escazu area, this 6,031 yard Charles Donovan course offers tight fairways with rolling hills and excellent mountain views. Opened in 1940, this country club course is full of tradition. For more information, please visit

This 6,788 yard Arnold Palmer championship course sits in the Papagayo Peninsula just minutes from Liberia International Airport. More than half of the holes offer spectacular views of the ocean. For more information, please visit

Marriott Los Sueños– Located inside the Marriott resort in Herradura/Jaco area, this Ted Robinson course was landscaped to include exotic native plants, banana trees and orchids, more than 150 species of birds as well as monkeys and other wildlife that have been identified on the grounds. This challenging course blends into the mesmerizing scenery. For more information, please visit

Los Delfines– Located in Tambor at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, this 6,264 yard course consists of nine intriguing holes that Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

Lalguana 19

dufferheader dave

Enchanting Encanterra When entering the gates at one of the newer private clubs in the Phoenix area, Encanterra, you feel like you are entering a different world. The warm, dry brown climate transforms itself into an oasis of green grass, even during the scorching summer. Just as the meaning of the name suggests, Encanterra is “Enchanted Earth”. The golf course, designed by Tom Lehman and opened in 2007, is unlike any other in Arizona. Most courses in the Phoenix area are either target style desert courses or traditional tree lined courses. Encanterra has wide open, lush fairways that do not require any carry to reach them. This is not to say that Encanterra is an easy golf course by any means. The Lehman team did a wonderful job of contouring the greens and greensides, and this is where Encanterra tests players. Lehman has always been considered a classic, or “throwback” type player. He has never been one to overpower a golf course and he has used his shot making ability to forge a very successful PGA Tour career. Encanterra is a golf course that rewards shot making abilities. Even if you do overpower the golf course, your short game must be precise in order to score well at Encanterra. One of the unique aspects of Encanterra is that the course routing does not call for homes to be built on every hole. The majority of the holes are free from houses, which is not the norm when a residential club is built. Also, Encanterra is one of the only new high end clubs that does not require that you buy property in order to be a member. The beautiful thing about Encanterra is that it is high end, yet it does not have the same astronomical price tag that its competitors do. In fact, Encanterra could be the best 20

private golf value in the entire state of Arizona. The centerpiece of the club and the community is the Mediterranean inspired clubhouse, La Casa at Encanterra. The village like clubhouse is approximately 60,000 square feet and houses four restaurants, day spa, three pools, a state of the art athletic club, and a fully appointed business center. The club also offers resort style concierge service. What more could you ask for? How about Pro V1’s on the driving range? You can always tell that a facility is top notch when they have Pro V1’s on the driving range, which they do at Encanterra. The first hole at Encanterra pretty much gives you an idea as to what you are in store for in the upcoming round. From the tee, the fairway looks gigantic. However, Lehman strategically put some fairway bunkers in the driving area, which makes you think twice about using the big stick. The proper play is to use a fairway

wood or hybrid and hit your tee shot in between the two fairway bunkers. The short iron second shot is hit to a green that has a false front and some severe slopes on it. You will see right away on the first green that Encanterra’s defense is on the putting surfaces. When you are standing on the first green, be sure to look back down the fairway. You will be amazed that you cannot see any of the fairway bunkers on the hole, although you know they are there. This is the case on most of the holes at Encanterra. When looking back, all you can see is a sea of green grass. One of, if not the longest, par four in the entire state of Arizona presents itself on the 504 yard sixth. Not only do you have to deal with the length of this dogleg right, but you have to deal with a lake that runs down the right side off of the tee. There is also a strategically placed fairway bunker on the left side in the driving area. This is one of the tougher driving holes on the course. The good news is that there is quite a bit of bailout room around the green. The par four seventh is a wonderful risk/reward hole that measures 342 yards. Depending on wind conditions, this hole can be reached with a well Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

struck drive. There is a small bunker that protects the front and left portion of the green. Definitely a hole you should be thinking birdie on when standing on the tee. The same thing can be said of the par five eighth hole. A good drive will allow for an opportunity to reach the 530 yard dogleg left in two shots. The front nine closes out in a unique fashion with a par three, and a very difficult one at that. The hole measures a brutal 238 yards with a lake in front of the green that requires a carry of 223 yards. This hole has no bunkers and plenty of bailout room out to the left, so the smart play may be to aim left of the green and try to get up and down for your par. The back nine opens up back by the driving range and future clubhouse with a short (for Encanterra) par four measuring 408 yards. Aim left of the fairway bunker on the right and give it a rip. Lehman introduces another fun risk/reward par four on number twelve. The hole measures 322 yards with a lake on the left side of the green and a large bunker on the right of the green. The smart shot is to lay up to your favorite wedge distance and try to make birdie the hard way. Number thirteen is a wonderfully designed par five. The fairway bunkers make the driving area

Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

look small, however, there is more room to the right than it appears. Only very long hitters can go for this green in two as there is a creek that runs right in front of the green. Any approach shot hit long will funnel off of the back of the green. The signature hole at Encanterra is the 449 yard par four sixteenth, where trouble presents itself everywhere. The tee shot is one of the only ones on the course that has a forced carry. In this case it is a lake that runs in front of the fairway and along the left side of the fairway. A creek dumps into the lake at about 170 yards from the green and then meanders through the fairway and up the left side of the green. Visually, it is a fantastic hole. The approach shot is one of the most difficult on the course. It is slightly uphill with the aforementioned creek on

the left side and a bunker short of the green. Bogey is a good score on this hole. If you are looking for a playable course that is unique in Arizona, Encanterra may be the perfect fit for you. As said earlier, you do not have to purchase property at Encanterra to become a member. However, the community is being developed by Shea Homes and they have some beautiful models to choose from. For more information about Encanterra, visit the website at


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FIND YOUR TARGET In golf, there’s the long game and the short game. And nothing can be more frustrating than not being able to sink a putt after a great shot. Scott Downing, creator of the myPutt, realized that golfers weren’t being taught how to putt correctly. “If you putt to a tee, you’re just going to be one frustrated golfer.” In order to make a putt, over half the ball needs to be inside the hole. This means that the hole is not the actual target when putting, but an area within the hole. Though this idea is simple to understand, it’s rarely focused on when practicing the short game. Bob Rotella talks about this in his book “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect,” explaining that basketball players are taught to aim at a single spot near the net, not the net itself, and Quarterbacks are trained to aim at the receiver’s hands, not the receiver; but even most professional golfers don’t aim within the hole — just the hole itself. Downing created the myPutt when he was teaching indoors on synthetic turfs. He was buying training aids that were larger than the hole. As he cut them down, he realized they needed to make them like that from the start. The myPutt is the width of the hole minus half the width of a golf ball, making it the “true target.” The

Putting to the true target is very different than putting to a tee, since putting to a tee creates the belief that the golfer is missing more putts than they actually are. So now, hitting the myPutt equals making the putt. The myPutt is now the target. Drawing a black line down the side of the myPutt has the same “small target” benefit that putting to a tee does. If you miss the line, but still hit the myPutt, you’ll know you still made the putt. This builds confidence. Proudly Made in the USA, the myPutt is excellent for practice because of the flexibility of being able to set up a putting station on the practice green for any putt. It is great for warming up before a round of golf on a busy practice green and is an integral part of a golfers gear. The myPutt showcases a matte-white finish which is in high in contrast to the green. This contrast plays a huge part in the “vision training” side of improving the short game. Research has shown that contrast helps the mind narrow to a point. This training aid can be used not only on the green by sticking a tee through the center, but also on carpet when using the indoor anchor (also available). For more information and to view a video of how it works, please visit

myPutt golf training aid improves focus and understanding of this true target by representing the area the ball needs to reach in order for it to fall inside. 22

Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 1

The Trophies painting by Paul Skellett


The Bible of Golf is in the collections of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tony Jacklin CBE and Colin Montgomerie GOLF is incomparable for its craftsmanship, vision and artistry, with each copy individually signed by the authors, Paul Skellett and Simon Weitzman. Just 1500 copies of GOLF are available in the USA and Canada.

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Ready, Set…Go Golf!

Last fall, HLN’s Morning Express anchor Robin Meade completed Get Golf Ready under the instruction of PGA/LPGA Professional Suzy Whaley. Meade went on to compete in The PGA Grand Slam of Golf pro-am in Bermuda, during which she almost sinking a hole-in-one, and ultimately won the event alongside her team.  Get Golf Ready is a fast, fun and affordable way to learn the game. Students will feel comfortable on the course in just five lessons – which covers everything from rules and etiquette to chipping, putting, full swing and bunker play – and most facilities offer Get Golf Ready for $99, although price may vary. The program is designed to teach everything you’ll need to play golf in just a few lessons. PGA and LPGA Professionals will show you that there are lots of ways to play by combining fun, friends and fitness. Each session will focus on the various golf skills you will use while playing. In addition to learning the basics, you will be guided onto the golf course to put your skills into action in a casual, friendly setting. Bring just yourself, a desire to have fun and perhaps a few friends to enjoy the great outdoors. Golf Clubs, balls 24

and other equipment will be provided for your use. Here is a recap of the 5 lessons.

box & green, divot & bunker and more Having more fun using ‘It’s Okay’ as the way to play



Here you’ll discover: How to get around the club house and practice areas The many social benefits both on and off the golf course Suggestions on what to wear for golf fashion and comfort All about golf clubs and why there are different clubs in your bag Putting - the excitement of rolling the ball into the hole


Here you’ll discover: Warm up, stretching and wellness tips The best ways to hold the club and get ready before you take a swing Getting the ball close to the hole - chipping, pitching and other shots from short distances Caring for the course


Here you’ll discover: Getting comfortable with the full swing Using your irons to get the ball in the air and onto the green Learn the ‘lingo’, like fairway & rough, tee

Here you’ll discover: Swinging your driver and other ‘big’ clubs to hit the long shots Starting your play from the correct tee markers - use TEE IT FORWARD to have more fun Helpful short cuts to save time while you play


Here you’ll discover: Linking all that you’ve learned to play a few holes Tips for playing in groups, on teams and other fun ways to play Getting you more comfortable on the course and where to drive the cart Review of the rules and keeping score More opportunities for you to come back and play golf This spring, why not give golf a try? Play Golf America has several programs offered at facilities in your area to get both beginners and lapsed golfers into the game. To find a location near you and for more information, please visit Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2



Located in the stunning High Sonoran Desert within the Hieroglyphic Mountains just Northwest of Phoenix, this once exclusively-private golf course has opened its doors to the public. Consistently ranked among the best golf courses in Arizona and voted in Golfweek’s Top-100 for nine straight years, Quintero’s 18-hole masterpiece features jaw-dropping views and dramatic elevation changes. Experience Quintero for yourself and see what everybody is talking about. To book a tee time or to learn more about our exclusive Stay and Play packages visit or call (928) 501-1500.


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A Brighter Spring and Summer The Antigua Spring Women’s Performance Golf Collections introduced a new color palette of bright accent colors for it’s Spring ’12 Golf Wear Collections, and have since brightened the

ion color with neutrals, the customer can purchase one or several items from the collection and mix it with their current wardrobe,” said Danielle Dellios, Senior Designer at Antigua.

color value for its Spring - Summer 2013 offering. These trending pop colors are used as subtle details, created to appeal to a wide age demographic of female golfers in this season’s Women’s Golf Wear Collections. “For Spring - Summer 2013, the focus of pop accent colors on less conspicuous fabrications throughout the collections shows off the styling and design features of the individuals garments. The collections are current in both color and design trend, and are additionally embellished with performance enhancing features by incorporating Antigua’s proprietary Desert Dry and Desert Dry Xtra-Lite moisture management technology to produce collections that are both merchandized appropriately for the season while offering performance functionality. 26

Color Details:

Black/White Collection:

The Antigua Women’s Collection color palette was developed based on only the most current trends, and for 2013 the overall market is screaming for color. The new women’s color palette has been expanded with a total of six hues ranging from hot pink to a soft purple called “pansy”. Other color names such as ‘fountain’ and ‘kiss’ inspire memories of slow summer days and nights in the Caribbean. “We’ve had great success with our white & black groups over the years, so by expanding our offering of fash-

Antigua’s most successful color group, the Black/White collection has become a staple in the Antigua women’s line, and pieces from this collection are essential in any lady golfer’s wardrobe. These timeless colors bring together a sophisticated look, especially when paired with khaki bottoms. Or pair with bold colors and prints to create a variety of styling options. A great addition to any essentials golf wardrobe is the GEM Desert-Dry™ polo offered in both black or in white, Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

water glistening in the sunlight, and the crash of waves in the ocean. Cool off in the Delight Desert Dry™ sleeveless polo in the color Sapphire, with a dyed to match knit color and ribbon trim detail.

Pansy/Orchid Collection: The inspiration for the Pansey/ Orchid Collection is a peaceful botanical garden. ‘Pansey’ is calm and feminine, while the mystical ‘orchid’ is vibrant and energetic.

The Hypnotic Desert Dry™ jacquard bubble texture half sleeve polo in the color Orchid is the perfect combination of comfort and style. The Hypnotic Polo has a contrast mandarin collar and button placket, as well as a tee pocket on the sleeve in the color shore. The fabric construction is exclusive to Antigua, and features moisture management properties. For more information on Antiqua’s collection, please visit

Charisma with Moxie skirt

and features a tonal geometric jacquard print in a fabric that has been developed exclusively for Antigua.

Kiss/Strawberry Collection: The Kiss/Strawberry collection is inspired by a dreamy Caribbean sunset, shades of pink slowly swirling together in the horizon. Two new hues of pink are introduced this season; ‘strawberry’ is lively in color and sure to be a bold and juicy addition to any wardrobe, while ‘kiss’ adds a calm uplifting touch of pink to the collection. The Imprint Desert Dry™ XtraLite D2XL short sleeve raglan polo in Strawberry Multi features multi-color graphic print cuffs on the sleeve and back insert. This polo is stylish and comfortable, allowing a full range of motion and manages moisture.


Fountain/Sapphire Collection: The cool blues in the Fountain/ Sapphire collection will add a splash of color to a lady golfer’s wardrobe for spring 2013. This collection is inspired by the expanse of blue sky, Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2


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Michael Hayes

The Jerry Colangelo Sports Legends Golf Classic was held at the Arizona Biltmore Resort benefiting POP-- Prostate On-Site Project. This is a mobile medical screening service that travels throughout Arizona offering low or no-cost prostate exams for the early detection of prostate cancer. 
 This year’s classic honored the late Gene Felker who graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1952

Michael Davis

Gene Felker and went on to play in the NFL as a tight end and defensive back for the Dallas Texans. His ambition did not stop with a pro football career.  Gene held many key positions in the sports industry. In 1997, Felker’s bright career and future looked grim as his health took a potential fatal turn.  Through a routine blood test his doctor discovered he had prostate cancer.  With few options open to him, Felker went ahead with

Jerry Colangelo and Jason Keesling the treatment available and underwent surgery and radiation treatments. His treatments were successful. Although Felker passed away this year, his legacy as a fighter and advocate of helping men and their family’s through awareness and the early detection of Prostate cancer live on. Get screened today. For registration information, call the POP office at 480-964-3013 or go to

John Randall, Andre Reed, Thurman Thomas, JD Hill, Randall McDaniel, Michael Bankston 28

Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2




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Stacy Lewis Straight to #1 There are a lot of talented golfers in the world. Some have risen slow and steady over time to their championship roles. Some have surprised the viewers at how fast they rose to notoriety. The back story is often similar. They took up golf at a young age, practiced with never ending fervor, found themselves a coach and a few sponsors and started a tour. Win after win and ranking after ranking got them into the elite club of ‘greats’. They have groupies, countless articles are written about their skills and foibles and some gain almost ‘Hollywood star status’. But, every now and then, someone different shows up with a bag full of clubs--someone who is obviously a good golfer—someone who brings more to the game. This time, that person is Stacy Lewis. Stacy Lewis won her second tournament in a row at the RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup in Phoenix, Arizona and by doing so, became the number one ranked player in the world. Not only did she win, but she did it in dramatic style. Incurring a two-stroke penalty after her 3rd round caused by her caddie’s inadvertent error, she would start four strokes back. But, undeterred, she and her caddie stalked the leader until Stacy blew past her with 2 holes to play. She closed out the tournament with a final round 64, a new tournament scoring record, and the well-deserved ranking. That highlights her skill. But what it doesn’t show is her tenacity and her incredible back story--the stuff that leaders are made of. Ask any golf 30

Photos by Greg Dunivant writer in the country about the best story in women’s golf, and chances are they will say Stacy Lewis. True to form, they want to know how she plans on staying at number one. But Stacy is humble and grateful for the experience and plans to keep her nose to the grindstone while not placing too much pressure on herself. After all, she’s had a lifetime of it already. As she took the world stage with her new title, the LPGA honored her as well. Not only did Stacy Lewis enjoy a break-

out season, she became the first American to win the LPGA Rolex Player of the Year award in 18 years. The last person to accomplish this task was Beth Daniel in 1994 and, fittingly, it was she who presented Lewis with the award. In her moving acceptance speech, Lewis described her struggle with Scoliosis and the journey that had brought her to this time. As she thanked the many people who had helped her along the way, especially her parents, there was not a dry eye in the audience. Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

• Ranked #1 in the world (as March 18, 2013) • Winner, RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup, 2013 • Winner, HSBC Women’s Champions, 2013 • Winner, LPGA Player of the Year, 2012 (1st American to win in 18 years) • Winner, Mizuno Classic, 2012 • Winner, Navistar LPGA Classic, 2012 • Winner, ShopRite LPGA Classic, 2012 • Winner, Mobile Bay LPGA Classic, 2012 • “Major” Winner, Kraft Nabisco Championship, 2011 • US Solheim Cup Team member, 2011 • Winner, LPGA Qualifying School 2008 by 3 strokes • 3rd, US Open, 2008 -- her 1st event as a professional • 5th, Kraft Nabisco Championship (as an amateur), 2007 • Winner, NCAA Individual Championship, 2007 • #1 ranked amateur in the US, 2007 & 2008 • Winner of 12 collegiate tournaments • 4 time All-American at University of Arkansas • Curtis Cup team member, 2008 • First player to record 5 wins and no losses in Curtis Cup history Part of her speech included sharing how she spent 6 1/2 years in a back brace, from age 11 onward, to hopefully correct what Scoliosis had done. She wore the brace 18 hours a day--to school, to eat, and even to sleep. The only time that she took it off was to play golf! After that, the X-rays showed that the curvature was not healed. It was still curved at more than 40 degrees and surgery was the next step. The post-surgery X-ray showed the stainless steel rod and 5 screws that were implanted in her

Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

back. She wasn’t sure she would even be able to walk, let alone swing a golf club again. But, after several months of near immobility and 6 months of rehab, she began slowly to swing a club again. She credits her parents ‘for encouraging me to play even after having back surgery’. And with the great determination and spirit that embodies Stacy Lewis, she soon earned her way onto the University of Arkansas women’s golf team and in 2007, she became the NCAA champion and the number one amateur in the country.

The rest, as they say, is history. We can’t help but like Stacy Lewis because she’s earned everything she’s ever won, and then some. She deserves the accolades. And so does her family. Her father, Dale Lewis, never thought his daughter could be the number one golfer in the world. His dream for her was much more modest. “I just wanted her to play in one college golf tournament. That was it,” he said. When the RR Donnelley tournament volunteers stopped and congratulated him, he smiled shyly and said, “It’s not me, it’s my daughter.”


RESPECT IN THE BOARD ROOM. ADMIRATION ON THE COURSE. Whether you want to improve your game or increase your confidence on the course the TOURAcademy has the perfect program for you. Have all the confidence you need? Show your skill at one of our world renowned courses, and enjoy a stay and play experience. Let our expert Experience agents customize your golf adventure today, featuring Golf Schools, Golf Vacations and Group Events. Packages starting at $250

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La Costa

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By Golf Chick

Don’t Blame It On Luck Some would say I am unlucky. As I sit here writing these words, my left-casted leg is propped up due to the need for elevation. Approximately one month ago, I was doing some step-ups and heard a loud pop as if someone had taken a bat to the back of my calf. Since I was alone when this happened, I knew it was not a wooden object whapping my leg. Fast-forward two days; sitting in the Dr.’s office, he informed me I had a full tear of my Achilles tendon. Peachy. I’m off my foot for many days and weeks. Looks like my luck ran out. Or did it? I had everything to do with this injury, and perhaps there was a bigger purpose for it. So, what is my take on luck? After doing some real research on the matter, I have concluded that it does not exist. There is much more to luck and “un”luck than just coincidence. First, I need to discuss the idea of luck before I can launch into what this has to do with golf. Richard Wiseman, author of The Luck Factor, conducted a ten-year scientific study into the nature of luck, and it showed that people make their own good and bad fortune. He also noted that it is possible to enhance the amount of luck people encounter in their lives. In fact, he discovered four basic principles to people creating their luck in life. “They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.“ (Wise34

man) It sounds like luck is a state of mind that may be cultivated. Over the years he studied and interviewed countless numbers of people. Based on his findings, luck is not a magical ability or the result of random chance. “Although lucky and unlucky people have almost no insight into the real causes of their good and bad luck, their thoughts and behavior are responsible for much of their fortune.” Many people think that much of golf involves luck. If you are a scratch golfer, you might like to believe that. Maybe you constantly complain about the wind or your clubs or the clubhouse or the greens or that tree in the way of your shot. When your ball bounces off some foliage and jumps out-of-bounds, it’s not unlucky. On the contrary, if your shot sails right through the thickest tree on the course, it’s not luck. Apart from winning the daily draw for a tee time on the Old Course at St. Andrews, or weather issues, there is no such thing as luck in

somehow your countenance makes you nervous. That club and ball knows you feel this way and, like a dog, can sense your frustration. Now, they will not cooperate and you are getting angrier. You’ve let that “unlucky” shot get the best of you. All these reactions will hurt your golf game. Maybe you’d start to feel like the golf gods were against you or the course is mad at you. Either way, you would probably not be in the right frame of mind to play well and you’d start thinking more about your bad luck than the shot you’re about to hit. Conversely, good luck can positively impact your state of mind as well. According to Michael Agger of Slate Magazine, “(with extremely few exceptions) the top 20 finishers benefitted from some degree of luck. But again, according to Wiseman, “lucky people” are skilled (did you catch that?) at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations,

golf either! Think about it. You’re on the course, and you hit one of those “unlucky” shots. Next thing you know your mental state is agitated and Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

your grip, your speed….but maybe think strategy. Think of your thinking. The luckiest people I know are those who set themselves up to win big and do just that! So, the next time you are “unlucky” at your game, don’t blame it on luck – you caused the ball to react the way it did once it left your clubface. Take your penalty strokes and start gearing up for the next shot. That way, you won’t let an “unlucky break” undo your whole round. If luck exists or not, either way, the luck of the game will go your way if like, Wiseman concludes, you start cultivating the right state of mind. And me? I’m not unlucky; I need to re-think every little step I take. Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

WKP GWcover wrap ad 2_7.25x9.75 2/14/12 3:31 PM Page 1

All Day and All Night Escape to the Radisson Fort McDowell and We-Ko-Pa Golf Club.

Relax poolside. Enjoy the incredible spa. Then tee it up on the finest 36 golf holes in the Southwest. For Stay and Play Packages and to experience We-Ko-Pa and the Radisson, call (480) 789-5311, visit or visit For golf tee times, call (480) 836-9000 or visit L O C AT E D J U S T M I N U T E S F RO M S C OT T S D A L E I N F O RT M C D OW E L L , A R I Z O N A

© Lonna Tucker

and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.” Now, if it was complete luck involved, golfers like, Zach Johnson, Steve Stricker, Peter Hanson, Bo Van Pelt, and Carl Pettersson, would be winning more trophies. Why are they not? According to Fred Altvater of, these players have performed in the big events and have earned their status in the golf world but are just under the radar and have yet to win for “whatever reason.” If we could get inside their minds, maybe we could diagnose why. Graeme McDowell, not the usual household golfer name is being called “lucky.” Is he lucky? Just this past January, on the 18th hole at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship, McDowell hit his third shot far past the green only to see it bounce off the grandstand and roll back to just near a couple of feet of the cup. This Irishman would go on to birdie the hole. He had the “luck of the Irish.” The theory behind this slogan is many, but the Urban Dictionary defines the Irish as not necessarily luck they possess but an “attitude the Irish keep; they have a positive look at a bad situation. In fact, “The Irish didn’t survive a potato famine, and being treated as 3rd class citizens upon their arrival to the U.S. (till the mid-late 1900’s) by not having a positive outlook and a great sense of humor!”( It is true that golf is a psychological kick in the rear. Any of the top players, like Phil Mickelson, can bring his top golf skills to a tournament and lose. You wan watch all the Golf Channel you want, and be obsessed with your swing,

© Lonna Tucker

Radisson Fort McDowell Resort & Casino


stay & play

commerce to Prescott, the Inn belongs to the National Register of Historic Places. It is also a member of the prestigious Historic Hotels of America, which recognizes lodging that has maintained its architectural integrity

Mild winters, cool summer nights and

and ambiance for at least half a century.

sunshine more than 300 days a year

A downtown Prescott landmark for

make Prescott a haven for golfers. Five

more than eight decades, the hotel is

18-hole public courses (plus three pri-

widely known as a retreat for visitors

vate) offer varying degrees of challenge,

to escape their busy lives and soak up

and are affordably priced besides.

the friendly ambiance of ‘everybody’s

But why just play golf? Prescott is

hometown’. From the cheerful greet-

rated one of America’s Best Adventure

ing at reception, to the ride up the

Towns by National Geographic and now

vintage elevator, to touchdown on the

you can take advantage of the opportu-

plush, comfortable

nity by participating in the Hassayam-

bed, you are sure to

pa Inn Stay and Play offer this spring.

feel right at home.

With rates starting at $225 per

“StoneRidge Golf

couple, you receive a one night stay at

Course is one of

the famous and historic Hassayampa

the most beauti-

Inn, breakfast in the Peacock Room and

ful and challeng-

golf at the beautiful StoneRidge Golf

ing designs I have

Course (cart rental included).

ever created,” says

The Hassayampa Inn anchors the

course architect

historic district of Prescott, just steps

Randy Hecken-

from the legendary Yavapai County

kemper. The golf

Courthouse. Countless vintage post-

course is a desert/

cards show the Inn on one side and the

mountain hybrid

legendary Elks Theater on the other,

with picturesque

looking west on Gurley Street toward

desert views and

Thumb Butte. Arriving at the Hassay-

dramatic elevation

Course offer you the perfect weekend

ampa Inn on Gurley Street, visitors are

changes. Noted as the most majestic

getaway. After an exhilarating day

immediately struck by the charm of

course in the Prescott area, StoneRidge

touring the history of Prescott, a relax-

downtown Prescott and the bustling

provides players with a golf experi-

ing evening at the Hassayampa Inn and

vitality of the square and shops around

ence that is unforgettable and unlike

a challenging round of golf at StoneR-

Whiskey Row.

any other course in Northern Arizona.

idge, you can return home with a new

Founded after a gold rush and newly

The rolling hill design is unique. The

appreciation for Prescott, Arizona.

built railroad brought fortune and

scenery is incredible. The shots are

For more information, please visit

challenging. or call 928-

Hassayampa Inn and StoneRidge Golf

778-9434 (800-322-1927).

Whiskey Row

Stoneridge Hole #6 36

Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

By Leonard Finkel

improving performance

Bazooka Platinum Iron-Wood – Getting the Tour Edge


Imagine being able to hit your 3-iron

as easily as a 7-iron. With the Bazooka Platinum Iron-Wood hybrid, you can. Available individually or as a complete iron set, the club’s perimeter-weighted, oversized, hollow, hyper-steel head is an ideal iron replacement, making it easy to hit long, high shots that stop quickly on the green. Tour Edge was one of the first companies to introduce hybrid technology and has forged a trusted name as a producer of high-quality clubs. Every set is hand-assembled one at a time, yet sold at unbeatable prices. Featuring a truly progressive design, the Platinum long irons are shaped larger and more hybrid-like and the scoring clubs are thinner and resemble more traditional irons. The set is extremely playable no matter what distance you have to the flag. Two heavy tungsten sole weights make the Bazooka Platinum extremely forgiving. More weight below the ball means even offcenter hits fly longer and more accurately. Extra clubhead weight delivers a higher moment of inertia, allowing the club to resist twisting, producing more accurate shots. Combining a lightweight, superthin, forged crown and a hypersteel body, Bazooka Platinum clubs are especially easy to hit off tight lies, but also work very well from deep rough or bunkers, normally difficult lies for traditional long irons. The thin crown allows 20 grams of weight to be added to the sole, 38

dramatically lowering the club’s center of gravity to launch the ball higher. For enhanced distance, the face is thinned and incorporates three internal reinforcement bars for durability.

Independent Validation– PGA Tour Success Acceptance of hybrids has snowballed, even among PGA Tour players. In these days of pay for play on the PGA Tour, it’s almost impossible for midsize companies to get their clubs in the hands of players. Tour Edge rep Andy Harris says, “The way contracts are written these days with the bigname companies, there aren’t many players open to

versus the clubs they’re designed to be interchangeable with. Golf Digest wrote, “On average, shots from hybrids outperform their long-iron counterparts in distance and accuracy. About two of every three shots hit with hybrids flew further than those hit with the corresponding iron.” The article goes on to say, “Furthermore, hybrids on average were nearly 8 ft. closer to the target line. The hybrid hits were closer to the target line an average of three out of every four shots.” Golfers now have the option of mixing and matching hybrid and traditional clubs from a 1-iron through assorted wedges. These clubs are ideal for players of all skill levels. While better players may only replace their longer irons, based on performance benefits, mid to high handicappers may choose to go with an entire set. Lou Dionese (Carlsbad, CA) boasts, “I’m 81 now and hitting the ball better then ever with Tour Edge Iron-Woods. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t improve with these clubs. They’re fantastic!”

RISK-FREE TRIAL OFFER play other clubs, but our progress has been steady and sure. Since we pay no money to put clubs in play, players that use them have to be true believers. For the most part, they have not veered away from our products once they’ve put them in the bag.” Multiple studies validate company claims. Amateur golfers at the Golf Digest Schools at PGA National Resort & Spa tested the Tour Edge hybrids

For a limited time, purchase a #6 Platinum Iron-Wood at the special trial price of $39.99 - (free shipping / headcover included). Is there a better bargain? No way! If you’re not completely satisfied, return it within 30 days for a full refund. Satisfied golfers will be directed to the nearest retail location to purchase additional clubs. All Tour Edge clubs come with a lifetime warranty. Call 800-515-3343 or visit Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2


BRANDEL’S ALWAYS RULES FOR BRING FRIENDS WHO PAY SCOTTSDALE Laughs and good times are to be expected. But remember, a bet is a bet. GOLF When the time comes, make sure your friends pay up.

I Love Scottsdale Golf and I promise you will, too. Learn more about how we play the game and start your next Scottsdale golf adventure at

— Brandel Chamblee, Golf Channel analyst and quick on his feet

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The Longest and Most Forgiving Irons Mizuno’s Ever Created Mizuno has earned a well-deserved reputation for developing high quality, high performance forged irons for the world’s greatest players, including Stacy Lewis and Luke Donald. They expand upon the heritage of its high performance iron offering by enabling a wider range of golfers to experience the tour-proven performance.

JPX-825 Irons

Stacy Lewis’ recent win at the RR Donnelley LPGA Founders Cup in Phoenix, Arizona catapulted her to Top Performer status as well as the number one player in the world.

The new JPX-825 irons deliver exceptional ball speeds for explosive distance combined with the largest sweet area ever incorporated into a Mizuno iron for consistent distance, and most importantly, consistent results. To deliver this exceptional ball speed and explosive distance, Mizuno engineers created an extremely thin and hot face utilizing MAX COR Technology. This game-changing distance and expanded sweet area deliver the “Balanced Performance” that others simply can’t. Explosive distance WITH maximum forgiveness is what every golfer has been searching for, and the JPX-825 delivers. The JPX-825 is the ultimate combination of amazing distance, extreme forgiveness, and awesome feel that will help you play better, more consistent golf today. “No matter what level, every golfer wants to be more consistent and hit more great shots. The JPX-825’s were designed specifically to help a wide variety of golfers do just that,” said Dick Lyons, VP and General Manager, Mizuno USA, Inc. “Mizuno’s research and development team was able to create an enormous sweet area in the JPX-825’s, 15% larger than its predecessor the JPX-800, so that even shots you may not strike cleanly will still hold their distance and intended line. And the overall distance gains throughout the set will also be undeniable. The JPX825’s are going to help a lot of golfers play better golf.” Grain Flow Forged JPX-825 Pro Irons Additionally, the Grain Flow Forged JPX-825 Pro irons showcase how Mizuno is pushing the design limits. They took steps to greatly improve the look, feel, forgiveness and performance of these game improvement irons, utilizing feedback from players of all levels and advanced simulation tools. The JPX-825 Pro irons incorporate an en-


Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

hanced COR face design for increased distance while Grain Flow Forged 1025E “Pure Select” mild carbon steel provides a superior soft, solid and consistent feel. This iron sets features two unique designs to optimize performance for all facets of iron play. “When designing the JPX-825 Pros, we set out to create an iron that achieved greater forgiveness without making the head larger or sacrificing any feel, and these irons do just that,” said Dick Lyons, VP and General Manager, Mizuno USA, Inc. “This is an iron that will appeal to a wide variety of golfers as it provides the forgiveness on less than perfect shots that everyone is looking for, while providing the feel and workability of a player’s iron.”

MP-64 Irons The MP-64 irons are the company’s finest “player’s cavity” irons design. The full body Diamond Muscle Design in the Grain Flow Forged MP-64 delivers unparalleled long-iron forgiveness and enhanced control in the scoring irons. The MP-64 irons feature a flow cavity design that features a deeper cavity in the long irons for increased playability and a shallower cavity in the mid and short irons for enhanced control and workability. The sole delivers consistent turf interaction for predictable trajectory and an unmatched ability to control the ball off the clubface. “Serious golfers are constantly on the lookout for the next new iron that is going to give them an edge over the competition, and we believe the MP-64s fit the bill,” said Dick Lyons VP and General Manager, Mizuno USA, Inc. “Luke Donald played a crucial role in the design stage, providing valuable perspective that allowed us to create our best ‘player’ irons to date. If the feel and performance satisfy Luke, we’re confident we’ve created an iron that is going to perform for a lot of players.”

Mizuno’s Play Famously Campaign

Mizuno is helping golfers nationwide improve their game while offering the opportunity to be treated like a pro as an exclusive member of “Team JPX.” Play Famously will champion the cause and determination of the “everyman” golfer using Mizuno’s JPX-825 line of game-improvement irons. A 12-member team of Mizuno “game-improvement professionals” will be selected through an online contest at where golfers are encouraged to try the new JPX-825 irons at a participating retailer, and provide their feedback on the high performance game-improvement irons through a brief essay, photos and/or videos demonstrating their passion for the game and why they deserve to be on Team JPX.   ������������������������������������������������������� Winners receive a complete JPX-825 golf package including custom fit JPX-825 irons, JPX-825 woods, JPX wedges, a Mizuno staff bag personalized with their name, a season’s worth of Mizuno apparel and accessories and customized instruction from Team JPX’s “Swing Coach” and PGA Master Teacher, Dr. Gary Wiren. The Team JPX season will culminate with the ultimate tour experience at the JPX Invitational, the first “tour level” event for amateurs at the home of Mizuno’s R&D Center, the Country Club of the South in Atlanta.   The first eight members of Team JPX have already been selected, but applications for a coveted spot on Team JPX will be accepted through May 2013.  To see how the JPX825 irons stack up against the competition and learn more about the campaign, visit Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

Luke Donald, a UK native in his 13th season on the PGA Tour is also the Brand Ambassador for Mizuno. “Mizuno has a family atmosphere,” Donald said. As a Top Performer, Donald has spent 55 weeks as the number one player over the last two years.


what's new

Sometimes The Simple Things Make All The Difference Fresh off their Best New Product award at the 2013 PGA Merchandising Show, Cradlz is making an impact for golfer’s everywhere. And it’s one of those times you say ‘why didn’t I think of that’? Cradlz is the simplest of golf inventions that doesn’t teach you how to swing or attempt to correct what you are doing. It simply shows you what you are doing. For years, players of all levels have not had a ‘what am I doing?’ tool. The best golfers rely upon video to understand their golf swing and what

their golf swing is doing. Capturing your own swing with your phone video is something that is relatively recent in golf, but thanks to new technology and compact recording devices, everyone with a smartphone has the ability to record their swing. Cradlz was invented to allow simple and consistent video

recording from the same level. Use it during full swings and even putting to get the visual for what your swing is doing. The first thing great golfers will tell you is “feel isn’t real”. Just because you feel as if your swing is doing something doesn’t actually mean it is doing it. For that reason, it is important to know what your swing actually looks like. As fast as the golf swing is, it is virtually impossible to know what position your body and club are in unless you can see them slowed down. Cradlz is a simple $30 device that attaches to your alignment stick and makes recording a swing video much easier. It adjusts to different heights and different cell phone sizes, making it a breeze to use — no more asking your mates to hold your phone. This is a simple idea that works with little fuss. It is a must-have for those who want to work with their instructors remotely, or golfers who like to analyze their own swing. Now, you can have the same real time information professional golfers use by using your smartphone and Cradlz. Cradlz is relevant. This simple device opens the door to every golfer. Cradlz is fully adjustable so it works with any cell phone on the market. From iPhones to Androids, Cradlz is adjustable from 2” to 3.25” allowing you to use even with

a case on. They are also working on a prototype for iPads and other larger devices. If you want to know more about this great tool, go to Check out the Players page to see what Pro’s are using Cradlz and what they are saying about it.

HOW TO USE • Set stick location approximately 10' directly in line with target (distance varies by phone). • Push alignment rod into ground. • Snap Cradlz onto stick at desired height. A good location for swing recording is at hand height prior to swing. For putting, lower Cradlz roughly to ground level. • Select preferred recording application on the phone or just use the standard video recorder. • Insert phone into jaw opening of Cradlz. • Slide the left jaw until Cradlz teeth lock into place securing your phone. • Press record. • Swing.


Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2


The First Tee is having an impact on millions of young people one at a time, shaping their lives by helping them learn values like responsibility, respect and perseverance through the game of golf. At The First Tee, young people learn these core values, life skills and more that will help them succeed in school and beyond. Help The First Tee reach 10 million more young people by donating today. Visit

swing thoughts header

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails... And now we can add Deer Antlers to the list of what little boys are made of. Who only knows what the next drug enhancement item will be; goose lips? Bat wing fur? Rhinoceros dung? It’s no secret that we live in a fast paced world and that has conditioned most of us to be impatient. We want results and answers NOW. Not next week, not next month and certainly not next year. Add in social pressure, contract negotiations and personal drive and you have a just created an Alice in Wonderland type cocktail bidding you to drink or eat. Taking any of these enhancements is better known as ‘doping’. Remember when doping was a bad thing? It meant you were doing something illegal and potentially harmful. Oh wait, it still means that. But now, it’s socially acceptable—or at least explainable. We have laws and regulations. We sign waivers saying we won’t do it. We swear on a stack of Bibles that we haven’t. We figure out ways to scam the tests. We have our five minutes of fame. And then we crumble. Who is the ‘we’? At this point, the most notable are sports figures. There was the infamous baseball era that brought it to light and then it has trickled its way into just about every other sport out there. Of course, the Lance Armstrong incident

was probably the grandest scam of all. And now we see it in golf. There are a myriad of excuses out there why people dope. Athletes are encouraged, wrongly advised or even manipulated into using a banned substance to enhance their skillset. And in general, the public knows their sports hero(s) are participating—it’s pretty obvious when one guy is soooo much better than the hundreds of others in his field—it’s only a matter of time before it becomes public folly. But when does it become an issue? Afterall, if someone wants to spray deer antler juice up their nose (or however it is applied) and it doesn’t affect me, why should I care? It’s only another personal choice or

option in the uber-liberal society we are becoming. At least until it actually does affect you. Perhaps your hero athlete has shown remarkable improvement in their skills from some enhancement performing drug and you decide to give it a go. Next thing you know, you have cancer of the nose from inhaling it. Now you are most certainly against it and appalled at the society we have become that would allow this type of thing to be sold to the general public and you want to sue everyone. Blah, 44

blah, blah. What happened to good, old fashioned hard work, diligence, positive mindset and mental focus? Gone are the days where parents raise their children with these values. And with it goes the possibility of an average athlete becoming a true all-star. Oh sure, they might rise to the top faster with enhancements, their time of glory will be sweet with the accolades of the best ever in history, but the fall is fast and hard and a lifetime of regret and illeffects plague them. And all for what? Probably money. A better option might be to ponder the risks involved vs. the money to be made. Sure, competing for a $6 million dollar purse or a ring or a trophy is enticing and your mind starts spinning about how you can be better than everyone else. But does that necessarily mean you want to risk it all—and we do mean ALL—for something that sounds like it shouldn’t be ingested (worm extract, dimethyl sulfoxide, pig brain extract, etc.), is not approved by the FDA, is banned in play of your sport that you love and comes with the stipulation that you keep it on the down low by lying about it to everyone you know? If you are a risk taker and your answer is ‘why not’ rather than ‘why’, then beware of your desire to focus more on the immediate results of fame and glory rather than long term success and the thrill of actual play. If you are one of those people who will say on their death bed that they wished they cheated more to get ahead, then enjoy your short ride. Sure, it’s possible you may never get caught, but people will know. And, you will know. That alone should be enough to motivate you to do it the right way. Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

By Karen Palacios-Jansen

header golf fit

Don’t Limit Your Turn One of the most common swing faults among higher handicappers is lack of rotation in the shoulders and torso during the golf swing. Many golfers end up just lifting or swinging their arms, not turning, during the golf swing, limiting their power and distance. Compare to professional golfers who have massive torso and shoulder turns. To create your maximum turn, you must be flexible and strong enough to get your body in the correct position. If your body is physically incapable of

getting into the correct position, no amount of ball hitting will help you; in fact, you will just keep ingraining the incorrect move. Doing a few exercises and drills to free up your torso and shoulders should help you improve your turn.

Off-Course Drill Most great ball strikers, and I say most, because there are always exceptions to the rule, sweep the club back letting the core muscles, including the

shoulders, upper back, abdominals, and oblique’s as the hips resist initiate the backswing. The idea is to push the club back away from the ball, as opposed to just lifting the club up to the top with the hands and arms. This sweep is what is called the “classic one piece takeaway”. The shoulders turn and arms stay connected to the body. Here is an easy drill you can do at home or at the gym to train your muscles:

Step 1: Stand in your golf stance. Step on a stretch band with your left foot and hold the other end as if you were gripping a golf club.

Step 2: Start your backswing by stretching the band. Extend your arms and turn your shoulders to feel a good stretch in your core. Return to start and repeat for 10 to 12 repetitions.

To start your backswing sweep the club back using core muscles as the hips resist as opposed to just lifting the club with the hands and arms.



Karen Palacios-Jansen is an LPGA Class A Teaching Professional and a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in Golf Fitness. For more information visit


Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

G o l f . . . and a whole lot more Surrounded by majestic mountain views and the stunning High Sonoran Desert on the outskirts of Scottsdale, Ariz., Rio Verde is a private golf community like no other. Featuring two championship golf courses, an abundance of social activities and an elegant 27,000 square-foot clubhouse that serves as the cornerstone of the community’s social scene, Rio Verde is one of the premier active adult golf communities in Arizona. Call (877) 746-8373 for more information about Rio Verde Country Club’s special membership offers or to arrange a complimentary tour of the courses and facilities during your next visit to the Valley of the Sun.

18731 East Four Peaks Blvd., Rio Verde, AZ 85263

(877) 746-8373

for your health

Snacks to Attack the Back Nine Leaving the house with a healthy meal under your belt, doesn’t mean your work is done! A day on the course requires that you keep your body fueled and your mind sharp for the long haul. Too often golfers think of snacks as something they throw in their bag or grab at the turn. Unfortunately, many snack choices are processed foods high in sugar and or refined carbs, such as pretzels, crackers, cookies, granola bars, etc. In addition, they’re usually low in quality protein and natural fats. Consuming such nutritionally inadequate foods will give you a good chance of riding the bogey

train on the back nine! Make a commitment to consuming more nutritionally balanced, whole foods. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Plan ahead and enjoy delicious treats that provide consistent energy and maximum focus. Start by replacing refined carbs such as pretzels with simple whole foods like walnuts. Stop focusing on calories and start focusing on nutrients. Make it your goal to consistently choose whole foods over processed products. Always read labels and, although it might seem obvious, avoid foods containing words you can’t pronounce. Enjoy snacks with natural

fats, like avocado, nuts, nut butters, seeds, etc. Sustainable energy is NOT about eating low-fat, but rather finding low-sugar alternatives. If you like something that has a bit of sweetness, try including some fresh fruit. Always balance carbs with protein and fat when possible. Fat lowers the glycemic load of any type of carbohydrate, meaning the sugar from that food enters the blood at a much slower rate. The lower the glycemic load of the food, the better. Fat also provides high satiation, keeping you full long after you eat so you can focus on the shot at hand instead of your growling stomach.

Pack From Home Almond Butter with Apple, Cucumber or Celery Beef Jerky + Walnuts + Pear Cheese + Apple + Ham Chicken + Olives + Hummus + Carrots Hardboiled Eggs + Guacamole + Tomato Organic Peanut Butter + Celery Red Pepper + Carrots Sticks + Olive Oil + Balsamic Yogurt + Blueberries + Pecans At The Turn Beef jerky, mini bag of walnuts and a pear Sausage, couple slices of cheese & an apple Tuna on 1 slice of sourdough with tomato & avocado

Check out CNK for more delicious ways to improve your health at 48

Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

it’s all in the


Visit or call these courses to learn about special savings and benefits you can receive when you buy a summer pass from any of these spectacular courses. Each course has a unique card member program that helps you save the most at your home course and much, much MORE!



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youngheader guns

Yesong Han Who is your favorite PGA tour professional? My favorite PGA golfer is

Korey and Yesong Han

AZ Golf Central Magazine loves to meet a Young Gun who not only has the golf talent but also has a head on their shoulders and a goal in mind. This issue we chatted with Yesong Han. She recently won the JGAA Thunderbird Invitational at Papago Golf Course and has signed a letter-of-intent to play college golf at Colorado State University this fall. According to Han, “I started golf after I realized softball was not going to take me anywhere. I was not the best hitter or the best catcher, so it was going to be very difficult for me to shine my way through that sport. I had trouble with my hand-eye coordination and I hated playing mid-field. That is when my dad had his epiphany. There would be no other sport easier to handle than a solo sport. Now, I’m not saying golf is easy, it’s far from it! I’m saying that it would be easier to thrive and take responsibility of myself then a whole team. Don’t get me wrong, I believe sportsmanship is a crucial quality to have in a player. I like to joke around, but on the course, it’s all seriousness.” Han has been with JGAA for about 4 years and has nothing but high regards for the organization. “The staff is the friendliest I have ever met. I love that I can just email Melanie about golf questions and she’d email me back no later than the next day. The girls that play in the organization are like sisters to me. I feel like it is a family reunion every time we show up for a tournament. Hugging and laughing at past times. Just takes the first tee jitters out of me.”

Ben Crane because he is exactly like me. He is serious and concentrated when it is game day but is goofy and crazy after. I watch all his YouTube videos. I love that his family comes first to him and that he finds the light in every situation. I would LOVE to meet him. I think our conversation would be interesting.

If you could pick any foursome to be a part of, who would be the other three? If I could pick any foursome to play in, I would include my dad, Na Yeon Choi, and Tiger Woods.

What is your favorite tournament on the PGA tour? My favorite golf tournament is the Phoenix Waste Management. It is so close to home and the 16th hole is the best place to be.

What are your future ambitions in the game of golf? My ambitions in golf are to win at least 4 majors in the LPGA tour as a professional. I set my goal ever since I took my first swing. Kraft Nabisco Championship, U.S. Woman’s Open, Titleholders Championship, and the Western Open are my main goals.

Who are your mentors or role models and why? My role model for life and golf

would have to be my dad, Korey Han. He is the most hardworking and determined man I know. He came to America to live the dream and even though we don’t live in mansions or drive BMWs we live comfortably and we live life.

Do you currently play on a school golf team? My high school season is already over but I played for Cibola Raiders from freshman year to junior year and changed to Hamilton Huskies my senior year. I placed fourth in state and as a team, second.

How old are you and does anyone else in your family play golf? I am 18 years old turning 19 in July. My dad is the only person in my family who plays golf. He is the only reason I started.

What is your most memorable moment in golf? My most memorable moment in golf would have to be on the 18th hole of the Thunderbird Junior Invitational when I had a 5-footer for par to win by 1 stroke.

What is the most favorite club in your bag and what clubs do you use? My most favorite golf club in my bag would have to be my 8 iron. I always hit solid when I have my 8 iron in my hand. I play Taylormade Rocketbladez.

When did you start the game of golf? I started playing golf in ninth grade for Cibola High School. That was the first year I went out to play in JGAA. I won the 15-18 division for the Yuma City Championship. They went on to win the Mesa City Championship. 50

Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

your pro knows

By Courtney Mahon Photos by Greg Dunivant

How to Hit a Fried Egg Splash!

You hit your approach shot ful-

ly confident that it would drop straight

down the flagstick, until a small gust

the majority of your weight toward

of wind knocks your ball down and it

your front foot. A strong base will

plugs in the front bunker. The majority

make it easier for your upper body to

of golfers dread a normal bunker shot,

aggressively rotate around your lower

let alone the fried egg.

body. The ball position should favor

Here are a couple key points to pop

the middle of your stance with the

that fried egg out of the bunker and get

clubface square to slightly closed. Start

up and down for par:

by making a full backswing, incor-

Start by creating a wide stance, with

porating in a slightly steeper angle of approach in your downswing, and finishing the swing with an abbreviated follow through. The goal is to hit about an inch behind the ball, using the leading edge of your wedge to pop the ball out of the buried lie.

There is no need

to flip this fried egg! 52

Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2



The TRUTH behind the Wilson Staff DUO MYTH

Low compression is for players with slow swing speeds.


Low compression is for ALL players who want a playable soft feeling ball with optimal spin for short and long range.



A ball with soft feel compromises your distance game.


Wilson Staff DUO Soft gives you both. Our golf ball is formulated to fly as long as any other ball while maintaining its soft feel.

MORE DISTANCE. MORE FEEL.™ Scan code with your smartphone to get Custom Fit


women in golf

OB Sports Golf Management recently appointed Marisa Fallone to the newly created position of Regional Director of Special Events. She is in charge of boosting special-event business as well as providing guest services for a number of golf clubs managed by OB Sports throughout the Southwest including in Arizona, California and Nevada. “Social gatherings of various sizes and shapes have always occupied a large part of the activities calendar at our golf facilities,” said Phil Green, CEO of OB Sports Golf Management. “We feel that Marisa is the right person to oversee and improve the bottom line for the clubs while also leveraging her experience to provide a first-class experience for guests.” Fallone joined the OB Sports team after working a year at The Lafayette Hotel in San Diego, California as Director of Sales and Marketing. Before that, she spent over a decade at various positions with Troon Golf, most recently as Food & Beverage Marketing Manager where she oversaw the sales and marketing efforts for the food and beverage outlets at nearly 40 clubs. AZ Golf Central Magazine took some time to get to know Marisa and we were refreshed by her perspective on the game and the industry. “Although I’ve been in the golf industry for almost 11 years I’m still a terrible golfer!”, says Fallone. “And although this may be shocking to some of your readers, I don’t mind that I’m bad. I score myself with smiley faces. This helps my pace of play, because I pick up my ball if things aren’t going well. I play golf because I enjoy the scenery and have fun whacking the ball around. I think more beginners should just pick up a set of clubs and play to have fun! Forget the rules for a minute and just enjoy the people you’re with and the setting around you. Golf doesn’t have to be intimidating.

What made you want to enter the golf industry on the business side?


wasn’t exactly something I sought out; I was just looking for a part-time job after moving to Arizona when I was 19. Staying in the golf industry has been a choice though for many reasons, but mostly because it’s like a family. It’s a very tight knit community that at the end of the day shares a common goal – to grow the game of golf. Even as someone who doesn’t play often, this has become a passion of mine too. The game has provided me with a 54

Do you have a favorite course here in the valley? Troon North Golf Club holds sentimental value for me since it was the first club I worked at and the first course I played. However, I’ve really enjoyed visiting all of the OB Sports properties now that I’m a part of their team and am looking forward to playing them!

Aside from golf, what do you prefer for fun and relaxation? I’m kind of a foodie, so I really enjoy trying new restaurants! I also like to go to the resorts in Scottsdale for a cocktail every now and then and pretend I’m on vacation for a few hours.

Marisa Fallone

What three people would you most like to play with in your fantasy foursome? Rickie Fowler, Charles Barkley & Alice Cooper – Tell me that wouldn’t be a fun day!

What was your best golf shot ever?

fulfilling career and lifetime friends and for that I want to see the industry grow and become more successful.

When it comes to the game what do you see as the future? I think that there will be an alternative way to play the game that will appeal to all experience levels and be more social. Like bowling – you see people with awful skills bowling all the time. It’s a game that is quick to play, unintimidating, social and fairly inexpensive. The traditional game will never change but it won’t be the only way to play.

If you could change one thing about the game of golf or the industry today, what would it be? In general, there is a lot of focus on the game’s core golfer (baby boomer men) and youth golfers, but I’ve felt for a while now that the industry as a whole has overlooked the millennial generation (late teens-early 30s). This generation is coming into buying power and is extremely influential, but our consumer behaviors are drastically different than other generations. This is a topic I can go on for days about but the reality is it’s a missed opportunity and something that could have a profound effect on the industry as the boomers age.

Ha! Well, it was the first time I parred a hole (mind you after 2-3 years of having played golf). I was playing in Vegas, which was exciting because I had a view of the strip in front of me and the mountains behind me. On one of the par 4s I hit a great shot off the tee. I think because I was so happy with my shot my confidence was high and I played the rest of the hole really well. That hole for me holds that same meaning as a hole-in-one must to the avid golfer – I’ll never forget it.

Who is your favorite PGA tour professional? Rickie Fowler. He represents the younger generation of golfers – he expresses his personal style and has made golf more relevant with things like the “Golf Boys” videos.

What is your favorite tournament on the PGA tour? The Waste Management Phoenix Open – obviously! Next question. What is the most favorite club in your bag and what clubs do you use? Anyone that gets it airborne!

For those that do not know you, what is the one thing that you really want them to really know about you? I’m a total marketing geek and I’m obsessed with Vegas. I love researching marketing trends and trying to find campaigns that inspire me – and more often than not Vegas is my muse. There is a never-ending source of creativity coming from the businesses in Las Vegas which helps me to continue to find ways to think outside the box. Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

What would you do if you lost your child and you didn’t have the PRQH\WRSD\IRUWKHIXQHUDORUEXULDO" Unfortunately there are many grieving families who are unable to pay for their child’s funeral or burial. That’s because the average funeral costs $6,000 and can easily exceed $10,000 (according to the Federal Trade Commission).

And in Arizona alone, there were roughly 950 childhood deaths under the age of eighteen – 58% of those deaths were to children under one year of age (according to the Arizona Department of Health Services 2009 statistics).

Taken Too Soon helps relieve the financial burden on grieving families. We need your help. Every dollar you donate goes towards burying a child. We never want to turn a grieving family away, so please call 480-497-3292 or visit our website to make a donation.

Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

We are a 501c3 non-profit. Tax ID#: 27-3113082


grip it & sip it

Take the Mystery and Intimidation Out Of the Tasting Room Jimbo the Wino My wine brethren,

I’m frequently approached by “newbie” wine drinkers about the subject of wine tasting and more specifically what to do when visiting a wine tasting room. It seems, just the thought of entering that Mecca of high brow and opulence provides for a staggering amount of intimidation along with the fear of looking stupid. Fear not! Wine tasting and the subsequent rooms these wines reside in should NEVER convey that feeling; instead you should have a feeling of discovery, joy and accomplishment. Yes, I know, there are self-important wine snobs and know everything’s at almost every tasting room you could go to. (And you know who you are) Simply pay no attention to them and focus on your taste buds. To my well healed aficionados of wineology, this is not for you. No, this is for our fledgling winos – my new sisters and brothers of winehood. Because golf and wine transcend all things according to me, I am here to offer tasting room protocol which you can use confidently and with purpose! First, when you arrive at your tasting room destination, look around to enjoy the setting, the ambiance, and the smells. You’ll never forget them, I promise. Perhaps this particular tasting room has a special “Flight” offer. Maybe even a food pairing to go along. Think of your favorite happy hour stomping ground to gain comfort – kind of the same thing – spirits and appetizers. As you walk boldly to the tasting bar,


you’ll be greeted by the most accommodating “host” who will pour your succulent juice. Introduce yourself and ask their name, it goes a long way. While they’re imparting their knowledge and describing the specific varietal you’re sipping, pay attention because they will notice. That concentrated attention to detail may get you an extra perk at the end if they believe you care. Now for the tasting protocol. The host will take you through their flight of wines. It can be, say, five to six different types or “varietals” as they’re referred to. Each varietal pour will be about 2 ounces or so. Once the pour is in the glass, grab the stem between your second and third fingers and begin to swirl your glass gently. I mention gently. Avoid using the same torque as you would from the par 5 Tee Box. Instead, think 8 foot pitch to green. Why? Is it because it’s cool looking? No. What you’re doing is uniting your wine with air. In this particular case, air is your wine’s friend. Compare it to this. Think of a flower closed up on a chilly spring morning, hugging itself to keep all of its parts protected. However, once the Sun and warm showers rain on it, the flower opens wide to show its beauty and wonderful fragrance. It’s the same thing with wine. The juice has been captive inside the bottle for quite some time. Once opened, the air grabs all those magnificent components and brings them to life. As a matter of fact, the wine will keep getting better the more it is exposed to the elements outside its bottle. Your second step is to raise the glass to your face on an angle and stick your nose in the glass, at the top, not the bottom. Why? You’re trying to identify the flavors of the wine by smell, which gather at the top. Plus, the alcohol portion of the wine seeks the path of least resistance and therefore shoots through the bottom of the glass frying

your nostrils to smithereens if you whiff down there. While your nose is in the glass, close your eyes and reminisce all the smells you’ve enjoyed throughout your life. It could one of many fond memories and there really isn’t a wrong response because this is your time and your wine. Your third step is the taste. This is where you marry your smell to your taste buds. Now honestly, I’ve heard wine described in some pretty unbelievable ways such as, “Pencil Lead”, “Cigar Box”, “Baby Fat”, even “Scorched Earth” by the masters of wineology. I can tell you that I have never once drove past one of our famous brush fires, screeched to a halt, leaped out, patted down the flames then slammed it in my mouth for the fabulous scorched earth taste. Seriously? And baby fat? Can’t you go to jail for that? Goodness! Nevertheless, that’s how far you can go. At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember, my newbies, is that the perfect wine for you is the one that taste best to YOU. If you follow that rule, you will always be happy. Oh, and one other little tip. DO NOT drink the entire poured sample of every glass. If you do and combine that with, say, four tasting appointments, you will be buying wine you’ll hate when it gets home. EVERYTHING tastes great after the second tasting. Not to mention you may forget your name and address. OK, time for my newbie wine of the month selection. Since most of you are just getting started, I suggest “Menage a Trios, California Table Red” from Trinchero Estate Winery. As far as I’m concerned, it is the best bottle of wine under $10 on the planet. It’s an easy to drink, smooth blend that has a chocolate-cherry finish. It’s yummy with or without food and a terrific wine to start any evening. Salute! You can reach Jimbo at

Jimbo The Wino

Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2

With Ménage à Trois, loyal consumers “can’t get enough of a good thing” and have been asking for more. As a result, the portfolio now boasts eight varietals. Each Ménage à Trois wine has its own distinct taste in addition to its very own “attitude.” Ménage à Trois wines are made in the heart of Napa Valley wine country, so you can visit the tasting room, try the wines, and if you are really lucky, maybe even take one (or three) home with you. Located on Highway 29, just north of Yountville, guests are invited to come enjoy the beautiful grounds and bring a picnic lunch.

VINEYARDS & WINEMAKING Ménage à Trois red brings together three strange bedfellows: Zinfandel, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. To add complexity and retain character, each variety was fermented separately, then blended together prior to bottling. On top we’ve got Zinfandel, a saucy tease that brings blackberry and raspberry jam to the relationship. Merlot, with its generous mouth feel and red fruits, fits perfectly in the middle. The rich flavors and firm tannins of Cabernet Sauvignon make it the ideal candidate for the bottom layer of the trio.

TASTING NOTES 2008 Red Composition: Zinfandel, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon Oak: French and American The 2008 Ménage à Trois exposes the fresh, ripe, jam like fruit that is the calling card of California wine. Forward, silky and soft, this delicious dalliance makes the perfect accompaniment for grilled meats or chicken.

Grip it and Sip it.

Arizona Golf Central • Volume 3, Issue 2


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