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4th of July Cart Parade Madness

Ah, the 4th of July. A time for grilling, fireworks, and of course, golf cart parades. That's right, folks, nothing screams patriotism quite like decking out your golf cart in red, white, and blue and parading it around the neighborhood.

But let's be real, 4th of July golf cart parades are not for the faint of heart. These events are fiercely competitive, with participants spending weeks (or even months) planning and preparing their carts for the big day. We're talking about everything from custom paint jobs to pyrotechnics displays.

Of course, no golf cart parade is complete without crazy costumes. And we're not just talking about Uncle Sam hats and American flag t-shirts. We're talking about full-on, head-to-toe costumes that would make Lady Gaga blush. Picture this: a golf cart decked out to look like the Statue of Liberty, with a rider dressed up as Lady Liberty herself, complete with a torch and

crown. It's the kind of thing that dreams (or nightmares) are made of.

But despite the craziness and competitiveness, there's something undeniably heartwarming about 4th of July golf cart parades. It's a time when neighbors come together to celebrate their love for their country (and their love for golf carts, of course). It's a time when we can put aside our differences and focus on what unites us: our shared love for America and our shared desire to make our golf carts as ridiculous as possible.

So, if you're looking for a good laugh and a healthy dose of patriotism this 4th of July, check out a local golf cart parade. And who knows, you might just get inspired to deck out your own golf cart and join the fray. Just be prepared for some fierce competition and some even fiercer costumes. God bless America, and God bless golf carts.

We hope you enjoy this July 2023 edition of Golf Carting Magazine. 14


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Use your head and enjoy the ride!

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latestindustrynews 18


Since this is an article on AI, I thought it would only be right if AI wrote it, via ChatGPT. But before I let loose on what it has to say, I thought I would interject some of my own thoughts at the start and along the way. To begin with, I just want to say that I am no expert on AI, and I began looking into it just over a month ago. But in this short amount of time, I have seen the real advantages of what AI is capable of doing, not just in my field of graphic design and publishing, but how it can have far reaching advantages throughout many industries starting now. All I know is it is both scary and exciting how AI will impact our daily lives. Scary in the way that it's fast and it produces damn good results and keeps improving

itself every second of every day. Exciting in the same way that it's scary. While the results are great, I do believe that it still needs that human touch to finish or oversee the end results. Take this article for instance. While it's good, it's not exactly how I would have written it. And to be fair, it only produces what input it receives from you via prompts that you input. So it requires human input before it can begin to give you any output. Asking AI the right questions or having it ask your questions to help it write the article that suits your needs is possible, but it is also time consuming, which defeats the purpose. I could have kept asking it questions and telling it to add this or that and could have produced a more polished article. But I thought 22

I would just see what type of info it would produce. And by the way, it took AI less time to write this article than it would take for you to look at your phone to see who is calling you. For images, it takes a little better skill to produce quality images that you are happy with. All of these images in this article were produced with AI. Through the magic of keying in the right prompts you can get a product that is close to what you are imagining but never just quite right. But like ChatGPT, you can keep refining a chosen image until it is satisfactory to you. I guess I should tell you what AI I used to produce most of these images. I started off with Midjourney which runs through Discord, for what reason I don't know, but I'm finding out that there are other AI platforms that use

Discord as well.

As of now, images that are produced are not suitable to print for magazine publication, posters and similar due to the resolution output (more resolution equals more detail at larger sizes). But you can run the lower resolution images through another AI program that I have been using for some time to upscale low-resolution images. This image on this page has been created through Midjourny and upscaled through Topaz Gigapixel AI at 4x the original. While it does a great job, it's not as good as an image that would be generated at this size. A photo from a digital camera would give you the results you want as well as creating an illustration at this size.

When asking AI to create a golf cart, it really wants to create a VW Golf car. I found that asking it to create any other golf cart than a Yamaha golf cart it will produce undesired results and on occasion the cart will look like a VW Golf car with a VW circle badge. For these images, the prompt went something like this: "red lowered Yamaha golf cart with big wheels racing sliding sideways on the city streets with neon city light, action tires spinning, cityscape, octane render, hyper-realistic, high definition, photorealistic". I added “lowered” because it wants to create a cart that is higher than a stock cart. For everything else, just set the scene for the cart.

I had a blast creating golf cart images to show what the possibilities are. I wish I could show you the over 500 images I created. AI will create pretty much anything you can imagine. I have always loved cartoons, so I thought I would have it simulate my favorite video game, Donkey Kong.

Then I decided to have it create an image that is somewhat still relative today, so I prompted it to create a golf cart with a Minecraft theme. The cool thing about AI is it will never create the same image twice, so even if you don't change the prompt, it will still give you completely different results.

Most AI platforms create four images. Of those four images you can choose as many as you like to upscale (make the image higher resolution). You can also choose one that you like and have AI make slight variations of the image you selected.

Now, let's move on to the article generated by ChatGPT based on my request. See below.

GCMAG - Write an article on AI, its short history and how it is becoming the next most productive tool today. Also, write about how AI is impacting the automotive industry -- specifically golf

When creating images like this, my prompt was: "the most technically advanced electric golf cart for 2080, futuristic city background". Prompts can be as simple or as complex as you want. You can even get specific with the art style, photographer, movie director, etc. to help you create your image.

carts -- and how AI is helping the overall form and function, that is, if AI is doing this. You may have to do some research on the golf cart industry. Has it impacted designers in helping them design the next best golf cart or NEV? When do you think the golf cart industry will be totally integrated with AI? What are the pros and cons of AI to the world? 24


Title: AI: A Brief History and its Emergence as the Next Productivity Powerhouse


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, establishing itself as one of the most influential and productive tools across various industries. In this article, we will delve into the short history of AI, its significant impact on the automotive industry, particularly in the context of golf carts, and explore the ways AI is shaping design and functionality. Additionally, we will examine the pros and cons of AI on a global scale.


AI has a rich history dating back to the 1950s when early pioneers explored the concept of "thinking machines." Over time, AI evolved through several stages, including rule-based programming, expert systems, and machine learning. The advent of big data, advanced algorithms, and increased computational power fueled the rapid development of AI, leading to breakthroughs in deep learning and neural networks, enabling systems to learn from data and make intelligent decisions.


AI has made substantial strides in the automotive industry, with golf carts serving as a fascinating case study. While the

golf cart industry is relatively niche, AI has demonstrated its potential in enhancing the form and function of these vehicles.

A. DESIGN AND FUNCTIONALITY: AI algorithms, coupled with computer-aided design (CAD) software, are transforming the design process of golf carts. AI can assist designers in generating innovative concepts, optimizing aerodynamics, and improving overall ergonomics, resulting in more advanced and visually appealing golf cart designs.

B. ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: AI can optimize energy consumption and improve performance in golf carts. Through data analysis and machine learning algorithms, AI can optimize battery usage, predict maintenance requirements, and even recommend efficient driving routes for improved performance and longevity.

C. SAFETY AND AUTONOMOUS CAPABILITIES: AI-driven sensors and computer vision systems have the potential to significantly enhance safety in golf carts. These technologies can detect obstacles, pedestrians, and other vehicles, enabling collision avoidance and creating the foundation for autonomous capabilities in golf carts.


While AI has made considerable strides in the golf cart industry, complete integration will likely take time. The implementation of AI technologies in golf carts depends on factors such as technological advancements, regulatory

How about a future golf cart created in steampunk style? Regardless of the style, location, year, weather conditions, mode, photographer, art, realistic, 3D style, line drawing, concept sketch, cartoon and the hundreds of other styles or instances you can think of, AI can create it. Scary!

This is one of my favorite images AI has created. It reminds me of the ‘80s movie Short Circuit, or more recently WALL-E from Pixar Films. It looks like a crazy robot stole a golf cart and kept it running with scrap parts found around the city.

While I don't know how advanced golf cart manufacturers are, they would be crazy not to use AI to help them design future golf carts. These are just a few concept sketches I had AI produce. I don't know about you, but these are more appealing to me than most of the current model offerings, and these were all created within a minute’s time.



I. INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY: AI enables automation, streamlining workflows, and enhancing productivity across industries, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency.

II. ADVANCED DECISION-MAKING: AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data and generate actionable insights, facilitating more informed and accurate decision-making.

III. IMPROVED SAFETY AND ACCESSIBILITY: AI-powered systems can enhance safety, reduce accidents, and make technology more accessible to a wider range of individuals.


I. JOB DISPLACEMENT: The automation potential of AI raises concerns about job displacement and the need for reskilling or upskilling workers to adapt to changing job requirements.

II. ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS: AI raises ethical concerns regarding privacy, bias, and the responsible use of AI systems. Safeguards must be in place to prevent the misuse or abuse of AI technologies.

I had AI create some sinister carts based on the Pixar movie Toy Story, and again, these are just really good and really fast concepts that would take hours to produce in today's traditional methods.

frameworks, and consumer acceptance. While it is challenging to predict an exact timeline, it is reasonable to expect a gradual integration of AI into golf carts over the next decade as the technology matures.

III. DEPENDENCY AND SECURITY RISKS: Over-reliance on AI systems can lead to potential vulnerabilities and security risks. Ensuring robust security measures and safeguards against malicious use is crucial.


AI's journey from its early roots to its current state as a transformative force has been remarkable. The impact of AI on the automotive industry, including the golf cart sector, is already visible. 26
For some reason, I thought this would make a great t-shirt design. AI really has my mind spinning, and from the short time I have used AI, the options seem to be endless. I can't wait to see what else I can use AI for and the benefits it will produce in my line of work. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the AI future.


EEqualizing your flooded lead-acid batteries is an important element of proper maintenance that helps extend battery life and improves performance.

Equalization is an intentional, controlled over-charge given to fully charged batteries. It has many benefits. It mixes the electrolyte to prevent stratification, or acid concentration that is greater at the bottom of the battery than at the top. This produces a more uniform electrolyte. It helps prevent or reverse sulfation by converting those sulfate crystals that are too hard or large for daily charging. Finally, equalization ensures that your batteries are always at their highest state of charge and can provide maximum capacity.

To be most effective, equalization should be performed at regular intervals. Trojan Battery Company recommends equalizing its flooded lead-acid batteries every 30 days. (See your User’s Guide for specific information on your vehicle.) Other indications that an equalization charge is required are when the specific gravities of all cells are below 1.235 or when a wide range of specific gravities exists among the cells.

Before equalizing, ensure that your batteries are flooded lead-acid – not AGM or gel – and follow these steps:

• Remove all loads from the batteries.

• Check electrolyte levels to ensure that the plates are

covered. If they aren’t, add just enough deionized or distilled water so the plates are covered.

• Secure vent caps.

• Fully charge the battery.

• Ensure the room has adequate ventilation to accommodate the additional amount of gases produced during equalization.

• Set the charger to equalization mode and plug it into the vehicle. If your charger does not have an equalization mode, contact the charger manufacturer to get specific equalization instructions.

• Use a hydrometer to measure specific gravity every hour.

• Stop the equalization charge when the specific gravities are the same for two consecutive readings.

• Check electrolyte levels again and add deionized or distilled water to the max level.

Some chargers automatically perform equalization with no action required. Contact the charger manufacturer if you are unsure whether your charger is equipped with this function. Visit Trojan Battery Company to learn more about flooded lead-acid and all our products, including Trojan AES, gel, and lithium-ion. 28

Florida’s Golf Cart Mecca TheVillagesisaCartLover’sParadise

What began as a modest retirement community of typical mobile homes in Central Florida in the early 1960s has now become the largest retirement community in the entire country, and golf carts and electric vehicles are some of the main reasons why.

Just about anyone who has ever even Googled “best Florida retirement communities” has heard of The Villages, and if you add “for golf carts,” you’ll quickly learn that this massive, 55-plus community has a sizable percentage of residents who rely on their golf cart as their main mode of transportation.

One of Florida’s earliest master planned residential communities, The Villages is so large it spans three zip codes

in two different counties in Central Florida between Ocala and Orlando. Today, the number of residents living there is about 130,000 and growing by an estimated twenty new people daily. The land area is about 33 square miles or 33,000 acres in size. There are seventeen individual villages within The Villages boundaries.

There are around 73,000 households within The Villages, a number that increased nearly 40% from 2010 to 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. FOX Business Channel reported it was the fastest growing metropolitan area in America for that period.

While there may be a small number of mobile homes

golfcartcommunity 32

there, much of The Villages real estate today is comprised of beautiful villas, coach homes and single-family homes.


So, you’ve finally shoveled your last driveway up north and decided to check out the sun-filled, carefree life of retiring to Florida. If you’re a golf lover, The Villages offers fifty golf courses – not golf holes, but fifty individual courses for every skill level – which helps explain the popularity of using golf carts to get around this small city. There are over ninety miles of cart paths here.

But that’s just a percentage of residents that rely on golf cars or more upscale Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, (NEVs), to get where they need to go. There are an estimated 70,000 golf carts in use – some Villages-based cart companies put that number at closer to 100,000, - and the family car can sit in the carport for a long time before you think about starting it up just to keep the battery charged.

There are several programs and opportunities that allow guests to stay in a rental property for a brief period to check out the neighborhood, many that come complete with the use of a golf cart. There are also around fourteen cart

rental businesses located within the community that will deliver a cart right to your door.

Non-golfers love the convenience and open-air feel of cruising to one of three different Town Squares for lunch or dinner at one of dozens of restaurants from national chains to local favorites or grab their groceries, go to the salon, or visit one of hundreds of other Village’s businesses. Residents here never need to leave their community, no matter which individual neighborhood they call home. Major supermarket and pharmacy chains, medical providers and financial services and hundreds more commercial businesses are based within the sprawling town. There is also a University of Florida Hospital there.

Of course, just as with traditional passenger car travel, golf cart drivers can end up with a DUI after too many cocktails on the course or at the Town Square happy hour or be involved in

an accident. Those who think driving after a few drinks in a golf cart because it’s not a car are mistaken in The Villages. In the first quarter of 2023, there were forty-three golf cart crashes within The Villages’ Sumter County section alone.

Carts belonging to residents of The Villages cover all types and styles from the standard, two-passenger models that also carry two golf bags to top-of-the-line customs from mild to wild. A local cart sales and service business estimated in 2022 that most of their cart sales were of gas-powered models, but the latest innovations in lithium ion battery power packs are becoming popular thanks to an increase in range. As expected, many transplants from other states take full advantage of flying the colors of their favorite sports teams as a popular design option, with professional vinyl body wraps, custom seat and top colors and team logos.

In fact, The Villages is home to a company called StreetRod

golfcartcommunity 34

Golf Cars, dedicated to designing and building some of the most astonishing carts that are modeled after the classic hot rods of the 50s and 60s. The company has built over 2,000 beauties in their 28 years of experience and points out some key factors in why they are so popular.

The most prominent reason is that a lot of people just want something special to cruise around in. Standard carts are fine for some, but many want a one-of-a-kind, true custom cart built to their exact specifications. The company uses upgraded frames, suspension components, motors and controllers, battery packs and more to make a longer lasting vehicle that will outlive a standard cart, giving the owner advanced performance for a longer period of time.

StreetRod Golf Cars has an in stock inventory of customs for sale or you can create your own cruiser on their website. In The Villages, people don’t seem to mind the added cost

of a cart that gives them so much pleasure and enjoyment. A standard golf cart from a major manufacturer may list for around $8,000 to $12,000 while a custom cart built to look like the ’55 Chevy they loved in high school can go for around $25,000 or more, depending on options and accessories.


Just because someone is not into golf is no reason not to own a cart – in fact, many households have two carts in the garage. The community has no shortage of cart-related activities and events where residents enlist their love of carting for making new friendships and having a heck of a good time. There are around 3,000 clubs and groups for Villages residents to join, offering just about any interest or hobby one could imagine, and golf carting is certainly high on that list. There’s even a group called The Flying Golf Cart Team, a group


that uses precision driving skills and intricate maneuvers to thrill the spectators at events all year ‘round. Residents can also join The Villages Precision Golf Cart Drill Team, The Villages Polo Club where the game is played from a golf cart and even a club for cart owners who have created their custom rides to emulate the iconic look of the classic ’57 Chevy.

The community has a long list of unique, cart-centric events from holiday parades, political rallies where cart owners gather to support their favorite candidate, poker runs, and cart

shows where residents get to shine up their rides and show them off.

Because of the community’s grand scale and number of residents, the developers are able to keep monthly membership fees for owners at an incredibly low $189.00 per month.

Even for those golf cart lovers on a tight budget, The Villages offers the ideal retirement setting to cruise in their cart and leave the car at home. 38 let'sgetsocial TAG US IN YOUR PHOTOS WITH #GOLFCARTINGMAG YOU MIGHT SEE YOUR POST IN THE NEXT ISSUE!


The founders of Vivid EV, a cutting-edge manufacturer of premium Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, (NEVs), knew that their 100% dedication to building lithium battery powered products would be a key to their success.

Partners Chris Herndon and Brett McNeilly each have a long history in the electric vehicle industry with Yamaha and

many other major motorsports manufacturers. They put their heads together and determined there was a need for a better NEV and launched Vivid in 2021. The company, which moved into their new, 46,000-square foot facility in Fort Myers, Florida located in south Lee County, have devoted all of their efforts to building the finest lithium-powered personal transportation 40 golfcartmanufacturer

vehicles on the market, and their customers are responding in a big way. There are about 40 employees on-site at their facility and 75 authorized Vivid dealers in their nationwide network.

Designed as the ultimate way to get around your neighborhood - taking the kids to the pool or a trip to the local café or grocery store - Vivid EV carts come in several different configurations perfect for a wide array of uses.

The company’s V Series models were their initial offerings, available in both 4 and 6-passenger models in standard and lifted versions. They followed with the Peak Series models, available in 2, 4 and 6-passenger configurations. Vivid carts are completely street legal thanks to the many features and amenities offered when your cart is built. These carts are ultra lightweight and offer lithium powered reliability and performance to take you and your family or friends around the great outdoors in true style and comfort.

Vivid’s V Series comes with a corrosion-resistant coated steel frame and their Peak Series features an aluminum frame, both offering plush, luxurious seating for the ultimate ride experience.


Vivid EVs offer a complete line of street legal accessories

and features that create the perfect family transportation option for all your needs. The rear seats flip up to offer a large storage compartment for carrying beach, hunting, or pool gear, as well as a locking dash compartment and perfectly placed cup and device holders to place everything at your fingertips.

The bright digital dash display screen allows you to see and monitor every detail of your drive, and the premium, LED lighting systems mean bright head and taillights, side lights and signal lights for optimum safety and visibility. Vivid NEVs come with a variety of available wheel and tire combinations perfect for any type of terrain or use. The car bodies come in four different color options and the seating styles offer three eye-catching color choices.

The 4 and 6-passenger models feature rear-facing seating with sturdy armrests and large grab rail for easy passenger boarding and safety, and the extended hard roof covers the entire passenger area to keep everyone out of the elements. Vivid EVs come with an 8-year limited warranty on the lithium batteries and a 4-year limited warranty on the vehicle.

The company stocks a complete line of parts and accessories for their carts, a big part of their dealer support success. “When we founded the company, we knew

golfcartmanufacturer 42

that providing unmatched support and services for our neighborhood vehicles was our number one goal,” said McNeilly. “We’re proud of our processes and systems we’ve developed that make the whole process a very easy, customer-centered buying experience.”


The team at Vivid EV decided early on to focus their efforts on premium lithium battery power to offer the most eco-friendly vehicles available on the market and eliminate the maintenance and other issues with typical lead acid or gas-powered cars. The company opted to offer Eco Battery® products in their entire line of NEVs and the results have been extremely well received.

Eco Batteries are 5 times lighter than standard lead batteries, offer a longer, more efficient running time and a smaller battery pack footprint. Vivid EV models provide impressive power through the onboard charging and battery management system, faster charging times and peace of mind when carrying multiple passengers. Dealers can equip Vivid EVs with either a 105Ah or 210Ah battery pack.

“We’re always looking to the future for Vivid NEVs and taking advantage of the growth potential for premium quality, energy efficient electric vehicles which is the fastest-growing segment of the market,” McNeilly says. “In the near future we’ll be unveiling our own brand of electric NEV, made entirely in the U.S.A. from the ground up and built by our dedicated team.”

With their sights set on the power of lithium powered NEVs and the growing segment of people who want a high-end and efficient electric car to get around their community, Vivid EV is prepared for a successful future.


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Work More



Whether you’re a golf cart fleet parts manager, a cart dealer or an individual who needs parts for your personal electric or gas vehicle, CartPros is ready to make it happen, and fast.

Now based in the golf cart mecca of South Carolina, this online parts superstore was originally started in the Silicon Valley before being purchased by Caleb Amundson who then brought in 3 partners. Amundson is the Vice President, and said they sell a comprehensive array of cart products for all major brands of carts like E-Z-GO®, Club Car®, Yamaha®, Columbia®, Taylor Dunn® and Tomberlin®.

“Our customers know that they can find the exact part or parts they need the first time they contact us or visit our website, without wasting time or over-paying,” Amundson said. The company’s focus is getting parts – whether regularlyscheduled large orders for dealers to a single part to a consumer – in the most efficient way within the least amount of time. The firm’s founders know that unequalled customer service and offering thousands of parts in many categories is the key to their success, and that building relationships with their customers is what sets them apart.

golfcartcompany 44
CartPros’ powerful website offers the exclusive CartFit® System for quickly finding the exact parts you need without searching endless pages online. This powerful search

function directs the customer to exactly what they need with unmatched accuracy, and the detailed descriptions, specs, images, and pricing are all easy to view and understand. They have over 15,000 individual SKUs of parts and offer the largest online database in the country.

They provide golf cart and commercial / industrial fleet parts for large corporations around the country including Tesla, American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Apple and more, as well as to individual consumers.


No matter what specific parts you need, CartPros stocks thousands of items ready for immediate shipping to your door. Their expert customer care specialists are extremely knowledgeable about every component and system of new and earlier model carts and EVs and are dedicated to making sure you get exactly what you need with fast shipping across the U.S. Orders over $300.00 ship for free.

The company’s website allows you to find just the right part you need the first time without wasting time surfing the web. Their parts categories include wheels and tires, lift kits, battery chargers, Navitas® Systems, audio components, steering and suspension parts, interior and exterior parts, motors and electrical parts and more. CartPros stocks a large line of cart accessories for almost any cart brand and their website also posts many how-to videos that customers find very helpful.

Their line of products ranges from items like battery cables, solenoids and contactors, complete lift kit and oversized tire and wheel packages, windshields and mirrors, keys and key switches, soundbars and other audio components, steering wheels and much more. From a $10.00 bushing to a top-ofthe-line Navitas powertrain system, CartPros will have the right part at the right price. Their wheel and tire selection alone

offers 190 products ranging from a standard, utility cart rim to some of the most radical custom cart wheels and multi-terrain tires available in a wide array of sizes.

They also have an extensive library of cart manuals, most of which are available as a free PDF download from the website.

Amundson and the entire team at CartPros have a laser focus on the company’s future. “Whether it’s a golf cart, utility vehicle, low speed or neighborhood electric vehicle or even a forklift, we’ll supply our customers with the exact part with accuracy and speed the first time out.”

For more details on CartPros, visit

golfcartcompany 46


Q: I've seen so many types of batteries offered. What one is best for me?

A: There are two things to consider: budget and maintenance. Traditional lead acid batteries are tried and true but are the most cumbersome to maintain. They need distilled water to be added every month or so, and if not careful, could leave acid stains on your concrete if you add too much water and they boil over. Not to mention the risk of battery tray corrosion that can happen over time. On the other hand, they are the least expensive. Then there are AGM/AGS types which are maintenance free with no water or acid to worry about but come at a higher price. Lithium ION/Phosphate (LIFEPO4), are by far the most expensive, but also the most advanced as far as power output and longer run time. In conclusion, it’s best to educate yourself on run time and efficiency and develop an understanding of how each type of batteries work and will fit your individual needs. The best advice is don’t skimp on your batteries, or it will cost you more down the road.

Q: My controller was diagnosed as faulty. Is it able to be repaired?

A: Yes, there are companies that can refurbish a controller preventing you from buying a new one. For instance, a company called FSIP (Flight Systems Industrial Products) specializes in controller repair where you would simply ship your controller to them. They would examine it to determine

a repair solution, fix it and send it back quickly. Sometimes repairs are not possible or cost efficient, in which case you would want to replace altogether. In that case, online companies like could be your choice as a trusted online retailer to purchase a new one from. Keep in mind, the average lifespan of a controller is about 10-15 years give or take depending on conditions.

Q: I want to add a battery gauge. What battery gauge is best to use and how do I install it?

A: The old-fashioned bar style state of charge indicators has been around for a while. They indicate the surface charge of the pack within a certain range; however, they don’t provide the complete picture of the charge. Personally, I would recommend going with a digital style gauge that shows voltage as well as percentage calculated of remaining battery life. At least this way you can see your true voltage and the voltage drop while driving with a load on the batteries applied to the pack. These meters are easy to install by making a cut out in the dash with a supplied template and simply running two wires back to the main positive and negative of the battery pack. I recommend using plastic wire loom when running the wires from the pack to the dash as that protects the wire carrying this constant current from any water or from touching any metal on the underside of the cart over time.

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