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March 2023 – The Beginning of Cart Season

March, in the southern states, is always a good month for “carters” because it signifies the beginning of “Cart Season”. Though as I write this, it’s still January. Because this is a print magazine (as well as digital), we are required to be print-ready two months in advance to provide enough time for delivery to our retail stores.

The PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando is a couple of weeks away. It is one of my favorite events of the year. As a golf cart enthusiast and degenerate golfer, there are few things that scintillate my senses more than the PGA Merchandise Show. The product exhibition space boasts over a million square feet of awesomeness. The show has everything you could possibly want and alerts you to things that you didn’t know you wanted. For me, it’s satisfying on multiple levels. It’s always rewarding to meet face-to-face with people that I do business

with through email. It’s nice to meet with our advertisers and break bread with the people that make this magazine a reality. The show also highlights the latest electric vehicle models and newest technologies in the golf cart industry. I’m sure 2023 will not disappoint and I plan on spending a lot of quality time talking to OEMs and asking a lot of questions. Stay tuned…

In this March edition we are featuring a company we have been working with for a long time – Bintelli Electric Vehicles. Based in our very own hometown of Charleston, SC, Bintelli EVs have made dramatic inroads in becoming one of the most popular street-legal, electric vehicle brands in the country. They have a robust product line offering electric golf carts, shuttles, electric commercial vehicles, and an extensive array of parts and accessories. They are a loyal sponsor to this magazine and Kelly Madden has written a feature article about Bintelli Electric Vehicles in this edition that I hope you enjoy.

We hope you enjoy this March 2023 edition of Golf Carting Magazine. 12


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Bintelli LLC has once again expanded its operations to keep up with the demand for its best-selling line of electric vehicles and golf carts. This marks the third expansion for Bintelli in the last three years to their manufacturing facilities.

“It’s no secret that every move we make is to continue to deliver on having the best program possible. This expansion is another step in solidifying ourselves at the forefront of the industry. While faster order fulfillment and greater inventory availability is going to be an incredible asset for our dealer family, I’m far more excited about what this means for the additional levels of support we can offer. I’m excited for all of our dealerships to share in this huge announcement and incredibly thankful for all the support they show us every day. We wouldn’t be here without them,” Jason Perske, VP of Bintelli.

Last year, Bintelli was proudly ranked as 2022’s Best Low-Speed Vehicle and Best Street-Legal Golf Cart by over 1,100 consumers from around the nation. This award combined with its dealer network having tripled in size in the last year necessitated Bintelli to look into an additional expansion to their manufacturing facilities to keep up with the rapid demand for its lineup.

“This new facility is a testament to the amazing work our Dealer Family has done over the last few years. As we are now operational in what I believe is the largest LSV manufacturing facility in America, we’re going to be able to even better support our Dealer Family with the additional vehicles, parts, and support they need to continue their rapid growth nationwide,” says Bintelli Founder and President, Justin Jackrel.

In addition to the recent facility expansions, Bintelli has also put a major focus on expanding its support and production staff to better assist its dealer network. Over the last twelve months, its dealer support team has increased by 500% which has rapidly decreased average delivery time for parts shipments and decreased response and wait times for dealership needs. Focusing on more than just the sale of vehicles, Bintelli has tripled the size of its parts and after-sale service department to ensure all end users and dealerships continue to be supported with the best service in the industry.

Tom McMenanin, President of Toms River Auto Group had to say, "It is a great feeling being a Bintelli dealer knowing that we have the support, commitment and communication from the brand and employees at the corporate office. There is not a question that doesn’t get answered, a call that doesn’t get a returned call, or an email that doesn’t get a reply. If you are a new dealer coming in to the Bintelli family you will be able to hold your head up high representing the Bintelli brand.”

"What an amazing feeling to finally move into our new home! This facility is like no other - massive is an understatement. We couldn't have done this without the hard work and dedication of our staff and all their efforts to make this a smooth transition. I'm thrilled to see the success and impact we will have on the EV community with our new home," says Kevin Marques, Bintelli’s Facility Manager.

Bintelli’s forecasts predict continued strong growth amongst its dealer network. All dealerships receive a dedicated account management team, access to Bintelli’s resource rich dealer portal, free lead generation, and exclusive territories.

Dealerships interested in joining the Bintelli Family can find more information at

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It's always interesting to me that every time we post a photo of a low rider cart on social media there is always a comment about, "How do you drive it sitting so low to the ground?" For those that don't know, these carts are on an air bag suspension that allows the driver to raise the cart to drive. Suspensions like this are not a bolt-on option like slapping on a lift kit. There is a lot of custom fabrication involved. Most of the time it requires shortening the rear axle, maybe cut the frame, and relocate steering components. They can be as simple or complex as your imagination can envision. As is the case with Nick and Amanda Guillory from Lafayette, LA



and their 2016 E-Z-GO.

Wanting something unique to cruise the car shows and turn some heads, low was the way to go. Their high school friends Eryn and Gary Dopson own Empire Kustom Autoworks in Alexandria, LA, and that was the perfect setting to make a build like this possible. The company started in 2007 as a small custom shop. It now inhabits 17,000 square feet and offers powder coating, body work, custom paint and fabrication work.

With a list on non-negotiables, Gary and Eryn went to work designing the custom cart so that Nick and Amanda could cruise the custom auto shows in a cart with air ride suspension that would lay out on the ground when parked.

The cart would receive a shortened axle by a full 8 inches, which would allow the tire and wheel combo to tuck tight under the rear fenders. A triangulated 4-link was fabbed for the rear as well as the front, cutting off 4 inches of the width. With this much customization it was easier to build a complete chassis from scratch than modifying the stock chassis. A custom brake pedal arm was fabbed up to clear when the cart sat at its lowest.

The Accu Air compressor was mounted under the rear seat, and the tank was mounted behind the front seat. And 2500-lbs air bags on each corner would make the up and down motion on the Z-axis possible. Nick and Amanda opted for a set of custom Villager edition "Suite Seats" with diamond stitch and two-toned material.

Not everything was custom, though. Below is a list of other components the cart was outfitted with. We hope you enjoyed this build!


• Opt 7 Underbody lighting with remote control

• Navitas controller

• Admiral Motor

• Single LED headlight in the front

• LED golf cart taillights in the rear

• Billet aluminum foot pedals

• Leather wrap billet steering wheel

• Fusion Marine radio with 4 Fusion Marine speakers with LEDs in custom boxes

• Custom Carbon Fiber dash

• Painted Dodge Electric Blue Pearl

• E-Z-GO Sport Windshield in black powder coat

• 215/40/12 directional Kenda Kruizer tires on RHOX RX101 wheels

• 105AH Lithium Eco Battery with onboard charger

• 2 Reliance 30AMP DC power converters 22


Selecting a battery for your golf or personal transportation vehicle (PTV) can be a complex and highly personal decision. That’s why it’s important to work with a complete battery solutions provider, like Trojan, who offers a full portfolio of deep-cycle batteries, including:


Still the top choice of golf and PTV owners, these batteries deliver affordability, durability, and reliability when properly maintained.

The major drawback is that they require regular watering and maintenance.

Flooded lead-acid batteries have the lowest initial purchase price, but they also have the shortest service life.


Unlike flooded lead acid, AGM batteries are maintenance free. A glass fiber mat between the plates holds the electrolyte solution in place, giving them good shock and vibration resistance and allowing for side mounting if needed.

They are a bit more expensive than flooded lead-acid but less expensive than lithium-ion.


The Trojan AES Battery is a rugged premium VRLA battery that delivers consistent, unrivaled high output and up to twice the battery life of standard AGM, especially in extreme deep-cycle, partial charging, or challenging environments.

It provides all the benefits of AGM at a similar price and these additional vital benefits:

• Longevity: Up to 2x more charging cycles than AGM ensures you can complete your job (2000-3000 cycles at 60% DoD vs 1200 cycles for AGM)

• Harsh Conditions: Robust performance in extreme temperatures and conditions.

• Harmless Partial State of Charging: Tested to withstand long-term abusive partial state of charging.


Less-common gel batteries don’t require watering or maintenance because the electrolyte is contained in a thick paste. They can be stored and mounted on their sides.

Gel batteries are more expensive than flooded lead-acid or AGM, but less expensive than lithium-ion.


Lithium-ion technology is a game-changer. Although the upfront costs are high, lithium-ion batteries offer up to 10 years of life, reducing the total cost of ownership over traditional batteries during their lifetime.

These maintenance-free batteries charge fast and reduce downtime. They deliver the longest range of the four technologies with steady power regardless of the state of charge. And they weigh up to 300 pounds less than other types of batteries, reducing wear and tear on your vehicle.

Find your Local Authorized Trojan Dealer to learn more. 24 batterybuzz


golfcartindustry 28

The team at Golf Carting Magazine loves the month of January as it represents a brand-new year and a brandnew PGA Show in Orlando, Florida. Personally, I love golf, so being surrounded by golf carts and golf equipment is my Platonic ideal of paradise.

I drove in from SW Florida early Tuesday morning enjoying a perfect Florida day. I met my team from Charleston, SC later that afternoon and we quickly got busy.

Our first stop was to visit the good folks of Golf Cart King at their rented house (mansion) in the Reunion Resort community in Kissimmee, FL on Tuesday evening. Golf Kart King and MODZ -their golf cart accessory company – have been loyal advertisers in Golf Carting Magazine and have been with us from just about the beginning.

We wanted to meet with the company President, Aaron Gouldie and his team, and see what new products and innovations they were showcasing. And man-oh-man, we were not disappointed.

We pulled up to the house and were greeted by a crowd of people admiring a pair of shiny new golf carts displayed on the ultra-wide driveway.

Meet Atlas, Golf Cart King’s new electric golf cart that, immediately invoked a sense of sleek elegance and luxurious style. Showcased was a white two-seater and black two-seater both stylishly equipped for the golf course.

The attention to detail was impressive. The wheels were sleek and modern. The dash looked like something out of a BMW. The LED headlights were as modern as anything you’d see on a luxury sedan.

All in all, the Atlas Carts were extremely impressive. It was good to spend time with the Atlas team and ask a lot of questions and learn more about their new EV. Stay tuned for a full feature article on Atlas Carts in an upcoming edition.

The following morning my partner, Christian Amico, and I decided to hit the floor and peek behind the curtain of the largest congregation of golf cart-related companies in the world.

Entering the exhibition hall at the PGA Show is always a little overwhelming at first. You don’t really know where to start or even “how” to start. If you start in the middle, you look to your left and to your right and as far as you can see there are exhibits. Small exhibits, large exhibits, and massive exhibits.

There is an electric hum of pure energy and bright lights and a loud, echoing, roar of thousands of people talking rapidly, excitedly.

We did as we always do and started visiting exhibits randomly and with no plan or strategy. Our first stop was to Vivid EV -a newer EV manufacturer.

Vivid delivers an aesthetically pleasing cart showcased in electric-bright colors of blue and neon green. Sleek and

Read more on the all-new Navitas aluminum chassis on the next page!

streamlined and with a grill like a BMW, Vivid is making a greatlooking, lithium-powered cart that is sure to turn heads.

Next, we stopped by Vantage carts, and I really enjoyed looking over their single rider, the SR-1. Loaded with features and built for the golf course, I’d love to get these beauties at my home club. They look like they would be a lot of fun to drive, and the technology is extensive.

Christian and I spent a lot of time visiting with friends and sponsors and we stopped by Trojan Battery and Yamaha Carts, Nivel, ECOXGEAR, who had a stunning and jam-packed booth, EVTitan and Evolution carts, to name a few. It’s rewarding to see real faces instead of thumbnail headshots in emails.

“The 2023 PGA Show was incredible, cementing ECOXGEAR’s growing reputation as the go-to leader in golf car audio,” said Martin Balgach, National Sales Director for Sound Extreme by ECOXGEAR. “We had a chance to meet with many of our valued dealers and industry partners, and to demo the innovative products we’ll be releasing in 2023, including LED kits, whips, head units, amps, and wired speakers. Our show

vehicle, Orange Crush, turned heads and stole the show. We’re really excited for what’s to come in 2023!”

We also met with our good friends at Navitas, makers of industry-leading golf cart controllers and golf cart systems. We spoke with the Navitas sales director, J. Todd Dussault and he told us, “For Navitas, the 2023 PGA Show was a multipurpose event; a three-day show turned into a three-week event. With Covid affecting our travel over the last two years we had to do something BIG! Currently our Tech Team is located all over North America, so we took this opportunity to bring them all into one place for face-to-face training and team building. Our big focus while attending the PGA show was to support Navitas OEM’s, distributors and dealers.

He went on to say, “The awaited sneak peek look at our all new aluminum chassis, which will be built in North America, was a huge success! We then wrapped up our visit with the opening of our new chassis distribution warehouse in Augusta, GA. We had an open house for nearby dealers to visit the warehouse and get some tips on the final assembly of the

golfcartindustry 30

Navitas chassis product. All our events were a huge success, Dealer feedback was over the moon. Especially when it came to the new aluminum chassis. Here’s to a Great 2023, continued unprecedented growth.”

We were able to speak to Alina Niederer, the Marketing Director for Nivel Parts & Manufacturing. She had a lot to say. “At the PGA Show, we officially unveiled our new golf cart, the MadJax XSeries. This exciting new launch has been in the works for over a year, and it was incredible to see it all come together at the PGA Show. We had a ton of interest in the MadJax XSeries and our booth was busy from the time the show opened each day until closing.”

She went on to tell us, “The MadJax XSeries golf cart is targeted at recreational and secondary transportation users, and will be sold via our dealer partners across the United States. We have designed everything with dealers in mind –we know customers want custom carts, and we allow dealers to select their color, seating, tire & wheel, lift, battery, roof and more. We created a dealer platform which allows for easy online ordering, warranty registration, and parts & owner’s manuals. We offer dealer financing, have in-stock replacement parts & accessories, and offer a 3-year limited warranty on the cart.”

“Given Nivel and MadJax’s long history of being an

industry leader in aftermarket golf cart parts and accessories, it was a natural evolution for us to begin offering a full golf cart solution. We are exciting to offer consumers a stylish, comfortable golf cart loaded with our best parts & accessories. The MadJax XSeries is the first of many exciting golf carts we are planning to launch over the next several years.”

“Since the PGA Show was based in Orlando, many of the employees from our Jacksonville headquarters were able to attend. I’m grateful that our employees were able to see the buzz and excitement around MadJax XSeries firsthand”

It seemed we were there for only a short while but in fact, hours went by. It was time to leave and attend “meetings” with friends at the lobby bar.

What struck me about the 2023 installment of the PGA Show was the sheer quantity of electric cart brands. They were everywhere. Some household names, and other well-known brands, and then a whole new tier of cart brands -goodlooking carts too -they were all over the place.

I don’t know if this a good thing or a bad thing. As a dealer, it means that there are a lot of options for the showroom and I’m sure the vast competition will help pricing. But are there too many cart brands? Maybe. Maybe not.

One thing is clear. This country’s appetite for everything electric carts is unquenchable, or so it seems.


Bintelli Electric Vehicles

Golf, Passenger Transport and More – A Cart for Everyone

From their base of manufacturing and operations in Charleston, South Carolina, Bintelli has been building an impressive selection of street legal and LSV equipped vehicles for over twenty-three years. With vehicles that offer far more than a traditional golf cart, Bintelli has solidified themselves as one of the most impressive and awarded companies at the forefront of a rapidly growing and constantly evolving market.

Bintelli’s best-selling and most well-known product, the Bintelli Beyond LSV models, are designed for street legal use. In addition to their highly sought-after cart line, Bintelli also produces an industry-leading line of electric bicycles, scooters and mopeds. All Bintelli’s LSV carts are built with premier

industry leading components, with final assembly and quality control in the U.S.A.

Equally at home on the course for a round of golf, shuttling families around a neighborhood or even being used as a replacement for gas powered cars in specialized communities, Bintelli’s impressive line of electric carts are available nationwide.

With a dedicated team of customer service specialists, Bintelli works with dealerships and retail customers nationwide from point of order to delivery. A comprehensive dealership network assists customers from coast to coast.

In March 2022, Bintelli increased their investment in the Charleston business community, launching a nearly $500,000 36 golfcartmanufacturer

relocation and expansion project to continue to grow and position the company as one of the largest in the industry.

Bintelli LLC President Justin Jackrel was quoted at the time, saying, “Since relocating Bintelli from Florida in 2015, the company has experienced tremendous growth. This most recent expansion has tripled our electric vehicle manufacturing output over last year. Even with tripling our staff size, we still can’t keep up with the demand for our Beyond line of electric vehicles. 2022 is set to be another record-breaking year for us, and I’m so excited we get to share all the success with our entire Bintelli family.” The Bintelli Dealer Family did indeed set sales records in 2022 which led to Bintelli further expanding operations. This growth will further ensure the dealer network continues to have access to the inventory and support they need for their continued success in 2023.

Jackrel founded the company back in 2000 as a retail operation and feels that his experience in that sector is a key component to serving the expansive Bintelli nationwide network and around the world. “Having over two decades of retail golf cart and powersport experience has allowed our team to fully understand what our Dealers experience on a daily basis, what they need, and what their customers desire,” says Jackrel. Bintelli’s Dealer network has grown substantially since then. Even during the COVID pandemic which saw an explosion of

interest. Rather than focus on signing up as many dealerships as possible, Bintelli takes a more focused and deliberate approach in selecting which dealerships make sense for the program and are awarded protected territory.

"The team at Bintelli has been a pleasure to deal from the moment I signed the dealer agreement to the day I received my first cart delivered and every day after. If you are a new dealer coming into the Bintelli family you will be able to hold your head up high representing Bintelli," says Tom McMenamin of Toms River Auto Group.

All active dealers receive protected territory, lead generation, sales and showroom resources, access to the Bintelli Dealer Portal, a dedicated account manager, and the confidence in having one of the industry’s largest part departments behind them to ensure end-users are supported and taken care of, years after purchase.


The Bintelli lineup of low-speed vehicles fall into two categories – standard or lifted height variations, all of which come fully loaded with more features than any cart in its price point.

All Bintelli Beyond carts are built using an all-aluminum frame and come equipped with either Lead-Acid Lithium


Batteries, upgraded controllers and on-board smart chargers. Their street legal vehicles also come fully loaded with uniquely cut ignition and locking glove box keys, aluminum frame, aluminum roof supports, AC motor, LED lighting, 14" wheels, a Bluetooth sound system, reverse camera, hydraulic disc brakes, two-tone premium seats, dual USB plugs, locking glove boxes, extended roof, rear flip seat, head lights, tail lights, turn signals, DOT windshield with wiper, DOT tires, DOT 3-point seat belts, and a 17 digit vin number. These features have led the Bintelli Beyond to be voted the #1 LSV/ Street Legal Golf Car in the USA in 2022 and solidify the industry leading best valued cart on the market today.

Bintelli LSVs have a range of about 30 to 40 miles, with an option to upgrade to a higher capacity lithium battery system for those seeking even greater range.


Since adding manufacturing space and staff in the move to Charleston, Bintelli has made a noticeable impact in the local business community, and Jackrel and his team are committed

to being involved to many philanthropic endeavors like their partnership with the Lowcountry Food Bank, providing more than 100,000 meals to deserving local families.

“There simply isn’t a better value cart in the industry which is why the demand for our vehicles is through the roof,” said Jackrel just after relocating the company to Charleston. “Our dealers are doing an incredible job of demonstrating that value to our customers and often selling out of inventory before it hits their showrooms. All vehicles are built in our South Carolina manufacturing plants and we are also pleased to offer Dealer Floorplanning through Northpoint and retail financing Sheffield and Roadrunner.”

Jackrel also noted the company would be announcing some big plans for 2023, promising that both consumers and dealers will be excited by the news. As Bintelli looks to the future it’s easy to be excited for what is ahead. With newer, expanded space and the unrelenting desire to stay ahead of the curve on customer satisfaction and dealer support, Bintelli is perfectly positioned to continue their ascent as a leader in the golf cart industry, from now and Beyond.

golfcartmanufacturer 38
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When he first got the inspiration to provide the lithium battery market with a better mousetrap, so to speak, entrepreneur Casey Shirts knew he could make a superior product that would revolutionize the golf and streetlegal cart industry.

It all began when Shirts owned a houseboat and wanted to figure out a way to supply power to it without running his generator all the time. He installed an entire roof of solar panels on the boat, which worked very well, but he then determined he needed a more powerful, longer lasting

battery system. With a background of operating several other companies and extensive experience in the automotive tech and vehicle communications industries, he knew he needed to develop not only a more powerful battery, but also to ensure seamless communication between all of the related components, like motors and controllers.

The result was so successful that soon he was taking requests from other boaters at the marina to set their boats up with the same type of system. He even worked with the marina staff to outfit their older gas carts on the property with

companyprofile 40

the upgraded lithium battery power supply and connected components to provide more power, torque, and speed to navigate the property and get things done with much more efficiency.

In 2018, Shirts brought in Noah Schone, and then Schone’s brother, Skylar, to help scale up the business to meet demand. Noah is the CRO, and co-founder and Skylar is the company’s CEO. Eco Battery, LLC, decided to design and manufacture their own lithium battery products and supporting accessories to offer added value to the consumer. Not only for golf carts and other electric personal transportation vehicles, Eco Battery products are also perfect for marine and recreational vehicle needs, providing maximum power and performance with no maintenance necessary.

Eco Battery headquarters and one of their warehouses are in Utah with another warehouse in South Carolina. The company has ambitious growth plans, including expansions with warehouse facilities in Florida, Texas, and California. The company employs about twenty, including those in sales, research and development, engineering, marketing, tech support and warehouse and order fulfillment logistics. There are about 450 independent Eco Battery dealers across the country, with plans to offer their products internationally coming soon.

“We realized before we began Eco Battery that superior customer service, together with a premium product, was the key to our success and growth,” said Shirts. “Our entire team here uses that as their key motivation, whether it’s supporting our dealers or working directly with customers, and nothing beats a positive purchasing experience no matter what business you’re in.”


Eco Battery’s product lines are designed to fit any make or model of golf cart, and the company offers several different size and power configurations to ensure the end user has the optimum power at their foot pedal. Eco Battery lithium batteries utilize LiFePo4 cells which have proven highly safe and extremely reliable, and a premium quality Battery Management System, (BMS), to ensure each battery operates at peak performance and within it's designed parameters.

The company’s batteries include their 51V 105Ah "Thru Hole" model, a 38V 105Ah "Cube", 51V 72Ah "Cube", 70V 105Ah battery and a 51V 105Ah "Skinny" model. Eco Battery also offers their batteries in bundled packages that include the mounting bracket, 70v charger CAN with locking quick connect, charger pigtail, CAN digital 5V gauge kit and a DC-DC 12V converter with 40V-90V input. All Eco Battery products are custom designed and manufactured for easy installation on all major cart manufacturer’s models.

There are many advantages to using an Eco Battery product, such as the completely maintenance-free operation and an impressive eight-year warranty. The 72Ah version can provide enough power for up to 40 holes of golf plus getting to the course and back, and the 105Ah models can run for 54 holes or more. Eco Battery lithium products are about 25% of the weight of a traditional lead acid battery system, need a much smaller installation space and provide nearly twice the

run time.

The company’s proprietary Battery Management System, or BMS, provides the ultimate in preventing short circuits, over current, over charge, over discharge, high and low temperature and freeze situations. Plus, Eco Battery products require no modifications to a cart’s existing on-board computer system. Eco Battery also makes a complete line of chargers in 38v, 51v and 70v models along with an extensive accessory line of charge ports to fit every model of cart, DC-DC 12v converters, LCD gauges, complete mounting brackets and hardware, and more.

At Old Farts Carts, a custom cart builder in Stuart, Florida, owner Thomas Jenkins knew the exact battery power to use in the shop’s custom, 8-passenger Club Car Precedent project. “We built this cart for a family in Delray Beach, and I knew it needed a long range and to be able to haul multiple passengers and gear in an efficient way, so Eco Battery was the only way to go,” he said. Old Farts Carts has been an authorized Eco Battery Dealer for about a year.

According to the shop’s Facebook Page, “there is enough lithium power in this cart to compete with a Tesla, with two Eco Battery 48v 72ah power packs totaling 144ah just for the drive unit. There is an additional Eco Battery 12v 216ah lithium pack to power all the 12v accessories. Two on-board chargers are sure to keep all the batteries powered up.” You can take a look at their custom build by clicking here.

Skylar Schone says the future of the golf and small electric vehicle industry will be a very interesting when it comes to how they are powered, and he sees a promising future for Eco Battery. “We believe it’s not just building a more powerful, longer lasting battery, but just as important is engineering the proper communication between other cart components like controllers and motors,” he said. “We feel Eco Battery is a leader in that integrated technology and we’re looking forward to staying ahead of the curve and remaining an industry powerhouse.”



If you're like me, and chances are you are, you like to tinker and build things. If you can't find it, you build it. Every once in a while I'll check the internet for a remote control golf cart and always get the same results--zero. I have found a few toy golf carts that are the pull-back-and-go kind, but nothing fancy, lifted or something that could be customized--or so I thought.

While cleaning my office one afternoon, I came across my small collection of golf carts and an idea came to mind. Why not find a mini RC and swap out bodies? With that in mind, I began to search the internet for my donor. A few choices

came up but all seemed on the larger side. Then a 1:32 scale high speed buggy popped up, and I knew I found the one. I placed the order that would be arriving at my front door step in two days. Two days turned into three, then four, then five, and it finally arrived. I tore into the package and began to deconstruct my new donor RC and my old golf cart that had been on my shelf collecting dust for over two years.

I thought other people may be interested in my find, so I took out my camera and documented my process. Follow along for the first part of the build.

golfcarthowto 42

STEP 1: Taking off the body from the RC is hassle free since it is similar to most larger RCs that you can purchase today. The body is really just a thin plastic shell that pops off of 3 plastic posts. The golf cart involves unscrewing 3 micro screws from the bottom.

STEP 2: With both bodies off, it reveals the small LED light that I wanted to keep, so I needed to make provisions to retain it. To keep the LED light, a hole would be needed on the floorboard of the golf cart.

STEP 3: The golf cart body is a die cast metal part, so I had to drill through the metal brace and the plastic floorboard. After drilling the size hole needed to fit the LED light, it left only a small metal wall on either side, so I ended up just cutting the center support out to give me clean access to the plastic floorboard.

STEP 4: After the LED light hole was drilled, I mated the cart body to the RC chassis and it looked great! I now just needed to figure out how to secure the body to the chassis. I recently bought a 3D printer, and I'm in the process of learning a new 3D program called Blender. Both have a steep learning curve, but I've been able to successfully model and print parts. So I crudely designed what I call a sub frame that uses the RC's plastic post that the original body clipped over, and the screw locations of the metal golf cart body. This would securely mate the two together for the possible torture I would put it through.


Overall, the cart turned out great and looks way better than what it started out. Now was time to put it through its paces and see what it could do. For around $35 (not including my hours) I had a cart that was pretty cool. Of course, since the cart is die cast metal it's pretty heavy, and just like a real cart when lifted, it's also top heavy. Jumping is fun as long as it has a landing ramp, and cornering at high speeds will result in a rollover. It's not much of an off-roader but it will go in the dirt as long as it's not too loose. If you are interested in more details to build your own, you can email me at and I can provide you with the links to the product I used. Or for $60 I can build one for you. They come in blue, red or white without the logo on the front and number on the side. I'll continue working on this project as I paint it. I'll add some accessories and maybe a new Club Car DS body that I will print.

STEP 5: I set the printer to print low quality so I could see results fast. After tweaking the model on the computer six or seven times and five prints later, I finally had something that was a perfect fit. Below is the final sub frame design.

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Q: Why does my electric Club Car Precedent periodically "surge" when I have the accelerator fully depressed?

A: There could be a few reasons for this. One reason could be that one or more batteries can be low, the motor speed sensor is cracked or is dirty, or the Motor Controller Output Regulator or MCOR is going bad. These two mentioned parts are relatively easy to replace. The speed sensor is located on the back of the motor and is secured by two small bolts and attached to the main wiring harness that leads to the controller. The MCOR requires you to remove the side rocker panels in order to remove the floor mat. Once that is done, you can remove the pedal assembly by removing the bolts holding it down to the floor. Underneath, attached to that assembly, is the MCOR secured by several torx bolts. The MCOR is the typical culprit of this issue though.

Q: I saw a good deal on a cart that was underwater. Can I rebuild it?

A: Sure, you can rebuild it, but just know that all electrical components would need to be replaced. This can be an overwhelming task, however, certainly doable. You would most likely need to replace the wiring harness, motor, controller, solenoid, and any sensors or switches, like the tow run switch,

and speed sensors as well. You might even need to replace the rear end and steering box too. Just keep in mind that this can be a good project but be wary as the part costs can add up quickly! Freshwater would be more ideal as saltwater will get into every crevice and start rusting and corroding quickly.

Q: One of my batteries exploded! How did that happen?

A: There can be several reasons why this can happen. Let me start by saying that batteries emit a flammable and combustible fume known as hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas is a by-product of batteries that occurs during a chemical reaction involving the water and sulfuric acid solution and lead plates. Signs that your golf cart batteries are overproducing hydrogen gas include but may not be limited to odor, corrosion, swelling and leaking. These battery conditions are attributed to poor quality chargers, clogged vent tubes, bad battery cables, wet battery tops, overcharging, overheating, and poor ventilation. A small spark of any kind can ignite this gas and combust. That is why it's very important to check the quality of your connections and routinely check your batteries. Do not touch any cables while charging or shortly after charging as the gases are at the highest levels. Always wear eye protection while working with batteries and NEVER smoke around your battery pack!

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