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SoloCart – A New Trend in Golf Carts


hile it’s true that much of this publication’s content is geared towards custom carts, LSVs (Low Speed Vehicles) and NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles), golf course carts are still a large segment of the golf cart industry. As an avid golfer, I probably spend as much time on a golf cart as anyone and I was excited that our country club recently received a fleet of brand-new Club Car Tempos. I really like these new carts and the seats are incredibly comfortable. I was talking to the Director of Golf at a neighboring club, and he had mentioned that the idea of a solo cart was being discussed as a future possibility in course carts. When I asked him why he explained that solo carts speed up golf rounds and are easier on the turf. By speeding up rounds the club could space tee times closer together and make more money. Makes sense. I asked him if they would replace the conventional golf cart and he said they would most likely be added to the fleet to accommodate single golfers or those that wanted to ride alone. I dug around on the internet and found a company that makes these single-rider carts called SoloCart by SoloGolf. Their website explains that the SoloCart weighs less than half of that as a normal golf cart and that the wheels are specifically designed to go easy on the turf and this combines to really lessen the impact on the course. They use a Lithium-ion battery and have a range of around 20 miles per charge. The golf bag is fitted in front of the cart by the bicycle-style handlebars and there is a place for a small cooler below the seat. There are also options for storage bins in the rear and a mounted sand and seed bottle. I saw similar single-rider carts at the PGA Merchandise Show in 2019 and it seems that this new trend in carts is here to stay.

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latestindustrynews ADVANCED EV LAUNCHES FULL ELECTRIC VEHICLE LINEUP EV1 - ADVENT - ADVANCED HD Advanced EV, a Texas based electric vehicle manufacturer, is no longer producing just personal transportation vehicles (PTVs), but has officially entered the commercial vehicle space. Following the drastic growth of the personal transportation industry, Advanced EV has invested marketing dollars into the commercial space. Their new line make, Advanced HD, will offer an array of industrial vehicles ranging from simple cargo movers, to more complex units with features such as drop down rails and hydraulic dump-beds. The company plans to keep inventory on hand to support its push with 2022 model year vehicles. Prior to the launch of Advanced HD, Advanced EV refreshed its original PTV offerings. With the rebrand of the EV1 and introduction of the Advent, its new luxury model, Advanced EV has made quite the splash in the market recently.

The Advent is the company’s focus moving forward, with its aesthetically pleasing design, AC Toyota controller, and best in class ride quality. Advanced EV believes this wide range of vehicle offerings will provide instant value to its dealer network. The Advent line up gives dealers a premium option, the EV1 line offers economical value, and the Advanced HD line offers a new stream of revenue for dealers that have never been able to penetrate the commercial space. On top of Advanced EV’s product offerings, additional benefits such as DLL Floorplan, Sheffield Financing, & a website redesign with a dealer locator, are positioning them to be a strong OEM partner. With industry growth expected to continue into the next decade, Advanced EV has positioned itself to be a major player. Learn more at


For the fifth straight year, Flow-Rite has been named as one of West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®. Presented by the National Association for Business Resources, the annual award honors companies that distinguish themselves with the most innovative and thoughtful approach to human resources. A national program judged by an independent research firm, The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For recognized Flow-Rite’s demonstrated efforts to build an ideal workplace. It also took into consideration how Flow-Rite president Todd Hart and his leadership team pivoted its business and workforce through the pandemic. The website is “This past year presented many challenges in the multiple industries our battery care products serve, including material handling, warehousing and even golf. But the employeefocused culture we’ve fostered for decades paid off for us,” 14

said Hart. “Due to our dedicated and passionate personnel, we achieved a 99% on-time delivery rate. Because of them, we continue to transform lives and change the world through water, done differently. On behalf of the entire Flow-Rite family, we’re honored to be named one of West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For.” Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Flow-Rite is a vertically integrated company that designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of fluid control and IoT devices for lead-acid batteries and hydroponics. Its products are made in the USA in an ISO 9001-compliant facility using green manufacturing processes and materials. Contact Flow-Rite, 960 74th St SW, Byron Center, MI 49315. 616-583-1700.; www.flow-rite. com; Instagram: FlowRiteControls.

companyprofile COVER STORY




his month’s Company Profile we are featuring the golf cart manufacturer Trojan EV. These beautiful street-legal, featurerich carts boasts cutting-edge technology and superior construction and craftsmanship. These custom golf carts provide a lot of versatility and perform great on the course, around town and even on the farm or ranch. Head-quartered in Sheridan, WY with dealers nationwide, Trojan EV is growing rapidly and plans on having a Trojan EV dealership in every community in the U.S. 16

Dealer Name: TROJAN EV Dealer Location: SHERIDAN, WY (DEALERS NATIONWIDE) Phone Number: (307) 343-1105 Email: INFO@TROJANEV.COM Facebook Page: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/TROJANEV

GCMAG: Thank you for spending time with us here at Golf Carting Magazine. Tell us more about the Trojan EV carts. TROJAN EV: Trojan EV is proud to manufacture the best

performing, safest, most durable and most enjoyable personal street legal ready electric vehicle sold in the United States. Our street legal ready electric vehicles come with a long list of safety features that make it street legal ready almost everywhere in America. We've included an unmatched list of standard features that most other manufacturers only offer as add-ons. At Trojan EV we also understand that no two customers are alike, so we have built our carts to be fully customizable. From body kits and light kits to brush guards, baskets, dashes, side steps and more, Trojan EV's are built for customization to fit each customer's personal style. Trojan EV also comes equipped with the most powerful upgraded AC motor 6.7 horsepower, 5 kW motor with a 400

amp controller in its class, but with that upgraded power you don't have to trade handling and stability. Trojan EV is one of the most stable and smooth driving carts on the market. Trojan EV - Better Stability, Better Handling, Better Features, Better Ride, Better Value. GCMAG: It sounds like you have thought of everything. How did you guys get started? TROJAN EV: As golf carts have been going through a sort of revolution, taking them off of the golf courses and into neighborhoods and communities, we began to realize the need for better options, better performance, better handling and stability, and better style. Carts are no longer just for golfers.



companyprofile People are using them to get around their neighborhoods, to socialize with neighbors, to spend time with their families. Each of these people have unique requirements to what they are needing or wanting in a cart. We thought we should build on that and provide a cart that fits the needs of everyone. Trojan EV has a long list of safety features to keep your family safe when cruising your neighborhood, it has the power and speed to have a truly fun drive, and additional accessories like built in sound systems to make riding around enjoyable for all. GCMAG: You are right that the “golf cart” is evolving and not just for golfers. Here in Florida where I live, they are becoming a big part of local transportation in so many communities. Where are you located? TROJAN EV: We are headquartered in Wyoming with dealers throughout the Nation. Trojan EV is always looking to add more dealers to our network. GCMAG: Can you tell us about your employees? TROJAN EV: Trojan EV has a large staff of loyal employees ranging from manufacturing, engineering, and quality control to accounting, customer service, marketing and general staff. GCMAG: How do you promote or advertise your business? TROJAN EV: We advertise online and through social media and we have strong word-of-mouth promotion based on customer satisfaction referrals. GCMAG: There’s nothing better than word-of-mouth marketing. What is the most important business lesson you've learned? TROJAN EV: One of the most important things to us is listening to our customer's wants and needs. We have learned


that most people's biggest concern with a cart for their family is safety and reliability. We have heard over and over again the same complaint when it comes to most golf cart brands, and that is the handling and stability does not feel safe. In response we tasked our engineers with developing a cart that meets these needs and is one of the most stable and smooth riding carts available on the market, regardless if you have one passenger or up to 4 passengers, the cart's stability is unchanged. Customer satisfaction is always key in business. Having a product that is reliable, durable, and the best value for your money is going to set you apart from your competition, satisfy your customers, and give you longevity in your industry. That is why we have also made our carts come standard with features that would normally be considered a costly addon with other manufacturers, as well as an upgraded motor to give you the best performance and most enjoyable ride. GCMAG: Safety and value are certainly the most important factors to consumers. What are the future plans for Trojan EV? TROJAN EV: We plan to have a Trojan EV dealer in every community in the United States. We aspire to be not only the largest manufacturer of golf carts, but the manufacturer of the best quality carts in the market with the best performance, best handling and stability, best safety features, and most standard upgrades. GCMAG: We appreciate you taking the time to tell us more about Trojan EVs and we wish you continued success. For more information on Trojan EV custom carts visit their website at or their Facebook page at


How To Install Bolt On Mirrors • No Drilling Required • Fits E-Z-GO, Club Car & Yamaha Ryan Fenters is the founder of the popular YouTube Channel called Fentertainment. Ryan creates DIY videos of, in his own words… “dedicated to making, painting, building, modifying and fixing things…” His golf-cart-related DIY videos are very informative, and we thought it would be a good idea to transcribe them for you. In this edition of Fentertainment, Ryan shows us how to install bolt-on golf cart mirrors without using a drill. RYAN FENTERS: Hey guys, welcome back to the channel. On today’s video we are going to be 20

installing some mirrors on the golf cart, but we’re not going to be using a drill. This will be a completely bolt-on installation and is for just about any golf cart out there. Stay tuned… We will be using a golf cart side view mirror by CIPA. It is a complete bolt on mirror so there will be no drilling whatsoever. It fits a ¾ inch or 1 inch bar and it says on the box that it’ll fit E-Z-GO or Yamaha, but it does not say anything about Club Car. That being said, it will fit a Club Car and I’ll show you that on this video. Let’s open it up and see what we’ve got. The first thing that comes out are the mounts. We have a front mount and two back mounts. One is for a ¾ inch bar and the other is for a

simple to switch one over to a passenger-side mirror. You just need a flathead screwdriver to remove the cap and once done you will see a nut that is inserted into the plastic and a Phillips head screw that needs to be loosened all the way up until the nut falls out.

1-inch bar. This is a standard mirror, and the back has the ribs, and you can see the bolts here as well. When they send you two mirrors, they are both configured as driver-side mirrors. They also include a foam pad with nuts and washers, and these are anti-rattle pads that you can put between the mounts to keep them quiet. Now since these are both driver-side mirrors it is very

The driver’s side configuration had the bracket on the bottom on the right side of the mirror. You need to make sure that you mount the bracket on the bottom on the left side of the mirror for the passenger’s side. When you are done putting everything together, replace the cap on the nut side of the bracket. As far as mounts are concerned, this mount will go on every vehicle, and it has these curved bolt holes to allow you to adjust the mirror frontwards and backwards. It also comes with two clamps, the first one is for your ¾ inch and the second


doityourself is for your 1 inch and both of these clamps will fit into the main mount. The no-rattle-pads have sticky tape where you can put them inside your main mount. As far as the installation goes it is pretty simple and I’m going to mount these mirrors on a Club Car. Take the large bracket mount and place the female slot on the inside of the cart and the flat portion towards the front of the golf cart. Next take the other bracket -in this case the 1-inch bracket – and insert the male slot into the female slot and you can adjust it up or down wherever you want on the bar. That’s what I love about the bolt-on mirrors is that you can adjust them up or down on the bar.

Now these brackets are not going to stay in place until we bolt the mirror on. The mirror already has the bolts attached so we are going to put them on the mount and tighten them with the washers and nuts with a 10 mm socket. Before you tighten everything down, just make sure you adjust the mirror to the right setting. When the mirrors are in place you can also control the tension of the mirrors for adjusting. Just use a Phillips head screwdriver to tighten the main screw that runs through the center. Once you have the tension you like simply adjust the mirror how you like it and leave it alone. The nice thing is these are breakaway mirrors which means that if for example, you are driving on a trail and you hit a limb or something it’ll just move the mirror towards the cart, and you can simply readjust it. Because you adjusted the tension of the mirror by tightening the center bolt, the mirror should not move while you are driving. I’ve mounted the same mirrors on an E-Z-GO by using the ¾ inch brackets instead of the 1 inch. One question I get asked a lot is why I would spend more 22

money on a bolt on mirror than the cheaper mirrors that are installed by drilling holes. Well after I installed the mirrors, I since installed a sound bar and replaced the top and all of my ground wires goes through the main bar. By drilling holes through these bars, you are actually limiting the amount of room you have or if the wires are already there you wouldn’t want to drill through the bar. It would be a lot to have to take out if I were installing the drilled-on mirrors. T he bolt-on mirrors allow you to easily move them if you are installing other accessories and I think they will work out well with your situation too.

doityourself I got these mirrors from Amazon, and they are pretty inexpensive at only around $20 each. I did see a lot of reviews on Amazon where people were saying that they were shipped two driver’s side mirrors, so I was glad to show how to fix this


in this video. We appreciate you watching this video and until next time, we will see you later. For the full video visit:

SAVE $500 ON ANY CLUB CAR ONWARD FREE DELIVERY Call us for more information Financing Available • Free Estimates • Pick up/Delivery • Full Service Shop • Scheduled Maintenance • Trades Welcome • New & Used Parts, Carts and Accessories

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THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 on the Golf Cart Industry & Technology



olf carts are not just a means of transportation but they contribute positively to the game of golf by speeding up the game. But golf carts have out grown golf courses and are the catalyst to the surging electric vehicle industry. Golf carts are now the most popular neighborhood


vehicles and are suitable for short-distances and are more ecofriendly than the available alternatives. Over the last few years, golf carts are no longer limited to the sport of golf. According to Allied Market Research, the global golf cart market is expected to hit $1.79 billion by 2028, growing at a

CAGR of 3.9% from 2021 to 2028. Rise in inclination toward solar-powered golf carts and strict government rules toward vehicle emission drive the market growth. Moreover, the inclination of customers to use electric golf carts as a mode of transportation for short distances has increased their demand. IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE GOLF CART INDUSTRY The Covid-19 outbreak took a toll on businesses across the globe and the golf cart industry was not spared. The rapid spread of the virus across North America, Asia, and European countries led to nationwide lockdowns and a temporary closure of production facilities to curb the further spread. Such halt in production hampered the market. However, with the proper precautions, social distancing norms, and safety precautions the sport of golf did surprisingly well and even grew during the Covid-19 pandemic. For golf lovers, the pandemic was the perfect excuse to play more golf. Many non-golfers who needed an outdoor activity took up the game. Such increased popularity of golf favored the golf cart industry during the pandemic. During the pandemic, television audiences increased significantly for televised golf events. Advent of New Technologies The emergence of novel technologies transformed the golf industry. Over the last few years, golf cart manufacturers integrated several new technologies into the traditional golf cart designs to attract the attention of tech-savvy consumers. From robotic carts to self-driving pushcarts, the golf cart market witnessed several new trends. Here are some of the most disrupting trends: 1. ROBOTIC GOLF CARTS A few years ago, robo-golf carts would have sounded too good to be true. However, a few industry players focused on integrating state-of-the-art technologies into conventional golf carts. Recently, Disney launched Robo-Cart, a nextgeneration golf cart that uses GPS and Bluetooth technology to carry clubs across the course. The cart would work through a small transmitter that golfers can attach to their pockets or belts and it would follow them wherever they go. 2. SELF-DRIVING PUSH CARTS Even during pre-pandemic, self-driving golf carts gained the attention of golfers as they improved the overall social experience. Thus, post-pandemic, self-driving carts would witness increased demand. These carts have a sensor that enables golfers to track their equipment. 3. SOLAR GOLF CARTS Although golf is not often considered an eco-friendly sport due to lawn maintenance, the adoption of solar energy has made the sport just a little bit greener. Carts that uses solar energy for its power supply conserves energy and gains a tax credit from the government. Moreover, solar companies have developed peel and stick solar charging systems that are widely used on golf carts as they offer around 33% additional range between recharges and extend the battery by 25-50%. 4. MINIATURE GOLF CART Instead of driving a four-wheel golf cart, the miniature, twowheeler golf cart offers far better flexibility. These carts offer

bag carriers and scorecard holders. Furthermore, these vehicles have low-pressure tires that enable them to travel gently on the course and reduces damage to turf. THE FUTURE OF ELECTRIC VEHICLES While Tesla has dominated the electric vehicle industry, very soon they will only be one of the many electric automobile manufacturers. But a big part of the future of EVs lies with golf carts, Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs). For short distances around college campuses or universities, golf carts are more suitable than cars as they are noise-free and contribute less to air pollution. More importantly, they are quite affordable and offer pedestrian safety. They are perfect for short distance, neighborhood transportation. Many communities around North America are being designed to incorporate NEVs as a primary means of local transportation. This is why EVs are rapidly replacing the traditional, fullsize, combustion-powered vehicles in metro cities, especially in congested parts of cities. They are also beginning to replace delivery vehicles. Large vehicles and trucks are difficult to navigate and troublesome to part in narrow streets, the golf carts offer a perfect solution. Moreover, golf carts are easy to navigate and park and their performance does not decline in continuous stop/start environments. TO SUM IT UP The Covid-19 pandemic created a huge problem for global business but outside of supply chain challenges it had a positive impact on golf carts. The pandemic offered an opportunity for new participants to enjoy the sport and OEMs used this time to develop new technologies. The integration of robotics, solar panels, and autonomous technology has disrupted the golf cart industry. Several golf cart manufacturing companies have integrated touchscreen tablets, GPS tracking, and 3D maps of the course to offer a new level of convenience to golfers. The popularity of electric golf carts has surged over the last few years. The declining rates of Li-ion batteries are expected to cut down the overall cost of electric golf carts. Several automotive companies consider electric golf carts as the future of electric vehicles for short-distance transportation. To know more Info about Golf Cart@ Swamini KulkarniSwamini Kulkarni holds a bachelor’s degree in Instrumentation and control engineering from Pune University and works as a content writer at Allied Market Research. She is deeply fascinated by the impact of technology on human life and loves to talk about science and mythology. When she is not glued to the computer, she loves to read, travel and daydream about her areas of interest. GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 33




ICON SUPER STORES can be found across the nation, and they are of particular interest to golf cart enthusiasts because they carry the very latest and best electric vehicles on the market. We sat down with ICON Super Store owner Ty Gaydish to learn more about the stores, their products, and what makes them the best. Gaydish is the owner of several stores: the ICON Super Store of Bluffton, the ICON Super Store of SC, the ICON Super Store of Carolina Beach, and the ICON Super Store of Hardeeville. With four Super Stores under his belt, it only 34

makes sense for him to tell us about the products offered by the stores. According to Gaydish, ICON’s mission is “to be the leader in LSV/neighbor electric vehicles, connecting families to their neighbors and communities.” The atmosphere in the ICON Super Stores is customer-focused and fun. ICON‘s representatives want to make sure that they provide customers with the most accurate information while guiding them to make a purchase that will be best for their specific needs—and they want to have fun while doing it! As Gaydish

elaborated, “We are here to be of service and help them with any questions about LSVs/NEVs, battery technology, options, etc. If they choose to buy from us, that’s a bonus.” So you won’t get any sneaky salespeople here—just representatives who aim to provide you with the very best information so you can make an informed, educated purchasing decision. ICON carries a number of products; among the most

popular are the I20 golf model, which is power by Toyota motor and controllers. This model is equipped with just about anything you can think of a golf car needing: a cooler, a ball/club cleaner, sand/seed bottles, and golf bag holders. Additionally, ICON offers the I20L lifted golf model. These cars can reach up to 28 miles per hour and come equipped with four wheel disc brakes, an independent front suspension, coil




over shocks, USB chargers, Trojan batteries, and metallic paint so you’ll be sure to catch some eyes while carting through town. Other popular models are the I40 and I40L. These models are also powered by Toyota motor and controllers. They are four-seat cars, so you’ll be able to bring the kids along—or go for a night cruise with a few buddies. Twelve-inch DOT tires are available on the I40, along with fold-down rear seats. Like the I20, the I40 can reach speeds of 28 miles per hour and come 36

equipped with four wheel disc brakes, an independent front suspension, coil over shocks (in the lifted model), USB chargers, Trojan batteries, and metallic paint. Next up are the I60 and I60L, which are also powered by Toyota motor and controllers. These models offer drivers six seats so they can be sure to leave no man behind. Twelve-inch DOT tires are available, as well as fold-down rear seats. Like the I20 and I40 models, the I60 can go up to 28 miles per hour and are equipped with four wheel disc brakes, an independent

companyspotlight front suspension, coil over shocks (on lifted models), USB chargers, Trojan batteries, and metallic paint. These are the ideal models to consider if you have a large family and plan on carting through town on the regular. The I20U and I20UL are ICON’s utility-line models. They can seat two people and proudly carry Trojan batteries. As with the other models, they can go up to 28 miles per hour, and they feature four wheel coil over shock suspension, four wheel hydraulic disc brakes, 12-inch aluminum wheels, and a full line of accessory upgrades and parts. As you can see, ICON has a wealth of golf cars to offer customers—there’s a model for every desire and need. As far as future goals, Gaydish stated, “We are allowing the demand and customers to dictate our growth. Based on the current growth, we should see 10-plus stores in the southeast over

ICON i20


ICON i40L 38

companyspotlight the next three years.” That’s some serious growth! Southeasteners, it sounds like soon there will be an ICON Super Store near you—if there isn’t one already. If you’re in the market for a golf cart and aren’t sure where to go to find out more, we would suggest giving ICON Super Store a call. The environments is low pressure, focused more on providing customers with accurate information versus “getting the sale.” Also, ICON provides the best value for LSV/NEV cars, meaning they can give customers more features and greater performance than other leading brands—and all of that for a fraction of the cost. To wrap things up, Gaydish noted, “Our customers are customers for life and part of our family. They will be treated like that before and after they purchase a vehicle.” If you’d like to find out more about ICON Super Store’s offering, visit their website at

ICON i60 40

ICON i40

ICON i80


OWNER: Scott Tanghe from Almont, MI YEAR/MAKE/MODEL: 2016 Club Car Precedent AFTERMARKET PARTS: Seat covers were hand cut/sewn GTW 6” lift kit - 18140 GTW 14” Dominator Wheels - 19-171 GTW MACH III - 01-140 Dual Action Leaf Springs - 7971 Topsail - 26-168 SOME BACKGROUND ABOUT YOU AND HOW LONG YOU HAVE BUILDING CARTS: Been building carts for about 5 years off and on, went legit and got a shop this year. We’re known for our custom colors and high-end paint jobs. WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS FOR YOU OR YOUR COMPANY? We’re transitioning into building custom tailored carts for the end 42

customer instead of ore built stuff that we like. Pick and choose options to “build and price” and go from there.



7 SUPER-COOL GOLF CARTS THAT WILL TURN HEADS As we all know, golf carts are no longer just for lugging your clubs around a golf course. Many communities, and neighborhoods condone golf carts driving on their roads, which has created a massive community dedicated to golf cart builds. We understand that a normal golf cart can be expensive, but what if you wanted to go overboard on your spending, and get something ridiculous? In this article we breakdown some of the coolest, and most expensive golf carts you can buy from specialty dealers around the United States. Let’s check them out! 44

1. THE MEV HUMMER HX™ We’re not sure if you agree, but this is the coolest cart around, if we even dare call it a cart. The MEV HUMMER HX™ offers you the chance to own a piece of history. General Motors closed the HUMMER automotive plant in 2010, right on the brink of releasing the incredible HX model, a vehicle, that the majority believe would have saved them. Just before the above events concluded MEV managed to sign the worldwide exclusive rights to manufacture the HUMMER HX as a mini electric HUMMER. A special feat indeed, the MEV HUMMER HX is the only way that the stunning design

• •

Chrome Tilt Steering Column Leather Interior

MSRP: $23,800

has made it to the worldwide stage. The MEV HUMMER HX is the only proportionally correct licensed resort vehicle on the market. The HX design has been detailed throughout, including the signature HUMMER louver grille, custom wheels, door sills, styled seats and floor mats. All matching features have been considered such as the trunk top, door hinges, windshield surround, injection molded LED lights and luxury interior. The MEV HUMMER models include the HUMMER HX, HUMMER HXT and the HUMMER HXT LIMO. Any of these models with have all your neighbor envious. Loaded with all of the optional features will shoot the price tag close to the $30,000 mark. Check out MSRP: Starting at $17,500 for the HUMMER HXT

3. THE ESCALADE Next up on our list is the Escalade by www.coolcartsoftexas. com. This caddy is the perfect caddie to your golf game, or at least the coolest looking one. With a max speed of 19 mph, it’s definitely not the fastest on the road, but you’ll look darn good driving it. This golf cart has a variety of options to choose from, including ball washers, sound systems, lighting systems, custom seating, wheels, and paint. Considering the looks, and customization that you’re able to apply to this cart, it’s actually quite inexpensive compared to the previous two, and it looks really nice. MSRP: $13,500

2. THE F5 GOLF CART BY LUXURY CARTS This is one of the flashiest looking golf carts that I’ve personally seen available to the public. The Ferrari inspired cart can reach speeds of up to 24 MPH, and comes in a variety of different colors, but let’s be honest, if you’re going to purchase this golf cart, why wouldn’t you choose red? The body style, leather interior, and shiny chrome rims makes this one of the sleekest golf carts you can buy. Included: • AM/FM CD Player • 15” Custom Rims

4. THE BROOKLYN BY LUXURY CARTS This New York Bentley inspired golf cart is the smoothest ride in the neighborhood. The Brooklyn is a four-seater golf cart that has a variety of features that can be added on. Choose options such as paint job, chrome steering wheel, CD player in the dash, and more. This golf cart also has the option for 6 seats, but that will cost you an extra $1,000. GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 45

luxurycarts The interior is made from the finest leather, which gives you a real Bentley feel. The chrome wheels, the beautiful paint job, and the Bentley accents around the cart, makes this one of the coolest carts you can buy. MSRP: $17,000

upgrade the battery system. The top speed is about 19 mph, which isn’t the fastest golf cart around, but it still has power, and can carry around 4 adults comfortably. If you are looking for an authentic, one-of-a-kind golf cart, then you should consider the H3 HUMMER by Cool Carts of Texas MSRP:$16,049

5. THE ROLLS ROYCE BY LUXURY CARTS The Rolls Royce golf cart from Luxury Carts is probably one of the most ridiculous (in a great way) golf carts money can buy. The white leather interior packed ride is sure to turn some heads in your neighborhood. It comes equipped with 15’ polished rims, chrome steering column, and a beautiful twotone paint job. If you really want to go all out on a golf cart, then you may want to consider the Rolls Royce. MSRP: $25,449

6. THE H3 HUMMER This limo style golf cart is one of the most unique that we’ve seen. Not because it’s a Hummer, but because it’s an officially licensed vehicle from GM, and even comes with a certificate of authenticity from HUMMER! This HUMMER comes packed to the gills with all kinds of different options and upgrades. You have the ability to change the color, wheels, lighting, seating, sound system, and even 46

7. THE SUPERSPORT BY GARIA Last, and certainly not least, the Supersport by Garia is probably the most outrageously expensive golf cart you can purchase. Let’s be real, this is more of a car than a golf cart, but we can assure you, this will lug your golf clubs around the course in style, to say the least. The Garia Supersport has seating like no other golf cart. Perfectly hand-stiched leather makes this interior look like something found in Italian or German supercars. This cart also comes equipped with its very own refrigerator, which is perfect for keeping drinks cool on the golf course. The coolest feature that the Supersport has to offer, has got to be the 10-inch touch screen, packed with WiFi, Bluetooth, and phone connectors for easy access to music. If you want a truly luxurious golf cart, and want to spare no expense, check out the Garia Supersport. Cost: $73,000 As you can see, there are a variety of luxurious golf carts on the market, but they’ll cost you a pretty penny. A luxurious golf cart isn’t for all of us, but if it was, these are the carts I would consider. Golf carts have transcended the golf course and we are starting to see ingenious creativity from the manufacturers. It’ll be fun to see what the future holds for electric vehicle designs.


ASK THE MECHANIC Q: How often should we actually check and fill our golf cart batteries? A: To get the longest life out of your batteries and the best performance you should check these every month, even if you’re not using the cart. Make sure to only fill them just past the metal inside the battery. Q: Should I be rotating my tires and if so how often? A: Yes. We suggest you rotate your tires once a year and move them from corner to corner (right front to left rear and left front to right rear). If you are noticing some wear on the side or outside of the tires you may want to check your alignment. 48

Q: Does adding bigger tires and a lift really increase my top speed? A: Yes, it certainly does. It’s all about physics and the way electric motors work. A full tire revolution covers less ground when the tire is smaller so larger tires will allow you to cover more ground, thus a higher top speed. Generally you can get 2-4 mph more from 23” tires versus stock. Q: How long should a new set of higher-end batteries like Trojan last? A: That depends on the use, but for normal, average use and assuming you are maintaining the water levels you can expect to get up to 5-6 years from a set of batteries.

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