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HPD Wheels and Cart & Parts It’s hard to imagine that it is already October 2021. As always, we have another packed edition of Golf Carting Magazine. In this issue’s Featured Company, we spotlight a Florida-based alloy wheel designer for the automotive industry, that also provides high-end wheels for golf carts. Their alloy wheels designs are modern, sleek and just plain beautiful. Hi-Performance Designs, Inc (HPD) out of Plant City, FL make some truly impressive wheels and you’ll enjoy learning more about them in this month’s Featured Company. We head to Union City, IN in this month’s Dealer Profile, where we caught up with the Wendel family and owner Cole Wendel of Carts & Parts. This is a true, familyowned golf cart dealership that is based on small-town values and integrity. I enjoyed learning about their story of how the business got started and how it has flourished for over 12 years. Be sure and check out their story. We also have a feature article from our staff writer Josh DelSota that deals with perhaps the most common technical question we receive from our readers… “How do I make my golf cart go faster.” If you want to increase the speed of your cart you will definitely want to read this article. We hope you enjoy this October 2021 edition of Golf Carting Magazine.

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The cart rod



he cart has been dubbed "Cart Rod" or some know him as "Sully the Cart Rod" (in reference to the larger than life character on Monster's, Inc. whose color is similar to the pale blue patina paint and monster hand shifter knob). It started out life as a 2004 ACG California Roadster in factory Rosso Red with light camel interior but led a rough life with its original owner. It spent most of its time outdoors in the salt air in a coastal community of North Carolina. The origins of the California Roadster came from a partnership agreement with Ray Hoogenraad of ACG (American Custom Golf Cars) and legendary hot rod designer Boyd Coddington. They aligned to produce a hot rod themed golf cart, which ultimately led to the design of the California Roadster. The company still exists today on the West Coast and


The cart rod

produces a variety of high-end custom carts. Growing up the son of a hot rod restorer and builder, I decided 15 years ago that I wanted a California Roadster. The '32 Ford has always been one of my favorite cars, and I believe the California Roadster closely emulates the styling of the prewar Fords. They are wildly popular, and many celebrities have chosen the California Roadster as their golf cart. A few of these notable celebrities include NASCAR legend Richard Petty, actor George Lopez, and actor Joe Pesci. I was actually looking at another cart that was for sale on Facebook Marketplace when another Facebook user turned me on to this cart. It was in ROUGH shape when I picked it up. I began by stripping it down to the bare chassis with plans to clean it up and build a neighborhood cruiser. As I dug deeper into the build, my priorities continually shifted. What began as a refresh turned into a complete nut-and-bolt, frame-off restoration. I don't believe there is a single bolt that I haven't touched. One of my biggest dislikes about the factory California Roadsters is the placement of the headlights. In my opinion, it 18

looks like a British touring car had a love child with a bulldozer. The lights just sit too high on the factory version. I wanted the headlights tucked in below the fender line to more closely match the style of an early to mid-‘30s Ford. Once I unbolted the headlights from their original location, I spent quite a bit of time moving them up and down the grille trying to decide where they would fit without getting tire rub when the steering was at full lock. After multiple requests from my girlfriend and a dozen or so pictures to reference, the decision was made to move the headlights down 6 inches. In my opinion, moving down the headlights completely changed the look of the cart. The body was restored, and I shaved about every existing hole in the body. Since the cart was going to see a lot of road time, I elected to go with a "faux" patina paint job rather than perfect show condition paint. A lot of people don't get the fake patina, and I often get asked "What color are you going to paint it?" After rebuilding and repairing the body, I laid down a coat of red oxide primer to appear as the rust base. I then added coats of Gloss Pumpkin Orange, Ultra Matte Nantucket

Blue, Satin Aqua (light blue), and finally a coat of Satin Island Splash (a lighter blue). Between each coat, I sanded with 400 grit sandpaper. After I got all coats on, I wet sanded with 800 grit. I finished it all off with a semi-gloss clear coat. Body repairs and paint took around 60 hours total. For wheels and tires, I decided to go as old school as possible. Coker had a wide variety of rims and tires, but since I was limited on space and existing data from ACG or other ACG owners, choosing the right size was a stressful task. I don’t believe the 15” rim was offered in a 4x100 pattern, so I elected to use a 5x4.5” Ford pattern and I purchased adapters to convert from the 4x100 to 5x4.5". I went with a 15” Smoothie steel wheel from Coker Tire with a Ford center cap and thin trim ring. I also found a low-profile Coker wide whitewall that matched the previous 13" tire specs. The factory car had 165/70R13's, which made them around 6.5" wide and 4.55" tall. Fortunately, the internet is quite forgiving for us folks who still count on our fingers, so I found an online calculator that would allow the new 15" tires to fit in the space left by the old 13" tires. This gave me a popular and desirable rim for rat rodders if

I decided I didn’t like them and wanted to sell. The 4x100 rims would have been boat anchors on marketplace. For taillights, I chose to replace the rectangle factory taillights with old school LED teardrops. ACG offered an LED headlight replacement but it was quite expensive. So, I did some research and found that a backup light for an 18-wheeler was nearly the same size and with some moderate trimming of the weather-stripping could fit in the existing headlight buckets and still look stock. The best part, they were around $20 for both! For seats, I was referred to Rick’s Upholstery in Mooresville, NC ( Rick does awesome work and has a very strong portfolio of high-end custom builds. I chose a two-tone Ginseng Brown and Light Copper marine grade PermaGuard vinyl for the seats. Some of the other additions include "faux" teak brown and white front and rear EVA floormats by N/C and a complete Kicker Audio stereo system. The audio system includes a Kicker KMC2 marine head unit with 200-watt Kicker 6.5” LED marine grade speakers and finished off with a Kicker HS8 Hideaway


The cart rod

powered subwoofer with amplifier. The next task proved to be a huge challenge, as the electrical system was shot and the wiring harness was junk. An old friend of mine -- Andy Fisher from Fisher Carts in South Carolina -- took the cart for a few weeks to completely rewire it. He rebuilt a new harness and installed an Alltrax Controller and HD solenoid. He also rewired the headlights and 12-volt converter and installed a floor shifter to complete the classic car look. Perhaps one of his best additions was replacing the keyed ignition system with a secure keyless ignition that runs off of a key fob - like a car. A thief will spend quite a while trying to find where to insert a key. The body had a lot of damage and there were a lot of things that I wanted to remove, so I had to learn how to work fiberglass. Aside from rebuilding the nose on my surfboard in my younger days, I have never done fiberglass work. So, I had to spend some time on YouTube learning how to build up, shape and rebuild fiberglass. Once the chassis was back to a roller, I began the process of rebuilding the body. I started with the heavily damaged front fender. After watching YouTube videos to learn fiberglass work, I purchased materials and began work. As I gained experience, I decided to get more in depth with the repairs. I ended up shaving the park lights, taillights, roof brackets, original headlight holes, and all of the dash holes (speedometer, cigarette lighter, headlight holes). I also filled a half dozen holes and several damage cracks. All in all, the fiberglass repairs took around 40 hours. The drivetrain stayed mostly stock, utilizing mostly Club


Car replacement parts to make it easy to replace later. The windshield was custom cut, because after repeated requests ACG was unable to provide a proper fitting windshield. Tell about some background about you and how long you have been building carts; how did you into the business? I’ve been a cart owner since 2013; building carts since 2015 What are your future plans for you or your company? Twisted Treads will continue to build exclusively high-end carts. Our current business model is focused on only building about 10 carts per year. My current contracted build is for an active NFL player. Is there anything else you'd like to add? Likely a Navitas swap to begin with. I also plan on building a passenger trailer that resembles an old teardrop camping trailer.

The cart rod

buILd SHEEt COSMETIC • Coker 15" Smoothie Rims • Coker 15" Low Profile Wide Whitewalls • Coker Ford Baby Moons • Coker Narrow Trim Rings • CNT Universal Speaker Pods • N/C FXIXI Faux Teak EVA Foam Floor Mats • Manifish LED Stainless LED Cup Holders • PartsAM 4" LED Headlights • Supernight LED Frame Rail Lights • PartsAM LED Teardrop Taillights • Arenbel 8 Ball Shifter Knob

AUDIO • Kicker KMC2 Marine Grade Gauge Mount Media Center • Kicker 11HS8 Hideaway Powered Subwoofer • Kicker 6.5" LED Marine Grade Speakers

MECHANICAL • Alltrax SR-48400 Controller • 200 AMP HD Solenoid • CURTIS 15945107 Module FP-6D Electric Vehicle Foot Pedal Accelerator • Club Car DS Floor Shifter • Yetor Heavy Remote-Control Switch Keyless Ignition with Key Fob









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1720 W Elliot Road • Gilbert AZ, 85233 • 480-272-8418



HI-PERFORMANCE DESIGNS In this month’s edition of Golf Carting Magazine, we are featuring another sponsor whose company name is HiPerformance Designs, Inc., or HPD. The founder of HPD is Henry Gaudens and we were able to spend some time with Henry to learn more about HPD and their beautiful line of golf cart wheels. Company Name: HI-PERFORMANCE DESIGNS, INC. Company Website: WWW.HPDWHEELS.COM Company Headquarters: PLANT CITY, FL Facebook Page: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/HDGOLFWHEELS 30

GCMAG: Hello Henry. Thanks for taking the time to tell us more about your company. Can you give us the basics on HPD Wheels? HENRY: Sure. We design and manufacture aluminum alloy wheels for Car, Truck, ATV/UTV, Trailers and Golf Carts. We also have a few accessories in our automotive sector. We also offer ready mount golf cart wheels and tires currently featuring OTR brand tires. GCMAG: So basically you provide wheels for pretty much anything that rolls. You are the sole owner of HPD Wheels?

HENRY: I am. [Henry Gaudens] GCMAG: Can you give us some background on how and when (and how) HPD got started? HENRY: We started Hi-Performance Designs, Inc in 2004. My background has been in the aluminum alloy wheel industry. My background has been with executive positions with MOMO (Italy), BBS (Germany), Enkei (Japan) so there is no doubt we have aluminum running through our veins. In all seriousness, the aftermarket wheel business is our passion which is evident in our designs. GCMAG: That is a lot of international experience in the wheel business. Where are you located? HENRY: One Location - 803 East Reynolds Street, Plant City, FL 33563. GCMAG: I live in Florida as well and I know that area well. Can you tell us a little about your team? HENRY: Of course. Currently we have 11 people that are full time. They cover everything… sales, warehouse, administrative, marketing and the design team. They are all in-house. GCMAG: Great. You mentioned marketing… how does HPD Wheels market? HENRY: We are mainly engaged in online marketing and social media. And now we are advertising in Golf Carting Magazine. GCMAG: And we sincerely appreciate you being a sponsor of



companyprofile our publication. What would you say is the most important business lesson your company has learned? HENRY: I tell all the people that have ever been on our team that if you love what you do, work hard and don't screw up - the money will come. GCMAG: I like that. It is straightforward and easy to remember. What are the future plans for Hi-Performance Designs? HENRY: We just want to continue on our current path, continuing to innovate and build high quality products. GCMAG: Thank you Henry for spending time with Golf Carting Magazine and we wish you continued success to both you and your company. For more information on HPD Wheels visit their website at You can also give them a call at 888-707-9880.


Get Your Beach on in

ISLE OF PALMS SOUTH CAROLINA ISLE OF PALMS, LOCATED IN SUNNY SOUTH CAROLINA, is a beach community that both residents and visitors adore. IOP is a barrier island on the SC coast; the town lies on a narrow strip of land that hugs the beach. The land is separated from the mainland by the Intracoastal Waterway. The island is thought to be approximately 25,000 years old—impressive!—but it only gained popularity in the 1970s, when beach lovers from across the nation flocked to Isle of Palms to enjoy all the fun to be had. The community is full of 34


golf cart enthusiasts, and due to this fact, there are a number of golf cart rental businesses in IOP for visitors and residents alike to take advantage of. We spoke to representatives from two of these businesses, and they had a wealth of information regarding the island and the golf cart community within. Holly Marsh of Just Beachy Golf Cart Rentals (www. explained that the main reason golf carts have become increasingly popular over the years is because the island is laid out perfectly for golf carting. “Road

speeds never exceed 30 miles per hour,” she reported, “so you can easily get to any point of the island using only a golf cart!” There are also gravel roadways throughout the island which are ideal for golf cart travel. Brad Hunnicutt with Isle of Palms Golf Cart Rentals ( added that Isle of Palms being a small island increases its appeal to golf cart enthusiasts, and it’s quite easy to find golf cart parking on the island. Over the past 10 years, the golf cart community has grown exponentially in Isle of Palms. The town itself has helped by “creating a golf cart right-of-way along Palm Boulevard,” Hunnicutt explained, “which is a golf cart trail to the only grocery story on the island.” This means that golf cart owners don’t have to travel via car or truck to get just a couple of groceries. They can instead hop on their cart and make a quick trip to the local grocery store. There are several golf cart parades on IOP that are appealing to golf cart lovers who live on the island and those who are visiting for a beach vacation. The 4th of July parade is probably the most popular. It typically features over 200 golf carts that owners decorate for the event. The carts then parade down 10 blocks for the entire community to view. It’s a really good time! Other popular parades are the Thanksgiving parade in Wild Dunes and the Halloween golf cart parade and carnival at the Rec Center. But golf carting isn’t the only aspect of IOP that residents and visitors adore. There’s the beach, obviously, which is gorgeous with clear water. And there’s more to the outdoor life in Isle of Palms than just the beach. Individuals can enjoy water sports, biking, golfing, kayaking, surfing, swimming boating, golfing, and more. As Marsh stated, “There’s always something to do outdoors around here.” Residents are fond of the schools; the elementary school is just one of two schools in the nation located directly on the beach, and the kids in the area love it. The community is another draw. It’s filled with kind-hearted individuals who are welcoming to newcomers. As Marsh stated, “Children are riding their bikes everywhere, families are meeting at the Rec, and there is always a weekly beach happy hour somewhere.” And the nightlife is something to enjoy as well. “The only thing

better than eating at a great restaurant,” Marsh said, “is eating at a great restaurant with live music! We are blessed with both—all of which can be accessed by golf cart.” There are tons of events that occur year-round in IOP. If you find yourself in the area for the holidays, be sure to check out the Holiday Street Festival. If you’re more of a summer vacation visitor, you’ll want to see the summer sand-sculpting contest on the beach, as it draws some of the most talented artists in the area to use sand as their medium. The hub of the island is the Isle of Palms Rec Center, which is a draw for families with children of all ages. The center offers an incredible playground, adult classes of all kinds for individuals to expand their knowledge base, seasonal sport leagues for all ages so you can get your blood pumping and work on your hand-eye coordination, and the center offers an opportunity to get to know other members of the community, as residents tend to spend quite a bit of time there. Another area attraction which we previously mentioned, Wild Dunes, provides golf lovers with a place to play golf. If you’re not a golf enthusiast, never fear: there is plenty to do at Wild Dunes. You can utilize the swimming pools for some pool games or enjoy some R & R by indulging in spa treatments. The world is your oyster! Isle of Palms is a short 25-minute drive to downtown Charleston, so visitors can get a taste of city life on rainy days when the beach isn’t the ultimate activity. Charleston proper has a wealth of activities for visitors such as historical tours, great shopping, and amazing dining. If you’re feeling spooky, go on one of the city’s ghost tours! And be sure to hop on a horse-drawn carriage for one of Charleston’s famous carriage rides throughout the city, where you’ll be able to learn about the historical aspects of Charleston. As you can see, Isle of Palms offers a great deal to both visitors and residents who adore golf carting. “Isle of Palms is truly the best of all worlds!” Marsh exclaimed. “Not only does it offer the beach and so many outdoor activities, it’s also incredibly close to Charleston.” If you’re looking for a beach destination for your next vacation and want the opportunity to enjoy some golf carting, look no further than Isle of Palms, South Carolina!



Golf Carting's

Top 6 Ways to Make Your Golf Cart Faster


Who doesn’t want to add a little speed to their golf cart? One of the most asked questions when it comes to golf carts is, how do I make it faster? What’s the best way to get more speed from my custom golf cart? What exactly does adding speed to your golf cart entail? Is it expensive? Do I need to install new parts? These are probably the questions you’re asking yourself before you dive into this project, and we have answers. In this article we do our best to give you the top 6 ways to make your golf cart go faster with as little effort as possible.

1. Adding More Torque

Torque can play a big part when it comes to adding speed to your golf cart. The more torque your golf cart has, the more speed it can produce. So, what is torque? Torque is measured by the amount of pulling power the motor produces. All of this is possible due to the current. If the current is higher, the more torque your motor is going to produce. So how do you achieve more torque? This is simple, once you understand that Voltage is your Top Speed and Amperage

is your Torque. In order to achieve more torque, you’re going to have to increase the RPM’s of your motor. First, you’ll want to switch to a motor with a higher RPM. This may involve some spending if you want to upgrade your existing motor. The upside to this, is you don’t have to mess with voltage. If you don’t want to spend money on a new motor, your second option would be to increase the amount of voltage to your already existing motor (example: 36 volts pushed up to 48 volts). You should know, this will not increase your torque, only your top speed. We should mention, upgrading one part of your cart at a time may cause an unbalance of power. Electricity can be fickle you...Voltage and amperage, according to the laws of electricity, are opposite. As voltage goes up your amperage goes down. This works both ways. When you upgrade one part of your golf cart, like your motor for instance, you may lose power elsewhere, without another pertinent part. This is why we recommend upgrading everything at once in order to achieve the most power out of your golf cart. This makes a huge difference in the long run.

golfcartguide amperage level. This includes your motor, speed controller, and solenoid relay. If we could recommend any company for speed controllers, it would be Navitas. They have been producing some of the best speed controller products for golf carts and are worth every penny.

2. Upgrading the Motor

The first thing you should look for in a motor for your golf cart is the size of the field coil. Typically, Series Wound Torque Motors have larger coils inside. The larger coil allows for a larger magnetic field generation. This can hold the armature much more securely, which in turn creates more torque. This will only upgrade your torque, so if you’re looking for more top speed then you’ll want to choose a motor with higher RPMs, which we touch on next. DC series wound speed motors are going to be the best for those who want to go fast, and continue to go fast. Speed motors tend to have smaller magnetic field coils, which allows the motor to get going at a high rate of speed, which creates more top end speed for your golf cart. Like we mentioned before, if you choose a speed motor, you’ll gain more top end speed, but lose torque, or acceleration. If you choose a torque motor, you’ll gain some acceleration, but lose a little top end speed. One of our favorites is the Club Car AMD Torque & Speed motor, which gives you up to 25 mph speeds and 50% boost to your torque. This is the best of both worlds.

3. Upgrade the Speed Controller

Besides your motor, there are several parts to your golf cart that can increase the overall speed that you need to consider before throwing a new motor in. Basically, if you throw a new motor in your golf cart, you may not get exactly what you want when it comes to more speed. The two components that need to be researched before purchasing a new motor would be the relay and speed controller. These two parts sit quietly between your motor and batteries but play a massive part in the function of your golf cart. Without upgrading these two parts you may cause more problems for yourself down the road. For example: Say your motor can potentially draw 400 amps, but your speed controller is only rated at 300 amps. The current limitation will not allow your motor to run optimally. This is why we recommend upgrading all of your parts at the same time and making sure that they are all rated at the same 38

4. Upgrade Your Battery

Installing a new battery with a higher voltage is a quick and easy way to increase your overall power and speed for your golf cart. Changing the battery on your golf cart takes little to no time at all and can be the difference in maximizing your golf carts speed. If you aren’t entirely sure about the voltage on your existing battery, you should be able to find a label located on the battery. If your label is worn away, you can take a quick look at your motor to determine the voltage. Why is this important? Choosing a new battery with a higher voltage output can increase the output of your motor, which will increase your golf cart speed tenfold. It’s also important to note, you should choose a battery made specifically for golf carts. This is not absolutely pertinent, but it is definitely recommended. We suggest checking out batteries by Trojan. They make some of the best golf cart batteries in the business, all at a reasonable price. We also recommend keeping your battery clean of buildup or corrosion. Believe it or not, clean batteries make your golf cart run better. A massive buildup of corrosion can cause your golf cart to run slow. Also, it’s important to note that you should replace your battery cables when moving to a brand-new battery.

5. Upgrade to Bigger Tires

Increasing your tire size is probably the easiest and most costeffective way to get more speed out of your golf cart. The nice thing about upgrading your tire size, is that it doesn’t matter

golfcartguide whether you have a gas or an electric cart. The larger the diameter of the tire, the faster the cart will go. This will only give you top end speed and may slow your acceleration a little. Most golf carts come standard with 8” tires. If you upgrade to a tire around 24”, and add no additional upgrades, you could find yourself gaining anywhere between 3 and 5 MPH. Adding new golf cart tires is going to save you a good bit of money compared to upgrading any other speed components on your golf cart. This is also the easiest method to gaining speed, considering all you have to do is change your tires. We should mention, if you do decide to get bigger meatier tires, some golf cart models may require a lift kit. Lift kits are typically inexpensive and aren’t very tough to install yourself if you have any mechanical skills. You should always make sure your tires are being maintained properly. This means checking your air pressure consistently. The PSI is stamped on the sidewall of the tire and should be referenced before adding or releasing air. This will make a big difference in speed, so treat your tires nicely.

6. Keep Your Golf Cart Clean

I know it seems silly to think that keeping a golf cart clean would add some speed, but you’d be surprised. Obviously a nice and shiny outside can cut down a little bit on aerodynamics, but we’re mostly talking about the junk you rarely notice on the undercarriage. Build-up such as dirt, mud, and rocks can sometimes get caked to the undercarriage. It’s always smart to give your golf cart a thorough wash after every ride. I know these don’t seem like things that would slow your cart down, but over time, they may start to. Also keep in mind the amount of weight that you’re hauling. How many people are riding with you? Are you hauling a load? These are all things to consider when trying to gain speed. We typically suggest that you keep your golf cart free of clutter, and also carry no more than the weight limit suggests. Excess weight on a golf cart can be damaging to your parts over time.

Final Thoughts

Making your golf cart faster can be done in a variety of ways, 40

and over an extended period of time. There is no need to rush when trying to make your golf cart faster. It’s smart to do your research on parts and have a plan before diving headfirst into a massive golf cart project. In this article we did our best to touch on 6 different ways you could potentially make your golf cart faster, including boosting your voltage, adding a new battery system, upgrading your speed controller, and even purchasing bigger tires. I hope that this article has given you the knowledge and confidence to take the next step in making your golf cart a little bit faster. If you have any questions regarding parts, or comments about your recent upgrades, please let us know. Thanks for reading! - GCM


OWNER: Brad Crumb from Clewiston, Fl COMPANY: Big O Carts - YEAR/MAKE/MODEL: 2012 Yamaha G29 AFTERMARKET PARTS USED: 14” Modz Mayhem – Bronze Navitas A/C kit- 4kw 600amp controller GTW Mach 3 Rear seat kit Lagana Steering wheel Xtreme Mats - floor mat TELL US ABOUT THIS CUSTOM BUILD: Picked this cart up as a fixer upper, stripped cart down to chassis for sand blast & coating. Got with 42

Golf Cart King for some killer deals on wheels , tires, Navitas a/c kit, steering wheel, wire harness, floor mat, side panels, & dash kit. Went with Abyss Gray from Ford for paint . I chose the bronze Mod Mayhems & I think they really pop with the paint I chose! Once I got the cart all together all I can say is “Wow”!!!! This thing is as fast as it looks @ 35mph ,Navitas is the way to go! I custom made a dash mount for on the fly Navitas controller and a battery rack that holds 6-8v’s that was previously 4-12v’s. SOME BACKGROUND ABOUT YOU AND HOW LONG YOU HAVE BUILDING CARTS: I’ve been working on carts going on 3 years, I’ve been doing it out of my home & always had the edge to take it to the next level! As I’m writing this, I am 12 days away from the grand

opening of Big O Carts! We are located in south Florida at the very bottom of Lake Okeechobe. WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS FOR YOU OR YOUR COMPANY? We are offering honest repair work & custom builds! Already have a cart? Awesome we will give you the options of customizing to your liking, from paint selection, wheels & tires, custom seats, etc.! GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 43




Cart & Parts is a 12-year old golf cart dealership in Union City, IN. They are an authorized E-Z-GO dealership and sell new and pre-owned E-Z-GO carts. They also provide service to the big three carts brands, E-Z-GO, Yamaha and Club Car. They have a large cart rental fleet as well. Let’s find out more about Cart & Parts in Union City, IN. Dealer Name: CARTS & PARTS Dealer Location: 1035 N. COLUMBIA ST, UNION CITY, IN Phone Number: (937) 459-8891 Email: CARTSANDPARTS1@GMAIL.COM Owner: COLE WENDEL Facebook Page: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/CARTSANDPARTS GCMAG: Cole, thank you for spending time with us here at Golf Carting Magazine. We appreciate you opening up to us about your dealership. Tell us a little bit about Cart & Parts. COLE: For over 12 years, Carts & Parts has been a local family owned and operated full service authorized EZGO dealership. We specialize in the customization of carts. We sell EZGO new and preowned. We service EZGO, Yamaha, and Club Car. We also have a rental fleet of over 100 carts available to work at events and for individual rentals. GCMAG: Congratulations. In this industry, it seems like twelve years is a long time to be in business. Who are the owner(s)? COLE: I am the owner. [Cole Wendel] And we are a familyowned and operated business. GCMAG: What is your company background? How and when did

your company start? COLE: Carts & Parts started over 12 years ago by Gene and Shirley Thomason. They owned a golf cart and wanted to customize it but in those days, customizing a personal cart wasn’t really a thing. Gene searched for parts and accessories and in his spare time, part by part, he transformed his cart into something to be proud of—his own masterpiece. In 2008, on a camping trip, Gene and Shirley brought their golf cart and it generated a lot of attention and soon, people would ask Gene to modify their cart and before long, a business was born. Even in one of the worst financial collapses in history, Cart & Parts thrived. A few years ago, Gene and Shirley were ready to retire and my father Jeff had always dreamed of having a business that the whole family could work together in. My mother and father recognized the small-town values and integrity of Carts & Parts and felt it would be an ideal business for the Wendel family, and the baton was passed. The values established by Gene and Shirley Thomason continue to thrive at Carts & Parts through a family entrenched in the community with the customer’s best interest at heart. GCMAG: That’s a great story and I love the small town values that are reflected in your dealership. Where exactly are you guys located? COLE: We have one location at 1035 N Columbia Street Union City, IN which is right on the border of Indiana and Ohio. GCMAG: Can you tell us about your employees? COLE: We are a family-owned company and have several



dealerprofile family members who work here. The following is a break-down: COLE: Parts and Service Manager JEFF: (Cole's Dad): Customer Service Manager JODI: (Cole's Mom): Keeps everyone in line CADE: (Cole's Brother): Service Tech COBE: (Cole's Brother): Service Tech CALI: (Cole's Sister): Laborer GCMAG: I love Jodi’s job description and am confident she is good at what she does. How do you promote or advertise your business? Online? Social Media? COLE: We have a large client base who refer people to us. We also have a good online and social media presence. GCMAG: Word-of-mouth referrals is the best marketing there is. What is the most important business lesson you've learned? COLE: I think the most important lesson is listening to our customers. We let them tell us what they are looking for and then provide prompt and friendly service. It is all about giving our customers the best positive experience that keeps them coming back for more, and, telling their friends about their positive experience. GCMAG: I could not agree with you more. What are your future plans? COLE: We want to continue to provide our customers with the latest and greatest service there is to offer. As the industry changes, we want to make sure we change with it to offer the best products and service to our customers. GCMAG: Is there anything you’d like to add? COLE: We invite your readers to check out our reviews on our website. (The address is https:// We let our customers speak for us. If they are happy, we are happy! It’s all about the customer! GCMAG: Cole, thanks again for taking the time to tell us more about Carts & Parts and we wish you continued success. For more information on Carts & Parts in Union City, IN visit their website at Carts-and-Parts. com or their Facebook page at https://www. Their phone number is (937) 459-8891.



ASK THE MECHANIC Q: My batteries sound like they are bubbling when charging. What is happening? A: In the normal charging range, this bubbling is caused when an electric current from your charger is passing between the positive and negative plates in the battery's cells and through the electrolyte solution. Now, sealed batteries, such as gel or AGM, certainly have the ability to make noise when charging. Be sure to monitor your batteries periodically to make sure they are not overheating or overcharging. If you see any water seeping out of the caps, that means you are overfilling your cells. Only fill the cell just over the lead plates inside with distilled water when fully charged already. Q: What are the top maintenance tips for electric carts? A: Check all battery wire connections for tightness every month. A loose or corroded terminal can cause terminals to melt and leave you stranded. If there is any corrosion present, remedy that with a baking soda/water solution around the 48

terminal. It's best to remove the terminal (make sure you have the cart in tow mode first), and clean underneath it as well. Keep in mind, when rinsing off batteries you may want to not have it on a nice driveway as you may have battery acid stains underneath where the cart was. Q: Are all chargers the same when purchasing? A: Yes and No. Yes, because they all do the same thing, charge batteries. However, there are certain amperages you want to stay with. There are chargers available that charge as low as 5 amps which will take a long while to charge and never give the batteries the high amperage desulfation period they need to maintain a good internal chemistry. At least a 15-amp charger is recommended for most applications. Be advised that some chargers like DeltaQ has several charging algorithms available to charge your particular batteries to manufacture specifications.

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