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How Can We Make Golf Carts Safer? I LOVE GOLF CARTS. They are a big part of my life. The electric cart industry is booming and it is not going to slow down any time soon. There is a challenge we are facing that is only going to grow as golf carts grow in popularity. The challenge is that people are getting seriously hurt. And what’s more concerning, is that a large percentage of these injuries are happening to children. According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, over 150,000 people received emergency room treatment for golf-cartrelated injuries between 2007 and 2017. The amount of children sustaining brain injuries due to golf carts was three times that of adults. And the amount of golf cart-related injuries in the elderly rose over 60% from 2007 to 2017. Let’s be honest; golf carts can be dangerous and I think manufacturers need to begin to address these issues by incorporating more safety features in their design. Perhaps adding safety belts, doors, turn signals and making mirrors standard would have a dramatic impact on safety. A number of years ago, I was golfing with the head pro at a SW Florida country club. We were driving down the main path leading from the pro shop to the first tee. My companion was driving with his left foot was dangling out the side of the cart while he was looking at his phone. Disaster struck when he inadvertently drove too close to the raised curb and his foot got wedged and violently twisted to the point where it almost pulled him out of the cart. He suffered a major ankle and knee injury and was out of action for nearly three months. A very close friend of mine was driving his custom cart in a Charleston community at night with his friend and 15year old son. The cart was modified to achieve a top speed of over 25 mph. The road was a little slick from an earlier rain and when he took a turn too quickly, the cart flipped over and pinned my friend and drug him a number of feet. Luckily the front passenger and the teen -who was riding on the rear-facing back seat - were able to jump clear with minimal injuries. My friend however, was not so lucky. He sustained serious injuries in the form of major lacerations and road rash and though lucky to have not injured his head, he was laid up for many months. As more and more communities are embracing electric vehicles, many people are looking at ways to make them safer. Legislators are also looking at creating laws that will help protect drivers and passengers such as mandating safety belts, speed limits and driver age requirements as well. Golf carts are becoming a highly desirable mode of transportation. We just need to protect ourselves and family members by understanding that they can be very dangerous and take the necessary precautions and focus on being safe.

Trevor Rose Senior Editor 8 GOLFCARTING.COM

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latestindustrynews D&D MOTORS CELEBRATES 20 YEARS OF MANUFACTURING IN AMERICA! Brothers Eric and Mike Dieroff grew up watching their Germanborn father live out the American dream. As a founder of Advanced DC motors, Gary Dieroff showed his sons how to build a business from the ground up, by focusing on excellent engineering, precision manufacturing and unmatched customer service. Even after their dad sold Advance DC Motors, Eric and Mike continued to work there carrying on their father’s legacy. When the new owners wanted to shift production overseas, the brothers knew they could no longer guarantee the same high-quality product their customers deserved, and on March 19, 2001, D&D Motor Systems was born. The two rented a small office in the basement of an apartment building with Eric leading engineering efforts and Mike overseeing corporate logistics. Their vision? Become the premier DC motor manufacturer in the U.S. by delivering the best quality, engineering support, and customer service. Told it could no longer be done profitably in the states (let alone New York State) only made them more determined to succeed. Seeing potential and steering around obstacles, they


leased an empty 18,0000 sq/ft building that had once been an ice cream factory. Their first year, D&D shipped just over 400 motors, twenty years later, they have built and shipped over 180,000 motors and 19,000 controllers. D&D employs a team of 16-20 workers, eight of whom have been there 13+ years. D&D provides living-wage manufacturing jobs with generous health benefits and profit-sharing. Employees at D&D are truly invested in their work. It’s easy to spot a D&D motor by its telltale bright blue color, specially selected to make the motors recognizable. In 2021, D&D continues to thrive with Mike and Eric remaining committed to keeping production stateside - a belief that was strengthened by the COVID-19 pandemic, which illustrated the danger of relying on overseas manufacturing. Although D&D Is the last golf cart motor manufactured in the USA, they have no plans to change. Their 83-year-old father Gary is proud of the part his sons are playing in keeping America strong, one electric motor at a time. For more information, visit their website at: or call 315-701-0635.

latestindustrynews BATTERIES PLUS ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH RELION BATTERY RETAILER WILL OFFER RELION LITHIUM BATTERIES IN OVER 170 STORES ACROSS THE U.S. In celebration of National Battery Day, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing battery, light bulb, key fob and repair franchise, Batteries Plus, is pleased to announce a new agreement with global lithium battery company, RELiON Battery. The company announced today the addition of RELiON’s lithium battery products in select stores across the U.S. With increasing consumer demand for lithium batteries, Batteries Plus aims to provide customers with an alternative to conventional lead-acid batteries as lithium batteries are inherently lightweight, have a longer life and charge quickly, among many other benefits. “As the nation’s leading battery retailer, we are always looking for opportunities to build mutually beneficial partnerships and that is exactly what RELiON offers,” said Shawn Budiac, VP Category Management for Batteries Plus. “As a leader in manufacturing lithium iron phosphate batteries, RELiON offers a high-quality solution for our customers looking to elevate their battery needs for outdoor recreational vehicles, solar energy systems and commercial applications.” RELiON Battery is leading the industry with innovative power options as many consumers shift to lithium batteries for high power applications such as bass fishing, sailing, recreational vehicles, overland, solar, electric vehicles, and more. RELiON’s lithium batteries are built to withstand harsh environmental elements, while being maintenance-free and highly efficient. They allow those seeking an outdoor lifestyle to do so without worrying if their batteries will last. “We are thrilled to bring our lithium battery solutions to Batteries Plus customers across the U.S.,” said RELiON Battery CEO Paul Hecimovich. “RELiON and Batteries Plus have the same goal: to provide reliable, long-lasting power so customers can go where they want, when they want with ease. We look forward to this partnership and continuing to bring industry-leading lithium batteries to the forefront.” Batteries Plus will offer customers RELiON’s most popular lithium products, including 12V, 24V and 48V batteries that


can power all types of equipment. In addition, customers that purchase RELiON Battery products are also supporting the planet, as the company donates 1% of annual revenue to nonprofits fighting for a healthier and more sustainable environment. To learn more about Batteries Plus and RELiON Battery, visit and ABOUT BATTERIES PLUS Batteries Plus Bulbs, founded in 1988 and headquartered in Hartland, WI, is a leading omni channel retailer of batteries, specialty light bulbs and phone repair services for the directto-consumer and commercial channels. The retailer also offers key programming, replacement and cutting services. Through a nationwide network of stores, the company offers a differentiated value proposition of unrivaled product selection, in-stock availability and customer service. Batteries Plus Bulbs is owned by Freeman Spogli, a private equity firm based in Los Angeles and New York City. For additional information, visit ABOUT RELiON BATTERY RELiON is a global innovator of battery storage ideas. Founded in 2014, the company is on a mission to help customers challenge and overcome their limits by providing the best drop-in lithium batteries and give back by donating one percent of annual revenue to environmental causes through 1% for the Planet. RELiON products power a range of applications including, Recreational Vehicles, Marine, Electric Vehicles, Solar Powered Solutions and more. The company offers a full range of services and high-quality products that continue to pave the way forward to a greener and more efficient future for energy storage. For more information on RELiON, visit CONTACT: Paxton Shaw, RELiON Battery 704-718-1705


E-Z-GO UPDATES RXV ELITE LITHIUM-ION-POWERED GOLF CARS Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, is launching updated models of its E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE series of golf cars powered by Samsung SDI lithium technology. Building on the unmatched low cost of operation, energy efficiency and zero maintenance of prior RXV ELiTE models, the updated RXV ELiTE vehicles now use an even smaller battery pack that further reduces the vehicle’s weight to allow for nimbler handling and lessen the vehicle’s impact on golf-course turf, while offering the same efficiency, range and performance. The smaller battery pack also enables E-Z-GO to offer the optional Insider Bag, the industry’s largest underseat storage compartment in a fleet golf car, with more than 36 liters of storage in a portable, grab-and-go solution. In addition, the new ELiTE Light Charger allows golfcourse operators the ability to streamline their cart barn’s infrastructure, using three times more vehicle chargers per 15-amp circuit. This solution can maximize electricity savings by lowering peak energy demand, and reduces the capital investment required to wire a cart barn to recharge an electric golf-car fleet -- making it more cost-effective for operations to “green” their operations by converting from gas-powered to lithium-powered fleets. RXV ELiTE vehicles can also be equipped with an optional onboard rapid charger, so that they can be recharged quickly wherever there’s an available power outlet. Since partnering with Samsung SDI in 2017 to become the first golf-car manufacturer to offer lithium technology at fleet scale, E-Z-GO has sold more than 110,000 ELiTE series vehicles globally. ELiTE vehicles are now in operation at nearly 1,900 golf courses worldwide, and have proven their mettle in racking up more than 25 million hours -- and an estimated 40 million rounds of golf -- of real-world use.


“E-Z-GO is building on the success of our proven ELiTE series with these new RXV models that further enhance both the course’s operations, and the golfer’s experience on the course,” said John Collins, vice president, E-Z-GO for Textron Specialized Vehicles. “We are the industry leader in lithium technology and powertrain performance, and our ELiTE vehicles continue to set a new standard to follow.” E-Z-GO ELiTE vehicles are equipped with zeromaintenance lithium batteries that don’t require watering, terminal post checkups or cleaning like traditional lead-acid batteries. The batteries are backed by a five-year, unlimited amp-hour warranty. ELiTE vehicles also charge in half the time and require less out-of-the-wall power than lead-acid batteries, with energy efficiency more than 50 percent greater than competitors’ vehicles powered by traditional lead-acid battery packs. ELiTE vehicles can “opportunity-charge” between rounds, and with batteries less than half the size and a fraction of the weight of lead-acid batteries, the ELiTE series reduces turf damage and soil compaction. The updated models, which include the E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE, Freedom RXV ELiTE, and Freedom RXV 2+2 ELiTE, are available now from your E-Z-GO authorized distributor or factory-direct representative. The Insider Bag will be available as an option this spring. In addition to the newly updated RXV ELiTE and Freedom RXV ELiTE models, the E-Z-GO ELiTE Series also includes the Express S4 ELiTE, S6 ELiTE, and L6 ELiTE. E-Z-GO’s sister brand, Cushman, now offers Samsung SDI technology in its Hauler 800 ELiTE utility vehicle and Shuttle 4 ELiTE and Shuttle 6 ELiTE personnel carriers. To learn more about ELiTE lithium technology, visit https://

latestindustrynews THE ALL NEW GSC TOURER™ A REAL CHAMPION ON THE TURF The Australian based company GSC™ has been a major player in the golf industry for over 10 years. Following the success of the GOLF SKATE CADDY™, it is now showcasing their latest innovation – THE GSC TOURER™ A standing position personal golf transporter, here to revolutionize the way we play. The GSC TOURER™ launches worldwide this week to the world at the PGA Merchandise Show and is an absolute showstopper!!! BENEFITS FOR PLAYERS Not only is it fun to ride but golfers of all ages will experience a faster paced game. The GSC TOURER™ rider can ‘ride the turf’ cruising to their own ball, without having to wait for their coplayer as in a traditional golf cart. In these crazy times of COVID and social distancing it makes it the ideal golf transporter. The GSC TOURER™ charges quickly and efficiently making it green. The GSC TOURER™ is engineered to carry a single player, plus a 44 pounds (20kgs), 10-inch (25cm) diameter pro-golf bag with ease over 18 holes on a grassy surface before it needs charging. Then, it simply plugs in to a normal power socket and charges like a mobile phone. The dual folding mechanism has also been engineered to fold down to fit in most family vehicles using our stainless steel “eagle claw” combined with our heavy-duty aluminum pole. This allows the quick release mechanism to ensure no time is wasted before the game starts and none when it is time to return to the clubhouse. GENTLE ON THE TURF Due to the relatively small ground contact area and a ground force pressure equal to a golfer on foot, it has been demonstrated that the GSC TOURER™ offers a significant reduction in course wear and tear and less maintenance compared to current popular modes of vehicular transport. The actual impaction per square meter compared to a golf cart is potentially a massive 82% less on the surface area of the golf course and similar or less than a golfer walking with a pull cart. REVOLUTION OF RENTAL FLEET SOLUTIONS World’s first Golf transport device with our fully IOT integrated turnkey solution, allowing QR code scanning/rental fees can be collected using a fully customized app that can be tailored for individual course’s needs. Geo-fencing and speed reduction features on the backend of the app similar to the shared scooter industry. Reduce staff time required to process rentals, increase social distancing, reduce players contact to nonsanitized surfaces and other items. This is exclusively being offered for golf courses deploying fleets of 36+ units. Please contact us directly if you are interested in deploying a fleet using this revolutionary solution for your course’s rentals. Also inquire about our wireless charger docking system that we can deploy at your course for 18 GOLFCARTING.COM

further reduction in your courses overheads. GOOD NEWS FOR ‘TIME POOR’ GOLFERS When riding a traditional 2-person cart you are restricted to where you can drive and have to follow 2 sets of balls. This leads to increased distance as you would not be travelling in a direct path to your destination. Research has shown that the GSC TOURER™ leads to much faster games than a traditional 2-person cart. When riding a GSC TOURER™, the difference travelled is about the same as walking the course with a pull buggy. The speed of travel however is much faster. The GSC TOURER™ will allow players to play the course in 25% less time while travelling the flight path of the ball, something they cannot do with a traditional cart and allows them to really get to "know" and assess the hole and their next shot. People love The GSC TOURER™ due to its agility and speed. When riding the GSC TOURER™ the rider is balanced, athletic and in control with precision. For more information visit:




f you have been following us on Facebook or on our website, you just might know that you can submit your cart to possibly be featured in the magazine. For those of you that have high quality photos and detailed information, you can go to our website at www.golfcarting. com and go to the "Articles" tab to find where you can submit your cart. This issue’s "Custom Golf Cart" feature comes from CKD's Custom Golf Carts, located in League City, TX. They are, you guessed it, a custom golf cart builder. They have been in business since 2003, and offer sales, service & repairs. Their motto is: “CKD's is your number one source for best value and selection in custom lifted gas and electric golf carts, where you'll get the biggest bang for your hard-earned bucks”! CDK’s company future plans; They will be expanding into a new facility and will continue bringing some of the best in custom builds and service to our community and nationwide. Their Facebook page is and their website is www. This custom golf cart is a 2018 Club Car Precedent loaded with lots of extras. Below is their written submission detailing the build. This is a custom built 2018 Club Car Precedent 'Monster' lifted Lithium electric golf cart, with the new 5KW Navitas DC to AC conversion motor set up! And as with all of our carts, it has had a fresh full reconditioning service! In customizing the cart we have installed the following accessories: RoyPow 160Ah Lithium battery pack, huge AGM auxiliary battery to run all the 12 volt accessories, our famous 11 inch "monster" A-Arm lift kit, heavy duty rear leaf springs, front automotive style air shocks and heavy duty shocks on the back, huge 30" EFX Motovator radial tires mounted on 16" Fuel Maverick wheels, spacer adapters to GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 21

fit the ATV/UTV wheels, wheel spacers to give the cart a wider stance, new Glacier White Alpha bodies with "Ford Raptor" style amber lights installed in the grill, custom Dek-It non-skid foam decking floor mat, black 80" top with built-in track in which we installed RGB (color-changing) LED lights - and our new fold-down top system that allows the roof to be lowered 7 inches so you can fit the cart in your standard garage or toy 22 GOLFCARTING.COM

hauler! Custom new style Executive seats in Saddle Brown, USAmade Max 5 rear flip seat with stainless hardware and black plastic (no-rust) footpan and drop down side steps to make it easier to get in and out of the rear seat. New style black Sentry dash with large top-loading locking glove box with black trim inserts, in-dash accessory switches (includes universal


garage door opener, Wetsounds Bluetooth connection dongle, overhead LED light bar switch, emergency flashers switch, dual USB ports, the top and bottom RGB color-changing LED light control, and uncommon key switch (so no one steals your ride!) Ultimate LED light kit (includes LED headlights, taillights, brake-lights, emergency flashers, turn signals, and horn), 30" dual row LED light bar with colored LED back-lighting mounted on the roof, 6" dual row LED light bar with colored LED back-lighting mounted on the brush guard, custom black steering wheel with black hub adapter, custom made black


powder coated drop-down nerf bars with black diamond plate steps, black powder coated MadJax Alpha brush guard with built-in winch mount and fully operational Warn 2000 pound winch, (2) Wetsounds Revo 6 marine speakers with colorchanging RGB lights and RGB rings, (1) pair Wetsounds Revo 8 speakers with color-changing RGB lights and RGB rings, 400 watt Wetsounds HTX-4 amplifier and 10" powered Wetsounds subwoofer. This stereo system cranks really loud and sounds awesome! SMV (slow moving vehicle) sign, tinted folding "nonsqueak" windshield, and 5-panel overhead mirror. -UTVOR


Year: 2018 Make: Club Car Model: Precedent (Alpha) Engine: RoyPow 160Ah Lithium Conversion Motor: 5Kw Navitas DC to AC Conversion, AGM Auxiliary Battery for accessories Body, body kit, grill: Alpha/ raptor style amber running lights Custom Paint/Paint Color: Glacier White Seats/Rear Seats: Madjax Executive Tobacco Seats Floor mat: DEKIt Marine Flooring Audio: 2 Wet Sounds Revo 6’s, 2 Wet Sounds Revo 8’s, both pair with RGB rings, & 1 Wet Sounds AS-10 Powered Subwoofer. Source: Wet Sounds Bluetooth Rocker Switch, HTX-4 Amplifier Alarm/Anti-Theft: Un-Common key switch Roof/Canopy: 80”Fold-Down Top with RGB Lighting (lowers 7”)


Windshield: Tinted Folding Dash/ Dash Accessories: Sentry Dash Mirrors: 5 panel rear view Steering Wheel: RHOX Formula GT Front/Rear bumper: MadJax Alpha Brush Guard Side Steps/Nerf Bars: Custom Made w/ diamond plate inserts Winch: Warn 2000lb winch Lights : 30”Dual Row Plashlights RGB Light Bar, 6”Dual row Plashlights RGB Light Bar Suspension/Front Rear: 11”Custom Monster A-Arm Lift, Heavy Duty Rear Leaf Springs, Air Shocks front & rear Wheels: 16”Fuel Maverick Wheels Tires: 30”EFX Motovator Radial Tires Spacers/Adapter: Billet Spacers Other: Rocker switches for RGB lighting, Light bars and universal garage door opener

SAVE $500 ON ANY CLUB CAR ONWARD FREE DELIVERY Call us for more information Financing Available • Free Estimates • Pick up/Delivery •Full Service Shop • Scheduled Maintenance • Trades Welcome • New & Used Parts, Carts and Accessories

1720 W Elliot Road • Gilbert AZ, 85233 • 480-272-8418


RELiON LITHIUM BATTERIES This issue’s Company Profile features RELiON Battery. Lithiumion batteries are taking over as the power choice for golf carts. RELiON Battery has emerged as one of the lithium leaders and we are delighted to have visited with them to bring you some inside-information. Company Name: RELiON BATTERY Company Website: Company Headquarters: ROCK HILL, SC GCMAG: Tell us what RELiON Battery is all about? RELiON: We manufacture and sell drop-in replacement lithium ion phosphate batteries for many deep cycle battery needs. Applications include RVs, marine craft, and most recently golf cars. We focused our engineering and design team over the last two years to develop a golf car/EV battery that could 30 GOLFCARTING.COM

simply be dropped into existing golf cars without needing to change anything in the car. Our tagline, “Challenge Your Limits”, reflects our philosophy. We like to say you will run out of adventure before you run out of power. We want sports and outdoor enthusiasts to challenge their limits, without worrying if their battery can keep up with them. GCMAG: Who is the owner of RELiON? RELiON: Paul Hecimovich GCMAG: Can you give us a little background? How and when did your company start? RELiON: RELiON CEO, Paul Hecimovich, started in the lead-acid battery distribution business with Carolina Energy Distributors in Fort Mill, SC. With a 25-year history, the company was very successful, but there was an opportunity to go beyond lead-

acid batteries as the interest of lithium battery technology was rising given the many advantages of lithium over lead-acid. Several other key members of the CED team saw the trend too. We decided to take advantage of the opportunity to manufacture LiFePo4 batteries and apply them to lead-acid battery applications. From there, RELiON Battery was born. What started with just a few battery industry veterans, turned into the worldwide company we are today. We are now in our fifth year in business with locations in Shenzhen, China, Seattle, and Charlotte. We have a worldwide distribution and a team of over 30 with over 190 years of combined battery experience. GCMAG: Wow that is impressive. How many employees do you have? Tell us about your team. RELiON: We have a worldwide distribution and a team of over 30 individuals. Our team members include Engineering, Marketing, Customer Service, Technical Support, Product Management and Sales. GCMAG: How do you promote your business? RELiON: Mostly online. We sell our batteries direct to consumer on our website. We have a sales team that handles the commercial business. We do some print and are very active on social media. GCMAG: What is the most important business lesson you learned? RELiON: As CEO of RELiON, the experienced and dedicated team we have is what truly sets us apart. I am proud of our technology but equally proud of the team we have assembled. A team with expertise and experience in the battery industry and people that aren’t afraid to push their own limits. We are very deliberate and thoughtful about who we hire and how they will fit our culture. They all have a customer-first mindset and are dedicated to helping customers with their battery needs, whether it is a distributor or end-customer. Our team has circled the globe to educate and train customers on the many feature and benefits of RELiON batteries. GCMAG: What is the future for RELiON Battery?

RELiON: The lithium battery market is growing rapidly. We were one of the first lithium battery companies and started because we saw that the demand for this technology was going to happen. Now we are in the thick of it and are setting ourselves apart through our ability to develop unique products because of our 20+ year experience in the battery world. Our team is comprised of people that have been in the battery industry for years. We noticed a demand for golf cart batteries with lithium technology and received a lot of requests. Every other solution had limitations, so we knew there was a need for a true lithium golf cart battery. We invested heavily in engineering and product development to develop a solution to the problems we were seeing in this market. Through strategic partnerships and a focus on product development, we were able to make our InSight Series unlike any other lithium solution available. The first in the series is our 48V model that was specifically designed as the optimal golf car battery solution; superior to lead-acid batteries and other lithium battery options. The fact that this battery is a drop in and go replacement solution combined with the intelligent BMS means golfers can focus on their game, not their battery. More InSight Series batteries will be released later this year. GCMAG: We are certainly excited to see the new InSight Series batteries. We appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. Is there anything else you’d like to add? RELiON: RELiON is more than a manufacturer of lithium batteries. We are stewards of our environment and communities. We have a program we call Limitless Blue where we use our business as a force for good in everything we do. We are part of an organization called 1% for the Planet where we pledge to donate 1% of revenue each year directly to environmental organizations working to defend our air, land, and water around the world. GCMAG: That’s terrific. Good for you! Thanks again for taking the time to share with us and our readers. For more information on RELiON Battery, visit their website at





The Golf Carting Magazine Sponsored “Orange Krush K5” The past few weeks have been a bit slow with updates as we have been waiting on the body shop to get more time with the custom work we need done to the body panels. The goal here is to take this donor Bronco style body and convert it into a K5 Blazer style. The hood needs to be re-fiberglassed, the side panels, grill area and rear sections, all need major work . We have started the wiring for the electronics and super crazy audio system from MTX, and the all new Houndstooth LazyLife custom seats are in production.

Stay Tuned For More Updates!



Hop on Your Cart for a Ride Down South in Peachtree City, Georgia BY KATRINA ROBINSON

PEACHTREE CITY, GEORGIA, is located just south of

Atlanta; the community was founded in 1959, and while it wasn’t initially developed as a golf cart city, it certainly grew into one. As you can guess, golf cart enthusiasts are not a rare occurrence in the community. This is largely due to the historical fact that when Flat Creek Golf Club was developed just a year after the city was founded, the area’s residents wanted to be able to travel to the golf course on their own carts. A path was constructed to allow just that to happen. Soon afterward, more golf cart paths were created with the goal of connecting the neighborhoods, which are referred to as “villages” in Peachtree City. Currently, the community has over 90 miles of multi-use 34 GOLFCARTING.COM

paths where golf carts are driven, reaching from the north of the city to the southern region. These paths are regularly maintained so they are easy to use and traverse. In addition to the pathways, Peachtree City has dozens of bridges and tunnels which make golf carts the preferred way to travel in the community; they can easily and safely cross major highways and streets. Why wouldn’t you want to bypass all that traffic and get to your destination in record time? Peachtree City is quite charming, and the community takes pride in keeping the city beautifully maintained and sparkling clean. There are no large signs outside of stores or marketing signs along the various streets, meaning that you won’t see a bunch of neon signs blinking at night. The city is

safe and features a terrific police and fire department, which lends a hand in making the community have a low crime rate. Each of Peachtree City’s villages has all the necessities a resident would want such as grocery stores, dry cleaner’s, beauty salons, and so on. Each village is architecturally unique and has its own retail stores, making different people flock to different villages, which accounts for the city’s great diversity. Peachtree City is filled with over 35,000 diverse residents, and one thing that connects them is their love of golf carting. The aforementioned multi-use path system is another draw to the area, as are the various recreational activities, the fantastic school system, the well-kept grounds, and the ease of living that residents enjoy. As far as recreation is concerned, Peachtree City has a wealth of events and activities going on throughout the year. Sports lovers will enjoy bringing their racquets to the Peachtree City Tennis Center, while others can load up their carts with their golf clubs and drive to Braelinn, Flat Creek, and Planterra golf courses. For those residents who are looking for something a little more hardcore, there’s the William B. Davis BMX Track. Residents who want to do some splashing around can take a dip at the Kedrom Fieldhouse and Aquatic Center. Any sports lover would adore the chance to take advantage of all the recreation Peachtree City has to offer. Those residents who are more concerned with arts and culture can take in a concert at the Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater, otherwise known as The Fred. The amphitheater seats over 2,000 and has been visited by headliners such as Wayne Newton, the Doobie Brothers, Ray Charles, Charlie Daniels, and Foreigner—among others. Sunset Sounds, a concert series hosted at Drake Field, is another way for residents to enjoy some good music and laughs with friends. There are also venues that make a night on the town more than possible, ranging from the Fox Theatre and the Alliance Theater to the High Museum of Art and the Atlanta Botanical Garden. And did we mention that Atlanta is just a short drive away? But Peachtree City doesn’t just let the young’uns have all the fun! Retirees and other seniors have a wealth of activities to enjoy at The Gathering Place, Peachtree City’s own senior recreation facility. The facility’s partnership with Fayette Senior Services means that there are a wide range of wellness, leisure, and recreational activities for senior citizens who like to stay active. There are garden clubs, quilting circles, cooking classes, and more—so many activities that non-seniors will be envious of their older relatives. The Peachtree City Library is another place for residents and visitors who are looking for something to pass the time, whether that be a good book or one of the many events that take place. Upcoming events at the library include Crafting at the Library: Decorative Ball on February 9; on that same day, writers can join fellow scribes via Zoom for The Writer’s Circle, a writing critique group that meets every month. Other Zoom events hosted by the library include OB, the Storytelling Dog; Virtual Adult Sensory Storytime; and Cozy Talk Book Club. For residents who are more interested in taking in the views and taking it easy, there are those multi-use

pathways we keep mentioning—the system is expansive and undoubtedly the highlight of the city. Since it goes throughout the entirety of Peachtree City, residents and visitors can hop on a cart and travel the paths all day long, enjoying everything the community has to offer. The pathways also make quick errands like running to the market or dropping the kids off at school an easy feat: simply jump in your golf cart and drive! But the pathways aren’t the only golf-cart-related attraction in Peachtree City; their annual golf cart parade, which takes place on the Fourth of July, provides golf cart enthusiasts with the perfect excuse to deck out their cart and show off their handiwork. During this parade, carts are turned into floats and paraded down the paths in Peachtree City for all to see. It truly is a spectacle of the best kind. The bottom line? If you love golf carting and are looking for a golf-cart-loving city to visit or reside in, look no further than Peachtree City, Georgia. It has more to offer than just its pathways for golf carts such as great schools, clean living, fun recreational activities, and more . . . but those pathways sure don’t hurt!











f you don’t know already, golf carts are becoming more than just a means of transportation around a golf course. They have become wildly popular in small communities, on large private properties, and they are extremely fun to drive around. Beyond the normal uses of golf carts on golf courses, I have seen them on farms, retirement communities, country clubs, campgrounds, college campuses, hospitals, military bases, and even in


some towns. Now that we know the uses of golf carts, how much do new and used golf carts cost? Let’s jump right in! HOW MUCH IS A GOLF CART? Depending on where you’re purchasing the golf cart, on average, they can cost anywhere between $7,000 and $9,000. If you’re thinking that’s a little too much to spend

on a golf cart, you can always take the “Used” route. Used golf carts can cost as low as $2,000/$3,000, and quite honestly, it’s the best way to go when purchasing a golf cart. If you want something a little fancier, some specialty golf cart shops can create custom designs that will cost you upwards of $20,000! Below I break down the costs you can expect from new, used, and custom designed golf carts in more detail. Take a look! NEW GOLF CART PRICES If you are at a reputable golf cart dealer, you should expect to pay around $9,000 for a brand-new golf cart, based on the average retail cost collected by Golfcarts. org. The nice thing about new golf carts is that the price can change depending on your specific wants and needs. If you don’t need your golf cart equipped with all of the bells and whistles, then you may only pay a couple thousand for your base model. Of course, if you are looking to jazz up that new golf cart, you could end up paying between $15,000 – $20,000. Sometimes it can be worth buying a new cart, simply because it comes with a warranty, there are no previous problems with that cart, and you have the option to customize through the dealer or manufacturer.

into amazing looking vehicles for a fraction of the price of a new golf cart. PROS OF BUYING USED GOLF CARTS: Used carts cost much less than new and can be upgraded easily. You may even get lucky and acquire a used cart with upgrades already attached from the previous owner. CONS OF BUYING USED GOLF CARTS: Depending on the age of the golf cart, or how the previous owner handled the vehicle, hidden problems may arise when purchasing used. POPULAR GOLF CART BRANDS TO BUY With new golf cart companies rising up every year, there are three main companies that have been building golf carts to withstand the test of time. E-Z-GO, Club Car, and Yamaha have been around and building golf carts for many years, but how do you know which one to buy? Below I break down the individual prices for each of these popular golf cart manufacturers.

PROS OF BUYING BRAND NEW: New carts are in perfect condition and often come with a limited warranty. It may also be easier to finance and find better deals when purchasing a new golf cart. CONS OF BUYING BRAND NEW: The only real downside to buying a new golf cart is the fact that they lose a majority of their value as soon as you haul it off the lot, like any brand-new vehicle. HOW MUCH DO USED GOLF CARTS COST? Used golf carts, on average, cost around $5,000 – $6,000. The good news about searching for a used golf cart is that their availability is vast. There is a plethora of used golf carts available, mostly because golf courses need to renew their golf cart fleets every few years. This can create a huge selection of lightly used golf carts. To be honest, this is probably one of the better options when it comes to golf carts. Used carts cost significantly less than new, and most of the carts are using batteries to make them go. This makes it easier to fix parts on used carts, along with being less expensive to maintain as well, since you aren’t having to worry about an engine, filling it with gas, or changing the oil. Companies like Charleston Custom Carts, do an excellent job at taking used golf carts and turning them

E-Z-GO GOLF CART PRICES E-Z-GO – NEW ( On average, the price of E-Z-GO golf carts can range anywhere between $5,000 and $12,000. Let’s take a closer look at individual model prices by E-Z-GO. E-Z-GO EXPRESS (4-SEATER) • MSRP starting at $8,000 – $10,000 E-Z-GO FREEDOM (2-SEATER) • MSRP starting at $6,000 – $9,000 GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 39

golfcartguide USED E-Z-GO GOLF CARTS On average, an E-Z-GO golf cart can cost anywhere between $4,000 and $10,000. This all depends on the age of the vehicle, the condition, and whether it’s battery or gas powered. 2012 E-Z-GO RXV • The average price for this model for around $4,200 2019 E-Z-GO EXPRESS L6 (GAS POWERED) • The average price for this model can cost around $9,900

YAMAHA GOLF CART PRICES YAMAHA – NEW ( When purchasing a brand-new Yamaha golf cart, you can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000. 2019 YAMAHA DRIVE 2 QUIETECH EFI • MSRP starting around $6,500 2019 YAMAHA ADVENTURER • MSRP starting around $8,500 USED YAMAHA GOLF CARTS When purchasing a used Yamaha Golf Cart, you can expect to pay anywhere between $4,000 and $10,000.

CLUB CAR GOLF CART PRICES CLUB CAR – NEW ( When buying Club Car new, you can expect to pay somewhere between $7,000 and $12,000. CLUB CAR ONWARD (4-PASS) ELC DLX • MSRP starting around $9,800 CLUB CAR VILLAGER • MSRP starting around $10,400 USED CLUB CAR On average, a used Club Car can go for anywhere between $3,000 and $8,000. 2016 CLUB CAR PRECEDENT (2-SEATER) 48 VOLT • Average price is around $3,500 2015 CLUB CAR ELECTRIC • Average price is around $5,200 40 GOLFCARTING.COM

2014 YAMAHA G29 • Average price is usually around $6,500 2018 YAMAHA DRIVE2 (GAS) EFI • Average price is usually around $7,800 Price Difference Between Gas and Electric – Explained When purchasing a new golf cart, you’ll probably notice that electric golf carts are typically more expensive than gas. Check out a few examples below. E-Z-GO FREEDOM (ELECTRIC) • MSRP: $7,800 E-Z-GO FREEDOM (GAS) • MSRP: $7,500 The difference in this example is about $300. CLUB CAR ONWARD (ELECTRIC) • MSRP: $8,700 CLUB CAR ONWARD (GAS) • MSRP: $8,100 The difference here is a whopping $600.

golfcartguide Gas and electric golf carts are both great options when you’re ready to make a purchase, and when deciding on which to go with usually comes down to personal preference. In each type of golf cart you’ll find that maintenance cost associated with each carts unique features usually balances out the price. For instance, with an electric vehicle, the batteries can last anywhere from 5 to 7 years, but with a gas vehicle, you will be doing regular oil changes, filling it with gas, changing belts, and replacing filters. So even though electric vehicles may seem a bit more expensive, the cost will balance out over time. ARE GOLF CART BATTERIES EXPENSIVE? There’s really no easy way around this, but golf cart batteries are expensive. However, the batteries that are equipped in golf carts last quite a long time. Most of them, depending on the amount of use, and how well you take care of them, can last upwards of 7 years. Typically, battery packs used for electric carts will cost as low as $800 and as high as $2,500. The more expensive packs, such as 72-volt systems aren’t usually found in your normal, riding around town, golf cart. So, to be fair, the average system will cost you anywhere between $950 and $1,500.


HOW MUCH ARE GOLF CART LIFT KITS? Lift kits are becoming very popular in the golf cart world, and for good reason. They add ground clearance for off-roading, and make your golf cart look cool, but how much are they? A lift kit for a golf cart will cost anywhere between $200 and $1,500, depending on brand, and the height you want out of the lift kit. Most lift kits are brand specific. If you own a Club Cart then you’ll need to get a lift kit for your specific cart. FINAL THOUGHTS As you can see prices for golf carts are actually quite reasonable depending on what you want. In this article you learned the differences between three of the major golf cart brands in the business. You also learned that there are some price differences when it comes to buying electric or gas, but both can have their advantages and disadvantages. Beyond that, we explained the differences between 2, 4, and 6 passenger vehicles. We hope that this article has given you a better understanding on how much golf carts cost, and the confidence in deciding which make and model is right for your price range.


GreenGO Buggies I

n this month’s Dealer Profile we head to the great state of North Carolina as we visit with Brian and Nikki Price, owners of GreenGo Buggies. GreenGo Buggies, located in Summerfield, NC, roughly ten miles outside of Greensboro, is a lawenforcement-owned dealership that specializes in building fully custom, street legal golf carts. They are committed to excellence and according to the owners, “We will not allow any vehicle to leave our facility until we feel it’s up to our high


standards of safety and reliability.” Let’s find out more about GreenGo Buggies… DEALER INFORMATION: Dealer Name: GreenGo Buggies Dealer Location: 7405 Summerfield Rd, Summerfield, NC 27358 Phone Number: (336) 420-0973 Owner: Brian & Nikki Price Website:

GCMAG: Hi Brian and Nikki! Thanks for taking the time to share some information about GreenGo Buggies. Can you tell us more about your business? Brian & Nikki: We are a National Certified street legal LSV ( low speed vehicle) manufacturer. We custom build LSV’s (Low Speed Vehicles) from the frame up to each of our customer’s specifications. GCMAG: I saw some of these LSVs on your website. They are very impressive. Who are the owner(s)? Brian & Nikki: We are… Brian & Nikki Price GCMAG: What is your company background? How and when did your company start? Brian & Nikki: We are a law-enforcement owned, lowspeed-vehicle manufacturer and started our business in August of 2016. We have successfully grown this business by giving much attention to detail. This is not always found in most of the builds that we found prior to starting this company. We started as a result of wanting a street legal LSV and while looking at different

manufacturers, we noticed there are very few, if any, quality manufacturers in the market in our area. We understand and appreciate quality and our attention to detail is what has grown our business, mostly by word of mouth. GCMAG: We understand the dilemma. So often we find “businesses” buying old carts, slapping on some new parts and selling them as new or “newer” carts. It’s becoming a real problem. Where are you guys located? Brian & Nikki: Summerfield , NC and we hope to expand into two more locations within the next two years. GCMAG: That is tremendous growth. Congratulations on your success. Can you tell us about your employees? Brian & Nikki: We currently have four employees: As owners, we are also active in building the carts and are involved in new product development and features. Alex is our shop manager, Jon is our senior tech and Tucker is involved with set-up and breakdowns. Our daughter Ava has a responsibility of general shop clean up, restocking,


dealerprofile as well as handling our social media. GCMAG: It sounds like a true family business. How do you promote or advertise your business? Online? Social Media? Brian & Nikki: Through social media such as Facebook and Instagram. We also use YouTube as well as television commercials and local magazine advertising.

least two more markets with two new locations. We would also like to develop a new frame and body and become more involved in a commercial market as well as public safety. But all the while we want to still provide the highest quality buggy on the market.

“You will always be what you always are if you always do what you always did.” And our company philosophy:

GCMAG: Well we wish you tremendous success Is there anything you’d like to add? Brian & Nikki: Being law-enforcement-owned, we have a great understanding and grasp of national, state and local laws as it applies to traffic and safety. This has provided us with a lot of experience by being in lawenforcement for 28 years, and building the U.R.V (Urban Response Vehicle) and all electric, street-legal low-speed vehicles used for urban patrols. We also have plans on developing a fire as well as EMS response vehicles that are street legal.

“Build a team so strong that no one can identify who the boss is!”

GCMAG: That’s all very exciting. Thanks again for sharing more about your business.

GCMAG: I like those and they are so true. You already talked about plans of expansion, what are your other future plans? Brian & Nikki: Future plans include expanding into at

For more information on GreenGo Buggies in Summerfield, NC visit them online at www. or give them a call at (314) 6474000.

GCMAG: I think it’s great to have multiple advertising channels to really cover your market. What is the most important business lesson you've learned? Brian & Nikki: We live by two mottos:



ASK THE MECHANIC Q: What are some things I should look for when buying a gas golf cart? A: The most important thing to look at on a gas golf cart is the engine. You want to inspect it carefully and look for any wear or leaks. Inspect the wiring and look for any lose connections, wear, melted or damaged wires. If additional accessories are installed like headlights, brake lights, and turn signals, check those wiring connections as well. Take the golf cart on a test drive as that will often times tell you a lot about the cart. If you have a rough ride or hear noises from the suspension or tire areas, inconsistent throttle or breaking response, there could be a much bigger issue. Q: How many hours will a gas golf cart last? A: Gas golf cart engines, with proper maintenance, should 48 GOLFCARTING.COM

last approximately 3000-4000 hours before any major repairs are needed. Without proper maintenance, this could be significantly less. Electric carts will last much longer then gas carts as they require less moving parts. If you change the batteries every 4-5 years you can easily get 10-years of normal use before any major issues occur with the drivetrain. Q: What’s the difference between a 36 volt and 48 volt golf carts? A: The 48 volt golf carts use one-third less amperage than 36 volt systems and are more much more efficient. Golf carts with 48 volt systems get longer battery life than golf carts with 36 volt systems and generally can travel 30% further on a full charge.


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