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A Heartfelt Farewell to 2020


ew Year’s celebrations come and go. They are not too much different than birthdays or anniversaries. Another year come and gone. Of course, 2020 is a little different. No, 2020 is much different. This year has been perhaps the most challenging year in many decades, and not just for Americans. The global pandemic has made humanity aware of just how tenuous life can be. And our country has had our own unique challenges in 2020. Never before in my lifetime have I seen such a polarization of social and political values. I have no idea where all of this is heading but as we close the book on 2020 I feel a real sense of cautious optimism about 2021… if for no other reason that it is simply a new year. Life goes on as usual and we can only hope and pray that this pandemic is on the “back-nine” of its round. But in spite of all the madness that 2020 threw at us, it was a profoundly productive year for Golf Carting Magazine. We launched our first issue in June of 2020 and though seemingly, the timing could not have been worse, our humble publication has exploded on the scene and we’ve experienced tremendous growth.

The feedback we’ve received from our readers has been overwhelmingly positive and the little criticism we have received has been constructive and allowed us to make positive changes. We feel privileged to be able to work at something we truly love and are passionate about. This magazine has been a labor of love. I would like to thank everyone who has allowed this publication to become a reality. All of the inside folks have worked incredibly hard and they are good, fine people who I’m proud of. Most importantly, thank you to our readers and our sponsors. You make this magazine a reality and we couldn’t do it without you. I feel good about 2021 and am genuinely excited about our future here at Golf Carting Magazine. And as a wise man once toasted, "May all your troubles during the coming year be as short as your New Year's resolutions." Cheers to 2021.

Trevor Rose Senior Editor


GolfCarting M








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latestindustrynews YAMAHA GOLF-CAR COMPANY POWERTECH AC INDEPENDENT REAR SUSPENSION & AGM BATTERY OPTION Beginning with model year 2021, all Yamaha Golf-Car Company Drive2™ PowerTech AC models will now come standard with independent rear suspension (IRS). Whether out on the course or cruising through the neighborhood, PowerTech AC models will easily navigate the terrain thanks to the IRS’s premium shock absorption. Durability and trusted Yamaha construction, plus a balanced weight on terrain, make for the most stable and comfortable ride experienced in an AC golf car. Additionally, Motive T875-AGM batteries by Trojan will be available as an option to our standard flooded lead-acid (FLA) batteries. These AGM batteries are protected by a “Life of the Lease” warranty and do not require watering—making maintenance worry free. Motive T875-AGM batteries have a shorter charging time than standard FLA batteries and are manufactured from 98% recyclable materials. This option is perfect for a busy golf course and their fleet or for a busy family on the go. New technology enhancements like these are what make Yamaha The Easy Choice™.


For more information about Yamaha Golf-Car Company, please call 770-420-6084 or visit online at ABOUT YAMAHA GOLF-CAR COMPANY The Yamaha Golf-Car Company builds from the 60-plusyear legacy of the Yamaha brand to manufacture the most innovatively engineered and highest quality golf, utility, and specialty vehicles in the golf industry. Yamaha GolfCar Company is headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia with assembly and production of all cars taking place at our Newnan. Georgia production facility. Yamaha was the first to develop Electronic Fuel Injection technology in a golf car (producing the best gas mileage and smallest carbon footprint); the first golf car with fully independent, four-wheel suspension (producing the smoothest ride in the game); and the first gas-powered car that is almost as quiet as an electric one.




hen it comes to custom carts, there is one company that is synonymous with quality, detail, and creativity. That company is Excessive Carts, a custom golf cart dealer based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Known for their tasteful color combinations, Kevlar coating, brush guards, top-end stereo systems, beefy suspensions and custom-molded dashes, they are a top builder of many in the industry. Excessive not only builds carts locally, they ship across the country and even overseas. Chances are, if you are in the industry you are well aware of this relatively young company and their attractive and unique style. Although they create signature carts, they also venture off and create other style carts. Enter...the Excessive Bronco. What seemingly looks like a simple build, there were many obstacles that only an experienced fabricator can overcome.




With 20-plus employees they know how to get it done. Once receiving the Bronco body, they set it on a Club Car Precedent chassis and quickly learned that there are no mounting points to attach the body. The only way to make this work was to fabricate a sub-frame assembly that would mount from the existing Club Car Precedent to the custom Bronco body. To keep it light, they fabricated the sub-frame out of aluminum, then test fitted the body. Keeping in mind the countless hours involved in the pain staking task. All fabricated components


have to be removable and connected by hard points to maintain the integrity of the frame, while maintaining the true balance points of the cart. Keeping with the theme of the Bronco, it had to be off-road capable. So, the team at Excessive outfitted the Precedent with a hefty 6” suspension lift. With the body on the sub-frame and the lift on, they chose a set of 14” white Avenger wheels with 23” Predator tires. The Bronco body with its high fender wells, it could actually fit 25” tires, which is a

nice option in the future for a beefier look. Now that the Bronco has a good stance, they started designing the front bumper, the sport bar behind the front seats, the rear bumper, the rear seat kit, under-dash shelf and windshield frame. All of these components where made from aluminum in the spirit of keeping things light. To get proper fitment, Excessive had to ditch the plastic floorboards and fabricate the floor out of sheet metal, then fit a locking gun box on the passenger side. With everything built and test fitted, they sent all the aluminum components to the powder coater to get a nice glossy finish. All aluminum was powder coated a light grey, while the body was painted with a 2016 Mustang Deep




Impact blue, accented with a white front grill. As they received the freshly coated parts, they began to assemble the Bronco so they could add some accessories to bring it all together. Starting with the sound system, they installed a JVC marine receiver with two Kicker 6.5 marine LED speakers. Next, the front and rear sculptured grey horizontal pleated seats were added. The rear flip seats have a custom bar attached to the rear receiver to lock the seats from flipping up. Front and rear seat belts where installed, as well as turn signals, brake lights, horn and hazards. Moving the Bronco to above-average speeds, an

Advanced Lift Motor was installed with an added speed code. Lighting up the night, round LED lights were placed in the front grill and front bumper and blue LED strips were added to the underside of the chassis for accent lighting. Accompanying the lights on the front bumper is a Badland 3500 ATV utility winch. We think this cart turned out amazing and hope you do, too. If you are interested in a custom cart, call Robert Wallach at Excessive Carts 972-971-3717 or go to: www.excessivecarts. com. Also, check out our July 2019 issue of Golf Carting Magazine for more info about this custom golf cart company.




MANUFACTURERS H ave you noticed an increase in the number of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) and golf carts in your city? These vehicles are an excellent alternative transportation on roads that have a speed limit of around 35mph or less. So, if you want to go shopping at a nearby store or visit a friend in the neighborhood, or take the kids to the community pool, a NEV is a terrific mode of travel. However, it can be challenging to choose the right NEV or golf cart especially if you lack the knowledge and expertise. The good news is we created an in-depth review of the best golf carts from the top 5 golf cart manufacturers.

CLUB CAR - WWW.CLUBCAR.COM In the 1960s Club Car invented the first golf cart with a steering wheel that was designed specifically for the golf course. The company was founded in 1958 and later was acquired by 22 GOLFCARTING.COM

E-Z-GO in 1978. Club Car, which is a subsidiary of the IngersollRand Corporation, has the largest dealership network with

dealers spread across the globe. Ever since its inception, Club Car has proven that it can produce the most reliable and durable golf carts and street legal NEVs in the industry. On top of offering attractive warranties for its vehicles, Club Car also manufactures the Villager 2 NEV, which is the world's largest small wheel electric car. This electric car is Club Car's major low-speed electric vehicle (LSV) that can be driven legally on streets. The Villager 2 NEV is available in two variants -a 2-passenger model that features a cargo box at the back and a four-passenger model with a back-to-back seating arrangement. Club Car sells The Villager 2 at a price starting from $9,500. The Villager 2 is worth every penny because it offers a rare treat of class and exceptional comfort that you will appreciate. Club Car's main manufacturing and assembly plant is in Augusta, Georgia where its headquarters are also located. E-Z-GO - WWW. EZGO.TXTSV.COM Founded in 1954 by two brothers, Beverly and Billie Dolan E-Z-GO Golf Car Manufacturing Company went on to become one of the best golf cart manufacturers in the world. After its inception, the company was later acquired by Textron Inc., which is a multi-industry conglomerate headquartered in Providence, RI.

E-Z-GO golf carts are designed and manufactured by Textron Inc's., specialized vehicles division. E-Z-GO has survived the test of time by continuing to produce NEVs that exceed all the expectations of its customers 60 years down the line. The company has managed to do this through incorporating game-changing technology and exceptional innovations to produce vehicles that have remained an extremely popular choice by the masses. This manufacturer's flagship LSV model is the E-Z-GO 2Five. Ever since it was first rolled out, the 2Five has continued to gain enormous popularity and this can be partly attributed to its friendly features and enviable convenience. As a result, this LSV is the perfect vehicle to use driving around the neighborhood. Priced at around $11,000 the 2Five has a number of cool

features, such as a backup camera, 48-volt AC drivetrain, and spacious storage making it a very good value. A nice feature of the E-Z-GO 2Five is the four-wheel disk brakes and is a big difference between a generic golf cart and an LSV because golf carts only have rear brakes. The disc brakes only kick in when moderate to heavy braking is needed, while regenerative motor braking handles the light braking The 2Five and all other golf cars and utility vehicles from E-Z-GO are manufactured at the company's Augusta, Georgia plant. This manufacturing and assembly plant have the capacity to produce thousands of vehicles annually to satisfy the various needs of drivers globally. YAMAHA - WWW.YAMAHAGOLFCAR.COM The Yamaha Corporation is a multi-industry global conglomerate based in Japan that manufactures and offers a wide range of products and services. The company was established in 1955 to manufacture motorcycles. In 1978, Yamaha introduced the G1, a golf cart that was powered by a

2-cycle gas engine, into the U.S. market and never looked back. Next they built a manufacturing plant in Newnan, Georgia in the 1980s where it produced the G2 model, which upgraded to a 4-cycle gas engine. The company made many major improvements on the G2 model and continued to grow their golf cart market share in North America. Yamaha offers terrific electric LSVs as well as gas powered carts. Their most popular electric “PTV� is Yamaha Drive 2 AC PTV. It is powered by a 48-volt AC Motor and a Toyota built controller. These carts drive incredibly well and independent rear suspension comes standard on all Drive 2 models. The body style is sleek and unique, and the dash is extremely user friendly and comes with USB ports. The Drive 2 is equipped with LED head and taillights, brake lights and a horn. A well-equipped Yamaha Drive 2 will cost around $10,000 brand new. TOMBERLIN - WWW. TOMBERLINUSA.COM Founded in 2006, Tomberlin specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of innovative electric vehicles for neighborhood expeditions and short distance commuting. The company has a broad distribution network that includes dealers in Asia, Europe, South America, and the US. The headquarters of Tomberlin Automotive Group, Inc., GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 23


are located in Augusta, Georgia. The company's approach to designing and manufacturing NEVs and golf carts is an innovative one, making it possible for these vehicles to be used beyond the golf course. This approach transforms their Neighborhood Electric Vehicles to Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTVs) that makes them great for driving on short distance trips, and for exploring neighborhoods and masterplanned communities. Columbia Vehicle Group, Inc. bought Tomberlin in early 2018, therefore, making this NEV manufacturer a subsidiary of the Nordic Group of Companies, Ltd. Currently, the best LSV produced by Tomberlin is the E-MERGE E2 GT and E-MERGE SS. You will have to pay between $10,00 and $22,000 for a brand-new golf cart from Tomberlin's E-MERGE line but they are exceptional carts. Various aspects such as custom features and passenger capacity will impact the price. All Tomberlin golf carts are produced at their manufacturing and assembly facility in Leesburg, Florida. The E-MERGE E2 GT is a tough-looking, no-nonsense cart with black-carbon seats, steel-belted radials with black wheels and comes with a bazooka sound bar. These electric carts are quick and nimble, and the E2 GT boast 0-25 in 6 seconds. The E-MERGE SS comes with aluminum wheels, custom upholstery and a Bluetooth stereo and both come with a 7-inch display screen and both are LSV street-legal. STAR EV - WWW.STAREV.COM Star EV should be on your radar if you are looking for a new LSV. JH Global Services, Inc., founded this manufacturing company in 2004 to produce golf carts and electric vehicles. Their street legal LSV is called the Sirius and it really is a

sleek, efficient cart. You get the feeling in most LSV’s that the manufacturer took the basic fleet golf cart and just added some things to make them into an LSV. Star EV’s Sirius was built from the ground up as an LSV and it shows. The Sirius offers a striking, full color digital dash, a locking glove compartment, adjustable seat backs, tinted windshield, a 4-cup cup holder, 12V outlet, ambient lighting, built-in, locking cooler, and you can even get a back-up camera. To own a brand-new one, you will have to part with between $10,000 to $15,000. Star EV has been manufacturing, assembling, and distributing over thirty street-legal models of NEVs for about 15 years. These vehicles are manufactured and assembled at their main plant based in Greenville, South Carolina. THE TOP GOLF CART MANUFACTURERS IN BRIEF CLUB CAR - WWW.CLUBCAR.COM There are many great features on Club Car range of LSVs and NEVs. The one that stands out the most is the fact that you can customize your vehicle to the color, roof canopy, floor mats, seats, accessories, and many other aspects of your preference. The manufacturers have distributors everywhere, so you won't have to worry about spare parts. E-Z-GO - WWW. EZGO.TXTSV.COM Strength and efficiency are the best suites for E-Z-GO electric vehicles. Their vehicles feature robust hydraulic shock absorbers and state-of-the-art charge meters for an enhanced driving experience. With so many other innovative features, a powerful motor, and unique style, E-Z-GO electric vehicles are what you need for short distance commuting. YAMAHA - WWW.YAMAHAGOLFCAR.COM When it comes to high-quality products, Yamaha is one company that you can't fail to mention. Its NEVs come with state-of-the-art features that have changed the way the world views these vehicles. By incorporating perfect engines and trendy technology on their vehicles, Yamaha has made sure their NEVs remain silent when being driven regardless of the terrain. TOMBERLIN - WWW. TOMBERLINUSA.COM Tomberlin golf carts have been modified to work perfectly as Personal Transportation Vehicles. By integrating performance, safety, and convenient features such as phone pockets, Bluetooth stereos, and classic upholstered seats, the company has brought the fun and freedom that is much needed to make an NEV the ideal vehicle for short distance commutes. STAR EV - WWW.STAREV.COM Safety, power, and perfect performance are what Star EV vehicles offer. These vehicles have 48-volt electric motors that when on a full charge can allow you to travel a distance of 60 miles on roads with a speed limit of 35mph. This is possible thanks to some brilliant features incorporated in their vehicles such as Trojan batteries, Curtis controllers, and advanced AC/ DC motors.


SAVE $500 ON ANY CLUB CAR ONWARD FREE DELIVERY Call us for more information Financing Available • Free Estimates • Pick up/Delivery •Full Service Shop • Scheduled Maintenance • Trades Welcome • New & Used Parts, Carts and Accessories

1720 W Elliot Road • Gilbert AZ, 85233 • 480-272-8418




his issue’s Company Profile features 3D Golf Cart Builder, an online software tool that is a custom golf cart configurator for custom golf cart builders. It allows people to build and completely customize their cart online, in 3D from a computer, tablet or smartphone and get a real-time quote. We spent some time with Chris Anderson, CEO of 3D Golf Cart Builder, to learn more about this cutting-edge tool that helps cart dealers streamline their cart sales. Company Name: 3D Golf Cart Builder Company Website: Principal Owner: Chris Anderson Company Headquarters: Charleston, SC Phone Number: (843) 800-1040 Facebook: GCMAG: Hi Chris. We appreciate you taking the time to chat 28 GOLFCARTING.COM

with us about your software, 3D Golf Cart Builder. Tell us more about that. CHRIS: The 3D Golf Cart Builder is pretty much exactly what the name indicates. Basically, it’s an online configurator where potential customers can literally build a completely custom cart from the ground up in 3D. They start by selecting the cart they want, either a Club Car Precedent or EX-GO TXT. From there, they can choose the year of their cart, the body style, seat cushion styles and colors, tires, wheels, roof, dashboard and more. They can rotate it, see it from every angle and add and remove hundreds of accessories and thousands of color combinations. Meanwhile, the software is collecting all of this data and computing the cost for each option in order to provide a detailed quote. The 3D Golf Cart Builder is mainly a marketing tool for cart dealerships who build custom carts. The idea in mind here is that dealers promote the 3D Cart Builder to potential

customers who go through the entire online build process. When they are finished, both the customer and the dealer get emailed the complete golf cart quote, with multiple pictures and a “window sticker” type PDF. The dealer has the customer’s email address and can follow up with them. The customer can order their cart online or print off the quote and visit the dealership in person to formally place the order. The 3D Cart Builder has dramatically simplified the custom cart buying process by streamlining the customer’s ability to select the options they want in the comfort of their own home. We feel it’s the future of custom cart sales. Especially now with our current climate, it can helps reduce the need for multiple trips and in person meetings. GCMAG: It sounds like this can profoundly change the way people buy custom rebuilds. How did you get started doing this? CHRIS: Like most things, this business kind of happened by accident. I own a golf cart dealership myself and over the years I noticed that people looking for a custom cart would visit our dealer and ask a thousand questions and without a complete picture of the finished cart it’s often times hard to visualize color combinations and would often take a lot of time to finally get to the bottom line of the custom cart they wanted. I asked myself how could I make this easier? I thought that if there was a software program that could be installed on a touch-screen monitor in my showroom, where the customer could go to the “Design Studio” and select everything they wanted individually, and have the software collect the data and spit out the finished product and printed quote. I felt it would dramatically save time, both for the customer and my sales staff. This is similar to what the automaker Tesla is doing online. So, no problem right? I searched everywhere on the

With 3d Golf Cart Builder you can start with the basic cart and...

internet and outside of some very generic, inferior solutions, there was no existing software that could accomplish this for the golf cart industry. So I had a decision to make and being a little tech-savvy myself, I set out to build my own configurator. What seemed like a simple project ended up being a very expensive, two-year journey that required me hiring international programmers, designers and 3D modelers. But the end result is that the 3D Golf Cart Builder is the only type of configurator that can be a complete solution for a dealer. What I originally envisioned as being an “in-house” application, quickly morphed into both and in-house and an online solution, -meaning, a dealer can have this inside their dealer with an iPad or a monitor and in addition, offer this as an online tool on their website. It became such a huge hit in my own dealership that I realized I could offer this to other dealers as well and thus the business was born. GCMAG: That is an incredible story. How many employees do you have? Tell us about your team. CHRIS: We only have about 8 people on staff. The beauty about the software is that once it was developed, it pretty much is autopilot. We have 2 programmers, 2 designers, a customer service rep and a small sales team. GCMAG: So outside of the obvious, what are the benefits for a dealer to integrate 3D Golf Cart Builder into their business? CHRIS: We feel there are numerous benefits. But the main one, like I mentioned earlier, is that ultimately you are using technology as a salesperson. Much of the “sales” process is done on the internet so that by the time the customer comes into the dealership (if they ever do because they can buy it online) they already know what they want, how much it costs, a custom cart with all the options in the comfort of your own home. GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 29

companyprofile etc. So the in-house sales person is really just taking the order at that point. Another benefit is that having the 3D Builder elevates the credibility of the dealer. It makes them look more tech-savvy and cutting edge. In addition, it increases the profit on custom carts because it opens up every area of the customization process and will suggest options and accessories that they may not have even thought about. Sometimes, people don’t know what they don’t know. And finally, the 3D Cart Builder is a profoundly effective marketing tool. It allows you to reach people online and have them play around with a really cool, fun, interactive tool that ultimately captures their name and email address that the dealer can use to follow up with. Simply put, it sells more carts. GCMAG: I’ve spent some time on the builder myself and you’re right… It really is a lot of fun to build any cart you want. What’s the future of 3D Golf Cart Builder? CHRIS: We just want to expand our dealer base and get the word out. In our opinion, there are two types of golf cart dealers out there: those that have really integrated technology into their business and those that are still a little “old school” in their thinking. We really want to capitalize on the tech-savvy dealers and help the “old school” dealers get caught up. We also want to expand the software capabilities of the builder to include more cart brands like Yamaha, Star EV, Tomberlin and others.

We are constantly adding new parts and accessories too. Every time a new wheel or body kit comes out we have the designer 3D model it and work with the manufactures so we are ready when the product launches and every dealer gets all the newest updates for free. They simply choose which parts, carts and accessories they want to showcase with their individual pricing. GCMAG: It sounds like you guys are really poised to grow. Is there anything you’d like to add? CHRIS: Sometimes we get resistance from dealers who think that the integration of the software might be too complicated or require a lot of internet expertise. The great thing is that it doesn’t. Our team pretty much handles the integration for the dealer so it has become very simple to get it up and running in days, not weeks or months. And it works with any website. Though 3D Golf Cart Builder is very affordable, sometimes dealers find it difficult to justify the extra expense. The reality is that if a dealer just sold one extra cart every few months as a result of our builder, the software would pay for itself. GCMAG: Chris, thanks for taking the time to tell us more about your unique company. I wish you guys great success in the future. For more information on 3D Golf Cart Builder visit their website at or call them at (843) 800-1040.


We have finally begun the "Orange Krush" K5 Blazer custom sponsored build. Thanks to our amazing sponsors, this cart is going to be a beast! Fast, loud and massive! Not only will this cart hit some serious top speeds, but it will have a sound system that rivals most luxury cars. More to come. Stay tuned!


The Golf Carting Magazine Sponsored “Orange Krush K5” build has finally begun... The Golf Carting Magazine Sponsored “Orange Krush K5” build has finally begun and we couldn’t be more excited to get this one of a kind custom golf cart underway. It’s been a busy week at Charleston Custom Carts (who is donating their time to fabricate and build this monster of a cart) getting all the parts organized and working with our creative director on the planning and design. We couldn’t have even started this project without our amazing sponsors who donated a bunch of top-quality parts. We started with all All-Sports 10” lift kit and had it powder coated orange to match the custom body that will be painted very soon. Next, we found a great condition Club Car DS frame that was factory stretched (hard to find) to accommodate the four, forward-facing custom Lazy Life seats which are in the process of being designed. The frame was stripped, cleaned up, acid-washed and grinded to get it back to its original condition. After we test fit the All-Sports lift kit, we test mounted the EFX Motoravage 30-16-10 tires on MSA M31 Loke2 Wheels with matching orange “beadlock” rings. We opted to use 1.5” wheel spacers to get the offset right for the look we were going for. Then it was on to installing the rear section of the heavy-duty suspension which is also powder coated orange to match the other accents and we installed the Navitas motor from the all new badass Navitas Club Car 600a 5KW DC to AC conversion kit which, when paired to the 3 Relion InSight 48 volt lithium-ion batteries… It’s going to make a powerful combination. With the ability to adjust the power and torque from the Bluetooth Navitas app and the amazing range from the Relion batteries, there is almost nowhere this cart won’t be able to go.

More to come in the next issue so stay tuned.


How to Install Lazy Life Seats on a Golf Cart


yan Fenters is the founder of the popular YouTube Channel called Fentertainment. Ryan creates DIY videos of, in his own words… “dedicated to making, painting, building, modifying and fixing things…” His golf-cart-related DIY videos are very informative, and we thought it would be a good idea to transcribe them for you. In this recent DIY video installment, Ryan walks is through installing Lazy Life Cool Touch Technology Seats on his 2014 Club Car Precedent. Ryan Fenters: Previously on the Fentertainment channel, we took the motor out of our club car precedent. We sent it off to plumb quick and they did the bandit upgrade before we re-installed it. The golf cart went from 12 miles per hour stock to 23 miles per hour. The next video in this series, with the help from www. we added an all sports six-inch lift-kit to the golf cart, and we added some 14-inch wheels with 23-inch all-terrain tires. That took our speed from 23 mph to 27 mph. After the lift and tires, we then added a Navitas TSX 3.0 DC torque controller. It gave us 3 mph more speed and it gave us a


lot more torque while providing security. After these upgrades we installed a 48 to 12-volt DC Converter so we can start adding accessories. In today’s video we are going to install Lazy Life Cool Touch Seats in my 2014 Club Car Precedent.

Here are the boxes for the front and back seats of the Lazy Life Seats and covers. You can see the color I chose and the

already have the seat bottoms and trim. You can see on the seat bottoms (where you sit) it has a convenient cell phone holder. These are really slick. This is a good-looking seat. You can see the seat back for driver and passenger and it has the mounting bolt on the back.

So, we want to remove the seat handles and seat hinges from the existing seat using a 7/16 socket for the hinges and a 3/8 size socket for the handle bolts. I’m going to put the new seat on a cardboard box to avoid getting it dirty and I will install the seat hinges and handles. diamond stitching and piping. You can see that they already have the seat bottoms attached so you really don’t need to do a whole lot with these except screw them on to the golf cart. These are really nice son.

When installing the seat handles you will have to apply some force to get the handles to match up with the bolt pattern so that they line up on the seat bottom. Just line up the holes and drop the bolts into place so that it holds. You can see that a bridge plate is included, and the instructions tell us to install plate between high-backs with wood screws or lag bolts that are not provided for added support. You can see on the seat back that there are hole patterns with nuts sunk into the wood to accept your side pieces. You

Drop the seat bottom into place on the golf cart over the battery hold and your new Lazy Life seat bottom has been installed. Now we need to remove the old front-facing seat back from the cart by removing the 10mm bolts. Now would be a GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 35


good time to completely clean the seat back once the seat is removed. You will notice that there are cleats on the back of the new seats, one on each side, and the seat back that has the cleat closest to the outside part of the cart determines if it is the driver’s side or passengers’ side. The cleat closest to the left side is driver’s and seat closest to right side is passengers. It’s very simple to install. There is a female part on the seat back and a male part on the golf cart. But remember the plate that was provided. This basically connects the two seats together to provide better support and stability. I simply installed the seats by snapping into place (male/female connection) and using one bolt.

I removed the factory rear-facing seat from the back of the cart and removed the bracket that holds it on to the golf cart and installed that same bracket on the Lazy Life rear-facing seat. Note that on this Lazy Life rear-facing seat there were only two bolt holes for the bracket, but the bracket has four bolt holes. I simply drill into the wood and use lag bolts for the other two bolt holes. This is optional. You could leave those 36 GOLFCARTING.COM

two bolt holes open if you prefer. One tip for mounting the rear-facing seats to the actual golf cart is that I use zip ties to secure the seat to the cart so that I’m not trying to fight to keep the seat secure while I’m bolting it in. You can use a ratchet strap too. So now I can easily run the lag bolts from the bottom of the seat to secure it to the seat frame of the cart. I decided to use the lag bolts for better security.

Because of the vibrant, raised pattern on the Lazy Life Cool Touch Seat, it keeps the seat much cooler than a standard, smooth factory vinyl. The pattern allows the air to flow better. Lazy Life Seats has numerous options of seat materials, color combinations, stitching and piping combinations, embroidery and more. It’s valuable to go their Instagram page to look at all of the pictures of different seat options to help get ideas about seats for your cart. To find out more information about Lazy Life Seats please visit their website at Thanks for watching and we will see you again next time.



Hot Rod carts looks great, but with airbrushed flames they look amazing!

Let's hope you never need this cart.

As @squirellyzj says, "Mondays suck, but golf cart donuts always fix it".


Great airbrush detail on this cart. A true rolling piece of artwork.

We need to see more slammed, squarebody, golf cart haulers.




Check out our article on this build starting on page 32. They see me rolling...

If you love accent lighting, check out Nivel's new LUX light kits.

One of the best looking military themed carts we have seen. CKD makes great looking carts! GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 39




golf cart lift kit makes it easier to boost ride stability and ground clearance. With the kit, you can fit larger, more robust tires capable of handling challenging terrain. The best part is that the top 4 golf cart lifts enhance front suspension performance without undermining the cart's overall safety. Depending on the type of lift kit you choose, it becomes


possible to raise the cart an additional three to eight inches. TYPES OF LIFT KITS Lift kits come in several heights or sizes to suit varying ground clearance requirements. These variants include drop spindle, A-arm, block axle, drop axle, and long travel. Let’s take a look at

each type of lift kit. DROP SPINDLE LIFT KITS The drop spindle is undoubtedly the most popular lift kit available on the market. Most buyers opt for this type because it is easier to install and manage. Furthermore, drop spindle kits are more affordable and easier to maintain compared to other options. The kit fits seamlessly into your cart's suspension, enabling you to take advantage of better stability, which is crucial for navigating sharp corners.

A-ARM LIFT KITS With the A-arm kits, the installation process is relatively cumbersome as it replaces the cart's suspension. However, you benefit from a significantly smoother and comfy ride, even in

rugged terrain. An additional benefit of these kits is that you can fit larger tires onto your cart to suit specific requirements. The kits come with a circular design instead of a square, improving aesthetic appeal, and bolstering strength and durability. DROP AXLE LIFT KIT This variant transforms your cart by adding a longer stock radius, tapering down to spindles fitted onto your cart. As with the A-arm kits, you elevate the height by replacing the cart's front axle. A drop axle kit is a viable option if you are looking for a reliable and economical kit. One advantage of this lift is that it eliminates the need to disassemble your spindles.

BLOCK AXLE LIFT KIT With block axle kits, you will find it easier to gain four inches in height without the inconvenience of a cumbersome installation process. These kits are affordable but come with only one size option. On the upside, there is no need to worry about disassembling your suspension to fit the kit. Instead, you fit the block axle lift kit onto the existing suspension.


golfcartguide LONG TRAVEL LIFT KITS Although long travel lift kits are pricier, they provide superior performance than other kits available on the market. They can separate the rear and suspension components. These kits come with robust springs, which act as shock absorbers -a handy feature when traversing rough terrain. Long travel kits are typically available in heights ranging from six inches and eight inches to maximize ground clearance.

GOLF CART LIFT KIT SIZES The top 4 golf cart kits offered by various manufacturers come with varying heights. Hence, you can select a lift kit height to match the terrain you plan to ride over. Here are some of the standard lift kit sizes. THREE-INCH LIFT KITS This height option is ideal for adding 20-inch tires to your golf cart. Drop axle, A-arm, and drop spindle kits offer three-inch heights, which come at an affordable price. FOUR-INCH LIFTS With this size, you can take advantage of easy installation and low-cost benefits. You can fit the kits onto a block axle. SIX-INCH LIFTS Six-inch lifts are undoubtedly one of the most popular sizes you will find in retail outlets. The majority of golf cart manufacturers offer units that can accommodate this height. With the six-inch lifts, it becomes easier to fit tires sizes of up to 23 inches. FIVE-INCH LIFTS Although this lift height is an unpopular option, it can accommodate tires up to 22 inches. SEVEN- AND EIGHT-INCH LIFTS These lift kit sizes are ideal for extreme environments where lower height units cannot operate. They can fit on long-travel and coil-over styles, which can handle rough terrain with huge rocks and other features that require a heavy-duty suspension coupled with larger tires. You are sure to find it easier to absorb the shock caused by huge bumps and rocks. LIFT KIT INSTALLATION OPTIONS 42 GOLFCARTING.COM

The correct installation of a lift kit is critical to maximizing performance and safety. The best approach is to enlist the help of a professional technician. Doing so eliminates the risk of installation errors. The process typically involves modifying torques and steering angles. Any installation issues could result in structural complications that compromise the flexibility of the suspension. COST Top 4 golf cart lift kits and other units offered by various brands come at different prices. Cheaper kits typically retail for between $200 and $350. On the other hand, high-end lift kits are available at amounts ranging between $700 and $1,500. If you have mechanical skills to fit the kit as a DIY job, your expenses will not include any labor costs for installation. Hiring a professional to install golf cart kits can cost you roughly $75 per hour. LIFT KIT BRANDS The ideal lift kit depends on your golf cart's manufacturer since suspensions differ in design and other aspects. Some brands like Club Car, Yamaha, and EZ-GO require unique kits specially designed for their carts. These brands, except EZ-GO, come with limited space on the stock assembly to accommodate large tires. Meanwhile, brands like MadJax, Jake's, All Sports, and Double Take provide the best kits for your cart. The products come in wide-ranging styles to suit your specific ground clearance and performance needs. You can count on the kits to help fit larger tires onto the cart without undermining safety. TOP 4 GOLF CART LIFT KIT BRANDS 2021 1. MadJax - MadJax is synonymous with high-quality standards. You can count on the kits to install easily, thanks to the brand's Quick Attach System. On the other hand, color coding enables you to identify and match the components more conveniently.

golfcartguide All the golf cart kits come with durable bushings, a comprehensive set of components, and a high gloss coat finish. MadJax lift kits are compatible with carts manufactured by Yamaha, Club Car, and EZ-GO. Price range - $350 - $400 2. Jake's Lift Kits - Jake's offers a range of quality products that are available at reasonable prices. The kits fit easily onto the cart's undercarriage. It is no surprise that the brand forms part of the top 4 golf cart lift kits. You can expect high-quality products capable of ensuring a smooth ride on different types of terrain. The units are available in three-inch, four-inch, five-inch and six-inch heights to match varying off-road carting needs. Jake's manufactures several lift styles, including A-arm, spindle, drop axle and long travel. Price range - $250 - $1,094.95.

3. All Sports Lift Kits - All Sports Lift Kits provide a viable way to improve the functionality and style of your cart. They fit onto carts manufactured by Yamaha, EZ-GO, MOKE America, and Club Car. The lifts are durable and easy to install, thanks to the custom design. All Sports employs innovative design techniques to meet the high-performance standards expected by customers. Price range - $370 - $1,400.

4. RHOX Lift Kits - RHOX manufactures kits that are compatible with Yamaha, EZ-GO, and Club Car carts. The units are available in threeinch, four-inch, six-inch and seven-inch heights. This brand is synonymous with top-notch engineering. You can find the safest and strongest kits for your golf cart. Price range - $350 $1,000.

SUMMARY You should pick the right lift kit to match the size of the tires you want to fit. For instance, six-inch lifts are suitable for 23inch tires. Likewise, match the golf cart brand with the lift kit that fits onto the suspension or undercarriage. Meanwhile, some kits require professional installers' help due to the difficulty levels associated with the installation process.

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his edition’s Dealer Profile is Mikey’s Motors in Murfreesboro, TN. Mikey's Motors are true cart enthusiasts and are a licensed Star EV, EZ-GO, Evolution, Garia, GEM Car and Cushman cart dealership that serves the greater Nashville area. Not only does Mikey’s Motors offer sales and financing, but they have a complete service and parts department for all cart brands at their two locations. Owner Mike Williamson graciously allowed Golf Carting Magazine to learn more about this thriving dealership and get some specific information about their success.

DEALER INFORMATION: Dealer Name: Mikey’s Motors LLC Dealer Location: 2118 N Thompson Ln, Murfreesboro, TN 37129 Phone Number: (615) 962-9265 Owner: Mike Williamson Website: Facebook:

GCMAG: Hi Mike! Thank you for taking the time to 46 GOLFCARTING.COM

share more about Mikey’s Motors. Tell us about your dealership. MIKE: At Mikey's Motors, we serve the Middle TN area with the best golf car vehicles so our customers can enjoy the greater things in life. We are a licensed EZ-GO, Star EV, Fat Tire, Evolution, Aluma, GEM car, Garia, Cushman golf cart and UTV dealership as well as a Trojan Battery Dealer. We offer Sales, Service, Parts and Rentals for golf carts. We have loyal customers and have built a reputation on bringing the best service in the industry. We encourage your readers to visit our dealers and find out what makes us the best.

GCMAG: That’s great. Who are the owner(s)? MIKE: I am the owner -Mike Williamson.

GCMAG: What is your company background? How and when did your company start?

MIKE: In 2009, I set out to open Mikey’s Motors LLC with over 35 years in the automotive industry. With my experience I saw a real opportunity for Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) as an alternative mode of transportation. As the interest grew, I

began to grow the business with retail, wholesale, leasing, rentals and a full-service department for golf carts. I am driven by superb customer and with this in mind, I began what is now the largest Low Speed Street Legal dealer in Tennessee.

GCMAG: Where are you guys located exactly?

MIKE: We have two locations. Our flagship store is located at 2118 N. Thompson Lane, Murfreesboro, TN 37129. Our new location is located at 4410 Peytonsville Rd, Franklin, TN 37064.

GCMAG: Congratulations on your second location. Can you tell us about your employees?

MIKE: I’d love to. We have a total of 15 employees between the 2 stores. Here’s the breakdown. President- Mikey Williamson - Over 35 years in the automotive industry who is a proven leader in sales. Controller- Chris Williamson - Over 21 years of experience in human resources and accounts receivable. General Manager Murfreesboro - Alison Royalty - Over 17 years of experience as Title clerk, Registration and sales deals. General Manager Franklin – Kaley Brownlee - 10 years of management, logistics and operations experience. Retail and Commercial Sales – Lyle Jennings - 20 years of automotive parts and business management. Service Manager - Dwight Bowling - Retired from Nissan N.A. as QC manager. Parts Manager – Glenda Davis - 20+ years’ experience in parts and commission retail sales. Head of Sales/Wholesale Manager – Brian Royalty Sales Team - Three full time commissioned salesman in addition to Mike Williamson that average over 100 golf cart sales per month. Brian Royalty, Dustin Ferrell and Shad Adams. Certified Technicians - 4 full time technicians and 3 full time

onsite technicians and pickup/delivery drivers.

GCMAG: It sounds like you have everything covered nicely. Thank you for providing this detail of your staff. How do you promote and advertise your business? Online? Social Media?

MIKE: Currently, our marketing budget is around $20,000 per month which includes: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Print media ads in target markets, Loaner vehicles in key golf cart communities, Rolling graphics on all Mikey’s Motors vehicles and trailers, Google ads and Social Media ads.

GCMAG: I love the variety here. It sounds like you have a very good balance between online and social media marketing, as well as offline marketing as well. What is the most important business lesson(s) you've learned? MIKE: I feel that creating longstanding relationships with our vendors to provide the best products and delivering excellent customer service to our customers has been the key to our success.

GCMAG: What are your future plans for your company?

MIKE: We want to continue to grow the staff and company to provide a great buying experience for our customers throughout the southeast.

GCMAG: It sounds like Mikey’s Motors is really hitting its stride there in middle Tennessee. Thank you Mike for spending time with us and we wish you continued success!



ASK THE MECHANIC Q: Can I use other wheels on my golf cart that aren’t specifically for golf carts? A: Golf cart wheels all have a bolt pattern of 4x4 (4 inches by 4 inches, or 100mm apart). This is the standard on all major golf carts (Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha…) There are other wheels that use this same bolt pattern as it consistent to some cars like Honda’s. You can also use adapters to convert the bolt pattern on a variety of wheels to 4x4. Q: What does my cart need to be an LSV? A: Just like a car an LSV must have all the necessary safety features like; DOT approved windshield, turn signals, head lights, safety belts, horn and be able to 48 GOLFCARTING.COM

go 25mph. Some states have different regulations, please check with your local DMV. Q: What are the benefits to a 48-volt cart over a 36volt golf cart? A: A 48-volt cart will have more range and more power available to drive the cart faster and further with much better acceleration as more volts are available for the motor and more storage of the voltage in the batteries. 36-volt carts were the standard for many years and now we are seeing not only 48-volt being the new standard, but some carts are coming with 72-volts.


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