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Street Fight – The War of the Roads


o one should be surprised that a turf war is brewing between automobile and electric cart owners over roadway rights. Frustrated motorists are becoming more and more outspoken against electric carts that, in their minds, are wreaking havoc on public roads. Recently, a resident of The Villages in Florida, the largest golf cart community in the world, wrote a letter to the editor of the Ocala-News, and lamented that there should be no electric carts permitted to operate on streets with motor vehicle traffic. This sparked a lot of controversy and not surprisingly, the letter was met by a firestorm of criticism as a large percentage of residents in The Villages use golf carts as their primary mode of transportation. There is an estimated 50,000+ golf carts in The Villages alone. In June of this year, WBTW News 13 in Myrtle Beach, SC aired a special report addressing this same problem. Officials reported more and more instances of electric carts ignoring traffic rules and not adhering to state regulations, and consequently, creating increased traffic and accidents. They went on to say that many golf carts being driven in Myrtle Beach were rentals operated by out of state visitors who were ignorant of local golf cart regulations. This street fight is only going to get bigger as more people choose electric carts as a mode of transportation. As the editor of a golf-carting magazine I have a strong sentimental bond to golf carts and I am firm in my conviction that they don’t just belong on the golf course, as many motorists insist. But that does not mean that I am blind to the problem. I live in SW Florida and there are plenty of instances when, golfmagazine-editor or not, I get frustrated by bad road behavior displayed by oblivious or uncaring cart drivers. They are not just creating an inconvenience to motorists; they are creating hazards. We as a society evolve. We always have. Electric carts are not going away. Ultimately, and it’s already happening, city officials and state lawmakers will step in and begin to strictly enforce the laws pertaining to electric carts. Mass ticketing, fines, loss of driver’s licenses, all of these will be imposed on negligent cart drivers and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. We’ll just have to learn to live together.

Trevor Rose Senior Editor










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ECOXGEAR INTRODUCES THE POWERSPORTS INDUSTRY’S 1ST LITHIUM-ION BATTERY POWERED BLUETOOTH SOUNDBAR The ECOXGEAR sound bars have taken the golf cart industry by storm, with their great sound and affordable price that have reinvented how easy it is to add great sound to your golf cart and this new product make it even easier. SOUNDEXTEME-SEB26 SOUNDBAR FOR GOLF CARTS UTVS, ATVS AND MARINE! ECOXGEAR launches the SoundExtreme-seb26 waterproof, outdoor rugged Lithium-ion portable battery powered soundbar. The SoundExtreme-seb26 (MSRP $499.99) is available now. The SoundExtreme-seb26 complements the growling line of ECOXGEAR audio solutions for the exciting Golf Cart, UTV, ATV, Marine, and RV markets. Like the entire ECOXGEAR rugged and waterproof audio line, the SoundExtreme-seb26 is packed with market-leading features and technology such as: • 12V removable rechargeable state of the art lithium-ion battery provides 5 hours of audio at full volume, and up to 20 hours at typical listening levels • 100% waterproof, dust proof, and mud proof • 500 watts power 8 marine grade speakers: 2 tweeters, 4 mids, and 2 side facing woofers • Control the audio and light show via the speaker or included remote control • ECOCAST: Wirelessly connect up to 50 ECOXGEAR soundbars and speakers Over the last decade ECOXGEAR has emerged as the #1 outdoor, rugged, and waterproof audio company in North

America. From the smartphone speaker case, ECOEXTREME 2, to the suitcase sized ECOBOUDLER Max which is submersible and floats, ECOXGEAR is known for its rugged durability and comfortable price points. “Portable battery powered Bluetooth speakers have been in the market for years, but we are pleased to be the 1st to launch a battery powered soundbar that’s waterproof, mountable and designed exclusively for the powersports, marine, and golf cart market,” according to Greg Fadul ECOXGEAR’s CEO. “We are incredibly pleased with the market’s reception of our original SoundExtreme Soundbar, and for those who prefer a self-powered audio system—avoiding wiring and tapping the vehicle’s battery—that option is now exclusively available from ECOXGEAR.” ECOXGEAR is actively signing up new dealer partners across North America. Please contact or call/text 720.343.6851. For more information regarding ECOXGEAR and its products, visit, follow them on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook. About ECOXGEAR: Based in San Diego, California, ECOXGEAR is the leader in rugged, portable, and waterproof audio solutions catering to the outdoor adventurer. ECOXGEAR offers a variety of lifestyle audio solutions for snow, powersports, campers, and overall outdoor enthusiasts. Each of its innovative products support true IPX6-7 waterproof standards and exceed military specifications 810G. Check out ECOXGEAR’s growing line of powersports, marine, golf cart and portable power and audio solutions at



A Roof-to-Wheels Extreme Cart Makeover by Golf Cart Garage


olf Cart Garage is mixing business with DIY fun in 2021. And after a crazy year like 2020, we’re on board. The online parts and accessories retailer has fast become a leader in the industry with the launch of unique innovations in 2020 and early 2021 like the Armada Rewards program for fleet and facility managers as well as golf car repair shops/retailers and Gearheads On Demand, a virtual face-to-face consultation with expert technicians to help you troubleshoot problems. Now they’re wrapping up the year in an extreme way by overhauling a beater golf cart into a tricked-out beauty with an “Extreme Golf Cart Makeover” — and they’re inviting everyone to come along for the ride for $7,000 in monthly prizes with a $3,000 Grand Prize giveaway for one lucky winner to trick out their own cart. The full reveal is coming Winter 2021.



DAVE’S BEEN GIVEN A LICENSE TO THRILL. Golf Cart Garage (GCG) found a gas-powered* Yamaha G29 that has seen better days. It’s truly a dog of a cart. In a series of short YouTube videos, we watch as Dave — GCG’s Resident Gearhead — walks us through each step of the metamorphosis with tips, tricks, and an abundance of dad jokes. For example, Episode 1 reveals how Dave found his “dramatic rescue vehicle,” and the effort it took just to get it up and running. Episode 2 features Dave installing a lift kit and new tires, resulting in a taller, faster cart. In Episode 3, you might feel sorry for the poor Yamaha G29 as it gets stripped down to a grungy metal skeleton. But hope is on the horizon as Dave shares his plans for installing brilliant blue body panels from DoubleTake. There are more episodes to come as Dave adds lights, seating, and some secret surprises along the way. The glorious Extreme Golf Cart Makeover “reveal” is planned for this coming winter.

Golf Cart Garage began with a crusty Yamaha G29


At the end of every video episode, Dave announces the monthly store-credit winners: There’s one First Prize of $200, Second Prize of $100, and Third Prize of $50. At the end of the series, GCG is giving away a $3000 Grand Prize to one lucky winner. Which brings us to… WATCH THE TRANSFORMATION, WIN PRIZES — HOW TO ENTER You have a new chance to enter and win every month until the finale with no purchase necessary. GCG infuses a little playfulness into the $3000 Grand Prize Sweepstakes registration process, which is also open to everyone, no purchase necessary: 1. Fill out a form and submit a quick selfie video with your cart. 2. Give your name, where you live, and what kind of cart you drive. 3. Explain why you already like GCG if you’re a customer. (If not, no worries.) 4. Share what you’d like to do if you win the Grand Prize of $3,000 in GCG store credit. Watch the caterpillar-to-butterfly metamorphosis on the Golf Cart Garage YouTube page and enter to win prizes here:

*According to Dave, everything he’s doing on this gaspowered cart can be ordered for an electric Yamaha G29.

About Golf Cart Garage Founded in 2014, Golf Cart Garage employs 27 people, with warehouses across the country and offices in Houston, Texas, and Avon, Ohio. GCG has big-time customers like FedEx, Apple, Delta, Walmart and the U.S. National Park Service, along with tens of thousands of individual cart owners. Discover more at or call 1-800-401-2934.

JUST SOME OF THE INSTALLS ON THIS CUSTOM CART: RHOX 22x10-14" Tires & Wheels (22" Tall Pre-Mounted) RHOX Yamaha Drive/G22 Lift Kit - 3" Drop Spindle Lift DoubleTake VORTEX Body Kit DoubleTake Custom Dashboard DoubleTake Deluxe LED Light Kit DoubleTake Front Seat Cushions Set - Veranda Black Doubletake Rear Seat Max 6 Helix - Veranda Black/Blue DoubleTake Custom Rooftop DoubleTake Pilot Steering Wheel DoubleTake Magnetic Catch Windshield Madjax Armor Nerf Bar with Drop Down Side Step Madjax Black Diamond Plate Floormat GOLF CARTING MAGAZINE 19


W E N S Y A W L A T NEW IS NO FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE AD: New 2021 Club Car Precedent – Only $4500 There’s a sweeping trend hitting the nation and specifically social media that has customers and golf cart dealers in a bit of an uproar. At any given time on Facebook Marketplace, which is vastly becoming the go to for online golf carts sales in local communities, you will see dozens of golf carts for sale that claim “NEW 2021” or “Brand New” in the title of the post, when in fact they are old refurbished golf carts that were manufactured anywhere between 2006 and 2016 with replacement or remanufactured parts. This misleading trend is deliberately 20

tricking unsuspecting customers into thinking these golf carts are brand new or much newer than they really are. The fact is that they are older carts with the manufacture date purposely hidden to help drive more sales and mislead customer into thinking they are getting a smoking great deal. This “sales tactic” according to the FTC (who polices shady and misleading sales practices) is not only illegal but is becoming a serious problem nationwide. A GROWING PROBLEM Researching this article, we didn’t even have to try to hunt for these ad posts; they literally show up in our own personal Facebook news feeds daily. Smaller golf cart “companies” and “ builders” are sprouting up and flooding the marketplace by creating numerous listings on Facebook (sometimes many dozens of posts showing the same cart). Just today we found over 90 posts that had “NEW”, “BRAND

buyerbeware NEW” or “NEW 2021” in the title and all of them were golf carts that were manufactured prior to 2016. These popup golf cart companies are generally guys working out of their garages and they refurbish a few carts a month, but these misleading sales tactics are causing a major problem in the industry. There is nothing wrong with people building and selling golf cart in their garages and in fact this is how most of the larger custom golf cart shops got started in the industry. But there is definitely a right way and a wrong way of doing business. Deliberately misleading customers is not only wrong, it’s illegal. Imagine buying a 2010 ford F-150, repainting it, adding a lift kit and new tires and calling it a 2021. Obviously, this isn’t possible in the automotive industry because of dramatic changes in body styles and VIN numbers that identify a vehicle but it is certainly happening in the cart industry. WHAT’S WRONG WITH AN OLDER REFURBISHED CART ANYWAY? Let’s breakdown the process here. Builders are typically buying a 2006-2016 golf cart from anywhere between $500 and $3000 and replacing or upgrading a few parts. Generally, they will add a lift kit ($250-$400), wheels and tires ($300-$700), lighting of some sort ($50-$250), possibly a rear seat an seat covers ($100-$350), maybe a new or painted body ($200-$500) and maybe batteries if needed ($600-900). Generally speaking, that’s all it takes to make an old cart look much, much newer. Often, the parts and accessories used are low-grade and haphazardly installed on the cart. The idea is to save money and the cart is “Frankensteined” together with used and poorquality parts. We have even seen batteries that were stamped 2018 but were in fact 2016’s. The serious problem here is that the frame, motor, wiring, body, brakes, parts of the suspension are all original and often times never have been serviced or replaced. These parts of the golf cart can easily fail and cause problems with operation and most importantly, safety. For example, if the wiring on a cart is over 10-years-old, it will often need to be completely replaced due to corrosion and could be a ticking time bomb for total golf cart failure or possibly even an electrical fire. Let’s be honest, golf carts are potentially dangerous if not built correctly and could cause damage to an unsuspecting family. We heard one horror story of a steering wheel coming off while a family of four was joyriding around their neighborhood. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Money is the driving factor here and in an unregulated industry it’s easy to get away with it. Your average golf cart “flipper” can probably build or upgrade anywhere from 2-10 carts a month in their spare time and make anywhere from $500-$3000 per cart. That is a nice source of income for a side gig that is also probably very fulfilling. But without the proper training, tools, electrical programmers and access to the OEM (factory) parts like an authorized dealer would have, it’s much harder to service a golf cart and do it properly. What we’re seeing online goes even further than that. Some “flippers” are setting up “companies” which today could simply consist of a Facebook business page. They market 22

themselves as a business that is much bigger than they really are. Many probably don’t have employees. They probably don’t pay sales tax and most importantly, it’s unlikely they have any type of insurance that would protect them from issues that may occur. This practice is hurting the cart resale market and the golf cart industry as a whole. If more and more people are having negative experiences with golf carts, it gives the whole industry a bad name. WHAT CAN BE DONE? We all can help police this trend. Consumers, golf cart dealers, shop owners, technicians and DIY guys all need to chip in and report these misleading, spammy posts to Facebook or Craigslist (there is a “report this post” link on every listing). Or even take it one step further and call out these people by posting a comment that they can’t hide behind. For example, posting a simple question “What is the actual year of the cart?” where everyone can see their response. This type of accountability could influence these sellers to clean up their acts and might push Facebook to realize this is a growing problem that needs to be taken seriously.


OWNER: Clinton W. Bland from O'Fallon, IL YEAR/MAKE/MODEL: 2003 CLUB CAR CARRY ALL TELL US ABOUT THIS CUSTOM BUILD: I've always wanted to put a bike engine in a golf cart but didn't want the usual straight axle, bad brakes and no reverse that I've seen on so many other conversions. So, I started with a Club Car Carry All that has hydraulic brakes all around with a heavier frame and suspension. I located a 2009 Kawasaki Ninja with less than 1000 miles on it. I did away with the dump bed and tractor seats and built a full tilting platform with custom made seats. Next in went the new engine and after too many hours of creating and building custom parts it was ready to run. CUSTOM FABRICATION: Following items were custom built: Flip top deck with seats and railing, F-N-R and 1-6 column mounted paddle shifters and linkages, clutch pedal, throttle assembly, jack shaft drive system, single track bar, intake manifold, air box and injector mounts, motor mounts, fuel tank pick up and return. 24

SOME BACKGROUND ABOUT YOU AND HOW LONG YOU HAVE BUILDING CARTS: I've been building and fabricating since I was a kid. This is my first cart. WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS FOR YOU OR YOUR COMPANY? We sell Sharkhide Metal Protectant that I would like to introduce to the carting world.


SAVE $500 ON ANY CLUB CAR ONWARD FREE DELIVERY Call us for more information Financing Available • Free Estimates • Pick up/Delivery •Full Service Shop • Scheduled Maintenance • Trades Welcome • New & Used Parts, Carts and Accessories

1720 W Elliot Road • Gilbert AZ, 85233 • 480-272-8418











In this month’s edition of Golf Carting Magazine, we are featuring one of our loyal sponsors in our monthly Company Profile section. MODZ is a fairly new but rapidly growing brand of golf cart accessories. The founder of MODZ is Aaron Gouldie and he has graciously allowed us to ask him some questions in order to 32

learn more about his business. Company Name: MODZ Company Website: WWW.RIDEMODZ.COM Company Headquarters: AUSTIN, TX GCMAG: Aaron, thank you for joining us from Austin, TX, one of my favorite cities. We appreciate you spending time with us and letting us know more about your company. Tell us a little more about MODZ. AARON: Thanks. Our mission at MODZ is to offer our

customers the highest quality accessories for their golf cart at a reasonable price. We currently carry a robust lineup of accessories including chargers, custom seats, seat covers, steering wheels, rear seat kits, wheels, tops, and tires. GCMAG: It sounds like you guys cover the main categories of golf accessories. You are the sole owner of MODZ? AARON: That is correct. MODZ has been a dream of mine for quite some time, but it takes a tribe to run a successful company. GCMAG: Can you give us some background on how and when (and how) MODZ started? AARON: We launched the MODZ brand back in 2016. Our original MODZ lineup consisted of custom seats and rear seat kits, but over the last five years we have really expanded our catalog. GCMAG: Where are you located? AARON: We are headquartered in my hometown of Austin, Texas but we have partners located across the United States and the world. GCMAG: I love Austin, TX and know that this is area has definitely embraced the golf cart culture. How many employees do you have? Tell us about your team. AARON: Absolutely. Our team consists of around 40 people, but our family is always growing. Many of us actually grew up together in the Austin area and have known each other for years. We very much consider ourselves to be a family run business. GCMAG: Considering that your company is only around 5 years old that is impressive. How do you market and promote MODZ? AARON: In many ways we rely on our customers to market MODZ products. We accomplish this by offering a great product and buying experience. A recommendation from a friend, family member or neighbor will always have more power than a digital ad or print advertisement, but we certainly engage in these types marketing activities too. We are confident when people get a chance to see our products, they will want them for their own cart. We are really

growing our network of brick-and-mortar dealers to get more of our products onto more carts than ever before. GCMAG: I think it’s a great idea to have a blend of online eCommerce and retail locations. Aaron, what is the most important business lesson your company has learned? AARON: One of the most important lessons I have learned is to always be on the lookout for the next innovative product in our industry. As you know the industry is evolving at a breakneck pace and we want to ensure we are always at the forefront of this wave of innovation. GCMAG: What are the future plans for MODZ? AARON: As we continue to grow, we are bringing more of our production in-house. In fact, we just completed our new upholstery shop. We have been selling custom seats and seat covers for years through various partnerships, but we really wanted to push the envelope in the seat space which motivated us to produce these ourselves. We brought in a continued...


dealerprofile renowned auto upholstery fabricator to take MODZ as well as our industry to the next level. We can’t wait to show you what we have been working on! GCMAG: That sounds great and congratulations on the success of your company. Is there anything you’d like to add? AARON: You know, people always ask me what MODZ means. In the simplest of terms, MODZ is short for modified. However, RIDE MODZ is not only our social handle but also our business ethos in many ways. We want our customers to customize their carts to “ride modified” if you will. Whether you are literally riding on MODZ wheels or simply driving a modified golf cart, we want you to ride with us, to RIDE MODZ. GCMAG: I like that, and it makes sense. I want to thank you Aaron for spending time with Golf Carting Magazine and we want to also thank you for being such a loyal sponsor with our publication. Congratulations again on your success! For more information on MODZ visit their website at You can also give them a call at 844-663-9872.


Golf Carting's



know windshields don’t seem like a valuable piece to your custom golf cart, but they can offer quite a bit of versatility and protection when rolling down the road. In this guide to golf cart windshields, we breakdown the different types of golf cart windshields and the best models you can buy for your specific brand. So let’s get right into it.

THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF WINDSHIELDS Golf cart windshields come in a variety of different thicknesses, sizes, and even pieces. In this section we go into more detail about the different options you have for golf cart windshields. STANDARD ACRYLIC WINDSHIELDS This type of windshield is the best option when it comes to price and functionality. You have the option to purchase these windshields in either clear or tinted and they can fit just about 36

any make or model. This windshield is also designed to fit those golf carts with OEM struts. All of the hinges are made from a durable polyurethane, allowing for perfect visibility at all times. Clairity - 0.168” / 3/16”/ 4mm thickness

IMPACT MODIFIED WINDSHIELDS This high performance polycarbonate windshield is perfect for those looking for a little more durability. Built for a high resistance to shattering, which is ideal for golf courses, hunting, or industrial plants. You can find this type of windshield for all types of golf cart models, and like the standard windshield, can be used with OEM struts. This is also equipped with polyurethane hinges for clear visibility, and comes in either clear or tinted. Clarity - 0.177’ / 3/16’’ / ¼” thickness

¼ INCH THICK WINDSHIELDS This windshield is built with a bit more sturdiness. The ¼ inch thick acrylic will provide you with a stronger windshield, which will bend or bow much less than the two previously mentioned windshields. You can purchase these in either tinted or clear, and are equipped with clear polyurethane hinges. This particular windshield will only work with OEM front struts. DOT LEGAL WINDSHIELDS Depending on where you live, and what you’re using your golf cart for, most communities require you to have a highquality, shatter-proof windshield that meets all of the LSV (Low Speed Vehicle) requirements of the DOT (Department of Transportation). These AS4 and AS5 windshields commonly feature a polycarbonate blend at a thickness of 0.177”, in order to prevent shattering or scratches. ONE PIECE WINDSHIELDS These specific windshields aren’t the most popular, but can be just as reliable as any of the other windshields we’ve

mentioned. You can find DOT versions (AS4 and AS5 Models) in a few places, along with one piece windshields from the golf cart manufacturers themselves. These windshields are NOT able to fold. This will provide less cool wind in the summer, but has an easier time keeping cold air out in the winter. These are also available in clear and tinted, and can be purchased for most golf cart models. Now that we know the different types of windshields you can purchase for your golf cart, let’s dive deeper into the best models for each specific brand. CLUB CAR WINDSHIELDS Club Car Precedent 1-Piece Windshield (AS4/AS5) - FITS 2004 AND UP This DOT approved one-piece windshield is the perfect match for any custom Club Car. This windshield is built with a tough polycarbonate, allowing it to resist scratches easily. If you are looking for a well-built one-piece windshield, look no further. Features: • High grade polycarbonate • Street legal ( DOT Approved)

golfcartguide E-Z-GO WINDSHIELDS E-Z-GO RXV 1-Piece Windshield (AS4/AS5) - FITS 2008 AND UP Are you looking for a DOT approved windshield for your E-Z-GO golf cart? You’ve come to the right place! This street legal windshield is perfect for providing protection while driving down the road. This windshield is made from a strong polycarbonate, helping to fight off nicks and scratches.

• Resist scratches due to hard protective coating • Clear visibility • Easy Installation Cost: $267.84 Club Car Precedent Folding Windshield (¼”) - FITS 2004 AND UP This windshield is perfect for those looking for some flexibility with their golf cart. The folding windshield is great for letting air in on warm summer days, or to block that cold air on frigid mornings. This polycarbonate built windshield is great at protecting flying debris, and can be purchased in clear or tinted.

Features: • Made from extremely durable polycarbonate • Street Legal (DOT approved) • Resistant to nicks and scratches • Clear visibility • Easy to Install Cost: $267.84 E-Z-GO RXV Folding Windshield - FITS 2008 AND UP This windshield is a perfect match for those who want a little bit more flexibility when it comes to their golf cart. This folding windshield for E-Z-GO is durable and reliable to resist flying debris while traveling down the street. This model is available in clear and tinted.

Features: • Durable polycarbonate • Tinted or Clear • Easy to Install • Great Visibility Cost: $130.93 38

golfcartguide Dimensions: HEIGHT - 32 ¼” WIDTH - 37 ¾” Features: • Durable 3/16” acrylic • Vibration free fit • Crack and shatter resistant • Available in tinted and clear • Made in the U.S. • Super easy to install Cost: $107.91 YAMAHA WINDSHIELDS Yamaha Folding Windshield (Models G29/Drive) This is one of the most popular and reliable windshields that Yamaha has to offer. The folding design allows you to let cool air in during the summer months, and cold air out during the winter months. This durable acrylic is great for protecting against any unwanted flying debris while riding down the road. This windshield is available in clear or tinted, and is a must have for those looking to replace that old beaten one on your golf cart. Dimensions: HEIGHT - 37” WIDTH - 38”

Features: • Durable ¼” acrylic • Vibration free fit • Crack and shatter resistant • Easy installation • Tinted or clear Cost: $127.86 Yamaha Impact Resistant Folding Windshield (Models G14-19) If you need something a little bit more durable for your Yamaha golf cart, then this might be your best option. This durable impact-resistant acrylic is perfect for those looking to go off the beaten path. The impact resistant windshield from Yamaha is available in clear and tinted, and can be folded down whenever you please. Another great feature about this windshield is that it can be installed with ease, connecting directly to your old frame. 40

Dimensions: HEIGHT - 34 ¼” WIDTH - 40 ½”

Features: • High grade impact-resistant acrylic • Vibration free fit • Crack and shatter resistant • Easy installation • Made in the U.S. Cost: $123.59 GOLF CART WINDSHIELD WIPERS Most of the models that we listed above have the ability to incorporate a windshield wiper on to your windshield. These can be great for those who live in the states that accumulate more rain throughout the year. You never know when you’ll be stuck outside in your golf cart during a rainstorm. Cost: $86.15

FINAL THOUGHTS As you can see, there is much more to the golf cart windshield than you imagined. In this article we learned the different types of golf cart windshields, and how they differ from one another. We also learned that the DOT expects you to have your LSV/Golf cart up to the roads standards, and that includes your windshield. We also learned about the different materials used to make golf cart windshields, and how some materials are stronger and more durable than others. Beyond that, we did our best to present to you some of the best options when it comes to windshields for your specific golf cart brand including Club Car, E-Z-GO, and Yamaha. We hope that this article has given you the knowledge to make the best decision when choosing a windshield for your golf cart. If you have any questions regarding your windshield, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for reading.


OWNER: Gary Palinkas, Jr. from Lincolnton, NC COMPANY: Gary's Golf Carts - YEAR/MAKE/MODEL: 2017 EZGO TXT AFTERMARKET PARTS USED: Trick 1 Paint Mean City Cycle upholstery LSI deluxe LED light kit Xray Speedometer kit Polk Audio Speakers Sony Head Unit TELL US ABOUT THIS CUSTOM BUILD: Lowered 5" with air shocks on all 4 corners, 3 link custom suspension, custom paint, upholstery, chopped 42

roof 5", full sound system with Polk Audio speakers, 10" sub-woofer with 800W amp, on board air compressor with storage tank and train horns, deluxe LED turn signal kit, LED underglow lights, x-ray speedometer kit SOME BACKGROUND ABOUT YOU AND HOW LONG YOU HAVE BUILDING CARTS: I have been a mechanic my whole life, started picking up carts from the golf cart and customizing them. My wife and I have 30 years building custom carts. We now sell over 300 custom carts a year! WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS FOR YOU OR YOUR COMPANY? To continue to build high quality custom carts. " We love the compliments our customers get when riding on our custom carts!"



Golf, Fantastic Weather, and Shopping Galore:



alm Desert, California, is a 26-square-mile region located about 14 miles from Palm Springs and was one of the fastest growing cities in California in the 1980s and 1990s. This quick population growth can be attributed to the area’s great weather, dining opportunities, shopping spots, outdoor activities, cultural events, and intense love of golfing—the latter being just one reason that golf carts are so prevalent in the community. Palm Desert has over 30 golf courses; this is over one golf course per square mile of the city! And if you’re willing to travel outside of Palm Desert to get your golf fix, then you’ll have access to over 100 private, semi-private, and public courses in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, and throughout the Coachella Valley. Desert Willow is one of these courses; it has won awards and attracts visitors from across the nation. In fact, it was named one of Golf Digest’s “Best Places to Play.” The golf



course offers two of the region’s best plays: the challenging Firecliff Course and the Mountain View Course, which is more suitable for beginners. The clubhouse offers terrific amenities to players, and new golfers can participate in the Palm Desert Golf Academy to learn more about the game and how to best play it. The course’s scenic outdoor dining provides golfers with the chance to soak in the region’s views of the surrounding Santa Rosa Mountains while enjoying some delicious cuisine. The environmentally sensitive design and construction are sure to please those of you who are eco-conscious; the entire experience is like no other you will be able to find at a golf course. Other golf courses in Palm Desert include the Avondale Golf Club, the Chaparral Country Club, the Indian Ridge Country Club, the Ironwood Country Club, the Marrakesh Country Club, the Oasis Country Club, and the Shadow Mountain Golf Club. We would list them all, but that would

take up the entire article! There are just that many. Palm Desert has encouraged golf cart transportation on city streets since the early 1990s, so residents and visitors alike can be found putting along in their golf carts not only on the courses themselves but also in the city proper. Another reason that golf carts are found roaming the streets of Palm Desert is the weather. The city enjoys an average of 360 days of sunshine each year, making it the ideal place for open-air transportation. The Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce also holds an annual golf cart parade so cart enthusiasts who live in the area can decorate their golf carts and parade them down the streets for all to see. This yearly parade typically takes place in the fall. Lori Carney, the Director of Administrative Services of the City of Palm Desert, stated that “[Golf carts] are a regular part of the community, and we continue to extend safe routes for golf carts, bicycles, and NEVs throughout our community.” If you’re a golf cart enthusiast, this is likely music to your ears! Golf and golf carts aren’t the only reasons to enjoy living in or visiting Palm Desert. The area is home to the Coachella and Stagecoach Music Festivals, the Palm Springs International Film Festival, Concerts in the Park, Fashion Week, large fitness events, and the BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament. And these are just a few of the events that occur yearly in the region! So if golf isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other reasons to book a stay in Palm Desert. The area’s dining opportunities cannot go without being mentioned. Palm Desert has over 150 restaurants within its city limits, so you’re sure to find a cuisine that speaks to your taste buds. If you don’t feel like getting decked out in your finest duds, then that’s okay—there are plenty of restaurants that are “desert casual.” However, if you’re looking for more of a fine dining opportunity, those abound. Enjoy ethnic dining, a classic steak and potato entrée, a light lunch at a nearby café—the

world is your oyster…speaking of, are you in the mood for oysters? Those can be found in Palm Desert, too! Some people just get a kick out of purchasing unique items while visiting other locales, and Palm Desert recognizes that by offering some of the best shopping in the state. The city is home to locally owned boutiques with one-of-a-kind wares, luxury couture shops where you can buy items that will be the envy of your friends, jewelry stores carrying the shiniest and most dazzling gems and stones, and art galleries featuring local artists so you can bring a piece of Palm Desert home with you. We recommend that you check out El Paseo and Westfield Palm Desert. Whatever your retail preferences, you’re sure to find something to fit your tastes. Be sure to check the calendar and coordinate your vacation with the street fair, which operates on Saturdays and Sundays year-round. The fair has taken place for over 36 years and is considered by many to be one of the top things to do in the region. Residents and visitors alike enjoy spending the weekend shopping in a shaded, open-air environment that is incomparable. Looking for a unique souvenir to bring home to family or friends? You’re guaranteed to find something among the thousand items for sale at the street fair, ranging from home goods, furniture, and items from artisans, to vintage cars and fashion items. Looking for something tasty to enjoy at your AirBnB at the end of the day? The farmers market has what you’re looking for! Be sure to check the calendar and stop by the market to purchase some fresh local produce, meat, cheeses, and more from local vendors. You won’t regret it! What more can be said? As Carney stated, “Palm Desert is a unique, beautiful, welcoming community with something for everyone.” If you’re a golf cart enthusiast, look no further than Palm Desert for your next vacation.



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ASK THE MECHANIC Q: How Often Should I Have My Golf Cart Serviced? A: Depending on the use of the golf cart it’s recommended to have your golf cart or LSV serviced by an experienced service center or mechanic at least once a year. They will check all the electrical connections, fluids (if gas), service the brakes, grease any bearings or hubs needed and generally check the cart out for any issues or safety concerns. Q: What Should I Pay For Service, Maintenance or Repairs? A: This depends on your location and type of golf cart. Gas golf carts could be more expensive, but most authorized golf cart dealerships and service centers could charge anywhere between $65 and $95 per hour for service and repair for electric carts and generally have a yearly maintenance package 48

for anywhere between $50 to $150. Q: What Are Some Of The Most Popular Upgrades? A: The most popular upgrades we see here in the south are lift kits and wheels and tires. This is a quick way to drastically change the look of your golf cart. Generally lift kits would cost around $500-600 installed and a new set of larger wheels and tires could range from $500-800 depending on the style, size and finish. Another top request upgrade is a sound system. Generally these are a Bluetooth mounted sound bar which easily connects to your cell phone and provides some amazing sound, these run for anywhere from $400-$800 installed depending on size and features.



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