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NEW Innovative way to stay COOL Mister-Comfort has been providing cooling relief since 2006. • This summer stay up to 25° cooler with our new CARTCOOL Misting System. • Now you can play a round of golf in the heat of the day. • You control the air flow and the amount of cool mist so you always feel refresh • Installs in 30 minutes, feel cool all summer long • Mist won’t get you wet • Made in the USA

Beat The Heat



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M STER-COMFORT Refreshing Outdoor Misting Systems Become a Dealer! Call us for details.



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Fresair LLC Is Changing The Way We Think About Cooling


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7 Ways To Beat The Unbearable Summer Heat

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The Cart Whisperer: Minnesota Golf Carts

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Has the Time Come for MaaS in Your Community?


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The MODZ Max36 Battery Charge

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august 2019





s the temperatures climb into the nineties each day, it can be hard to convince yourself to spend much time outdoors. Who doesn’t want to stick to cool, airconditioned ideas for activities, but it’s calling you...your golf cart is begging to be driven around!

So it’s important to put a little more emphasis on safety during these very hot days. We have put together some great golf cart ‘cooling’ products that will keep you out on the course (or out in the woods) without overheating. MISTER COMFORT CART-COOL (Pictured above) Mister-Comfort’s golf cart misting systems install easily in any golf cart provides a cool dry refreshing mist. Simply plug-in and use, or custom install for concealed operation for those who want to keep cool while in their carts. Mention Golf Car Options And Get 10% OFF. See Cart Cool ad on page 2. CHILLY CHEEKS When the summer sun sweats the fun from outdoor activities Chilly Cheeks will cool you down. Chilly Cheeks is a AUGUST 2019


august 2019

feature article

patent-pending, butt tested, hot-body approved cooling seat cushion. That’s not all. This seat works when it’s hot and works when it’s not! Think it’s too cold to participate? Don’t stay home! Chilly Cheeks can warm your fanny in a flash. Save 10% with coupon code OPTIONS10.

PERSONAL GO FAN Designed to fit seven different golf cars the patented Personal Go Fan with variable speed, is the perfect way to stay cool on those hot summer days. Includes cup adapters for both your golf cart and boat. Best of all, because it’s portable you can take it anywhere you need to cool down. Fits in your cup holder! Also available the Personal Golf Tote. Adds more room for all your things.

See Chilly Cheeks ad on page 38. KOOL AIR TOPS Kool Air Tops work as an evaporative cooler, lowering temperatures as much as 25 degrees (competitors claim 40 degrees...Not possible!). Kool Air uses a high velocity blower with directional vents, drawing water through a filter, directing a cool stream of air (NO MIST) to both passengers from an overhead panel.

See Kool Air Tops ad on page 17.



See Personal Go Fan ad in the June issue. CART LIFE FLIP FLOPS Make those hot summer days even more enjoyable with these exclusive Cart Life flip-flops. The comfy rubber sole is lined with a soft 100% polyester fabric that will look great while your out carting. White or dark Blue rubber sole, Black Y-shaped rubber straps and toe post style. Customization also available just send us your artwork, or golf cart photo.

feature article

august 2019




Order your flip flops at shop. COOL DRY COVERS Transform Your Ride with Cool Dry Covers. No longer will you burn on a hot seat, soak in a pool of water after some rain or freeze when the temperature drops. With their unique 3-dimensional mesh fabric, Cool Dry Covers keep you raised off your seat, allowing air circulation and water dispersion, bringing you year-round comfort no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

FRESAIR Fresair is a brand new, state of the art and eco-friendly rooftop air conditioning unit. Unlike traditional air conditioning units that demand high power and run on a refrigerant. Fresair runs on regular tap water and is powered by the vehicle’s existing battery, drawing minimal power and providing cooling to the user of up to 40+ degrees! The roof-mounted Fresair system is patented and works by forcing air through a moist fibrous organic pine filter, which is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

See Fresair ad and cover story on pages 28-29. See Cool Dry Covers ad on page 40.






Vehicle Security System | With a Grant Vehicle Security System (designed to be used with Grant Steering Wheels and Kits), you can remove or replace your steering wheel in less than five seconds. A patented lock-out cap snaps onto the steering column to further assure the security of your vehicle. So you can simply take your wheel with you wherever you go. Unlike conventional alarms, this revolutionary aerospace designed system cannot be affected by motion. Another big advantage is the fact that it doesn’t rely on your battery. You can store vehicles indefinitely. It cannot be bypassed, as many of the ignition



cut-off devices can. The Grant Security System is ideal for most makes of cars, trucks, vans and boats. The ultimate answer to vehicle theft: No Wheel, No Steal. Grant’s Vehicle Security System can only be used with a Grant custom Steering Wheel and Standard Installation Kits (3000 & 4000). Euro, Billet and Banjo Style Kits cannot be used.

Why Rebuild...

When You Can Double The Power For The Same Cost!

• Dealer pricing available! • USA designed, manufactured, and supported • Fits in an unlifted golf cart!

23hp Big Block Kits for E-Z-GO, Club Car & Yamaha

V-Twin Install Kits for E-Z-GO, Club Car & Yamaha

Vegas Carts & Performance 702-530-7753

Performance Clutches for E-Z-GO, Club Car & Yamaha AUGUST 2019


cky WorLD Wa oF s f GLCR The


We waited for the warm kiss of summer for months and now we wonder why we ever wished this heat on ourselves. A long-lasting heat wave is upon at least two thirds of the United States for the foreseeable future and it is brutal. We came up with seven ways for you to beat the unbearable summer heat to stay safe and cool. Stay Hydrated This is the most obvious way to stay cool during the summer months. And by hydration, we mean actual water. Margaritas don’t count! It is important to either drink water with added electrolytes or add electrolytes to your water bottle. Bring a cooler packed with drinks everywhere you drive your golf car. Heat stroke is no joke and replenishing fluids lost to sweat is key. Keep Your Cheeks Chilly While you are cruising around on a hot day, keep your booty cheeks nice and cool with Chilly Cheeks. The seat cover is equipped with ice cold gel packs designed to lower the core temperature of your body and make the heat a bit more bearable.



7 Ways to Beat the Unbearable Summer Heat By Julie Starr, Owner WHEELZ Custom Carts & Accessories

Add AC to Your Golf Car Play golf or cruise the neighborhood on the hottest day when your golf car has Kool Air Tops. Working as an evaporative cooler, Kool Air Tops lowers temperatures as much as 25 degrees. Wouldn’t a cool stream of air make a big difference right now? Be the envy of the neighborhood by adding a golf car enclosure. You will have a mobile cooling station. If you don’t want to go as far as an actual air conditioner, consider bringing a hand held fan with you. Know Your Body’s Cooling Points Understanding where your body’s pulse points are can help you to stay cool. If the heat begins to make you feel sick, apply ice cubes, a cold pack, or even cool water to any of the pulse points located on your wrists, neck, insides of elbows and knees, and at your temples. If you know that you will be out in the heat for a while, especially if you will be playing golf or tennis, wrap a damp bandana or a cooling scarf around your neck or wrists for an easy way to stay cool. Give Yourself a Squirt The last time you visited the zoo, did you notice that the elephants blast water from their trunks to keep themselves cool? They understand

about thermal regulation and you can, too. Keep a spray bottle filled with ice water handy and give yourself a quick squirt periodically. Spray your pulse points first and notice how quickly you feel your body cool down. Before you know it, the weather will turn chilly again. But, until then, use these beat the heat tips to stay cool and safe in the unprecedented heat.

Updated monthly, we have compiled all of Julie’s articles into a magazine formatted book. Download it, or order a print copy to give as a gift, or to display in your place of business. Wacky World Of Golf Cars

The Owner of WHEELZ Custom Carts & Accessories, Julie Starr was one of the industry’s first online retailers of golf car products. Her eCommerce store,, has been serving golf car owners since 2008 and the store remains a popular on-line shopping experience for golf car owners who want to take their golf cars to the next level. AUGUST 2019


We Know You Love Your Golf Cart… Now You Can Find Out What Others Think About It! Upload photos of your golf cart: Stock | Personalized | Lifted/Hunting | All

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Best of all: It’s FUN and It’s FREE! www.RateMyGolfCart.Com | Info@RateMyGolfCart.Com Photos will go “live” once approved by the Admin. Please be sure to read the Photo Rules.




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Golf Cart & Smart Home Accessories Manufacturer & Retail Since 2002 Remote Control Light Kits Patent #9,174,570,B2 Highly Rated Amazon Brand Retiring Offer Plus $150,OOO Inventory Contact: Ph 1-352-264-7877

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NasCarts proudly serves golf course communities, local universities and colleges and apartment complexes in the Nocatee, Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra and Saint Augustine, FL area.



Meet Mark Wilson, Owner of NasCarts in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

A conversation with Mark Wilson Thanks for sharing your story with us Mark. So, let’s start at the beginning and tell our readers about your Familiy Ties. Behind any great business or idea is the need for change in a community. NasCarts was formed under that principle. Like any other story, NasCarts started with a problem that needed a solution. The market for purchasing a golf cart seven years ago was not even half of what the industry is today. Families would take to Google or Craigslist and scroll for hours and hours until they found “the perfect cart”. What seemed like a financially sound decision, would soon turn into a nightmare. After purchasing your new toy, it would begin to sputter and cough. Family outings would be cut short because charges wouldn’t hold, and no

one wants to be stuck on the side of the road. Like a patient at the doctor’s office, families would play the guessing game of “What could it possibly be?” NasCarts knows these struggles and frustrations because we went through it. When my dad purchased the first official NasCart, it was for our family. What seemed like a fun new mode of transportation, morphed into a case of “What did I get myself into?” After weeks of playing with battery cables, terminals (and a few electricity shocks later), we brought in a professional. Jerimiah Hudges aka the Cart Professor had the talent and ambition any customer would hope to put their



trust in. He seemed to be able to smell the golf cart and diagnose what was wrong with them. He was an essential part of the foundation that is NasCarts. Months later, my dad and Jerimiah decided there was a need for information in this industry. Then, NasCarts was born.


No little details go un-noticed and each aspect of the cart is finished and badged with the iconic “NasCarts” emblem. Not only do we sell an eye-popping cart, but we make them to last. With every cart purchase, our families become a part of the exclusive “NasCarts Nation” where a red carpet gets rolled out with every visit. Along with a one year “bumper to bumper” warranty our customers receive free maintenance for life. The majority of our families can conveniently drive their cart to our facility. Our location allows us to engage in monthly service check-up’s, local charity events and grand openings. We strive to have a presence in every community we reach including the North Florida area and many locations in North Carolina and South

Never in a million years could we have predicted the response from the public. The common philosophy was to “inform and teach.” Anyone can try and sell a golf cart, but NasCarts was formed under a much bigger mindset. We have personally been through the “hard sell” and gotten what we paid for. We have a chip on our shoulder because we remember what it was like to have someone get over on us. I vividly remember calling my dad to come to pick me up on the side of the road after he purchased a used cart with “good used batteries”. We have all been there…purchasing something but not getting the whole story. This was an experience we promised we would never give our customers. Fast forward seven years later, we have learned and grown into the company we are today.

Georgia. In today’s day and age, it’s important to have comradery and respect. Both are true here at NasCarts. Our family values have never quavered because we treat all our customers the way we wish to be treated. People don’t always remember what you say but how you act. We have a stitch “zero policy” for discrimination towards anyone which includes budget or lack of inexperience. We encourage families to walk into our shop with an open mind ready to learn about what we love to do. This is not only a business but a lifestyle.

Our 7,000 square ft facilities have been purposely designed for our customers to walk through and see our refurbishment process first hand. They will meet all of our technicians, sales staff and will have a transparent process while doing it. Not only is it transparent, but it’s fun. We have an excellent design team ready to make exclusive golf carts that cant been found anywhere else. My grandmother came out of retirement to do all of our hand-stitched designs for our seat covers. Her background as a fashion designer and seamstress allows her expertise to offer one of a kind packages for our families. Our innovative body colors are hard to miss and even harder to copy. Two-tone body colors like bright Aquas, pearl whites and metallic purples turn heads and attract excitement.

Contact Info:


We have employed over 8 expert mechanics to help support their families My mom has now come aboard as one of our master marketers and financial advisors. My family has been able to put me through college. My dad and I consider this the crown epitome of a family business and are grateful every day for this opportunity. What has started as a small family business has grown to be a household brand. NasCarts Sawgrass Village Location 340 Front Street Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 or 10940 US 1 North Ponte Vedra, FL 32081 (904) 429-7861

“The only way to beat the heat�

Originally known as Cool Breeze Technologies, LLC Kool Air Tops work as an evaporative cooler, lowering the temperature under the roof up to 25 degrees. They operate using a high velocity blower with directional vents, projecting a cool stream of air (not mist) through an overhead panel to the driver as well as the passenger. The golf cart batteries power the system with a quiet, and efficient 12-volt motor, and water pump with an easy-to-use on/off switch. Each unit contains a water tank large enough to last 10 to 16 hours of use, depending on the region in which you live. Typically, the water will last enough for three rounds of golf.

46341 B Commerce Street | Indio, CA 92201 (760) 275-5848 | AUGUST 2019


dealernews Golf Car Options

Eager is new owner of two local businesses

Golf Cart Whisperer is not exactly a title that Cody Eager would chose for himself, but it fits well. He simply has a knack for understanding golf carts and their motors that even he cannot explain. This year life has certainly gotten quite interesting for Eager. Back in 2007 when he graduated from Madelia High School, if you had told him that in January of 2019 he would buy a golf cart business and a motor shop, plus be sworn in as a member of the Madelia City Council he would not have believed it. But, that is exactly how Eager’s year began and so far he is really loving it. He named his new businesses Minnesota Golf Carts and Eager Electric Motor Company; becoming a councilman is something that he has been wanting to do for a few years. It was never his plan to do all that at once, he wanted to be sure he could commit the time and energy they deserve to each of those things. Over the years, Eager has worked construction, in trucking, and for Arlen and Matt Maloney since 2011. Maloney’s have a towing company, but also owned a golf cart business. That is when Eager discovered his gift of understand-



ing golf carts, knowing when something is wrong with them and how to fix it, plus an affinity for and enjoyment of the business of selling them. “At first I was not very interested in the cart side of the business,” Eager said. “Then it progressed more and more and I got really passionate about the golf cart business; it got to where people would call and ask for me. Maloney’s did a good job of letting me do my thing and I learned a lot that way; I got to make a lot of decisions and they made me feel like it was my own. Believe me, I never thought I’d be interested in working for, much less owning, a golf cart shop.” Eager had been managing the golf cart business for about five years, so buying it was a natural succession. “One day, we talked about it and a couple weeks later we were drawing up papers for Maloney’s to sell it to me,” Eager said. “It worked out really well. And it happened faster than I thought.” Eager cannot even place his finger on exactly what it is that speaks to him so much about the golf carts; people think

golf carts are so simple, but the motors can be complex. “It is just something that clicked with me and I went with it,” Eager said. “They are their own motor you cannot compare golf cart motors to some other motor because they are unique.” Just by looking at a cart, hearing it live or over the phone or people explaining him what is happening, Eager can usually tell what is wrong. But, he has a sophisticated computer system that tells him exactly what is wrong so, even though his instincts tell him what the trouble is, the computer takes any guess work out of it. He would take no chances on making sure he is giving his customers 100 percent satisfaction. CONTACT 507-642-3100

AURA Golf Cart Underbody Glow LED Lighting Kit

9 9 . 1 7 $ g $89.99 pin

ship e e r f +



3 x Brighter with 10 x 4� 3-into-1 SmartColor LED Strips. 16+ Colors with fader options. Plus, three light shows with speed control to get you going. Light your golf cart from a up to 80ft away with 2 pocket-sized remotes. | AUGUST 2019



By Stephen Metzger Managing Director Small Vehicle Resource, LLC



Has the Time Come for MaaS in Your Community?


obility concepts are all in the news from electric powered bikes, to scooters, to self-driving vehicles. By the way if you don’t know what MaaS stands for, it is “Mobility as a Service”. The central idea behind the concept is vehicular mobility (of all sorts) but without individual private ownership. Well, haven’t we had carriages, trains, buses, taxis, etc. since the days when horsepower actually meant horses? None of these conveyances, historically, were owned by the individuals making use of them. So, what is different today? Here are some of differences (and anomalies): • While we still have most of the public transportation services mentioned above, the majority of our transportation needs are met through use of our privately-owned vehicles—particularly one of more on-road vehicles and in the community, personal transportation vehicles, or PTVs. (Note: Some of the uninformed still refer to our PTV beauties as “golf carts”—PUHleez!) MaaS is a challenge to the ownership concept, aspiring to be the new, dominant transportation mode. • Secondly, the context is different. In the past, cities and suburbs expanded outward, covering vast new areas of geography, all made possible by use of the privately-owned automobile. Now the twin beasts of congestion and pollution have made driving a nightmare in many metropolitan areas, along with questionable air quality



• Finally, we, as consumers, do not want to give up the freedom of getting from one location to another specific location, when we want to; that is, we don’t want to be tied to a schedule and then dropped off somewhere in the vicinity of our desired destination. Is there an answer to these new complexities in the mobility environment and, at the same time, meet our demands for personalized service? Quite possibly and we are beginning to see a number of new options. Emerging options in MaaS A number of MaaS options have emerged and are very active in both consumer and commercial markets. Two-wheeled options are proliferating. Bicycles in New York City, sponsored by CitiBank may picked up at stations located throughout the city. Presently, the system has an inventory of 13,000 bicycles and over 800 bike locking stations. Recently, Citi Bike announced plans to triple the size of the fleet to about 40,000 bikes, and assuming the same bike to station ratio, bike locking stations would increase to 2,400 locations. In another announcement, Citi Bike will begin offering pedal-assist electric bikes—some 4,000 of these units envisioned. All this in climate zone that makes comfortable bike riding possible in only 5 months out of the year. Not to be outdone, Citi Bike has begun operations in Miami, under the management of DECOBIKE, LLC. Currently, the fleet numbers approximately 1,000 units and 100 locking stations. Plans for expansion are well underway. On the commercial side of things, electric delivery bikes are proliferating as well in New York City. In this case, the bikes are individually purchased by companies.

A bicycle does not look like a conventional taxi, yet both modes of transport are vying for at least one common segment of the market, essentially a younger, city-dweller and the occasional tourist. Bikes are offering a clear alternative mode of transport, especially convenient on crowded city streets. Rise of the self-driving shuttle As opposed to bikes that accommodate one rider, newly emerging smallish shuttles will accommodate between sic to 12 passengers. Here are some examples in the U.S. and abroad: Optimus Ride, a spinoff of MITs mobility lab, describes itself as self-driving technology company. It is making significant strides in implementing its system in what are called “geofenced” areas of operation. This essentially means operating within a property that has clearly-defined boundaries. The company recently announced implementation of its system in New York’s Brooklyn Navy Yard. This facility covers 300 acres, houses 400 manufacturing businesses, and employs 9,000 workers. At about the same time the company also announced a driverless shuttle program for the residential development, Paradise Valley Estates, located in Fairfield, California. According to the company, “Optimus Ride will provide residents and workers at both sites with access to efficient and convenient self-driving mobility within defined, geofenced areas.” In perhaps its biggest project, Optimus announced a partnership with Brookfield Properties to deploy self-driving vehicles at Brookfield’s Halley Rise development, located just outside of Washington, D.C. Halley Rise is a $1.4 billion mixed-use development that will transform a 36-acre office park in Reston, Virginia into 3.5 million square feet of new housing, local retail, modern offices, public green spaces, and year-round

cultural activations. The strategic partnership with one of the major real estate developers in the country bodes well for on-going expansion of the company. (IPO anyone?) Self-driving shuttles hit Europe and Asia

The Optimus shuttle in various U.S. locations.

Telecommunications company Ericsson has partnered with local Swedish public transportation and technology providers to conduct a six-month trial of two electric self-driving shuttle buses on public Stockholm roads. The goal is to test how the autonomous vehicles perform under real-word conditions for an extended period alongside cars, cyclists and pedestrians. In Finland, the company, Sensible 4, after testing its technology in arctic Lapland conditions, has partnered with a design team from Japanese retail giant Muji to produce an autonomous shuttle bus. Called Gacha, the self-driving electric vehicles will undergo trials in three cities in Finland across 2019, with a goal of deploying a commercial fleet sometime in 2020. And in Singapore, A driverless bus developed by French firm EasyMile is to go into operation at a business park in California and a park in Singapore. The shuttle bus has been in trial and in operation in Singapore since 2017. The EZ10 is designed for last mile travel, such as between travel hubs and final destinations, or for looped routes within confined areas, like airports, city centers and business parks. The EZ10 is fully electric and is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which can be fully charged in eight hours, resulting in up to 12 hours of operation. What’s in store for the gated community?

Two things are quite clear from this overview individualized bike ride-sharing systems and of driverless technology applied to mid-sized shuttles: First, with regard to the bikes. They are very convenient, much cheaper than alternative transportation modes, and have found a ready market, even in colder, seasonal climates. Moreover, such systems are rapidly spreading in the U.S., and I have been told by component suppliers in Canada that bikes, especially electric-powered bikes are very hot throughout Europe. Secondly, self-driving technology is definitely here—not for all transport environments, but definitely a fit in restricted areas, such as parks, campuses, and, yes, in gated communities. In fact, gated communities would, in all likelihood, be an ideal target market for self-driving shuttles. Also note, however, that self-driving technology can be packaged in a wide range of vehicles. My vision for the gated community is, in fact, a small, two-person fleet of vehicles with space for groceries, tools, or golf bags, that can be fully-enclosed. The vehicle would be on-call via an app, and once used could return, like a homing pigeon to its cozy nest for recharging. What do you think? Ready to give up your PTV beauty? Probably not, but you might see your way clear to the additional convenience of MaaS. And, of course, for some, handicapped, or having reached that age, where driverless technology would a welcome necessity.




$18.95 + $5. Shipping & Handling Black, White, and Navy Sizes Small to 3XL : MUG $9.95 + $6.95 (US). Shipping & Handling White, 11oz, Dishwasher Safe

Cart Life

$18.95 + $5. Shipping & Handling Black, White, and Navy Sizes Small to 3XL : MUG $9.95 + $6.95 (US). Shipping & Handling White, 11oz, Dishwasher Safe



NEW! – State-of-the-Art Air Conditioning for Golf Cars

• • • • •

Eco Friendly Uses only tap water Easy-fill, hidden, waist height reservoir Powered solely by the car’s battery Perfect for dry or humid climates

Compatible with all manufacturers

• •

Easy to install Low profile, low weight, low maintenance

“With Fresair’s technology, this unit is hands down the best evaporative air conditioner ever! No more foot stool to fill on top. No more water sloshing above your head. Blows the competition away!” — JR Thomas, Owner JR Thomas Golf Cars

Call now to learn about our dealer incentives and wholesale pricing! For more detailed information visit our website today.

(442) 282-1199




GO GREEN Electric Golf Cars Electric golf carts have increased in popularity for short commutes due to rising gas prices and an increasing awareness of environmental pollution and waste. Charging an electric golf cart costs approximately 30 cents, giving you a 25-35 mile range on a full charge. These savings can really add up over time, but even better, electric golf cars reduce the harmful impacts placed on our environment. The time to go green is now.


Solar Roof Top Kits

“The time to go green is now� 24


save money by turning your golf cart green. People may still think Golf cart solar panels are easy to that golf carts are only for golf attach to the roof of a golf cart. courses. Times have changed People who utilize solar golf cart and with the ever-increasing gas kits may also be able to qualify prices, more towns across Amerfor the 30% Federal Tax for solar ica are accepting golf cars as power, so you will also be able to normal transportation.


PowerFilm Solar, PowerDrive Golf Car Solar Panels (www. • Fits most models and brands using each carts existing mounting system. • Carbon neutral, ideal for environmentally sustainable golf course management. • Charges while in use, resulting in a increased rang on the course of 30%-50% • Solar Powered Fleets reduce their consumption from the electric grid by 50%-75% • Prolongs the life of costly batteries up to 50% more. • Does not affect the manufacturer’s warranty.

where the extra weight comes from. The average U.S. household will spend $3,475 a year just fueling vehicles. This is approximately 18,600lbs of CO2 a year! If your golf cart substitutes 100 gallons of gas throughout the year, that would be equivalent to saving 660lbs of waste going to a landfill…or saving 37 cylinders of propane used for home barbecuing or saving over 2 barrels of oil from being consumed.

Go GREEN Fact: Batteries are being recycled at a rate of 98 percent! GO GREEN Factors

Did you know that one gallon of gasoline used while driving actually produces almost 20lbs of CO2! How can this be, a gallon of gas only weighs about 7lbs? Actually, most of the weight of the CO2 does not come from the gasoline itself. It is produced during combustion of the engine and most of the CO2 comes from the oxygen in the air. When the gas burns, carbon and hydrogen separate. The hydrogen combines with oxygen, making water (H2O), and carbon combines with oxygen forming carbon dioxide (CO2). Due to two parts oxygen being brought in from the atmosphere, this is

Another go green factor, electric golf cart batteries are recyclable. Lead-acid batteries are the environmental success story of our time. In fact, a National Recycling Rate Study commissioned by Battery Council International (BCI) reveals that batteries are being recycled at a rate of 98 percent. Compared to 55% of aluminum soft drink and beer cans, 45% of newspapers, 26% of glass bottles and 26% of tires, lead-acid batteries top the list of the most highly recycled consumer product. The goal is to recycle all lead batteries. While it’s important to know that all the component of a recyclable lead battery can be reused, it’s comforting to know that they actually are…. The lead-acid battery gains its environmental edge from its closed-loop life cycle. The typical

new lead-acid battery contains 60 to 80 percent recycled lead and plastic. Battery users return their used lead batteries to a drop-off site (like our golf car service department), where they are then sent back to the battery wholesaler (we use Safe-Start), then to secondary lead smelters. Secondary smelters melt and refine the lead plates and separate the plastic. Under strict environmental regulations, the lead and plastic are reclaimed and sent to a reprocessor for manufacture into new plastic products. The purified lead is delivered to the battery manufacturers and other industries. The acid is collected and either reused or treated. Eventually, the original battery components may end up being used to make new lead batteries. The recycling cycle goes on indefinitely. That means the lead and plastic in the lead-acid battery in your golf car have been – and will continue to be — recycled many, many times. This makes lead-acid battery disposal extremely successful from both environmental and cost perspectives.

Go GREEN Fact: The typical new lead-acid battery contains 60 to 80% recycled lead and plastic. So, not only are golf cars a fun and inexpensive way to ride, it’s environmentally friendly way to go green! “The Consumer Guide to Lead Battery Recycling” produced by the Battery Council International, html#results AUGUST 2019


Golf Carts Modified 2019 Golf Cart Build-Off A two class build-off featuring some of the coolest carts out there

Austin Fehler Bill Brown Billy Cochrane Billy Russell Bob Mann Jr Brad Couch Buddy Williams Carl Schlitz Chad Heffernan

Class 1: Modified Class - Entrants Charles Tracey CME Custom Carts Cory Shane O’Steen Courtland Sweatman Daniel Quentin Durgin Fred Tegtmeyer Heath Maxwell Jimmy Elless John Nolan

Joshua Pun Collins Larry Sumpter Len Sabata Mathew Smith Rick Hoffart Rob Cook Ron Manns (Alltrax Team) Ryan McNeal Stephen Cooper

Class 2: Super Modified Class - Entrants

Ryan O’Rear (War Machine) Travis Andrews & Cory Shane O’Steen (Loland) Chris Bourgeois & Bryan Frye (Silent Warrior)

Waylon Cox Kenny Hooks Steve Krohn

Thank You To Our Event Sponsors

All Sports Manufacturing


Electric Warranty Group

Just Golf Carts

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Founded in 2016 and based out of La Quinta in the Coachella Valley of California, Fresair was the brainchild of President Eric Schuckman and investor now CEO Gary Priest. In their third year and with sales doubling every year, Fresair is on track to revolutionize the world of air conditioning in electric golf cars.

is very slimline at only 3.7” tall but packs a punch with four adjustable vents and a smart control panel to control the system. It not only looks great but is also a completely green technology, even filtering dust and pollen out of the air.

We asked Eric how the idea for Fresair came about. “We saw a market for a product that was in high demand with golfers, course workers or even golf car communities for an air conditioning system that actually worked on golf cars. Previous products were rejected over time because they were poorly designed, inefficient and hard to use. With our new technology and sleek design, we are now able to deliver a product that is perfectly suited for the golf car application. We are really pleased with the positive feedback and accolades we are receiving from our partners and customers in the golf car world”, says Eric Schuckman, President, and co-founder of Fresair.

So, why go with an evaporative system and not regular compressor AC? “The problem with regular air conditioning systems is that they simply draw way too much power to use on an electric vehicle. Th e only viable solution is an evaporative system and we have worked through several design iterations to create the Fresair S6, our current flagship model for golf cars. By using a high-efficiency motor and four adjustable vents that the user directs to their head and torso, we are able to create a cooling sensation second to none, whilst drawing minimal power and conserving battery life.” says Gary Priest, CEO of Fresair.

Unlike traditional air conditioning units that demand high power and run on a refrigerant, Fresair runs on regular tap water and is powered by the vehicle’s existing battery, drawing minimal power and providing cooling to the user of up to 40+ degrees. The roof-mounted Fresair system is patented and works by forcing air through a moist fibrous organic pine filter, which is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. The filter is circulated with water from a separate hidden reservoir that is easily filled at waist height. The user simply needs to fill up the reservoir before heading out, turn on the unit and go! The cooling effect is generated by evaporation and is triple filtered, feeling dry, unlike a typical “swamp” cooler or misting system. The unit itself



One of the early adopters and now Fresair partner Brian Rott, President and CEO of Cart Mart (authorized Club Car dealer) with locations in San Diego, Rancho Mirage, Orange County and Los Angeles, has been an advocate of Fresair since the beginning. “Meeting the needs for our customers is paramount in building relationships that last,

r Story


UT COOLING so the idea of providing climate control when the heat spikes just makes sense. Reduce the temperature in the cart cabin by up to 40 degrees?? Sign me up! Who wouldn’t want to cut the heat by using a quality air cooling system? Our partnership with Fresair provides yet another custom

feature to offer our clients which enhances the user experience while improving the air temperature around them.” says Brian. Fresair has also continued to expand across the States and is now in many countries worldwide including Mexico, the Middle East, Asia, and even Canada. “Yes, they actually do get hot up there in Canada in the summer!” says Eric. “In the beginning, getting our product out there wasn’t easy. There had been products before that were simply flawed and we faced some skepticism. It was a case of just getting out there and letting people actually feel just how well it worked. In the early days, I even loaded my golf car on the back of my truck and took off on a road trip from California to Florida, showing the unit to every dealer and distributor who would listen! That early adventure helped us start some momentum building as word of mouth spread. It really is a product that has to be experienced to be believed now that we are being sold and installed

by hundreds of dealers worldwide.” So now what is next for Fresair? “We continue to expand our outreach to different territories and look for strategic partners, both dealers, and distributors. We are ramping up our advertising streams to get more of the general public aware of our product and they are directly approaching us in greater numbers. What we really need are more dealers to help the customer with the installation of the unit and we are actively seeking out more partners. For a skilled end-user, a self-install is possible but obviously not preferred and with more dealers out there the more happy and cool customers we’ll have. It’s a great extra revenue stream for dealers too and our best partners have had great financial success introducing Fresair to their customers, whether on new cars or retrofitting to existing cars. We are also now working with fleet managers of golf courses to install Fresair on all, or a portion, of their fleet in order to maximize their year-round revenue and entice players out to the courses even on the hottest of days. We have had terrific feedback from courses where they have seen an uptick of players coming back during the summer season.” says Eric. For golf applications, imagine extending your playing season to all year round, even on the hottest days of the year, when the courses are empty and the rounds are cheap. It’s like having the whole course to yourself whilst playing in complete comfort! Fresair can be contacted directly at (442) 2821199, by email at and more information and current dealer network is available on their website at



Not all custom golf cart products are created equally and although we carry products that are manufactured around the globe, we are especially proud of our products that are proudly Made in USA. Purchasing American products sometimes means paying a bit more, but the quality of our American made products justify the price. We encourage you to support the American economy and consider our American made golf cart parts and accessory products first.

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Introducing the All-New 2020 E-MERGE

NEW 7-INCH LCD DASH DISPLAY Showcases Speedometer, Odometer, Tripmeter, Active Gear, Park Brake Activation, Battery Level, and Rear-View Camera.

GOLF CAR NEWS Introducing the AllNew 2020 E-MERGE

NEW BACKLIT HEADLINER Comes Standard with Bluetooth Stereo (which can connect with your Smartphone for Music or Phone Calls), Open Storage Compartments (for Glasses or Cell Phones), and Front & Rear Dome Lighting for Best In-Class Cabin Lighting. Standard on SS Models. NEW REARVIEW CAMERA Fully Integrated with Our 7-inch LCD Dash Display – the Ultimate Luxury Safety Feature. NEW UPGRADED SIDE MIRRORS Dual Backlit Side Mirrors & Illuminated Turn Signals Improve Visibility.

Hydraulic Brakes Reduce Stopping Distance. In Fact, They’re Standard on All Automobiles, to Make Them as Safe as Possible. That’s Our Philosophy, Too! 3-POINT SEAT BELTS 3-Point Seat Belts Secure Passengers’ Upper and Lower Bodies, Unlike Other Brands Who Don’t Have Seat Belts or Only Offer Lap Belts. DOT-APPROVED AS1 GLASS WINDSHIELD Made of Clear, Tempered Glass, Our Windshield Provides Superior Protection Against Road Elements While The Wiper Improves Visibility in Inclement Weather. 450-AMP AC CONTROLLER & MOTOR Our Controller and Motor Provide Bestin-Class Power and Torque. Try Hill-Climbing and a 0-25 mph Speed Test to See for Yourself. CONTACT Tomberlin 1-844-EMERGE2 (363-7432) or to find a dealer new you click HERE

NEW CUSTOM 14-INCH WHEELS Steel Belted Radials Extend Tire Lifecycle and Custom Aluminum Wheels Add Flair. INDUSTRY-FIRST ELECTRIC POWER STEERING Our Power Steering Allows You to Maneuver any E-Merge LE Plus or SS with One Finger. Try that with a Golf Cart! 4-WHEEL HYDRAULIC BRAKES 4-Wheel AUGUST 2019


Not Just For Golf....

use your golf cart to stretch golf car twists

hamstring stretch

loosen your lower back

Stretch, don’t strain. A few minutes spent warming up and stretching your body means you won’t have to spend precious weeks recovering when you could be playing. There are golfers who claim to play their best golf when they are carrying an injury simply because they are not focusing as much on their game as protecting themselves from further injury, so they concentrate and play better. You don’t have to be injured to concentrate! An injury will not help


targets one of your key muscle groups


he fitter you are the better you will cope with the rigors of a full round on that new monster 7,000 yard plus course you just heard about. Your best fitness regime will promote flexibility and suppleness. It doesn’t matter how old or unfit you are, you can easily improve your ease of movement with just a few simple exercises.



your game in the long run, particularly if it is a recurring problem. It will end up with you having to give up the game we all love so much. What should you do to reduce the chance of golfing injuries that might stop you playing the game? First of all you should try to keep your level of general fitness up over any layoff period. Regular walks and stretching exercises will do that without too much effort or disruption to your lifestyle.


t is a wise golfer who warms up and gently stretches his or her muscles before starting a round, and it is equally important to cool down properly after your game. Just a few stretches after a round of golf can help in preventing any injuries, particularly to the back and hamstrings. Walking can tighten your hamstrings and that makes them more susceptible to tearing and injury.


Improves range of motion.


Improves or enhances performance.


Reduces or prevents injury.


Increases flexibility.


Reduces muscle tension.


Reduces or decreases lower back pain.


good golf swing also requires a lot of back movement and if you haven’t warmed up properly before your first swing, you could do some severe damage.

gently forward form the waist which really loosens up those big muscles in the top of your legs. I usually follow that with a few lunges to stretch my calf muscles too.



ven before your practice swings you should start with a few stretches, and when you do those exercises ensure you don’t make any sudden movements. All your movements should be smooth and flowing, just like your golf swing. Make sure that you are never tempted to ‘bounce’ when you are doing your stretches as this can result in a strain or sprain on an overworked or twisted muscle. A few gentle side twists with one of your long irons across your shoulders will help to warm up your lower back and add mobility. Holding a club out in front of you with one hand and just swinging gently from side to side adds a little more rotation to your hips. One of my favorite exercises is just to hold a club parallel to the ground in both hands and just drip

nce you have loosened up make some practice swings before you start hitting the warm up shots on the range. Start with your short irons and work your way up to your driver. That way you won’t be pushing those muscles to produce the long swing and big hit until they are properly warmed up.


e all know that this simple golf tip will really help our game so why not set off for the course just that few minutes early and warm up properly. Most of us arrive at the course with ten minutes to Tee Off time and don’t take those precious few moments that will make all the difference to the quality of our game.

Golf Cart Groups You






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the service Wondering how to adjust brakes on golf cart? Just like any vehicle, safety is very important in driving a golf cart. If not properly handled a golf cart could also cause accidents, although not as serious as the accidents caused by bigger cars and trucks. Nevertheless, you should also know how to safely drive and operate a golf cart. As in ordinary vehicles, golf carts have brakes. If you notice that the brakes are not functioning well, they need to be adjusted. Here are some of the ways by which you can adjust the brakes of different types of golf carts. • This issue we will address what to do when your golf cart’s brake pedal almost touches the floor. Before starting to adjust the brakes, prepare this set of tools: Adjustable wrench ¾ inch socket wrench 2 tons floor jack 4 bricks or blocks Here are the steps in adjusting the brakes: • Turn off the power of the golf cart. Don’t set its parking brake.

• Put the brick or blocks in front and behind each of the front wheel of the golf cart to prevent it from rolling. • Get the floor jack into position at the rear of the golf cart. The two rear wheels should be lifted simultaneously off the ground. • Use the socket wrench to loosen the lug nuts on the rear wheels. Remove the nuts and the wheels and set them aside. • Remove the rubber boots on the underside of the wheels and the brake adjustment screw will be exposed. Pull these rubber boots away from the wheels by using your hands. •

Turn the adjustment screw in such a way that it is moving towards the wheel. This will cause the brake pads to move closer to the brake drum. You have corrected the brake adjustment if you feel that there is no more friction or resistance when you are turning the wheel by just using your hands.

Have a question? Send it to

& repair hub

• Put the rubber boots back, as well as the wheels and then tighten the lug nuts to secure them in place. •

Release the floor jack so that the golf cart wheels will again touch the floor. And then remove the bricks of blocks from the wheels in front. •



The Golf Cart


This Is A Story taken from The Golf Cart Chronicles - A Compilation Of Funny Golf Cart/Golfing Related Short Stories

DIY PICK-ME-UP Foodie Recipes For Golfies



t’s not always fun when a golfer spends several hours driving around their golf car only to have a bad golfing day. Don’t fret, tomorrow is another day. It may be one of those hole-in-one awesome days. In the meantime, here are three “Must Have” yummy recipes to nourish and Pick-You-Up in between your next challenging golf day. 1. WET QUENCHERS Drink lots of wet or


partially frozen flavored or natural cold water by sipping it often from a bio-degradable paper cup with a degradable paper straw. Both paper items will rot and decompose naturally. Your body will thank you for keeping it well hydrated and ready for a healthy game of golf while preserving our green space. If alcoholic quenchers are part of your game, play by the rules, please.

meat to one and a half pounds. Set your balls aside in refrigerator until needed.


Tightly press globs of warm mashed potatoes around each meatball to form a shell about a ½ inch thick making certain there are no peek-a-boo openings. Use a fork to hold each potato encrusted meatball firmly and gently, form indents with the round end of a standard kitchen wooden spoon handle to resemble the

Prepare 2 cups firm mashed potatoes and set aside to keep warm. Makeup eight golf ball-sized meatballs with your favorite ingredients using one pound of fresh lean ground beef. Size is optional if you prefer larger balls increase


Preheat oven to 400 F. Line baking pan with foil; coat foil lightly with cooking oil and set aside. Beat two large (room temperature) eggs into a small mixing bowl until foamy like the head on a glass of beer. Set aside until needed.




dimples on golf balls.


One at a time, while each meatball is still on the fork, dunk into egg mixture; place prepared meatballs two inches apart in the pan. Bake uncovered 18-20 minutes or until there is no pink in the centers. Serve while hot with your favorite dipping sauce. Yummy!

Beat eggs together until thoroughly blended, add chopped vegetables and combine well. In a medium-size frying pan over medium-high heat, coat lightly with vegetable oil, pour egg mixture into the pan and cook until edges are nicely browned (2-4 minutes).

Carefully flip the omelet over and cook for an additional 4-5 min3. BOGEY VEGGIE OM- utes. Sprinkle salt and pepper, ELET (yield-2 servings) parsley over top; divide into 2 servings and garnish with shredINGREDIENTS ded Mozzarella. Serve while hot. • 3 extra-large eggs • ¼ cup frozen niblets Enjoy! corn, thawed and drained IN CONCLUSION: • 2 tablespoons red onion chopped “The only sure rule in golf is he • ½ cup cocktail tomatoes who has the fastest cart never chopped has to play the bad lie.” -Mickey • ¼ cup yellow and Mantle green bell peppers, chopped “If a lot of people gripped a knife • ½ cup fresh spinach, and fork the way they do a golf chopped club, they’d starve to death.” • 2 tablespoons fresh -Sam Snead parsley • Salt and Pepper to taste

It has been so much fun playing with words to bring about amusing and entertaining stories portraying people and other living things as out of the ordinary. So, I wrote, and wrote, and wrote for over sixtyfive years. Each article was stored away in a box never to see the light of day until now. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON Golf Cart Chronicles 1 & Golf Cart Chronicles 2

golf carT chronicles By Suzy



lf Cart The Go les 2 ic n Chro

lf Cart The Go les 2 Chronic

n of mpilatio stories rous co A humo g related short /golfin golf car

tion of A humorous compila golf car/golf ing related short stories

Suzy James itsnever2latebook www.itsnever2late

By Suzy James



10% SAVEpon Code ou Use C ns10 Optio

Cool when it’s hot, Warm when it’s not!

on eas

jo En


ll the big ga

me s


ating and fshi

Exten dt


fs ol

Yes, you can take it with you. Portable comfort for all your outdoor adventures.  1-844-4CHEEKS


754-703-4842 6122 Pierce St • Hollywood, FL 33024






Chilly Cheeks is the only portable seat cover that cools when it’s hot and warms when it’s not.


two.facts You Might Not Realize About

Golf Cart Accidents It’s still the summer season and that means more people are out enjoying golf carts, whether they’re on a vacation beach house or out on the courses. Most people don’t realize that golf cart injuries may be severe and require medical attention. Basics of Golf Cart Accidents If you’ve been hurt in a golf cart accident that may be the fault of someone else, it’s important to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney immediately to avoid the problems linked to being seriously hurt. There are two common facts connected to golf cart accidents that many people don’t realize. The first is that children make up one out of every three injury victims. Small children and teenagers make up one-third of all golf cart-related accidents and injuries, according to information published by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. Part of the issue is that the

legal age at which teens can operate golf carts – which can be as low as 13 in some states – means that one traffic accident or one wrong turn can lead to disaster striking. Roll-Overs Another issue many people don’t realize about golf cart accidents is that roll-overs make up one out of every 10 incidents. Complete golf cart roll-overs represent one-tenth of all golf cart accidents, and these accidents are often associated with severe injuries or even death. Carts may be modified beyond their stock capabilities, making them much more The American Journal of Predangerous and faster than ventive Medicine, however, reports that injuries from being originally possible.

hit by or falling off of golf carts surged 132 percent from 1990 to 2006. Nearly 150,000 people, ranging in age from two months to 96 years, were hurt in golf cart accidents during Jun 27, 2018 that time.


This puts all drivers, including teenagers, at a much higher risk of injury behind the wheel and meaning that one wrong street crossing or an unsafe maneuver can lead to catastrophic injuries or even death. If you have been seriously injured in a golf cart accident that you believe to be the negligence of another person, you should schedule a consultation with a golf cart injury & accident attorney Butler residents trust today. OCTOBER 2017


C&S CUSTOM GOLF CARTS Authorized Dealer For

Lift Kits • Tires & Wheels • Seat Covers Motors • Electric & Gas 314.704.3655

FILL ‘ER UP BUT WITH WHICH GAS So you’re out carting around and you realize you need to top off your gas. Do you know which type of fuel is golf car recommended? Fuel that is 100% petroleum, is recommended by most manufacturers and the best way to get the most performance and life out of your golf car.


What is Non Ethanol Gas? Gas comes in many different forms, usually categorized by different mixtures of petroleum and ethanol. Ethanol, which is derived from corn, is used by gas manufactures as a flammable, colorless additive. Ethanol has been added to create a gas that burns cleaner than pure gasoline, but can sacrifice performance. Many carbureted and small engines were not designed to run gas with an ethanol additive. WWW.GOLFCAROPTIONS.COM

How does Ethanol affect my Golf Car? Ethanol attracts and absorbs water from the air and can lead to rust and contamination in your engine. If an ethanol gas sits for a period of time, it can separate (gas from water) and cause the engine to suck up water instead of fuel, leading to serious engine damage. Where can I get Non-Ethanol Gasoline? Here’s a handy website you should book mark: More and more gas stations are starting to offer non-ethanol options as it is recommended for antique cars, boats, lawn equipment, motorcycles, and golf cars. Look for the “non-ethanol” pump next to the regular unleaded options.

Cookbooks BUY NOW

Recycled Teenagers Coloring/Activity Cookbook 10.99 185 Recipes (trendy-classic and old time favorites). 21 Food categories, 22 Coloring page images of amusing fictional Foodie Characters including Aunt Josie. 21 Humorous Foodie Character interviews (by Aunt Josie). 16 Fun time puzzle games.


Welcome to Suzy’s Coloring Cookbook Cafe 9.99 Welcome To Suzy’s Coloring Cookbook Cafe, where creative cooking and coloring can be fun! Over 170 recipes with 21 delicious food categories. Easy-going, how-to prepare instructions and hints. Ideas for great new and old smackin’ good meals paired with 44 fun filled cookery themed coloring pages.


You Can’t Eat An Empty Piggybank 9.99 A No Frills Coloring Cookbook. Over 100 time-tested, easy-to-prepare recipes and a coloring book all in one! This brainy, creatively precise, hands-on book caused me think on my entire past doodling, drawing, cooking, and having fun writing numerous humorous stories. It was a blast, all of which provided personal satisfaction.



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Take Your Golf Game of Trash Talk to a New Level and Bet on Having Lots of Laughs You will have a blast with your golf buddies. Simply agree on a value for each chip before teeing off. Golfers wan the positives and avoid the negatives. New Grave Digger...takes you more than one shot to get out of the sand-trap. Your shot goes into the water - you get the water chip. Furthest from the pin on a Par 3...gets you the Beer Chip which puts you on the hook for a round when the Beer Cart comes by.


Vintage 1963 Jato Executive 360 Golf Cart Electric

Small Vehicle Resource is your one-stop source or information on small task-oriented vehicles: Utility vehicles, LSVs/NEVs and Golf Cars for commercial or personal use.



Dealer Opportunity


CONTACT US NOW! This is the perfect gift for the upcoming holidays. Order Now!

Premiered at the PGA Show in Orlando, FL. and recognized as an “exquisite product�. Superior Enclosures is now officially releasing their new golf cart enclosure. Unique in its total redesign of the golf cart enclosure system. These units use a rail system; they glide open and magnetically slide close. It takes seconds to put into use and seconds to put in the storage mode. This product has thrilled the industry for its ease of use and easy installation! Superior Enclosures Call for details: 239-564-2278 Email:





• Solid, Tubular Steel Construction • Powder Coated Frame Matched to Your Color Scheme • Leaf Spring Suspension • Custom Color Upholstery Available • Embroidery Available • DoubleTake Tops – UV Resistant Double Roof with Color Choice • Chrome or Black Diamond Plate Floor • Single Seat • Double Seat

AUGUST 2019 45 PO BOX 357 • VENICE, FL 34284 • • 727-631-5806


The MODZ Max36 battery charger uses an internal microprocessor to intelligently charge your golf carts batteries based on real-time battery pack capacity and ambient temperature readings. The Max36 also incorporates high efficiency soft-switch technology providing unsurpassed reliability with less power consumption. A simple, easy-to-read status light allows you to quickly assess the state of your battery pack and current charge mode.

At only 7 pounds, the Max36 is more than 50% lighter than most OEM and aftermarket golf cart battery chargers, but don’t let the weight fool you. The Max36 is constructed with a rugged, yet lightweight aluminum casing providing exception durability. In addition, to being lightweight the MODZ Max36 leaves a relatively small footprint and can easily transported with the convenient carry handle.

Never worry again about finding dead batteries after prolonged storage. The Max36 features innovative, plug and forget smart float technology allowing you to plug in your golf cart and leave it plugged in without fear of damaging your batteries over extended periods of time a common issue with many chargers. Simply plug in your golf cart using the included Crowfoot plug and the MODZ Max36 will automatically turn on or off based on your battery back capacity preserving the longevity of your batteries and ensuring your cart is ready whenever you are.

The Max36 features innovative, plug and forget smart float technology allowing you to plug in your golf cart and leave it plugged without fear of damaging or draining your batteries over extended periods of time, a common issue iwth many chargers. Simply plug in your golf cart and the Maz36 will automatically turn on or off based on your battery pack capackity, preserving the longevity of your batteries and ensuring your cart is ready whenever you are.


The MODZ Max36 is built-to-last and backed by a limited 18 month warranty.

Available at: Golf Cart King DIY Golf Cart Golf Cart Hot Rod

renew protect Annual application • Reduce fleet costs • Prevents dry rot Restores color • Non-toxic • Non-slip • Silicone/oil-free Weather-proof • Exceeds OEM • Restores: Gelcoats, vinyl, tires, plastic



Before After

...once a year WHEELZ Custom Carts & Accessories •

HEADLIGHTS We have sold thousands of LED light kits. Due to our ability to increase production without sacrificing the high quality and renowned competitive pricing, we are now offering a Dealer-Direct Program. Kits Include: • Full LED Head & Tail Lights • Complete Kit With Turn Signals, Brake Lights, Hazards, & Horn • Complete Kit With All Harnesses Needed To Install • LEDs Rated To 16-Volts, Can Be Installed Without Reducer • Higher Rated Wire Used In Harness, Less Chance Of Failing Available for: Club Car Precedent, DS E-Z-GO TXT, RXV, Freedom Yamaha Drive 1 • AUGUST 2019



Portable hand controls that give you the freedom and independence you desire and deserve. Peddle Master is designed to give disabled people the ability to drive their vehicles on their own. As long as they have access to a vehicle with an automatic transmission, they can get behind the wheel and hit the road. The Peddle Master can control the brake and gas pedals, and it’s affordable and easy to transport. 1. They’re more affordable than a permanent hand control system 2. They work in almost any automatic transmission vehicle 3. They will decrease your dependence on others for transport

Peddle Master, Inc 3597 Killey Circle, Johnstown, CO 80534 970.587.8962 |


2020 GOLF CART CALENDAR Custom Golf Cart Seat Covers Keep cool & dry in the summer Stay warm in winter Available in a variety of colors



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legalNEWS TAVARES, FL — Two of Lake County Sheriff Peyton Grinnell’s deputies and an East Ridge High School teacher who was injured in an accident were equally at fault, a Lake County jury has decided. The circuit court jury awarded the teacher $15,400 in past medical expenses last week, but nothing for any future damages. William Barto said in his lawsuit that he was injured on June 2, 2016 by sheriff’s deputies Jason Williams and Tom Brown when they were riding on a golf cart at the school. He was opening the door to leave the auto body vocational training classroom when the cart struck the door. The door flew back and hit him in the head, the suit said. He complained of “searing headaches,” according to the suit filed last year. The suit said Barto suffered, “bodily injury, including a permanent injury to the body as a whole, pain and suffering of both a physical and mental nature, disability, physical impairment, disfigurement, mental anguish, inconvenience, loss

East Ridge teacher awarded $15K for golf cart injuries

of capacity for the enjoyment of life, aggravation or activation of an existing or latent condition, expense of hospitalization, medical and nursing care, treatment of injuries, loss of earnings, loss of ability to lead and enjoy a normal life.” His wife, Karen, testified that the accident left him a changed, sometimes despondent man. “I’ve tried to be a cheerleader for him,” she said, but noted that she was going to have to find new activities for her active husband, who used to be the crew chief of a drag-car racing team. Jurors watched a videotaped deposition of Dr. Anthony Shydohub, a neurologist, who treated Bartow for a concussion, including a final visit in August of that year. “He may not have been 100 percent,” the doctor said, noting that concussion symptoms can linger, but he said there were was no permanent impairment or disability. ”...certainly he was good enough that he could do his job and he didn’t need any physical restrictions at that time.” AUGUST 2019




Automotive quality and precision, plus f

New Dash for E-Z-GO RXV (patented design) Now Available. Call For Details or Visit





GMT dashboards for all major brands promote quick trouble-free installation. Available in all of GMT’s popular colors. Club Car dashes available in two and four-cup holder models as above.


Carbon Fiber


All GMT products are available in: Dark Wood Grain, Carbon Fiber, Woody, Autumn Teak, Mahogany, Turned Titanium, Black and Camouflage Finishes. Same day shipping on in-stock items. 180 S Melrose Avenue Elgin, IL 60123

847-697-8161 • Fax 847-697-8176

Yamaha Drive RADIO Adapter Series 200

(Does not fit 2017 -up. 2017 model coming soon) Patent Pending

• Adds automotive styling and convenience • Easy installation, just remove factory cup holder and replace with Series 200 dash radio adapter • Precut opening for single din radio • Includes 2 built-in coin holders • Designed to fit with or without our Series 900 full dash • Available in all colors (shown in dark wood grain)

Protect lifted cart bodies and custom finishes from the hazards of rugged terrain with the original GMT designed and manufactured FENDER FLARES. Installation takes just minutes with included hardware. All new patented design FENDER FLARES from GMT feature • New underbody mount design • Works well with standard or lifted car, approximately 2" wide • Patented design maintains full wheel opening and factory body lines • Installs easily with included hole templates and plastic push fasteners E-Z-GO RXV FRONT Flare AVAILABLE for E-Z-GO RXV, Club Car Precedent, Yamaha Drive, Star Car and equivalent, E-Z-GO TXT, and Club Car DS

Available through authorized dealers only! WWW.GOLFCAROPTIONS.COM


Also A

Serie dent insta dash key s steer


Repa time Insta custo quen again subs




EZ RXV Gauge TRIM plate


Dark wood grain

E-Z-GO Full DASH Board

Avail Club Yama

OUR DRIVE ACCESSORIES. GMT delivers greater value through innovative design features.

faster, easier installation. Available through authorized dealers only. Check Out GMT's New Patent Pending Design Compact, Easy To Install Roof Mount Radio Consoles - Made In USA

b Car Full DASH Board


Yamaha Drive DASH E-Z-GO RXV G1

Available for E-Z-GO TXT, RXV (1st & 2nd Gen, roof) Yamaha Drive, G22

Yamaha 2017 Drive DASH Patent pending design

es 800 Club Car Precedent DOOR PANELS

Available for 2008-up

es 800 Club Car Precet DOOR PANELS saves on allation time over full hes. Easily installed in the field - no need to remove factory switch, oil/battery indicator light, cup holders, ball holder or ring wheel. Available in many color options.

• Lower cost design compared to our full size radio console • Compact, low profile unit is designed to fit tight against roof with less sight obstruction


All units available as a complete turnkey kit (radio, speakers and antenna) or speakers and radio may be purchased separately. Call for pricing. Units available in all colors, Black, Dark Wood Grain, Carbon Fiber, Turned Titanium, Autumn Teak, Mahogany.

Yamaha Drive

Precision made GMT Locking GLOVE BOX DOORS cut installation time from as much as an hour to as little as a few minutes. Now available for Star Car and equivalent.

other Great Idea From GMT CLUB CAR ECEDENT BUMPER COVERS. Patent pending

airing a damaged Club Car Precedent rear body panel requires consuming disassembly of the entire section of the cart. alled on-site in minutes, automotive style GMT BUMPER COVER om molded specifically for the Precedent model covers up frently damaged rear body panels while providing added protection nst future cracks, scratches and abrasions. Heavy duty plastic is stantially stronger, more durable than original equipment.

ODY KIT. Series 1200

lable in Two-Tone finish only for b Car, DS, Precedent, E-Z-GO, and aha

Beware of cheap imitations Accept only USA-made GMT products. Select accessories now available in a variety of camouflage finishes.

OVERHEAD RADIO CONSOLES fit all major golf cars. Special features include: a unique underneath storage compartment, and a deeper configuration for simplified installation.

Series 400 Series 1000

Units now come with radio cutout and 5” speaker cutouts. Now available for Club Car Precedent, Yamaha 2003 and up and Yamaha Drive. Call about our new low cost, easy install radio consoles for E-Z-GO TXT, RXV, Yamaha Drive and G22. (See below)

Speakers, Radios, Antennas NOW Available - Call For Details

The world’s finest American made custom golf car accessory supplier. AUGUST 2019


ultimate Cruser Sport The

On & Off Road Experience

Whether you’re off-roading, cruising the neighborhood, or on the golf course, Ecocruise has the electric vehicle to meet your needs while offering an advanced multitude of efficiency, technology, and safety features for a fully integrated drive. They are DOT, EEC, EPA, and CARB approved. 206-979-6255

ZERO DOWN FINANCING Ecocruise Dealers have UNLIMITED zero down financing. All Cruser Sport Models are under warranty with satisfaction guaranteed. Please see our website for features and options.

Profile for Golf Car Options

Golf Car Options Magazine August19  

August 2019 issue highlights; Cover photo; Fresair. Feature story: Beat The Heat With These Cool Golf Cart Accessories. The Wacky World of G...

Golf Car Options Magazine August19  

August 2019 issue highlights; Cover photo; Fresair. Feature story: Beat The Heat With These Cool Golf Cart Accessories. The Wacky World of G...