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Helen Vitoria / Random Cartography Notes / Gold Wake Presse

Random Cartography Notes1

pick & gather figs silver skin

take care not to damage thin

you will become a weather station predict:

thriving on extraordinary

cloudbursts & lightning

what your mother has not taught you

your father will take

gather only what your hands can carry

Random Cartography Notes2

through push pins & photographs learn dozens of ways to tie ropes &

expose yourself to baptism black tulle

sit near Cliff Roses & imagine yourself an attic:

practice for hours there is no house beneath you

there will be months where you will only have

one thought

your numbness is a: limbless horse

Random Cartography Notes3

there will be Falcons


will fly out of their mouths

stimulating your senses like water they will give you nothing

you stay lost so you will have nothing to lose

Random Cartography Notes4

you will want to know every sound is

but will feel like you should not ask amplified water in dismembered urns

Christ’s Thorn shrubs will resemble often

thorn crowns

you will wear these

there will be hollows with scattering rabbits pale underbellies with hidden dark fur those days you will imagine doors everywhere

Random Cartography Notes5

your mind & body will work separate from one another you will sleep on a bed of nails there will be many more months river or decipher you will want to take a city home with you

you will not remember how to cross the plump veins from kindness &



Helen Vitoria lives and writes in Effort PA. Her work can be found and is forthcoming in many journals including: elimae, PANK, Commonline, Mud Luscious Press, >kill author, Poets & Artists Magazine and Dark Sky Magazine. She has been thrice nominated for Best New Poets Anthology 2010. She is completing her first full length collection: Corn Exchange, with an expected release Fall, 2011. Find her here:

Art by David Ohlerking

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poems by helen vitoria


poems by helen vitoria