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Friday, February 10, 2012

Langford leads growth in province Housing, population data released from 2011 census Edward Hill News staff

Statistics Canada has confirmed what most people can see with their own eyes: Langford has become a much more crowded place in the past decade. StatsCan released a first batch of data from its 2011 census on Wednesday. Langford has far outpaced any other municipality in the Capital Region, and the province, in terms of population and housing growth. In the past five years, Langford’s population grew by about 6,800 people, or 30 per cent. Over the past 10 years it’s grown by more than 10,000 residents. For housing, the city added 3,600 new dwellings since 2006, a 39.5 per cent jump. It has added 5,500 dwellings in the past 10 years. “West Shore urban centres are growing seven times faster than the downtown core,” observed Dan Spinner, CEO of the West Shore Chamber of Commerce. “This latest data confirms what we instinctively knew. This confirms the West Shore is the economic engine for the Greater Victoria area.” Langford, which has marketed itself as “business friendly,” has seen rapid housing growth at large developments such as Westhills, Bear Mountain, and Kettle Creek and along Happy Valley Road, but also dozens of smaller condominium and townhouse projects throughout the city. Conversely, Victoria, which grew at 2.7 per cent, has less available land for residential development, other than infill condo towers. “Victoria is hardly growing, Saanich even less so,” Spinner said. “The only planned substantial growth is on the West Shore.” PLEASE SEE: Metchosin happy, Page A6

Edward Hill/News staff

Water spits from a heavy crane claw as it moves to position rock on a new reef, not far from Fisgard Lighthouse. CFB Esquimalt is funding the construction of three new reefs to build up marine habitat in Esquimalt harbour.

New life for Esquimalt harbour DND creates reefs for marine habitat Edward Hill News staff

One heaping claw of rock after another, a new set of underwater reefs are slowly taking shape at the mouth of Esquimalt harbour. A working harbour and navy base for well over a century, CFB Esquimalt is undertaking its first marine life enhancement project by building three rock reefs, each about one-third the size of a football field. With innumerable surfaces and nooks among the nine barge-loads of stone, the military wants to encourage sea life

to take hold. But the $1.2 million project isn’t entirely altruistic – the navy is replacing marine habitat before existing habitat is disturbed or destroyed near the jetties. Mike Waters, a marine biologist with Foundation Environmental, a Department of National Defense agency, said there aren’t any specific plans for in-water work at CFB Esquimalt, but the navy wants to go above and beyond federal fisheries regulations. “This project is being done independently of any specific works in the harbour,” Waters said. “It’s about DND being proactive as far as making sure anything that does happen in the harbour in the future, it will already have habitat set aside ... and no net loss of fisheries habitat.” Work is proceeding at a hurried pace


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Video online This story has accompanying video images at www. to beat the fisheries window for in-water work. Awarded to Quantum Murray and subcontracted to Vancouver Pile Driving, the barge and crane crew working near Fort Rodd Hill has until Feb. 15 to assemble the three new reefs, each a rectangular heap of stones. The stones themselves are clean of metals or organic matter and barged in directly from a Pitt River quarry on the Mainland. PLEASE SEE: Habitat project, Page A17

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Friday, February 10, 2012 -

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GOLDSTREAM NEWS GAZETTE - Friday, February 10, 2012 GOLDSTREAM NEWS GAZETTE - Friday, February 10, 2012

Kyle Slavin News staff

When Craigflower bridge is closed for replacement this summer, the quick 400-metre trip from Craigflower to Gorge road will become a 4.5-kilometre detour. “We’re having a real difficult time with this,” said Jim Hemstock, manager of transportation with Saanich. With Saanich council’s approval of the new bridge on Monday, along with a sixmonth closure of the 78-year-old bridge and adjacent roads, Hemstock is tasked with figuring out how to best get people across the water. Drivers are out of luck — they’ll have to detour. But pedestrians and students travelling to and from Craigflower elementary from the other side of the waterway won’t be expected to take the scenic route. “Whatever we decide has to come out of our ($10.7 million) budget,” Hemstock said. That budget is already tapped out, covering costs for the new three-lane bridge and road redesigns on the Saanich and View Royal sides. There are really only two options now: building a temporary pedestrian walkway — to the tune of $250,000 — or providing buses to move the students back and forth, at a cost of $50,000. On Monday night, Saanich Coun. Paul Gerrard urged Hemstock to choose the walkway option. “The buses are well for the students, but I’m looking for a way to get ordinary pedestrians over, as well,” Gerrard said. “And I’m quite sure the businesses at Admiral’s Walk and the Canadian Tire are not going to be very happy unless there’s some way of getting their patrons across.” A third option, building docks and offering a water taxi, have been mulled, but Hemstock said the environmental impacts of that would be “pretty substantial.” There’s also the potential for having flaggers guide pedestrians across the bridge during construction. But Hemstock estimates there would be at least two months where the old and new bridge would not be usable. Now that both Saanich and View Royal council have approved the bridge concept, engineers are working on a detailed design. “We’re also looking at much more detail at what happens for traffic (during the six-month closure),” Hemstock said.

Running the Sahara West Shore RCMP auxiliary officer takes on Marathon de Sables ultramarathon Edward Hill News staff

When Don Devenney opened his email last February, one message made his heart skip a few beats. He had been awarded a slot in the Marathon des Sables, a famed 250 kilometre run through the Sahara Desert in Morocco, certainly one of the toughest foot races in the world. Devenney was overjoyed, and a little fearful. “I had mixed feelings,” he says smiling. “I said, ‘What have I got myself into now?’” A marathoner and Ironman triathlete, Devenney is no stranger to gruelling endurance events. But running in 40 C-plus heat, through sand dunes and hardscrabble terrain, with a full pack for six days, is a new dimension of suffering. “I’ve run in heat before, but I’ve never run in a desert,” says Devenney, a long-serving West Shore RCMP auxiliary constable. “They tell us the temperature is usually in the high 30s (Celsius) or mid 40s. Last year had days into the 50s.” A handful of Canadians get selected each year through a lottery system for the Marathon des Sables, and most have to wait a few years, as Devenney did. Despite the obvious hardships of running the equivalent of five-and-a-half marathons through the desert, 700 slots sell out each season. Devenney admits he wasn’t in the best of shape when he got his race entry ticket — his last marathon was in 2009 and his last Ironman in 2006. Being the IT manager for the Canadian Sports Centre Pacific left him little time to train and enter races. On the other hand, being an employee of CSCP has given him access to the most

sophisticated athletic training facility in western Canada. The 53-year-old View Royal resident has ready access to a treadmill in heat chamber — housed in a retrofitted camper — the same one used by Canadian triathletes in preparation for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. He’s had a run at 30 C, and the chamber maxes out at about 40 C. “By the end of March I’ll be on full heat acclimation protocol, spending six to 10 days in the chamber doing hard runs,” he says. “The 30 C run wasn’t bad, but it’s new territory for me. I need to ramp up the temperature and be uncomfortable.” In the meantime, he’s keeping up a relentless six-days per week outdoor running schedule, set out by his coach and ultra-marathoner Mike Suminski. After a year of slowly building endurance, these days Devenney can be found pounding out four hour runs through steep rolling hills in Highlands, with a 20 pound pack. “It comes down to training, it’s so important to build up endurance,” Suminski says. “But also fuelling and hydration is critical. You can do all the training you want, but without a strategy for fuelling and hydration you can have a terrible race. “Don is very mentally tough,” he adds. “You have to be really focused, the mental game is a huge part of training, and especially doing these ultras.” Race organizers supply camps and shelter, and water at the start of each leg, but athletes in the MdS have to carry all their food, clothing, medical gear and supplies to last the week. If runners don’t show up with at least 14,000 calories worth of nutrition, and medical certificates proving they are fit, they don’t start. “Food, toilet paper, snake bite medicine. It’s all on your back,” Devenney says. “Being self sufficient is one of the more interesting aspects of the race. I’m working on finding freeze dried food. It’s minimalist, it’s about filling the void. I’m

Edward Hill/News staff

West Shore RCMP auxiliary officer and Canadian Sports Centre Pacific employee Don Devenney runs with gear to measure the oxygen intake into his body. Devenney is running this year in the Marthaon des Sables desert ultra-marathon. not worried if it tastes good.” He also has to find ways to keep sand out of his shoes — it can tear feet up and quickly end a race. “Keeping blisters down is a real challenge,” Devenney says. “There are a lot of sand dunes.” Devenney won’t know the route for sure until they’re bused out to the start line in the Moroccan desert, but it’s guaranteed to be long and hot. He tries not to dwell on the scope of the race. “I’m doing the training and I feel strong and ready, but

sometimes I’ll get butterflies,” he says. “But the bottom line is you do the training plan, get to the start line, and what happens, happens.” As part of his run, Devenney is raising money for the Canadian Arthritis Society, in honour of his friend Rhonda, who suffers from crippling arthritis. To donate, see aspx. For more on the Marathon des Sables, see

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Friday, February 10, 2012


GOLDSTREAM NEWS GAZETTE - Friday, February 10, 2012

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Arnold Lim/ News staff

Honey Maple Solidwood Kitchen Cabinets

Finding love at the library Arnold Lim

both select each other, the library facilitates an exchange of contact information and the rest as they say, is history. “I want to show people libraries are more than just books and author talks. We want to be a real community place where people come for all reasons and activities,� said librarian Devon Tatton. “I hope that ultimately there is some kind of connection there but I just hope they have a really good time ... smiling laughing and having a really great time.� Tatton got the idea for speed dating after browsing various websites where several people posted “missed connections,� many taking place in libraries. She believed the demand was there so she brought it up to Brimmell, who loved the idea. “It is a good way to get a faceto-face impression of someone without being committed to a full date,� said Brimmell, who met her husband of 26 years at the library. “I think it has the potential to

News staff

For all the single men on the West Shore, Valentine’s Day could be your day to find love. The Juan de Fuca library is looking for men for its first-ever speed dating event. The event has plenty of women signed up, but few of the XY-chromosome persuasion. “I am always thinking of different ways to attract and reach different people,� said Andrea Brimmell, head of the Juan de Fuca and Goudy library branches. “We are a community gathering place, we aren’t just about books anymore.� Books, however, may be one of the topics potential partners chat about when males and females aged 25 to 40 mingle in five-minute meetings with members of the opposite sex. Following abbreviated conversations, participants privately mark cards with people they are interested in meeting again. If a cupid strikes and

be a really positive experience. It is a safe venue, not a sketchy night club.� Valentines-themed refreshments and snacks will be served and the event is not limited exclusively to bibliophiles. If the event proves to be successful, it may lead to an annual event and include different age groups, sexual orientations, and even a speed-friending option for people that may be new to the area or just looking for more friends. “Even if you don’t meet the love of your life, it is a fun way to talk to people at a safe venue in the library,� Brimmell said. “(But love) does happen and I know it can happen.� Juan de Fuca library speed dating (ages 25 to 40) is Valentines Day, Feb. 14, 7 p.m., 1759 Island Hwy. The age 60-plus event is at the Central library in downtown Victoria, Feb. 11, at 2 p.m. For more information and to sign up, visit


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“The 2011 numbers confirm we are not a bedroom community anymore,” Spinner said. Langford Mayor Stew Young isn’t surprised that Langford is B.C.’s fastest growing city, but he admits it’s not clear the rate of growth will continue at the same pace. Langford is working with the business and development community to develop and retain higher paying jobs in the city, he said. That, along with relatively affordable houses, low taxes and better infrastructure. “We’ve got some of the best recreation in the region now. We’ve made a big effort to make this a community where people want to live. It’s a matter of keeping things affordable,” Young said. “That translates into jobs, good jobs Langford needs.” The West Shore on the whole grew at a much greater rate than other CRD municipalities, such as Victoria and Saanich, but those two municipalities combined still remain home to more than 55 per cent of the region’s residents.

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The West Shore’s total population has hit 61,625, or about 18 per cent of the CRD. Metchosin still hasn’t broken the 5,000 mark and saw a trickle of new residents in the past five years — a net total of eight, for a grand total of 4,803. That reverses the district’s population decrease seen in 2006. Despite the anemic population growth, the district has experienced a relative boom in housing — 86 more dwellings in the past five years. Metchosin Mayor John Ranns said the numbers point to a sta-

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■ Population (2011 vs. 2006 and per cent change) Langford 29,228; 22,459; 30.1 Highlands 2,120; 1,903; 11.4 Colwood 16,093; 14,687; 9.6 View Royal 9,381; 8,768; 7.0 Metchosin 4,803; 4,795; 0.2 ■ Number of dwellings (2011 vs. 2006 and per cent change) Langford 12,731; 9,125; 39.5 View Royal 4,138; 3,512; 17.8 Highlands 830; 730; 13.7 Colwood 6,395; 5,770; 10.8 Metchosin 1,898; 1,812; 4.7

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ble population, precisely what Metchosin wants. “For us it’s good,” Ranns said. “We’ve got no debt, lots of money in the bank and low taxes. It shows what we are doing works for us. You don’t need to have growth to have a sustainable community.” Staying below 5,000 residents also allows Metchosin to avoid West Shore RCMP policing costs rising from 50 to 70 per cent of the total bill. Ranns noted that the district has a $1 million fund for that eventuality.

Census 2011 West Shore stats

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Metchosin happy with low growth


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A federal grant ends, but Colwood plugs the gap Edward Hill News staff

Solar Colwood will rescue homeowner grants for solar hot water systems after the federal government ended its ecoEnergy program two months earlier than expected. The federal ecoEnergy home retrofit program offered $1,250 rebates for home solar hot water systems and $500 for ductless heat pumps. The program website noted it has reached its goal of registering 250,000 homes and has ended. EcoEnergy had advertised grants would be available until March 31. “It was a pretty abrupt ending. There was no notice,� said J Scott, Solar Colwood co-ordinator. “Many people thought they had two more months and all of a sudden it was gone.� Before the ecoEnergy grant was cancelled, Colwood homeowners could get a $3,000 from Solar Colwood, $500 from the

provincial LiveSmart BC program and $1,250 from the feds for a solar hot water system, a $4,750 savings on what are typically $8,500 to buy and install. Dipping from a different pot of federal money, Scott said Solar Colwood will offer additional $1,250 rebates allocated from its $3.9 million grant from Natural Resources Canada, until March 31. The program won’t cover rebates for ductless heat pumps. “Getting $4,750 off makes it easier to make the decision (to buy solar hot water). Price point is definitely a deciding factor for people,� Scott said. “Losing $1,250 would make it harder for people to get solar hot water. I’m thrilled Colwood is going to fill the gap.� Solar Colwood has $3.9 million to subsidize 880 solar hot water units and 120 ductless heat pumps in Colwood homes, among other energy saving initiatives. The program is also funding a series of electric car

Fuel spill drunk driving case inches forward Charla Huber News staff

James Allan Charles Smith, the Nanaimo truck driver involved in the Goldstream River fuel spill on the Malahat Drive last year, is one step closer to facing a trial. Lawyers held a pretrial conference at Western Communities Courthouse on Wednesday. In a closed courtroom, defense lawyer Dale Marshall and Crown met with a judge to discuss Smith’s charges of impaired driving, driving with a blood alcohol level above 0.08 and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

Smith, 34 at the time of the crash, was not present in court. Witnesses of the crash on the Malahat also attended the pretrial conference. On April 16, 2011, at 6 p.m., a Columbia Fuels b-train fuel tanker lost control and plowed into a rock face just outside of Goldstream Provincial Park. The crash dumped 42,000 litres of gasoline and 700 litres of diesel into the river. Another pretrial conference has been set for March 8 and the Western Communities Courthouse. Marshall said at that time a date may be set for a trial.

charging stations in Colwood. To date, the program has helped install 20 hot water and 46 ductless heat pump systems in city homes. Colwood Coun. Judith Cullington, the driving force behind Solar Colwood, said the program budget has enough flexibility to fund extra grants. Using money now shouldn’t reduce the number of rebate grants Colwood can offer over the lifetime of the three year program, she said. Rebates can vary with the size of the solar system. “It’s really just internal shuffling of where the incentives go to,� Cullington said. “It’s good news for people who live in Colwood.� The ecoEnergy home retrofit program fell under the $1.5 billion ecoEnergy Renewable Initiative. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the program in January 2007 at Pearson College in Metchosin. For more on Solar Colwood, see


Langford Emergency Support Services


There’s more on line -

Cadet instructor accused of sexually abusing cadets An army cadet instructor faces charges of sexually assaulting and exploiting two teen cadets. Capt. Daniel Moriarity is accused of sexually assaulting a male cadet and having an "inappropriate relationship" with a female cadet, both of whom are teenagers, said Capt. Karina Holder, with the Canadian Forces Military Police Group. The incidents are alleged to have occurred between 2008 and 2011 at the Ashton Armoury in Saanich and the Vernon army cadet summer training centre. The allegations were reported to military police in Esquimalt last summer by the cadets' superior officers, Holder said. Military police from the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service took over the case. Moriarity’s current location is not being disclosed. He will face a military court martial trial.

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For 50 years, BC Hydro has been providing clean, reliable electricity to you. Today we are planning for the next 50 years by investing in new projects, upgrading existing facilities and working with you to conserve energy through Power Smart.


GOLDSTREAM NEWS GAZETTE - Friday, February 10, 2012 GOLDSTREAM NEWS GAZETTE - Friday, February 10, 2012

A8 • • A8


Friday, February 10, 2012 Friday, February 10, 2012



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Bridge fix another hit to business


lot of thought went into how the longterm closure of Craigflower Bridge will affect everything from school kids to salmon. But, municipal planners were less tender with how they treated small local businesses, one segment especially sensitive to any upheaval. Small business owners in the Admiral’s Walk area have been left out of most discussions around replacing the bridge. Motorists will find the quickest way to get where they need to go, and formerly less popular roads will attract traffic before becoming a new tributary. Planners take this into consideration when contemplating changes to traffic patterns. Whether the disruption is caused by road maintenance or more significant upgrades, such as a new bridge, care is taken to try and ease the pain for the public. In the case of the Craigflower bridge, the municipalities it connects — Saanich and View Royal — are primarily looking for options to allow pedestrians and cyclists to still be able to cross that stretch of the Gorge waterway. Motorists, who arguably account for the majority of people shopping at Admirals Walk, will have to journey an extra four kilometres to get across. We hope people will make a choice to stay loyal to those affected businesses that have earned their trust. But that’s a lot to ask. A better solution would have been for municipal planners to give the area’s economic ecosystem the same consideration afforded the natural habitat of the waters that flow under the bridge. The same businesses suffered during the long construction process on Island Highway near Six Mile, and they will struggle again. More information much earlier in the process would have gone a long way to helping business owners prepare for the tough times they’re sure to face.

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2011 CCNA


Rugby’s stars need a place to play T

sides. It’s a boon for the local ook my toddler son to a economy and athletics scene, rugby game recently. growing Victoria’s reputation as a We caught the later stages mecca for Canadian athletes. of a remarkable match and he sat Except from the sidelines, it on my shoulders, fixated. leaves one wondering where the Granted, he’s too young to know players are supposed to what it means to see play in the meantime. Rugby World Cup players Every Island team in and possible future the CDI Premier League Olympians competing for has found a home for local clubs. For junior, the migrating national smash and hustle of 30 players at one point: the players chasing one ball is University of Victoria good enough. Vikes, James Bay Athletic Sadly (more like full-on Association, and though crying, in his case), I had they’re not currently in to cut the post-game interviews short. Taking Travis Paterson the premier league, the Velox Valhallians. junior to sporting events Island Insider The B.C. Rugby Union is a trial and error attempt approved the carded on my days off. player rule by a 119-78 margin at its Yet I still learned something new, 2010 AGM. One club manager told thanks to some compassionate me it was to prevent the “stacking” interviewees. of teams with carded players they The Canadian Direct Insurance did not develop. Premier Rugby League, which has Doing the math, there are featured nearly every player who between 40 to 60 nationally carded has donned a Canada jersey in senior players, with another couple recent years — save for a couple of dozen on the radar. Langford is the imports with Canadian passports stepping stone to their international — limits the number of nationally desires, and the Premier League is carded, non-homegrown players to a stepping stone to Langford. Aside three per team per game. from about a dozen of those players This, despite the opening of playing pro in Europe, the rest rely Rugby Canada’s new $1-million, high-performance training facility in on homes with one of the Premier League’s eight teams. That’s only 24 Langford, which draws even more players walking into spots. national-calibre players to the four The Castaway-Wanderers South Island clubs. benefited from an influx of eastern Rugby Canada’s centre is a final players hoping for a sniff at the step towards centralizing the Rugby World Cup when they won national program on the south the provincial title last year. The Island. It will provide training for Canadian team that defeated Tonga Canada’s under-17 and -20 teams, in the World Cup was heavily plus the senior sevens and 15s

flavoured with that same CW team. A stipulation to the rule says that carded players who are “developed” by the teams for which they are playing are exempt. UVic and UBC are also immune, because of their varsity status. It means James Bay can throw national scrum half Sean White and fly half Connor Braid into the lineup at any time. And when national sevens captain Phil Mack finishes his time at UVic, he too will be free to play for James Bay. The same goes for the Castaway-Wanderers with Michael Fuailefau and Beau Parker. The rule does slow graduating Vikes with national team status from jumping ship to Island clubs, however. National prop Andrew Tiedeman and his Vikes front row mate Toby Peyton came to the Castaway-Wanderers from UVic this year. Tiedeman is CW’s new captain, while Peyton hasn’t played in the premier league yet this year. One would expect Velox to get a boost sooner than later, and hopefully it means their return to the Premier League next year. But that’s still only a few players. Perhaps the answer lies in a return of the Pacific Pride under-23 program, which was also part of the premier league. Whatever the answer, there’s got to be some way to see more of Canada’s rugby team in Victoria besides at practice, or on the Premier League sidelines. —Travis Paterson is sports reporter for Black Press Greater Victoria.

‘The B.C. Rugby Union voted in 2010 to prevent the stacking of rosters.’ •• A9 A9

GOLDSTREAM GOLDSTREAM NEWS NEWS GAZETTE GAZETTE--Friday, Friday,February February10, 10,2012 2012

The hard work of love F

Drawn by the force of love or some unknown reason, human beings have an irre- and incurable romance, beginsistible drive to pursue the ners face the uncertain future. Choosing “the one,” dream of loving and and declaring a future being loved. Young together, must be or old, it seems well either the most darestablished in the life ing — or craziest — design. thing, a human being The practice of relacan do. tionship can be the When you give most confusing and your promise to difficult challenge a another you’ve human being underentered the laboratakes. tory of life-long learnLove and relationPaul Beckow ing. The lessons for ships are an endeavor you are found directly in which the risks are Let’s Talk in the heart of the difgreat, the outcomes ficulties, the entanglements and uncertain, the possibilities for challenges that relationships error, disappointment, and failproduce. ure plentiful. These troubles are your Presently, the current sucteacher. Don’t avoid them. Face cess rate for first marriages in them and discover the lessons Canada is slightly above 50 per cent. Yet this is little deterrence. they carry. Your job now is to remain People continue to flock to a learner: open and curious. the altar to promise “til death “What is relationship trying to do us part” entering the comteach me?” mitment of marriage with posiWhen you remain open and tive unbridled enthusiasm. curious, you grow. If you blame The challenges are many. We and find fault in your partner, enter love and marriage with avoid resolving the difficulties no preparation or prior training. There is no pre-screening or that appear, you miss the valuable lessons relationship is qualifying exam, no curriculum, offering you. reference manual or guide map A relationship requires comfor the journey ahead.

mitment and courage. The practise of a relationship requires us to see ourselves. It is not comfortable to see our shortcomings when they appear. Perhaps it is our reactions, our insecurities, our defensiveness or protection, our self-absorption, or stubbornness. This kind of learning is difficult. Seeing ourselves openly, with love and curiosity, without avoiding or blaming ourselves is a unique kind of task and requires courage. When you are discovering the mysteries of loving and being loved, you're touching into the real heart of being a human being. Whether you're learning self-reliance, patience and partnership, learning about being satisfied, or the challenges of communication, you're doing the most awesome and inspiring work that human beings on our planet can do. Both risky and challenging, the work of love leads us home.


Part Time Front Desk Clerk Permanent, part-time (17.5 hrs/week) position responsible for a wide range of clerical & customer service duties. Qualified applicants should have clerical or administrative experience in a police environment, CPIC & PRIME training preferred and proficiency in Microsoft Outlook. Full security clearance required. Full job description is available at Please submit resume and cover letter to; Oak Bay Police Department, 1703 Monterey Ave, Victoria BC V8R 5V6 or via email through the website. Closing date is Monday, February 20 and only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

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LETTERS Deer problem common sense Re: Nothing humane about deer cull, Letters, Feb. 3; Deer cull humane thing to do in urban area, Letters, Jan. 27, 2012. I have to agree with Dale Lovell. Catherine Culley’s letter is nothing, but common sense. Let’s throw common sense to the wind folks. Who is with me? Would it not be amazing to see cougars roaming free in Victoria. No shooting or relocation in our fair town. They were here first after all, just like the deer. Yes, some cats and dogs will go missing. Possibly a few children. Maybe even a few adults. But don’t worry, we will adapt. And we can hold up our

collective heads and say that we are a humane community living as one with nature. OK, who I am trying to kid. Mark me as a yes for “common sense” culling of the deer herd. I would rather my kids walk safe in this town than put them at risk to both cougars and deer. Todd Stewart View Royal

Time to remove co-op board Re: Co-op loses court battle on membership info, News, Feb. 1, 2012. I hope we members can get rid of the Peninsula Co-op’s current board incumbents. I have been a co-op member for 65 years and this is the first time

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that I have heard of the abuse of power in the movement. I was at one election and the printed info regarding new nominees was torn from the walls as soon as it was posted. I remain shocked and hope that gang will soon be gone. Ron MacIsaac Langford

Rec facilities too high maintenance Re: Metchosin demands a revised budget from West Shore rec, News, Feb. 3 2012. We are long-time residents of Langford and taxpayers and are very concerned about West Shore Parks and Recreation’s huge financial losses last year. Letters continued on Page A11

Join we naturalists, humanists and the like-minded in persuading Christy Clark to declare the closest Monday to Darwin’s birthday to be a holiday in this great, insightful man’s honour. The Honourable Christy Clark Premier of British Columbia: Box 9041: Station PROV GOVT: Victoria, BC And (free) drop in to the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre on Sunday February 12th at 10:30 a.m. to enjoy an enlightening lecture about this man to whom we owe so much.

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GOLDSTREAM GOLDSTREAM NEWS NEWS GAZETTE GAZETTE -- Friday, Friday, February February 10, 10, 2012 2012

LETTERS Continued from Page A9

We thank Metchosin Mayor John Ranns for asking the tough questions when faced with the large budget increase requested by the centre’s management and wonder why our other local politicians have not been doing that too. We agree that recreation is important to the community, but why does recreation here on the West Shore have to be all about high-maintenance facilities like arenas, golf courses and swimming complexes. Nowadays, even simple things such as playing fields seem to require huge amounts of money to build and maintain with their artificial surfaces and enormous lights for night time use. We have never attended the violent and

bloody sporting events held at the Bear Mountain Arena, which in our opinion includes pro hockey and lacrosse. Our suggestion for the arena, lose the name and lose the bad karma. We don’t want to see our local rec centre bankrupted like its namesake. Ron Rayner and Eleanor McKinnon Langford

Smart meters a gimmick to get cash Re: After the storm, smart meters could have helped, Letters, Jan. 25, 2012. The time saved from smart meter notification compared to telephone can be measured in minutes even seconds, so is it worth the billion dollar price tag for this

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Peninsula Players is seeking talented actors to perform in their spring production of...

“How the other half Loves” directed by Sid Clarke.

Audition Dates: Thursday, Feb. 9, 16

Saturday, Feb. 11

7:30 p.m. Mary Winspear Centre 2243 Beacon Ave., Sidney

2:00 p.m. Mary Winspear Centre 2243 Beacon Ave., Sidney

CAST REQUIREMENTS: 3 Women (20-40), 3 Men (20-40), Stage Manager, Producer More information call Sid Clarke at: 250-656-8975


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device that produces not one watt more of power? I also submit that the smart meter is just another gimmick by B.C. Hydro to extract more money from over and above their other planned increases to improve their bottom line to justify more bonuses for their executives. We need more ways to create power not gimmicks. I also feel bonuses have no place in this public company that provides an essential service. This cannot become another cash cow for the one per cent to hold us hostage over. I hope the smart meter goes the same way as the as the HST and people rise up in numbers and refuse this meter which is our right, as this is still a public utility. John Wheatcroft Highlands

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A12 •

THE ARTS Rosie cuts deep Mind of a hoarder a busy place Travis Paterson

for a spin. “Rosie (herself) is fun, quirky and formidable,” says Gina McInAn evening with Rosie is an eve- tosh, writer and star of the onening in a cramped apartment and woman play. “It’s a character study of a woman who’s on the an equally cramped mind. Rosie is a hoarder in need of verge.” Rosie is the first full act play writa reality check, but it might be too late. Her apartment is jam- ten by McIntosh, who sketched it packed with stuff. She carries out at a Charles Tidler workshop conversations with someone who in the Belfry Theatre last year. It’s isn’t there, and an eviction notice also her first time performing a on her door is sending her world full act one-woman show. “At the Tidler workshop you get a lot of audience feedback, which is invaluRosie, a one-woman show able, identifying issues and Valentine’s Day preview, 8 p.m. clearing things up,” McInon Feb. 14, two for one at the door. tosh said. Evenings: Wednesday, Feb. 15, Crowd responses to to Saturday, Feb 18, at 8 p.m. staged readings of Rosie Matinee: Feb. 15, 18 and 19, at at UNO Fest and You Show 2 p.m. were touching. Venue: Intrepid Theatre Club, “From both workshops 1609 Blanshard St., (Fisgard St. we had three or four people between Blanshard and Quadra streets) say they had a parent or a Tickets: $12 Adults, $10 Stufriend who was a hoarder, dents & Seniors. Available at or if they didn’t know a the door, cash only. In advance hoarder, that they were through going home to clean their house.”

News staff

Friday, 10, 2012 - VICTORIA NEWS Friday, February 10, 2012February - GOLDSTREAM NEWS GAZETTE

Hot ticket: The Jayhawks at Club 9one9. Tickets are $39.50

This essential American band is alive and well and performing in Victoria at Club 9one9, 919 Douglas St., Saturday at 7 p.m. Doors at 6 p.m.

not Rosie.” The play puts mental illness in the spotlight so much so that the Citizens’ Counselling Centre of Greater Victoria was brought on board as an opportunity to build a greater awareness around the risk of social isolation, specifically with Victoria residents. “Theatre is so immediate, it’s someone you can reach out and touch, you can hear them breathing, and it opens up something you might not expect,” Mcintosh said. Which is why the Feb. 15 matinee and Feb. 17 evening shows will have a casual post-show conversation hosted by members of the counselling centre, and every show will have a counsellor answering questions in the lobby. Barbara Pedrick photography “Right after the (performance) Gina McIntosh portrays Rosie in WAVE Theatre’s production of is when we hear all the personal the one-woman show at the Intrepid Theatre Club. stories. So that’s the time when it Theatregoers in Victoria will epidemic brought to life through comes a little bit raw, when something’s botherknow McIntosh from several per- reality televiing you.” formances over the years, as well sion, goes hand “That’s the time when it Rosie is the as her role as Flora, the former in hand with host of Atomic Vaudeville who mental illness. comes a little bit raw, when fourth production from the Rosie isn’t twice hosted Monday Magazine’s WAVE Theatre based on any- something’s bothering you.” M Awards gala. - Gina McIntosh Ensemble, with She had no plan to write a play one specifically Monica Prenat the Tidler writing workshop but from McIntosh’s dergast and Kate Rubin co-directcame away with the heart-clutch- personal life, she said. “I’ve known fun, quirky and ing with McIntosh. ing character. Rosie’s an face example of how hoarding, an formidable women but they’re

a r t x e y a p Don’t y a l p s i D l l for Ca . l i a m e c i o and V . m a e t g a t a t u o b a k Tal Only from Koodo!

nd a w e n r u o l l a Included in . s n a l p e d i w da a n a C d e v o r imp

Aberdeen Mall Brentwood Town Centre Coquitlam Centre Guildford Town Centre Lougheed Town Centre Mayfair Shopping Centre

TVB111134T2_2_Victoria_5_6Pubs.indd 1

Metropolis at Metrotown Oakridge Centre Orchard Park Shopping Centre Park Royal Shopping Centre Richmond Centre Seven Oaks Shopping Centre

12-01-31 12:32 PM

VICTORIA NEWS - Friday, February- Friday, 10, 2012 GOLDSTREAM NEWS GAZETTE February 10, 2012 •• A13 A13

Ken Lavigne

Submitted photo

Mio Takahashi as Sasaki, left, and Yukiko Kobayshi as Buddy star in One Thousand Cranes.

The legend of cranes a statue dedicated to her at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial in Japan. The performance, by Japanese theatre company Bunkaza, weaves together these stories looking at the implications of nuclear war. The play is performed in Japanese with English surtitles and is suitable for children aged 12 and up. One Thousand Cranes is part of Intrepid Theatre’s 2012 season of international touring theatre, which includes shows from Quebec, Belgium and Japan. One Thousand Cranes is at the Metro Studio, Feb. 16 and 17 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $18/$23/$31. For more information go to

One Thousand Cranes, a beautifully crafted show from Tokyo, puts a human face to nuclear fallout. A young Japanese girl is diagnosed with leukemia after Hiroshima. Determined to live, she folds origami cranes, which are a symbol of hope. Across the Pacific in Canada, a young boy believes that there’s nothing he can do to stop an inevitable nuclear war. The show is based on the true story of Sasaki Sadako, a young girl who discovered that she had radiationinduced leukemia nine years after the bombing of Hiroshima. According to ancient Japanese legend, anyone who folds 1,000 origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods. Sadako died in 1955 and there is now


Notice is hereby given that on February 11th 2012 West Shore U-Lock Mini Storage Ltd., 1621 Island Highway, Victoria B.C. will sell the contents of the lockers listed below if the monies owed are not paid and contents removed from the premises; Alexandra Arnett 1487B Susan Alexander 2059A Courtney Carlson 2041A Michael Knight 1474B Randy Lindsay 2367 Darren McCorimack c/o R.K.S. Earth Energy 1652C Bob Peden 2306 Shamus Dilts 1203A Evan Willis 2450 Contents will be sold on location at 1621 Island Highway by process of sealed bid. Viewing will be from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on February 11th 2012.

Send letters to the editor editor@ goldstreamgazette .com

2 bedroom suite

Lavigne sings Lanza The combination of Ken Lavigne’s vocals, the songs of Mario Lanza, and the Palm Court Light Orchestra make an irresistible tribute to love. In its first Valentine concert, the Palm Court Light Orchestra presents Lavigne at the Farquhar Auditorium, UVic Centre tomorrow (Feb. 11) at 7.30 p.m. Be My Love is a celebration of Lanza’s music. Tickets are available at the UVic Centre box office 250-721-8480. For more information visit the Palm Court website at palmcourtorchestra. com or call 250-7489964.

now available – ca ll


Valentine’s Day Tea and Heritage Fashion Show Tuesday Feb 14 2012 2:00-3:00 pm No cost – please call to reserve your spot.

ALEXANDER MACKIE Retirement Community

250-478-4888 • 753 Station Ave •

There’s more online

For more stories and web exclusives visit

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A14 •

coastal living

Friday, February 10, 2012













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Black Press

Get growing with Victoria Parks & Rec

Green Garden Pavilion on exhibit Coming to the 2012 Spring CHBAVictoria Home and Garden Show will be a display of Small Modern Living and EcoTec Homes, two local companies specializing in the design and construction of small, affordable housing units. Believing “in the need to provide British Columbians with high-quality, well-designed, environmentally friendly and affordable housing,” the two are collaborating on a demonstration home that highlights the very best that can be achieved in affordable small design. The home will be featured at the Spring Home and Garden Show from

March 9 to 11 at the Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre, on display directly in front of the arena for the duration of the weekend. studio37 Garden Pavilion is designed to be a simple and versatile 400ft2 unit, which can be adapted to meet most design requirements and work in most yards. Intended to be a one-bedroom self-contained living unit, it can also work as an office or studio and meets the requirements of the City of Victoria’s new Garden Suite Policy. A showcase of how good design can transform a small space into a com-

A rendering of the studio37 Garden Pavilion, coming to the CHBA Home and Garden Show March 9 to 11. fortable, modern and environmentally sensitive home, studio37 is designed to achieve a rating of EnerGUIDE 82, far exceeding conventional homes.

The unit is currently being manufactured over six weeks at the EcoTec Homes facility in Sooke.

Abstract takes innovative steps with VUE project

Photo courtesy Abstract Developments

Abstract Developments has taken some innovative steps with its seven-home VUE project, located next to Moss Rock Park in Fairfield. The latest project from national award-winning local builder Mike Miller and his company, Abstract Developments, VUE used the 3D software tool Google SketchUp to lay out each home site for the best view,

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maximizing the field of vision to the Juan de Fuca Straight and picturesque Fairfield and Oak Bay areas. The homes showcase sustainable building practices, recycled materials, solar heat windows, insulated concrete form (ICF) foundations, and the latest Smart Home technology for managing water, energy and heat usage, waste reduction and air quality.

Victoria Parks and Recreation is welcoming spring with a series of new garden-related programs. On March 10, pre-register for Fruit Production – Part 2, exploring renovation pruning of older fruit trees and orchard management techniques as well as grapes, raspberries, troubleshooting and more, 10 a.m. to noon. The fee is $25. Get to work creating the garden of your dreams with Garden Design, March 24 and April 1 from 9 a.m. to noon. Instructor Jeff de Jong will lead participants through the simple steps to create a plan and create a beautiful yard. Thee fee is $75 for the two-session class. Wake up Your Garden March 24 from 10 a.m. to noon with a free workshop at Beacon Hill Park. Learn the tricks of the trade from experienced Parks staff, including irrigation, weed control and tips on garden design. For more information on these and other Victoria programs, call 250361-0732 or visit online at

Ten Thousand Villages talks fair trade

OPTOMETRIST 250.383.6225 Tillicum Centre

Hillside Centre

250 383 6225 250 595 6160 Mayfair Shopping Centre A Subsidiary of Vision’s Optical

250 381 2266

Ten Thousand Villages in the Broadmead Village Shopping Centre will be hosting a Fair Trade Rug Seminar March 2 with Yousaf Chaman. With the seminar beginning at 7 p.m., Chaman will bring his passion for the artisans of Pakistan and for social justice as he discusses how fair trade empowers both women and men in the villages of Pakistan and how it is impacting global relations and laying the building blocks for peace. Chaman will delight crowds with his knowledge of Oriental rugs and the people and culture of Pakistan. Limited space is available for the seminar – reserve at 250-727-7281.

GOLDSTREAM NEWS GAZETTE - Friday, February 10, 2012 • A15

not for profit Through Feb. 15 – Stelly’s Secondary students are collecting donations of clothes, toiletries and warm socks for those in need. Donations can be brought to Stelly´s Secondary School, 1627 Stelly´s Cross Rd. to the main office or Mr. Syme´s class (room 152). The Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria is accepting submissions for its Artist in Residence Program. The program must engage youth 14 to 17 years of age in a visual arts project. Selection is by jury and artists may apply individually or as a team. The program provides funding for artist and materials. The application deadline is March 2. FMI: or 250-475-7123. Feb. 11 – Third annual Cardiac Café, all about women and heart disease, our No. 1 killer, 10 a.m. to noon, UVic’s David Strong Building. Registration $10, incl. coffee and heart-smart breakfast goodies. FMI: 250-472-4747 or Detail/?code=HPHE221 Feb. 11 – Oak Bay Preschool Open House, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 1701 Elgin St. FMI: www.oakbay-

Look Like YOURSELF Again! Feb. 11 – Victoria Genealogical Society workshop: From Cyberspace to Artifacts – Building Better Source Recording Skills with Linda Boon, 10 a.m. to noon, 947 Alston St. Members $10; non-members $15. Register: 250-360-2808. FMI: www. Feb. 11 – For the Love of Africa Society fundraising concert at Sidney’s Mary Winspear Centre, “Sounds of Motown,” featuring the Vic High Rhythm & Blues Band, plus silent auction, appies and no host bar. Tickets $35, available online at or from 250-891-0762. Feb. 10 – Greater Victoria Police Chorus concert, 7 p.m., in aid of “Streethope” at St. Peter’s Anglican Church (Lakehill), 3939 St. Peter’s Rd. (off Quadra). Tickets $15. FMI: 250-385-7757. Feb. 13 – The Victoria Fibromyalgia Networking (Support) Group meets, 1 p.m. at First Metropolitan United Church, Quadra at Balmoral. Speaker: Compounding Pharmacist Bob Mehr, on the benefits of taking a magnesium supplement to help with Fibromyalgia muscle

pain. $2 donation at the door. FMI: 250-381-5202 or 250-381-1182. Feb. 16 – Saanich Newcomers Club for women meets, 11:30 a.m. at Cedar Hills Golf Club. A guest speaker from Rogers’ Chocolates will follow the meeting. FMI: www. Feb. 16 – Mt. View Colquitz Community Association AGM, 7 to 9 p.m. in the Colquitz Middle School Music Room. Topic: Streetscaping Tillicum and Carey Roads info: All welcome. Feb. 16 – Native Plant Study Group presents the Royal BC Museum’s Native Plant Gardens and Favourites for Your Garden with Charles Knighton, 7 p.m. at UVic’s MacLaurin Bldg, Rm D116. Nonmember drop-in fee: $3. FMI: Feb. 18 – BC Aviation Museum and Victoria Airport Authority present “Aviation Career Day” at the museum, 1910 Norseman Rd., 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Learn about employment and training opportunities in aviation from employers and post-secondary institutions. Free admission to students. FMI: www. or 250-655-3300.

Tea Festival steeped in flavourful fun More than 40 exhibitors will showcase the tastes, smells, sights and sounds of the global tea culture at next weekend’s Victoria Tea Festival. Coming to the Crystal Garden Feb. 18 and 19, the event also features a host of tea-related presentations, covering everything from the finer points of tea etiquette to tips for making great tea cocktails and teainfused pastries. Daniela Cubelic, owner of Silk Road and a professional tea master who completed 10 years of intensive training with Chinese and Taiwanese tea masters, will present An Introduction to Professional Tea Tasting. Seating for feature presentations is limited and available on a “first-come, first served” basis with paid admission. Other topics include Health Benefits and Uses of Herbal Teas: A Naturopathic Perspective and The Historical Art of Murchie’s Tea Blending. For a full descriptions, event details and list of ticket outlets, visit

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$227,500 to $299,000 including parking. HST extra Located on the edge of friendly downtown Duncan on Vancouver Island. Ideally situated within walking distance of all amenities. Enjoy the best of Duncan’s restaurants, cafes, shops, theatres, schools, pubs, hiking trails, parks and art galleries.

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Friday, February 10, 2012 Friday, February 10, 2012


Sports SPORTS Kettle?

24/ 7 Speed tops Shamrocks draft hours a day

days a week

updated as it happens! on the web at

Each VERICO broker is an independent owner operator

WLA Shamrocks draft Jr. Rocks’ Karsen Leung in first round Travis Paterson News staff

Speed was the deciding factor as the Victoria Shamrocks picked homegrown talent Karsen Leung from the junior Shamrocks in the first round of the Western Lacrosse Association draft on Monday. Leung went sixth overall, one of three players from Victoria who went in the first round. Casey Jackson (Coquitlam Adanacs) was third overall and Cody Bremner (Nanaimo Timbermen) went seventh. Shamrocks general manager Chris Welch said he and his staff debated who to take at sixth — Leung or Bremner. Both are talented field lacrosse players in the NCAA, who came out of Claremont secondary but played on different junior teams. Leung is an all-star transition player with a ton of speed and offensive capability. Bremner is a gritty goal-scorer with a great shot, unafraid to take a knock in the dirty areas. “The game today is all about speed and athleticism, and Leung brings that in spades,” Welch said. “We would’ve liked Casey too. Obviously he wasn’t available to us. Our choice was Leung or Bremner, to take nothing away from Bremner. He’s a bright young player, with a gritty low post game. “Leung’s been a call-up to the (senior) Shamrocks the last couple of years, and has been identified for a while as a blue chip prospect.” Going first overall was another transition player, Travis Cornwall, selected by the senior Coquitlam Adanacs from the

Local Dining in



Buffet all day ~ 11am to 8:30pm

Raymonds Restaurant

212-815 Cloverdale

next to Michael’s


Greg Sakaki/Black Press

Junior Shamrocks player Luke Acton was selected to the Nanaimo Timbermen in the sixth round of the WLA entry draft, held in Burnaby on Monday (Feb. 6). junior Adanacs. Picking second and third, the Burnaby Lakers doubled up on Jacksons, taking Jackson Decker from the Jr. Lakers and one-time Jr. Shamrock Casey Jackson from Coquitlam, respectively. The Shamrocks were without a pick in the second round but chose twice in the third, taking Michael Krgovich from the Jr. Adanacs and Mitch McLaren from the Saanich Jr. B Tigers. “We couldn’t let Krgovich fall any further in the draft with that type of pedigree,” Welch said. “We know there’s a chance Krgovich will take a year or two off of lacrosse. But he was the captain of Minto Cup finalist Adanacs in 2011, a major responsibility under (Ads) coach Curt Malawsky, and we like that.” McLaren was once in the pipeline for a junior-A career but fell out of favour due to philosophical differences with his junior-A team, Welch said. Leung and McLaren are differ-



Take Out or Eat In Menu Daily Lunch & Dinner Buffet

Combination Dinners for 1 to 8 Seafood and Deluxe Dishes Licenced Premises Open 11 a.m.- 10 p.m. daily Free Home Delivery with min. $20 order 90 Gorge Rd. West


ent players who will both have a chance to step into the transition role as rookie stud Andrew Suitor has committed to playing in his native Ontario after one year in Victoria. “We think (McLaren’s) one of the top defensive transition guys in the draft, a guy that can bring some of the things we lose with Suitor. He’s not a pugilistic player but is a battler and feisty player.” The Shamrocks picked up a pair of Claremont graduates in the fourth round who went elsewhere for junior-A, Asahel Beaudet from Nanaimo and Steve Higgs from the Delta Islanders. Late in the draft, Victoria products Jake Ryan and Liam Kelly were taken. The Rocks’ last pick was Jr. Shamrocks defender of the year in 2011, Austin Powell, who hails from San Diego and plays NCAA lacrosse with Leung for Bellarmine University in Kentucky. Nanaimo selected Victoria’s Tyler Matheson in the second round. The Jr. Shamrocks grad gets a chance to reunite with Bremner. The two were once junior-A hockey teammates with the Victoria Grizzlies.

JAMES Drop by the JBI Pub and BAY INN Restaurant and enjoy a THE

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250-384-7151 270 Government Street

GOLDSTREAM NEWS NEWS GAZETTE GAZETTE -- Friday, Friday, February 10, 2012 GOLDSTREAM February 10, 2012 • A17 • A17


VALENTINE’S DAY DINNER and/ at the Langford or dance a 761 Station Ave., Feb. Legion, 7 Dinner-dance, $25, 6:45 11. Dinne Dancing only $10 from 8 p.m. Danc to 11 p.m. p.m with the Maxx band. PACIFIC MOBILE DEPOTS plastics, Styrofoam recycling, Feb. 11, 9 a.m. to noon, Belmont secondary, 3067 Jacklin Rd. See www. FOLK, BLUES MUSICIAN Dave Gallant performs at Highlands Coffehouse, Caleb Pike House, 1589 Millstream Rd., Feb. 11, 7:30 p.m. Entry $5.


WESTSHORE WARRIORS YOUTH football open house at Wishart school, Feb. 12, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Youth born 1998-2004 are welcome to try football skills and drills. See www.


LITERARY SPEED DATING: Find your valentine at the Juan de Fuca branch library, Feb. 14, 7 to 8:30 p.m. For singles aged 25 to 40. Register online at LANGFORD WOMENS INSTITUTE meets Feb. 14, 1 p.m. Call Josie at 250-478-1900 for more information.

KNITTING CAFE AT Metchosin Community House, Feb. 14, 1 to 2 p.m. Teach or learn how to knit. 4430 Happy Valley Rd.


COLWOOD COUNCIL, FEB. 13, 7 p.m. METCHOSIN PARKS, HIGHWAYS committees, Feb. 13, 7 p.m. HIGHLANDS COMMITTEE OF the whole, Feb. 13, 7 p.m. LANGFORD PARKS AND rec committee, Feb. 13, 5 p.m. LANGFORD PLANNING AND zoning committee, Feb. 13, 7 p.m. VIEW ROYAL COMMITTEE of the whole, Feb. 14, 3:30, 7 p.m. Non-profit groups can submit events to calendar@gold-

Habitat project a first for West Coast navy Continued from Page A1

“Rock is ideal for habitat. It’s stable, long lasting, is minimally affected by weather,” he said. The reef sizes and locations were chosen to maintain safe ship navigation, and that the seafloor in the reef areas is muddy and sandy, while being close to existing kelp beds. Foundation Environmental estimates the rocky mounds will create 11,000 square metres of new habitat. “We wanted areas that could be maintained in perpetuity,

areas optimal for rocky reef habitat. We placed them in areas that appear less productive,” Waters said. “Creating marine habitat it will provide foraging areas for fish, areas to escape predation, attachment for kelp. It will hopefully enhance the ecology of Esquimalt harbour.” If work around existing navy jetties damages more marine habitat than created from the new reefs, Waters said DND will need to fund more reefs. This is the first time, at least on the West Coast, the navy has cre-

ated rocky reefs specifically for marine habitat. “The navy obviously has a strong presence in the marine environment,” said base spokesperson Lieut. Michael McWhinney. “Part of our leadership priorities is to minimize the impact on the environment and improve on conditions.” Major projects at CFB Esquimalt with the potential to impact marine habitat include the continued modernization of the Fleet Maintenance Facility, a $607-million project to replace dozens of obsolete buildings.

In Timbits Hockey, kids learn that there’s more to hockey than just playing the game. It’s also a fun way to make new friends and discover a love for the game. Tim Hortons is proud to support the over 500 boys and girls playing Timbits Hockey in arenas across Victoria. Timbits Hockey, where the first goal is having fun.

© Tim Hortons, 2007


Make Your Home Safe for Independent Living Are you a low-income senior or a person with a disability who wants to live safely and independently in the comfort of your home? Do you have difficulty performing day-to-day activities? Does your home need to be adapted to meet your changing needs? If so, you may be eligible for financial assistance under the Home Adaptations for Independence (HAFI) program. Find out today if you are eligible and if you meet all of the requirements as a low-income homeowner or as a landlord applying on behalf of an eligible tenant.

To apply or learn more, visit You can also contact BC Housing at 604-646-7055


New program helps seniors, people with disabilities modify homes Would a new ramp, handrails or walk-in shower help you maintain your independence at home? BC Housing’s new Home Adaptations for Independence (HAFI) program helps low-income B.C. seniors and people with disabilities make home modifications that will allow them to continue living at home. Through HAFI, homeowners and landlords with eligible tenants can apply for financial assistance of up to $20,000 for improvements that The new Home Adaptations for Independence (HAFI) program helps low-income make their home more accessible B.C. seniors and people with disabilities make home modifications for safe, and safe. accessible and independent living. The goal of the program is to enable people who have physical furnaces, or maintenance work. income and house value limits for limitations to live at home longer. Launched in January 2012, HAFI is your area when you apply. People’s physical needs change funded by the Government of CanThe program is open to both over time – sometimes, a small ada and the Province homeowners and those improvement to a home can make of British Columbia living in market rental the difference between being able through the Canadaaccommodation where to live independently or not. B.C. Affordable Housrents are at the low Homeowner OfficeThrough ing Initiative. end of market levels; Types of eligible projects include: Protection the HAFI program, $15 landlords must apply Make Your Home Safe for Independent Living • Handrails in hallways or million in grants or for improvements on Woman Walker stairways, forgivable loans will be behalf of eligible • Ramps for ease of access, distributed to qualifytenants. • Easy-to-reach work or storage Publication: Black Community Papers ing Press B.C. residents over Eligibility requireareas in the kitchen, 27 papers across BC the next three years. ments, an application • Lever handles on doors, dates: various FebTo 7-10, 2012 qualify for asguide and application • Walk-in showers with grab forms are available position: Forward sistance News from HAFI, bars, and recipients must be at www.bchousing. • Bathtub grab-bars and seats. a low-income senior or person org/HAFI, by calling BC Housing at 300 dpi, black and white The projects must be permanent with a disability, a Canadian citizen 604-646-7055, by emailing hafi@ st deadline: Februaryor1 landed , 2012immigrant, and a B.C. and fixed to the home, although, or visiting any BC 7” (no bleeds) exceptions can be size: made 5” for xequipresident. Someone in the household Housing office. For those outside the ment that gives access to an existmust have a permanent disability or Lower Mainland, you can also call ing part of the home ( a bath loss of ability that makes it difficult BC Housing toll free at 1-800-407email lift). The program subject will not cover perform day-to-day 7757 extension 7055. line: HPO to HAFI ad for variousactivities. papersAs supportive care, portable aids such well, the total household income For more information about the as walkers, household appliances, and assets must be below a certain program, visit 11-064 emergency repairs Ad: to roofs and limit. BC Housing can tell you the HAFI.

A18 • A18


7EDNESDAYĂĽ%DITIONĂĽ 8PSE"ET-ONDAYxxAM %JTQMBZ"ET&RIDAYxx AM &RIDAYĂĽ%DITION 8PSE"ET7EDNESDAYxxPM %JTQMBZ"ETx4UESDAYxxAM -!*/2ĂĽ#!4%'/2)%3ĂĽ ).ĂĽ/2$%2ĂĽ/&ĂĽ !00%!2!.#% &!-),9x!../5.#%-%.43 #/--5.)49x !../5.#%-%.43 42!6%, #(),$2%. %-0,/9-%.4 0%23/.!,x3%26)#%3 "53).%33x3%26)#%3x 0%43xx,)6%34/#+ -%2#(!.$)3%x&/2x3!,% 2%!,x%34!4% 2%.4!,3 !54/-/4)6% -!2).%



$)3#2)-).!4/29 ,%')3,!4)/.





Friday, February 2012 - GOLDSTREAM Fri, Feb10, 10, 2012, GoldstreamNEWS News GAZETTE Gazette







Medical Care

Woodlands Park Enterprises Ltd.

Recently I had to go to emergency at VGH. I cannot say enough on how well I was treated, from the Paramedics, many Dr’s, nurses and staff who all took care of me. And to the 4th floor, I am grateful for the excellent care I received. Many Thanks from room 18 and 420. E. Sumner

COMING EVENTS CALL FOR ENTRIES 10TH ANNUAL Kitty Coleman Woodland Art & Bloom Festival. Fine Art and Quality Crafts Juried Show. Presented in a spectacular outdoor setting May 19,20, 21 Applications for Artisans are available at or phone 250-338-6901


is giving notice of dispursement of a Manufactured Home owned by John Charles Andrew, a 1969 Diplomat, located at site #30-848 Hockley Avenue in Langford. Anyone with a Registered Financial Statement in the personal property registry or claims an interest in the property can contact the manager at the Park.

LONG BEACH - Ucluelet Deluxe waterfront cabin, sleeps 6, BBQ.Storm watchers 2 nights $239 / 3 nights $299. Pets Okay. Rick 604-306-0891



Mature persons with car or truck to deliver Telus Yellow Pages in Victoria, Langford, Sidney, and Sooke areas.

RS Restorations Services is seeking

FOUND: PAIR of black framed glasses, Blanshard/Pandora, Feb. 5. Call 250-381-0210.

an experienced Full Time Executive Assistant. Duties vary but include Data Entry, AR/AP, Reception and general office duties. Experience with Simply Accounting, multi line switchboard and Microsoft Office an asset. Excellent communication skills, attention to detail and accuracy are essential. Please forward resume and references to:

LOST LADIES single black glove, Thursday Feb 2 between Bay Centre & Library. Call (250)208-4211.

Successful applicants will be notified for an interview promptly.



PERSONALS HOT GUYS! HOT CHAT! HOT FUN! Try Free! Call 250220-3334 or 800-777-8000.





Opportunity also exists for:

FUNDRAISER Clubs, Charitable Organizations, Schools / Church Groups, Sport Teams or Individuals! EARN MONEY delivering the Telus Yellow Pages in the Victoria, Langford, Sidney and Sooke areas. No selling involved. Call, fax or visit online for more info.


Summer Intern

Black Press – Victoria Black Press-Vancouver Island requires a temporary full-time summer intern for its Victoria-based community newspapers. The job term runs for 13 weeks from June through to the end of August. The successful candidate will do general assignment reporting and photography. Night and weekend work is involved and a valid driver’s licence and car is mandatory.

QualiďŹ cations This position is open to students and recent graduates (within the last year or two) who are ambitious and who have a strong work ethic and a passion for journalism. QualiďŹ cations include a ďŹ rm grasp of grammar, spelling and newspaper style. Previous reporting experience is an asset. The student is expected to be web savvy, both in their use of social media as a reporting tool, and their ability to tell stories in a multi-platform environment, using video, podcasting and other tools. Interested candidates should send resume, clippings and cover letter by Feb. 29, 2012 to: Kevin Laird Editorial Director-Greater Victoria Black Press 818 Broughton Street Victoria, B.C. V8W 1E4 or e-mail: Thank you for your interest. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

to Every Hunter in BC! Advertise in The BC Hunting Regulations Synopsis 2012-2014 publication. Increased circulation 250,000 copies! Tremendous Reach, Two Year Edition! Contact Annemarie at 1 800 661 6335 or Be Your Own Boss! Attention Locals! People req. to work from home online. Earn $500$4500+ P/T or F/T. Toll Free 1.877.880.8843 leave mess. DRIVERS/COURIER/ TRUCKING

DRIVERS NEEDED Part time and Full time. Requires Class 4 DL, Chauffeur’s permit. Call Bluebird Cabs 250-414-6239.

EDUCATION/TRADE SCHOOLS Become a Psychiatric Nurse - train locally via distance education, local and/or regional clinical placements and some regional classroom delivery. Wages start at $30.79/hr to $40.42/hr. This 23 month program is recognized by the CRPNBC. Gov’t funding may be available. Toll-free 1-87-STENBERG

HELP WANTED An earthmoving company based in Edson Alberta requires a full time Heavy Duty Mechanic for field and shop work. We require Cat Dozer/Deere excavator experience. You will work a set schedule for days on and off. Call Lloyd @ 780723-5051 MAINTENANCE/LOADER OPERATOR NEEDED This is a fulltime, permanent position starting immediately at our plant in Princeton, BC. Minimum of 10 years maintenance experience required on a variety of production and mobile equipment. Experience in a post mill, or small to medium size sawmill preferred. Must be able to handle a variety of tasks, work well with minimum supervision and be part of the team. Please submit resumes by fax 250295-7912 or email




GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420.



Guaranteed Record Removal since 1989. Confidential, Fast, & Affordable. Our A+BBB Rating assures EMPLOYMENT & TRAVEL FREEDOM. Call for FREE INFO. BOOKLET

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Fax: 1-604-420-4958 or

DIRECT SALES REPRESENTATIVES. Canada’s premiere home automation and Security Company is NOW hiring AprilAugust. No experience necessary. Travel Required. E-mail resume: Visit:

Antiques, books, collectibles, furniture, china, jewelry. Estates/private libraries purchased.


Mon.- Fri. 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.

PDC Logistics Tel: 1-800-663-4383

Galleon Books & Antiques


DIGITAL PHOTO retouch, editing, add/remove objects/people. Tribute posters, home movies to CD/DVD. 250-4753332.

FOR SALE BY OWNER MOBILE HOME 55+ move in ready, many upgrades. (250)652-6782.

HOUSES FOR SALE CORDOVA BAY (near Matticks Farm/Golf). Appraised at $615,000. 3 bdrm, 3 bath, water view, clean, good condition, recent upgrades, (suite $800). Quick sale, realtor protected. Open house: Sat & Sun, 2pm-4pm weekly. 5177 Lochside Drive. 778-432-0776 Email:

APPLIANCES WANTED: CLEAN fridge’s, upright freezers, 24� stoves, portable dishwashers, less than 15 yrs old. McFarland Industries, (250)885-4531.





METAL ROOFING & siding sales. Seconds avail. Custom roof Flashings. 250-544-3106. THE LEMARE GROUP has an opening for an Administrative Assistant/Receptionist. This is a permanent fulltime position located in Port McNeill. The position requires organization, accuracy and multitasking. Must be friendly, energetic and proficient with switchboards/computers. Full benefit package. Fax resumes to 250-9564888 or email: PROCESSOR OPERATOR WANTED To run a Waratah dangle head on a Volvo carrier. Work on site in our post and rail yard in Princeton, BC. Great working conditions, competitive wages, benefits, profit sharing, 10 hour days, 4 days a week. This is a fulltime permanent position. Fax your resume to 250-2957912 or email

WANTED: Trained Hairdressers, Male or Female for Salons in Grand Prairie, Alberta & area. 780-933-1236 HAIR 4 U


FREE ITEMS FREE UTILITY truck, wired/lights. Call (250)4798993.

FRIENDLY FRANK LEXMARK PRINTER still in box, $99. Call (250)721-0308. VALUABLE LADIES Swiss watch, under guarantee, $70 obo. Call 250-590-2430. VHS TAPES recordable (100), used once, $30 (all). Call 250388-3572. VILAS LOVESEAT, excellent condition, beige background, $95. Call (250)592-8509. WOOD DESK with 3 drawers, mahogany colour, $99. Call 250-370-9515.

FUEL/FIREWOOD ARBUTUS, CYPRESS, fir, hardwoods. Seasoned. Call 250-661-7391. SEASONED FIREWOOD Vancouver Island’s largest firewood producer offers firewood legally obtained during forest restoration, large cords. Help restore your forest, 1-877-902-WOOD.

FURNITURE MODERN EXEC. Run-off desk w/round table section $150. Buff/hutch $350. 2 tall book units w/cupboards $80 ea. Excellent cond. (250)478-8702

MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE BUY WATKINS Products at Market Every Sunday 10-3. 679 Goldstream Ave. 250 217-8480. HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837


WE BUY HOUSES Damaged House? Pretty House? Moving? Divorcing? Estate Sale? We will Buy your House Quick Cash & Private. Mortgage Too High and House won’t sell? Can’t make payments? We will Lease Your House, Make your Payments and Buy it Later!

Call: 1-250-616-9053


GOLDSTREAM NEWS GAZETTE February Goldstream News Gazette Fri,- Friday, Feb 10, 201210, 2012  REAL ESTATE














SIDNEY CHARMING garden cottage, sea view & beach access on bus route to Sidney & Victoria, close to ferries & airport. Totally renovated, w/beautiful fir floors, 1 bdrm (fits queen or smaller), 1 bath, open kitchen/dining & living area, 4 appls, off street prkg. $1000. NP/NS. Opportunity to garden. Avail March 1. Prefer long term. 250-656-3003.

BRENTWOODBRIGHT, quiet, 1 bdrm garden suite, priv entrance, W/D. NS/NP. $850 inclds inter-net & phone. (250)652-6264.

SOOKE. BEAUTIFUL New Townhouse for rent. 3 Bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, 6 appliances. Garage & Driveway. 10 min walk to town core, on bus route. Private, cozy backyard. Small pets considered. $1350/mth, incl. garbage. Ph. 250-642-4952 or 250-8800110.

2007 CUSTOM Chev HHR. Excellent condition. Loaded. White. 119,000 km, mostly hwy driven. On-Star. $11,900 firm. 250-755-5191.

SAVE ON COMMISSION Sell your home for $6900 or 1% plus $900 fees FULL MLS SERVICE!

DUPLEXES/4PLEXES SOOKE, 3 bdrm, 4-plex, $750 mo, on bus route, nice deck, yard. Call 250-478-2450.

CALL: 250-727-8437

Jasmine Parsons



Find us online at www. bcclassified. com

SIDNEY: FURNISHED Deluxe suite, newer. Walk to ocean & town. All incl. 250-656-8080.


COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL 500 SQ.FT. Commercial/retail. 350 Marigold, high traffic areacomputer repair, convenience store,esthetic salon, etc. Avail. asap. $1500.(250)857-6677.

COLWOOD, 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath. 2 level home with an exceptional view. Mins to elem & sec schools. On bus route. Walk to beach & Royal Roads. N/S. Pets neg. $1900 mo + utils. Call 250-478-8146. SOINTULA, (N. Island) ocean front/view suites/all inclusive. Weekly, monthly, $200 week. (250)230-6722


CORDOVA BAY- 2 bdrms, W/D, hydro incld. Avail Mar 1. $945/mo. (250)658-4760. ESQ/GORGE, BRIGHT spacious, 2 bdrm grd level, on bus route, laundry, lrg fenced yard, N/S, N/P. $1100 mo incls all utils. Avail now. 250-384-5466 GLANFORD: FEB. 15. 1100 sqft 2 bdrm, quiet/bright. Reno kitch & bdrm closet. w/d, full bath, storage, priv entr., sm yrd, near bus, amens. NS/NP, $1030, ht, h/w, hydro/internet incl’d. Refs. 250-704-0197 GORDON HEAD- (close to Uvic) 2 bdrm, W/D, hydro, water incld. N/S. $1000. Avail Mar 1, Apr 1. (250)477-3434. LANGFORD: 1 bdrm, main floor, W/D, NS/NP. $800 incld’s utils. (250)220-8750. LANGFORD (Costco). Bus, shops, school. 2 Bdrm suite, yard, 4 appls, water incl, shared laundry, $1100 + utils. NS/NP. Mar 1. (250)881-2283 SOOKE/METCHOSIN, furn’d, open concept, utils/TV/internet incl’d, $950 mo, 250-642-5859

TOWNHOUSES SIDNEY: NEW, 3 bdrm + den, laundry, NS/NP, $1700. Avail Apr. 1. Call 250-217-4060.

TRANSPORTATION AUTO FINANCING DreamCatcher Auto Loans “0” Down, Bankruptcy OK Cash Back ! 15 min Approvals




1992 TRAVELAIRE. Bright, clean, sleeps 4. Immaculate condition. Full shower with skylight, generator, air conditioning, 91,000 km. $16,500. (250) 743-6036

SCRAP CAR REMOVAL SCRAP BATTERIES Wanted We buy scrap batteries from cars, trucks & heavy equip. $4.00 & up each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Minimum 10. Toll Free 1.877.334.2288.




FOR ALL VEHICLES in all conditions in all locations


$0-$1000 CASH

For Junk Cars/Trucks

Will tow away any car or truck in 45 mins. FREE!

Call us first & last, we pay the highest fair price for all dead & dying vehicles. Don’t get pimped, junked or otherwise chumped! ISLAND AUTO Body, Paint & Upholstery. 25 yrs. 1210 Stelly’s X Road. 250-881-4862. 250-588-7172

toll free 1-888-588-7172 2002 FORD 150 Pick-up- 4 WD, excellent condition. (250)592-1620, evenings.



GOLDSTREAM, (SINGLE) 1400sq ft, furn., deck & yard, lndry, hi-def TV, own bath. $650 inclusive. (250)884-0091

CLASSIFIED ADS WORK! Call 250.388.3535

1994 BMW 325i- 4 door, power everything, sun roof, 6 pack CD changer, 210,000 miles. $2500 obo. (250)896-5065.


UTILITY TRAILER, 4’ x 8’ x 16”, removable cover, $500. Call 250-391-1999.


















CARPENTRY, DRYWALL, kitch/bath, wood floor, tiles, plumbing, renos 250-213-6877

SEPTIC SYSTEMS. Bobcat Services, Mini Excavator, Full Size Excavator, top soil/gravel. Call 250-474-7384.

GUTTER CLEANING, repairs, de-mossing. Windows, power washing. 250-478-6323. GUTTER CLEANING. Repairs, Maintenance, Gutterguard, Leaf traps. Grand Xterior Cleaning Services. WCB Insured. Call 250-380-7778. PERIMETER EXTERIORS. Gutter cleaning, repairs, upgrades & maintenance. WCB, Free est. 250-881-2440.

CA$H for CAR$

Certified General Accountant Bookkeeping, Audit, Payroll, HST. Set up & Training. E-File


QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP (BBB) All reno’s, kitchen, bath, custom showers. Anything concrete. 250-658-2656.




DESIGN FOR PERMIT. w w w. i n t e gra d e s i g n i n c . c o m Call Steven (250) 381-4123.

BENOIT CONSTRUCTION. Reno’s & Additions. Windows, Doors, Decks. 250-479-0748. CUSTOM PLANER- (Fir, cedar) baseboards, casings, crown molding (any shape). Call (250)588-5920. QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP (BBB) All reno’s, kitchen, bath, custom showers. Anything concrete. 250-658-2656.

CHIMNEY SERVICES JKG ROOF. Chimney, Clean, De-moss, Repairs, New, Gutters, Flashing. 250-588-3744.

CLEANING SERVICES #1 CAREBEAR CLEANING. Earth friendly products. House, office & rental. Senior discount. $25hr. 250-217-5507 HOUSEKEEPER EXPERIENCED, reliable. References. 250-920-6516, 250-881-7444. SPOTLESS HOME Cleaning. Affordable, Experienced, Reliable, Efficient. (250)508-1018

COMPUTER SERVICES A HOME COMPUTER Coach. Senior friendly. Computer lessons, maintenance and problem solving. Des, 250-6569363, 250-727-5519. COMPUDOC MOBILE Computer Services. Repairs, tuneups, tutoring, web sites and more. Call 250-886-8053.

DRYWALL AARON’S RENO’S Drywall, taping, texture. Insured/bonded. Free est. 250-880-0525. DRYWALL PROFESSIONAL: Small additions, boarding, taping, repairs, texture spraying, consulting. Soundproof installation;bath/moisture resistance products. Call 250.384.5055. Petrucci’s Drywall.

ELECTRICAL 250-361-6193. QUALITY Electric. Reno’s plus. Visa accepted. Small jobs ok. #22779 AT&T ELECTRIC. Renovations. Residential & Commercial. Knob & tube replacement. #26125. (250)744-4550. KENDRA’S ELECTRICAL Co. #86952. No Job too Small. Kendra, 250-415-7991. LAKE ELECTRIC+20yrs exp., res/comm. & reno’s. Lic: 102849, call (778)679-1583. NORTHERN SUN Electric Comm/Res. $35/hr. Work Guaranteed. Any size job. (250)888-6160. Lic#13981. WATTS ON ELECTRIC, Residential, Commercial, Renovations. #100213. 250-418-1611.

EXCAVATING & DRAINAGE BUBBA’S HAULING. Mini excavator & bob cat services. Call 250-478-8858.

FENCING ALL TYPES of fencing, repairs. Reliable, on-time. Free estimates. Call 250-888-8637.

FURNITURE REFINISHING FURNITURE REFINISHING. Specializing in small items, end-tables, coffee tables, chairs. Free pick-up & delivery. References available. 250-475-1462.

GARDENING 20% OFF! Pruning, Hedge & Shrub Trimming, Soil/Mulch (2 cu yd), Hauling. 250-479-6495 ARE YOU in need of a professional, qualified, residential or commercial gardener? www. glenwood DPM SERVICES: lawn/gard, cleanups, pruning, hedges, landscapes, irrigation, pwr washing, gutters 15yrs. 250883-8141. OVERGROWN GARDEN? Cleanups. Pruning roses, fruit tree, hedges. John Kaiser 250-478-7314, 250-812-8236.

GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS A1 -AL’S V.I.P. Gutter Cleaning. Gutter guards, power washing, roof de-mossing, repairs, windows. Package deals! Insured. (250)507-6543.


THOROUGH JOB AT A FAIR PRICE! Repairs, gutter guard, power washing, window washing, roof de-mossing. Fully Insured. Free estimate.


HANDYPERSONS ALL, Repairs & Renovations Ben 250-884-6603 AL’S AVAILABLE to update your home. Kitchens, baths, basements, etc. Licensed & Insured. Al 250-415-1397. BEETLES RESIDENTIAL Renovations Ltd. Bathrooms, decks, painting, landscaping and handyman services. Fully insured and guaranteed. Free estimates. Call 250-889-4245. IFIX HANDYMAN Services. Household repairs and renovations. Free estimates. Call Denis at 250-634-8086 or email: SENIOR HANDYMANHousehold repairs. Will assist do-it yourselfers. Fred, 250888-5345.



✭BUBBA’’S HAULING✭ Honest & on time. Demolition, construction clean-ups, small load deliveries (sand, gravel, topsoil, mulch), garden waste removal, mini excavator, bob cat service.(250)478-8858. GARDEN CITY Green Hauling & Recycle. Chris, 250-2170062.

CBS MASONRY BBB A+. Chimney, Fireplaces, Rock, Flagstone, Concrete, Pavers, Repair, Rebuild, Renew. “Quality is our Guarantee.” Free Competitive Est’s. Call (250) 294-9942/589-9942. CLEAN-UP SPECIAL. You load bins, size 12 yard $100 plus dump fee or we do it all. Call 250-361-6164. FAMILY MAN Hauling. Prompt, Courteous. Call Chris for all your hauling needs. 250-920-8463.


ROMAX MASONRY. Exp’d & Professional. Chimneys, Brick Veneer, Rockwork, Cultured Stone, Interlocking Paving. Fully insured. Estimates. Call 250-588-9471 - 250-882-5181

MOVING & STORAGE 2 BURLEY MEN MOVING. $85/hr for 2 men (no before or after travel time charges on local moves. Please call Scott or Joshua, (250)686-6507. DIAMOND MOVING. 1 ton 2 ton, 5 ton. Prices starting at $75/hr. 250-220-0734. M&S OXFORD Home/Commercial Reno’s & Painting. Patio’s, Decks, Sheds, Hardwood and Trim. 25 yrs exp. Quality Guar. 250-213-5204.

HAULING AND SALVAGE #1 JUNK Removal & Hauling. Free estimates. Cheapest in town. Same day emergency removal. Call 250-818-4335. $20 & Up Garbage & Garden waste removal. Senior Disc. Free estimates. 250-812-2279.

CBS MASONRY BBB A+ Accredited Business. Chimneys, Fireplaces, Flagstone Rock, Concrete Pavers, Patios, Sidewalk Repair. Replace, Rebuild, Renew! “Quality is our Guarantee”. Free Competitive Estimates. Call (250)294-9942 or 250-589-9942.

SAVE-A-LOT HAULING Furniture, appliance, garden waste, we take it all! Always lowest rate, senior discount. Brad 250-217-9578. PARRY’S HAULING We haul it all - FREE estimates. Call Shawn 250-812-7774


QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP (BBB) All reno’s, kitchen, bath, custom showers. Anything concrete. 250-658-2656. RENOS BY Don, 25 yrs exp. New, renos, repairs, decks, fencing, bathrooms, kitchens. Senior discounts. Licensed, Insured, WCB, 250-588-1545.

LANDSCAPING AURICLE Lawns- cln up lawn garden hedge pruning soil tests & fertilize. (250)882-3129

PAINTING A PROFESSIONAL Woman painter. Karen Bales Painting & Wallcoverings. Over 25 yrs exp. Free est. 250-514-5220. YOUR PERSONAL Interior Painter. No Job too Big or Too Small. Call Gilbert today for free quote. (250)886-6446.


Use our community classifieds Service Directory to find an expert in your community


A20 • A20

Friday, February 10, 2012 - GOLDSTREAM

NEWS GAZETTE Fri, Feb 10, 2012, Goldstream News Gazette









Peacock Painting

EXPERIENCED JOURNEYMAN Plumber. Renos, New Construction & Service. Fair rates. Insured. Reliable, friendly. Great references. Call Mike at KNA (250)880-0104.

PRICED BY the job. No surprises. Guaranteed. 25 yrs, 2nd generation Master Plumber. 778-922-0334 Visa/MC.

SHORELINE ROOFING. Reroofing specialist. WCB/BBB member. Quality & satisfaction guaranteed. 250-413-7967.

KERRY’S GAS & PLUMBING SERVICESRepair, maintenance & install. 250-360-7663.


PRESSURE WASHING DRIVEWAYS, WALKWAYS, Decks, etc. Reasonable rates. 250-744-8588, Norm.

Give them power. Give them confidence Give them control.

Today’s Solution




TILING A1. SHAWN The Tile GuyRes/ Comm/ Custom/ Renos. 250-686-6046



WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15 2 - 4 PM James Bay New Horizons Centre 234 Menzies St., Victoria

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16 10:00 AM - NOON Sidney by the Pier Hotel 9805 Seaport Place, Sidney Call Toll-Free


A Division of Mandate Tours

WINDOW CLEANING DAVE’S WINDOW Cleaning. Windows, Gutters, Sweeping Roofs, Pressure Washing, Roof Demossing. Call 250361-6190.



LOCAL TREE CO. 30 yrs exp. Bucket truck, chipper. We buy logs. Insured. (250)883-2911.


UPHOLSTERY UPHOLSTERER work. Your fabric 250-480-7937.


NEEDS mine.

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GLEAMING WINDOWS Gutters+De-moss, Pwr Wash. 18 yrs. Brian, 514-7079. WCB.

Call 310.3535

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Crossword ACROSS 1. Wolf groups 6. Liquid propane gas (abbr.) 9. Liz’s 3rd husband Mike 13. Quickly, rapidly 14. Ventured into the unknown 16. 2 floor rental 18. Point midway between S and SE 19. Jells 20. Syringe 21. Greek god of the woods 22. Of I 23. A way of cutting 26. Italian cheese city 29. Detailed design criteria for a piece of work 31. Expressed pleasure 33. Swiss river 35. Harmless cyst 36. Angry 37. Airtight metal food container

38. Cowboy star Autry 40. Jupiter’s closest satellite 42. Greek goddess of youth 43. Grass spikelet bracts 45. Gazes 47. Used to chop 48. Escape to avoid arrest 49. Imitators 51. Air pollution 53. Engine additive 56. One who comments on events of the day 60. In a way, pardoned 61. Lizard of the family Agamidae 62. ____ ‘n boots 63. A lumberman’s tool 64. Full of conversation DOWN 1. Blouse shoulder shapers

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PROF & custom installs of floor & wall tiles. Heated flooring, Custom Showers. Reno’s, new constr. Bob 250-812-7448

IIn your community i newspapers

To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every number 1 to 9 must appear in: • Each of the nine vertical columns • Each of the nine horizontal rows • Each of the nine 3 x 3 boxes

Remember no number can occur more than once in any row, column or box.

PATCHES, ADDITIONS, restucco, renos, chimney, waterproofing. Bob, 250-642-5178.




FREE ESTIMATES. Reasonable. Reliable. No job too small. Call 250-388-5544.

PATCHES,Drywall, skimming, old world texturing, coves, fireplaces. Bob, 250-642-5178.









250-652-2255 250-882-2254

FELIX PLUMBING. Over 35 years experience. Reasonable rates. Call 250-514-2376.


2. European swift genus 3. Cod or Good Hope 4. Kilocalorie (abbr.) 5. Teetertotter 6. Kissing tools 7. Bluegrass genus 8. Gonadotropin releasing hormone (abbr.) 9. Poster paint 10. Chocolate cookie with white cream filling 11. The shelter of wild animals 12. Insecticide 14. Mrs. Nixon 15. Plural of etymon 17. 45385 Ohio 21. Political action committee 23. Plants of the genus Cassia 24. Personal identifier 25. Indian stairways to water 26. Palladium 27. Staffs

28. United ____ Emirates 29. Sine wave generator (abbr.) 30. Look furtively 32. Copyread 34. Midway between NE and E 39. Passes, as of time 40. One thousandth of an ampere 41. Hairdresser’s shop 42. A skirt’s finished edge 44. Company officers 46. Shaggy or unkempt 49. Slender grass appendages 50. Drunkards 51. Smallest merganser 52. ___ student, learns healing 53. Pierce with a knife 54. Burial vault 55. Address a diety 56. Take a siesta 57. Australian flightless bird 58. Actress Farrow 59. Honorable title (Turkish)

Page 38 week 9, 2012 Estate Victoria GOLDSTREAM NEWSbeginning GAZETTE -February Friday, February 10, 2012Real 

Select your home. Select your mortgage. Oak Bay 250-370-7601 Victoria 250-483-1360 Westshore 250-391-2933 Sidney 250-655-0632 Chatterton Way 250-479-0688

This Weekend’s


Published Every Thursday

56 Gorge Rd E, $489,000

Sunday 2-4 Sutton Group West Coast Realty Shelly Reed, 250-213-7444 Saturday 1-4 Sutton Group West Coast Lynn MacDonald 250 479-3333

Sunday 2-4 Boorman’s Real Estate Rod Hay, 250-595-1535

pg. 18

1446 Fairfield, $869,000 Saturday & Sunday 3-4 Pemberton Holmes Stacey Dewhurst 250 384-8124

pg. 19

4-1065 Collinson, $449,000 Saturday 1-3 Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty Shaunna Jones, 250-888-4628

Saturday & Sunday 1-3 Re/Max Camosun John Percy 250 744-3301

pg. 18

Saturday & Sunday 1-4 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Murray Lawson 250 385-9814

pg. 11

Sunday 2-4 Sutton Group West Coast Realty Fred Lerch, 250-889-2528

pg. 18

Saturday 2-4 Re/Max Camosun Mette Pedersen, 250 744-3301

pg. 6

Saturday & Sunday 1-3 DFH Real Estate Cassie Kangas 250 477-7291

pg. 20

Saturday 2:30-4 Address Realty Ltd. Mike Chubey, 250-391-1893

pg. 15

1643 St Francis Wood, $849,900 Sunday 2-4 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Sharen Warde 250 592-4422

pg. 9

pg. 19

Saturday & Sunday 2-4 Burr Properties Ltd. Angela Marie, 604-355-6048 Daily exc Fri 12-5 Sotheby’s International Realty Scott Piercy, 250-812-7212

pg. 13

Saturday 2-4 Pemberton Holmes Jim Reslein, 250-216-6967

pg. 15

pg. 15

pg. 11

Saturday 2-4 Holmes Realty Michele Holmes, 250-656-0911

pg. 37

pg. 15

4-407 William, $499,800

301-520 Foster St., $224,900

Sunday 2-4 Sutton West Coast Hiro Nakatani 250 661-4476

Saturday 2-4 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Rosemarie Colterman 250 384-7663

Saturday & Sunday 2-4 Newport Realty Blair Watling 250 385-2033

pg. 19

pg. 14

pg. 12

pg. 41

pg. 43

pg. 15

Sunday 2-4 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Mark McDougall 250 888-8588

Saturday 2-4 Holmes Realty Michele Holmes, 250-656-0911

Sunday 2-4 Century 21 Queenswood Realty Luisa Celis, 250-477-1100

pg. 20

pg. 20

pg. 36

pg. 10

pg. 36

pg. 36

Saturday 1-3 Re/Max Camosun Judy Campbell 250 744-3301

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 1-4 Pemberton Holmes Nicole Burgess 250 384-8124

Saturday 2-4 Century 21 Queenswood Ruth Stark 250 477-1100

pg. 43

pg. 21

pg. 15

pg. 15

Saturday & Sunday 2-4 Newport Realty Dave Hillmer 250 385-2033

Saturday 2-4 Century 21 Queenswood Realty Luisa Celis, 250-477-1100

Saturday 2-4 DFH Real Estate Ltd. Philip Illingworth, 250-477-7291

Saturday & Sunday 2-4 Jonesco Real Estate Roger Jones 250 361-9838

Saturday 2-4 Re/Max Alliance David Rusen, 250-386-8875

pg. 13

Sunday 12-4 Pemberton Holmes David Hale 250 595-3200

pg. 36

pg. 42

Saturday & Sunday 2-4 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Realty Jackie Adkins, 250-477-5353

pg. 13

pg. 17

pg. 5

pg. 22

Sunday 2-4 Macdonald Realty Ltd. Matthew Oldroyd, 250-388-5882 Saturday 2-4 Re/Max Camosun Keith Watson 250 744-3301

Sunday 1-3 Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty Cheri Crause, 250-592-4422

pg. 36

pg. 42

Saturday 2-4 Newport Realty Laurie Abram, 250-385-2033

pg. 15

Saturday 2-4 Holmes Realty Michele Holmes, 250-656-0911

pg. 37

Saturday & Sunday 2-4 RE/MAX Camosun Vinnie Gill, 250-744-3301

pg. 23

Sunday 2-4 Re/Max Camosun Deedrie Ballard 250-744-3301

pg. 6

Sunday 2-4 Address Realty Ltd. Patrick Achtzner, 250-391-1893

pg. 22

Saturday 2-4 RE/MAX Camosun Don Bellamy, 250-744-4777

pg. 22

Saturday & Sunday 1-3 Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty Don Beckner, 250-477-5353

pg. 10

225-3225 Eldon Pl pg. 12

Saturday 1-3 Pemberton Holmes Corie Meyer 250 384-8124

pg. 14

558 Carnation Pl, $335,000 pg. 23

Sunday 2-4 DFH Real Estate Ltd. Ted Tyrrell, 250-477-7291

pg. 5

982 Meadowview, $674,000 pg. 6

Sunday 2-4 Sutton Group West Coast Eamon Coll 250 479-3333

pg. 24

1255 Glynn, $529,000 pg. 44

4173 Buckingham, $684,000

Sunday 1-4 Sutton Group West Coast Eamon Coll 250 479-3333

pg. 24

453 Glendower, $1,149,500 pg. 22

2380 Queenswood, $1,295,000 Saturday 1-3 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Dave Lynn 250 592-4422

Sunday 1-3 DFH Real Estate Ltd. Joanne Brodersen, 250-477-7291

4752 Interurban, $699,000

302-898 Vernon, $299,900

pg. 23

3958 Hidden Oaks Pl

pg. 23

303-4030 Quadra, $289,000

Saturday 2-4 Pemberton Holmes David Scotney 250-384-8124

pg. 13

895 Kentwood Lane, $799,900 pg. 13

4942 Cordova Bay, $1,049,000

Sunday 2:30-4 Re/Max Camosun Kevin Koetke 250-478-9600

Saturday 2-4:30 Sutton Group West Coast Realty Jan Dickson, 250-418-5805

4190 Kashtan Pl, $529,900 pg. 23

401-1620 McKenzie Ave

Saturday 11-1 Newport Realty Fred Hiigli 250 385-2033

pg. 16

4-5110 Cordova Bay Rd., $525,000

1190 Maplegrove, $689,900 Sunday 11-1 Re/Max Camosun Bruce Hatter, 250-744-3301

Sunday 2-4 Macdonald Realty Jane Logan, 250-388-5882

3488 Bethune, $569,900

105-1505 Church, $225,000

Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 1-3 Pemberton Holmes Ltd Kevin Starling 250 889-4577

4028 Shelbourne St, 799,000

4582 Seawood Terr, $789,000 pg. 2

Saturday 1-3 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Cheryl Bejcar 250 592-4422

pg. 22

126-991 Cloverdale, $149,000

4424 Torquay, $499,900

Saturday 1-3 Boorman Real Estate Michael Boorman 250 595-1535

1086 Totemwood, $829,000 pg. 21

Saturday & Sunday 1-3 Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty May Hamilton, 250-477-5353

Saturday 11-1 One Percent Realty Valentino Prundaru 250-686-2242

909 Lucas Ave, $614,900

pg. 2

pg. 10

982 Taine, $528,000

1649 Cedar, $579,900

Saturday & Sunday 12-2 Address Realty Ltd. Mike Chubey, 250-391-1893

Saturday & Sunday 2-4 Boorman’s Rod Hay, 250-595-1535

Sunday 1-3 Pemberton Holmes Ltd Deborah Kline 250 661-7680

404-898 Vernon Ave, $244,900

360-4488 Chatterton pg. 14

102-820 Short

200-21 Conrad, $299,400 pg. 18

Sunday 2-4 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Mark McDougall 250 888-8588

309-1505 Church, $229,000

6 Governors Point pg. 19

pg. 6

Saturday & Sunday 2-4 Century 21 Queenswood Realty Jacqueline Sloan Morgan 250 477-1100 pg. 23

Saturday 2:30-4 One Percent Realty Guy Effler 250 812-4910

pg. 23

3-1040 Kenneth, $289,900

110-1505 Church Ave, $229,000 pg. 6

pg. 10

108-21 Conrad, $254,200 pg. 12

Saturday 1-3 DFH Real Estate Ltd. Jeff Bishop, 250-474-6003

306-520 Foster, $230,000

2073 Crescent Rd, $824,900

Sunday 12-4 Pemberton Holmes David Hale 250 595-3200

pg. 23

Saturday 2-4 Century 21 Queenswood Realty Chris Markham 250 477-1100

Saturday & Sunday 2-4 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Vicky Turner 250 592-4422

Saturday 2-4 Pemberton Holmes Murray Clodge 250-818-6146

306-3969 Shelbourne, $317,900

1900 San Juan pg. 37

934 Craigflower, $449,000

205-2125 Oak Bay, $348,000 Saturday 2-4 Sutton West Coast Hiro Nakatani 250 661-4476

pg. 23

3479 Bethune, $500,000 pg. 14

1366 Craigflower, $588,000

2040 Chaucer

Saturday & Sunday 2-4 DFH Real Estate Sandy McManus 250 477-7291

Sunday 2-4 Newport Realty Richard Severs 250 216-3178

pg. 22

4674 Lochside, $1,048,000

3955 Juan de Fuca, $899,900 pg. 42

305-1375 Newport, $519,900 Saturday 1-3 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Tom Croft 250 592-4422

pg. 23

704-2829 Arbutus Rd $519,900 pg. 41

520 Foster St., $199,900

1001 Foul Bay Rd, $860,000 Saturday 2-4 Macdonald Realty Ltd Eleanor V Smith 250 388-5882

Sunday 2-4 Century 21 Queenswood Ruth Stark 250 477-1100

Saturday 2-4 Century 21 Queenswood Realty Claire Yoo, 250-477-1100

4665 Amblewood, $819,900

5-1696 Pear, $639,000 pg. 36

1159 Heald Ave, $439,900

pg. 10

S1006-737 Humboldt St., $868,800 Saturday 1-3 Macdonald Realty Ltd. Lisa Nohr 250-882-0729

Sunday 2-4 DFH Real Estate Ltd. Steve Alford 250-477-7291

Sunday 1-3 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Tom Croft 250 592-4422

126-75 Songhees, $959,000

Sunday 2-4 Re/Max Camosun Adrian Langereis 250 514-0202

Saturday 2-4 Re/Max Camosun Adrian Langereis 250 514-0202

Saturday 1:30-3 RE/MAX Camosun Diana Devlin, 250-744-3301

Saturday & Sunday 2-4 Re/Max Camosun Lynne Sager 250 744-3301

pg. 13

462 Sturdee St

23-4391 Torquay, $398,800

604-75 Songhees, $698,000

Saturday & Sunday 2-4 Newport Realty Fred Hiigli 250 385-2033

207-935 Johnson, $321,888 Sunday 2-4 Re/Max Camosun Jenny Stoltz 250 744-3301

pg. 19

625 Cornwall, $599,000

704-647 Michigan, $189,000

pg. 20

3520 Upper Te

405-105 Gorge Rd E., $399,900

411-365 Waterfront, $449,900 Saturday 11-1 Newport Realty Mark Shepard 250-385-2033

pg. 36

1486 Dallas, $799,900

Saturday 2-4 DFH Real Estate Ltd. Rick Couvelier, 250-477-7291

Saturday 2-4 Sutton Group West Coast Realty Lorraine Williams, 250-216-3317

Saturday 1-3 Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty Cheri Crause, 250-592-4422 Sunday 1-3 DFH Real Estate Ltd Erin Kenny 250 477-7291

28-1880 Laval Ave, $619,000

5042 Wesley, $610,000 pg. 21

306-830 Esquimalt, $223,900

2065 Avondale

302-2747 Quadra, $224,900

301-225 Menzies

Saturday 2-4 Re/Max Camosun Karen Scott 250 744-3301

pg. 19

1005-225 Belleville, $649,900

206-1149 Rockland, $324,900

pg. 20

3155 Westdowne, $928,000

103-827 North Park, $244,900

834 Johnson, $349,000

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 2-4 Pemberton Holmes Allen Tepper 1-800-480-6788

Sunday 2-4 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Cheryl Laidlaw 250 474-4800

403-625 Admirals, $219,900

pg. 9

Saturday 1-3 Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty Rick Hoogendoorn, 250-592-4422

Saturday 1-4 Sutton Group West Coast Bill MacDonald 250 479-3333

1274 Vista Heights

Saturday 11-1 DFH Real Estate Ltd. Rick Couvelier, 250-477-7291

Saturday & Sunday 2-4 Sutton West Coast Realty Elke Pettipas 250 479-3333

Sunday 1-3 Macdonald Realty Scott Garman 250 896-7099

101-1360 Esquimalt, $254,000

233 Superior, $579,000

Sunday 1-4 Sutton Group West Coast Bill MacDonald 250 479-3333

5-2715 Shelbourne, $417,500 Saturday 1-3 DFH Real Estate Ltd Claire Helm 250 477-7291

pg. 18

3108 Mars St, $578,800

511-10 Paul Kane, $599,000 Saturday 1-3 Sutton West Coast Realty Elke Pettipas 250 479-3333

pg. 6

101-1235 Johnson, $328,000

Saturday 11-1 Macdonald Realty Scott Garman 250 896-7099

1906-620 Toronto St, $399,900

pg. 43

203-1120 Fairfield Rd, $395,000

1058 Summit

Saturday 2-4 One Percent Realty Valentino Prundaru 250-686-2242

309 Kingston, $769,000

Sunday 2-4 MacDonald Realty Lorraine Stundon 250 812-0642

301-380 Waterfront, $587,500

Saturday 2-4 RE/MAX Camosun Vinnie Gill, 250-744-3301

402-1055 Hillside, $237,000

pg. 37

307-797 Tyee Rd, $299,900

Sunday 1-3 Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty Gary Bazuik, 250-477-5353

1636 Pinewood Ave.

pg. 2

743 Rockheights Ave.

203-539 Niagara, $269,900

1121 Fort, $183,900

Saturday 1-3 Re/Max Camosun Shane King, 250-744-3301

3-828 Rupert Terrace

308-1505 Church, $199,900

pg. 13

2657 Cedar Hill Rd., $519,900 pg. 11

115-964 Heywood, $129,500

Daily exc Friday 2-4 Newport Realty Blair Watling 250 385-2033

5-675 Superior, $629,900

pg. 2

Feb. 9 - 15 edition of

1741 Ash, $644,900

23-60 Dallas, $474,900

407-455 Sitkum, $549,900

Saturday 2-4 Holmes Realty Michele Holmes, 250-656-0911 pg. 36

Saturday 1-4 RE/MAX Camosun Mark Lawless, 250-744-3301

603-1630 Quadra, $225,000

Saturday 2-4 Newport Realty Mark Shepard 250-385-2033

Sunday 12-4 Newport Realty John Monkhouse 250 385-2033

1020 Richardson

Saturday 1-3 Address Realty Ltd. Mike Chubey, 250-391-1893

Saturday 2-4 Cornerstone Properties Ltd Kevin Wensley 250 475-2006

2239 Shelbourne St, $384,000

301-21 Conard, $369,900

Saturday 1-3 DFH Real Estate Ltd. Bob Innes, 250-477-7291

503-1030 Yates St, $399,900 pg. 14

Check the page number below in Real Estate Victoria or visit

Find more details on the Open Houses below in the

1639 Pinewood, $649,000

109-11 Cooperage, $898,000


Sunday 1-3 Re/Max Camosun Shane King, 250-744-3301

17-478 Culduthel, $369,000 pg. 10

Saturday 1-2:30 DFH Real Estate Ltd Bob Innes, 250 477-7291

pg. 24

A22 • 4027 Britton, $619,000

Friday, February 10, 2012 - GOLDSTREAM

3-2654 Lancelot Pl, $579,000

Saturday 2-4 JonesCo Real Estate Inc. Ian Heath 250-655-7653

pg. 3

3290 Hazelwood Rd

Saturday 2-4 Re/Max Camosun Robert Nemish, 250-744-3301

pg. 5

1201 Millstream, $799,900

1159 Lucille

633 Jolly, $479,990

Saturday 2-4 Sutton West Coast Hiro Nakatani 250 661-4476

pg. 43

Sunday 1:30-3 RE/MAX Camosun Diana Devlin, 250-744-3301

pg. 42

1886 McTavish, $499,000 Sunday 2-4 DFH Real Estate Wendy Herrick 250-656-0131

2004 Frost W, $599,000

Sunday 2-4 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Realty Bill Chudyk 250 477-5353

304-2050 White Birch, $162,900 Saturday 1-3 Pemberton Holmes Ltd Barbara Ronald 250 744-8211

pg. 26

10141 Bowerbank Rd., $729,900 Saturday 1-3 Re/Max Camosun Craig Walters 250-655-0608

pg. 25

Sunday 2-4 Re/Max Camosun Bill Bird 250 655-0608

pg. 27

1-10036 Fifth, $599,000

1950 Polo Park Cl., $614,999

Sunday 2-4 Re/Max Camosun Gary Anderson 250 744-3301

pg. 30

302-1240 Verdier Ave, $352,700 Sunday 2-4 DFH Real Estate Robin Lewis, 250-656-0131

pg. 26

pg. 25

pg. 27

pg. 25

Sunday 2-4 Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty May Hamilton,250-477-5353

Sunday 2-4 DFH Real Estate Robin Lewis, 250-656-0131

Sunday 2-4 DFH Real Estate Ltd. Frances Wade, 250-656-0131

2051 Brethour Pkwy, $428,900

pg. 25

pg. 27

pg. 27

Saturday 1-3 Sutton Group West Coast Komal Dodd 250 479-3333

Saturday 1-3 Sutton Group West Coast Komal Dodd 250 479-3333

pg. 26

pg. 26

Saturday 12-2 Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty May Hamilton, 250-477-5353

pg. 27

2132 Brethour Pkwy.

Saturday 2-4 Pemberton Holmes Evelyn Brust, 250-384-8124

pg. 27

pg. 25

pg. 28

Saturday 12:30-2 Re/Max Camosun Kevin Koetke 250-478-9600

pg. 44

Saturday & Sunday 2:30-4:30 Pemberton Holmes Ltd Chris Marrie, 250 920-8463

pg. 27

Saturday 2:30-4 Re/Max Camosun Kevin Koetke 250-478-9600

Saturday & Sunday 1-3 Re/Max Alliance Karen Love, 250-386-8875

pg. 44

Saturday 2-4 Kroppmann Realty Hans Hegen 250-858-0424

pg. 28

pg. 15

pg. 28

pg. 9

662 Goldstream Ave., $219,900 pg. 26

pg. 11

3945 Olympic View Dr, $1,595,900 pg. 25

Saturday 2-4 Pemberton Holmes Brendan Herlihy, 250-642-3240

Saturday 1-3 Re/Max Camosun Shirley Zailo 250-478-4828

pg. 28

pg. 44

pg. 44

2433 Prospector Way, $665,000

Saturday 2-4 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Mark McDougall 250 888-8588

pg. 32

Saturday 2-4 Pemberton Holmes David Scotney, 250-384-8124

pg. 27

2390 Echo Valley Dr, $684,900

Daily 12-4 DFH Real Estate Ltd Mike Hartshorne 250 889-4445

pg. 28

Sunday 12-2 SmartMove Real Estate Blair Veenstra 250-360-6683

Saturday & Sunday 2-4 Re/Max Alliance Dennis Jabs, 250-882-7393

pg. 28

Sunriver, $297,900

Sunday 12-2 Re/Max Camosun Shirley Zailo 250-478-4828

pg. 29

Saturday - Thursday 11-4 Newport Realty Blair Watling 250 385-2033

pg. 30

7053 Maple Park, $488,000

Saturday 2:30-4 Re/Max Camosun Kevin Koetke 250-478-9600

pg. 44

Saturday 2-4 Sutton Group West Coast Realty Jan Dickson, 250-418-5805

pg. 6

Pemberton Holmes Ltd Daniela Novosadova 250 727-8567

pg. 5

Sunday 2-4 Pemberton Holmes Ltd Gregg Mah 250 384-8124

4235 Douglas Vale, $669,900

B-3295 Haida, $324,900 pg. 44

Sunday 12:30-2 Re/Max of Duncan Kim Johannsen 250 748-7200

Sunday 2-4 Pemberton Holmes Ltd Jim Reslein 250 384-8124

pg. 15

Saturday 2-4 Sutton Group West Coast Realty Zane Willis 250-479-3333

pg. 27

pg. 12

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 1-4 Re/Max of Duncan Kim Johannsen 250 748-7200




Sunday 2-4 Pemberton Holmes David Hale 250 595-3200

pg. 2

3431 Luxton, $699,900

Saturday & Sunday 1-3 Re/Max of Duncan Kim Johannsen 250 748-7200

pg. 29

Sunday 2:30-4 Re/Max of Duncan Kim Johannsen 250 748-7200



3993 Cedar Hill Road 250.721.1125

LANGFORD West Shore Town Centre 250.474.2291

ROYAL OAK 801 Royal Oak Drive 250.727.6561


On installation of ATE premium brake parts


VICTORIA 2959 Douglas Street 250.361.3152

VIEW ROYAL 1519 Admirals Road 250.381.5055



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Prices in effect from Friday, Feb. 10, 2012 to Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012

pg. 34

4467 Kingscote, $599,900

Sunday 2:30-4:30 Re/Max Camosun Shirley Zailo 250-478-4828

Visit us at today! SAVE

pg. 34

Westlock Rd, $169,900

563 Brant Pl., $599,500 pg. 28

pg. 34

Park Place, $370,000

2740 Sooke Rd., $359,900 pg. 29

pg. 31

pg. 40

On the search for a new home? CANADA’S

pg. 29

4556 Royal Island, $639,900 Saturday 1-3 DFH Real Estate Ltd. Tom Muir 250-477-7291

117-643 Granderson, $369,000

123-945 Bear Mountain, $515,000 Sunday 1-4 Sutton Group West Coast Lynn MacDonald 250 479-3333

Saturday 1-3 Sutton Group West Coast Komal Dodd 250 479-3333

408-2823 Jacklin, $309,000

3-515 Mount View, $320,000 Saturday 2-4 Macdonald Realty Scott Garman 250 896-7099

pg. 29

982 Moss Ridge, $639,900

2186 Stone Gate, $649,900

Saturday 1-3 Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty Gary Bazuik, 250-477-5353

Daily 1-4 Kahl Realty Jason Kahl 250-391-8484

Sunday 1-3 Sutton Group West Coast Komal Dodd 250 479-3333

pg. 40

202-844 Goldstream, $199,900

3326 Blueberry, $379,900

669 Rockingham, $679,888

549 Delora Dr., $599,000

Saturday 2-4 Re/Max Camosun Jason Binab 250 744-3301

3338 Myles Mansell Rd., $449,000

828 Bexhill Pl, $659,900

Sunday 1-3 DFH Real Estate Ltd. Suzanne Mitchell, 250-477-7291

Saturday & Sunday 2:30-4:30 SmartMove Real Estate Gary Brown 250-380-6683

3019 Dornier

1616 Millstream, $799,900 Saturday 1-3 Sutton Group West Coast Komal Dodd 250 479-3333

pg. 44

594 Delora, $595,500

3320 Mary Anne, $439,900

907 Dawn Lane, $579,000

660 Birch Rd, $579,000 Saturday 2-4 Holmes Realty Ltd. Steven Klipper, 250-656-0911

pg. 29

969 Glen Willow, $499,000

pg. 27

3085 Island View, $650,000

Sunday 1-3 DFH Real Estate Ltd. Henry Van der Vlugt 250-477-7291

Fair Realty Bruce McCalla 250 885-8487

Saturday 1-4 RE/MAX Camosun Fran Jeffs, 250-744-3301

1068 Jenkins, $470,000

Saturday 1-3 Sutton Group West Coast Komal Dodd 250 479-3333

103-996 Wild Ridge, $308,900

119-2733 Peatt Rd, $369,900

107-10160 Third St., $262,500

2051 Ardwell, $469,000 Saturday 1-3 Re/Max Camosun Roland Stillings 250-744-3301

pg. 27

1622 Millstream, $799,900

102-1240 Verdier Ave, $348,000

28-2070 Amelia Ave, $247,500

Saturday 2:15-4:15 Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty May Hamilton, 250-477-5353

Pemberton Holmes Ltd Jane Johnston, 250 384-8124

Saturday 2-4 Re/Max Camosun Brad MacLaren 250-727-5448

108-2120 Harrow Gate

1616 Millstream, $799,900

8545 Bourne Terr, $676,700 Sunday 1-3 Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty Pat Meadows, 250-592-4422

pg. 27

104-7701 Central Saanich, $146,500

8600 East Saanich, $599,000 Sunday 2-4 DFH Real Estate Wendy Herrick 250-656-0131

Sunday 2-4 Re/Max Camosun Gary Anderson, 250-744-3301

Saturday 1-3 Re/Max Camosun Dana Hahn 250-744-3301

pg. 42

631 Glacier Ridge, $499,900

604 Stewart Mountain, $699,000

9045 Lochside Dr, $975,000

9045 Lochside, $975,000

pg. 27

620 Stewart Mountain, $799,000 pg. 26

Saturday & Sunday 1-3 DFH Real Estate Ltd. Henry Van der Vlugt 250-477-7291

Saturday 1-3 Re/Max Camosun Dana Hahn 250-744-3301

1622 Millstream, $799,900

987 Ironwood, $749,500

414 Jayhawk Plc., $549,900 pg. 26

Saturday 1-4 RE/MAX Camosun Fran Jeffs, 250-744-3301

Saturday 1-3 Royal Lepage Coast Capital Sharen Warde 250 592-4422

414 Jayhawk Plc., $549,900

104-9655 First, $749,000 pg. 26

Saturday & Sunday 1-4 Pemberton Holmes Ltd Ross Casey 250 384-8124


Industry-licensed technicians • Modern Equipment • Coast to Coast Warranty • Premium products you know & the Brands you can trust!


9 % ! 2

pg. 34 • A23

GOLDSTREAM NEWS GAZETTE - Friday, February 10, 2012 

Belmont and the WestShore Chamber of Commerce:

together Bulldog GREEN is part of a regional vision to move our community toward a healthy and happy, sustainable future. Belmont students and staff, volunteers and project partners have been shifting behaviours and making a difference...

Next Depot:

Saturday, Feb 11 9am to noon

going blue box and beyond! Every 2nd Saturday of the month students, teachers and community come together for a beyond blue box recycling depot at Belmont School. Proceeds go to Leadership Group activities! Come support your kids, community and a healthy environment!

Y O U C A N R E C Y C L E B E Y O N D t h e B l u e B o x Sorting tips to save you time ... Hard Plastics – CDs, DVDs + cases, pots, toys, chairs, containers, plastic cultlery, electronics molded cases Soft Plastics – bags, shrink and plastic wrap, food box liners, frozen food bags, product wrapping Foil Lined Plastic – chip bags, granola bar wrappers, some yogurt pull tops, some ziploc bags, coffee bags

***all items must be rinsed***

Styrofoam – egg cartons, take-out containers, meat and deli styro trays, packing blocks, styro chips & peanuts (please bag or box these items)

@ Belmont School WE NOW ACCEPT CFL LIGHT BULBS! Learn more when you visit us at

Thank you to our generous Bulldog GREEN project partners and sponsors:

Coated or Treated Paper – coffee cups, frozen food trays, cardboard ice cream tubs (mixed paper)

Milk Cartons & Tetra Paks – milk, juice, soup, soy/rice milk cartons

Valentine’s D ay D inner S pecial Steak & Lobster or Chicken Cordon Bleu Reservations recommended. Langford location only.



discount on regular menu items only. Dine in after 4pm. Excludes alcohol.

Langford location only. Not to be combined with other offers.

2945 Jacklin Road, Langford – Westshore Town Centre 250.474.2121

Expires February 29, 2012.

A24 •

Friday, February 10, 2012 - GOLDSTREAM


Feb.10,2011 GoldstreamGazette  

A West Shore RCMP auxiliary officer prepares for one of the toughest runs on the planet. News, Page A3 Ready to sell? It matters to us that...

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