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The Gold stocks have benefited from the sustained popularity of gold as an investment haven amid the global economic uncertainties. As long as the dollar value, future inflation expectations, and gold demand both for practical usesand value hoardings remain valid concerns during the recovery and beyond, gold price will continue its decade-long march upward. And those issuesare likely to stay in the face of imbalanced-trade situations, out-of-control government fiscal policies and lenient centralbank monetary policies, emerging-market influence on global capital flows, and etc. In fact, gold price has increased from around $300 per-troy-ounce at the start of the last decade to today’s within striking distance of $12,000, an annualized return of 30%over the period. Any more crisis in the financial system will in the long run play further in the favor of gold and anything goldrelated —such as Gold Mining . In many cases,market caps for those in the nano rank can be well below the $50-million mark, fetching only a few thousand dollars or having no displayed market cap completely. Companies of these small scales or no scale are mostly penny stocks or even of no price quotations and thinly traded, if tradable at all, on either Over the Counter Bulletin Board or Over the Counter Pink Sheets. As with stocks, gold investors may base their investment decision partly on, or solely on, technical analysis. Typically, this involves analyzing chart patterns, moving averages,market trends and/or the economic cycle in order to speculate on the future price. Bullish investors may choose to leverage their position by borrowing money against their existing assets and then purchasing gold on account with the loaned funds. Leverage is also an integral part of buying gold derivatives and un hedged gold mining company shares (see gold mining companies). Leverage or derivatives may increase investment gains but also increasesthe corresponding risk of capital loss if/when the trend reverses. For More Information:

The Gold Investment  

The origins of gold mining are lost in the mists of history. How did people who could barely raise enough food to live on (assuming that it...

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